YouTube Censorship Surge with Jared Taylor & James Allsup

We discuss why they are doing this, who is being affected and what we can do to fight back.

Live stream hosted by Henrik, Lana & Reinhard.

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  • I refuse to pay youtube any money to sign up for their red service until they reverse their discriminatory practices and allow total freedom of speech and ideas.

  • Can some of our younger activists who are more knowledgeable on this give us some alternatives to Youtube? I ‘m interested in mainstream video hosting that has way less censorship. Not interested in small White Nationalist video hosting that preaches to the choir and the choir are dysfunctional misfits who can’t keep a job or get a date.

  • Racist YouTubers routinely block people and delete comments when, invariably, they start losing a debate. So alt-righters and neo-nazis have to confer the same free speech they’re demanding in order to be taken seriously.

  • ” Nicholas J. Fuentes‏Verified account @NickJFuentes Oct 23

    Good rule of thumb for Right Wing rhetoric/optics: If you couldn’t sell it to a blue collar Catholic white guy in Wisconsin, it’s a bad idea”

    This is a truly awful take, even Paul Nehlen didn’t sell in Wisconsin. But Paul Ryan did.

    The Alt-Right is supposed to be a radical movement, that gets to the root of the real issues. Be wary of those who just want to elect some Republicans.

  • Welcome to the First Amendment! YouTube doesn’t have to give you anything. It’s not a government company. Make your own video service, whiny babies.

  • Start calling the heuristic used to determine which videos are censored the “reasonable jew standard”.

  • We should start referring to the heuristic that YouTube uses to determine which speakers to censor as the “reasonable jew standard”.This does two things,it harkens back to censors of comic books and novels and movies and puts us in the light of those who fought for freedom of speech in previous times,a good look for us right now,also it makes the point we were trying to make by speaking in the first place and the focus then becomes “Why don’t these jews want me to see this stuff”? We all know the jews will freak out and confirm that they are doing it but if they deny it we can show them the ADL’s hand on the scale in the form of publicly available news articles.Then they will have to lie,which will make them hated for being liars and hated for being cowards who try unsuccessfully to hide their malfeasance,i.e.,their prominent role in the anti-free speech movement.

  • Appealing to normies is up to politicians and activists.

    Alt Right is an intellectual movement that is about the Vision thing. The long term vision.

    So, Fuentes is right about the necessity of pragmatism in the here and now.
    But he fails to understand that Alt Right is a vanguard movement that must remain above mere pragmatism and kissing babies. It needs a long vision. It is the eye that looks into the distant horizon from the top of the mast.

    In contrast, Alt Right is about taking the long view into the future.

    It’s like there are two sides to Christianity. There is Jesus who never compromised and died for His beliefs. He failed in life.
    And then, there were Christian activists who watered down the religion to appeal to Paganists who were then prominent and the establishment. The pragmatists made the success of Christianity possible. They had to appeal to pagan normies of the time. Even so, the Core of Christianity cannot be compromised.

    Every movement has its principled side and its pragmatic side.

    Alt Right will deal with core principles.

    ALL Right(where people like Nick Fuentes belongs) will deal with the pragmatics of reaching out to normies.

    Both Alt Right and ALL Right are necessary. Core Theory and Cool Practice.

    The reason why Alt Right gravitates to neo-paganism is because Christianity is bigger than any race or any culture. It’d be wrong to say Jesus loves whites more than browns, yellows, or blacks. That Christianity became a European religion is an accident of history. If Islam had never arrived on the scene, the Middle East and North Africa would have been Christian too, and Christianity would not have been linked particularly to the West.

    Currently, Christianity is a worldwide globalist religion. It is no longer particularly western. Indeed, it’s run out of gas in the West and is much more alive in Africa and China.

    Therefore, Whites have two options:




    Neo-Paganism connects whites to myths, stories, and symbols that are exclusively European. These myths don’t have to believed literally; they can be appreciated for their beauty, poetry, imagination, inspiration, genius, and stories.

    Neo-Covenantism acknowledges One God for all of humanity(and the universe) and the special role of Jesus Christ but posits that each race/group/people have a special covenant with God. It’s like Jews believe there is only one God for all of humanity but believe they have a special covenant with God.

    Neo-Covenantism will be exciting because it will require the emergence of white prophets to receive this covenant from the Great Power. Religion will come alive once more, and it can bring about white Abraham, white Moses, and white David.

  • Thought the flag behind Allsup was Lebanese, but no, it’s Cascadia’s (proto-North West ethnostate). Would make a pretty, discreet bumper sticker. (if this is a dupe, plz delete – my first 2 didn’t show up immediately.)

  • That’s the Cascadian flag behind Allsup (thought at first it was Lebanon). Such a beautiful flag! Would make a pretty, discreet bumper sticker.

  • Beautiful flag of Allsup’s. I thought it was Lebanese, but it’s Cascadia’s (a North West proto-ethnostate-let).

  • Very accurate to say (paraphrasing Jared) “our contribution to the internet is just a single drop in an ocean of content. But yet they are doing this to us because our ideas are persuasive and we know we’re right.”

  • Loved watching! Though Jared isn’t on the JQ, he leads more folks to us! Lana looked beautiful as always! Love seeing my white sisters making a POSITIVE difference for our race!

  • I’ve been saying for years that the real agenda of the alt-right and Spencer in particular is to transfer all the Jewish pathologies onto white people Turn them into tribals only concerned with immediate gain and self-interest. Europeans created a great civilization exactly because they didn’t seek immediate reward – thanks to Christianity. Glad to see the alt-right project all but derailed and their platforms shut down. Youtube, Facebook etc are doing whites a great service by purging the world of the alt-right filth so they can only find refuge either on Israeli TV or the dark web with pedophiles and pervs, in other words with the scum they belong.

  • I’ve been saying for years that the real agenda of the alt-right and Spencer in particular is to transfer all the Jewish pathologies onto white people Turn them into tribals only concerned with immediate gain and self-interest. Europeans created a great civilization exactly because they didn’t seek immediate reward – thanks to Christianity. Glad to see the alt-right project all but derailed and their platforms shut down. Youtube, Facebook etc are doing whites a great service by purging the world of the alt-right filth so they can only find refuge either on Israeli TV or the dark web, in other words with the scum they belong.

  • If Mormons owned Youtube and banned Zionist speech as Jewish Hate or Jewish Supremacism, trust me when I say the government will go after Youtube.

    If Catholics owned Facebook and banned Homo Agenda as Gay Hate or Gay Supremacism, trust me when I say the government will go after Facebook.

    If Arab-Americans owned Twitter and banned BLM speech as Black Hate or Black Supremacism, trust me when I say the government will go after Twitter.

    This is why Alt Right must emphasize that it is a White National Liberation Movement seeking independence from Jewish Supremacism and Jewish Monopoly-Capitalism over America and the world.


    I would argue Alt Right is race-ist. ‘Ism’ means belief, and ‘race-ism’ should mean belief in reality of race and racial differences.

    And all Americans are race-ist either consciously or subconsciously. Why do black males call white males ‘white boys’? It’s because they believe white males are weaker and easy to beat up and bully. Black guys see white guys as racially-physically inferior.
    Why do white males worship black athletes in football and basketball? Because white males see black males as tougher and manlier. That is why so many white males are like wussy dogs sucking up to superior black wolves.
    Why do white women go with black males? How can we account for the phenom of Jungle Fever and Cuck culture? It’s because white women are turned on by black men with harder muscle and bigger penises. And why do white cucks invite black ‘bulls’ to hump their own wives or girlfriends? Because cucky white males are turned on by black domination. It’s like beta-dog sucking up to alpha dog.
    Why is American Pop Music so heavily black? Because blacks got stronger voices and faster dance moves than other races.
    How come interracial relations between whites and yellows are mostly white male and yellow female? Because yellow females find white men to be manlier than yellow males who are deemed inferior.
    Why are people more nervous about moving to an area with lots of blacks? Because blacks are more prone to aggression and because they are tougher, thus more dangerous as criminals.
    Why do US politicians worship Jews as supremacist overlords? Because Jews got higher IQ, make more money, and control the media. Jewish power can destroy anyone who won’t comply. And Hawley is just another pathetic cuck.

    So, even as ‘racism’ is denounced as the worst sin in America — or derided as just a ‘social construct’ — , so much of human behavior in sex, crime, residence, profession, and etc in America is premised on noticing racial differences.

    Everything about the US is race-ist. Everyone notices race all the time. Hawley talks about ‘liberal democracy’, but the US is really a Jewish-Zionist oligarchy that uses neo-imperialism to destroy nations hated by Israel. If US is a liberal democracy that plays no racial favorites, why are all of us forced to support Zionist Jews over Palestinians who still live under Occupation and apartheid?

    Hawley has no answer because he is wussy cuck. Pathetic boy. He might as well bend over to that other bogus intellectual Francis Fukuyama, another globalist shill who pretends to uphold ‘liberal democracy’ but is little more than a stooge for the Jews.

    What kind of a ‘liberal democracy’ is 98% gentile but has a media controlled by the 2%? And how ‘liberal’ are these Jews when they become even more hysterical than Joe McCarthy about the Russia Menace. At least when McCarthy sounded the alarm, Stalin had taken all of Eastern Europe and got the Bomb thanks to a real network of Jewish spies. But the current Russia Hacking is total fantasy. How was this fantasy possible? Because we have ethno-monopoly of the media. US is, in effect, a Jewish Supremacist state. Jews run America like British Imperialists once ruled over India. How did homomania or Queertianity become the new religion of America? Because Jews got monopoly power over media, money, and academia. Jews waged war on Christianity and replaced it with a new faith of their choosing. Worship of Homos.

    This brings us to the question as to whether Alt Right is ‘white supremacist’. While there are some neo-Nazi types in the movement, the Alt Right is really fueled by a sense of White Inferioritism. How are whites inferior? They are inferior to various in different ways. Whites are inferior to Ashkenazi Jews in IQ. That means smarter Jews will make more money, gain more influence, and possibly use that influence AGAINST whites. This IQ advantage has led to Jewish domination of finance, media, entertainment, technology, medicine, and etc. And Jews often use their power to undermine white identity and culture all over the world. Soros wants to turn Poland and Hungary into North Africa.

    In relation to blacks, whites feel inferior in manhood. Black guys routinely bully or beat up white guys. White guys lose manhood and become wussy. And white girls notice this and lose respect for white guys and go with blacks. This leads to ACOWW or Afro-colonization of white wombs. White males thus become ‘Asianized’. It’s like when the US was in Vietnam, bigger and stronger American guys were kicking scrawny yellow butts and humping all the yellow women. Like the scene in FULL METAL JACKET. Notice how American guys are like real men while Viet boy is a cuck.

    Similar dynamic exists between black males and white males. Blacks are only 13% of US population but dominate football and basketball because racial differences are real. And supposedly black men got longer penises, and women are into big dongs because we now in whore culture that encourages women to hook up and screw around. Women now grow up thinking of sex not as part of marriage but as hunt for bigger orgasms, and that means increase in Jungle Fever.

    So, Alt Right isn’t about white guys being superior men or ubermensch. It’s about trying to preserve white identity white manhood, and white mental health by creating a safe space for whites away from smarter Jews and stronger blacks.

    It is a white national liberation movement from Jewish supremacism and black supremacism. Jews see whites as cattle to manipulate, and black guys see white women as theirs and they see white guys as wussy ‘white boys’. And current Liberalism has an entire sexual culture called Cuckoldism that has white boys accepting black men as sexual superiors who DESERVE to have first dibs on white women.

    But Hawley is too afraid to venture into this area. But then, so is much of the Alt Right. I get flak from Alt Right when I psychoanalyze them and point out that they are driven by fear and anxiety of smarter Jews and stronger blacks. While some Alt Rightists are willing to admit to such cases of inferoritism among whites, some just get very touchy and refuse to face facts.

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