Mark Halperin Latest Scalp Of Mass Sexual Harassment Reporting Campaign

One finds oneself caught between two prejudices in viewing these ongoing sexual harassment scandals.  On one hand, we have the cosmopolitan elites who seem to be the chief offenders of lecherous and predatory behavior in and outside of the workplace.  On the other hand, we have shameless slutty White females who are seemingly all too eager to offer themselves up as “victims.”

These “victims” cooperate with their assailants to the extent that it will help their careers, and then conveniently come forward with their accusations when it is fashionable to do so.  And to point this out is apparently off bounds according to the feminists’ complicated set of moral (double) standards.

Perhaps with journalist and author Mark Halperin, the latest offender, we have something that looks to legitimately qualify as “sexual harassment,” if we are to use that term.

Halperin is admittedly a good writer. His books Game Change and Double Down, inside looks at the 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns respectively, are good reads.  (Joshua Green’s Devil’s Bargain, which focuses on Steve Bannon and the 2016 campaign, is the latest book in this genre,  also recommended).  Halperin and coauthor Heilemann were somewhat able to keep their leftist bias in check and just report what happened in the campaigns, which adds to the books’ readability for normal, non-leftist Americans.

Now we’ll never get to see HBO’s adapted version of Halperin’s book on the 2016 campaign, which itself might not be released either due to the fallout.  It is regrettable that we would lose this documentation of the “God Emperor’s” rise to power.  I suppose Halperin now feels the sting of being deplatformed, though I’m afraid despite his pariah status, he still is not quite welcome in the Alt-Right.

Halperin doesn’t have the usual venom of his compatriots, and before Morning Joe turned into a complete shitshow of shitlibery, he was relatively enjoyable to watch on TV.  So do we cheer his downfall, or do we give pause and contemplate how this might redound to White males in the future?  After all, as far as the mainstream media is concerned, Halperin is a White male, and these allegations will be seen not specific to Halperin’s powerful ethnic group, but rather as in the larger context of “toxic masculinity.”

Five women accused him of sexually harassing them while he was at ABC.  The lecherous 52-year-old offered a sniveling apology, which in this case, was likely warranted:

I now understand from these accounts that my behavior was inappropriate and caused others pain. For that, I am deeply sorry and I apologize. Under the circumstances, I’m going to take a step back from my day-to-day work while I properly deal with this situation.

Note the therapy-culture vibe of his response.  He needs to “work on himself.”  Weinstein took a similar line.  It’s also victim-culture.  If the predator can be the victim of some type of mental/emotional disorder which forces one to lunge after young women, why all the better.  It’s a tough sell though, honestly.

Companies like NBC and HBO can countenance all manner of hypocrisy, as the boomeranging “Russian collusion” revelations show.  But they simply cannot tolerate an employee who somehow abuses one of their victim groups.  Women, despite receiving all manner of preferences and, yes, privilege, still hold that cherished victim status.  Weinstein and Halperin, therefore, lost their positions summarily.  Hence, MSNBC finds the allegations against Halperin “very troubling,” which is corporate/politician-speak for “we have to cover our asses now.”

If the accounts are true, such as Halperin rubbing up against a woman with an erection protruding through his clothes, they are indeed victims of some pretty sick and aggressive behavior.  Recalls one alleged victim:

I went up to have a soda and talk and — he just kissed me and grabbed my boobs. I just froze. I didn’t know what to do.

These accounts differ significantly to Weinstein’s victims, in that they were truly in a work environment, not some scumbag director’s hotel room.  Here are some women, shitlibs though they may be, just minding their own business working at ABC and this presumptuous broadcaster grabs their boobs.  What is going on here?

While the women in the Halperin scandal seem credible, keep in mind these alleged incidents are from his time at ABC ten years ago.  This phenomenon of remembering abuse and harassment post-facto is a troubling trend, which will give women seemingly unlimited power to make whimsical allegations moving forward.

So do we side with the after-the-fact victims or the depraved molesters?  Tough call.

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  • All of the accusations are over something that happened 5,10 even 20 years ago. There are so many red flags in all of the stories & accusations. Everyone one involved is in this for self interests. What I am hoping we are seeing is hollywood/media industry eating itself alive. We have been saying that sooner or later the left will soon start turning on itself because they are a victim culture. Their white males are their whipping boys, everyone else says they deserve the most pity because they’re female, black, muslim, illegal, etc.
    Rose M & others like Alyssa M were big names when I was a teenager. They are no more than an afterthought. This makes them angry! But they still have just enough to get attention from women that actually are ignored by men (this is the real reason they hate men) & have them gather as a way to get their revenge against the men that no longer find them attractive.

  • I find this a bit curious that they’re trotting is out now…
    First Harvey Jew Stein comes out and shows that he is a rapist with a great deal of power and prestige and then they turn onto a goy to help them say “hey, look here!, You’re no better than us ! See, if you’re gonna let off Mark Halperin, then we should let off the Jewstein, he didn’t do anything much worse !!” Our so the story will go. This is just using to deflect from Harvey Weinstein that IF YOU GUYS CAN DO IT then WE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO DO IT !!
    The Jew always works by deflection and by stating how much worse. Others are then they are. This is how they play in politics, business, media, academia, it just goes on and on and on.

  • w may also have to consider that Halperin is part of a psyop to enable an agenda. I say this because of the ten year laps but all coming forward now. Who in the end wins the most from these attacks. Certainly, white ppl play evil here and Halperin passes for white but is really a Jew. Someone has okayed this debate to begin so who benefits and I think goes deeper than female empowerment

  • For me this is intuitive. I don’t hold young women responsible for being exploited, even if they agree to do whatever. Feminists should stop and think about what that implies.

  • Nova Morium should have his keyboard (or phone) looked at. The shift button appears to be malfunctioning. Strange that it only capitalizes the first letter in words. Surely he can’t be mistakenly capitalizing all these words.

  • One of the Great Blessings in My Life is to not have to Work with Women…….

    Yes, the Work is MUCH MUCH Harder……..and the Toll on the Body is Tremendous……….

    But…..the Physical Fortitude Built, the Tenacity and Perseverance Arisen, and the Manhood Awakened……

    Is Worth the Pain and Suffering……..

    Would I ever want to go back to the Higher Pay of a Liberal Progressive PC Feminist Enforced/Human Resourced and White Male Cucked Workplace??

    HELL NO!!

  • “I went up to have a soda and talk and — he just kissed me and grabbed my boobs. I just froze. I didn’t know what to do.”

    What to do??


    This stuff is going to continue to happen like the Sun rising in the East every morning……..

    How to end it??

    Mandate Strict Dress Codes for Women…….
    Highly Sexually Attractive Women work with the Gay Men……..
    High Testosterone Powerful Men work with the Butch Lesbians………
    Separate Men and Women in the Workplace…….
    Fire Women who use Sex to get ahead as quickly as Firing Men who Sexually Harass…….
    Female Narratives about Harassment are met with Skepticism……..a priori………

    I honestly have Little Sympathy for the Women in these O’Reilly, Weinstein, and Halperin Scandals……

    Women have LIED to Management about me Sexual Harassing in the Past…….and got me Fired…….

    So actually, ZERO Sympathy……..

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