A Florida Fallout Update

After Charlottesville we had to batten down the hatches, grit our teeth and start riding out the storm.

But we made it through stronger than before. And now, there is fallout from Florida coming our way as well.

First and foremost, Disqus shut us down.

So we no longer have a Disqus-powered comment section.

This will hamper the discussion because of the relative ease that Disqus allowed users to check the history of posters to see if they literally made their account solely to shill on our site or whether they were a Boomer nationalist that had stumbled over from Breitbart.

So that’s gone now.

Also, the like system is gone now and seeing as I got a little dopamine hit off seeing my comments get those sweet sweet upvotes, that’s going to be a deep blow to my self-esteem.

Kidding, kidding.

After Charlottesville, we got kicked off many platforms by the globo-homo-corpo oligarchy. Still, unlike the Stormer, we didn’t get our domain stolen by Google, so we dodged a bullet there, I suppose.

For now, it’s just Disqus.

Three guys got arrested after the event.

The details are sketchy, but it looks like three guys were arrested after Antifa attacked their Jeep and one of them fired a warning shot in the air before speeding off.

As many of you know, there were specific instructions from many Alt-Right figures to NOT bring guns to the event.

And the guy who brought the gun had priors, so it seems that he is in deep now. This is not good for him.

The movement will move past it though. Most of the MSM picked up the story for a day, but they haven’t been able to successfully milk it like they did with Trayvon Martin or Dylann Roof. Perhaps this is because they know something we don’t and they don’t want the story to gain traction only to backfire in their faces.

After all, the Charlottesville death has now been revealed to be due to a heart attack and not due to White Nationalism.

We will have to keep a close eye on what happens next with these three arrested men. My suspicion is that their lives were in danger and that they had to fire off a warning shot to get away.

The Fake Nazi

There was some 80’s style skinhead out there that got punched by a nog. He had on a shirt with swastikas. This is a caricature of what these people think White advocates like us look like.

None of us know who he is. None of us have ever seen him before. The media never even bothered to look into this guy so there you go, goy.

Right after getting punched, he befriended some black guy and stopped being a neo-Nazi.


If this sounds familiar, this is literally the plot to American History X.

And this was the most transparent set up to date. Just like the gay Jewish neo-Nazi interviewed in the video below.

The CIA isn’t sending us their best, folks.

Spencer and Company got very favorable coverage from the alt-media

Even Owen Shroyder and Infowars had to admit that Richard and the Alt-Right clearly had the right to do the event and say what they said.

By successfully framing the debate on Charlottesville and Gainsville as a referendum on free speech and the First Amendment, all the cuck right-wing media has to make a stand. The Alt-Lite failed the test a while ago and had to say that they are basically NOT for Free Speech if it is “Hate Speech”, which leaves them in the lurch. How exactly are they different from the Left if they accept that there is such a thing as “Hate Speech”?

They’ve really shot themselves in the foot there.

And the Conspiracy Right has also had its feet put to the fire. The question is the same for them: Do you or don’t you support the First Amendment for White Advocates like Spencer?

To their credit, they’ve basically said that yes, they do. But they’ve also claimed that Spencer and the Alt-Right are CIA and Soros ops to divide Americans. So the message is, “they can speak, but they’re Feds and shouldn’t be taken seriously”.

Still, better than nothing.

And the reception on the Chans has been good as well. Lots of Anons who were on the fence about Spencer were impressed by his performance. Especially his interviews with the German cuck journalist and the room full of presstitutes before the event.


There are some good and fair critiques out there of our event. But there is also a lot of kvetching and unnecessary hand-wringing.

So let’s get some things out of the way first.

We are all pretty much volunteers. And we do all of this on a shoe-string budget. There are only a handful of us older than 30. I know many young Alt-Righters who pitch in their own money despite being absolutely broke and sacrifice a lot to plan and do these events. And I mean sacrifice A LOT. I’m talking family connections, potential careers, comfy lives in the suburbs, and just general peace of mind.

Men that are brave enough to actually do something and serve the cause are few and far between, even among the red-pilled.

I know many red-pilled people who are financially secure and well-connected who have never raised a finger to help the Alt-Right and probably never will. I know a professor who recently inherited millions from a deceased family member. He’s hyper-intelligent and now he’s loaded. He plans to move to Montana, buy a house and turtle up there.

You won’t see him participating or chipping in anytime soon.

I know a venture capitalist who is a multi-millionaire. He was red-pilled on just about everything even before the Internet and could fund our operations for the next year for chump change. He could network with his peers and spread the word. He could do something, but he won’t either.

I know many others like these guys. And I know many regular keyboard warriors.

So believe me when I tell you that there will always be far fewer men of principle, courage and strength. Every criticism that you make of these people needs to be done with humility and with the understanding that the very fact that these people showed up immediately puts them leagues ahead of just some anonymous critiquer on the internet.

Furthermore, the Alt-Right remains a very open and meritocratic movement. There is no reason to be an armchair general when you can quite easily join up and rise to that rank IRL.

With that being said…

Actual Critiques

We need cameras on /ourguys/ at all times during these events. We can’t just rely on Ruptly streams. We also need to film any and all encounters with Antifa because it makes for fantastic AgitProp. Regular people get nauseous at the sight of these monsters and come closer to us every time we put videos out there. We need our own video content from these events.

We should also start using props at these talks.

A podium, or a table would go a long way. So would some images and possibly video with the presentation (assuming that it is allowed to happen).

We need to continue improving our optics. We need to rent out smaller rooms, bring more of our own people to these events and vet even more.

But I’m not worried.

We will continue to learn and improve. The path ahead is long and hard, but we will triumph in the end all the same.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • Richard Spencer is paving the way for us. Because of his sacrifices, our journey is just a little bit more easier. Hail Spencer and Hail Victory.

  • Hi. I’m a recent convert to alt right. Imigration issues here and in Europe, and the horrors of growing up as a white girl in a violent majority-black city convinced me years ago for the need of a white ethno state. But it’s not just whites: I think ALL ethnicities need a homeland. I say this because I abhor violence, and if white culture could shed the yoke of guilt and recognize this universal truth it would prevent so much suffering.
    I was impressed by Richard Spencer’s speech in fla. The guy is extremely bright and I can’t believe after all these years I just saw someone with the balls to put themselves in the national spotlight and defend this concept.
    Like other posters, I want to see more of a discussion on how ethno states could be achieved peacefully. In the US, I could envision something like certain states reserving government and university positions for preferred majority ethnicity only, tax incentives for same, and allowing for businesses who want to hire same. Places like calif could opt to stay diversity meccas if they choose. There could be a place for everyone.

    • First of all, welcome to the family! Secondly, about the U.S. becoming an ethno-state, well i think that’s kinda possible, hell it has to be possible if our race is going to survive the coming dark ages. Although things are looking very grimm, i believe we will be able to transform socially destructive into socially constructive forces and save the majority of our people from the demographic horror that is coming.

  • Richard Spencer wiped the floor with screaming AntiFa vermin … few the brave stood the ground against hysterical and worthless herd of “progressive” morons.

    Richard Spencer is THE ONE … and The Alt-Right is the ONLY ONE that could preserve Euro-Race and consequently Euro-civilization. More shit will diversity deliver, more of awakened will transfer to the Alt-Right. As a Boomer Pan-European Nationalist I hope I will live to see that, and to my abilities participate eventually, with my best of course.

    If the Second Euro-Reneisance will commence, it will come from our brothers in Euro-America, as it happened in WW1 and WW2, when different and much better America intervened. Thanks God for your SECOND AMENDMENT … implement it with full power when time will come, and it will come.

    In Europe Battle ground this time there will be no need for second D-day, no Omaha disasters and no sacrificed White American lives for just cause … Alt-Right Pan-Europe will rise too, in a moment our awakened Euro-American Brothers would start cleaning OWN House.

    It has to happen, because Lefturds and their Schnozzle-masters are at power since WW2, which means 72 fucking years, which is way too much … it’s just unnatural.

  • @SITE665 > What’s really unbelievable is the fact that you don’t accept how hated and increasingly feared you’ve become, …. Your “message” – essentially, genocide – is repellent to nearly everyone. You make people instantly distrust, resent, and loathe you.

    Yeah I know Spencer wants to stay vague so as not to distract people with details, but he should maybe spell out some non-violent ways it can be done. List several, to make it clear that it’s up in the air. I also think that would make the whole idea more ‘real’, and feel more inevitable.

    Someone else commented on Enoch – I love to listen to him, sharp guy, but he treats even innocent questions like attacks. It’s not an attractive style.

    • Luke, there ARE no “nonviolent” ways to perpetrate genocide. And because of that, you will NEVER be able to improve upon Gainesville or Charlottesville. When people hear you utter the words “peaceful ethnic cleansing”, they lash out at you for “proposing” a “goal” which could only be met through unbearably violent and heartbreaking means. Gas chambers can exterminate millions without a sound and barely a trace. The same number can get nuked in a splash, by tossing them overboard into the Atlantic. With a little more hassle, you could deliberately infect that multitude with lethal diseases, unbeknownst to them. In case you’re wondering, those were low-gore methods for murdering millions of Jews, African-Americans, and Native-Americans, respectively. You will FAIL to dehumanize real space with a “reasoned inquiry” or “spirited debate” about the merits or feasibility of racial/ethnic genocide. And, if you keep going like you’ve been, you’ll be completely “exterminated” from the Internet. Society has had all it’s going to take from the alt-right.

      • Are you high or just retarded? who was “nuking” black slaves by throwing them overboard – that doesn’t even make any sense, considering they payed for them, also you sound completely insane. btw smallpox blankets are a myth, no one back then had any idea about Germ Theory, even if pulling that off was possible. And no one is advocating gassing people. Population transfers happen all the time, not everything has to be a massacre. But speaking of massacres, guess what happens when white people become minorities in their own countries? Only whites get held to this standard.. in every other part of the world it’s us vs them tribalism
        stop posting

        • I’m neither. The #moron is YOU. African-Americans were often forced to work on slave ships. And kidnapped Africans were starved, overcrowded, and chained up for months at a time. If those atrocious conditions made any of them injured or sick, they WERE simply fed to the sharks. And Europeans had known about the need to quarantine since before they arrived in North America. Google “quarantine”.

          As for population transfers, the only frequent ones are voluntary. The alt-right does not want that. If they did, then they’d be making plans to “self-deport”, instead of trying to figure out how to gut DACA.

          • Germ theory was discovered during victorian times. Slaves were thrown overboard to prevent epidemics since Muslims started the slave trade 700 years before a few European countries briefly didi it. Please read a wider range of books

          • Yeah? Well, why were they on a slave ship to begin with? It doesn’t matter that Muslims perpetrated slavery. That crime is wrong for ANYONE. So, please quit your whataboutisms.

      • Not true. The demographic ethnic cleansing of whites is relatively nonviolent. The policies of israel japan china etc are relatively nonviolent. Heck just cutting off baby rewarded welfare would go a long ways

  • the only thing I don’t like about richard spencer is the whole white zionism thing but other then that he’s a okay

  • I suggest to listen to Nick Fuentes last two episodes of ,,America First” – ,,Richard Spencer in Florida” (19.10.2017); ,,Subversive Loomers” (20.10.2017) where he criticises the optics of the event and raises a lot of good points of what can be improved. Some of them are already mentioned in this article which is good.

    Lot of things to improve, but besides that I salute Spencer, Enoch, Mosley and everyone else from our side that showed up at the event and acted peacefully. If we are to win this fight, you will be remembered by the history books as heroes!

  • The cameras are a great idea.
    Also, the fact that the disruptions by the goons that show up to shout him down would likely be reduced if there were more of us at these events.

    • Frankly I wouldn’t want the movement to be run by the current 20+ year olds. They’re going to be running it eventually, but let them a) finish growing their pre-frontal cortexes (not finished ’til 25, or 30) b) get some life experience.

  • ANTIFA: uses autistic screeching to shut down dialogue
    Disqus: pulls service to shut down dialogue

  • 2016: summoning all white males
    2017: separate the men from the boys
    2018: pedal to the metal
    2019: Occidental Imperium established
    2020: hypetborian Martian colony settled

  • Good stuff.

    On the subject of the three guys who were attacked by the subhumans- let’s remember that what we’re hearing now, is what the communist faggots and police made up. We don’t yet know what actually happened.

    The fact that the guy holding is a felon is bad, but, men who are already deep in the shit have been known to take on a rap for their brothers in that circumstance. If that was the case, let’s hope it doesn’t come out until the statue of limitations for perjury is done.

    Let’s learn from this mistake, but remember- anything short of what Franco did is too good for communists, anarchists, and faggots.

  • At least we can Post our Thoughts
    Only if your thoughts are boring or stupid. This comment section is heavily moderated.

  • On the start of the Ruptly stream the camera man focused on a Hasidic Jew in his forties standing in the aisle. He wasn’t a student. He look like a instigator and organizer of the protests. I am telling you, our racial enemies are the Jews. They hate us and they want us dead.

    • Fuck off, troll. Vince is awesome, I’ve been listening to him since the Red Dawn days. Of course you don’t want to debate anything he’s said, you’re only here to call him something which he is clearly not. BTW isn’t your side the one that exalts and worships homosexuals? The Thought Police and your puppet masters would be very upset if they knew you were throwing around the f-word.

  • It looked like a net-positive event. Outside of the unfortunate arrests, which have nothing to do with the event organizers, the worst spin the media could figure out was that the protesters were successful at being loud and annoying, which is hardly a measure of success. Nice job.

  • Anyone saying creating a white ethnostate will result in violence is saying they will go to war to prevent white kids from having the same right to homelands and self-determination as every other race.

  • Honestly it looked like Richard was getting a lot better at public speaking, I cringed at the “hail trump hail our people” conference all the way through. This conference was definitely different, he was more confident and had more of a presence on the stage. He is on his way to becoming a better orator I believe, and that is extremely important.

    I would say that having the whole stage empty except for him was a bad move, and then random people seemingly wandered on and just took the mic from him. I would study old rallies and that sort of stuff where they have multiple speakers and base it off of that, no need to reinvent the wheel.

  • Well, at least your admitting that your UF “speech” was NOT a “stunning success”. Unfortunately, you’ve also done a heavy-duty spin job, here.

    THREE of your people who’ve been hunted down by the cops and arrested without bond for attempted murder. By the grace of God, they damaged only property. All three are rabidly alt-right and they’ve all evaded justice for the violent crimes they’ve committed in Charlottesville. They’ve also spoken freely with the #realnews. In each of their interviews, they’ve alluded to the future violence they wanted to perpetrate. So, it’s payback time for those alt-Nazis.

    Though this “speech” had piqued the interest of many mainstream reporters, Spencer’s interviews with them were repetitive, hostile, and poorly timed – immediately after two-hours of constant rejection from an audience he’d called “preschoolers”, “animals”, and “sh*t”. As you can see from these ever-shrinking comments, the “normies” are getting their news about you from everyone EXCEPT you! And that news will stay negative, still, on account of your reflexive blundering. This week, you’ve probably burnt the last of your desperately-needed bridges to society’s sterling. Congratulations.

    What’s really unbelievable is the fact that you don’t accept how hated and increasingly feared you’ve become, or how much else you stand to lose from “storming” into real space. Your “message” – essentially, genocide – is repellent to nearly everyone. You make people instantly distrust, resent, and loathe you. If they’re not too scared to look upon your gruesome appearance, they reject you at a depth which did not exist among modern Americans – that is, until your “movement” erupted into their lives. It’s sheer lunacy to hope you’ll win them over with power-points, props, and artificial “audiences”. As long as your “message” epitomizes evil, your “movement” patently irredeemable.

    It’s a tremendous relief to see you running out of forums, minions, and options. Of course, I wish you hadn’t shot yourself in the foot with 600K of Florida’s scarce tax dollars. But, I’m glad to see that you’re worse of now than you were last week.

    • The left are the shoe shine boys of the ruling elite. The dissident right are the only true radicals left and the system knows it. That’s why we’re getting banned from every platform. It makes it harder for us to do what we do, but it will not stop us. It’s just a reminder that we’re doing good and having an impact. Next time I hope we drain over a million from one of their communist indoctrination centres.

      • You think a million people will dump their degrees for you? LOL! That’s delusional, Johnny. You’re getting heckled and deplatformmed because there AREN’T masses of “oppressed” college students. Those students know they’ll be safest and happiest with mainstream lives. They also know that their degrees are their point of access into the mainstream. The alt-right cannot “replace” that bounty of opportunity. And you know it.

        • When did I say anything about anyone dropping their degrees? Are you some kind of retard with absolutley no reading comprehension? I’m saying this speech cost this university $600,000 and thats a good thing. I hope the next speech costs that school over a million. After that I hope we bankrupt one of these Communist brainwash centres.

          As for the hecklers, they are a clear example of everything that is wrong with academia today. Easily triggered snowflakes who can not challenge ideas they disagree with in a civil and constructive way, so they just engage in mass autistic screeching. The day of the rope can not come soon enough.

          • If people openly and closely associate with the alt-right, they WILL be expelled from college eventually, so ADMIT IT! And the hecklers sounded like “screeching” because they VASTLY outnumbered the alt-right. When crunch time came, your 30 or so supporters had abandoned your speakers to their angry audience. The school could spend a million times a million dollars, and your “movement” would STILL have those problems. Nobody wants to sacrifice their education or tolerate a hate group who invades their town.

        • i know you’re just here trying to hurt peoples morale , but we’re all for free speech and intelligent debate right? 🙂

          To address your 3 posts

          1) yes, the mainstream establishment is still in charge. Most people just want to go along and get along. Engaging in real life right wing activism can spell disaster for an individual, whereas leftist protestors risk nothing since enjoy full support by the media and academia… hence the discrepancy in numbers. Everyone knows this, you don’t have to gloat

          2) you say the alt right “has become hated and feared” but that’s kind of misleading, since a couple of years ago it was so obscure that nobody had heard of them at all.. now they’re on CNN front page, and even you came here to troll.
          And I don’t think peoples opinions have changed.. those that are PC and anti white would hate them anyway, those that aren’t will sympathize more. This reaction by the left only serves to polarize people more. Don’t forget that.. YOU, the left, started this identity politics shit. Most white people (including many here) were happy just going along and expressing standard left leaning views, but you had to keep pushing. All of this is a reaction to radical, anti white cultural Marxism that ramped up with Obama. Without him, the alt right would never exist. Good job

          3) finally, on the topic of reactions, even if you don’t agree with anything that the alt right says or does, if you are student of history you will know that the rise of the right is inevitable, no matter how pathetic they seem to you now. It’s the cycle of human history.. left/right, action/reaction, revolution/counter revolution. These trends snowball until there’s a breaking point, they never just die out. I think we’ve passed the point of no return a while ago. Also, do not underestimate the effect that small groups of motivated people can have. I’m sure many people thought the fledgling Nazi and Bolshevik parties were laughable and irrelevant too.. until they weren’t.

    • We should never bend the knee (pun intended) or apologize at any point. It is a terrible strategy. If our goal was to appeal to most people, we would jump on the liberal bandwagon. If our goal is to disrupt the current political reality and place ourselves in the center of it, then we are doing everything right. Politics is not so much about converting peoples believes but to mobilize your supporters and demobilize your opponents. You must first control the conversation, then you win the power.

    • site665 you can get off your moral high horse now; the crowd heckling Spencer did look infantile and they had all the reactionary stupidity of a Jerry Springer audience. So embarrassing that you would proudly stand with them.

    • Open minded, moderate, employed person here… Couldn’t agree more with the comment above. I come to this site as a way to understand what the bottom of the barrel believes. It’s entertaining in the same way a horror film is entertaining.
      Any impartial person who watched clips of the speech out of genuine interest prob. saw what I saw: a low budget, sparsely attended, comical parody of a person who thinks he’s more important than he is. No clear ideas, just a guy fired up to do battle with screaming morons. Completely pointless in my opinion.
      The writer ends every article with some cheesy “the future is ours” line. I wonder if anyone really believes that? People who can’t even admit their ultimate goal will never achieve it. The people on this site are rather too afraid to voice their real opinions or are reviled by 99% of the people they meet.
      Thanks for entertaining me, and more importantly thanks for being Example A of the lowest common denominator that exists in this country. You talk about the history books and how you will be vindicated… Everyone including Richard Spencer knows your movement will be even more fringe than it is now if not gone by the next election. Enjoy your small bit of relevance while you can…

  • There was a tall guy on the stage that bursted out a little. I am not going to add any critique besides that. This was generally a positive display, even if the meeting was disrupted. It is important that people interested in the movement see that you are serious and well organized. That is the impression I got from watching the stream. Well done!

  • “Intense Debate” used to be just as good as Disqus. It had the same kind of look, same kind of features, same kind of feel…..but no doubt will also have the same kind of weak-willed, SJW, cucked owners.

  • The question of whether America would be Mexico was settled in 1848. DACA is a slap in the face to the Americans who fought and died in the Mexican War.

      • I see the leftist propaganda bots are in full stride. Unfortunately for your side there is not an ounce of truth to your comment. You need to do a much better job of keeping up with current events. The “Dreamers” will only be made legal IF Trump’s 70-point immigration plan is passed. If those 70-points become the law of the land, illegal immigrants here would be greatly reduced and illegal immigration would be decimated in the future.

  • I agree about the need for “humility” in criticizing Alt-Right activists, as I am no more than an arm-chair quarterback. That said, I must say that Eli’s opening remarks about the duty of white professors to resign from universities were half-baked, incoherent & ineffectual, and that Mike Enoch always comes off very poorly when he screams and yells. Mike Enoch needs to discipline himself as a speaker, he needs to consciously adopt a very calm demeanor & tone, and all of his words should be meticulously prepared in advance. Richard Spencer might excel as an impromptu speaker, but Eli & Mike Enoch lack this ability and, if they wish to continue being faces of the movement, they need to adjust their approach accordingly

  • It’s all good. Practice makes perfect. I remember one guy saying this about the left and street demonstrations. Not only do they have money supporting them they also have years and years of practice doing that stuff.
    (ps, comment is easy using twitter…)

  • Even the WaPo has admitted that those guys pulled a gun only after protesters decided to start smashing their jeep with metal batons. The Jewstream media is pulling this same gaffe with Deandre. That dindu squatter got rightfully wrecked after trying to beat our people with a metal flashlight.

    As for the event, I’d say it was a marked success. That one Indian student (Saraje?) is an indication that even non-whites are redpilling to the unwarranted hysteria against white advocacy. I’d say we need to march on Berkeley sometime within the next year.

  • Disqus shut down its support because they don’t want us to share our stories of how we have been discriminated against our whole lives and continue to be discriminated against every day. They don’t want the truth to be shared.

  • Oh good! We at least have another comment section. I thought about terminating my membership with disqus but changed my mind. I will now go to other comment sections & let my opinions out there!

  • The events after Florida are a nothing burger. No victim, so the media can’t spin some sympathy narrative.

    Renting smaller halls is important. Fill the halls with our guys and distribute tickets to them before they’re made available to the General public.

  • The Disqus shut down was coming. What needs to happen is for Disqus to also shut down Breitbart’s comments, which will kill that site’s popularity.

    The events after Florida are a nothing burger. No victim, so impossible for the legacy media to spin some sympathy narrative.

    On to Ohio State and Cincinnati!


    Why are you blocking me?…since I know you folks read my comments on other websites…over the years…

  • Whatever happened to that Voltaire quote that these 90-IQ, virtue-signaling, ‘liberal arts’ college students loved to throw around, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”?? I guess that’s gone right out the f*ckin’ window at this point.

    The far-right is the last bastion of free speech, and because of that it is being attacked. We can only hope that the Justice Dept., under Trump’s guidance, will break up the internet monopolies/oligarchies that are making free speech essentially impossible.

    Also, at the beginning of the presentation, a faculty member tells the audience that people who are disruptive to the speaker would be removed. Clearly that was not the case. Spencer should look into some type of civil suit against the university…it would be symbolic more than anything, but it would make very clear that U of F did not follow through with their end of the bargain. They did not enforce their own policy because they did not like the views Spencer espoused, which is discrimination.

  • Fired a warning shot in the air? He fired at the protesters (who did not have guns) and missed, hitting a bus instead. That bus wasn’t floating in the air. Way to spin there!

    • Wrong, MESS……

      Antifa attacked the Vehicle and he fired a Warning Shot in Self-Defense……..

      Paw Whittle Antifa…….

      Alwayz Da Paw Whittle Vikdum…….


    • Fuck off Joe. You leftist weirdos seem to think its okay to attack people who hold different political views, and then turn around and play the victim whenever we defend ourselves. Your pathetic cowards. If you want to dish out punches your had better be prepared to take a few as well.

  • It would seem some richer White folk need some chad Nationalist bullying to get the shekels to drop. It is an absolute disgrace to see/hear people leaving the fight when they get millions. Is it so hard to just give $50,000 to the cause?

    Anyway, if I ever get the money I will be coming to the next one on a flight from England.

  • “We are all pretty much volunteers. And we do all of this on a shoe-string budget. There are only a handful of us older than 30. I know many young Alt-Righters who pitch in their own money despite being absolutely broke and sacrifice a lot to plan and do these events. And I mean sacrifice A LOT. I’m talking family connections, potential careers, comfy lives in the suburbs, and just general peace of mind.

    Men that are brave enough to actually do something and serve the cause are few and far between, even among the red-pilled.”


  • A camera facing the crowd from the stage would have been good too. Just get one of the boys to wear a GoPro and stand behind Spencer.

  • I was surprised the disqus stayed up as long as it did. What was the bullshit reason they gave for shutting it down?

  • “So believe me when I tell you that there will always be far fewer men of principle, courage and strength. Every criticism that you make of these people needs to be done with humility and with the understanding that the very fact that these people showed up immediately puts them leagues ahead of just some anonymous critiquer on the internet.”


    Disqus is located in San Fransisco and was created by Two Asian Guys……

    I’m sure PLENTY of Jews have invaded that Company now…….

    They realized the STRENGTH of the Alt-Right after Gainesville…….

    And so they didn’t want to help FEED us anymore…….

    With every Obstacle comes a GIFT……

    I haven’t donated for a While……..

    I now feel it’s the Perfect Time…….

    What’s the Best Way/Path to get Money to help the Alt-Right as a Whole??

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