Does The Alt-Right Believe In “Sexual Harassment”?

In terms of the anti-White media bias, it’s a heads they win tails we lose situation.  Take the Harvey Weinstein scandal in Hollywood.  A Jewish movie mogul sexually harasses aspiring actresses and possibly worse, and it’s an indictment of men writ large, and White males in particular.  This scandal is used to rehash the dubious sexual harassment charges against Bill O’Reilly and President Trump, and by implication, is set as an example of “toxic masculinity.”

With Omar Mateen, the Muslim mass murderer who killed 49 people at a gay club in Orlando, we saw the media condemn homophobia, not radical Islam.  And so with Weinstein we have the same exasperating reaction from shitlibs.  Mark my words, this incident will be used to clamp down on Fuckin’ White Males from having any type of normal workplace existence with any type of normal interaction with females.

Sexual harassment legislation, and even sexual harassment culture, if you will, (the culture of witch-hunts for sexual harassers), are deleterious to the success of White males.  Anyway, one suspects that the most egregious sexual harassment emanates from non-Whites, as the Weinstein incident confirms.  That’s right, despite what you hear in the MSM, this is yet another example of the lecherous behavior of non-White men.

Clamping down on sexual harassment is all well and good; but will Blacks males, for example, be punished for the same transgressions?  Of course not, even though we know that they are the most egregious offenders in terms of their not-so-subtle advances towards women in all contexts; not to mention our women.  Surely if there are to be any standards with regards to the honorable conduct towards women, Blacks will be the most flagrant violators. That type of sexual harassment we are indeed against on the Alt-Right.  But as we know, any standards which ever so lightly touch upon POC will be blithely ignored whenever inconvenient.

Unfortunately, sexual harassment as a cultural phenomenon is not quite so simple as promoting the well-being and respect of decent women.

Furthermore, we know the stats on rape vis-à-vis race, and that is obviously a more serious situation than sexual harassment.  Someone’s doing the raping, Don.

There are many angles from which to view the Weinstein scandal.  Professor MacDonald has elucidated the ethnic revenge angle; Mike Enoch discussed how beta Weinstein’s forlorn sexual advances actually were.

Well said, gents. But here’s my takeaway.

Firstly, I resent how the behavior of this man will now redound negatively towards non-sexual molestation inclined White males and will be used as a rallying point for feminists in their crusade against heterosexual, normal men; when after all, we were not the ones responsible for this behavior in Hollywood.

Secondly, at some point, women are going to have to take self-responsibility.  Actresses who willingly trade sexual favors, however bizarre, for fame are literally attention whores.

This slutty and shameless White female behavior is highly offensive to Alt-Right sensibilities.  This Hollywood scandal is a regrettable example of the depths to which our women have sunken in their shallow-headed pursuit of all the baubles which pop-culture has to offer.  And that is truly sad.

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  • So many problems with this article.

    1) There is mention of statistics, but none provided. Sexual Harassment statistics bear out that white men are the biggest perpetrators of sexual harassment and women of color are their most frequent victims.

    2) The “journalist” falls into the trap of characterizing whole groups of people by attributing behaviors to that group from the most fringe, extreme examples of said group. Ed Gein and Jeffrey Dahmer are examples of extreme fringe white males. Doesn’t seem fair, though, to go and say all white men are serial-killing cannibals. What does seem fair, though, is to apply that same logic when discussing entire ethnic groups.

    3) “Sexual harassment legislation, and even sexual harassment culture … are deleterious to the success of White males.” This only bears out if all or most white males sexually harass their co-workers. Witch hunts was the driving point, but even a small amount of study of sexual harassment and rape shows that women are extremely reluctant to accuse men in these matters, primarily because they fear retribution …an example of such retribution is actually written into this article (see the last two paragraphs which attempt to slut-shame the victims of these crimes)!

    4) “Mark my words, this incident will be used to clamp down on Fuckin’ White Males from having any type of normal workplace existence with any type of normal interaction with females.” Not really supposed to have “normal interaction” with females at work. Your supposed to have professional interactions. Normal implies the whole range of interactions between men and women — which would include flirting and other sorts of expression of sexual interest which are inappropriate for the work place..

    These are just some of the glaring problems of the this article, the aim of which seems to be to advance a narrow perspective of the world that also lacks any empathy. Please provide more penetrating insight and sense next time.

  • Both the women crying harassment & Weinstein made millions. They needed him and the lecherous Jew needed the attention. ALL parties here are whores, and all the tears are fake. The real question is why now? It’s just another installment of the Left trying to delegitimize our country, our men, and our race.

  • Unfortunately, because of what is been going on in the culture, our women are more like hoars then they are like loving females. I don’t give a damn about how Negra women act, bill spread their legs for anything, but I am concerned about how loose our women have become

  • “I resent how the behavior of this man will now redound negatively towards non-sexual molestation inclined White males and will be used as a rallying point for feminists in their crusade against heterosexual, normal men; when after all, we were not the ones responsible for this behavior in Hollywood.”

    This. I literally had a discussion centered around this point last night. Get ready for the clamp down.

  • coughs as a survivor of sexual assault, I can say with confidence that my attacker was neither Jewish nor, as you so eloquently put it, “non-white”. Now, this is not to say that all you white males are horrible people, but please recognize that at least SOME white males are guilty of sexual violence!! Ignoring it/blaming other groups will not fix the issue and just make us snowflakes (and attractive women) hate you more!!! Thx! #triggered #snokeflake

  • “This slutty and shameless White female behavior is highly offensive to Alt-Right sensibilities.”


    Which is why the Alt-Rights Gravitational Vortices PULL…….

    Is Much Stronger than anything the Alt-Lite can offer…….

    The Alt-Lite CAN NOT Change the Culture……

    But, the Alt-Right CAN………

  • I made a satire post with the hashtag #methree on facebook…. fuckin feminists are flipping their shit on my fb profile right now. just do a search for that hashtag. you’ll see it. they’re so fuckin mad.

  • MBNM IX, Maybe it is a little messy. And yet, I hope, it has one crucial advantage; it is not tracked, analyzed, controlled, and/or manned by the (((tribe))). I think it is a high time to get rid off all the (((tribal))) controlled comment platforms. Specially on this site. It might be a little annoying but we have to move our dependency towards our internet platforms. And we all should voice our concerns regarding our dependency on the (((tribal))) controlled platforms and support any change in this direction.

  • So I’m getting moderators on my comments already.
    Am I being modded by or by representatives of the comment system itself?

    I’ll follow guidelines set up by if necessary, but please inform me of the rules and don’t expect me to just know them.

  • We need to learn to refer to ourselves primarily as White men, rather than by the Cultural Communist term White males. Yes, I’m male, but so is my dog. White men should be called men, especially by non-Whites and women, not “males” or “guys” or “boys.”

  • Bottom line, men and women ought not to mix in the working wold. Your wife ought to constitute the 90% of women you’re mingling with daily. You see? SIMPLE! That’s proper.
    And it begins with non-mixed, separate schooling, curriculum designed specifically for the nature of boys and the nature of girls.
    But most fundamentally it begins with burning of jeans, women wearing dresses and men wearing pants.

  • “Alt-Right sensibilities”

    Lmao! Do those sensibilities include posting rape threats and death threats on 4chan, calling your opponents cucks, dreaming of burning Jews in ovens, and running through the forest naked in front of children while chanting satanic White Wolf rituals? Your 4chan culture is the scum of the Earth. You have no moral authority over anyone.

  • VoxDay Red Injun is /our guy/ ? Next you’ll say that queer BBC cock loving paedo is Alt-Right…

    You should listen to the debate between Anglin and VoxDay about National Socialism. Vox reckons Hitler was “of the left”. While Anglin explained to him why Hitler was “of the right”. Vox is clearly not an Alt-Right thinker.

    Are you Vox btw?

    However I’d agree with his point in so much as women so fantasize about being raped. My divergence from him on that point is that that they’d not like it in reality.

    Mostly because it’ll be some sweaty Jew or smelly nog raping them. Not some hot looking white cad billionaire.

    • Vox Day is Alt-Right. He calls himself that and has published a comic about “Alt-Knight” or something like that.

      Your question asking if I was Vox Day is slightly absurd but amusing. Why would I insult myself?

      Completely absurd though is your pretense at knowing what women fantasize about. Tell me, oh prophet, how may I use magic to probe into the mind of a women and uncover her darker desires? Perhaps she desires to live deliciously, with the blood of a baby covering her naked body and the knife she murdered her mother with clutched tightly in her hand, her mother’s pathetic corpse rotting at her feet. Tell me, prophet, how mayvI know if this be in her head?

    • VoxDay exposed himself as not Altright when he argued that National Socialism is an anti-Western leftist ideology, attacked because the posters on it called him a paedophile, and sides with Jewish journalists over real Altrighters like Andrew Anglin over stupid things.

      Vox has written some good material like “SJW’s Always Lie”, but at the end of the day he is just your average “intellectual” who thinks winning pointless and autistic arguments is more important than tangible results. He doesn’t have much skin in the game.

      • It’s true that he’s not in favor of a purely white ethnostate, as he’s talked about welcoming native americans and Asians into the movement.

    • Vox is Alt Light at best.

      Vox attacks Alt Right people. He says absurd nonsense like NS Germany was anti-white when it was the highest manifestation of pro-white agency.

      Vox defends Jews.

      Vox lies all the time. He pretends he has an IQ of 160 and is smarter than everyone when he constantly lies, deceives people and uses pedantic fallacies.

      Vox is an egomaniac who is only partially in this movement for his own aggrandizement.

      Vox is not to be trusted.

  • Awkward courtships do happen on the workplace, which is what you get when you mix the two sexes in an environment for a long time. Jews and non-whites do seem to be taking it a lot farther and be a lot less courteous about it though.

  • As I see white liberal feminists proclaiming that we need more Islam in Western countries, I just don’t take this “manspreading, #MeToo, pussy-hat, rape culture” stuff seriously anymore.

  • Lmao at this article. Vox Day (who is one of YOUR guys) actually teaches his followers that women despise gentlemen and love rapists. He’s your f’ing guy, not a liberal or mainstream conservative. When are you gutless worms going to denounce him?

      • Liberal women are the ones who started using the term “rape culture.” They like “white knights,” not rapists. From what I’ve studied, it seems the only women who like rapists are radical Muslim women. They like being abused.

        • From what I’ve seen liberal women praise what they hate and hate what they praise. Ask yourself why they always end up surrounded by sexual deviants if they’re so anti-rape and anti-abuse.

          • Your comment is based on a flawed premise. Hollywood makes up a tiny, tiny percentage of the population. It’s full of wolves, and so is Wall Street. Any woman going in there (be she conservative or liberal) will be surrounded by the same wolves. But Hollywood is not a good example to prove a point. Many of the political positions taken by actresses are said to look cool and be part of a club.

            Fox News is a good example that proves my point because it’s populated by conservatives. All these conservative women were surrounded by predators, but it would be stupid indeed to say they wanted it.

            And another point: Most of the cases of alleged sexual assault in Hollywood are cases of a man trying and failing to have sex with an actress. If these actresses liked predators, then they would have consented to these men’s lusts. What happened instead was the opposite: They turned tail and ran.

          • A real hit? Nah, I won’t lir. But a reject? Nope. I’ve had two significant others and about half my friends are women. I’m actually pretty average.

        • From reading your comments it sounds like you still have a lot to learn where it comes to women.

          I don’t have any problem with you to be honest, but you should stop proselytizing to everyone here and just be happy that you’re enjoying your life with most of your innocence still intact.

          • It’s charming how you think that. I’m hardly innocent. Good? Sure. But not nearly inncocent. And for the record, I find the radical feminists who hate men as ignorant of reality as the people who argue rape is what women want. Dworkin was a idiot. Feminists who whine about “male gaze” don’t know a thing about sexuality. The ones who want to criminalize catcalls (which I’ve never done) are fascists. Thankfully none of the feminists in my life are like that.

    • I denounce you, Josephine……

      Run along now, Worm…..

      Go find another Comment Board to Troll, MESS……

  • Blacks are pretty shameless in the way they hit on white girls. Stuff that would end with you in the slammer as a white is brushed off when monkeys do it.

    • Low-IQ sociopaths usually don’t feel shame or remorse.

      It’s said that Wilt Chamberlain would ask every single woman to go home with him at a bar until he found a slut that would. He didn’t care if 50 rejected him if he could get 1 that would.

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