Simply Existing Is A Threat

We should always remember journalism is a tactic, not a profession. As such, it’s not surprising that the far-left activists who call themselves journalists blamed the Alt Right for the violence in Charlottesville. But they are lying. And they know they are lying.

When the Alt-Right marched into Charlottesville, they applauded the police. “Blue Lives Matter” was the chant. After all, the demonstrators had the law on their side. They had a permit, had coordinated with law enforcement before the event to avoid any trouble, and simply wanted to peacefully air their views. If the rule of law meant anything, if the Constitution was still in existence in any real sense, the police would safeguard the Unite The Right demonstration.

A few moments later, the police attempted to have the demonstrators killed. The police deliberately drove the demonstrators into the massed ranks of Antifa, who screamed obscenities and attacked, all while the post-Christian clergy who had helped organize the demonstrations smiled beatifically at the blood being shed in the name of “love.” The Antifa, for their part, chanted “f*ck the police” at their de facto allies in blue.

When Alt Right demonstrators defended themselves, they were given draconian charges, while the leftists were given a slap on the wrist. The national media seems curiously uninterested in who gave the order to unleash chaos. Instead, they blamed Unite The Right for the violence.

Antifa was also quite open about their hatred for Whites as such. “We will replace you!” was their cry in Charlottesville. At American Renaissance conferences, attendees celebrate the firebombing of Dresdenas do members of the “anti-German movement” in Germany. A professor who appeared on television to defend Antifa openly wishes for the deaths of his own students who are police officers. The media can’t decide whether ‘’White genocide” is an Alt Right conspiracy theory or a positive social good that must be pursued by any means necessary.

We should always remember journalism is a tactic, not a profession. As such, it’s not surprising that the far-left activists who call themselves journalists blamed the Alt-Right for the violence in Charlottesville. But they are lying. And they know they are lying. Because it wasn’t the Alt-Right who was attacking reporters in the streets, it was Antifa. Including, of course, the very reporters who had been accompanying Alt Right personalities to try to write their hit pieces.

Because of Donald Trump’s criticism of “fake news” and the “lying media,” reporters have begun carefully preparing the Narrative that any action against journalists will be the president’s fault. CNN hyperventilated about Trump retweeting a .gif from the WWE as an endorsement of violence. The truly unhinged Hillary Clinton even suggested President Trump (like Putin!) might already have ordered the murder of reporters.

Of course, Antifa has already been attacking journalists. Unlike those “hate crimes” that supposedly swept the country after President Trump was elected, some of these assaults were captured on video. Assaults on journalists by Antifa are habitual. Yet this doesn’t prevent the far-left paramilitaries from consistently receiving adoring coverage from the very liberals who are promised “the bullet” by Antifa.

One of the most ridiculous talking points we are seeing from the reporters eager for clickbait is the idea that they are “infiltrating” the Alt-Right. Sometimes, this “infiltration” does not seem to be even happening in real life. A black guy (a “poet” and “actor” apparently) spends time on Alt Right websites and the media treats him like he is James Bond infiltrating some underground SPECTRE base. Reporters interview Alt Right activists and they act like they are putting their life on the line. Even the so-called “string” that “Hope Not Hate” has been promoting with a great deal of fanfare only involved one act of violence, when the ridiculous “secret agent” got maced by Antifa.

This is why it is only a limited victory when conservatives say the Antifa and Alt-Right are “equally bad.” While it counts as progress that conservatives are beginning to recognize the threat of Antifa, it’s simply an obvious declaration of the fact that when there is no Antifa, there is no violence. At the Free Speech rally held only a few weeks before in Washington D.C., the opposition had their say not far away from our gathering. The more hardcore Antifa took the opportunity to protest the police. Not surprisingly, there was no violence.

Yet we are continuously told it is the Alt-Right, by its very presence, that is somehow a threat. By existing, we create the potential for violence. Violence by other groups is blanked out, simply written out of existence, even if it is a direct threat:

  • Just hours after a Christian church was attacked by a Sudanese “refugee” in Tennessee, explicitly on racial grounds, the Southern Baptist Convention was moaning that the obstacle to a “well-ordered, peaceful society” is not the deliberate importation of millions of people who hate white Christians, but the “evil” Alt-Right. These shepherds are not only hostile to any attempt to safeguard their beleaguered flock, they seem to positively delight in the opportunity to introduce wolves into their midst.
  • Congressman Steve Scalise was seriously wounded in an attempted massacre of Republican congressmen by a deranged Democratic activist. This crime seems to have had no impact on the unhinged media coverage of President Trump and the Republican majority, as the accusations of “treason” and demands for “resistance” are just as virulent as ever. What’s more, it seems to have had no impact on the Republican Congress itself, that found the time to push through a Joint Resolution condemning “white nationalism,” and not mentioning Antifa. (It’s worth noting that a man who quite explicitly supported literal black nationalism – carving out a black ethnostate from American territory – is now vice-chair of the Democrat Party. No black congressmen have disavowed; indeed some still seem to support it.
  • In Charlottesville, the fatality blamed on the Alt-Right, Heather Heyer, occurred under chaotic circumstances created by the police. Indeed, it’s hard to see how charges of “murder” will ever be sustained, as Heyer’s death appears to have been caused by a heart attack. This incident is being used to justify a sweeping crackdown on free speech. In contrast, the murder of five police officers in Dallas by a Black Lives Matter supporter, an attack widely celebrated by black activists, was not used against the movement. It did not slow the movement down nor seriously handicap the drive to force people to pay at least lip service to BLM. And a statue of Robert E. Lee was recently removed from the city – somehow, killing one person as part of the effort.

To even speak of the “Free World” is a sick joke – if we are asked to die in a war against Russia, it would be the greatest crime in history. Even the Daily Caller admits, “Eastern Bloc social life under communism was considerably freer than contemporary American life is for the middle and upper middle classes.”

And America is still far better than Western Europe, where the current governments are far more illegitimate and tyrannical than anything found in East Germany. Say what you will about the gruesome Erich Honecker, but I can’t imagine he’d let Muslims gang rape the daughters of entire cities and then arrest those who protest it, as does the “conservative” Theresa May.

Such repression is necessary for this system to limp on. The “normie” is, as we all know, essentially a lemming, looking for permission to believe or say certain things. But we shouldn’t be too dismissive of the average person. It’s common to find that many people support “far right” views, but their willingness to declare their support declines once they find who is actually associated with such views.

This suggests that most people are essentially as “right wing” as they are “allowed” to be. This is also why the Left and its media allies are so dedicated to making sure unacceptable people are denied a platform, and why they are so enraged at people who “normalize” or “enable” figures such as President Trump. What is the “far right?” Militant common sense. As Antifa implicitly admit with their tactics and the reporters explicitly argue with their demands for censorship and deplatforming, once we reach a certain level of support, we can’t be stopped.

The demonstration in Charlottesville is a typical example. For the specific issue in question, the majority of people supported the Unite The Right demonstrators. A solid majority of Americans want to preserve Confederate memorials. Incidentally, far more blacks support preserving Confederate memorials than will vote for the likes of Mitt Romney. And yet, this huge grouping of people is all but unrepresented in the political class.

Support for the true right is always far greater than polls or electoral results suggests. If someone says, “He tells it like it is” one instantly thinks of a right-wing populist. Everyone, from the Alt-Right to the Media Left knows this is a supervised society, a de facto occupation. The existing System only functions if opinions, symbols, and arguments are carefully policed and managed. And there is no scenario where the Alt-Right can exist “peacefully” in the existing framework.

Implicit in the theory of “White privilege” is the premise that there can be no bad ending for White people. Whites can never be genocided, conquered or oppressed, and indeed, never have been. Whites are a uniquely evil race of conquers and exploiters. As we are endlessly told, racism means “structural power” that apparently Whites have and no one else does. Needless to say, it’s awfully convenient for those who govern our lives if we actually believe this.

There’s nothing particularly new or innovative about those in power pushing an ideology that justifies their existence. Nor is there anything original about justifying it because the existing social order is ostensibly what’s best for the “poor” and the “oppressed.”

A ruling class remains a ruling class even when it denies it is in power. Power is often best exercised when it is concealed. But there’s no reason for us to take to take these claims seriously or pretend our rulers are arguing in good faith.

The reporters, professors, and intellectuals who posture as rebels against the establishment are nothing more than the priests and propagandists of the existing civic religion. The Alt Right is a culture of radical critique and deconstruction turned against those who control Western nations. That is precisely why they want – and need – to shut us down.

Blacks defying the symbols of the nation, rioting, or even murdering police officers are not a threat, as no one seriously believes they are capable of independent political organization. (Even Malcolm X was just a client of the liberal activist groups by the end, not to mention a literal cuckold.) Islamic terrorist attacks are just “part and parcel” of living in a big city. But a flyer on a college campus that promotes White identity is an existential threat and must be crushed.

The reporters who spearhead this effort at repression understand this. They can’t possibly believe their own propaganda about how violent and dangerous we are – they are far too eager to spy on us, attack us, hang around us, infiltrate us, interview us, and explain us, knowing all the while they are in almost no risk of physical harm. The Antifa they are so eager to lionize is far more likely to attack them. Yet in a deeper way, the Antifa is no threat to journalists. They are, after all, simply the militant wing of their System.

We, simply by our existence, create the possibility of a new way of being, a threat to their entire worldview and the System that gives them status and identity. That is what truly terrifies them. Some Antifa thug might smash their face in. But just by existing, we threaten to deconstruct them

Gregory Hood
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