Three Ways to Become a Better Woman

If you are a woman reading this, you are truly part of a small, exclusive group, and I want to express my deepest appreciation for your interest and dedication. You also belong to that half of the population which has been most thoroughly subjected to the malicious and fanciful Cultural Marxist propaganda.

It has, amongst other things, convinced you that the male role is the norm for everyone and that it is something you should aspire to. It has put the idea into your head that you should always put education and career before family, and that ‘sexual liberation’, in the sense of imitating the worst aspects of male sexuality and the pursuit of multiple partners, is something that strengthens you — rather than something that damages you, as massive empirical evidence suggests it does. You are also the primary targets of the propaganda which abuses and takes advantage of emotions (empathy in particular), and promotes ‘multiculturalism’, ‘White guilt’, and ‘equality’, which has led to the sad fact that today, Western women more generally tend to be far more Leftist than the men in those countries. Women constitute an integral component in the maintaining of the politically correct order since they assume the role of the thought police in their daily lives much more often than men do, and do their best to hinder and punish people in their surroundings who have dared to deviate from the politically correct, Cultural Marxist norm.

If you are reading this you have probably seen through the politically correct factory of lies, and perhaps you are also aware of the facts mentioned above. Nonetheless, to make your efforts for normalising Europe as effective as possible, follow this simple advice:

1) Get your priorities straight. In your autumn years, having a successful career behind you will be nothing compared to having a large family, with grandchildren and everything else that comes with it. This is also the best and most natural method for ensuring your retirement benefits — a few decades from now, your children and grandchildren will be far more inclined to take care of you than the rapidly crumbling European welfare states will. Besides, passing your genes on is a far worthier goal in life than slaving for some multinational corporation, which will forget all about you the second you retire. Furthermore, the plummeting birth rates of Europe must be reversed. Make sure to have at least three children, and raise them well. In this regard, the future of Europe rests squarely in your hands.

2) Recognise the value of your personal honour. Forget everything contemporary society and the Left tried to make you believe in relation to the ‘sexual revolution’. If you are lucky, you had good parents who raised you well and taught you the fundamental truths, such as the fact that your long-term interests are not served by having sexual relations with a man the first time you meet. Rather, restraint on the part of women facilitates the process of ‘falling in love’, and creates better conditions for lasting, sound relationships. Even if men try to get you into bed the first time you meet, you should view this as a test, a test which you will fail miserably if you succumb. Most men will have a lot more respect for you if you refuse, and it makes absolutely no difference whatsoever what they try to tell you or themselves about the matter.

3) Nurture your femininity. Realise that your feminine qualities are your greatest assets. Nurture and develop them. They are also your main weapon in the rather brutal competition which constitutes natural selection, and it is your primary strength in your interactions with men. Do not be fooled into believing that adopting male behavioural patterns are to your advantage. The sooner in life you realise this, the more successful and happy you will be. Developing intellectually and acquiring skills are things you can always do, but imitating male patterns of behaviour and competing with men is hard enough for men. You have nothing to gain by doing so.

Always strive to improve yourself within the framework of your naturally given gender role, and thus your natural role in society and the community. You may live in a depraved, undignified age, and a certain degree of adaptation may be necessary, but it is you who are reading this and people like you who will form the vanguard in the reformation of European society, and the restoration of our ancient, traditional ideals. These ideals once built the great civilisation of Europe, and they will rebuild it when this age of darkness ends.

(The above text is an excerpt from chapter 5: “Brief Advice on Gender Roles”, in my latest book, The Real Right Returns. If you enjoyed this brief article, get the book to read the full text.)

Daniel Friberg
the authorDaniel Friberg
Daniel Friberg is a co-founder and editor of He is furthermore an economist from the School of Business, Economics and Law at Gothenburg University who has conducted research into the Gothenburg Maritime Cluster, worked with mergers and acquisitions, business valuation, as a CFO, management consultant, business analyst and as a CEO within the Swedish mining industry. He is also co-founder and CEO of the British publishing house Arktos Media Ltd., which is one of the world-leading publishers of traditionalist and right-wing literature. He is also the author of The Real Right Returns: A Handbook for the True Opposition (Arktos, 2015). (Official Facebook page)


  • MWIR Thank you for chiming in here. I have the exact lifestyle you speak of and I love, love, love it! Did I mention that I love it?

  • @pepe
    there needs to be a working reply button. and the def acto alt-right dating sites are the religious themed ones, you’re welcome.

  • Let me red pill you about intelligent, ambitious white women, goy.

    They are good genetic material, but they think they would be bored as a mom and housewife.

    However, home schooling and raising kids to be totally dominant in math, in sports like gymnastics and martial arts, maybe in music or art, perhaps a 2nd and even 3rd language installed in the brain between toddlerhood and adolescence, like Jared Taylor had.

    My daughter is 19 now and is practicing for motherhood by carefully training a puppy. It’s very cute and appropriate.

    I took her to gymnastics and piano and soccer. I tutored her in math. We installed Russian language into her brain from birth. It was a lot of fun, and I guarantee you an ambitious, smart woman will find the greatest possible fulfillment doing home schooling and high investment parenting, preferably with a brood of 4 to 7 kids.

    She should get help from the father and nannies and housekeepers. The project of high investment parenting should be the first and only priority of the family budget, and nannies and housekeepers are worth it, fam. Mom’s job is to raise Uberkindern, who will dominate the dystopia.

    • Thank you for everything you have said. I am homeschooling my five children and having a blast! I am, bluntly, very bright. I think you are correct that we white women have been taught to think mothering full-time is boring and somehow beneath any woman with a brain in her head. My kids are excelling in their studies with my careful tutoring. Each child has at least one or two subjects where he is years ahead of grade level. It is quite challenging and stimulating! It’s sad how little liberal whites respect mothers. I am so very lucky to have a good husband who always wants to put family first. You can’t raise decent children without a good man as father. But also, you can’t let just anyone raise them during the day so that mother can avoid being “bored” by them. I thank you again for your kind words. There is so little encouragement out there for well-educated women to turn towards the home.

  • It is essential that girls learn self the defence and train physically too,in times like these! They should also carry weapon.

  • I just want to point out that if every woman had three children in 2000 years there would be more humans that sq. meters of land on earth. And in 2000 years more all known universe would be filled with humans (for those who think space colonization is a solution).

    So frankly we shouldnt be saying “have atleast three kids” until we thought this through. We obviously need to think how to create stable populations in our future ethno-states and also we need to think what would be optimal population.

    Our main problem isnt too few white people, its shitskins living in our habitat niches. We need to look objectively and ask ourselves: Assuming we got rid of all shitskins in our countries and only whites remained; Is there optimal number of us?

  • Juliette: You’re getting the causality backwards. It’s not men’s beta qualities which are driving women into the workplace. Lots of women used to marry and have families with intelligent reliable betas. That has to have been true, for marriage rates to have been high. It seems like the formerly healthy, loving, reproductive dynamic between beta men and women was a foundational part of our civilization. Women, enabled by technology and the state, have effectively stabbed betas in the back, and now these men are struggling to figure out what they should do, either by becoming politically radicalized or trying to “become alpha,” whatever that means. But in the final analysis, it is women’s decision to abandon beta men which has destabilized everything in our civilization. And what’s crazy is, the women are also angry and miserable, but can’t seem to stop doing the great betrayal.

  • Lizardmom: the article already offers a clear answer to your question. Even if you’re very good at being a corporate employee, much better than most men, how fulfilling will you still find this when you’re 50? Or when you retire and look back on a lifetime of shallow professional social networking? Maybe your plan is to simply die the instant you retire, but for those with children and grandchildren, there’s good reason and motivation to have an extra few decades of fulfilling life experience, rather than isolation, loneliness and despair.

    Frankly from the way you’re writing about yourself, it sounds like the real source of satisfaction you currently derive from your job is the fact that you can do it better than most men. This is a very immature, adolescent form of satisfaction — it can’t last. You will mature out of it soon enough.

  • To Jack Burton: We’re not voting conservative because we are following our husbands. We vote conservative because it is in the best interests of ourselves and our children. I don’t disagree with your prescriptions, though.

  • I am truly puzzled by this attitude. Do White women like this think that White men and the civilization they built can survive without our loyalty and devotion? Or do they just not care about White survival? Are White women dispensable? Or is White civilization not worth preserving? It seems to me one or the other of these premises underlies this post. Or am I missing something? Help a sister out.

    How can any woman who values her freedom and dignity not see the importance of saving our people? What do they think the future holds for White women in a non-white world?

  • The best thing a traditional white woman can do is find a traditional white man. We know from statistics and psychological studies that women are more co-dependent than men and more influenced by peer pressure. When white women don’t have a male partner to guide them then the state and media become their guidance. Note that single white women are far more likely to vote left and married white women vote more to the right. There is a significant disparity there and this holds true across the racial spectrum. 97% of single black women voted for Hillary.

    Hillary and leftists were shocked that a majority of white women actually voted for Trump. All hope is not lost.

  • What if I don’t want to have tons of children. What if what gives me the most fulfillment is to pursue my career. What if I’m better at my line of work than a man. Do I throw it away and stop trying to better myself and my community just because I have the ability to have kids? What if my personality is comprised of so called “masculine” attributes? what if that’s just who I am? What if I WANT to compete with men? Because I can. I’m better at many things than many men I know. Why is my happiness overlooked, why am I seen as just a means to procreate?

  • Reminder to support alt-right businesses like Arktos, by buying their books through the link above. Plus, you get books to read!

  • Do you have children, Daniel? Didn’t think so. It takes a woman AND a man to raise a family and slaving for multinational corporations and sleeping around are shitty strategies for both sexes. Keep your advice to yourself until you can at least find a wife. While you go on with your quest to stop being a beta, us women will work jobs as we please.

  • Excellent. Thank you Daniel for your recognition of Alt-right women as exceptional. So many men in this movement hurl insults at us, some of which might have a great deal of truth in them if we were not already a highly selected and atypical bunch of women. There is no excuse whatsoever for men to take out their frustrations with bluepilled women on us. This is every bit as ugly the worst sort of shrill feminism.

    I disagree with only one thing. If a man pressures you for premature sex, don’t look at it as a test, just look at it as an indication that you are dealing with a manipulative, degenerate liar and walk away. If he is really impressed and your virtue makes him become better himself, play hard to get and make him prove it.

    Also, don’t get yourself into a situation where there will be misunderstandings. If a man asks if you want to go to his house and watch a movie, either don’t go or make very clear that you are in fact going to watch a movie. I thought this was common sense growing up, but I wish someone had told me this. I think a couple guys thought I had led them on as a young woman, when that was not my intention at all. You don’t want to get into a situation where you fear a guy will not take no for an answer and so you wind up doing something you really didn’t want to do. You will feel like you have been raped, while the guy may not have intended to intimidate you at all, and there would be no way to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt even if he did. If at all possible, try to really get to know someone before putting yourself at his mercy. You can never be completely safe, and eventually you’ll have to trust, but at least you’ll know you’ve been prudent even if something bad does happen.

    • Yes, I would like to “second” everything you have said. Please don’t take out your frustrations with feminist blue-pill type women on the rest of us! There are many women out there who don’t want to fight for the man’s role in the relationship. And we women must try to be ladies if we hope to end up with a gentleman. It would be best if older ladies could teach the younger ones some of the sensible ideas you laid out. 🙂

  • “why we need women’s help …”

    This group is teaching kindergarteners about consent
    Oct. 31, 2017

    “It was pretty clear that they agreed with the general concept of respecting people’s boundaries,” YES! co-founder Isy Abraham-Raveson said

    A Montclair, N.J.-based organization wants to flip the script on how kids receive sex ed — starting with teaching the concept of consent as early as kindergarten. One 30-minute workshop by the nonprofit YES!, short for Your Empowered Sexuality, has kindergarteners learning about boundaries through role-playing and interactive exercises.

    In boundaries workshops held in May at the Montclair Cooperative School, participants started off telling adult facilitators their own favorite body parts and played a game of “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes.” Facilitators then acted out a series of potentially confusing boundary scenarios — hugging someone who’s leaning away, simultaneously laughing and saying “stop” while being tickled, and being asked to kiss Grandma but feeling uncomfortable — and dissected each one for potential problems and solutions.

    Not only were the kindergarteners “already there” in terms of articulating their feelings, they “understood even more complicated situations,” YES! co-founder and curriculum writer Isy Abraham-Raveson, a Philadelphia-based preschool teacher, told Moneyish. “It was pretty clear that they agreed with the general concept of respecting people’s boundaries.” Students left armed with “My Body. Their Body,” a YES!-conceived, critter-laden coloring book that drives home the workshop’s message. The book is available for download on the group’s website, which also features educational YouTube videos and a sex-positive storytelling blog, Verbatim.

    Though high schools are more likely to require instruction on sexual health than elementary or middle schools, the American Public Health Association recommends kids receive age-appropriate comprehensive sex education starting in kindergarten — and a 2014 Georgetown University study suggests beginning sex ed for younger adolescents could help reduce unplanned pregnancies, unsafe abortions, STIs and maternal deaths. (Per the Guttmacher Institute, only 24 states and Washington, D.C. even mandate sex ed in the first place.)

    Consent, meanwhile, has bubbled back into the national dialogue thanks to disgraced film mogul Harvey Weinstein’s sex scandal, followed by droves of women and men sharing their own tales of sexual abuse. “The sooner that we introduce bodily autonomy and mutual respect” the better, Abraham-Raveson said. She called college consent courses, which teach the concept once attitudes about sex are already formed, “a Band-Aid measure”: “Think about how much more powerful it would be if we never had to go back and retroactively explain all of these negative experiences people have had,” she said. “If that was part of our understanding of sexuality the whole time.”

    Abraham-Raveson, 24, launched YES! in 2015 alongside fellow Montclair High School alumni Eve Gutman, Rebecca Klein and Natalie Smyth, to deliver a brand of sex ed they’d never experienced. The group set out with a focus on consent, but evolved to encompass “a more holistic understanding of sexuality,” Abraham-Raveson said, adding free workshops geared at middle and high schoolers on gender and sexual orientation, sexual values, masculinity, and intersectional feminism and activism. “We now think more about all of the aspects of sexuality, which include self esteem and body parts and safer sex practices and identity and a million other things,” she said. While some kids fixate on whether they can be blamed for unwanted contact, she added, YES! tries to shift the focus onto how to take care of others instead of hurting them.

    Also read: Here’s what to do if you’ve been sexually harassed at work

    “It definitely reaffirmed how I felt of how important and necessary it is to have these conversations, especially in a group setting with my peers,” onetime workshop participant Julia Maskin, a Montclair High junior, told Moneyish. “It’s one of the first times that we’ve talked so openly about it.”

    YES! also offers adult workshops on how to talk to kids about sex, urging participants to examine their personal values and use organically arising teachable moments — like a tampon commercial or Caitlyn Jenner TV appearance — as entry points into discussions on bodies and identity. The program prompted Montclair mom Rebecca Harris-Lee, for example, to rethink oversight on her 12-year-old daughter’s school dress code compliance.

    “It helped me realize that I was participating in a shaming culture, where basically part of the dress code says shoulders are distracting,” she told Moneyish. “It’s putting the onus onto the girl, the child, that something she may inadvertently be doing is causing someone else to be distracted — when it’s really up to the person to be distracted or not … It just kind of flipped my reality, and I realized that basically I was always going to support what she was wearing from then on. And I have.”

    Marie Saint-Victor, mother to a high-school sophomore, said the group opened her ears to “a different kind of listening.” “I already felt like I was this progressive, open parent. I thought I was already doing many, many sex-positive conversations with my son,” she told Moneyish. “But there’s so much more than what I had to say — it’s what they had to say.”

  • American racial dynamics are really screwy.

    Ideologically, we are told we are all part of the ‘human race’ and the blah-blah about Equality = Diversity(which is more off the mark than 2 + 2 = 5).

    But in terms of iconic power, not many Americans have it… which is why Hollywood features mostly whites and blacks(and homos and witty Jews). Other groups get some sidekick roles… like Guilermo on Jimmy Kimmel.

    Whites have the beauty thing. Even with all this anti-white ideology, whiteness as icon has lots of currency. Look at whom Hugo Chavez and Pee Wee Bush married. Blondes. And even though white males have been wussified by pop culture and PC, most romance novels still feature some white pirate type.

    Blacks have the prowess and power thing. They are seen as loudest, fastest, and fiercest mofos(or the most colorful clowns) on the planet. As US and globo culture revolves around sports, blacks get lots of iconic mileage.When I was young, two athletes I heard of most was Ali and Pele. And Rap music and styles has permeated into every nation. BBC news & entertainment feature black male and white female as the ideal in iconic terms. Black males are seen as toughest males, and white females are seen as best-looking females.

    Long ago, whites feared and suppressed black power, but they’ve come to surrender to it. Civil rights filled whites with ‘guilt’ and awe at MLK’s oratory as black god. And black music and sports filled white guys with worship for blacks — even conservative white guys in college worshiped Walter Payton and Mike Singletary — and white girls with Jungle Fever. One of the most conservative guys I ever met had as his two biggest heroes, Miles Davis and Bob Marley.

    So, white people want blacks to succeed and gain power and become leaders and dominate American society. Ideologically, whites will claim to value everyone equally, but in iconic terms they are smitten with blackness. Subconsciously, they do see blacks as the superior race. It’s like how Romero depicts the Negro in DAWN OF THE DEAD. He has it all together while the white guys eventually lose it one way or another.

    Problem is most blacks tend to be childish, stupid, idiotic, petty, and/or obnoxious. They fail to live up to the iconography of the Magic or Masterful Negro. They may be tough but only on the level of trashy thugs. And many fail in school. This is why whites have to look to Africa to get the cream of the crop. African culture is more conservative and its elites(cream of the crop) are bound to have higher IQs and education. Anyway, whites want blacks to lead and dominate, but blacks fail at this spectacularly because so many of them care more about Air Jordans and ‘twerking’.

    With Asians, it’s the opposite. Yellows and Hindus have no iconic value. To be sure, yellow women have some iconic value as Suzie Wong or ‘me so horny’, but it’s iconography of submission, i.e. yellows are the feminine race that should put out to the superior manlier races. So, American view of yellows is as a people who should follow and serve whites.
    As for Hindus, the guys have some iconic value as ‘Babu’, but this is just clown show. Hindu males are seen as cartoonish merchants or chatty nerds. Amusing but not to be taken seriously. So, whites don’t see Asians as leadership material or forces of domination. At best, the view is that Asians should be ‘model minority’ drones who should just serve Americans. The idea of Asian dorks, nerds, or drones(blander than even white bread) taking leading or elite roles in America seem… just wrong, against natural way of the world.

    But, Asians tend to be more committed to education and pose a real threat to white enrollment, esp at elite colleges. So, the people that whites regard as inferior or worthless(in iconic terms) seem to be gaining too much, far beyond what they should.
    When China was communist China was closed off, yellow entry into US was limited to SK and Taiwan mostly. Also, as Japan became successful and population leveled off, Japanese mostly stayed home. But the Vietnam refugee crisis and opening up of China led to huge movement of peoples.
    As for India, its ‘socialist’ economy didn’t have much to offer to the US until the 90s. But neo-liberalization led to tech boom, and US companies welcomed tons of Hindus to work in Silicon Valley and other tech-financial areas. And this put tremendous pressure on white middle class.

    In a nutshell, whites want to serve blacks, but blacks fall behind; whites want Asians to serve them, but Asians pull ahead. But white males can still get some kind of revenge by taking Asian wombs as Asian-America is smitten with all things white(despite anti-white ideology adopted by many Asians; power of icon is that strong; it’s like even fervent Zionist men marry some blonde ‘shikse’ because they have a Portnoic obsession with its iconic value). But race-mixing will dilute what is unique about the white race, and in the end, all will lose… except blacks.

  • I will be reading this to my daughter. She is 15. I wish that I could’ve read these words when I was a young girl!

  • Disclaimer: Previously cited “3 ways to become a better woman” may only apply if you are a cute, young blonde with a high SMV. Otherwise we don’t give a fuck, tbh. 🙂

    • But can’t plainer looking girls become good wives and mothers? Surely it’s better for all the decent white men to have someone to marry? And we redheads are just as cute as blondes! :-p

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