Florida Was A Stunning Success For The Alt-Right

This is the state of the Left, folks. We all saw it on display yesterday at Florida University. More importantly, the entire world saw it as well.

We should really get a medal for exposing people to what is being spawned in the pits of academia nowadays.

Let me explain what happened here. Don’t worry, it’s real simple. The Left had it so good for so long that they’ve been lured into a false sense of security. Day in and day out, for their entire educational career, they’ve had these man-children on a steady drip diet of media stories about how supposedly dumb everyone they oppose is.

So, when then they actually see and hear us in real life, they get so utterly BTFO’d that they are rendered a gibbering, incoherent, sweaty, triggered mess.

That’s literally what happened yesterday at UF.

It doesn’t help that they are coddled by the schools who don’t let them read, let alone get a chance to formulate arguments against our ideas because our ideas are never even given a fair hearing. They aren’t prepared to debate, because they literally can’t even. They can only chimp out at pro-White speakers.

Don’t believe me?

What arguments were brought to bear against us and Spencer yesterday?

Uhhm, like how can you like say the white race is beautiful when u r so ugly…*mic drop* followed by woo-wooing

That is just Mean Girls-tier bitchiness. Or how about that other chick:

Hey Richard, how did it feel to get punched in the face? *snicker snicker*

Well, darling, the way you’re acting, one day soon you might just learn the answer to that question.

None of those people cared about the First Amendment, or allowing a speaker to come and share his ideas. Of course, this makes sense if you understand that modern education exists solely to create battalions of ideological warriors, not scholars or deep thinkers. In other words, schools and universities are indoctrination centers, not hallowed halls of learning.

We’ll keep hammering home on that message until it is simply undeniable any longer.

Just a reminder that going into this event, the governor had to declare a state of emergency. I like to think that it was because he cared about our safety, but somehow, I really don’t buy that story. It was a classic cuckservative apoplectic fit over anything that resembles healthy White Identitarianism.

The event had some pretty lulzy fallout as well:

Spencer has turned his sights to public universities, where First Amendment protections of free speech limit officials’ ability to deny Spencer a platform. Officials at the Florida college have confirmed they’ve spent roughly $500,000 on security for the event, and police from around Florida gathered in Gainesville to assist local police.

Yeah, that’s what you get, UF, when you whip up a mob to try and exercise a Heckler’s Veto on our speakers. You end up 500k in the hole to keep a baying, braying, libshit mob at bay. Should have thought that one through, now PAY UP.

And get used to paying for your stupidity and anti-White rhetoric from here on out. This goes out to all professors in the United States by the way.

During his speech, Eli Mosley called on all White professors to resign immediately and start living by their anti-White rhetoric. I think that was a mighty fine challenge. Richard talked about this as well and held the feet of the self-hating Whites to the fire. We will see if the rubber will meet the road and if they will put their career on the line for their beliefs. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. These people consider themselves “allies” of POCs, and that’s how they assuage their dirty, guilty, self-hating liberal ego enough to sleep at night.

But the time for that kind of talk is long gone. They need to step aside already. And funny enough, Richard was right to point out that the POC Left hates them as much as we do. What can I say except that traitors don’t exactly inspire respect from either side…

And let me tell any anti-White libshit that might be reading now that you ain’t seen nothing yet. 2016 was a tough year to beat, but we rose to the challenge and made 2017 /ouryear/ as well. We’re only going to get bigger and stronger and you know that, don’t you?

Every single one of you is in for a very rude awakening.

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