It’s Ok To Be White

The good folks over on 4chan have launched their latest IRL trolling operation.

They’ve plastered simple “It’s OK To Be White” pages… …all around their campuses and in the process have triggered a massive shit-lib overreaction.

Genius in its simplicity, the “It’s OK to Be White” campaign has already attracted the attention of people like Tucker Carlson.

Meanwhile, local news is freaking out.

Check out the precious Hominus Universitus start lisping about how it’s not OK to be White during the interview.

And the campaign is still going strong.

But let’s step back and consider what this IRL trolling operation has shown us.

In my humble opinion, /pol/ has just started to flex its muscles. They’ve already been key in the Meme Wars of 2015-2016, but this is a good harbinger of what is to come.

For more than a decade, /pol/ and 4chan, in general, has served as a repository of angst among young men of my generation in the West.

They’ve been griping and trapped in a nihilistic spiral for a long time. But I see a different tone now. A sense of strength and optimism about what they can do.

Many users honestly feel that nothing is beyond their reach now.

And this is a good vibe. I believe it is directly correlated to the success of IRL White activism all over the West, but most notably in America. More and more young men have had enough of griping and wallowing in self-hate. They understand the causes of it now. They know who is to blame, and now they have a plan.

Over here on the Alt-Right, we are joined at the hip to online imageboard culture, whether we know it or not.

Millions have been on 4/pol/ and millions have been red-pilled in the process over the years. It is a powerful subculture, and worth keeping your ear to.

But there are many have been frustrated by /pol/’s stalwart refusal to do much but troll over the years. There is a sentiment among many Alt-Right types that the people who “do something” are worth more than the legions of millennials and Gen Xers on places like /pol/.

But this is an ass-backward understanding of the basic zeitgeist of our era.

You can’t expect disenfranchised, demoralized and damaged kids to suddenly enlist in your legion to fight the POZ and the Anti-White establishment.

/pol/ is not an activist group, it is simply therapy by other means. There you are exposed to brutal honesty, endless abuse and constant venting by those who are already red-pilled bullyciding the rest into accepting harsh reality. People are brought up to the speed…and there is wicked whiplash.

Yet, these young men remain our greatest source of recruits and energy.

And remember that for every one poster, there are 10 lurking, not uttering a peep, but chuckling under their breath and absorbing it all.

Many haven’t felt the fire in their gut urging them to go out and do something about it yet. As has been noted before, many are NEETs, many are anti-social, many need to work on themselves first.

But when you’re out there, marching with a couple hundred old 80’s era activists, with not a young face in sight, you’re doing something wrong.

This isn’t about optics. This isn’t about whether you should fly the swastika and nordic runes or not. (You shouldn’t by the way).

This is about a cardinal failure to tap into the potential that is waiting online. And no amount of intellectual and rhetorical sophistry will take away from the reality of the situation of the White world in the 21st century.

You don’t have hardened, unemployed factory workers milling around in the streets. You don’t have hungry “proletariat”. You don’t have WWI vets forming paramilitaries. All you have is a legion of sexless, jobless, over-educated NEETs begging for a purpose and a calling in life. Begging for you to reach out to them somehow, speak their language, understand where they’re coming from.

Begging for a uniform and an organization to join.

Some people get it though. Many have come to understand the reality of the situation. Guerrilla activism works.

They don’t play-act that they are in 1930’s Germany. While those that do, think they know better and think they can take the energy of the Alt-Right and run with it into a dead-end. And they will call you a cuck for objecting to their bullshit.

We must not let ourselves be led by these people. These people DON’T understand online culture, don’t understand OUR BASE, and simply haven’t done their homework. To them, I suggest lurking more.

The “It’s OK to be White” campaign is IRL activism done right. And it was done by de-centralized little cells running around, with no leadership, and most importantly, no tangible benefit to themselves. This is what you can get these people to do, just for the lulz.

This is what groups like Identity Evropa and Generation Identitaire have pioneered. And this is what #theresistance looks like.


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  • “They don’t play-act that they are in 1930’s Germany. While those that do, think they know better and think they can take the energy of the Alt-Right and run with it into a dead-end. And they will call you a cuck for objecting to their bullshit.”

    It usually takes between one and two years until even people that hate me have to admit I have been right all along. This latest “optics” debate – I explained the entire deal back in 2015, and I named names. I even predicted that they would do exactly what they are doing.

    You’re welcome.

  • I think it’s just showing white people just a little bit of the actual white bias in the media and everyday society, its just a taste now, to wake them up, then maybe they will take that taste and want to know more. They will take that taste and do something like come to this site and read some articles and perhaps wake up even a bit more. This “It’s OK to be white” was just a mustard seed campaign that will hopefully sprout in peoples minds and grow.

  • Motivation behind the campaign clearly was to foment racial divide, but the message itself is so benign you can’t attack it without coming out as anti-white racist. It really was one outstanding meme. Bravo!

  • Clever slogan. To come out against it means that anti-White bigots have to explicitly say that it’s NOT okay to be White (or least leave themselves wide open to the charge). It got some news coverage, too.

    Nice work, lads. Keep it up.

  • Combining such slogans with American symbolism and European Christian religious symbolism makes for some good optics. For example, I saw two images online that struck me, and I believe this imagery is far superior than the 1980s NN/KKK stuff. One image had a white family standing together with their hands over their hearts, pledging to the Flag, with the words in bold, “IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE.” Another had a bold black-and-white image of St. Joan of Arc, her eyes cast heavenward, where above, again, the slogan, like the vision of Constantine, appeared: “IT’S OKAY TO BE WHITE.” This is a thing that stirs the hearts of even the most alseep among the normies.

  • I disagree, this had almost no impact outside of people who are already political. Most normies don’t even know it happened and those that do don’t care. There’s almost no mention of it on my normie social media and what little there is was met with resounding indifference. You’re trying to appeal to people that will never be on your side because it’s against their interests to care. The Eternal Normie isn’t about to lose his job and his friends over some “essjaydoubleyoos” doing what they always do and the average NEET was watching the League of Legends World Championship or beating off to anime dick girls or something.

  • A nation will fall without race-ism. (Race-ism meaning Belief in race as reality, racial differences, and need for ethno-racial consciousness.) Race-ism means being mindful of one’s own race, one’s own people, and one’s own nation. A people of a nation must favor their own kind and their own land. If not, others will take over, gradually if not rapidly. And the people of the nation will turn traitor(even as a sign of virtue) since anti-race-ism instilled them with a notion that they would be evil to be mindful of their own identity and interests on their own territory.

    When white nations were race-ist, whites looked out for one another. They circled the wagons and protected their own domain and heritage. But now that whites have been made anti-race-ist, they fear to assert their own identity and interests. Even the notion that “It’s Okay to be White” is denounced by white cuck elites and white progs. Without race-ism, a people inevitably turn cuck since they can no longer serve themselves. They must serve OTHERS. Those who keep their identity eventually win out over those who don’t. Since Jews, blacks, and Muslims keep their own identity, they will gain over whites in Europe and Canada.. and US.

    Also, race-ism makes a people proud and powerful. And only a proud and powerful people are respected by others. Why? Because they are feared. A people who are not feared are not respected. At most, they are pitied.
    White people were once feared and respected. But now that they are no longer feared, they are reviled. Why? Because all their past glory and all their wealth are denounced as ill-gotten, and white cucks nod along with apology.

    Because whites are denied pride, purpose(except to cuck), and unity, their power keeps fading with each passing year. Also, it is race-ism that prevents giving into temptations as all individuals are wont to do. Every individual is tempted with betrayal IF there is something for him or her. Collaborate with the enemy to get something for ‘me’. It’s like Fredo betraying the family in THE GODFATHER II to have something for himself. Without a strong sense of race-ism, so many people will betray their own people or collaborate with the enemy for self-gain, pleasure, thrills, or ‘narcissism of small differences’.
    Why did Jews remain Jewish even though they were tempted by betrayal all through the ages. The Covenant was race-ist in reminding Jews over and over that they must stick together, preserve identity, and put their own kind first. So, even as Jews-as-individuals were tempted to betray their own kind for self-gain, enough of them didn’t because Jewish race-ism emphasized group identity, unity, and purpose. Without such race-ist pressures, Jews would have betrayed their own kind as individuals and turned collaborator and faded as an ethnic identity.

    Patriarchy is also necessary for preservation of identity. Women are likely to just run off with OTHER groups that are more powerful. And young ones are restless and wanna try something ‘new’. This makes them more likely to go over to the other side, if only for excitement.
    Patriarchy imposes tribal elder male power over womenfolk and young ones. Jewish Patriarchy was instrumental in keeping the Tribe together. As Jews were often a weaker group vis-a-vis other groups, many Jewish women naturally wanted to run off with more powerful goy men. But Jewish patriarchs forbade this, and so, Jewish women had kids with Jewish men. Also, Jewish fathers made their Jewish sons stick to Jewish identity.
    Though Jews still have their race-ism and identity, the ebbing of Jewish patriarchy may prove to be fatal. Without patriarchal control over Jewish women, many are just turning slut, crazy, or jungle fever. So many Jewish women are turning out like Lena Dunham and Emma Sulkowicz. With crazy Jewesses like that, more Jewish men will marry Chinese women, and their Chewish kids will have that lame yellow gene and lack chutzpah. Also, without patriarchal power over Jewish boys, too many Jewish men are turning Animal House and making total fools of themselves like Anthony Weiner and Harvey Weinstein. Also, they marry shikses who either turn out to be bimbos(thus lowering Jewish IQ) or careerist & castrating harridans.
    In PORTNOY’S COMPLAINT, we are told of a cousin who wanted to go with a shiksa but the Father said NO, so, the cousin went nuts and smashed all the bottles or something. And then the father beat the crap out of him, but the cousin just took it and didn’t fight back even though he was much stronger than his pa. Patriarchy was still operative. Ultimately, the authority of the father kept the kid within the Jewish community.

    But with the fading of Jewish patriarchy, too many Jewish kids grew up with endless porny jokes about dongs and schwarz, and they ended up ridiculous. Israel still has patriarchy, and thank heaven for that. With so many Israeli Jews being decadent, the society will go nuts if there isn’t some kind of patriarchy to keep things under wraps. Consider that 70% of Israelis are for ‘gay marriage’, but it is banned by the patriarchy.

    In the West, the loss of race-ism has meant loss of white identity, pride, and purpose. So, even though whites still got money and status, they got no respect, and so, non-whites berate and demean them. Also, so many whites turn on their own kind and join with enemies of whites(esp blacks). This means white people will become weaker every year in demographic, political, social, and economic terms.

    It is no wonder that the fading of white race-ism is leading to the rise of Jungle and Jihad.
    Loss of white race-ism means that white men aren’t allowed to unite to defend white manhood and white pride. In the past, white men did just that. When faced with Zulu savages, white men all worked together to fight them like in the Michael Caine movie. And in the American South, white men united against black crime. Since a Negro could whup a whitey on a one-on-one basis, whites had to work together to catch the black thug rapist and hang him from a tree to send a message to other would-be-Negro thugs. Also, white race-ism kept Jungle Fever under control. Since white men worked together to keep the power and maintain racial pride, white women respected white men and had children with them. Also, as any white woman who went with a Negro was castigated or even criminalized, white womenfolk weren’t likely to betray their own race.

    But no more white race-ism means that white men must NEVER work together against blacks. But without group effort, white men cannot win against black men. On one-on-one basis, most black guys can kick white guys in the butt. Also, without white male pride and power over their women, white women are realizing that black men got more muscle, bigger dongs, and louder voices. So, with each passing year, many more white women give their wombs over to Negroes to be colonized. Worse, the Official Power encourages and promotes such Jungle Fever among white women and cuck behavior among white men. Notice that there is no cultural condemnation of cuck behavior. It’s just reported as some new social trend, like it’s cool or something.
    Blacks now sense white wussy and white pu**y. They see that whites are now addicted to jungle music and jungle power. Without white race-ism, white civilization loses out to the animal aggression and lust of Negro culture that offers thrills of domination, thug power, and funkiness.

    With the rise of such savagery, one would think there would be a moral and spiritual backlash. But due to demise of white race-ism, whites are loathe to invoke God and Jesus and social responsibility to denounce black savagery. If anything, even Christianity has cucked out to homos. A truly sad state of affairs.

    However, when a society is overcome with so much degeneracy and debauchery, the reaction must come from somewhere. Since it cannot come from whites, it is coming from the Muslims who are filling up parts of Europe and even Canada and the US. Since Christianity cannot do anything other than shill for Israel and worship homos and since white morality can only be about ‘white guilt’, the pride of morality can only come from non-white cultures. And it is Islam.

    So, it is Islam that is stepping in to denounce and destroy the debauchery. So, while Ariana Grande sings about how her mudshark white pooter is stretched out by black dongs, Muslim terrorist blows up her concert as an act of war against modern decadence and degeneracy. Barbarism of Islamic Morality wages war on Savagery of African Jivery. But instead of Muslims fighting Africans, both wage war on weak white decadence. Blacks wage war on whites by wussifying white boys and colonizing white wombs. Black guys beat white guys in sports and in the streets and turn white men into scared wussy white boys who turn white-uncle-tom and cuck out. And white girls offer their wombs to be colonized by black seed, and this is promoted by both the state and entertainment all across Europe and America. So, blacks wage sports and sexual war on whites.

    As white nations become culturally junglized, Muslims attack this degenerate white society as the ‘sick west’. Muslims find the modern West to be utterly vile and debauched, but they fail to realize that black influence(as esp enabled by Jewish power) played a huge role in turning the West into a cesspool of neo-savagery. The Great Reversion of blacks to savagery has impacted all the West. So many white elites listen to reggae as their main music, and so many ‘white trash’ masses(and white middle class) are into rap thug music.

    So, blacks junglize whites, and Muslims denounce and attack a junglized white world.

    Now, if whites had race-ism, they would have united to keep blacks in their world. And as they would be a powerful and proud people, Muslims would respect them and think twice about waging terror attacks on them. But whites seem weak to both groups.

    Though blacks and Muslims couch their condemnation of whites in PC terms of ‘injustice’, what they really mean is ‘you weak’. Blacks don’t get morality. Blacks only understand power. They fear and respect Power. When they see weakness(no matter how good-willed and redemptive), they see it as puy. It’s like hyenas respect powerful lions. But if a wounded lion went to them and begged forgiveness for all the hyenas it killed in the past, the hyenas would just laugh and say ‘you weak’ and tear him limb from limb. This is why ‘white guilt’ won’t work. Black mentality only respects power. Blacks respected the old KKK more than today’s goody whites. KKK was fearsome. Blacks hated it but feared it and with fear came respeck, shoo. But no matter how nice whites today try to be, blacks just see weakness. When blacks scream and shout slogans about civil rights, they really mean ‘you weak!’
    And Muslims, despite their spirituality, are also into power. Islam is about justice and POWER. Muhammad was a warrior, and there can be no justice without power. So, when whites act nice and apologetic, Muslims just see weakness. They feel that such wussy pu
    y people don’t deserve to rule or own anything.

    Unless whites being back race-ism, they are done for. Year after year, they will lose more and more.

  • This was a brilliant slogan, and the fake news reaction was exactly as expected. Well done to all involved. No objections to your low opinion of the NSLARP brigade either.

  • You couldn’t compose this article without an attack on another sector of the alt right? I simply don’t care if a segment of the alt right wants to dress up in uniforms and protest. It just doesn’t trigger me. Maybe at some point other white people won’t give a fuck about that either. This campaign by the way was very well played. congratulations to /pol/

  • HUGE if True……..

    Stone-age Europeans ‘were the first to set foot on North America’

    Stone-age Europeans were the first to set foot on North America, beating American Indians by some 10,000 years, new archaeological evidence suggests.

    This could Undermine the entire Lefts and Open Borders RINO arguments against the Alt-Right……..

  • It’s worth keeping in mind that a sizable percentage of rural normies… look rougher and tougher than IE

    And they’re right in the demographics that are actually feeling the pinch from the current system

    I have no quarrel against IE, but someone does actually have to target… the people who are most likely to become disaffected w/ the current system

  • Some on 4chan/pol/ are now attacking the Alt-Right and Richard Spencer…….

    I honestly don’t get it…….

    Richard Spencer is a CIA Agent???




    It’s good though to see some of them Defend us…….

  • I totally disagree with the idea that pro-Whites must maintain a “soft” image at all times, lest we offend a single normie. I also strongly disagree with constantly signaling against the hard-Right.

    I agree the swastika, Nazi and Klan stuff probably have too much baggage to be worth it. Everything else is fair game. Why not present yourself as a tribal White man? Crusader crosses, odinist hammers, runes, biker gear, fashy haircuts, the Spartan Lambda or any European national symbol (Celtic harp, Polish coat of arms, etc). A lot off young White men are fat and low-T. They need an example of tribal strength. An lot of young White women are frustrated with the effeminacy of White men, especially in contrast to how brown men are portrayed as hyper-masculine.

    Normies will join us as it becomes convenient for them. The upper-middle class “suit and tie” crowd will be the last group to come over, so their is no point in tailoring our message strictly for them.

  • Amazing. To think saying something like this could possibly be considered racist and insensitive. In high school, I remember a Mexican guy wore a shirt that said ‘brown pride’. Nobody was phased.

  • Keep up the campaign, anyone can do this. Go out and post a few up in your area, we need to keep the pressure on.

  • Love this article! However just a small point; if you are Asatru Folk pagan, runes are important to your believes & it is ok to use them. The swastika, though I love it, should not be used because it is too much for people that are just now getting redpilled.

  • Now we need Ghetto Blasters (large, loud, portable players) and start playing “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas”.
    (from the movie Holiday Inn which the chain was named after, another trolling opportunity).

  • “OMG, you said white… like, that word alone is just so insensitive. I would never even pick the color white for anything because it’s inherently racist.”

    These people are deranged, hysterical and suffer from multiple, chronic cognitive distortions.

    White people dating each other is racist!

    On a side note, Asian male + black female is a rare oddity that I’ve never personally seen, but apparently they do exist like black geniuses.

  • There is an increasing number of people in the Alt-Right who want to take the Proud Boys approach and spend all of their time disavowing those with more radical views and approaches than they have.

    In case you havent noticed the Proud Boys still get called Nazis, still get attacked by Antifa, are still labeled a hate group and still get deplatformed. All of their counter signaling has not done them a single favour.

    The key to change has never been to appeal to normies. Normies will come on board when we are the new normal and there is no risk of social reprecussion involved. Until then, get used to being pariahs. If your not prepared for that, Anon shit posting both online and IRL does have its benefits and does push the overton window in our direction. We need plenty of both.

  • Massive success. Such a simple message to which the media response cannot possibly be misinterpreted, “it is not okay to be White.”

  • Molok you’re wrong, /pol loves those “losers”. Obviously.

    The advantage of “It’s OK to be White” is that you can do it without getting doxxed, having everyone hate you, losing your job and your future employment and getting kicked out of your church.

    It’s a very tiny step towards normalizing public pro-white speech, which is what we need to do. And for that reason it’s a strong positive.

    But make no mistake, the system will still come down on you like a ton of bricks if you speak more openly about pro-white stuff, and make yourself vulnerable, EVEN IF you do it Jared Taylor style and never, ever talk about or defend 1930s “losers.”

    Needlessly invoking the 1930s is distracting, makes people less sympathetic when the system squashes you like a bug. But it will squash you either way, no matter how much you run from the 1930s.

    And that’s why it’s going to be challenging to find ways to get average people involved.


    @Crud Bonemeal — no, the point of the mildness is to reveal the ‘resting’ anti-whiteness, or emotional inflammation. Logically the sign means nothing that anyone could disagree with. So, all the butthurt and hate-crying is unprovoked, it was pre-existing, is the idea. And I’ve seen only one publication take that into account, despite ‘the plan’ and its intentions being out in the open on /pol/.

    Also fwiw, many allies of color participated / are participating, to give the finger to SJW convergence (and for the fun of course). A stronger message would have had / will have less such help.

  • Genius. You couldn’t pay a dozen marketing experts to make something better. It turns the tables with a few words.
    What happens if you question this poster even just a little? Immediately and blatantly you’re on the losing side, you’re a holodomor 2.0 neobolshevik genocidal maniac, you don’t have any moral grounds to stand on. If you protest the flier you lose, if you try to ignore it again you lose because the implications start to dig in deeper. No sane person will dare to back your position. With a few words all your enemies are out in the open.

    Let it be said:
    /pol/ was right again. Checkmate.

  • I’m not a young man anymore and I am new to the Alt Right movement. But I have children and they will be red pilled. Many things can be accomplished thanks to people like me who may not fit the age demographic but are critical thinkers and able to express thoughts over emotions. Young people are needed, absolutely. But middle-aged parents are of use as well. Someone has to lead the re-education of the kids.

  • Totally agree that the alt right, esp since the Trump win, has been failing to tap into that gigantic reservoir of chan energy. I think that during 2016, certain leaders got too (in)famous too fast, and it caused the institutional structure of the alt right to harden and ossify. It’s like, once the light of day was shined on the alt right, everything suddenly froze. Once the structure hardened, the creative link to the chan world disappeared and the alt right increasingly started drawing on derivative 1930s-grade LARPing for creative content. 30s LARPing is a big problem for the alt right, because there’s all these young, angry, “beta uprising” types on chan who are redpilled on just about everything — but don’t want to be associated with the biggest military, political and spiritual losers of modern history. Nor should they.

  • It’s ok to be white is a good campaign for scared little kids. And I don’t mean that in a pejorative sense, it’s a good thing for kids to do, without getting in trouble. Well done.

    But it’s an incredibly timid statement, showing the pathetic state of our race, and our intellectual vanguard (your word) needs to be pushing further, far further.

    (That’s not really a criticism of you guys, who are putting in a good effort, but of those who think that we don’t need anything more than shitposting)

  • lol neither Identity Europa or Generation Identitaire pioneered flyering. This is a good campaign though. Simple and effective.

  • It’s not just okay, it’s AWESOME.

    After all, our adversaries themselves imply that only white men can become Literally Hitler and shake the world. Let’s take them at their word: We white men might be super-villains, but at least we’re SUPER!!!

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