Taking a Stand 3: Florida Swamped by Hurricane Ricardo

This week Caerulus Rex is joined by Greg and Evan from NPI and Eli Mosley from Identity Evropa. The crew discuss the planning and reaction to Richard Spencer’s speech at the University of Florida. Evan reads a few of the six million supportive emails sent to NPI after the fact.



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Caerulus is an experienced podcaster and sound editor. He has produced the very successful Third Rail podcast, as well as his own Salting the Earth.


  • Great episode. Amusing and engaging. Despite having lots of contributors people didn’t collide and there was good camaraderie. Can someone tell me the name of the track played at the end?

    • Get some of that huwhyte agency and click the link to go to the actual Spreaker page for the show, there’s a DL link there but u need to make a free account. Or use Google and search for some Spreaker -> mp3 sites that will rip the audio for you directly , I’m sure there’s tons

  • lol ben winning a fair debate. he is good but anyone with the facts and the proper presentation could do fine. why put something like him on a pedestal, even if he deserved it? just cause he is more appealing than bush and McCain doesn’t make him unbeatable

  • please bring disqus back, sure them. I will contribute to that. It is a data mining op, but with the right filters it is a very good anon tool. And it is elegent and easy to use.

    And if they kicked you off, why aren’t wre orga nizing a boycot initiaticve? God opprotunity to show you aren’t controlled opp. Letting that kicke fuck speak with tou was what”? A complete lack of understanding of what the bases is and what the nature of that based is.

    Dont evey, not fucking eve rcollaborate with left wing CIA agent or jew plants like Enoch.l Newver. NEVER EVER NEVER

  • No way to reply to you, yehydah, but I am up for organiizing something to tainted like these fags keep doing . You can get media coverage without killing yourself. It just takes patience. We are recruiting , not trying to get record deals, ffs.

  • Silence my comments and I will silcnce your website. You are alreayd suspects as controlled op shill, and I have my own network,. Fuck off with your kike shit and get on with the fight club discussion.

  • @ 10:13 on episode 3

    I don’t know what the “cats in my household” think, but, everyone else in my household is convinced that you really ARE “Nazi basement dwellers” who’ve lied about your emails! LOL! Now, you’re in the same boat as Sec. Clinton! Maybe we’ll get lucky, and Julian Assange will prove that you only got 3 positive emails . . . from the 3 alt-righters who attempted to shoot unarmed UF students.

  • I may be saying something painfully obvious at this point by opining that Spencer spends too much time reacting to hecklers and disruptors. If you go somewhere with the purpose of saying something, just say it.

    To the extent that he will engage the hostiles, he should have some better responses.

    Vetting the questions could be a good idea. I was at a talk given by Deborah Lipstadt and it seemed that the questions from the audience had been submitted in advance and vetted before she even took the stage. Lucky for her, because I had some pointed questions.

    • What should’ve been done that wasn’t done was the fact that the police should have expelled individuals who refuse to stop chanting on a continuing basis. That would not be tolerated in any other venue except this venue. People need to be able to be silenced when they are disruptive on a continual basis. That’s something they should do in the future to allow any speaker to talk when that is the purpose for their being there.

      You notice that most of the chanters were darkes who were steeped in communist indoctrination and tactics, there wasn’t a whole bunch of white communist among them. Did anyone else notice that?

    • This is why you submit fake Muh Holocaust questions and then hammer Lipstadt with favoring Jewish nationalism but opposing nationalism when you step up to the mic.

      Simple solution going forward is to rent smaller halls, hand out tickets before hand to our guys, and then don’t admit non-whites and blue haired SJWs on some pretext.

      • Maybe there can be a dress code to be able to get in? & put a sign up that says anyone causing a disruption during the speech or during questions will be forced to exit. Then actually follow through.

        • A dress code is a good idea, but if I had excluded all the people who were dressed worse than business casual, we would have admitted about 10 people (other than our extremely vetted personnel). What we really need is more people willing to take a risk and show up, and to get to the front of the line early. I have great respect for those who did that this weekend.

          Charging money for tickets is the next logical step. But the real key is for Alt-righters to build networks. We cannot distribute tickets to supporters if we don’t know who our supporters are. Also, it’s easier to attend an event–and face the potential of antifa violence–if you have a group. Get involved with your local chapter of TRS, IE, etc.

  • Thanks, Caerulus Rex……..

    I’m sure you make Richard a lot more comfortable with Antifa circling…….

    Didn’t know you had a Plethora of other Talents……..

    I greatly appreciate your Service…….

    But, who really needs Funding in the Alt-Right??

    I’m not just going to fund a Bunch of Different Individuals on Hatreon when I’m Working Class myself…….

    Plus, I already tried the Hatreon thing and it kept asking for a Stupid Invite Code wherever you get that……

    I appreciate all the Podcasts, Websites, Writings, Periscopes, Warriors, and Public Victories……..

    But, it seems like Anglin pretty much gets all DS Money funneled to himself and spreads it out accordingly……

    That’s just a Guess…….. has a Paywall for I think ‘The Daily Shoah’……..

    Anyone go ahead and correct me if I’m wrong….. is free to Browse, Read, and Comment on……..

    NPI Online Donate Section is Non-Functional (I guess only checks by Snailmail??)……..

    Richard Spencer has a Hatreon…….

    Is it a Myth that he inherited a Bunch of Money from his Family or not??

    We in the Alt-Right Comment Board Lower Class deserve to know this…….


    How are Vincent, Melissa, Trey, Malcom, Emmanuel and all the others paid??

    How much is Regnery helping??

    Isn’t Lidell wealthy??

    Arktos and Friberg are part of NPI, right??

    Are they Broke??

    I’m Working Class and I want to make sure My Money is actually used for its Intended Purpose…..

    I’ll be glad to fund Good Alt-Right Causes and Good Alt-Right People who truly need Donations??

    The Alt-Right/NPI needs to explain things regarding its Funding and Financials a bit more clearly…..


    • At my normie job I work around 60 hours a week for what will work out to less than 30k/yr.

      Being an upstart security consultant with only one client (so far) isn’t yugely lucrative either.

      I hate to sound like a begger but it is the case that the two places that sending funds to most directly benefits me is to NPI (because that helps keep the real me payed for consulting) or by being one of my Hatrons or sending me bitshekels.

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