Alt-Right Politics – November 1, 2017 – Ich kann nicht anders

Issue 1 / Aesthetics matter

The alt-right is undergoing a furious debate: how do we sell our message, without compromising our principles?

Issue 2 / Kremlin Conspiracy Climax

Paul Manafort, Mercenary snooping firms, and the Trump administration: Has the Russia Conspiracy Narrative finally climaxed?

Issue 3 / Reformation Retrospective

It’s been 500 years since Martin Luther threw down the gauntlet. What does the Reformation mean to us?

“The Magian Revolution” By Greg Ritter is available online in Czech. The English version will be reposted here, or on the revived Radix.

Issue 4 / I’m Doxxed!

Greg Conte celebrates his Dox-mitzvah. Fired from Catholic girls school, he’s now full-time race warrior.

Join Richard Spencer, Hannibal Bateman, Don Camillo and Gregory “Ritter” Conte in Washington’s most FEARED weekly news-analysis program.

AltRight Politics
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  • The guy rambling on about Ukrainian history literally didn’t get a single thing correct. Most was comically absurd.
    1) The Tryzub comes from the Cossacks? It was the coat of arms of Volodymyr The Great of Kievan Rus in the late 10th Century
    2) Linguists know there were already dialect differences between (Proto) Ukrainian, Russian, and Belorussians in Kievan Rus circa 11th and 12th centuries.
    3) Ukrainian Cossacks didn’t come into existence and start occupying the Ukrainian steppes until the mid 15th century and as their ranks swelled over the next couple hundrend years a huge swath of them were former serfs from Western Ukraine fleeing the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth
    4) Ukrainian Cossacks would frequently convert religions? And this included becoming Muslims whenever it benefited them? Are you out of your mind? Did Dugin tell you that you Eternal Anglo-Jew. Stick to what you know, empty intellectual masturbation of abstractions.

  • Lots of luck with the Catholics. The various council of conservative citizen organizations etc. have been waiting for the Catholics to do something besides blowhard since the Sixties.

  • Is there a way to earmark the donation? Is the money on here distributed equally cuz I would like to earmark for the college tours or for Conte

  • Spencer & Co. get some things right on Ukraine. Without a doubt, the U.S. State Department is using Ukrainian nationalism to undermine Putin (while suppressing any forms of white nationalism anywhere else). Yet on some matters on Ukraine, they have no idea what they are talking about. Just consider this gem: “Ukrainians are a cultural of horseback-riding central Asians that arrived in Europe.” Complete nonsense. The present-day Ukrainians are widely considered to be descendants of the first Aryan culture in Europe, which was largely agricultural. Present-day Ukrainians are exclusively white (unlike the Russians, who have plenty of Tatar blood in them, including Ms. Kouprianova), with blond hair and blue eyes being very common among the population. So is the Russian narrative now (that’s all these guys know because they never say anything positive about Ukraine) is that Russians are the true Europeans, while Ukrainians are “central Asians?” It’s obvious that the opposite is true. The Russians are the ones who extensively bred with the central Asians, while the Ukrainians are the true white Aryans!

  • Response to “Amusing Tragedy”:

    Nowhere in my post does it say that people should be banned from flying a nazi flag. You are either quoting someone else, or due to being in a fit of rage, made that up out of whole cloth. I don’t believe that people should be banned from flying that flag (in general).

    But make no mistake, you Germans (I will call you a German since you don’t identify with your English side) don’t have the monopoly on countersemitism. Countersemitism is a European tradition. The Germans get credit for it, because due to the BRITISH industrial revolution that spread to the continent, they were able to engage in countersemitism on an unprecedented scale. I take offense that only Germans can be effective countersemites.

    The response was perhaps warranted. Afterall, it is in Germany (not the Anglosphere) where the chosenite virus mutated and became the cancer that it is today. In Germany, the chosenites were able to perfect their money-handling skills and even purchase minor titles of nobility from bankrupt (morally and financially) German Nobles. These titles, purchased in Germany, allowed them to move freely and permitted all of the Zionism that came later. Germany had to respond to the cancer it allowed to fester and mutate, but they didn’t finish the job–and today we are still dealing with it.

    The British empire GREATLY expanded the domains of whites–and particularly Northern European whites. This isn’t up for debate; it is a fact. And the British paved the way for your own ancestors to immigrate and thrive on a new continent.

    If we’re using a strict definition of Presbyterians/Episcopalians, and they make up 7pct of the American population, then if we count the numbers of people that have any British ancestry at all–British is probably the majority. By your own admission you are part English–it is in you–whether you like it or not. We share it.

    PS–I have read Jack London (great Anglo-Saxon nom de plume btw), and I don’t think Anglos lack teeth.
    At it’s height, the British Empire dwarfed Germany, and if your definition of ‘teeth’ is measured by the number of inferiors killed, then the British have got the Nazis (and even Stalin) beat.

    When a darkie says they hate white people, they are picturing an Anglo-Saxon whether they realize it or not. You can’t get away from it; it is why we’re communicating in English.

  • The our aesthetic sensibility is evident everywhere: in our architect, our art hanging in museums, in the intangibles of our interactions both in the public and private spheres. We’d be better off with public rituals that combine some aspect of Girardian mimesis, Voegelin and traditional art used in ritual. A ritual that pays homage to aspects of our past, a path out of our current chaotic rot and a vision of a techno-pastoral-ethnic future.

    WrathofGnon is on the right path.

  • it is nothing wrong with the optics of the league of the south and it is nothing wrong with tikis and polos! Both are good optics! we should have both on rallys.

  • Remark on Section 3, Reformation: “Galilee” means ” the district of the goyim” and was reconquered in the wars of the Maccabees and was forcibly judaized. Hence, the original habitants of this region may not have been Semites.

  • In my country all the churches have sided with immigration and with the state. Even the independent churches down the the very last sect. I can not see how christianity can ever be reformed, if we survive this. We can not have this nest of traitors in our midst. Its unacceptable.

  • The Ukraine nationalistic part of Ukraine is primarily catholic and previously polish, the western part.
    The Russian part of Ukraine is eastern Ukraine. And the former Krimean Kahnate.

    Once upon a time Poland and Moscovy vied for dominance. The rump state of the Golden Horde, the Krimean Kahnate, was playing out one against the other and living off terribly devastating slave raids against either Poland or Russia. Over time Moscovy came out ahead because it could keep expanding east and over the centuaries became more powerful. It also got the slave raids under control. And it was Moscovy, or by now, the Russian empire, that finally put an end to the Krimean Kahnate. And ruthlessly russified it. This is why Krimea, Odessa, the entire southern Ukraine, still have a russian identity, its former Kahnate territory. This divide is clearly visible in the last Presidential election before the coup (in 2009).

  • Don’t oppose or reject King-of-the-Hill-ism and BBQ.

    Just don’t put it at the center. Shunt it to the side but still include them.

    BBQ is great, and Alt Right should have Alt Right BBQs.

    Great way for people to get together over hamburgers and hotdogs and steaks.

    Include various aspects of Americanism. Just don’t put them at the center.

    They should be like ornaments on a Christmas Tree. Tree is central, but it needs ornamentation.

  • You guys should have @NickBSteves on some time, maybe when one of you is absent. Sure he’s NRx, but he’s a mensch, and has been on other alt-right podcasts. He could keep up with you and better I’m sure.

  • “What does the Reformation mean to us?” It means the beginning of the long decline of Western civilisation, which has greatly accelerated of late. It has accelerated in no small part because views of God and the Bible have become increasingly heretical, allowing greater tolerance of sin. No political movement can substitute for righteousness; only greater righteousness can save Western civilisation.

  • Captain John raises a good point. On Bowden, Richard Spencer is guilty of viewing Bowden as some posh Brit intellectual.

    Spencer has said before that hucksters like Milo instantly get cred as intellectuals because Americans equate being British with one who is refined. Here, Spencer is guilty of a sin he himself identified. I’m not knocking Bowden or conflating him to Milo, but Bowden always was an obscure figure and will remain so.

  • We shouldn’t care what media and Jews think. We should care how productive and useful symbols are for impressing normie whites and converting them. I don’t see neo-Nazi symbols as being productive. They will also use that in court against you such as the railroading of Bill White.

    We should always use the US flag, along with the Confederate flag in the South, and sometimes foreign flags if the topic includes those people such as flying the Boer flag when discussing blacks murdering white farmers in South Africa.

    As much as neo-Nazism doesn’t work, does an European identity work either? Does a name like “Identity Europa” resonate with even 20%, 10% or 5%% of white Americans? I would doubt it.

    Would a European identity appeal work with civic nationalists? Would Trump have been successful using a European type of appeal? No.

    If you just want to be an elitist, memeist or anti-social closed group, of course you can do anything you want. If we want to appeal to normies then civic nationalists are actually doing a better job than the Alt Right.

    Obviously everyone should be well-groomed perhaps encourage everyone to dress in similar colors to show unity.

  • Great segment about greg Ritter’s dox .. the transition editing between segments and Spencer’s semi scripted “wait a second you’re Italian” and a cool story from the very beating part of the state.. talk about a bruderbond

  • The problem with evolving into a strictly American patriot movement is that the Alt-Right isn’t an American identity movement. It’s a white identity movement. A lot of blacks and hispanics are also proud Americans and are organically a part of the American cultural landscape. Thats their flag too and you don’t want them around so why would you use that flag to promote yourselves? It’s fucking stupid.

    Personally I’ve never said that using Nazi imagery is the best route to go either. The Alt-Right should use its own symbols (I agree with Richard I guess.)

    When D’Annunzio and the Arditi occupied Fiume they weren’t waving Italian flags. They used a black flag with a skull that had a dagger between its teeth (omg horrible optics! what will the soccer moms think!)… While they were proud Italians, they were rebelling against the existing power structure of Italy and using the official flag would have been nonsensical.

  • I like the idea of carrying state flags, each of us showing our individual point of origin. Or, we could carry a flag with our ancestry.

  • What does the Reformation mean for us? The beginning of Liberalism, the anti-philosophical, anti-hierarchical, anti-rational, anti-rational, anti-traditional, break-up of united Europe, Christendom, because of the scatological ravings of an insane excommunicated monk, The First SJW™, Martin Luther.

  • Neither the Babylonians nor the Babylonian Talmudists are known for their homosexuality. They are known for their whoredom. And their kiddie diddling. And when Paul says those horrible things about us in “Romans” he’s only speaking as a Jewish Christian. (Whereas later he speaks as a Christian Jew.)

    And in any event he’s just flat out wrong. We are not “abandoned” to this. We are SHOVED INTO THIS. He might as well have said the Sun orbited the Earth.

    The irony would be delicious if the situation weren’t so horrifying. Factoring in rhetorical excess, the modern Jewish position on homosexuality is the classic Graeco-Roman position. And YOUR POSITION is CLASSICALLY JEWISH.

    And BOTH OF YOU use us as PAWNS for further your own agendas.

    So I get to sit and watch as my fellow gays make war on my fellow Christians and ethnic Europeans. And they are more than happy to return the fire. Horrifying. Just rock back and forth between Daily Stormer and and you’ll see what I mean.

    (Man I wish Andrew Anglin would stop fucking lying about us. Queerty is coming down just as hard on Kevin Spacey as he is. I’ve often wondered if RamZPaul is right about him.)

    I curse the day that THAT WORD in the Old Testament was translated as “abomination.” It’s better translated as “taboo.” And it’s only an abomination… if you have the taboo. The whole Law was meant to set aside a specific race for a specific purpose: to incarnate the Son of God. Now it’s mission accomplished. The Law has been fulfilled. Time to move on, boys and girls.

    You want to call me an abomination because I’m gay? Then tell Abraham he’s an abomination for marrying Sarah. Leviticus 18:9.

    You, my brother, want to call me an abomination because I’m gay? And laugh at me? In front of Richard Spencer who’s not even a Christian? And I’m just supposed to “get over” my “feels” at your betrayal? What if I called your mom an abomination for wearing pants? Deuteronomy 22:5.

    The Bible is the perfect, inerrant word of God. But the men who wrote it are not. And their motives are often flawed. So when they err in their judgement, we need to ask, “What is the Holy Spirit trying to tell us here?” In the case of Paul, we have a Jew living in a world where the Law has been fulfilled. What is he do to? How is he to respond to all these new situations? Sometimes he’ll just respond badly.


    And I tell you what. If any Orthodox priest had the gall to call me an abomination or a Babylonian to my face I’d snatch that Bible out of his hand and run him through with it. I’ve got a lot more where this came from.


    Not to be Egotistical……

    Just to set the Record Straight…….

    I……Me…….Yes……Me…….this Tiny Little Self……..

    Invented the term…..


    …back in 2016…….

    Yes, that was me your Alt-Right’s sometimes Insane and sometimes Rational Comment Board Mainstay……..

    I created it to use it as my New Disqus Name back in 2016………

    It’s used all over the Mainstream Media now………

    Do I deserve some sort of Payment for this??


    These Lugenpresse Nitwits create Monsters out of Vacuums……..

    Us…….just regular White Guys…….tired of the BS……..have the Whole System gone HAYWIRE…….


  • sadly, spencer does not understand what philosophy is about if he calls kant a bad philosopher without concerning himself with the question if kant’s views were true. let me say it: phil. is about truth, not historic usefulness.

  • what is this baloney that ?Don Camillo said that the first cold war was a “sham” cold war maintained by tribal interests in moscow/NY/london (reference to Jews i presume) and this is the real one.. i can think of at least 3 instances where one of the two sides was minutes away from launching a massive preemptive strike and annihilating each other (and most of the rest of the planet). we would be literally be irradiated cretins scavenging around a nuclear wasteland if not for dumb luck. lay off the kool aid

  • I’m finding the “equal opportunity “ officer part hilarious. Responsible for affirmative action. Haha.

  • “No more NatSoc LARP! Its not 1930s Germany!… Let’s LARP as Greeks or Romans instead! Yeah, lets make our symbol a literal faggot!”
    Is this a joke?

  • Spencer, when you hear John Bowden’s accent, do you hear a sophisticated Brit OR a petit bourgeois down market South East English geezer?

    Stop being such a snob. That gigantic Tubbs guy looked great. He probably made all the cat ladies wet.

  • “Many of us feel authentically American (and are quite certain of our identity). I am a snobby urbanite, but I can go Colonial Williamsburg, and view the Georgian architecture, and notice the names of my relatives on these old British buildings.”
    But that’s just it – you aren’t ‘authentically American’. You’re, by your own admission, a snobby urbanite.

    “Indeed Spencer is right; we are homogenous (English and Scottish), we are many, and we can lay claim to the greatness of British Imperialism – in addition to our own expansion on this North American continent.”
    I’m German and English, and I have no lover for your ilk.
    In 2015, Germans composed 14.7% of the US population. English? 7.8%. You are few, British Imperialism wound up destroying the Western world through its cuckoldry, and the WASP failure against the Jewish incursion brought us to where we are today.

    “That is my idea of American identitarianism. I am not interested in being a magapede or appealing to Joe the Plumber–or to Catholic cheesheads in Wisconsin. But I don’t want to signal against them.”
    Well, then you’re fucked, because most Americans – myself included – aren’t going to be keen on the prospect of being ruled over by some Anglo-Jew aristocracy. You people fucked that up once already, giving you the reins again would be a mistake.

    “Agree about the nazi stuff. No nazi stuff – ban it.”
    Please do. I don’t agree with you, at all, but I would love to see you lose the only real manpower on the ground that you have, and be left with nothing but a bunch of piddling urbanite magapedes and faux-intellectuals like Dicky. As they recently discussed on Midgard Rising, the absence of NatSoc amongst your movement will remove what few teeth said faux-movement still has. So go for it. Roll over and show your bellies, while trying to become Cuckservatism 2.0. The sooner this Zionist-concocted faux-movement dies, the better – and without the nazis (congrats on using a Jewish Communist’s slur for European folk!) you’re dead in the water. Read Call of the Wild, because you people are utterly lacking in the Law of Club and Fang, even if you don’t realize it yet.
    Sieg heil.

  • I look forward to these I have been waiting on another. Im surprised you didnt talk about Gainsville. I was wanting to get Richards input.

  • What is glossed over (it was touched on a little bit) is how authentic the preference for American symbols is. It is not cucking; quite the opposite – it is reclaiming what is ours.

    Many of us feel authentically American (and are quite certain of our identity). I am a snobby urbanite, but I can go Colonial Williamsburg, and view the Georgian architecture, and notice the names of my relatives on these old British buildings.

    Indeed Spencer is right; we are homogenous (English and Scottish), we are many, and we can lay claim to the greatness of British Imperialism – in addition to our own expansion on this North American continent.

    That is my idea of American identitarianism. I am not interested in being a magapede or appealing to Joe the Plumber–or to Catholic cheesheads in Wisconsin. But I don’t want to signal against them.

    I do notice that a lot of Catholics too feel a genuine connection to this idea–even if they aren’t strictly WASP. It is surprising but so be it. We can count them as allies even if they don’t listen to this podcast.

    As mentioned, the gold fasces/US flag combo is a good compromise – and indeed it is gaining traction on twitter. There is a real reservoir of passion here that can be tapped in to. The gold fasces is definitely off putting to would be {{subversives}}. But we need to make it clear that WE are the only authentic Americans.

    We must re-imagine Washington and Jefferson as Nietzsche’s Blonde beasts.

    Re: Trump impeachment. I agree–it is likely. If Trump is impeached, it will immediately accomplish what many in the Altright are fixated on–radicalizing normies. These people will want answers. This is Evolian; we should pray for a Trump impeachment.

  • Excellent optics discussion, at a time when most people are losing their minds. Good stuff on symbolism, etc.

    But “young and fashionable” may not ALWAYS the most beneficial / essential optic: perhaps viable to try and look like normal people who are concerned about an issue, for example when it is a PROTEST against an abuse, rather than a rally aimed at showing the strength of a movement.

  • I was at Shelbyville.

    Agree about the nazi stuff. No nazi stuff – ban it. No roman saluting, even in karaoke bars. 🙂
    At a rally it’s unrealistic to have a casting director selecting photogenic & nicely dressed for the front ranks. Didn’t matter anyway b/c media was circulating through our ranks, choosing the most outlandish and weird looking for photos. I was dressed normally, in jacket, fedora – street clothes. No media even made eye contact with me. They were looking for anyone who would make a negative impression on normies.
    Main problem for our side was numbers. Counter-demonstrators had well over twice our numbers at Shelbyville. If we had gone to Murfreesboro for 2nd rally, Leftists had 800 to 1000, & we would have been outnumbered at least 5 to 1 and looked tiny & weak. If you are going to do a straight-up, announced rally (not a flash-rally), you need a critical mass of numbers to look respectable – i.e., powerful. So good intel on what enemy can muster at a given rally is important. We need work on logistics and mobilization techniques. Don’t necessarily need Charlottesville (1,000+) numbers, but 500 is a good number to shoot for in many areas (enemy won’t be able to muster much more). If you can’t win or compete respectably in numbers for announced rallies, stick to flash-rallies for the present.

    You boys are doing some good brainstorming about symbols. You ain’t there yet. Keep at it.

  • Trump-hating Jewish lefty James Kuntsler:

    What America might want to know right now is: how come Hillary Clinton doesn’t have any legal problems? Why aren’t DOJ investigators examining the financial records of the Clinton Foundation? You would think somebody would want to find out how over $120 million of Russian “charitable donations” ended up on its ledgers around the time that Secretary of State HRC approved the Uranium One deal — compared to which, Bill Clinton’s $500,000 payment from a Russian bank for giving a speech around the same time just looks like walking-around money.

    This is not to mention (well, I will) the flow of donations from Saudi Arabia pending approval of a major arms deal by HRC. Or of myriad other donations from foreign nationals tendered simply for face-time with the Secretary. Has any other cabinet officer in US history run a money-gathering org while serving? I don’t think so. Maybe the arrant selling of influence right out-front strains the credulity of government auditors. And while we’re at this, I would like to know how then-FBI director Robert Mueller and President Obama might have been informed about these activities. Or not?

  • Congratulations, Ritter. I’ve been following your work since Red Dawn’s trip to Sweden, knew you’d make it fam.

  • How do I listen to this on my Android?
    It willnot play on my Android and although I can get to the podcast on Libsyn the page seems DEAD; nothing works.


  • the problem with the optics debate is it is backwards: it should be strategy first and then the desired optics flows from the chosen strategy

    three aspect: context, strategy, target demographics

    1) context: online bantz or anon flyering can be one or two steps more extreme/surreal than IRL – this applies to all of the possible strategy/demographic combos

    2) strategy: this imo is the biggest distinction, electoral vs cultural – if electoral then (if you don’t have a PR system) you are more or less forced to adopt optics that are comfortable for the least radical segment of your target audience – hence yankee doodle. this is a very significant divide which imo inevitably creates a reverse purity spiral back to GOPe.

    3) target demographic: this to me is where there is a clear branding conflict between the alt-right and the alt-south (for want of a better label) but hopefully it doesn’t need to be more than that. the alt-south have a very different core target demographic to the alt-right, significantly older for one, and hence very different ideal optics. the NS or KKK symbols are one thing (the problem of which being they force people to talk about the past more than the future) but the beefy middle aged guy part of their look is not as negative for the alt-south’s optics as it is for the alt-right’s. However to prevent brand conflict the two separate strands have to be their own separate brands (under a common umbrella). If this can be achieved then with a bit of luck it shouldn’t be a problem as both strands are on the same side of the electoral vs cultural divide.

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