“Toast Rack” Design Chosen for New UK Holocaust Memorial

Artist's impression.

This is the design for a Holocaust memorial that has now been approved by the British government. As yet, few have commented on the interesting fact that it basically resembles a toast rack.

When it comes to designing a holocaust memorial, there are few rules. This is because quite often sensitive and creative avant-garde architects are invited to submit designs, and if you had too many rules, you wouldn’t get such creative masterpieces as this:

Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Or this:

Ottawa Holocaust Memorial

Or how about this incredible giant hand, made up of screaming Jews, reaching up to the heavens:

Miami Beach Holocaust Memorial

Not sure what the hand is trying to do. It could be reaching up to ask God for help, or possibly imploring the US air force to stop interfering with the delivery of foodstuffs to various “residential facilities” in the German Reich by bombing the fuck out of the German railway network… But, anyway, I’m probably going to have a bad dream tonight after seeing this.

Or there is this memorial, which is my personal favourite, showing Jews being used as screaming sleepers for a railway track:

Schwerte Holocaust Memorial

I don’t know what to say here, as there is just too much raw symbolism to deal with. I mean, these screaming Jews are actually helping the trains to the death camps run on time!!! Make of that what you will.

But the thing I like about it is that it kind of overloads the pathos of genuine suffering so much so that the end result is a kind of bathos – a kind of humour that only certain people like myself truly enjoy.

Anyway, the key point about Holocaust memorials in general is their sheer creativity, and, as I said above, this means very few rules and restrictions. But, that doesn’t mean there are no rules. There are definitely some rules.

For example, you wouldn’t make a Holocaust memorial that looks like a giant oven or a lampshade or a bar of soap.

This is because all these items stand for the trivialisation of holocaust narratives, as they refer to some…erm…”awkward details” in the accounts of death camp survivors that later turned out to be completely false or ridiculously exaggerated.

The story that Jews were turned into actual lampshades and bars of soap, and also burnt in ovens, were important, attention-grabbing memes that played a vital part in publicising the Holocaust narrative in the early days – the 1960s and 70s – when nobody was really that interested in the “special” sufferings of Jews, as everybody had had a hard time in WWII.

Remember, there was no internet in those days to assist in detailed research and simple fact checking to debunk suspicious narratives. Also, it was very difficult to investigate the actual sites of the Holocaust, most of which were located behind the Iron Curtain in the Soviet Bloc, where a lot of the Holocaust memes originated in Commie propaganda.

So, leading with memes as outlandish as soap, lampshades, and ovens was not a big problem at the time; in fact, quite the reverse, as they helped to seed the public’s mind with the idea that something peculiarly terrible had happened to the Jews.

But, after they had served their purpose of fixing the Holocaust in the public’s imagination, these memes were dispensed with, instead becoming symbols of the over-exaggeration and ridiculousness of the Holocaust narrative for sceptics.

This is why you would never build a holocaust memorial that resembled an actual oven or lampshade. It would just be too lulzy.

But for the same reason you wouldn’t want to build a holocaust memorial that looked like a giant toast rack either, which is what they have decided to go and do in the UK, in the process ruining a perfectly nice park next to the Houses of Parliament.

Oddly, the design is credited to this man, Ron Arad, who is an actual Jew and born in Israel:

…while the company in charge is run by this man, “Sir” David Adjaye, an actual Ghanaian, born in Ghana:

I once attended a talk by Adjaye. He is a well-spoken Black man of mediocre ideas, whose career is built on being an “acceptable” front man and “face of diversity” for his otherwise “hideously White” architecture firm (echoes of Zaha Hadid).

Knowing a little of the the history of these two designers, as I do, I would say that the “toast rack” design has more to do with the kind of architectural schtick that Adjaye is associated with. Although whether he is the actual working designer on this project is another question, as many big name architects merely put their names to the work of their anonymous company staff.

But, as you can see in this picture, Adjaye has a thing about slats. It is self-evident that the Holocaust “toast rack” grew out of this aesthetic.

But you would think that having an actual Jew on board would have alerted them to the general tastelessness of a design that looked like a rack for burnt bread. It seems that in this case, Arad is merely the front man for the project, so that they can say to the various government agencies, quangos, and departments that they had to win over that they have a genuine Holocaust “victim” on board.

When you’re trying to get your hands on millions of pounds of taxpayer’s money from a “signally” political establishment, this, alas, is how the game is played.

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shibby dibby
This Toast Rack is nothing. I have yet to find a “Holocaust Memorial” that can top this one. Prepare yourself. It’s name is… wait for it…. “本中心致力在亞洲開展關於猶太大屠殺的教育和推廣” Otherwise known as the “Hong Kong Holocaust and Tolerance Centre And as if it’s location alone wasn’t enough, it gets even more absurd. Look at this shit: Yep. Literally a jew being roasted alive, in a fire in the shape of the star of david. Made out of paper mache At first I thought that it had to be satire. Perhaps a case of le based woke ching chong or something.… Read more »
Paul Rain

I think they’re just trying to make rap look good.

“Scandal- I love my country- and shout it out loud!”

If patriots can do this in the fortress of the enemy- it feels like we should be doing the same worldwide.


Those are so some ugly art projects.

Simple Jew
Interesting how the anti-Jews here always refer to Jewish people in the singular, as did their losing hero and idol Adolph. There are 12 million Jews on the planet: which one of them are they referring to? My sense is that the people who spend their time hating Jews will see in the future just exactly how useless and counterproductive for themselves such hatred is. And what really amazes me is that many of these haters call themselves people who believe in the truth of the Hebrew Bible. Perhaps it is because all of them read that book in lousy,… Read more »

So, I gather that Colin Liddell doesn’t believe in the Holocaust.

That’s good to see.


I can’t wait to see the memorial that’s going to be put up to all the Ukrainians that were slaughter by Jewish Bolshevik commissars BEFORE the Second World War !!
That reminds me, when are they going to have a Schindler’s list for all the Ukrainian Gentiles that died at the hands of the Jewish commissars; that’s a movie. I’m waiting for !

Michelle Baxter

It is now at the point that I feel as if I am going to vomit when I hear & see sympathy for the jew. How long is this going to last? When will we put a stop to this?

phil carter

While of course Stalin targetted twelve ethnic minorities and murdered eighty million. Guess he should have documented it as well as the Nazis did.

Nova Morium

The Great Enlightenment in the White Mind…….

Is to not feel any Shame or Guilt regarding the Jews History in Europe………

Their Historic Community committed COUNTLESS Crimes against the European Peoples………

And some Retribution for these Crimes was Karmic…….

The Best Solution is Separation…….

It becomes Clearer and Clearer everyday………

For now??

Keep exposing their Anti-White Agenda and Behavior………

Keep exposing (((Dear White People))) BS……..

Keep exposing their Tribal Supremacist Activity………

Keep exposing ‘Every. Single. Time’…….

Keep exposing their Ultra-Hypocrisy……..

AWAKEN White Goyimia…….

And SPEAK these Truths………

Jack Burton

“When I met Spencer in 2016 he claimed he was a globalist.” – Jorjani

Jorjani calls Alt Right people “white trash.”

Jorjani claims he was going to take over the Alt Right and turn us all into pro-Jew, pro-Persian globalists. Very bizarre that Spencer had anything to do with this guy.

Patriotic American
“In order to form a correct judgment of the place which the Jew holds in relation to the whole problem of human civilization, we must bear in mind the essential fact that there never has been any Jewish art and consequently that nothing of this kind exists to-day. We must realize that especially in those two royal domains of art, namely architecture and music, the Jew has done no original creative work. When the Jew comes to producing something in the field of art he merely bowdler-izes something already in existence or simply steals the intellectual word, of others. The… Read more »
Patriotic American
“From time to time our illustrated papers publish, for the edification of the German philistine, the news that in some quarter or other of the globe, and for the first time in that locality, a Negro has become a lawyer, a teacher, a pastor, even a grand opera tenor or something else of that kind. While the bourgeois blockhead stares with amazed admiration at the notice that tells him how marvellous are the achievements of our modern educational technique, the more cunning Jew sees in this fact a new proof to be utilized for the theory with which he wants… Read more »

The gargoyles under the railroad tracks are at least well done. The rest is too obnoxious, pretentious, and obtrusive to be effective propaganda.

Billy Brown

i was really enjoying that read till you had to point out how they were fleecing us. maybe but that at the top next time to I can click elsewhere with a smile


Where the author sees a toast rack, I see a whale skeleton. Why do we have come so far down in Europe that even countries which were not involved in the holocaust erect a monument to commemorate it? This guilt thing has got out of hand. Meanwhile other peoples built monuments of pride to their own mass murderers:


just came to post this recently posted Jason Jorjani interview that I found interesting:

Albionic American

In a way, the Jews have done us a favor by making all this information about the Nazi phenomenon so readily available. We can study it in reverse, so to speak, to derive ideas for how to create a competent white ethnostate, including what NOT to do.

Albionic American

Jews really need to get over themselves. What about their psychobabble that good mental health requires letting go of the past, abandoning the illusion of the ego and living in the moment?

Instead, when it comes to what Jews really care about, they obsess over the Holocaust, they show bruised egos and they stay constantly vigilant for the emergence of another Nazi-like movement and the next Hitler.


Best Holocaust Memorial: a statue of a crying man, below it reads TFW you learn it didn’t actually happen.

Albionic American

I look forward to the day when white children can visit museums which explain how their forefathers prevented the white genocide.


The memorials and the article are both in pretty bad taste.

richard the lionheart
richard the lionheart

Never question the 600 gazillion. It was real in my mind.


One of the deepest drives of the jew is to make the whole world as ugly as possible.