Does The Alt-Right Believe In “Sexual Harassment”?

In terms of the anti-White media bias, it’s a heads they win tails we lose situation.  Take the Harvey Weinstein scandal in Hollywood.  A Jewish movie mogul sexually harasses aspiring actresses and possibly worse, and it’s an indictment of men writ large, and White males in particular.  This scandal is used to rehash the dubious sexual harassment charges against Bill O’Reilly and President Trump, and by implication, is set as an example of “toxic masculinity.”

With Omar Mateen, the Muslim mass murderer who killed 49 people at a gay club in Orlando, we saw the media condemn homophobia, not radical Islam.  And so with Weinstein we have the same exasperating reaction from shitlibs.  Mark my words, this incident will be used to clamp down on Fuckin’ White Males from having any type of normal workplace existence with any type of normal interaction with females.

Sexual harassment legislation, and even sexual harassment culture, if you will, (the culture of witch-hunts for sexual harassers), are deleterious to the success of White males.  Anyway, one suspects that the most egregious sexual harassment emanates from non-Whites, as the Weinstein incident confirms.  That’s right, despite what you hear in the MSM, this is yet another example of the lecherous behavior of non-White men.

Clamping down on sexual harassment is all well and good; but will Blacks males, for example, be punished for the same transgressions?  Of course not, even though we know that they are the most egregious offenders in terms of their not-so-subtle advances towards women in all contexts; not to mention our women.  Surely if there are to be any standards with regards to the honorable conduct towards women, Blacks will be the most flagrant violators. That type of sexual harassment we are indeed against on the Alt-Right.  But as we know, any standards which ever so lightly touch upon POC will be blithely ignored whenever inconvenient.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment as a cultural phenomenon is not quite so simple as promoting the well-being and respect of decent women.

Furthermore, we know the stats on rape vis-à-vis race, and that is obviously a more serious situation than sexual harassment.  Someone’s doing the raping, Don.

There are many angles from which to view the Weinstein scandal.  Professor MacDonald has elucidated the ethnic revenge angle; Mike Enoch discussed how beta Weinstein’s forlorn sexual advances actually were.

Well said, gents. But here’s my takeaway.

Firstly, I resent how the behavior of this man will now redound negatively towards non-sexual molestation inclined White males and will be used as a rallying point for feminists in their crusade against heterosexual, normal men; when after all, we were not the ones responsible for this behavior in Hollywood.

Secondly, at some point, women are going to have to take self-responsibility.  Actresses who willingly trade sexual favors, however bizarre, for fame are literally attention whores.

This slutty and shameless White female behavior is highly offensive to Alt-Right sensibilities.  This Hollywood scandal is a regrettable example of the depths to which our women have sunken in their shallow-headed pursuit of all the baubles which pop-culture has to offer.  And that is truly sad.

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