Adiós, California

Until last week, I didn’t even know that I was a baby boomer.

Submitted by Melinda Santa Cruz

As far as I was concerned, that was a word that described my parents’ generation. To my surprise and thanks to the Alt-Right, I’ve learned that I do fit the boomer demographic. I was born in 1958 and was too young to have experienced the hippie movement. My parents were Republicans and wouldn’t have allowed such behavior anyway.

While the generation in between was smoking dope, getting high on LSD, living in vans, creating social unrest, and protesting the Vietnam War, my family was tucked safely away in an upper-middle class neighborhood in Orange County, California. Throughout the war, I wore a metal bracelet with the name of a POW, Major Don Lyon. No one told me to wear it. I never received a lecture on how to be a patriot. I simply knew what my family stood for. The fact that my grandfather had been an officer on the Santa Ana police force or that my father had served as a U.S. Marine during the Korean War probably had something to do with it. But without any brothers, I spent most of my childhood surrounded by ballerina figurines and collector’s dolls. I had little knowledge about anything manly such as risking your life for your fellow man or service to your country.

Sometime around 1970, the demographics in California started to change. By then we had moved to a five-acre ranch in North San Diego County and the populace around us was growing darker in terms of skin color. There weren’t any blacks around. They stayed in their own communities in Los Angeles. The people who were infiltrating our society were Mexican Indians because the upper class in Northern Mexico discriminated against them.

Rural life in San Diego County.

Ours was the last house before you went down to the Rincon Indian Reservation. There was no police or fire service; in the tradition of the Scots-Irish, you simply took care of business on your own. I was about fifteen and home alone when a group of illegal aliens got frighteningly close to the house. I took out my dad’s twelve-gauge shotgun, opened the window, and placed it on the sill. The group immediately took off.

My mother did hire an illegal couple to work on the ranch. Esperanza cleaned the house and took care of my sister and me while my mother worked. Jesus fed the horses and did whatever else needed to be done on the property. We knew they were illegal and it royally pissed me off because they were taking advantage of our good will without having regard for our laws. But they weren’t bad people overall. They were peasant farmers from Guadalajara without any opportunity to thrive in their own country. I did have respect for the fact that, unlike illegal aliens today, they would have sacrificed their lungs to become Americans and were prepared to throw their allegiance to Mexico under a bus.

During those years they learned English while I learned very little Spanish. Jesus insisted that I speak to him in English even if he didn’t understand because he wanted to assimilate. He and I would sit under an oak tree with his English-Spanish dictionary and I would teach him how to pronounce the words while the warm smell of Esperanza’s hand-made tortillas wafted around us.

One day, I came home from school to find my mom and Esperanza in a state of chaos. Jesus had been driving along Valley Center Road when a police officer had pulled him over and discovered a warrant. An old girlfriend claimed that they’d had a baby together and that he owed child support. Since he was an illegal alien, he was deported on the spot.

I cried, thinking we would never see him again, I had really appreciated his thoughtfulness. On my birthday, he’d given me a five-dollar bill as a gift when he had none to spare. Imagine my surprise when I woke up three days after he’d been picked up to find him tossing a flake of hay into a horse’s stall. His old girlfriend had confessed that the child was not his in Mexican court. He had then skipped back across the border without a hitch.

It was then that I realized just how much open borders could screw us up. “Come on in. Food Stamps for everybody . . .”

By the late 1970s, my family had moved back into town. The plan was to stay in a cramped house in a working-class neighborhood until the kids graduated from high school. Then the family would move to a better neighborhood. In the 1990s, my mother saw an old friend from our days on the ranch.

“Do you still hire the wetbacks?” she asked.

“Oh hell no,” the friend said. “We are terrified. They come across the border with prison tattoos and guns. We wouldn’t dare.”

The days of having peasant farmers crossing the border for a better life were over. We now had hardcore criminals committing murder and rape.

My grandparents still lived in Santa Ana in a house built by my great grandfather in the 1930s. The neighborhood seemed to change overnight as senior citizens were replaced by Mexicans and even Central Americans from places like El Salvador. My grandparents’ property was robbed twice. The first time, the thieves got the heirloom jewelry that I was to inherit, and a shoebox full of silver dollars. The second time, a case full of dusty cassette tapes was stolen from the garage. An elderly woman that my grandparents has known for decades woke up in the middle of the night to find a Mexican man on top of her. She later said that it was only by the “grace of God” that she was able to hold him off.

I started to write letters to the editor about the illegal alien problem in 1984. The letters were published in the North County Times and the San Diego Union Tribune but didn’t get much attention.

My grandfather was the only white person left in the town where he had lived for sixty years. He was known as “Mr. Orange County” because of his participation in civic affairs. When mariachi music shook the walls of his small house one day, he waved his old police pistol around and declared, “I’m going down and I’m taking the Mexicans with me.” He was eighty-eight and my uncle came from Los Angeles to take the gun away.

At the time, I wrote my grandfather off as a crazy old man, but now I see that he was traumatized by what was happening around him. The same thing is happening to me in North San Diego County today.

My daughter was preyed upon by Mexican gang-bangers who thought she was one of them. Her father was Spanish, not Mexican. She was called a “disgrace to her race” and told to stop “acting white.”

“What are you talking about?” she asked. “I am white.”

Her European ancestry made no difference to them.

I transferred her to another high school only to find that Mexican students were being bussed into that white neighborhood. I had to drive her there every morning because there was no bus for her, but there were two for them. And the globalists wonder why we voted for Trump? This would be one reason.

Mexican women have intentionally hit the back of my legs with baby strollers and nudged me out of the way while I’m shopping at Ross. I’ve made up my mind that if one of them does it again, I’ll make my opinion known and accept the consequences.

Because of acts like this, boomers couldn’t race to the polls fast enough to vote for Ronald Reagan. He was to be the savior that would make America white again. We were all devastated when he proved himself a traitor. Against our wishes, he granted amnesty to six million illegal aliens and started the current immigration trend of “We’ll allow the ones already here to stay and secure the border for the future.”

Boomers voted for Pete Wilson for governor and for Proposition 187 to rectify the situation. Wilson did nothing and a judge overturned the voter-approved measure. Apparently, it is unconstitutional for taxpayers to not want to pay for the welfare benefits and education of freeloaders.

Trump was our great white hope and even he has let us down in favor of the Hispanics. Who cares if Pepe the Pizza Maker gets deported? So what if an MS13 gang member kills someone in his own neighborhood? Most of us will never be the victim of that level of violence. The real threat is DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and what they are doing to the job market for professionals. So far, thirty-nine Dreamers have gone to work for Facebook alone, and Mark Zuckerberg is fighting for more. If this keeps up, where will the truly qualified white professionals going to work? What has happened to our merit-based American dream?

The Alt-Right tends to blame the boomers for the whole immigration mess. Trust me when I say that many of us did everything we could to stop it. Every politician who promised to fix the problem got elected into office and then proved himself to be a traitor. We were against an unstoppable tide from the beginning. Now, the only thing left is to say goodbye.

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  • For some reason, when I hit “reply,” nothing happens. I’ll suffice it to say that Charles Santa Cruz, my late husband, was an American of Spanish Ancestry. He said that many people called him a Mexican but that no one in his family had ever been to Mexico in their lives. His cousins were fair-skinned and had blue eyes. One of them graduated from West Point and worked as a stockbroker in La Jolla. His uncle had been one of the Flying Tigers and his photo is in the Reuben Fleet Museum in San Diego. No housekeepers, gardeners, or illegal immigrants here.

    My last name has nothing to do with my heritage anyway. I am Scots-Irish and French. My daughter looks like Kimberly Guilfoyle and has done all right for herself in terms of looks. She considers herself white.

  • Good article Melinda. Thank you for sharing your experience. I live off the coast of British Columbia and we are going through the worst of an Asian invasion with a generous sprinkle of every other non- White European race being injected into every small community. Our ” Feminist” part time snowboard instructor/ part time teacher Prime Minister says ” Diversity is our greatest strength” so we must obey or risk being called all kinds of nasty things. Unfortunately, we can’t impeach the twit as we have no provision for this in our British model of governance. The island, where I have lived my whole life, has never really had any black people but they are importing every manner of African they can muster up. To the point where I was walking from a evening meeting downtown and actually saw a black homeless person lying under a blanket on the street! So, we are at least getting the best and brightest to help pay our pensions and help out by leading a new tech revolution!

  • You are so right about the illegal Mexicans invaders. I have been saying this for 55 years, since I was in Jr High School. I would tell other whites about the two faced racist Mexicans, and they would say, “well they didn’t treat them that way, it must just be me. Many whites will believe their sworn enemy, the Mexicans,blacks, and other non whites,before they will someone of their own race. Mexicans have always known how to lie to white fools with a smile,and a pretense to be their a good friend. They know how to lie to fellow workers and bosses that they aren’t racist whiteman haters. I have been attacked , with their racist two faced lies while they make fools of other whites that they want something out of. They are as sneaky and cruel as ISIS and they are cutting off heads in Mexico as well. How can white America be so stupid? White America has let these liars invade us, because, whites don’t care how racist Mexicans attack another white man. Thats your problem. White America has just been a bunch of cowards. All they have cared about is their own lives, and their money. To hell with you buddy is the way they think. Their own little kingdom is all they care about . Mexicans know how to single out one whiteman and harass the hell out of him, while they are smiling at the one they are playing as a fool friend. They are horrible people, wicked to the bone. They have even bragged to me that they have taken California without firing a shot. The Demon-crats have installed the Mexicans, Vietnamese, Fillapino , Korean, Chinese, druggie whites, many stupid gullible white women,and all non whites in every government job in the country. Many Demon-crats are white, traitors, who don’t care that they are destroying the country. Mexicans have become so aggresive, that they cross the line on the highway, to aim their car at me,while they are driving in the other direction, and beside me as well. Mexican women are just as aggresive as the men. Masculine women, sadistic, and they teach their children to disrespect white men too. They harass me everywhere I go.These Mexicans, druggie whites, gullible white women and all other non whites,are in a conspiracy with, the blacks,who are the root of racist hatred, to take this country over. All the Mexicans and many other non whites are illegal. Throw the invader bastards out. Take them off welfare and let the ungrateful devils starve. They all become gangster culture,where cool is everything. The federal law supercedes all other laws. We can legally kill them if they don’t go peacefully. In the election,92% of blacks, 80% Mexicans, and another 5% other non whites voted against the white man and President Trump. Thats 88% against the white man. That says it all. They are as much an enemy as ISIS, and just as dangerous, or worse , they are in the current government, except the white house. They make life hard for seniors and low income whites. They cook your food in the resturant, and God only knows what they put in it. They are spiteful, hateful, and they love to mock white men especially. They vandalize everything around us.They get better housing, income,food, medical care,than whites, who settled and founded this country. Us white men fought all the wars of this country and the land was bought by a white nation. Demon-crats have deliberately attacked the white settlers and founders of the country, who made this country great. Demon-crats bought the non white vote with our tax dollars. The sadistic devils must be laughing at us. Many Republicans are just as big of traitors as the Demon-crats. Kennedy, Johnson,Reagan, Carter,both Bush’s ,Clinton, are all white traitors that cheated the white founders out of our rights to a good life, just so they could look good. They were also played for fools by the white man hating, racist,non whites. If we don’t act now, they will destroy us. It’s not too late. I could go on forever about the traitor, invader, enemy, gangster culture, non whites. When can you ever trust a gangster. This is why,that it is not wise to mix races. They will always plot to get the upper hand, just like they are doing now. They have been a terrible influence on our nation.They didn’t found this country. They should be thrown out. Send them all back where ever they came from, and any white that supports them. They can never be trusted. They will never change. Take their riches away from them. They stole them anyway, illegal invaders. We don’t need the criminals. Bring more Europeans in to take their place. The non whites brought in all the drugs, party life, cool gangster culture. Dean A Martin

  • I’m an American boomer who worked in Warsaw, Poland for about 19 years. Previously I worked in the Los Angeles
    area for about 25 years. I returned in 2014 to my hometown in the whiteopia Pacific Northwest, Portland, Oregon,
    to retire.

    You are right about California, it’s now more Mexifornia in its demographics and its basically one party politics. I don’t
    have a lot of sympathy for your plight as your mother aided and abetted the browning of the state by employing two
    illegal aliens. I’m sure that Jesus and Esperanza seemed like nice obedient people, causing no problems; I
    suggest that you watch the you tube video “This is Pedro” by A. Wyatt Mann. The hiring of just two illegals can and
    did often grow into many more illegals coming into THE U.S. due to chain migration. Also there numbers grew due
    to anchor babies. So the two “no problem” illegals can soon mushroom into a significant problem. Finally as for Jesus
    and Esperanza supposed U.S. allegiance, with most mestizos, there stomach is in the U.S but their heart is in

    So, good luck and if you decide to move the Oregon or Washington, remember that they are blue states where
    many of the whites are still so pozed about diversity.

  • Interesting Piece…..

    Thank you for sharing your Story, Melinda……


    Maybe say ‘Goodbye’ to California…..

    As a Whole…….

    But, it’s not quite over yet for White America…….

    And to all truly White Hispanics…..

    The Alt-Right welcomes you…….

  • We all knew that the 1st wave of illegals were these types of workers that were looking to assimilate. But it never goes that direction! There was never any chance of immigration being a good idea because the United States was already a civilized country.

    As in for hiring help on farms. THAT WHY YOU HAVE CHILDREN! Have kids to help & that’ll also help with our declining birthrates.

    We don’t blame boomers because we don’t think they voted in our best interests. We blame them for not being outspoken enough & for being too scared of being thought of as a racist as well as not looking at the jews. They just believed all the holocaust lies without using any common sense.

    And what about the severence between us and our European pre-Christian history? Why are we only taught about middle eastern gods but never learn of gods & godesses of our European religions? Not that this came with boomers but non the less we are still suffering from this disconnection.

  • I don’t begrudge your family for hiring Mexican workers. I do think we need a system where migrants workers can come in and do the dirty and menial farm labor jobs that we have trouble filling with Americans.

    But we must have certain covenants to protect our country:

    1) there is NO path to citizenship
    2) they cannot bring their families
    3) pregnant women must return to their country of origin to give birth (doesn’t matter if the father is a citizen or not)
    4) they or their families do not have access to American schools (elementary, middle, high, college, trade school, etc.)
    5) they must pay taxes and that includes SS/Medicare tax
    6) they are ineligible for any welfare programs (food stamps, subsidized housing, etc.)
    7) they must return to their country of origin after each work term (6 months max)

  • @Ismet No, the vast majority of the Moslems in the Iberian peninsula were of Berber and Arab extraction. You are lying. Christians were considered cash cows by the Umayyads and their successors, who pursued the same policy of banning Christians from converting so they could get jizya taxes from them and forcing them to live in segregated ghettos that they had used back in Syria to enrich themselves. It was basically a caste society with Arabs at the top, Berbers as second class citizens, and Christians at the very bottom being used as slaves. The invaders even brought in dozens of thousands of Syrians to achieve a balance, which of course led to civil war between the Arabs and Berbers.

    The only Christians who were allowed to convert were the aristocratic families, usually of mixed Visigoth and Roman such as the Banu Qasi, who converted in order to keep their power and influence and even that was rare, as most kept the old Romano-Gothic system in tact in exchange for politically convenient treaties that recognized the Moslems as their feudal overlords. All that changed was that their taxes went to Moslems instead of Christians. The lower classes of Spaniards weren’t allowed to start converting until the mid 11th century and by then half of the peninsula had been reconquered and a huge number of the Christians had fled north to Asturias, Galicia, and Leon. Besides, it is a fact that the Moslems in the Iberian peninsula were an almost entirely Urban population, while the Aryan Christians were mostly rural. All of this is proven by genetics testing, which shows that around 5% of Spaniards have an average of 2% Semitic blood, and first hand historical accounts from both Moslems and Christians.

    Another thing you won’t mention as it is inconvenient for your narrative is that the warfare between Aryans and Moslems were genocidal in nature. There was a defacto no-man’s land in the north between the Kingdom of Asturias and the Moslem regime that was about 100 kilometers wide and you can see evidence of this in the fact that there are, to this very day, abandoned villages from the 8th century all over the area. Most of those people fled north to Christian lands and started a guerrilla war against the Moslems.

    TL;DR – most moslems were of Arab and Berber extraction along with a small number of nobles and Christians were considered 3rd class citizens and so fled north and kept a 100 kilometer wide no-mans land between them and the Moslems.

  • For those on here saying, “I never thought that Spaniards could be considered White”— just uttering that shows you are too ignorant to be in the Alt-Right. Spainards aren’t “considered” White, they ARE White. They are biologically and culturally White Europeans. White isn’t a skin colour (Whites aren’t truly “white colour” but tannish, like Blacks aren’t truly black coloured but brown and dark brown) it is an objectively existing biological taxon of people. “White” is not subjective, it is not what someone “considers” to be, it’s a biological fact. All races originating in Europe are White and European, which of course includes Spaniards who are just as White as Bavarian-phenotype Germans.

  • As goes California so goes the rest of the nation. What was described as what happened in South Cali in the 70s is now happening in East Texas.

    And there are lots of Mexican held cities in between.

  • How can you a government that rules with the consent of the governed when all the politicians break their promises and lie?

  • The situation is crystal clear in its simplicity. The only one way out the Occident is to rearm and finish the job started by our ancestors.

  • Thanks for the current update on the situation in Cali. I have understood it was bad and been so for years. Luckily the Alt-Right movement is growing both in US and many other countries. From what I understand as a european all you presidents has been traitors from Teddy up to now with maybe JFK as the only exception.

  • I am a boomer also and really resent being blamed for the immigrant mess. I have worked hard since the 80s to try to stop the madness but every single time the pols we put in office sold us and the country out.

  • California is what happens if we keep just worrying about Trump and electing some Republicans.

    Watching MAGAPede Nick Fuentes sperg out on Twitter right now is probably better than the White Lives Matter rally was. Nick today is as big of a fag as Cernovich and RamzPaul were last November after Heilgate. Mission Accomplished, Hunter, thanks for allowing us to dump Fuentes. Like Richard Spencer said last night on TRS, Nick Fuentes is like a Boomer who was cryogenically frozen at birth in 1950 and unfrozen in 1998.

  • Most of the Muslims in the Iberian Peninsula were descendants of people who converted to Islam, you can’t tell me that modern Spanish and Portuguese are different than Moroccans and Algerians. The Crusaders kicked out their own people. It’s really too bad, Islam would have saved Europe from all of its current degeneracy.

  • I don’t think the majority of people on the Alt-Right blame boomers for everything, since we know the parasite we’re all up against. But I will add that it was on the boomers watch, that the degradation of the family unit really took a nose dive. And yes, I also understand that the tribe was involved in that too, but a little more effort and we would be in a much better place than we are now. The Alt-Right differs from all other movements before us in many ways, but perhaps the most important is how family is valued, that includes our extended family of course. In any event, thanks for sharing your story, it’s important to pound in our heads just how often promises have been made to us, only to become a nightmare. When enough of those nightmares are strung together, what we face is the possibility of the extinction of our race, White genocide. Now it’s up to us to get our shit together, organize, and get involved. And when the time finally comes and we are called upon, the nightmares that we had all faced up until then will become our guides. And the destruction we will inflict, will have no name, but it will be felt like a slap from Zeus, and like a stab from Odin, and they will then remember what they should have long known already…that the White man, was merely resting, and devastation they just felt, was only us putting our boots on. Hoorah white man.

  • “We knew they were illegal and it royally pissed me off because they were taking advantage of our good will without having regard for our laws.” What sort of level of delusion is this? You hired them knowing it, you fucking idiot. Your attitude here is a tell tale sign of a spoiled little brat.

  • @James Smith Ms. Cruz’s ancestors didn’t gut out a years-long immigration process. They just crammed onto a rat-infested boat, and sailed their butts to the Native American’s continent. If they deserved to quickly and comfortably immigrate here, then why can’t Hispanic Americans do that?

  • @site665 – no, we don’t all matter equally…
    What’s the matter with you ? Don’t you know that the Jew reigns supreme in the entire world !? Where of you been for the last 2000 years ? They been planning to conquer the world since the world began

  • @Bruce Regael, most of Europe’s kings were tyrants. And, without ALL of America’s ethnic and religious groups, nobody would have achieved a thing. We all matter EQUALLY.

  • California is a beautiful state and it used to have a great white culture. That white Californian culture became a status symbol of America across the world. From Surfing, to music, to a lifestyle defined America to the world through cinema and the media. Melinda was part of that, so was I but at a later time. It is the White man’s heritage that made California glamorous and wealthy and not the other way around. There are no places that I know in Mexico that has a place like California.
    Illegals coming here are changing this beautiful culture to that of their own. What they have is mediocre at best. Liberals are deliberately ending the white culture that made Californian world famous in exchange of one that is provincial and alien to us and to the world.

  • @site665: That’s precisely NOT – at all – what Ms. Santa Cruz is saying in this article. Nobody would decry LEGAL immigrant’s asserting their legal rights, and that is not what Melinda is doing here. Most of CA’s school systems have become unusable thanks to Hispanics and the gangs, drugs, crime, and filth that grace every area of CA that ‘they’ve made theirs.’ They are turning CA into another Mexico. Illegals (and their spawn) are NOT assimilating into American culture and into American values. Most of the ones that come here don’t even bother to learn the language.
    They are raising children that learn English, of course, but those children typically don’t appreciate what it means to be American. In fact most of them seem to only contempt for anything that is traditionally American (because anything related to traditional Americana is associated with Whites). As formerly beautiful Californian towns and cities are quickly being turned into yet more Hispanic-majority, graffiti-covered hellholes, here you are here peeing on our legs and trying to convince us that it’s raining. It’s not working.

  • First off. The comment system is utter crap, but I’m sure that has to do with being kicked off Disqus. Secondly, Yockey says it best. The two civil wars in the 20th century destroyed Western Civilization (WW1/WW2). It does NOT exist anymore. If anything it’s riding the shell to its grave. Since WW2 ALL of Western Civilization that remained has been conquered and occupied by foreigners. The immigration couldn’t stop then and it wont stop until a New Civilization breaks free and ruthlessly manifests itself, because it isn’t immigration, it’s conquerors occupying land of the conquered. Semantics I know, we conquered ourselves they are simply pulling a “we wuz kangz” thinking they accomplished anything, but the fact still remains.

    There will be no “Ethno” anything, EVER, unless you admit to yourself and to others it’s going to mean shaking off all the good ones by force if necessary. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. There is no right way when it comes to survival. Anything that continues your survival no matter how far you go IS the right way.

  • Reply to site665. Mestizos and Amerindians from Mexico and Central America, illegally or legally, are colonizing invaders. Americans were colonizing invaders in Texas and California in the 19th Century–how’d that work out? The author has every right to protest and resist her dispossession, especially with the connivance of the state and national governments.

  • Ms. Cruz, you’re conflating undocumented immigrants with criminals. Living in California, you’ve probably met hundreds of Hispanic people. Out of all of them, I’ll bet most have NOT assaulted or robbed you. Most of them work and many of them pay taxes. They grow your food and fight in our wars, just like your relatives. When Hispanic Americans were invisible, you had no problem with their lives in this country. You’re only “regretful” now, because they’re slowly gaining the immigration rights that your ancestors got. Well, snowflake, justice doesn’t work that way. Everybody gets it, so quit your whining.

  • @Melinda Santa Cruz
    as a woman who would be called a proto-Hispanic individual (notice I use the word proto-) what is your take upon the Catalonian situation that is occurring in Spain ? I think that if Catalonian wants to succeed from the Spanish majority, then I suppose that’s OK, I think the Spanish want them to stay because they bring in so much money – but the Spain actually think they can’t manage to exist without this sub country in their autonomous region ? What do you think about all of this ?

  • @Alfa158, I couldn’t agree with you more; Europeans fought the Muslims for 700 years. Now the traitorous leaders of Western Europe freely give away their countries to these invaders from Africa and the Middle East with not a thought !!

  • I confessed I was severely confused by the name that you gave as the author of this article, which is pretty good!
    I confess that I’ve never thought real deeply about whether Spanish people would be considered to be white or not, but I think that they would be given a pass, since there is obviously a gradation (in terms of skin color) as you move from the South of Europe toward the very north. But that has been that way for centuries upon centuries, and I think that Europeans as a whole accepted every body prior to the invasion starting in the 1980s.

    Mexicans on the other hand, seem to be a fusion between Indians and Spaniards from way back. I think it’s time for the country to remove all the illegals from the United States simply from the standpoint of the fact that they are preying on our good natures and certainly we cannot afford them monetarily. In fact I would say that we need to stop ALL immigration into the United States as it is becoming untenable in terms of the racial demographics as well as the extraordinarily high COST to all taxpayers.

  • 1969 in the sunshine,

    “……And that ‘blaming boomers’ crap probably follows from their lazy habit of blaming Jews for everything…”

    This is not about blame, this is about understanding who is responsible for the destruction of our race. In order to control the future we have to know who and why did it to us.

  • One of the most under-examined sagas in history has to be the seven(!) century long battle of the Spanish people to claw back, piece by piece, their country from the African Muslim invaders. Mind-boggling to consider the dedication and love of your people needed to fight such a protracted war. Is there any parallel to that in history? You would think there would be a series of books by a great historian documenting the struggle of the Reconquista.

  • The audacity of those monkeys to claim a Spaniard is a disgrace to her people! We aren’t turd colored apes, we are Aryan men and have fought for centuries to maintain the purity of our blood and the honor of our people. What do those monkeys know about honor or disgrace? They are a race of scoundrels, thieves, murderers, and cannibals and have no place in a modern Aryan society. We need to ship them back over the border.

  • Yes. A lot of young idiots on the alt-right. And that ‘blaming boomers’ crap probably follows from their lazy habit of blaming Jews for everything, too@.

    The younger alt-righters are so impressionable, I wonder how they’ll turn out, having been saturated in memes, group think and this ‘find someone under a rock to blame’ mentality. I think their identities could use a bit of independent development.

    @ /Xer – and I blame Jews too, but want to do it no more than necessary

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