Muslim Vikings Exposed: The Money & Propaganda Behind the Lie

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  • Your organization needs to contact the theologian Dr. James White about this. He debates Muslims on a regular basis and is familiar with the way they lie about almost everything to prove their religion. For example, they ignore all of the obvious scientific errors in the Koran, such as the creation of man from a blood clot.

  • Everyone knows negroid Egyptian Kangz flew their pyramids to Sweden way before the Muslims brought them civilization.

  • Well…the Vikngs definitely sold off captured Europeans as slaves to the Muslims…so no white solidarity there.

  • Was nicht paßt, wird passend gemacht… “Facts” manipulated to fit a desired outcome. Orwellian stuff

  • How convenient. Why no comment on the obvious Indo-Germanic swastika next to the alleged “Islamic” writing. First black Romans on a kid’s show in Britain, now Muslim Vikings….

  • This is some very good debunking! Also very good at calling out the anti-white white woman that made up this bs!

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