The Transatlantic Pact #2 — The State of the AltRight

Chris, Evan McLaren, Daniel Friberg and Richard Spencer gather to sum up the last two weeks events, the times are as hectic as ever. Poland is engaging in some hot and heavy DR3-ing towards Richard, Daniel is explaining why there wont be a conference in Stockholm at this moment. We also dip our toes into the discussion about how members of the alt-right should present themselves, there’s no definite answers but a few things should be obvious to each and everyone.

  • 0.1 – Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Poland makes a statement about Richard Spencer.
  • 0.28 – Identitarian Ideas conference in Stockholm cancelled – Daniel Friberg explains.
  • 0.40 – Discussing the discussion about the optics.

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Poland countersignals Richard Spencer

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  • Regarding the optics: I feel that Evan and Richard were spot on. It’s a fine line. It requires nuance.

  • Stop insulting Americans by calling it “our culture”. What is being spread by neocons in the American government is internationalist culture (((if you don’t want to call it what is really is))). I think you won a lot of people over when you defended the monuments, but you are creating an animus against yourself when you allow them to appropriate our culture. It is completely unnecessary– why do you do it Richard Spencer?

  • You guys should follow the EGInotes guy below

    It’s not just the WLM people who need some tough love

    Certain tactics from the election seem to be nearing the end of their usefulness

  • I’ve never called Anglin a “Fed” – I pointed out – correctly – that Anglin published Joshua Goldberg, who was working with Rita Katz’ organization, “SITE,” posing as both a “radical Muslim” as well as a “radical White Supremacist.” When Anglin discovered it, he agreed with me.

    It’s telling how whiny they get when their agendas are exposed. It’s all about play-acting for the media, dressing up like “nazis” and posturing for the cameras. Finkelstein is a big fan of “Azzmodor” who collaborated with the Jewish media along with Chris Cantwell. They ALWAYS, 100% of the time, work with Jew groups like the $PLC to alienate and demonize Whites. It’s a pattern.

  • I’m sure this will blow over and the principals (Fuentes, Enoch, Wallace, Allsup) will find common cause to work together.

    I’m also sure that Hipster Racist will keep calling everyone he disagrees with a Fed. For months, Hipster Racist attacked Anglin and weev as Feds. Now, he agrees with Anglin so he’s dropped that line.

  • The fact that the online internet troll internet character called “Yehudah Finkelstein” is against me is all the agenda I need.

    The very second that “Yehudah Finkelstein” agrees with me – THAT is when I must second guess myself.

    Yet – Andrew Anglin and the (((Daily Stormer))) now all of a sudden is on my side – WTF?

    Now I know shit is getting serious.

  • Hipster Racist, get real. The new WN paradigm is to record EVERYTHING from multiple angles to avoid trumped up charges. This is now standard procedure in light of the Cantwell thing. Later that day they filmed themselves getting attacked and de-escalating, preventing the media from trying to falsely accuse them.

    You can’t “wear a wire” at a public rally where everyone is recording everything. That’s boomer-tier stupidity.

    All you have to do to understand Heimbach is listen to his podcast content for a while. He’s a nerd who is really, really into intellectual, esoteric fascism and decided to go live it, in a somewhat nerdy way.

    Do I personally think this is the most optimal path? No. But a significant percentage of the people who get into the movement go on a similar intellectual journey… but stay behind their computers.

    Do your research, making basic errors like this makes you seem like a shill.

  • Heimbach wearing a wire is probably as real the “No Pedo Bashing” sign Weird Mike Cernovich planted at his speech at Columbia tonight.

    Heimbach lives in a fucking trailer in Kentucky. The Feds must not compensate well.

  • Heimbach was wearing a wire, the pictures are all over the internet. LoS showed themselves to be complete incompetents, which is why the LoS keeps losing – the Confederate flag and statues are under assault like never before and the LoS is wasting its time playing clown with Heimbach and the FBI/NSM neo-Nazis instead of fighting to preserve Confederate heritage.

    I hope that James Edwards of Political Cesspool – a smart, conservative, Christian, explicitly pro-White Southern man – takes over because the League of the South is in desperate need of new leadership.

    I never thought I’d see the day when Andrew Anglin is the voice of reason and common sense – but there it is.

  • Evan McLaren put it perfectly: If you want to look at a divide in the Alt Right, go on Twitter, and these people need to show some self discipline in the future.

    Again, good call Richard on RamzPaul and fags in this comment section who attack everyone they don’t like as a Fed.

  • Good job bullyciding RamzPaul on Twitter today, Richard. Watching Ramz melt down was more entertaining than any Hollywood movie these days.

    Richard, you’re going on Nick Fuentes’ show tomorrow. Tear that teenager a new asshole, he along with James Allsup honestly think we can MAGA and take over the Republican Party by appealing to white Catholics in Wisconsin. The same Republican Party that elected Paul Ryan and kicked James Allsup out of the College Republicans chapter he read.

    To answer Johnny’s comment below, these Youtube personalities are not part of the movement and seek to make money off their podcasts and Youtube Shows (Fuentes, Paul, et al). We already dumped RamzPaul, we need to dump the rest if they can’t see that their brand marketing is as weak and lame as the Alt Lite.

  • I question the assertion that NSM’s image has ever been “rehabilitated” ..heh

    An individual group with a bad reputation doesn’t turn WN 1.0 into a “totally different movement”.

    The League of the South’s message for this event was totally in line with pro-white thinking, and they worked with the people who were willing to show up in the current climate of “hiding on the internet”. Not something to freak out about.

  • A paid FBI informant was the man behind a NSM/neo-Nazi march through the streets of Parramore that stirred up anxiety in Orlando’s black community and fears of racial unrest that triggered a major police mobilization.

    “It’s one of the largest extremist groups in the country, and Gletty was one of the most visible individuals in the National Socialist Movement,” said Andy Rosenkranz, state regional director for the Anti-Defamation League. “Generally, the FBI and the JTTF (Joint Terrorism Task Force) in Florida does an excellent job.”

    I’m sure Matt Heimbach’s friend, Jeff Schoep, the one that took over the NSM after the last two leaders were outed as FBI agents, is totally legit. After all, Matt Heimbach is almost single-handedly responsible for inviting NSM to every public event he’s able to and is the one that has done the most to rehabilitate the image of the NSM, which has been pretty much known to be an Onion-worthy FBI setup for over a decade.

    But now that Heimbach is vouching for them I’m sure it’s fine.

  • Wrong Hipster Racist, they’re at least related movements WN 1.0 vs WN 2.0

    Listen to this Caerulus Rex / Hunter Wallace interview on it if you’re somehow confused about this being a pro-white rally

    This was a solid 1.0 rally, they proved their point about how easy it is for the police to keep order, got the White Lives Matter hashtag trending all over, raised awareness of the Kidega killing, avoided any trouble and the media coverage was not horrible, all things considered. This was in no way harmful, even if it isn’t going to change the world either. There have been many of these rallies before.

    The solution is simply to keep doing what we’ve been doing, keeping some level of tactical distance and plausible deniability between those figures who want to be really EXPLICIT and those who want to remain more IMPLICT for the sake of public appearances / image / not having to talk about more difficult issues.

    Much of the freaking out over optics is about people wanting to redirect nationalist energies away from real life action, back into the GOP. They’re the ones causing a problem.

  • When no less than Andrew Anglin is telling you you’re LARPing too hard and making everyone look like fools, you really need to listen.

    Then again, we really need to acknowledge there are two totally different “movements” here.

    One movement is a White Identity movement. These are the people that tend to be mainstreamer and that are interested in promoting White Identity to the public and countering anti-White talking points. Perhaps Identity Evropa is the best example, and it seems that even Andrew Anglin believes their way is the way to do “in the streets” activism.

    The other is, let’s call it, the LARPer movement. Heimbach and Parrott have said they want to create “radical subcultures” and “secret youth societies dedicated to saints” and promote ideology like World War I era Eastern Orthodox Christianity and clerico-fascism, to expose that the United States as a “Freemasonic conspiracy” and chant “death to America.” The people that tend to favor this approach believe that somehow the country will collapse, or there will be some sort of coup, or a revolution, and those “radical subcultures” will take over the government or something. They tend to be the ones that want to wear costumes and court hostile media attention.

    It was always foolish to think of these two movements as the same. You essentially see the White Identity side always wanting to distance themselves from the LARPers, while the LARPers call that “punching to the right” (for some odd reason) and call people “fags.”

    Two completely different movements, with different goals and different tactics. The sooner the two movements stop getting lumped in the same pot, the better.

  • Granted, White Supre-pussists could just as easily be called White Supre-wussists.

    White Submissivism never works. Appeasing the enemy only emboldens the enemy.

  • Progs and POC bitch about White Supremacy, but the reality of the Current West is White Supre-Pussy.

    The more whites act like white supre-pussists, the more Jews, progs, and POC will accuse and attack them.

    Ever notice that Jews, Progs, and POC in the most cuckish universities attack White Liberal Professors of being ‘white supremacist’. Those goody-signaling profs are easy targets because they are White Suprepussists.

  • I’ll be honest – I’m just surprised european countries even know Richard’s name. Didn’t think he was THAT famous!

    That being said, while it’s clear they know your name that obviously don’t know anything else. You’re not a nazi and I’ve never heard you “downplay the holocaust.”

  • I was very impressed by Richards speech of infighting and optics. Doing nothing and speaking softly is an important, and herulian task, for us nationalists. Its just the personalities that are in the movement. To have become a nationalist the last decades have been equivalent to step in front a a train. And to have a personality that is attracted to conflict. Infighting is almost inevitable. And trying to minimize it requires responsible leadership and constant effort.

  • Dressing up as a Flag of Surrender is the worst possible optics I can think of. Nobody is saying we wear Nazi SS uniforms. We just should avoid looking like bible salesmen.

    The optics fags are creating a huge divide in the Alt-Right and if this culture war ever turns hot they are the last people I want on my side. Yes, the Shelbyville rally attendees could have presented themselves better. No, thats not a good excuse to be a countersignaling faggot over it. When things start turning ugly they are the ones who are at the front, keeping everyone behind them safe. Maybe after a few of the optics cucks gets hospitalized they will understand this. I for one am done arguing with them.

  • Polands position is not about WW2. It is about that the poles are dreaming of getting back at Russia on the back of US weapons and on the back of US industry. What Poland is now and what it aspires to be is utterly dependent on the goodwill of the powers that be in the US.

  • First of all, props to Spencer for making clear that he’s not going to bother to pay any lip service to retarded Holocaust conspiracy theories, or to unironic Nazis that want to re-brand Hitler as an alt-right personality and the 3rd Reich’s conquest of Europe as a time of unicorns and sunshine…..

    Secondly, I know Spencer is trying hard not to be insensitive, but “let’s just forget WW2” sounds Burger-ish in that Burgers never really had national tragedies of the scale of the Nazi invasion of Poland – these things still matter a bit, even today. In the same vein he might adopt at least an outward level of understanding of their snuggling up America due to their experience with the Soviets. Not everything can be re-defined into the sense of the modern Current Year political schism – again, shit happened, so it matters. Finally, dismissing any country’s or society’s nationalistic ambitions as petty and unrealistic if their name isn’t America, Russia, or China is a bit of an oversimplification in of-itself – as any student of history should know 😉

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