Cultural Appropriation Is An Invention Peddled By Insecure Losers

Every year the hysteria and senseless anger over “cultural appropriation” gets worse.

Universities across the United States have progressed to the point of including “bias response teams” and “diversity monitors” on campuses. Training seminars on social justice are becoming mandatory, and as Halloween nears, that ever-so-dangerous holiday full of triggering imagery and sexy outfits designed for the sadistic purpose of body-shaming fat women, universities are rolling out workshops and special classes, such as this one by Princeton University scheduled for tomorrow, discussing “the impact of cultural appropriation, Halloween, and why culture is not a costume.” Other schools are finding Halloween too offensive altogether, and rebranding it as “Orange and Black Spirit Day”.

I feel terrible for today’s American university students. Here we have grown adults spending their parents’ savings and years of their lives in the hope of gaining a valuable education that may lead to a productive life for them and their future families, and instead of normal classes they are subjected to the deeply insecure ramblings of people with victim complexes and loser mentalities who base their fragile identities around the most stereotypical and mass-produced cultural apparel like hula girl dashboard ornaments and sombreros that you can buy at gas station shops.

Courtesy of St. Thomas University.

For the record, my aunt bought a hand-crafted sombrero from a local family on her visit to Mexico years ago. It’s hanging on her wall. She payed for it, and both parties were satisfied. That is how the sharing of ideas and cultural commodities works, and it’s founded on mutual respect. A multicultural society like the United States that likes to pride itself on being a “melting pot” especially needs to let all the elements of its history be free to share, express, and develop by anyone.

The hysteria over cultural appropriation is complete idiocy since it’s only selectively obeyed by its supporters. If the social justice warriors handing out educational flyers about the dangers of wearing offensive costumes for Halloween had any sense of consistency, they would forego the use of anything invented by a culture that is not their own.

Also, outside the United States and perhaps the similarly insane Canada and UK, no one cares about cultural appropriation. Japan has a known fetish for Christian symbolism and historical European architecture and fashion in various animes and music genres. In fact it’s so popular that a trope named “Anime Catholicism” was created in order to pin the phenomenon down. Should Whites freak out over the visual kei band Versailles, who dress up on stage like French aristocrats from the court of Louis XIV? Of course not. It’s obvious that these usages of European culture are done out of simple respect and admiration.

“Reee! The Japs are stealing our top hats and papal regalia! Force them to undergo sensitivity training!” said no white person ever.

And yet, in the United States social justice warriors are raging about who is allowed to wear hoop earrings.

For many decades, Halloween has been about celebrating “otherness.” The holiday is one of the best opportunities the United States has of joking about and representing the differences of people from around the world in a safe way. University maniacs are turning one of the most entertaining and exciting childhood experiences into a pit of anxiety and censorship, and they ought to be roundly condemned and then ignored. And to think, aren’t these the same folks pushing the idea that people can be anything they want to be? Isn’t that the baseline rhetoric used for trannies, for example? “You can be anything!” they say. But wearing a cute geisha or voodoo priest costume to a Halloween party risks getting you expelled. There is no sense at all in what social justice warriors do, unless it’s looked at from the perspective of sheer anti-white hatred.

If someone is triggered and sees the ghosts of suffering American Indians in this cute picture of a baby, then please refer them to the nearest mental hospital.

Have fun this Halloween, everyone!

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.


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  • I’m here as an independent.

    I’ve read the article and I understand that the Alt Left wants zero white people to ever partake in going into a Mexican restaurant, having the waitresses throw a sombrero on you if it is your birthday and downing a shot of tequila along with some fish tacos.

    I understand that part of the reason that the left lacks credibility is because they still control most of the news media, the entertainment industry and the public school systems especially in states like California even if Crooked Hillary lost the presidency.

    The left gets to openly oppose most Christian beliefs without realizing that most Hispanic people in the states are predominantly Roman Catholic and realistically more conservative-leaning and just happen to vote Democrat because of government programs.

    The left now has Antifa and the news media wants to hail members of this terrorist group as heroes.

    I’m here to be “edumacated” as to what the true mission statement of the Alt Right is if anyone is truly willing to speak the facts in your own words; preferably from a truly qualified member and not just a misguided racist. The left has already formulated an opinion on your movement and has made you out to be the villains. Even the Merriam-Webster dictionary only has quotes from liberals being listed as facts on the Alt Right.

    I’ve read some comments here where there appears to be a message of acceptance from one person while elsewhere someone else got chastised for being “biracial.”

    What is fact and what is fiction about the Alt Right?

  • Cultural appropriation is not destruction of culture. Destroying monuments of white supremacists like Hitler, confederates, and George Washington is acceptable. Cultural appropriation is not the denial of the freedom to practice a culture. Not allowing white supremacists to fly a confederate flag is acceptable. Cultural appropriation is not changing the meaning of another culture. The Negritude movement sought to change the meaning of the French language and that was acceptable. Cultural appropriation is not using ideas and inventions from another culture. It’s not possible to criticize Christians in India because the British killed them if they refused to convert. So what exactly is cultural appropriation? It is a double standard like racism. You cannot suffer cultural appropriation if you are white. Only racial minorities can experience cultural appropriation. Cultural appropriation is the erasure of a racial minority’s culture. White people will never lose their cultural symbols. Even if they are not allowed to celebrate Columbus day, Columbus is undeniably white. Racial minorities, on the other hand, face the threat of being cultureless. When black Americans do not own music, cuisine, dance, or fashion because white people steal those things and profit from them, that is cultural appropriation. When Naive Americans are uprooted from their homes, forced to abandon their religion and their fashion, separated from parents, and forced into boarding schools, but white people steal their religious symbols and sexualize their costumes, that is cultural appropriation. Marxists believe that wealth should be redistributed. If we apply Marxism to culture, then everyone should have a culture.

    But Marxism failed. If racial minorities are allowed to keep their cultures when they immigrate to white countries, white people could have their cultures threatened. I’m sure the alt-right recognize the importance of having a culture. Earlier, I said white people are not at risk of losing their culture. What I meant is that white people will not have their culture threatened by other people using their culture. Forced assimilation of non-white people is an integral part of white culture. Instead, white people’s culture is threatened by political correctness. Although Columbus will always be recognized as white, he lost his meaning. He is recognized no longer as a hero but as a villain. Whereas white people denied and stole land from minority races and created many refugees, unrestricted immigration is turning mostly white nations into melting pots. As a result, white values are being flipped upside-down. In the past, white people celebrated colonialism, the Manifest Destiny, race-based chattel slavery, and world domination. Today, social justice warriors want white people to value acceptance and tolerance instead of our old values which made our nations powerful and feared.

    • not true. whites can and are having there culture appropriated. in fact all the successfull full non-white counties have plagiarised our technology and institutions.

  • Does this Sh*t mean I can’t enjoy Korean, Japanese or Chinese food anymore – – – I’m “appropriating” their culture?

  • Hey Melissa, guess what? I actually agree with you that cultural appropriation is good and healthy. As a liberal, I believe we should all share with each other. But the Alt-Right wants a divorce from other cultures so I’m not sure why you are posting this on this website.

    • The Alt-Right doesn’t want to be an isolated group of white men, and there’s a lot more to the movement than what the mainstream usually smears us as. The most important thing is to create peace between cultures and sexes. To encourage a cultural shift back to traditional values in the West.

        • Sorry to hear that……..

          Blame your Parents for their Stupidity……..

          And you’re not Biracial……

          You’re a New Race…..

          Go Find your People……..

          You’re not one of us…….

          • And what race do you propose I am? If you had read my posts on this thread, you would have noticed I specifically said I was liberal. Therefore I am not one of you.

  • ElaineLloyd_ikyng, ‘It’s not that white people wore them it’s the fact that they claimed they invented it.’

    You mean like the Muslims did with all the inventions and ideas they appropriated from the cultures they conquered and claimed (and continue to claim) for their own? The so-called ‘Islamic Golden Age’. What about all the inventions of Europeans, that are now enjoyed throughout the world and profited on by other cultures? (including the Saudis, who couldn’t even extract oil without Western help, so much for Islamic genius hey?) Oh, I forgot, you probably believe ‘white people invented nothing, stole everything and have no culture, and those people are just taking back what was theirs in the first place’.The Vikings were Muslims, the Romans were black and Cleopatra wasn’t Greek, right? You are so brain dead that you are unable to see the propaganda at work and the motives behind it. Or maybe, you’re not brain dead at all and just dishonest because these lies are what you want to believe because it suits your sensibilities.

  • With leftists it’s not that their ideas are all completely invalid, but rather that it’s ONLY used against white people. Their agenda is always anti-white. This all stems from the Jewish Frankfurt School and critical theory.

  • You obviously don’t get what cultural appropriation is. It’s not wearing a sombrero, or dressing like an Indian. Doing those things is a form of appreciation though some do get offended to see their sacred traditions or attire relegated to meaningless costumes. Cultural appropriation is white people taking from minorities and profiting from it. Marc Jacobs calling Bantu knots mini buns saying he invented them that’s cultural appropriation not appreciation. It’s not that white people wore them it’s the fact that they claimed they invented it. People are getting really crazy with it. Calling hoop earrings appropriation is crazy. But it can’t just be pushed to the side as a non issue in a melting pot. A black girls wears Bantu knots or braids is unprofessional. A white girl wears mini buns it’s a trendy creative style, that’s appropriation and it’s wrong.

    • “Cultural appropriation is white people taking from minorities and profiting from it.”

      That’s called innovation, and engineering, art, fashion, medicine, etc. would be dead without it. Anyone is free to innovate.

      Apparently, if a non-white fashion designer is inspired by Han dynasty sculptures and uses modernized versions in his clothing prints, that’s not cultural appropriation. Only when white people do it.

      Also, it’s still appreciation, because the designs/ideas were found to be interesting enough to want to develop and share with the rest of the world.

    • Then Non-White People should turn the Electricity OFF……..

      Trash their CellPhones, Computers, TV’s and Radios……..

      Junk their Cars……..

      Move back the Wilds and build Straw/Wood Huts/Structures……….

      Burn Trees as the Source of Heat………

      Grow Hemp and Knit their own Clothing………

      Get a Lobotomy to Reset their Minds Epistemological Understanding back to the Stone Ages…….

      Burn/Detonate all Libraries containing all accumulated Scientific, Philosophical, Humanistic, Artistic, and Historical Knowledge/Facts gathered over the last 2 Millenium……..

      Welcome to the Alt-Right………

      A place DEVOID of White Guilt or Apology……….

      • Keep dreaming! When your leader can only attract 20 people to a speech – and one leaves the movement and three more are arrested – how are you still a national movement? Get a hint: You AREN’T. Most of the young men in the Alt-Right were only involved because it was transgressive, and now they see it’s dangerous so you are left with a rapidly decreasing fanbase until only a few bitter 1488ers remain.

        • Lol those 20 guys are literally just his personal Praetorian bodyguard. We have an activist core in the thousands and literally millions of supporters.

          If we were as irrelevant as you claim, we wouldn’t make international news every other month and you wouldn’t be shilling, now would you?

          • So if those twenty guys were just hid bodyguards, then where are the millions of supporters you claim he has? Why didn’t they show up? If there really are millions or even thousands, then they shouldn’t be scared of a few hundred Antifa.

            P.S. Your movement is only big on the internet, with anonymity as your shield and memes as your weapons.

          • 10%+ of the population (even higher % with Whites) agree with the Alt-Right in polls. That equates to millions.

            This wasn’t a rally and the audience wasn’t stacked with supporters. There’s also the issue of doxxing and reprisals, which is the reason for the anonymity you mock.

        • Ha!!

          Why are you here on an Alt-Right Comment Board obsessing about us……

          …..if we’re so Irrelevant??

          Do you own Mirrors, Nitwit??

          And the Amount of Alt-Righters at a Rally……

          ……where Mobs of Violent and Feral Antifa/Leftists…….

          …….and Sociopathic Doxxing Journalists………

          Isn’t a Sign of our Strength or Numbers…….

          And you KNOW it…….

          That’s why you’re here trying to Fk with us……..

          But, you’ve FAILED…..

          Like you ALWAYS will………

          • Your movement is big on the internet, yes. But Antifa rules the streets. If that were not the case then you would be showing up in greater numbers.

        • “Most of the young men in the Alt-Right were only involved because it was transgressive, and now they see it’s dangerous so you are left with a rapidly decreasing fanbase until only a few bitter 1488ers remain.”


          You haven’t done your Homework, Son…….

          Study up……

        • Look at the polls, the news, and even what you believe is true. Then look at the actual elections. Trump and Roy Moore got more than just 20 votes. If and when we reach a point where we can speak our minds without being physically attached, threatened, fired, boycotted, etc., you will see millions of us come out of the closet. The tyranny of the Left cannot last forever, and the truth always comes out. We have a right to live, we have the right to defend ourselves, we have the right to self-determination, we have the right to be equal and be free of the institutional racism that exists today against white people. The more the Left tightens it’s grip, the more will white people slip through their grasp. This is a marathon, and we must nudge society, by any means necessary. And we will.

          • The Day of the Dope is here now……

            See ‘Gothic Joe’ above for Verification……..


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