Suu Kyi “Honoured” for Protecting National Integrity

She love Myanmar long time...

Since she rose up from being a “bleeding heart” cause célèbre of Western shitlibs to being the actual leader of Myanmar, Aung San Suu Kyi has made rapid progress as a stateswoman and protector of her native land. In recent weeks she has been supporting her nation’s security forces as they deal with the problem of the Rohingya, a largely alien Muslim population in the country’s North West that has been involved in violence against the native population.

Accordingly, she has now received the ultimate accolade for a former shitlib heroine who has done the right thing by defending her nation, namely having her name ceremoniously removed from the junior common room of a shitty, pozzed Oxford college.

A few years ago, Western liberals and leftists automatically assumed that Suu Kyi was “one of them” because she was (a) a woman, (b) non-White, (c) had married someone of a different race — an Englishman — and (d) was kept under house arrest in Rangoon by some tough guys in uniforms.

In fact, they were so sure that she was a fellow shitlib that a lot of Leftist universities went to the trouble of naming rooms after her, including the college of St Hugh’s, Oxford, where she had actually studied politics, philosophy, and economics before it was pozzed in the 1960s.

Shitlibs also campaigned for her to be given the 1991 Nobel Peace Prize, and that doofus Bono even wrote a song celebrating her…um…heroism. Even funnier, it’s called “Walk On,” as in the Rohingya should “walk on” out the fuck of Myanmar, LOL. Even funnier, it has a line about packing a suitcase, ROFL.

Back when shitlibs were blowing smoke up her ass like this, she was frequently mentioned in Oscar winning speeches by cringy left-wing actors, gushing about what an “inspiration” she was, although, up to that time, she had done little except be the daughter of a famous dead politician and being placed under house arrest.

Anyway, since she became “1st State Counsellor of Myanmar,” which is basically like Prime Minister but with some “supervision” from the army, Suu Kyi has been showing what a great leader she really is by using her international moral capital to back up her state security forces in dealing with the Islamic threat posed by the Rohingya people.

This switch from imagined shitlib to actual ethnonationalist leader was entirely predictable, as all non-White people have strong tribal and identitarian instincts, and are genuinely baffled by the globalist, one-world bullshit that White liberal twats in the West manage to brainwash themselves into believing.

The Rohingya problem is routinely described in the Leftist media as a “humanitarian crisis” — cue furrowed brows and shots of crying children. But in a sense they are right, because any time you get millions of non-native Muslims brought into your country by alien elites you can be pretty sure that a lot of innocent people are going to suffer and die.

Oh, just another Buddhist monk butchered by your friendly neighbourhood Jihadis.

You also know that, if you do nothing about it and just allow the Muslim population to keep growing and radicalising, it is likely to generate some horrific genocidal conflict at some point in the future.

The majority of the Rohingya were originally brought into Myanmar by the British from neighbouring Bengal to serve as cheap labour and push down the wages of native Burmese. So it is high time that they returned to their natural ethnostate of Bangladesh.

Of course, being a great leader for your people and preventing future genocidal wars is something that pro-globalist White Leftist students can’t countenance. Hence the vote by the students of St Hugh’s College Oxford to effectively honour Suu Kyi by removing her name from their crappy junior common room, which will now probably be suitably renamed after some Muslim terrorist, anti-White racist, commie mass murderer, or sexual deviant.

The motion passed by the students unwittingly praised Suu Kyi for her skilful “silence and complicity” in her country’s defence of its national integrity by encouraging the Rohingya Muslims to return to their natural ethnostate. The motion incorrectly described this process as “ethnic cleansing,” completely forgetting about the real ethnic cleansing that was carried out when the Rohingya Bengalis moved in under the guns of the British, and pushed out the original Burmese inhabitants.

The colourfully worded St Hugh’s resolution read:

“Aung San Suu Kyi’s inability to condemn the mass murder, gang rape and severe human rights abuses in Rakhine is inexcusable and unacceptable. She has gone against the very principles and ideals she had once righteously promoted.”

This act of statesmanship by Suu Kyi was prompted by growing evidence that jihadi militants loyal to ISIS were active in the Rohingya community. Recently, ISIS militants also seized control of a city in another South East Asian country, the Philippines, where non-Muslims were butchered like sheep before the security services reestablished control.

So far around half a million Rohingya have successfully returned to their correct ethnostate, greatly enhancing the peace prospects of the region.

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Good for her.


“Aung San Suu Kyi’s inability to condemn the mass murder, gang rape and severe human rights abuses in Rakhine is inexcusable and unacceptable. She has gone against the very principles and ideals she had once righteously promoted.”

Notice that wording. It is her “inability to condemn” that is the problem, that people are being supposedly mass murdered, gang raped etc is in fact jolly good because it enables these evil scumbags to demonstrate just how good they are by condemning stuff they otherwise don’t care about on social media. Truly despicable. That’s the future western elite.


Mynamar is about 6.2% Christians (Muslims are 4.35%). There is some Christian discrimination, but the Buddhist Burmese are not kicking out the Christians. Hindus are about 0.5%, but no one is kicking them out. It’s always Muslims and Jews that are kicked out. These 2 groups are flip sides of the same worthless coin who do nothing but cause problems in host countries.


As a white ethno-nationalist I fully support her and any other foreign race that fights to secure its homeland.

Jack Burton

When you don’t have Jews, liberal sociopaths and suicidal Christian cultists running your country:

Myanmar citizens, as defined by the 1947 Constitution, are persons who belong to an “indigenous race”, have a grandparent from an “indigenous race”, are children of citizens, or lived in British Burma prior to 1942.

Dual citizenship is not recognised by Myanmar. Naturalization in another country immediately voids Myanmar citizenship.

Foreigners cannot become naturalized citizens of Myanmar, unless they can prove a close familial connection to the country.

The law has been described as perpetuating an apartheid-like regime.

Gothic Joe

But do Colin Liddell and all the other Alt-Right boys praising her consider her husband a race traitor? 😒

Doug Huffman

In the lede line, perhaps biased as Rodrigo Duterte.

Hipster Racist
The Dali Lama forbids oral sex between husbands and wives and homosexuality of any kind for his people – he’s more sexually conservative than a Southern Baptist Bible thumper. He’s fighting against the Chinese ethnically cleansing his homeland via mass immigration. “Free Tibet” is a nationalist slogan. Anti-white leftists love him because he’s brown. Gandhi fought FOR segregation from Blacks in South Africa, then became a nationalist leader of India, driving out foreigners. Anti-white leftists loved him because he was brown. The fact is most anti-white leftists are not that smart, and the ones that are smart are mostly just… Read more »
Franklin Ryckaert

Ironically (or should I say : pathologically) most of these anti-white leftists are themselves white. Antifas are almost exclusively white. We can blame non-Whites, we can blame Jews for our demographic situation, but anti-white Whites are a major source of our problems.


Bono really was a prophet after all these years of doubt.


At the Wikipedia pages on the Rohingya people, one can literally see how the different factions are fighting over the question of whether they are indigenous or not to Burma. The tone and line of argument changes almost from sentence to sentence.

You know what, I care about their immigration status as much as your average Muslim immigrant cares about the rights of the native peoples of Europe. The Burmese have their shit together and don’t want to be exterminated by Islam like Buddhism in India and along the silk road was. Who can blame them for that?