The Transatlantic Pact #2 — The State of the AltRight

Chris, Evan McLaren, Daniel Friberg and Richard Spencer gather to sum up the last two weeks events, the times are as hectic as ever. Poland is engaging in some hot and heavy DR3-ing towards Richard, Daniel is explaining why there wont be a conference in Stockholm at this moment. We also dip our toes into the discussion about how members of the alt-right should present themselves, there’s no definite answers but a few things should be obvious to each and everyone.

  • 0.1 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland makes a statement about Richard Spencer.
  • 0.28 – Identitarian Ideas conference in Stockholm cancelled – Daniel Friberg explains.
  • 0.40 – Discussing the discussion about the optics.

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Poland countersignals Richard Spencer

Intro & Outro music: Strategicadvisorwave by Leiptr

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