Taking the Stand — Ep 4: Kyle Chapman’s Gang Assaults Based POCs to Prove They Aren’t Racist

For this mid-week short, Caerulus Rex is joined by Irma Hinojosa (who has never disavowed Richard Spencer or Caerulus Rex, F***in based!) Irma recently attended a rally demanding Hillary Clinton be brought to justice re: Benghazi and “Extortion 17”.

She warns of the danger posed by mentally ill convicted felon Kyle Chapman and his violent gang of proud boys, bringing an anecdote of how they physically assaulted #LatinosForTrump POC’s that they have deemed “white supremacists” to prove that they aren’t “nazis”

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Caerulus is an experienced podcaster and sound editor. He has produced the very successful Third Rail podcast, as well as his own Salting the Earth.


  • Is the reply button broken on some browsers?

    And yes, it’s weird for a guy with that many felonies to go around promoting violence in a state with a three strikes law.

    No need for a conspiracy to want to steer well clear, just common sense.

  • Kyle Chapman has turned the proud boys into an organized gang! Lol The Alt-Right/Far Right organizations need to disavow Kyle & Proud boys!

  • Merchant right? Alt k!ke is a far more accurate description of these ‘alt lite’ jagaloons.

    Gavin has always been a depraved pervert, paid shill, and an anti-Aryan extremist so none of this surprises me and frankly I wouldn’t put it past him and Ezra Levant to use one of their intermediaries to find someone like Chapman, bribe him to attack some antifa terrorist on camera, use said attack to promote him as some sort of alt k!ke hero, then coast off that notoriety to make him a leader in a pseudo-nationalist anti-Aryan alt k!ke terrorist group that can be used to silence pro-Aryan activists and anyone else that doesn’t bow and scrape before the Jews.

  • Well worth listening to. Thx Rex.

    I had visions of Bill Cutty in Gamgs of New York after listening to that podcast.

    Yeah, stay clear of (((Chapman)))

  • I remember when the Alt-Right used to love “Based Stickman.” But now he’s your enemy.

    Speaking of which, member Jason Jorjani? Ooh I member him! Poor guy.

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