White Man Commits Islamic Terror Attack in New York

How do Liberals and their non-White allies square the circle of being liberal and tolerating illiberal members of society lashing out at innocent people?


Ah, yes. The old “pretend he’s white” trick.

Black people think this is White?

Literally everything can be blamed on “White Supremacy” nowadays. And woe to anyone that disagrees.

Amusingly, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo directed the One World Trade Center to be light up in red, white and blue in honor of freedom and democracy.

This begs the questions whether freedom and democracy can exist when no one wants to defend it. Or rather, if the only people that go around chanting about how free and democratic they are continue to be targeted, will anyone still stand for these values for long?

Just think.

With the sole exception of the Las Vegas terror attack, the victims of these attacks continue to be Liberals. This time it was a bike-lane in New York that was targeted. And a lot of Argentinian tourists were killed.

In general, these aren’t exactly Alt-Right people suffering here.

And maybe that is why there is not a stronger reaction to these attacks. The targets are always the exact demographic that won’t lift a finger to defend itself because they believe that to do so would violate some sacred values.

Now, the most disturbing and distressing detail of this attack was that the suspect was an Uber driver. Check out this headline:

Terror suspect was a ‘very friendly’ Uzbek immigrant who drove for Uber

First of all, I have literally NEVER met a friendly Uzbek, EVER.

And you better believe that I have more experience dealing with Uzbeks living in Russia than most Americans do…well I hope. Now that I think about it, things have really changed in America haven’t they…


Anyways, I also use Uber when in the states. I assumed it was the SWPL-friendly alternative to taxis that urban Whites used to insulate themselves from diversity. The drivers tend to be much less sketchy than average taxi drivers. It’s the same in Russia. But I guess I was wrong to let down my guard. And if I’ve learned anything from Russia, it is that it simply isn’t ever worth it to trust an Uzbek.

True story, when I first came here, an American exchange student took a “gypsy cab” home one night, drunk. He woke up on the side of the road in the winter without his phone or any money. He privately confided to me that it was an Uzbek driver. To everyone else, he said it was a Russian.

That’s just how people with Western values think, I suppose. They don’t see race or religion – and they make easy targets.

But back to the story.

According to his Uzbek friend, the killer was a swell guy, and he would have never suspected that he would commit a terror attack:

“He is very good guy, he is very friendly… he is like little brother… he look at me like big brother,” Matkarov said by phone Tuesday from his home in Miamisburg, Ohio.


He was shocked when The Post told him Saipov mowed down eight people on the West Side Highway and didn’t know him to have any terrorist connections.

Does anybody believe this?

I mean, I can believe that the killer had no real connection to ISIS. I just can’t believe that he and his Muslim buddies didn’t sit around smoking cigarettes and drinking sweet tea and talking about how much they hate infidels.

That’s what these people do.

And the cherry on top is that this guy came in on a “Diversity Visa”.

A Diversity Visa.

We should start calling him an ambassador for the religion of peace. Here to spread the ways of tolerance and understanding…by force.

Vibrant Diversity is not a meme, folks. It’s a deadly reality. And there is absolutely no way of denying it anymore.

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  • Sometimes the level of commentary on this site is ridiculously bad. Only liberals use the bicycle lane??? I am tempted to use an epithet in reply. Please note, Mr Vincent Law, that I use the West Side bicycle lane six days a week. You could term it “white flight” from taxis as well as the subway, and it is a good way to get fit and stay fit. Citibike and bicycle lanes are one the few public programs (of recent design) that actually benefit white folk, and disproportionately so. But I guess in your view, people on the Dissident Right are generally fat, lazy slobs in SUVs with country & western blaring from the speakers

  • People should stop misusing Indo-European. It’s a linguistic designation not accurately racial.

    Uzbeks genetically are a mixture of Iranians and Mongols.

    Hopefully we will soon be using MENA instead of calling North Africans and Western and Central Asians white.

  • Uzbeks only make remotely White when a non-Mongoloid Uzbek is mixed with a Russian or so. Saipov is not.

    Hard to say what got disconnected in Saipov’s mind to commit such an atrocity. Then, leaving a wife and three small children to nothing. However, but judging by his a la Taliban beard, something has been brewing for a long time.

    Vince, you have never seen a friendly Uzbek? There are no friendly Uzbeks? No a single one among 30 million people? Can you tell the difference between a Tadjik and Uzbek? Have you ever been to Tashkent before?
    Please keep your Russian-chauvinist shit away from this universal White-bearer platform.

  • Soon after the attack, the NY governor was blurting “lone wolf”. Then Hannity repeated it several times during the opening of his show. Surprisingly, he was refuted by his guests.

  • Seriously.

    I was friends with a Muslim guy in high school through college. He and his friends constantly talked about how they wished that the power of the USA would be reduced. They basically shared the same goals as Bin Laden.

  • “With the sole exception of the Las Vegas terror attack, the victims of these attacks continue to be Liberals.”

    This is why you have to ask yourself “Just how redpilled are these Muslims”?

    Might not be a good idea to type the answer

  • Muslims are just dangerous. I’m waiting for Ali Velshi to flip out on #MSNBC or #NBC when someone gets on his case.

    Btw, Ali Velshi is a Canadian Muslim, born in Africa. I thought there was a law against foreign nationals broadcasting news in the USA?

  • Jews are responsible for this. It might have been a Moslem behind the wheel but we must remember that they are simple minded and easily incited. It was the Jews who brought him here and it is the Jews who incited him to this slaughter. How long are we going to allow these demonic rats to bathe in the blood of our people before we stand up and defend our natural God-given rights as Aryans and take back what is rightfully ours?

  • The boomer cuckservatives will vaguely reference some form of restrictions on muslims which would have no effect on security whatsoever, proclaim ‘judeo-christian civilization’ under attack and then go back to filling the forms to renew their imported thai wives’ visa. And then they might add some nonsensical thought on ‘culture’ for good measure.

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