Trump Will Be The Last Civic Nationalist

Submitted by Will Windsor

As is the usual case with historical movements, expressions of a super-personal soul, the point of highest power, of the greatest victories, is also the beginning of the rapid down-going. Shallow persons always mistake the end of a movement for the beginning of its absolute dominance. Thus Wagner was looked upon by many as the beginning of a new music, whereas, the next generation knew that he had been the last Western musician.

— Francis Parker Yockey, Imperium.

Nine months into a presidency that was supposed to change everything has changed very little when it comes to policy. Each day Trump lurches closer to becoming another GOP republican, doing everything possible to implement the failed conservative agenda of Paul Ryan et al., instead of the populist-nationalist agenda that won him the election. Steve Bannon didn’t hesitate to admit that the Trump of 2016 is “over.

No Wall, tax cuts for the rich, failed Obamacare repeal, another Afghan surge, sanctions on Russia, condemnation of white nationalists as “hate groups,” and of most recent importance: flirting with illegal alien amnesty (Dreamers). Trump is even out campaigning for establishment losers like Luther Strange. So much for winning.

Trump appears to have been drained by swamp, the nationalist agenda is nowhere to be found. His cabinet is filled with establishment pawns, neocon generals, (((globalist))) bankers, and sundry Conservative Inc. lemmings. Trump was forced to walk back a call for DACA amnesty due to the fury with which his base reacted. Instead of championing his populist base, the base seems to be the only thing holding Trump back.

Whether Trump continues down the path of total betrayal or rights the ship may not ultimately matter. Congress is hopelessly gridlocked, unable to reach any agreement unless it involves supporting Jewish nationalism (Israel and their Middle East wars) or condemning white nationalism. What a coincidence that those are the only two positions that receive unanimous bi-partisan support.

Whatever Trump manages to accomplish on policy will fall short of the drastic measures needed to save America, but that’s true even if Trump pursued an Alt-Right agenda. If the GOP couldn’t repeal Obamacare, what hope did we have that Trump could pass any pro-white legislation like ending birthright citizenship? The entire apparatus of the American power structure is aligned against Trump to thwart his every move. Any measure that is pro-white will have Congress, the Courts, the Media, the Deep State, and countless other bureaucratic apparatchiks out to destroy it.

Trump thinks he’ll be able to get a “win” by siding with the GOP agenda, but tax cuts will likely fail just as spectacularly as the healthcare bill. Every single Democrat will refuse vote for any GOP bill brought by Trump, and the inept GOP will fail to get it done on their own.

American “democracy” is crashing. The GOP controls all three branches of government and cannot achieve a single legislative victory. We’ve reached peak America. What does this mean for us?

Stepping back, the Trump presidency may best be understood in light of a larger cultural paradigm.

Last September marked the 100th birthday of Francis Parker Yockey, one of the greatest American thinkers this nation has ever produced. An admirer of Carl Schmitt and especially Spengler, Yockey believed in “Cultural Morphology,” the idea that cultures rise and fall like the life cycles of an organisminfancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, old age, and death. A nation’s journey is driven towards producing the adult stage of its high culture, epitomized and shaped by the “higher man” that encapsulates the spirit of the nation.

Trump is the “higher man” of post-WWII American civic nationalism.

He is “homo Americanus,” the fulfillment of the American dreaman entrepreneur, who built things, became a billionaire, married a model wife, became a famous television celebrity, and finally the President. Money, Fame, Pleasure, these are values that American culture worships, all of which were achieved by Donald Trump. This made him the perfect avatar for a movement to Make America Great Again, to reclaim the American dream.

Yet, the dream no longer belongs to the real Americans whose ancestors fought and died to build this nation. The real Dreamers are the children of illegal aliens, the foreigners who violate American sovereignty, the new Americans. As (((Bret Stephens))) of the New York Times tells us, the most American people are the nonwhite immigrants who just arrived.

Middle America voted for Trump thinking he would usher in an American revival, a rebirth of the nation. MAGA was a desperate plea to revive the past. To turn back the clock to the 80s and Reagan. To pretend that America could return to a country where everyone saluted the anthem and the flag. It could never happen because that country is never coming back. America is no longer 80% white, a time when people naturally shared common love for nation and flag because they shared a common European heritage and culture. Instead, we are Diverse, which by its very definition precludes having a unified nation. Multiculturalism has replaced the American homogeneity extolled by John Jay: “Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country, to one united people; a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs.”

Trump himself doesn’t believe in the words of John Jay. He believes that America can be made great again by uniting around American “ideals” and “values,” but these are mere abstractions that do not bind a nation.

The lie of civic nationalism is that you can create a common people by teaching them all to embrace the same traditions, values, and ideals. This is simply false and stems from the erroneous belief that Race is cultural construct, when in fact Culture is a racial construct. Common values derive from a common people.

What Trump seeks cannot be obtained through preaching patriotism because patriotism is for white people. MAGA populism resonates with Middle America while viscerally enraging nonwhites, bicoastal elites, and liberals who have internalized white guilt. No matter how much Trump implores people of color to join his movement, they reject his message because it’s a message that speaks to whites, not them.

like Yockey’s description of Wagner, Trump does not mark the beginning of a civic nationalist resurgence, but the end of it.

The end of the idea that “we’re all Americans” because “whether we are black or brown or white, we all bleed the same red blood of patriots.” The end of the idea that what unites us is our love of freedom, low taxes, and a thriving economy. The end of the idea that America is just an idea and not a people.

America’s grand vision of itself, as a proposition nation, is coming apart. Nonwhites reject even the simplest of “propositional values” like respecting the National Anthem because these values are white. Anthem protestors adhere to new values for America, values that demand whites #TakeAKnee before them.

Trump’s presidency is putting to rest the belief that America’s intractable racial divide could be overcome by doubling down on patriotic platitudes and economic growth. Just as Obama’s presidency put to rest the notion that electing the first black president would end racial strife (it did the opposite). What we’re watching unfold at the White House is the exciting denouement to the judeo-liberal fabrication that America is an “idea” and not a people.

General John Kelly captured this reality when he lamented that condolence calls for fallen soldiers were the one sacred thing left in American that he believed was free from politicization. He was wrong. Not even calls to the families of killed soldiers unites America, that too has become “politicized,” a matter of division, and the reason is the same: the reality of Race. A simple condolence call from President Trump incites black grievances and accusations of racial “insensitivity.” For defending the President, the anti-white Left is now calling General Kelly a racist.

There is no uniting and there is no going back.

Do not dismay though, for the end of propositional America is the beginning of a new racially defined America. The country itself is dying, but the Europeans who fought, bled, and died to build America are more alive than ever. We are the real Americans, the true heirs of the Founding Fathers, and only now are we becoming aware of who we are.

The significance of Trump lies beyond policy.

Even though he represents last the hoorah of civic nationalism, no man has come close to Trump in waking up whites from their slumber and stoking the flames of racial consciousness. The President is at his best when he relies on his instincts because his instincts are that of a normal, red-blooded American. No better example demonstrates this fact than the President’s gut-response to black athletes dishonoring the national anthem: “get that son of a bitch off the field right now.” It’s the same gut reaction that initiated the MAGA movement: “Mexico’s not sending us their best, they’re bringing crime, they’re rapists.”

Normies love it because they know that it is true. They want to fight back, but they’ve been cowed into submission. Trump is showing them how to fight back, to be unafraid to stand up to the Left, and most importantly, to stand up for themselves.

True Conservatives (Tru-Cons) pillory Trump with priggish claims that “he is not a real conservative” when the exact opposite is true. The real conservative is Trump, for his goal is to conserve the America of the 70s and 80s, which although fundamentally egalitarian, was still a White country espousing white norms and beliefs. What Tru-Cons seek to conserve is George Bush conservatism, an ideology undifferentiated from neoliberalism. The recent speech by Bush denouncing nationalism proved this point. Like the rest of the Tru-Cons, Bush felt compelled to virtue signal his disdain for Trump populism that seeks to conserve 1980s Americana. At the end of the day, Trump is the same person he was 25 years ago lambasting free trade agreements that are ripping off the American people. What’s changed is America. The political spectrum has veered so far to the Left that Tru-Cons are 2000 era liberal progressives while Trump’s 1980s boomer patriotism is considered White Nationalism.

By simply defying political correctness, Trump is blowing up the Left’s stranglehold on American culture and identity. Politically, there may be little that Trump accomplishes, but culturally, Trump is a bulldozer flattening the moral authority of the Left. In the wake of the 2016 election, the Media, NFL, and Hollywood have all been delegitimized in the eyes of Middle America. The discrediting of these three pillars of American culture is arguably more important than any policy Trump could feasibly enact.

A fundamental principle of the Alt-Right is that politics is downstream from Culture. To that end, Trump is a godsend. From the oval office, he may underachieve with the power of his pen, but at the bully pulpit, he can rain down tweets into the heart of liberalism like thunderbolts from Mount Olympus. With each new attack on the judeo-liberal order, the Left overreacts to the affront to their moral supremacy with gnashing of teeth and unhinged threats launched at the President, escalating the polarization of America into implicitly white and anti-white camps.

Within this environmenta discredited liberal establishment wracked by racial polarizationthe prowhite movement can find receptive hearts.

Yockey believed that the great men of a nation are the products of the spiritual destiny of the nation. History was predetermined, and like actors in a play, the great men of History were not their own authors but followed a script set down by the cultural Zeitgeist. The great men must act within the theme of the drama directed by the Culture. Peak America needed its hero, and Trump was the perfect casting to play the part. He couldn’t break the mold because he is the embodiment of the post-WWII American mold.

He is the last civic nationalist.

And that’s ok, because every attempt by Trump to prop up civic nationalism only heightens racial animus which in turn galvanizes Middle America.

Trump is shattering the false idol of civic nationalism by showing its complete failure to remedy the fundamental racial divide ripping the country apart. Give thanks, for the end of civic nationalism, means the beginning of a new America nationalism, one that is paradoxically rooted in an older, racially aware American identity.

We are the future, if America is to have a future.

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  • I am glad to say trumps type of nationalist scared politics is only leading one way and that is to opening the eyes of ordinary Americans to the true ideas of socialism and that socialism is the only answer for the exploited working class Americans and working class across the world. The ordinary American cast worker has more in common with the car worker in Mexico Canada India China uk etc than he does with the millionaires like trump etc in the us. That same truth goes for all the working class that are exploited be you wrap that exploitation on a moribund and scared label of nationalism or any other label. Socialism is thankfully on the rise gladly and in America once again

  • Trump is one man against the entire system. Breaking the stranglehold of political correctness is alone a priceless accomplishment. His accomplishments are only the beginning; he has made it possible for others to build upon this beginning.

  • I believe Trump is much more altright than he will admit publicly.
    Imagine if he went all out WN….his head would be on a platter within a short time.
    He is aware of our demise as any of us.
    …but he is (by circumstances) weak
    A party that mostly hates him and the Deep State even more so.
    Ditto for the Hebs.
    Very little wriggle room for him and it shows.

    I think we should support him for the time being.
    Btw…he is not the last civic nationalist….probably the last white (right-wing of sorts) Prez.
    In 8 yrs the US will have added 5-10 new citizens thru legal immigration alone.
    Mostly non-whites.
    You can say good-bye to a white Prez again…unles he’s full cuck or a Leftie.
    Enjoy the sunshine as long as it lasts.

  • Trump is an old-school Democrat. He thinks that minorities such as blacks and Latinos are things to be coddled and not to be taken seriously. Mark my words, you will not see a photograph of Melania or him in the next eight years. They will only be pictured with blacks to show how un-racist they are. He sickens me.

  • I will have to disagree with the article. Trump’s presidency is not a failure. These things take time, it’s not like the political establishment is going to go down easily. It’s going to take a hell of a lot longer than 9 months. Trump is doing the best he can given the garbage environment that he has to work in every day. To be honest, we don’t even truly know whether Trump is a white nationalist or not. It’s not like he would have any chance of getting elected if he were to come out with that. Change happens in increments. Look at how the liberal globalists changed everything. Back in the 90s Bill Clinton got elected and his message was totally populist. He governed as a globalist but his message was populist. There were small changes that were somewhat controversial at the time that were implemented that moved us further to the left INCREMENTALLY; for example, like the “don’t ask don’t tell” military thing for homosexuals. It was controversial back then but not TOO CONTROVERSIAL. If they tried to do the crap that they do with the transgenders and gays back then as they do now they never would have gotten away with it. The same logic applies today. You can’t win anything politically with only radical ideals. You need to soften those radical ideals and change public opinion to them over time. That is what Trump has been doing.

    His 70 point immigration proposal is incredibly encouraging, and in particular, the Wall, the RAISE act, and E-verify. If we can get those things for a legalization of 800k DACA illegals (keep in mind that the RAISE act would end change migration prior to any legalization) then that would be a hell of a deal. Essentially a stop to the illegal invasion in exchange for at most 800k illegals would be a bargain.

    We are not going to get everything we want over night, it will absolutely take time. We need to do our part and put in actual conservative, true Americans, into the house and senate in 2018 to help Trump as much as possible. Then we need to put Trump in the White House again in 2020 and put more conservatives in the house and senate in 2020. If we can do that we will have a powerful right wing leadership and a lot will happen from 2020-2024. Recall that when Obama got in the White House the left didn’t really get much of what they wanted in his first term. But they sure laid it on thick in the second term. We are going to do the same.

  • I’ve looked at hundreds of photos on the internet of the marches in various cities, have you? I see mobs of women and a smattering of bugmen. I don’t see families. At least in Europe the Lugenpresse has the brains to bring the few real families up to the front of the crowds of refugees to hide the mass of young men.
    Again, none of the family women I know, including even the ones who voted for Clinton, went to these marches. The make-up of the people in the photos reflects exactly the people I know who did go.

  • “As is the usual case with historical movements, expressions of a super-personal soul, the point of highest power, of the greatest victories, is also the beginning of the rapid down-going. ”

    The US image that comes to mind, within a single year’s frame 1968-1969: in the background, the Saturn V rocket at the Cape, rising up in a blast of flame to arc though space onto the surface of the moon, and in the foreground, the Poor People’s March mule trains, ghosts from a world before steam power. Whites and Blacks in America, apogee and nadir simultaneously.

  • “Trump: Syrian intervention was cancelled.”

    We have boots on the ground actively working on partitioning Syria as we speak

    Trump has been kind of good at driving political and cultural polarization admittedly, it’s weird how he does all this stuff to increase polarization but doesn’t use FEDGOV for anything good

  • A very concise and fair assessment…While Trump ultimately has a ceiling on what he can accomplish, he has undeniably helped our cause in multiple ways. His non-PC attitude and willingness to speak the TRUTH even when it hurts him (such as when he defended us after Charlottesville) is crucial. And even today when discussing the drug epidemic he again assured us that the WALL will be built. I remain hopeful that Trump will continue to have more accomplishments, and every day with him in office instead of Hillary is a blessing.

  • Are you for real? This is what Trump has accomplished in nine months simply by being Trump:

    Syrian intervention was cancelled.
    Americans have learned to scorn negroball.
    Public trust in the lugenpresse is at an all-time low.
    The Deep State is seen as an outright enemy of America.
    The DNC is in a state of civil war and is in the process of being burned to the ground.
    Cuckservatives are being forced out of their jobs one after another.
    Hollywood has been exposed as a cesspit of rape and movie ticket sales are plummeting.

    This has been a massive cultural shift. Trump is not one of us, but that doesn’t even matter. He’s done more good for White Nationalism than anyone in the past 50 years, even if it was unintentional.

  • “It’s weird how people who are largely classified as civic nationalists like Trump and Bannon are so reluctant to actually speak about civic nationalist ideas”

    They don’t argue it because there;’s nothing to it. Imagine if a 100% of the American population was replaced by Africans where would American civic nationalism be then? No policy, no educational program, no amount of force is going to overcome the effects of turning your country into a third-world dump. It’s just another fake tactic to avoid conflict with the vicious, white-hating racist left and the establishment they control.

    Avoiding conflict is what conservatives and the right do best because ultimately the conflict is with the U.S. government, and that’s a step they’re not willing to take. Unfortunately for them the System is slowly eliminating all forms of peaceful dissent – they’ve long banished free debate from the big medias, they’re assaulting it in the streets, they’re working on banishing it from the internet and criminalizing speech, and they’ve nullified the votes of their victims by importing tens of millions of ringers to fix the elections of the future. The modern anti-white left’s operating credo has long been “kill us or be our slaves.” Conservatives and whites in general are in for a rude awakening when immigration puts that credo into full effect.

  • Trump was never on our side, that has always been the case. We need to focus on pushing the overton window further right and radicalizing people and galvanizing them into action and this will require us to be consistent in our criticism of Trump and attack his failures to act in our best interests.

  • This is an excellent article, although I don’t agree that the next president will be automatically further to the right of Trump. Au contraire, the less Trump politically achieves, the more likely the pendulum will swing back to the old guard.

  • I don’t know why you thought everything was supposed to be changed. Trump has actually been very consistent with his rhetoric. Trump is not a revolutionary. He’s not a white nationalist, albeit there is some crossover there which is why they insist he’s worse than Hitler and all that nonsense.

    Trump wants to work within the system. By doing so he is severely limited in what he can do. They hamstring him at every turn. The whole system is corrupt and beyond repair IMO. We now know that the FBI colluded with Hillary.

    Trump was in fact a win for us despite complaints. What will be very telling as to the future of this country is what comes after Trump. We have to keep the momentum going. That’s what the sociopathic political left is always doing. They’re always pushing for more and more degeneracy and control. They never stop. Who would have thought 15 years ago we’d have all this tranny shit? We have to keep pushing the Overton window in our direction.

  • You really thought that 80 years of steady gains by the left could be reversed in 9 months?

    You really thought that our progress would come in a straight line?

    Do some growing up. Then maybe you’ll be worth reading.

  • Joe, you must live in a different part of the country than me. I live in the Los Angeles area, one of the epicenters of shitlibism. Not exactly Kansas and yet even here, NONE of the women I personally know with families attended the Woman’s March. ALL of the women I personally know who attended it were childless, unmarried women of middle-age or older.
    The March was an exhibition of the deleterious effects the sexual liberation movement had on women in our civilization in disrupting the normal, healthy process of people bonding into families. It has left us with millions of bitter cat-ladies clinging to the State as their substitute husbands and cats or Third World immigrants as replacements for the children they should have had.

  • Yeah . . . You’re so influential that you’ve even gotten cut from Reddit – an internet “honeypot” for all manner of #deplorable speech! This “movement” is getting more crippled by the day.

  • America is about ready to go into complete moral degeneracy and is ready to disintegrate. Is now only a matter of time.
    Every day I curse the fact that we repealed the immigration laws in 1965 and allowed the flood of all these scumbags from Third World countries come into our country and utterly destroy it with their ridiculous foolish notions and plans.

    By allowing the Jew to obtain supremacy in our country we have in fact given someone a knife to put to our throats and on their whim cut our throats. No place has ever existed in which multiculturalism is a success story and by allowing the Jew to completely influence and obtain dominance in our media, financial system, educational system, etc. etc. etc. we haven’t in fact open the floodgates to our own destruction. The only way out of this is for the American populace to rise up and forcibly expel all the Jews and other non-native populations from our respective country, until that’s done here and in Europe. There will never be any hope of peace

  • If our leaders are so willing to hand our country over to nonwhites & illegals then I say we destroy it. I would rather destroy it to the point that there is nothing left for them. This should be a plan B or C LOL!

  • It’s weird how people who are largely classified as civic nationalists like Trump and Bannon are so reluctant to actually speak about civic nationalist ideas and policies and define a civic nationalist vision.

    I kind of thought there’d be a phase when people tried to do just that.

    But instead, they just recite recycled,obviously false liberal talking points from a few decades ago, in a sort of awkward and disingenuous seeming way, then move on to talking about something else, like “economic nationalism” (lol).

    Is the civic nationalist phase still ahead? Or is it never going to happen at all? Is there ever going to be an actual civic nationalist intellectualism that is separate from yesterday’s liberalism?

    It seems like maybe a real “civic nationalist” who actually thought about ideas, facts and current trends would kind of be drawn towards the Ann Coulter position; which is basically fighting against non-white demographic encroachment as the greatest threat to the Republic and the Historic American Nation, but feeling bad for the blacks and American Indians.

  • Adherence and loyalty to the movement both in Europe and America is getting huge and is still growing rapidly. We need to consolidate our gains and break onto the political scene. Establish a new world order.

  • Your movement is pathetically small. Your ground presence is 20-30 men, and it gets smaller every time Mr. Spencer holds a rally – partly due to the attendees getting themselves arrested. Even on this site, several of the writers are writing from abroad – so they aren’t even part of the voting public. Most of these young men at Spencer rallies don’t even have girlfriends. Contrast this to the Women’s March, where a large majority of the marchers had families and were bringing their kids.

    The next President will be eirher Mike Pence (if Trump is forced out of office) or a leftist Democrat.

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