CSI: Valhalla

Richard Spencer
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Richard Spencer is American Editor of; he's President of The National Policy Institute and founder of


  • Richard, please start irrigating your sinuses with warm salt water. The frequent snorting is groce and beneath you.

  • wow….just wow….that was …something….these people, these hollywood writers, are hooked into online life like crazy…they really captured the online zeitgeist…they put JUST ENOUGH truth about what is happening in the alt-right…and the talent on display in this episode…it scares me…this episode shows that what we are up against is truly a formidable force…how they twist the reality of race…of america… we will probably lose this war against the elite and their propaganda…it is SO powerful…but i will not stop fighting…

  • Ideological pioneers sometimes have more sense than the ideological progeny, especially if the latter were raised under radical indoctrination. Pioneers may be firebrands and true believers, but because they grew up in a world-not-of-their-own-making, they had had to adjust to many more facets of reality. They knew reality is more than ideology even as they sought to shape reality to serve their ideology.

    In contrast, the new generations that grew up under the Dogma only know the Dogma.

    It is then unsurprising that the men who finally steered China away from madness and toward meaningful modernity were Deng and others who’d grown up in a non-communist China. It had been a bad China filled with all sorts of strife, but it was politically and culturally rich since there were so many forces contending for influence and power. There was tradition, modernity, capitalists, socialists, intellectuals of all stripes, and etc. It was that kind of world that led some Chinese to choose communism. Even as they chose communism, the world they knew and lived in offered something more and something other than their ideological dogma. So, for these men, it was conceivable that China could embark on a path that was not totally Maoist. But for young Chinese raised on hard dosage of Maoism, the only conceivable reality was the Little Red Book.

    So, the modernization that happened under Deng owed less to Maoist legacy than the pre-Maoist legacy(that had formed men like Deng). Men like Deng remembered a China that hadn’t been totally communist. A more pluralistic China of different ideas and modes. If Deng had been 30 yrs old when he took power in the 70s, the ONLY reality he would have known was Maoism. As such, he would have been ill-prepared to pave the way for a different kind of China.

    We saw the same thing with European leaders after WWII. So many of them were very old, with formative yrs even in the 19th century. Yet, why were they sound leaders? Precisely because their formative yrs hadn’t been radical. After WWI, so many young people became radicalized and their ideology became their only reality. And under Bolshevism and Nazism, a new generation was raised to tolerate and accept ONLY the Absolute Truth. They’d been so radicalized that they weren’t suited to rule Europe after the horror of WWII. So, Europe looked to leaders like Konrad Adenauer.

    We see some of the same thing with PC-cornfed millennials. They were raised in such an ideological bubble that they cannot deal with anything that deviates from Purity Spirals of PC. Everything ‘triggers’ or ‘micro-aggresses’ against them. The sight of past monuments freak them out. In their estimation, Christianity exists only to serve homos and Diversity.

    So, sometimes for a society to move forward and heal itself, it has to rely on the OLDER people with memory of a reality that wasn’t so narrow. It’s the way to move out of the cul-de-sac and try another path.

    Pioneers may have radical ideas but their formative influences didn’t include only those ideas. They grew up in a world of plurality, of old and new, left and right, religion and modernity. They thrived on a sense of discovery and adventure. In contrast, the ideological progeny may ONLY know the New Reality in which they were raised. As such, the progeny begin to accuse the pioneers of not being pure enough. Mao played on this factor to regain total power in 1966. He told the young Red Guards that the Pioneering Generation of communists were not pure and true enough. So, people like Deng came under attack. It’s like the Young Eternals purged the Old Eternals in ZARDOZ. The older ones, even as pioneers who embarked on the new path, remembered a world that had been different. In contrast, the young Eternals cannot conceive of reality from the one in which they were raised.

    In a way, ideological pioneers tend to be mentally more flexible and adaptive than the progeny. As pioneers, they don’t have a clear blueprint. So, they have to be creative and clever to make things work. There is a sense of trial and error. In contrast, the ideological progeny are raised with the idea that the Truth is already settled and they ONLY need to remain on the set path. Thus, they become mentally more rigid and even lazy. It’s like older sibling tends to be more creative because he has to figure things out for himself. Younger siblings don’t have to be so adventurous since the older one teaches them what to do and shows the way. Older sibling leads, young sibling follows.

    This may be a problem in the Alt Right too. Older members of the Alt Right had to be open-minded and creative in arriving at a new way of approaching society, politics, and ideas. They weren’t told what to think or handed some blueprint to follow. They had to do some thinking and soul-searching. They had to make their own way, rebelling against the Establishment and forging ahead on their own.
    In contrast, Generation Z that grew up in the Alt-Right-sphere don’t have to be venturesome. They can just go with the Formula, and that makes them rigid in thinking… as with Red Guards who ONLY knew Maoism or Hitler Youth who ONLY knew Hitlerism.

    Perhaps, one advantage that China had over USSR in their reforms in the 1980s is that there were more Chinese who recalled a time when China was NOT communist whereas just about everyone in the USSR only remembered and referenced communism. After all, Bolshevism came to power in 1917 whereas Chinese communists came to power in 1949. Since everyone in USSR only knew communism by the 70s nad 80s, they may have a harder time conceiving of a world that isn’t communist.

  • To all of you kibitzing about whether or not Dicky is legit AR or just an operative for some other group/agency………………………………………..if some entity/person is using a polished, intelligent, well-spoken gentleman like Spencer to red-pill the masses, then that’s just fine by me……..

  • haha

    don’t provoke the people

    it wasn’t about the EU, it was about hypothetically rescuing other countries from mass immigration

  • 1969 the TRS livestream with Spencer was reposted on TRS under the name “Intersectional Alt-Right”

    So you can listen to the full thing

    “Drag the race to glory whether it likes it or not”

    It’s a good thing

  • This Dick Spencer is one Deep State Smooth Operator! I don’t know who’s Jewing who anymore!

    First I heard from people like Brandon Martinez that Spencer was a Duginist/Putin Shill.

    Now I hear in this thread that Spencer is ripping off Soros/Right Sector tactics that are used in Ukraine.

    Then there’s the evidence that Spencer is friendly with the Bushes.

    Dick Spencer, Triple Agent, Martini Shaken, not Stirred.

  • @Jen: > Is Richard controlled opposition?
    Jen, you left out the customary picture of Spencer with Laura Bush. I think that clinches it – don’t you?
    Actually he answered why he doesn’t talk more about Jews more often, quite well last night – it was something along the lines of, that there was someone else doing it. Jared Taylor does the race stats, X talks about Jews, Richard talks about vision. ‘cept I’ve forgotten who X is, now. The loss of that recording is real. I wonder if those goys even got to finish their 6 hour hangout (with Richard in the first hour) before it got pulled. Possibly the ADL (a ‘trusted reporter’) was listening to it live, waiting for an excuse.

    But Jen, you’ll have more fun on /pol/ where people ask this several times a day. More pictures there of Spencer with an elongated head and so on.

    Any analyses of the failure of the #WhiteLivesMatter demonstration? I know that wasn’t /our/ event, and a good thing, too. Still there might be something to learn from it. I guess I’ll have to wait for the podcasts.

  • @Yehudah FInkelstein: My question was not mocking. Richard isn’t the type to bluster. There were no chuckles nearby. It sounded like he knew something we don’t.

    Also, will one of you goys get off your butts and write some commenting software? I know that half the alt-right is technical people. I would do it myself but I’m lazy. Gah I miss Disqus, or anything sane.

  • @Jack Burton: others have come out against the neo-Nazi method of activism and have done so for years. Just read “Beyond This Horizon – A White Nationalist Blueprint For Tomorrow”.

  • Actually, Anglin has even come out against the neo-Nazi stuff. So you know it’s serious when one of the biggest Alt Right trolls on the internet is saying we should ban neo-Nazis and Roman saluting from gatherings.

    I think the fact that Spencer did part ways with that subversive Jorjani proves that Spencer is genuine.

  • I have a few questions, and Im sure I’m not the only one, maybe someone can answer them? Is Richard Spencer controlled opposition? No seriously, Richard and Andrew Anglian seem to be loving the fact that they are giving their enemies especially the MSM so much ammunition. But, hey there is no such thing has bad publicity, right? Working to plan the C’vill event Richard coordinated with Jason Kessler who used to be a staunch leftist and Obama supporter until Trumps unexpected election. Here is an interesting quote: “I can’t think of any occupation that I admire more than the professional provocateur, who has the courage & self-determination to court controversy despite all slings & arrows of the world.” – Jason Kessler 12/6/2015. Kessler even took it upon himself to invite the KKK to the C’vill event, how nice. But I guess Richard didn’t bother to look into this guys background at all?

    And why were the Unite the Right rally attendees chanting the slogan “blood and soil” and doing the same torch march as the Ukrainian “Svoboda” party which happens to be connected and supported by CIA and Soros? Is it a coincidence that the UTR rally had the same slogans and ichnography? Who’s idea was it to emulate the Ukrainian insurgent army? The U.S. funded pro-democracy youth groups by organizing huge street organizations which played a major role in the Ukrainian orange revolution and eventual transition of power. Was this a similar playbook that was utilized in Charlottesville, Va.?

    And there is Anglin with his false front online rag meant to assure Ethno Nationalism is cast in the worse possible light and then disregarded. Anglian who admits to playing his role, “Though we share the same name, the Andrew Anglin who appears on the site is not me but a character that I have created, an outrageously extreme individual who takes pleasure in being provocative, and maintains an unhinged desire to commit numerous genocides.”

    In 2012 he said the following:

    “I think the white race should be bred out.”
    Whites breeding with whites is stupid.
    “Jews have bred themselves for intelligence.”
    “It was white people who went all around the whole world and f**ked everybody!”

    For all of Richard’s talk about Jewish influence his mentor just happens to be the Jewish Paul Gottfried who is a disciple of Marcuse and has been described as a “right-wing proponent of the Frankfurt school.” William Regnery II, is the founder of the National Policy Institute. William Regnery’s father, Henry, was the founder of the American Security Council, which is riddled with CIA agents, and it’s spin-off, the Center for Security Policy, is headed by Dick Cheney, Richard Perle and Paul Wolfowitz, the neoconservative warmongers who pushed George W Bush into the Iraq war. According to Spencer himself, Regnery has played a “vitally important and indispensable” role in bolstering the alt-right movement and that he “wouldn’t do a big thing without consulting him.”

    Is it true that “Jews attempt to lead every level of descent”?

  • 1969 in the sunshine, These comments you describe from Richard Spencer are a bridge too far! How will this movement ever recover?

  • I’m not sure to what extent these people’s “Wrestling with the Morality of Assassinating Richard Spencer” is a dog-whistle for “Wrestling with the Tactical Implications of Whether Assassinating Richard Spencer would Help the Alt-Right Movement More than Hurt It” .
    Some of the deranged tweets and commentary you see from people in the power structure suggest they would go for it if they weren’t worried about the optics. Richard and others are leading a nascent grass roots movement that threatens the wealth and power of a multi-trillion dollar network of global capitalists and politicians, and they will react severely to even the slightest hint of an uprising, even Nationalist forces that are still as small as they are. They have to see how these movements are already starting to win elections even while the core cadres are still relatively tiny. Identitarianism taps into deep-seated and powerful biological instincts, so it does not take a 51% majority of people identifying themselves as Nationalists to kick over the whole apple cart.
    I carefully talk to normies about some of these themes and I can see there is growing sense of unease, of being under attack for being White, and that things have been going the wrong away.

  • Hey Richard, explain your now-deleted-by-YouTube remarks about how we’ll just drag normies, and bitter-clingers-to-their-nice-little-home-countries Europeans into the ethnostate? (I phrase it mocking-sounding, but that was for my own entertainment.) I would like to know the source of your confidence. Late nights with Jorjani? Checks from Mercer? Someone put something into your cigar? It sounds exciting whatever it was – curious minds want to know!

  • CBS’s ceo is leslie moovess great nephew of ben gurion founder of Israel. Israel controls our media totally.

  • It’s important to get people not in the alt right to turn away from the Leftist institutions like Hollywood, but I don’t think it’s bad if people like us engage with it on some level. It’s not like it’s going to turn us into SJWs, and it’s good to be able to relate to the culture at large. We don’t want to be 1980s style WNs in compounds, able to convince no one.

  • @Maron, Good Optics is the key to taking over the Republican Party.

    Imagine how much MAGAing will be going on when we appeal to conservative working class whites in Wisconsin by getting them to vote for Paul Ryan with American Identity memes. White Identity is mean and offputting.

    This is my take, I was convinced by two Bros who were 5 and 7 years old when the Iraq War happened.

  • TV, media, and the newspapers have gone completely leftist the last few years where I live.
    I check out the local paper like once a month, and catch some TV shit sometimes when I’m around friends or my parents, and I can’t believe they can even stomach what they’re watching.

    Let’s watch Everybody Loves Raymond. No. Raymond is a fucking faggot. Everybody in real life hates Raymond. Why are we watching this garbage?

  • “If the Jewish newspapers think they can intimidate us with their hidden threats they’d better watch out!
    Our patience has its limits. One day, we’ll shut their dirty, lying Jewish mouths!” – Dr. Joseph Goebbels

    Enough said.

  • Not exactly related to this video/article, but could Richard Spencer or somebody else from please address the optics debate currently ongoing within the Alt-Right? I feel the role of good aesthetics and our position on things such as LARPing need to be made clearer.

  • Not exactly related to this video/article, but could Richard Spencer or somebody on give their opinions on the optics debate currently ongoing within the Alt-Right? I feel the role of aesthetics and our position on things such as LARPing need to be outlined more clearly.

  • Like Jack Burton said, stop watching TV.

    I haven’t seen a TV show in 7-8 years. The last TV show I watched regularly was the crooked cop Drama “The Shield”, over 10 years ago.

    It speaks to our influence that Richard Spencer gets thinly veiled representations in Jewish TV schlock.

  • Do yourself a favor and cut the cord. Not only is the content garbage, but it’s way overpriced garbage. All you need these days is the internet, and we have streaming services now.

    Can’t stand the vast majority of TV. The cast, writing and dialogue make me retch.

    In other news, saw a funny post at InfoWars. We already know this, but just more confirmation that Antifa, Jews and leftists are low-T losers and Alt Right edgelords are real men.

  • I just listened to the Intersectional Alt-Right argument made about EU becoming a foreign policy pole. The Franco-German Empire known as the EU could form a Foreign Policy independent of the US IF and only IF…the US evacuates troops out of Germany.

  • The last thing I would ever watch on TV would be some Fictional Drama on CBS, ABC, or NBC……

    But, it’s good to hear that the Jewish Writers are grappling with the Morality of Assassinating Richard Spencer……

    How Revolutionary and Brave of them……..


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