Sarah Silverman Hits New Low With Show Making Fun Of Poor White People

I have lived in Left Coast American cities my entire life. I have been surrounded by people like Sarah Silverman my entire life as well. They are awful people, these coastal cosmopolitans.

I mean look at this Americana family. They welcome Sarah in with open arms and open hearts. They show her hospitality and are good sports about talking with someone from a different political background than them…


…Actually, I can’t pretend I agree with or admire that decision.

In fact, these people were just as ridiculous as Sarah Silverman. I mean don’t get me wrong, there is an obvious point to be made after seeing this…show and it is to highlight the brazen hatred that Jews have for regular White people. Sarah put it all on display and her chutzpah is astounding. But I guess I’m just so used to Jews Jewing that that’s not what got me all worked up.

First of all, I find it hard to believe that these people didn’t understand that they were being made fun of. I mean maybe the video was selectively edited to make them look…more patient and meek?

No, I doubt that.

I think they didn’t understand exactly how they were being made fun of. And honestly, it was absolutely disgusting to see them grin like idiots and refuse to stand up for themselves.

The old man who laughed at the fart jokes talked about gifting the little boy a shotgun and was one of those mumbling “i dunno” types was just a complete fucking idiot. The whole family with the exception of the high agency White girl who got them all to vote for Trump came off as a weak and pudgy pack of retards.

Now, this may come off as rather harsh. After all, they were Trump supporters and they were Whites – /ourguys/ in theory, right?

Well, maybe.

But there comes a point where you stop having pity for stupidity. If your Bronze friend does nothing but dumb shit over and over again and never learns from his mistakes, your patience for him starts to run dry and if you’re smart you cut him off. Same thing here.

I mean, Sarah Silverman point-blank told this Bronze family that she was Jewish. She asked them if they knew anything about the Jews. The extremely fat old woman seemed to know the most and talked about the little hats that they wear.

The rest did not. (But I bet that won’t stop them from supporting Israel).

So, now, bear with me here for a moment.

You let a woman come into your house, who proceeds to make fun of you, your kid, everything you believe in, and she tells you that she’s Jewish all the time…do you think that they might put two and two together after they see this interview? Do you think that they might learn something about blind trust to outsiders?

I doubt it, but we’ll see, I suppose.

Only one of them stood up to Sarah on anything and it was on the issue of gays adopting children. None of them were able to do much but mumble, “adam and eve, not adam and steve”. This is just catnip for Sarah Silver-Soul-man, who lunges at him.

He backs down.

Then the highlight of the video: Sarah calls the blond chick who loves the idea of free love (and is a Trump supporter) a Liberal and they all laugh. It’s funny because its true. And I bet Blondie probably think she’s smarter than her “dumb hick family” deep down. Notice how she talks about how she’s a “full-time student” with such pride. That’s just textbook Bronze trying to ladder climb to Silver by counter-signaling Bronze values. You’ll see, she’ll start calling her family racists soon, I guarantee it.

This new show is hard to watch in the same way it is hard to watch a completely one-sided smackdown. You gnash your teeth and start rooting for the underdog because seeing the massacre makes your stomach churn.

Fight already god dammit! Put your fists up! Hit back already!

Will White America ever listen though?

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