No Where Else to Go

Blockhead Joe is at it again, performing the traditional role of the journalist by hunting down dissenters and trying to make sure no important ideas are ever discussed. The national press, that seems to exist in a continual state of effeminate hysteria, is gleeful about revelations Milo Yiannopoulos spoke to Alt Right personalities as part of an effort to, well, explain the Alt Right. The heart of the journalistic complaint seems to be that Yiannopoulos somehow violated professional ethics, as reporters are supposed to copy and paste from the latest SPLC press release.

As usual, there’s no actual reporting – it appears a disgruntled Breitbart employee actually leaked MILO’s emails. (If there is one defining principle of the Beltway Right, it’s the joyful willingness to hurt friends and colleagues in order to win a few seconds of attention from left-wing reporters.) Yet the crazed excitement emanating from the priests of weakness show they have the scent of blood in their nostrils. No doubt, as neo-Breitbart attempts to prove they are totes not racist, conservative ritual sacrifices will intensify.  

Breitbart could kill this Narrative by doing what originally won it a following–attacking and accepting no guilt. Instead, Breitbart’s problem seems to be that the most “right wing” person remaining at the company is Steve Bannon himself, with the rest of the staff composed of frightened “movement conservatives” eager to ring up a liberal journalist so they can ease their transition to the Daily Beast someday.

But the journalists, commissars that they are, are right to take this “scandal” seriously. The Alt Right receiving a semi-truthful mention in Breitbart represented a breach in the cordon sanitaire surrounding ideas in the post-West. Certainly, our nations groaning under alien occupation can’t really be called “free” in any meaningful sense.

For all the sickening boasting about the West’s “Open Society,” we live in an increasingly closed intellectual System – and the role of the contemporary journalist, scholar and academic is to root out heresy and prevent the transmission of knowledge.

Every mainstream media outlet in the country could be shut down and we would have more freedom of speech, more information available and a more elevated public discourse. Do we really need an entire industry of parasitic whiners endlessly complaining about how they are being oppressed every time a white person takes a dog for a walk? Mencken’s definition of Puritanism applies far more to the controlled media than the well-meaning pushovers of the so-called Religious Right.

In an open system, conclusions are shaped by the evidence that is produced. But in a closed system, such as a theocracy, there are certain supreme truths that must never be challenged, such as revelation from sacred texts. If evidence contradicts revelation, it is the evidence that must be dismissed.

It would be far preferable to mouth pieties about some ancient superstition or profess belief in unfalsifiable claims about one god or another than to pretend “all men are created equal.” The Church built a great civilization and gave men a vision of the sublime. Equality created the ruin that is modern Selma and 37 gender options on Facebook.  

Breitbart allowed a small amount of heresy to trickle into the mainstream. Steve Bannon once boasted Breitbart had become a “platform for the Alt-Right,” a quote the journalist cum commissars will never forgive nor forget.

Of course, the “Alt-Right” meant something different then, something more diffuse and harder to define. Indeed, it’s an open question whether the term “Alt Right” itself has served its usefulness. In the Current Year, a philosophy or group of ideas is given a name not to help average people understand it, but to help journalists pathologize it.

But say what you will about the Alt Right, at least it’s an ethos. There are certain core ideas about the reality of race, the bankruptcy of “movement conservatism” and the need to radically change American foreign and domestic policy. There’s at least a “something” about that we can debate.

The same cannot be said of the “Alt-Lite” that is now so identified with Milo. Milo was once relevant and edgy precisely because his homosexuality and degeneracy allowed him to occasionally say politically incorrect things that a normal man, in the so-called conservative movement, could not. Stripped of Alt-Right ideas and influences, what, exactly, is his message? “Race-blind conservatism” is precisely what has led us to this point.

And what’s new about what calls itself the “New Right” (and, needless to say, has nothing to do with the actual New Right of de Benoist) Vague conspiracy theories about a “Deep State” that has zero Jewish influence? Random accusations of pedophilia?  BASED black guys and trannies with Trump hats? “Movement conservatism” straight from some bow-tied cuck at the Heritage Foundation is far preferable to this.

We can’t even say the Alt-Lite is against political correctness anymore. It could be said the Alt Lite serves a role pushing back against the mainstream media – but simply calling everything “Fake News” and alluding to mysterious cartels (while fiercely opposing any mention of Jewish influence) actually buttresses the enemy media’s credibility.

The Alt-Lite does try to hold the Left to its own standards, Alinsky style, on women’s rights, gay rights, etc. Occasionally, the Alt-Lite even gets something to crow about, like the fall of Harvey Weinstein. But even this is more due to how the Left has internalized intersectionality and is moving to enforce its social norms even against people previously deemed exempt.

Dinesh D’Souza may think it’s clever to point out Democrats like the late Robert Byrd have been exempt from their monuments taken down – but that’s only because he still has some embarrassing connections to people still alive. They will all come down. Onetime Democratic Party icons like Andrew Jackson are already considered a disgrace by the progressive grassroots.  

More broadly, what drives the Left today is simply hatred of white men combined with the rent seeking opportunities created by intersectionality. Crushing workers via mass immigration, ruining the environment, importing regressive ideologies like Islam – the Left has no problem with any of this nor will pointing out “double standards” trouble any progressive’s sleep.

Ideology is the mask power wears, the rationalization racial and ethnic groups use to pursue status and control over others. And the same is true for individuals – Ol’ Harvey was simply outmaneuvered because claiming or championing victimhood is a far more effective way to wield the cudgel than owning a studio.

Breitbart’s “populist nationalism” has more potential than the Alt Lite, assuming we can really draw a distinction between the two. Bannon himself has some awareness of ideas to his right and has shown his capability to exercise power with the victory of Roy Moore in the recent Alabama Republican primary.

The fact Bannon’s “populist nationalism” is poorly defined might make it, like the early Alt Right, far stronger and harder to combat. But it still relies on the Alt Right for an ideological basis, on white resentment for motivating the grassroots, on implicit white identity to define between friend and foe. It’s moves a bit closer to white Identitarian politics, to eliminating the double standard that holds every group except whites can and should pursue its own interests. But ultimately, it’s the same old conservative program of “harnessing the resentments of [Sam Francis’s] Middle American Radicals and exploiting their implicit white identity in the interests of a corporate agenda.”

The only difference is that it’s a bit more dishonest, because one suspects the “populist nationalists” know better, at least the smart ones. That suspicion will be furthered by the Buzzfeed story. The likely result will be increased internal policing, a chilling effect on stories surrounding immigration and political correctness, a greater emphasis on token minority conservatives and more promotion of outright hucksters like the cartoonish Dinesh D’Souza.

At a time when there is a desperate need for a fighting American Right, the “populist nationalists” will give us a team of mediocrities who can’t understand leftist arguments, let alone combat them. They will endlessly hint at Alt-Right themes, but wrap them in elaborate ideological or conspiracy theories rather than simply explaining racial and cultural realities. And they will never be able to confront the brutal core reality that has given rise to the Alt Right – without a white majority, no right of center ideology has any chance of existence.

It’s obviously better if the Alt Right can spread its ideas through the mainstream; the media scum is right to be paranoid and strain to contain this ideological infection. But they cannot stop it and naked repression is the last weapon they have.

The Alt Right exists because conservatism has failed, because there is little left to conserve, because the conservative cause has long since degenerated into a dishonorable racket. The Alt Light, the movement conservatives, the populists and all the rest may occasionally countersignal political correctness, or corporate repression, or media bias.

But the reason the Alt Right is just beginning its rise is because when it’s finally time to exercise the right of free speech, we’re the only ones who have anything to say. And now, it looks like the whole world knows it.


Michael Driscoll
Michael Driscoll is a refugee from the conservative movement.


  • Problem with Conservatism is that its main axiom is redistribution of wealth to the upper classes. In a market society that’s a real problem. Tribe and culture is the only possibility of popular will the Right ever had and the Western Right doesn’t care about such things ney sees them as a barrier to access globalization

  • The alt-lite is neoliberal per definition and has been very jewy from the get go. Breitbart was a jew, Shapiro is a jew, Cernovich is a jew, Milo is a jew and Trump is one step removed from being one. Jewish daughter, son in law, surrounded by Jewish politicians etc. I don’t buy the alt-lite’s proclaimed love of free speech either, they’re all too willing to shut people up when they hold the reins. They all are because their beliefs are empty of all sense and purpose, they need lies and censorship to keep them afloat.

  • The porous border is still there.

    Obsessing about the optics game is silly. It’s a trap that has neutered conservatism. Sooner or later something is going to happen. If hailgate didn’t happen it would be something else.

    The Alt Light has become less relevant and interesting not because of what Spencer or any Alt Light person has done, but rather because of Jewish infiltration like Loomer. Once you concede to Jewish demands it’s over for you, white man.

    What will drive them to us is not what we say, but because of leftist and anti-white pathology. Anti-white hatred from Jews, blacks and the rest will force reluctant whites to our side if they have any survival instincts at all.

    Conservatives and Alt Lighters just want to treat symptoms. Alt Righters want to cure the disease.

  • The Alt Right and Breitbart style “Alt Lite” was a great combination, but it was ruined when NPI invited the Atlantic to do a hit piece. Of course Breitbart, Bannon, most of the Alt Lite – and Donald Trump himself – were immediately forced to distance themselves. Which was, of course, the entire purpose of the Atlantic hit piece. I can’t understand why Spencer would invite David Frum – his personal enemy going back a decade – to the conference in what was an obvious set up.

    So now what was once a porous border between “pro-White but civic nationalist” and “pro-White and ethnic nationalist” has a hard and policed border, which it didn’t before.

    A lost opportunity and a monumental screw-up. But eventually the Bretbart types WILL come over to ethnic nationalism because ethnic nationalism is inevitable, the default state of humanity.

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