London Practically Unpoliceable Thanks to Toxic Mix of PC and Multiculturalism

London has passed another milestone on its descent into Third World barbarism. New crime figures show that the minority White city (if you count illegals) is now much more violent and dangerous than New York City, with much higher rates of rape, robbery, and violent assault.

London and New York have equivalent populations of around 8 million people, but you are six times more likely to be burgled in the British capital, one and a half times more likely to be a robbery victim, and three times more likely to be raped. You also have a high probability of having your face liquidized by an acid attack, as London can now claim to be the “acid attack capital of the World.”

New York still has a small lead in actual murders, but London is fast catching up.

Somebody could be about to get a parking ticket.

Different theories have been offered as to why crime is skyrocketing in the city. President Trump connected it to Islamic terrorism, tweeting, “Just out report: ‘United Kingdom crime rises 13% annually amid spread of Radical Islamic terror.’ Not good, we must keep America safe! Others have said it is due to poor policing. New York and London both spend around £3 billion a year on policing, employ around 30,000 officers, and have lots of crime-prone racial minorities, but New York is clearly managing the situation better.

The most likely explanation is that New York has a tradition of tough policing, thanks to previous administrations, while London is a cucked, PC city with a female Prime Minister, a Muslim mayor, and a lesbian in charge of its police force. Plus they have a lot less guns. No wonder the criminal underclass feel empowered.

London has installed a Muslim mayor to oversee its transition to third world hellhole status.

Also, while the NYPD used minor offences to harass, provoke, and arrest low IQ violent criminals with great success in the 1980s and 90s. London has taken the opposite approach, ignoring smaller crimes and instead focusing on high-profile, serious crimes.

This is because they can morally justify arresting or even shooting someone running around with a severed head, threatening to blow up a kindergarten, but feel it is “provocative” to crack down on hardened criminals for minor stuff, as this might lead to race riots. In 2011 large parts of the city were famously swept up in massive riots that included several large fires.

Also, there is the question of terrorism. It was revealed that around 23,000 jihadis are being monitored in the UK, a large proportion of them in London. Then there is the other side of the coin. Because of the jihadis and occasional terrorist outbreaks, police have to constantly redouble their efforts to ensure that the internet is a safe and loving environment devoid of any “Tweet crimes” or people posting “hurtful” memes.

In short, a toxic mix of multiculturalism and political correctness has made London practically unpoliceable, and there seems to be no easy way to climb out of this hole. London is set to spiral ever downwards, driving out more decent families, and becoming a Third World dumping ground, without a dominant culture and thus a moral code.

Expect to see terrorist attacks increase, riots break out, and general chaos ensue for years to come, while politicians suck their gums and mutter banal platitudes about respecting law and order before scuttling off to their bullet proof limos and high security offices.

Passing New York was easy. Next London has Mogadishu in its sites.

Apparently the worst aspect of crime in London is the possibility that criminals may actually be harmed.
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Americans should concentrate on their own cities, before talking utter bollocks about mine.


The city could disappear and nothing of value would be lost.

David Ashton

This is a pretty fair summary of the situation in the capital city of “England” as my ancestral homeland was called.

A careful analysis of the past and recent utterances of Theresa May will show that she was always as “PC” as they come, totally useless on migration, ethnic crime and free speech. A major problem is the 2010 Equality Act which is a legislative culmination in the UK of the New Left “race-gender-class” subversion started in the US by Marcuse & comrades several decades ago.


“Next London has Mogadishu in its sights”



So discuss is out too. That means is doing something right. Congrats!!

Nova Morium

GREAT Job, Alt-Right……..

Thank you very much for getting the Comments Section back up………


Were you booted off discuss?

Nova Morium

Most likely…….

Our Enemies are Sociopaths……..

They realize that Strength comes with Numbers……..

They want to Destroy the Alt-Right Community…….

That’s why they can’t allow us to Gather or Speak in Public……….

And why they want to take away our Platforms and kick us off Social Media……..

There is a War against Us……….

But, we are the Protagonists……..

The Heroes……..

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And they CAN NOT Defeat us……..

Our Enemies are Cowards……..