Alt-Right Politics – November 1, 2017 – Ich kann nicht anders

Issue 1 / Aesthetics matter

The alt-right is undergoing a furious debate: how do we sell our message, without compromising our principles?

Issue 2 / Kremlin Conspiracy Climax

Paul Manafort, Mercenary snooping firms, and the Trump administration: Has the Russia Conspiracy Narrative finally climaxed?

Issue 3 / Reformation Retrospective

It’s been 500 years since Martin Luther threw down the gauntlet. What does the Reformation mean to us?

“The Magian Revolution” By Greg Ritter is available online in Czech. The English version will be reposted here, or on the revived Radix.

Issue 4 / I’m Doxxed!

Greg Conte celebrates his Dox-mitzvah. Fired from Catholic girls school, he’s now full-time race warrior.

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