95 Theses Against Affirmative Action: Part III

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Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to a church door in Wittenberg, Germany 500 years ago this month (October 2017). His 1517 broadside ignited the Reformation and triggered cultural upheavals whose effects endure to this day. In commemoration of Luther’s landmark action, is publishing in three parts a new 95 Theses attacking one of liberalism’s holiest of holies. These 95 Theses Against Affirmative Action are timely, not only because of Luther’s 500th but also because of the Trump administration’s ongoing investigation into affirmative action at universities and because of Michelle Obama’s recent anti-white-male comments at a women’s conference. Let the reformation begin.

This third and final part of 95 Theses:

  1. How can affirmative action’s illegal discrimination against white males and its disposable minorities be defeated?
  2. Affirmative action’s illegality must be constantly challenged. Its violation of Title VII and the Fourteenth Amendment must be constantly attacked. Whenever AA discrimination is suspected or discovered, complaint and lawsuit must follow, as well as vociferous anti-affirmative action publicity.
  3. Discrimination based on sex and race in admissions and employment is illegal (Title VII and the Fourteenth Amendment). Affirmative action discriminates against white males and ineligible minorities based on estrogen and favored strains of melanin. Affirmative action’s illegality, duplicity, systematic and refined racism must be constantly exposed and attacked.
  4. If estrogen and melanin, vaginas and dark skin are legal and sufficient qualifications for college admission and hiring, then testosterone, penises, and white skin are also legal and sufficient. At every opportunity, white males and their allies must winnow, hire, and admit testosterone, penises, and white skin as equivalent biological qualifications in reverse affirmative action.
  5. Allied with white males against affirmative action are mothers, sisters, wives, daughters, aunts, nieces, girlfriends, fiancées, life partners, untargeted minorities, conservative targeted minorities, anyone who rejects affirmative action’s illegal discrimination based on sex and race.
  6. Affirmative action and “equal opportunity” must be fought in part with their own instruments.
  7. Affirmative action’s checkboxes can be used against it. If not its female checkbox (unless men wish to claim male-to-female trans status), white males and untargeted minorities can use racial and ethnic checkboxes freely and subversively.
  8. Affirmative action practitioners do not conduct genetic tests to verify checkmarks on admissions and employment applications. They act on people’s sex, race, and ethnicity boxes as checked, at face-value without investigation.
  9. Since affirmative action’s practitioners do not conduct genetic tests to verify sex, race, and ethnicity, it is possible to obtain society’s resources through affirmative action by liberally checking boxes. White males, unwanted African African-Americans, unwanted north-south-west-east Asian Asian-Americans, and unwanted Hispanic Americans from 20 countries outside Mexico and Puerto Rico can excite affirmative action by checking boxes that allow them to “pass” as (trans)women and favored minorities.
  10. To enjoy affirmative action, white males can pass as ethnic American Indians, Mexicans, and Puerto Ricans. Unwanted Asian-Americans can pass as Cambodian, Hmong, Laotian, or Vietnamese. Unwanted Hispanic Americans can pass as Mexican or Puerto Rican. Unwanted African-Americans can pass as descendants of slaves emancipated by the Great Emancipator more than 150 years ago.
  11. White males who discover some African DNA in their genetic tests can confidently claim and document African-American status for college admission and employment. opens similar opportunities for AA’s other privileged categories. Box-check with genetic confidence!
  12. Have no scruples about subverting a practice that is illegal and saturated with internal prejudice and racism. Subvert affirmative action in civil disobedience. Have fun. Prosper.
  13. The arc of the moral universe is long and bends toward indeterminacy.
  14. The most effective weapon for abolishing affirmative action is political power—gaining and controlling government power in executive, legislative, and judicial branches across the country. With decisive anti-discrimination majorities in local, state, and national government, affirmative action’s sexist and racist favoritism can be legislatively and judicially abolished.
  15. Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Texas (1997), and Washington have banned affirmative action within their state boundaries. Consistent with Title VII and the Fourteenth Amendment, these states have banned illegal discrimination based on sex and race in college admissions and employment.
  16. The U.S. Supreme Court upheld in 2014 that it is constitutional and legal for individual states to ban affirmative action.
  17. The U.S. Supreme Court should follow the lead of Arizona, California, Florida, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Texas, and Washington and ban affirmative action in all contexts across the nation. AA was, after all, an executive action by LBJ, not a law proposed and passed by the U.S. Congress.
  18. Solicitation of sex and race information on admissions and employment applications must end. Announced sex and race preferences (“encouraging women and minorities to apply”) must be banned from advertisements and applications.
  19. White males must defend and protect their interests. Women and favored minorities will not do so. On the contrary, these will continue to dispossess and displace white males through affirmative action. Wherever white males possess a shade of an advantage, they must maintain and expand it.
  20. White males must keep and defend the resources they haven’t already given away. If it’s in your possession and within your power to extend it to other white males, do not self-defeatingly give it away to women and minorities. Define “it” as appropriate in your case.
  21. The arc of the moral universe is long and bends toward indeterminacy.
  22. Much has been given away. With determination, much can be regained. Attack affirmative action’s illegality. File lawsuits. Reclaim society’s resources, peer by peer. Refuse to give away what resources you still have as white males. Obstruct and subvert affirmative action’s sex- and race-based discrimination at every opportunity.
  23. Do not feel guilt or shame for being born male and white. Do not allow affirmative action’s minions and other “social justice warriors” to convince you, in service to themselves, that you should feel guilty and ashamed for being male and white. Reject the swindle and fight back.
  24. White males owe women and preferred minorities nothing in consequence of being born male and white. They owe women and favored minorities nothing for striving to succeed in life and trying to secure society’s resources in the antagonistic competition of the marketplace.
  25. Wake up. Mobilize around sex and race, your sex and your race, your maleness and your whiteness. That’s what affirmative action has been doing with estrogen and melanin since 1965 and will continue to do against you. Aggressively and without sympathy.
  26. Given an inch, affirmative action practitioners will take the mile to implement their illegal sex- and race-based discrimination. For this reason, there can be no “qualified” allowance of affirmative action. The illegal practice must be completely abolished everywhere in society.
  27. White males and their families must increase their numbers to strengthen their political power. Immigration’s doors can also be thrown open (again) to white Europeans. Doing so is simply a matter of political power and will.
  28. Affirmative action has metastasized in higher education. The nation’s colleges and universities are largely lost to its malignancy, but they can be incrementally restored. At every opportunity, white males and their allies must disrupt and excise the malignant growth. In departments, colleges, divisions, and offices where white males and their allies have power to oppose affirmative action—admit and hire white males. When questioned by AA dogmatists, reply that only the best, most qualified candidates are always admitted and hired. Challenge, obstruct, reject affirmative action in the academy at every turn, especially if you are empowered by tenure. Launch or support state initiatives to prohibit affirmative action, as other states have already done. It is constitutional and necessary to do so. Litigate when appropriate.
  29. As affirmative action dies—as it must because of its fundamental illegality—protests from its sexist, racist stalwarts can be disregarded. No matter how strident, their protests can simply be ignored.
  30. At no time does protest obligate white males to surrender society’s resources. At no time does protest obligate self-dispossession. Reject historical precedent (theses 40-47) in the present. Refuse to repeat and condone a self-defeating past.
  31. Counterexample: AA practitioners ignore protests against affirmative action from white males and discarded minorities. They forge ahead with their illegal favoritism based on sex and race. This circumstance must change.
  32. The arc of the moral universe is long and bends toward justice:
  33. If white males continue to cede society’s resources to affirmative action, if they continue to dispossess themselves, their sons and grandsons by accommodating an inimical practice, they deserve to be deprived and dominated on campus and at work by women and privileged minorities. They deserve affirmative action’s judgment. They deserve to be dispossessed and displaced in a functioning and effective social Darwinism that is unkind to generous, high-minded fools.

For all 95 Theses Against Affirmative Action in a complete list, follow the link.

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