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Fat Acceptance is Destroying Western Women

Make no mistake, feminism’s end goal has always been to destroy the family and the natural differences between genders so that humans are reduced to replaceable, State-dependent cogs in a corporate machine.

This should not appear shocking as the truth has always been in plain sight to anyone curious enough to venture a little beyond the movement’s deceptive façade plastered with feel-good phrases about “equality” and “empowering yourself.” As one example among the many, here are some words of Roxanne Dunbar from her 1970 essay titled Female Liberation as the Basis for Social Revolution:

The family unit is a decadent, energy-absorbing, destructive, wasteful institution for everyone except the ruling class, the class for which the institution was created…

How will the family unit be destroyed? … the demand alone will throw the whole ideology of the family into question, so that women can begin establishing a community of work with each other and we can fight collectively. Women will feel freer to leave their husbands and become economically independent, either through a job or welfare…

By destroying the present society, and building a society on feminist principles, men will be forced to live in the human community on terms very different from the present…

To our parents’ generation, feminism’s promises of economic independence and sex without consequence may have sounded alluring, but now we know better. It has not liberated women at all, but created a society of barren, emotionally distant cubicle shrews brainwashed into dismantling their one true source of happiness and lasting contentment — that of supporting a strong family and husband.

Illustration of a cubical shrew reacting to well-intentioned advice in the workplace.

So, how does the fat positive/acceptance movement fit into the greater scheme of things? As one of feminism’s specialized branches, it aids in the dissolution of traditional relationships from the position of normalizing gluttony as well as encouraging a hysterical, impossible-to-be-helped mindset, thus driving away potential mates.

I experienced the fat positive movement’s self-destructive ideology online by its activists, but I also felt it upon myself, when I was 40 lbs overweight two years ago. The result of my “studies” is that fat feminists are the most emotionally unstable women I’ve ever seen, and that they have dug themselves the deepest into the fake victim narrative. They are so sensitive and stubborn about their addiction and live in such wretched denial that they have recently begun to attack the medical profession itself. Doctors who offer concerned, fact-based advice to obese patients are now guilty of “medical fat-shaming,” which is to be treated as another form of “oppression.”

Today, fat activists are premiering Fattitude, their masterwork, a documentary that has been in production for three years. Among the participants are high-profile names like morbidly obese #effyourbeautystandards model Tess Holliday, and Lindy West, a feminist whose highlights of activism include freaking-out over airplane seats, writing a book called Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman, and having a degenerative social disease named after her.

Lindy West Disease is a tragic affliction that turns a natural woman into a horrifying hambeast. Sadly, there is no medicinal cure, but possible treatment options have been discussed in the clinics I visited. They include removing the patient’s access to Tumblr, Jezebel, xoJane, and Reddit while also completely controlling the patient’s diet to prevent five or more daily instances of self-feeding.

To be serious, according to one promotional article the documentary’s purpose is to “examine how popular culture perpetuates the fat hatred and fat-shaming that results in a very real cultural bias and a civil rights issue for people who are living in fat bodies.”

Note the off-beat wording of “people who are living in fat bodies.” It is not written as the more straightforward — “fat people” — for a reason. Though subtle, the article’s phrasing suggests a sense of victimization. As if a “fat body” is merely something that has sprung upon an innocent, unknowing person, through no device or authorization of their own. Obviously what the article is hinting at is not true, as anyone knows that to become obese takes many months, even years of consciously-made poor nutritional choices (with the exception of childhood obesity, the fault of which lies with the parents). And unlike feminism’s other forms of imaginary oppression — racial, sexual; fatness is something that can be changed. All one needs is to dump the hissy fits and the “everyone is against me” attitude and follow one’s long-ignored conscience and begin a more active lifestyle. Unfortunately, an active lifestyle is the very thing the Fattitude documentary warns women against.

Fat acceptance is a victim cult that oils the gears of the feminist movement’s main goal of achieving complete social revolution through the destruction of the family. As I wrote earlier, I was stuck in fat acceptance’s vortex of contradicting messages for a year while in a stale relationship to a video-game addict. The movement’s relentless cries of “Love yourself!” and “Don’t let anyone tell you what’s beautiful!” are easy to absorb for someone stuck in a rut or with more serious problems of self-worth, but they are ultimately hollow messages, lies. Loving yourself does not mean turning your back on other people’s well-intentioned concerns. Loving yourself does not mean slinking off to the store to buy a shopping basket full of chips and chocolate and binge-eating it all in secrecy. Loving yourself does not mean ignoring the number on the scale. Loving yourself does not make you feel sick, guilty, and furtive, nor should it require you to deny scientific facts and value feelings over rationality.

“Screw you, haters! I’m gonna be twice as fat and unpleasant just to show you that I win!”

The cruelest aspect of the fat positive movement is that in-between those positive-sounding mantras are nefarious politically-tinged contrivances like “thin privilege” designed to make fat people feel helpless and under attack, and thus long even more for the temporary highs gotten from macaroni casserole and the blogs that say “You’re amazing no matter what you do!”

Take the following incident as a good example of the dark side of fat acceptance. A man was recently featured on the popular Facebook group Humans of New York, speaking fairly and honestly about asking his girlfriend to lose some weight. In response, the man was abused by hundreds of harpies, and a writer for the deranged feminist blog Revelist called him a “delusional bag of dicks” and “a misogynistic turd,” and suggested that his girlfriend dump the “body-shaming troll dragging her down.”

In the current West, a man must accept his woman 100% no matter what she does or says, and if he has even the smallest concern or request, it means he is forcing oppressive patriarchal standards on her. The woman, on the other hand, is encouraged to react as rudely as possible, and with a childish “fuck you, dad!” mentality spend the next three months shoveling good girl treats into her face and posting selfies of her ever-expanding flesh in lingerie with the hashtag #celebratemysize.

In the end, am I saying that fat people are horrible, undeserving of love, and should only wear baggy sweatshirts in public? Of course not. We are all valuable, but there’s a difference between overindulging in a selfish, worldly love, and adhering to a love that is founded on moral (Godly) principles and on the will to better oneself for the sake of loved ones. Not everyone should be the same weight, nor should we all worship Instagram models and get plastic surgery. Simply put: allowing gluttony to get out of hand will severely harm our bodies and mental health. Being unrepentantly obese is not a virtue, and allowing political movements like fat acceptance to twist our views of right and wrong will leave us full of regret.

After I pulled myself away from the edge of the abyss and understood that feminism was leading me towards personal ruin, I felt a deep relief and peace within myself and I lost all appetite for self-damaging behavior. I fell back to my old exercise regimen, and the satisfaction of doing so was incomparable to the months I had spent gorging in secret on lemon cakes and Snickers bars in the midst of confused self-loathing. I was not only happy because of the countless verifiable benefits exercise has upon mental health, but because I knew with utter certainty that I was doing the Right thing.

Don’t forget — underneath fat acceptance’s innocent-sounding slogans of “accept me for who I am!” is a larger movement designed to strip women of their natural female virtues and use them as tools in an anti-family, anti-male political revolution.


Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.



    • “Oy vey, western women are EVIL, my fellow whites. Avoid them and make sure not to have white children with them”

  • I have not dated for years by choice…I cant do it.I actually avoid women now whenever possible because of how annoying and narcissistic most women are.

    I find American women to be repulsive as an American male…They lead the world in abortion,obesity,single motherhood,divorce,personal debts and mental illness…They wear mens crew cuts,demand to be wined and dined while refusing to cook….

    They call themselves strong but are not fit,they call themselves independent but are always flat broke.They own way to many animals and are completely oversexualized….Before I stopped dating years ago I encountered women who had hygiene problems…Some hadn’t showered before dates…wearing dirty pajamas in public….

    Most women I have met are absolutely flat broke,obviously mentally unstable,play no traditional female roles and are not capable of love due to their perceived choice of millions of men to choose from through online dating and social media for a boyfriend or a husband…

    I think America is finished.No nation can return from such levels of demorilization in its women….Lil kermits and steve urkles all over America are sprouting lil nuts for the first time in life…and are giving the inner and outer miss piggies of America the double flipper and are hopping away….Its easy,nearly every man I know has been divorced,lost his home,car,is paying child support etc….

    I stay faaaaar away from the vagina in times of the aids virus,child support and no fault divorce……Men avoiding women is why school teachers are having sex with children,is why women are marching in the streets with vagina’s on their heads,is why they as “damzels in distress,”are claiming a sexual assault epidemic….because MEN ARE AVOIDING THEM AND WOMEN ARE DOING ANYTHING FOR ATTENTION,WHICH IS WHY SUCH JUVENILE MINDED SPOILED ROTTEN WOMEN OVERSEXUALIZE THEMSELVES SO HORRIDLY….MEN ARE FINALLY TIRED OF WOMENS SH#T…

    Sad thing is,now millennial women are the ones that have to pay the piper because of what the hoards of femmicommies did who proceded them…You couldnt pay me to have sex with any woman in America,no joke…..RUN BOYS RUN…ESPECIALLY FROM BIPOLAR,SCHIZOPHRENIC,CLINICALLY DEPRESSED AND FULLY MONKEY MEDICATED FEMALES,WHO KNOW THEY HAVE ALL POWER OVER MEN IN CRIMINAL AND DIVORCE COURTS.THE ONLY MEN LEFT TO DATE WOMEN ARE AS#HOLES,PICK UP ARTIST D BAGS,JOHNS WOMEN ATTRACT IN YOGA PANTS AND EX FELONS…LMAO!!! MGTOW!!!!

    American women are not self aware and only make sense when viewed as over emotional cartoon characters.

  • As a personal trainer I know first hand it is a load of crap that people cant lose weight
    The only reason why you don’t lose weight ( not including maybe 1% who actually have serious medical issues ) is you are lazy , couldn’t be bothered and have no commitment
    Every single client I have ever had lost weight when they actually did what they had to and stopped hiding behind lies
    Guess what else they put the weight back on when they didn’t do what they were meant to
    Does this mean its impossible to keep the weight off once you lose it ?
    No it means they were lazy and didn’t continue what they had to do in order to maintain there weight
    This somehow has been equated to the absolute bullshit told by fat acceptance ,haes and other losers of “there is no known way to lose weight and keep it off ”
    ah Yes there is , its called HARD FUCKING WORK AND DISCIPLINE !!

    As for talking about ” but its wrong to show anorexic models” ,and comments like this
    “The media is putting out images of women who are literally too starved too ovulate, because their bodies think there is a shortage of food ”

    Don’t get me wrong I agree, this is not good but therefore you now get to fight back with disgusting beasts like tess munster gracing the internet , really ? is that really a solution
    She is a disgrace and should not be any sort of model , especially a role model

    Surely it makes more sense to say. being anorexic is not healthy and neither is being obese

    Anorexic should not be encouraged , but it seems that being obese is to be encouraged and fat obese inhumane sizes should be not only accepted but celebrated , we must find these sexy and never ever say anything that may insinuate that this is not just lovely

    Obesity will NEVER be accepted anywhere except on the internet in the private blogs that they create full of other delusional fat idiots

    I am sure a lot of people are saying Wow you are such an asshole for someone who is meant to be encouraging people to be be healthy ,
    I get that and I will give it my all if someone wants to put in the effort to the point I have offered my services free of charge
    But after years of seeing the utter laziness and disregard for health of the majority of the obese people I have seen come through the gym , there own and there childrens health was just not important , not as important as getting mcdonalds after a workout thats for sure
    you get to a point where using the softly softly approach is a waste of time

    Bring on more articles like this and lets get them in mainstream newspapers , tv , advertisements wherever to make people wake up and pay attention !
    And to not accept this

  • Lexi.
    You make a good point there are Instagram models and such promoting bad eating habits and bullshit weight loss ..I will call it magic solutions. Which is why I believe we should promote eating a healthy diet. Mostly fruits and vegetables, less processed food, eating home cooked meals and exercise.
    We also should be promoting fitness. Real people who went through weight loss or built muscle and became a healthier versen of them selfs. We should teach people what is realistic and what is possible. Their have been a lot of times were I heard fat activist say it’s impossible to loose weight, might as well not do it. They convince their followers that mentality as well. I call bull shit. I went vegan for two months. Fruits, vegetables,nuts, grains and tofu. Thats all I ate..and maybe some vegan ice cream … but I lost a lot of weight and in that time I did no exercise. It’s easy. what makes it not easy are the cravings to eating what you used to. Pizza ,brownies, It feels weird eating those things because it doesn’t give me instant energy that eating an healthy diet dose. It feels great and it helped me with my depression and anxiety.

  • The media is putting out images of women who are literally too starved too ovulate, because their bodies think there is a shortage of food. That is not sexy, normal, or healthy, and it’s not reasonable to expect women to go hungry for you. Sorry.

  • Incentives matter. As long as they have welfare/government jobs an endless supply of brown dick and beta orbiters attention nothing’s going to change them. They need to be starved both literally and figuratively.

  • Yes, fitness is important and obesity is a threat. But this website doesn’t seem to be able to agree with itself on women. Anyone remember that article published a few months ago attacking white women for working out? It was titled “Thots on parade.”

  • As I was saying:

    “The ideal weight in their minds is like UNDER 100 pounds! I’ve had it with these tiresome American cows. Chinese are White enough for me!”

    How to get rid of White people: Impose impossible standards on White women, until they give up, blow up, and go black. Meanwhile, White men go yellow.

    Seriously people, this is not healthy. I have tried repeatedly to go very low on calories. The result has always been that I obsess about food all damned day long.

    Personally, I love a very lean, cut physique on a man, but I don’t expect that of my husband. He’s too busy with work and fatherhood. He models good habits for the children, eating moderate amounts of food and exercising regularly. That’s all we can ask of each other, really.

  • haha maybe if more of you men weren’t so fat, lazy, whiny and stupid yourselves your desire’s would be valued more..

    however beta isn’t just cucks who let women walk all over them, its you insecure little bitches that fear women not caring what all of you say women aren’t women anymore, but men aren’t men anymore.. and we’re not judging your manliness on whether there are gays in society, how rude or how meek you are( it doesnt matter if you’re PC or not when what you say is idiotic regardless), how you dress, or what you look like.. but what can you actually fucking do?… what can you create? what do you defend? all of you who promote this shit are not manly in the eyes of women, you look scared and stupid because you need society to adjust to fit your personal desires. You are weak if you allow yourself to be conditioned by this fearmongering.. there is no perfect society.. take control of your life before you waste it trying to chase some ideal that isn’t real.. prove your own worth and you can find what you want.. if you want a hot chick why dont you prove you’re really worth it rather than all women trying to be as hot as possible to suit your desires.. isn’t that the same shit you people say about welfare and socialism? what exactly makes u think its different to expect others to act the way you want while u do nothing to earn it..

  • Patriotic American: How have you come to have such a pessimistic outlook on human nature, or women’s nature, as the case may be?

  • Raelynn, thank you for this. They don’t want to admit it, but White men have been conditioned to find starvation-level BMI builds to be attractive. Most women could not care for their children properly going lower than 1000 calories a day, even if they could actually menstruate and conceive.

    (Guys, for perspective, a PBJ sandwich and a glass of 2% milk will set you back about 700 calories.)

    We need to find a middle ground on this issue.

  • Y’all should see the effin’ ugly POZed fat chick round these parts now (Tenn). GONE are the days of lil’cute Reese Witherspoons wre runnin’ round and a waitin’ to go for a ride beside you in your pickup. Now, most are disgusting blobs, FAT, tattooed, usually with a tint of blue hair somewhere, and – oh yeah, weird piercings. I loath all these fat skanky stupid American girls! Eff them! Luckily, there are some really beautiful, SLIM Chinese girls… They’re smart, LOVE being White (and dream of being whiter). And, get this: Chinese girls hate being fat. The ideal weight in their minds is like UNDER 100 pounds! I’ve had it with these tiresome American cows. Chinese are White enough for me!

  • White chicks getting fat makes absolutely no sense.
    They basically have the highest sexual market value on the planet and can practically seduce any man they want if they are nice to talk to and stay in reasonably good shape.
    That white chicks are sitting around getting fat just says that life in the West has gotten way too damn easy.

  • The only way to convince them to stop being fat is to bully them until they decide to get into shape.

  • “feminism’s end goal has always been to destroy the family and the natural differences between genders so that humans are reduced to replaceable, State-dependent cogs in a corporate machine”

    This is one shitty conspiracy theory. Answer is really much more simple. Feminism has same goal as all other policies in west: destroying white birth rates with soft methods.

  • I think this is a good idea. Obesity is a big problem in America; congrats on your new healthier lifestyle. I don’t really think there are many fat women here, though (or women in general). That being said, just a PSA to other young women looking to keep themselves up. I have weighed about the same since 7th grade (103lbs) and gravitate naturally toward a slender build. I was on the low end of healthy but seemingly fine. However, it caused me to be infertile for the majority of 9 years. I need more than 13% body fat to have children and have accepted that. I’m currently trying to bring my BMI to a more moderate 22 instead of 18.5. I caution moderate to slim women about certain behaviors like strenuous daily exercise in excess of 1 hour or restricting food under 1000 calories per day. Exceptional full health should be the goal. Whether your case means losing pounds or gaining them, make your body a pillar for our people.

  • Losing weight is really easy. All you have to do is eat at a caloric deficit. You don’t even have to go to the gym, but going to the gym helps.

  • Whta is with this disgusting drive to avoid the word “people” in leftist writing? Human this, human that. Are they afraid of somebody making the next logical step from people to nation?

  • The fatness problem is but a symptom of the larger problems affecting women in the West. When I was a working mom, I had no time to go to the gym and I was fat. Now, I have time to go to the gym, and I’m fit. Voila!

  • The Catholic church seems to have known this long before: Gluttony is one of the seven sins. Quote: n the Summa Theologiae, medieval theologian Thomas Aquinas said of Gluttony: “Gluttony denotes, not any desire of eating and drinking, but an inordinate desire… leaving the order of reason, wherein the good of moral virtue consists.” (2, 148, ad 1)

  • the fat acceptance movement is merely a backlash against the photoshop era and is active only on the fringes of the left. it has no traction in real life, it is purely an e-phenomenon, save for the odd dailymail-esque article about a 600 lb woman and her african beau. this article is like saying bronies are destroying western males. outside the internet have you ever met a man who collects my little pony dolls?

  • If you’re trying to lose weight and you have cravings for certain things then I recommend fasting for as long as you can stand it. It will reset your body in a way that nothing else will. You will find that you don’t want things you used to want especially sweets and refined carbs.

  • Can’t stand how all of our women are getting fat. Definitely has to do with the food we are eating these days; it’s total garbage and makes you fat.

  • I am all for bigger women looking their best! Even if they don’t really want to change. But to expect to be worshipped like they’re a fitness model….NO WAY! And to be angry that they aren’t getting the attention another (fit) woman is getting….WRONG AGAIN!
    Women & men both are just getting more & more lazy with fitness these days. To be honest that is one’s prerogative. Just don’t expect to be in the same league as those that actually work hard & sacrifice yummy food. I have been around several women that’ll spot the fittest woman in a room & they would put her down. Even call her a slut. One day I had enough & told one girl that they don’t understand how hard she works for that body & how strict she is on her food choices. Well, that shut her up.
    If one is fine with their body & does not want to lose weight then ok. But they need to be prepared for the consequences. After all, doesn’t that apply to every choice we make. Not many people are going to rally behind you and support your over-eating.

  • @Albionic American: Oh, you mean that time Obama got Beyoncé to make a music video for her “Let’s Move!” initiative? Yeah. That was effective.
    In schools in the US, we had snack bars with junk food and Slurpee-type drinks, while the cafeteria was stocked every day with chicken nuggets and rectangular microwaved pizzas.
    When I moved to Hungary, we had green bean stew and meatloaf.
    Weight is a sensitive issue, but I’m tired of tip-toeing around it to make sure I don’t offend anybody.

  • If you watch the video notice it’s all women. This isn’t about fat people really. This is about the female ego run amok. Women should never be judged, shamed or held to any standards. What they really hate is the “white beauty standard” which is another example of the white male patriarchy.

    In Third World societies, particularly Polynesians, they don’t mind and in many cases value fatness. I’ve heard from many Polynesians that it’s hard for them to lose weight because they are pressured into being fat and others will tell you there’s something wrong with you if you’re not fat.

  • If you look at the art work in the last century’s pulp science fiction magazines, and especially on the covers, these artists imagined that women, and I mean white women, in the 21st Century would look pretty damn good. No illustrator for these publications that I know of envisioned that Future Women would resemble the obese, tattooed, pierced, loud, bitchy, sexually damaged specimens we see in the real 21st Century.

  • I like that picture where dieting is compared to hell. That’s a good key right there, that Richard also touched on in Nationalist Review podcast from 11/1…That being the understanding that we need to pass through certain fires…they will burn away the dross. Same principle applies to health. If you really need to drop lbs., then look into Keto, it works well…but all you really need to know is that the fire is good for you. The left rejects this.

    Get moving, learn how to get in to the burn as fast as possible and STAY THERE. You will be amazed what can be achieved when you pass through the fires of temptation and locomotion guided safely by the cold analysis of conscious decision…this is the constructive brutality of science that is getting lost in our age with all this over-emotionalism…
    I say this to encourage any fat or skinny people looking to get ripped or jacked or whatever. I was skinny once and by sheer force of work and wise decision/food selection became stronger than I ever thought I could be on nothing more than a prison-style workout in my room and at the park…Nil Desperandum.

  • Uh, didn’t Michelle Obama as the former First “Lady” promote proper nutrition and exercise to keep America’s kids from porking out?

  • Well the Government has said to eat grains and low fat (filled with HFCS and other crap) foods for decades. They wouldn’t lie to us?
    There are problems with gluttony and sloth, but if sugar/carbs are addictive, then it would be like telling a heroin addict to just use less instead of going cold turkey.

    In any case we don’t ask for virue anymore. Not regarding lust, not regarding gluttony.

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