There Is A Massive Horde Of Africans About To Hit Europe

Let’s be clear, the flow of migrants into Europe is never-ending. The stream doesn’t ever stop flowing.

…But it does change its tempo from time to time.

During the events of the Mutti Merkel refugee crisis, we saw the dam break and a flood come pouring into Europe. It was truly biblical. And we still don’t know just how many made the trek. It could be somewhere between 2 or 4 million through Germany alone.

But the elites don’t want to boil the frog too fast.

They managed to dam up one of the mass migration points about three months ago. That, coupled with the border fences erected along the route through the Balkans has managed to slow things back down to a drip. Only about 100 thousand more Africans entered Europe this year so far.

But the stop-gap measures won’t hold for long. Arab rebel gangs have rounded up and put about 500 thousand Africans into open air camps and refuse to let them pass on to Europe.

The Russkies did a good job on this report:

100s of 1000s of Africans are being held in what are essentially slave camps under brutal conditions, awaiting shipment to Europe via a network of pro-immigration NGOs and human traffickers. It is an eye-opener.

Kiselev – who is basically the main ‘Murika (and Europe) is bad, mmk?’ propagandist in Russia – spoke about the situation quite frankly:

In any case, it’s clear that the immigration crisis in Europe is far from being resolved. The flow of refugees from the Middle East and Africa isn’t decreasing and is even growing.

During 2016, 180,000 immigrants arrived by ships, and in the first 7 months of this year more than 110,000 people have landed on the European shores. Italy is taking the main blow. And the chief supplier of illegal immigrants from Africa is Libya.

Europe is trying to cynically bribe the militants in Libya, so they would leave the refugees there, even if it’s in a concentration camp.

There’s a full video about it here:

Kiselev is no bleeding heart, so believe me when I tell you what he is basically saying is, “look at those poor refugees, Europe. Reap what you sow for bombing Lybia. We hope you choke on them.”

Not very nice to kick your opponent when they’re down, tbqh Mr. Kiselev…

There are some lulzy parts to this story as well. Apparently, in the camps, they had shit mixed into their food. The reporters seemed to be confused and reported that this was proof of inhumanity or something without taking into account the fact that these people shit in their food and water supply all the time – it’s just part of their culture and way of their life. At least it is for the Bedouins. The more you know.

And of course, the country that you would most expect to step up to the plate, in fact, did.

Yes, the nepotistic and less-concerned with Virtue-sniveling people of Italia decided to do what they do best: bribe their way out of their problems:

In the Hamarat hotel in Tunisia, the Italian secret services gave 5 million Euro to Ahmad Dabbashi, nicknamed “Uncle,” who paid the clans and ordered to close the ports. After Gaddafi’s death, every meter of Libyan coast is controlled by its own gang.

I bet Mutti Merkel must be livid about such backdoor dealings. After all, Ghadafi was killed off BECAUSE he was the only one guarding the gates to Europe. And now the Italians think that they can cut a deal to save Europe for chump change?

Just you wait till Merkel gets her shriveled crone-hands on them.

But wait, there’s a lot more juicy stuff uncovered by the report. Like this Swiss priest who is known as “the Refugee Angel”.

We found Father Zerai, a candidate for Nobel Peace Prize, an angel of refugees, in a suburb of Bern.

Of course, he knows everything about the agreement, and about the calm in the sea. Not only because his number is written on Libyan camp walls, and is dialed from boats instead of SOS, now his phone is silent for the second month.

But now he is regularly called from the prosecutor’s office of Italian Trapani, where a criminal case has been brought against the Eritrean priest. He is suspected of having connections with traffickers. According to the investigation, Father Zerai received calls from Libya and knew exactly where the boats came and where they needed to be picked up.

To be honest, I was really expecting him to be 100% lily-white and 100 cucked. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw his big black beautiful mug staring back at me from the google images search.

Thank Jesus that the “Refugee Angel” wasn’t some bespectacled little Swiss cuck.

But seriously, the Italians basically ended the refugee crisis for 5 million Euros. Let that sink in. Hell, we should raise that money to bribe off some Arab gang ourselves if it’s that easy.

5 million turned out to be a sufficient sum to reduce the flow of migrants by 87%, that is, almost completely.

But alas, it won’t hold for long.

According to unconfirmed reports, the 48th brigade led by Ahmad Dabbashi lost control of the coast.

This means that the investment is lost, and new boats can appear on the horizon very soon. 500,000 people are gathered at the Libyan camps, and are ready to leave.

The gang was snuffed out, probably by some American or Israeli-supported group that will keep the border open. And we are about to see another half a million at least make the journey all at once.

The refugee crisis isn’t over, in fact, it’s just getting started.

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  • so uh, whats your Conspiracy Theory about Israel wanting to flood Europe with migrants? What do they gain here? This should be good lol.

  • If the Europeans don’t care enough to put a stop to this why should we? BTW this invasion could be stopped in its tracks with one F-16. Just strafe their boats and they’ll turn back.

  • Worse is Better. Bring them in by the millions! It saddens me to know that many of our people will suffer at the hands of these brutal subhumans but that is what must happen to kick off the war. It will be war or we will perish. There is no other alternative.

  • White Nationalists of every country need to understand that if we ever get to the point where one of our countries stands up to Israel like Germany once did, that if we can’t get involved ourselves to help, that we make damn sure that our own countries don’t get involved on Israel’s behalf. We cannot afford to have anymore brother wars, so we must disrupt all attempts by our rouge nations. I think we all know that Israel is our enemy, but I don’t think everyone really undertstands the lengths at which Israel will go to get us fighting one another. Also, they will no doubt carry out large scale attacks on American and European cities, to finger the Muslims, mainly Hezbollah.

    We know their game, and because we’re now entering extremely dangerous waters, we really need to be as prepared as possible for what’s coming. Hezbollah and Israel are to have another war, and my guess is that it’s going to happen very soon. When Tillerson remarked last week to Iraq that they need to tell Iran to gtfo and leave Iraqi soil, and that tipped their hand to show you just how serious it’s getting.

    Hezbollah is in a great position and battle hardened from the Syrian war. This of course worries Israel a lot, so anything can happen now. With the end of ISIS on tap, they will be looking to surprise each other. I suspect though that before they drop the gloves, “Muslims” will suddenly attack Europe in a big way. A part of me actually believes that that is the underlying reason that (((they))) have flooded Europe with these shitstains…because they know damn well that sooner or later we are going to snap, and hopefully for them, fight their war.

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  • Let’s crowd-fund a alt-right gang to take over libyas shores instead of just a boat to intercept them.

    coupple dozen good guys who can work MGs and RPG should do it.

  • If I am to believe Renegade Tribune there are plenty of christcucks in US alone. Probably more than quite a few in Europe as well. If they are black or white doesn’t matter that much. The problem is that they are christcucks. We must find our way back to our pagan pasts and dump all the jewish religions. All three of them.

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  • It needs to happen until either Europeans world wide rise up or get annihilated. It’s a hard lesson but one that is 100% necessary. You could spend all night and day reminiscing on how it didn’t HAVE to be this way, and it’s all pointless. It always had to go this way. When the (((criminals))) have turned an entire civilization into slaves and you have a legal system that protects the (((criminals))) while gathering the good slaves to enforce their jurisdiction over their fellow slaves then the only solution left is 100% pure chaos. Order out of chaos. Make good use of it in the short window that you have it or you’ll truly deserve what you get.

    There’s no other way at this point then to burn it all down. Every political movement across the board is just a stop-gap measure. Nobody is really taking seriously returning France to all French or Germany to all Germans, etc. Only chaos will allow that opportunity and it’s coming whether you want it or not. Neither side can stop pushing and pulling now that critical mass has been hit and the center is just buying its time before it bottoms out. Doesn’t take a genius to figure out that within 10 years there will cease to be a center and even your “classic liberal” fags will be laughed off stage.

    This train has no brakes. Bring in all of them, as many as possible, so that fire of pure unadulterated focused rage can grow to the point that a new man comes out from the fires. Western Civilization can die as it’s historically been. Most of us are more interested in what comes next.

  • Yet another chapter in the real life Camp of the Saints. Jean Raspail was the greatest prophet of the Twentieth Century.

  • This should be the # 1 issue of the day in anything even remotely Conservative, Nationalist in USA, Australia etc.


    But, it’s somehow not. I spent the weekend in Memphis TN with Alt Right, mostly older Neo Confederate types. Perfectly nice folks. The guys doing the tech stuff were White LDS Mormons – both married with large families. I went to LDS Mormon church services outside of Memphis – nice folks, lots of good looking White wives and White little kids. The few Blacks in the church were well behaved and respectful, their parents obviously want them to be around and act like clean, White LDS Mormons.

    That said. These LDS Mormons just can not rap their minds around race and subjects like this Camp of the Saints Black young male African invasion of Europe/The West. They can’t rap their mind around the reality – and we’re talking Camp of the Saints type reality or even “The Walking Dead” Zombie flesh eating reality.

    I try to tell these people we’re talking about Lord Of the Rings type Orcs. It’s not a question of teaching everyone to obey God’s commandments. They insist all evidence to the contrary that the LDS Mormon missionaries that go off to Black Africa to convert all the heathens, these Missionaries are somehow going to convince the locals to stay and build the Mormon Church where they live in Black Africa and not flood in to Europe or even Provo Utah.

    Jack Ryan

  • Assassinate Merkel, the leaders of England, France, Sweden, Netherlands, you can go on and on and on. But once you’ve done that they’ll start deciding that immigration is not the way forward !!

  • Hasn’t the time come to start getting real ?!?

    This time we need to go ahead and adamantly oppose Israel until it becomes a compliant and moral nationstate !!

    Is there any reason not to ? Look what they’re doing to Europe and by extension to us; THEY’RE KILLING US !!
    They know it, leaders of Europe know it, the Russians know it, everybody knows it, except the native populations of Europe, which are so cowered with liberal ideology that they can’t see their face because of the fact their head’s up their ass!

    Israel and Zionism is a complete cause of this as well as George Soros and his lackeys. America freed Europe during the second world war, and we should not allow our country to be betrayed by Zionist who only wish to destroy us so they can achieve world domination. When are you all going to become adults and face facts ??

  • You don’t need 5 million, you need a couple vigilantes to sink their boats on the med in high profile cases. They wouldn’t dare cross into Europe then.

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