Florida Was A Stunning Success For The Alt-Right

This is the state of the Left, folks. We all saw it on display yesterday at Florida University. More importantly, the entire world saw it as well.

We should really get a medal for exposing people to what is being spawned in the pits of academia nowadays.

Let me explain what happened here. Don’t worry, it’s real simple. The Left had it so good for so long that they’ve been lured into a false sense of security. Day in and day out, for their entire educational career, they’ve had these man-children on a steady drip diet of media stories about how supposedly dumb everyone they oppose is.

So, when then they actually see and hear us in real life, they get so utterly BTFO’d that they are rendered a gibbering, incoherent, sweaty, triggered mess.

That’s literally what happened yesterday at UF.

It doesn’t help that they are coddled by the schools who don’t let them read, let alone get a chance to formulate arguments against our ideas because our ideas are never even given a fair hearing. They aren’t prepared to debate, because they literally can’t even. They can only chimp out at pro-White speakers.

Don’t believe me?

What arguments were brought to bear against us and Spencer yesterday?

Uhhm, like how can you like say the white race is beautiful when u r so ugly…*mic drop* followed by woo-wooing

That is just Mean Girls-tier bitchiness. Or how about that other chick:

Hey Richard, how did it feel to get punched in the face? *snicker snicker*

Well, darling, the way you’re acting, one day soon you might just learn the answer to that question.

None of those people cared about the First Amendment, or allowing a speaker to come and share his ideas. Of course, this makes sense if you understand that modern education exists solely to create battalions of ideological warriors, not scholars or deep thinkers. In other words, schools and universities are indoctrination centers, not hallowed halls of learning.

We’ll keep hammering home on that message until it is simply undeniable any longer.

Just a reminder that going into this event, the governor had to declare a state of emergency. I like to think that it was because he cared about our safety, but somehow, I really don’t buy that story. It was a classic cuckservative apoplectic fit over anything that resembles healthy White Identitarianism.

The event had some pretty lulzy fallout as well:

Spencer has turned his sights to public universities, where First Amendment protections of free speech limit officials’ ability to deny Spencer a platform. Officials at the Florida college have confirmed they’ve spent roughly $500,000 on security for the event, and police from around Florida gathered in Gainesville to assist local police.

Yeah, that’s what you get, UF, when you whip up a mob to try and exercise a Heckler’s Veto on our speakers. You end up 500k in the hole to keep a baying, braying, libshit mob at bay. Should have thought that one through, now PAY UP.

And get used to paying for your stupidity and anti-White rhetoric from here on out. This goes out to all professors in the United States by the way.

During his speech, Eli Mosley called on all White professors to resign immediately and start living by their anti-White rhetoric. I think that was a mighty fine challenge. Richard talked about this as well and held the feet of the self-hating Whites to the fire. We will see if the rubber will meet the road and if they will put their career on the line for their beliefs. I wouldn’t hold my breath though. These people consider themselves “allies” of POCs, and that’s how they assuage their dirty, guilty, self-hating liberal ego enough to sleep at night.

But the time for that kind of talk is long gone. They need to step aside already. And funny enough, Richard was right to point out that the POC Left hates them as much as we do. What can I say except that traitors don’t exactly inspire respect from either side…

And let me tell any anti-White libshit that might be reading now that you ain’t seen nothing yet. 2016 was a tough year to beat, but we rose to the challenge and made 2017 /ouryear/ as well. We’re only going to get bigger and stronger and you know that, don’t you?

Every single one of you is in for a very rude awakening.

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  • Greatest recruiting tool ever! People waking to the fact that the Republicans don’t represent white people’s interests.

  • Anyone who thinks the optics were bad or that Spencer presents as effeminate, simply doesn’t understand his aristocracy, or the juncture of history we have reached. Standing before his accusers like a foreign figure, beautiful with a man’s best beauty, he revealed his astonishing intelligence. Make no mistake: The right people are noticing him now.

  • “We were unable to load Disqus. If you are a moderator please see our troubleshooting guide.” – anyone else getting this?

  • i feel the press conference was more informative on our movement. net, net, the “speech” part was sort of “so so”. i think Spencer should have given his speech vs. only react to audience. the message of the movement was not conveyed and thus this opportunity was lost. skipping speech and going to Q&A allowed the dumb mob to control the tone and narrative of conversation. i think we need to address and improve upon these issues for the next college stop. but i do feel it was a win for our side and huge respect for richard and the boys for doing this and standing up for our people. we are growing. the message is getting out there. good work.

  • Great event. This is what Spencer is good at. These college speeches are pure win – Spencer just outclasses all the anti-white nutjobs.

    Spencer’s hipster, kind-of-snobby presentation is just perfect for this job.

    I also thought Enoch was pretty good and had some great comebacks to some of the “questions” that were merely an attempt to deligimize whiteness. Agree with the commentor calling it a “good cop, bad cop” routine.

    Also, Spencer, if you are reading this – PLEASE, PLEASE – always bring up Israel. Every time. Anti-white Jews have no answer, no way to respond. They know perfectly well that every time the apartheid regime of Jew bigotry in Zionist-occupied Palestine is noticed by people it hurts their anti-white victim narrative. The double standard – the hypocrisy – is their fatal weakness, and they know it.

    Every time Spencer gives one of these speeches pro-white ideas get attention and the white public gets a taste of how these lunatic anti-whites respond with vitrol and hate.

    • also, when referencing ethno-states, use african countries, asian countries, latin countries etc. no point to list white/european countries.

    • Hipster: Mike Enoch and the other guy were stem winders. Spencer was on top of his game. Spencer mentioning the ethno state of Israel to the Hebrew Rabbi person elicited a response about pizza ovens? I didn’t know the Jews had Pizza ovens at Auschwitz? Learn something new everyday. LOL.

  • I think that in his speech, before the question-and-answer sessions (if you want to call it that), Spencer should have taken a bit of a different tact. I think he would’ve been far far better if he had continually BERATED the protesters directly to their faces by calling them what they actually were: COMMUNIST and also diehard anti-fa; he should’ve also have stated publicly that BLM is nothing more than a communist front organization that has been pushed by George Soros and his minions.

    I think it’s a mistake not to reiterate that in front of the cameras over and over and over again. The fact that these leftist thugs are nothing but front man for communist shills who are outside disruptors.

    The high point as far as I was concerned in the question-and-answer sections where the part where the guy openly. D righted the BLM people and their communist allies. That took a great deal of courage to do that

  • White and Eastern Asian have never had problem with each other. White and Eastern Asian should unite to create an Euroasian ethnostate. Even Hilter allied with Japan! This also gives alt-right an inclusive cover.

  • Cuckservatives should be praising your name for costing the liberal filth at colleges countless dollars as a direct result of them refusing to control their students (instead preferring to aim them at the aforementioned “right wingers” to chase them off of campuses).

    But they won’t, because they realize you’re a threat to them, too. Perhaps an even bigger threat, for you reveal them as the impotent do-nothings they always were.

  • My fav was the guy with his pizza analogy and his “I don’t take questions” principled stand.

    All in all, a fantastic case against democracy. Very well done.

  • I just wish Spencer didn’t read like a homo.

    His body language and gestures seem faggy.

    He’s like a less overtly gay more overtly racial Milo.

    I’m glad someone is getting the message out but I’m not sure I like the optics.

    • I think he’s smokin’ hot! I love polished White men. Besides, he’s literally putting his life on the line for us. There’s nothing faggy about that.

      So proud of him today!

  • If you believe past atrocities associated with an ideology means that ideology must be banned (we know what that leads to!), then you would have to insist on banning Communism and Islam.

  • What should’ve been done that wasn’t done was the fact that the police should have expelled individuals who refuse to stop chanting on a continuing basis. That would not be tolerated in any other venue except this venue. People need to be able to be silenced when they are disruptive on a continual basis. That’s something they should do in the future to allow any speaker to talk when that is the purpose for their being there.

    You notice that most of the chanters were darkes who were steeped in communist indoctrination and tactics, there wasn’t a whole bunch of white communist among them. Did anyone else notice that?

    • This is VERY TRUE! NPI spent $10,000 for the use of the hall, was there no way to eject flagrantly disruptive people so the tuition-paying students and other ticket holders who came to hear the talk were not cheated out of their experience?

      If Barack Obama came to visit a public university, and dozens of Alt Right members infiltrated the audience and started screaming “Obama go home!” and shouting obscenities, does anyone believe they would be allowed to carry on through the entire speech??

      • Of course, you’re absolutely correct! No one especially somebody like a president would ever be allowed to be interrupted continuously without there being action taken against the protester.

        But the police think that right now it’s OK to allow alt right people to be harassed and in some ways physically accosted without any cost to themselves. What they police don’t understand is eventually the general population is not going to support the police because the police have turned their backs upon those who only wish to speak freely.

    • The cops aren’t on our side. The simple solution is to have speeches and rallies where you aren’t dependent on the system doing its job.

      • The only problem with your ideas the fact that you have no security; you would need a large contingent of people who would be basically the equivalent of storm troopers to protect your group and you would then need to exclude the police from being involved so that you would not have a conflict.

        It’s difficult to find a particular venue which allows you to state your opinions without in turn, having yourself from being interfered with by outsiders who will impatiently listen

  • The poor soul thinking he could “get” Spencer with the Bible verse. I felt bad for him. These people are intellectually no match for Spencer.

  • High point: When Spencer obliterated that (((reporter))) whilst employing the phrase, “Arcane Talmudic Logic”. Now THAT was a hearty laugh.

    • I thought the pizza guy sounded a bit jewy but it wasn’t until I went back to the start and saw that he was an actual jew in jewish garbs that I understood Spencer’s references to Israel and the Talmud. He was on point, the guy was clearly panicking when he was asked about Israel.

  • With respect to the question about peaceful “ethnic cleansing”… that’s already taking place. White people are already being replaced in a relatively peaceful process. Although some sharp edges are showing up now, what has already been done shows that it’s possible to have relatively peaceful forms of ethnic replacement.

  • Richard was simply amazing speaking to these brainwashed hysterical screaming Thug-Mobb which is scared so badly of words and ideas. They are so desperate because they know that they will never reach his intellectual level. The left wing narrative is falling completly apart thanks to the complete lack of intellectual substance. Richard Spencer is a hero, a true dissident!
    Funny how the only question askers in that room which were just a little bit civilised and minimal literat were the whites of the Antifa-Mobb.

  • Let’s say Brandon stands up at the Q&A and prefaces his question by saying you have white privilege (and how dare anyone with privilege complain about anything).

    Then Aaliyah stands up and asks “Am I white enough?”

    Just ask Brandon “Brandon, you said I have white privilege so you obviously could tell I was white just by looking at me. Do you think Aaliyah has white privilege?”

  • All three men held their ground with dignity, intelligence and humor. But I expect nothing less of Whites. Our opponent really is pitiful. Sometimes all that brain power that the Alt-Right holds even seems like an overkill vis-à-vis the left. There is no way we will not prevail, it would be some kind of crazy universe glitch if we didn’t. We got this, it’s just a matter of time.

  • “Florida Was A Stunning Success For The Alt-Right”

    Richard Spencer speaks well. He is photogenic. In many ways, he is the new, improved “David Duke”, sans the nose job, plastic surgery, felony record, and former wearer of Nazi/KKK uniforms. That is important. But…”Florida Was A Stunning Success For The Alt-Right” is an exaggeration. It was not a failure, true. Spencer performed well. Yet by no means of the imagination can his appearance at the University of Florida be called “stunning”. It was, at best, mediocre. After viewing the entire video, here’s a post-event analysis:

    1 – The camera did not lie. There were vast swaths of “emptiness” in the theater. To use modern lingo, “it was bad optics”.

    Solution for future events: Have the event organizers “seed” the audience with more supporters, no matter how you do it. We may not have the superior numbers on the street, but on our own turf we should. In addition, disperse our supporters throughout the audience, planting many in the middle of the libshits so that the libshits can be shouted down right in their very midst. As it stood, almost all of Spencer’s supporters were crowded near the stage, and their presence looked very small indeed.

    2 – The absence of even ONE female on stage was glaring.

    Solution for future events: get a female, the cuter and sexier the better. Make sure she’s also imbued with a winning personality and a decent IQ. And then let her speak. Turn her loose. Show the libshits that we aren’t a “one-gender movement”. This is vital. And it should’ve been self-evident, in the same way guarding Spencer against a fist-punching street attack should’ve been self-evident. We’re playing three dimensional chess here, and like the punching attack, we are failing to think ahead. Get a spokeswoman up on all future stage events. It’s poor oversight not to. Do it.

    3 – Lack of key talking points illustrated and positioned on stage, left and right of Spencer.

    Solution for future events: have some professional-grade visual aides made and positioned far left and far right of Spencer, not too close to crowd him but highlighting what the Alt-Right is trying to achieve – which in the short term is a return to a white America and in the far term a star-faring civilization. Our audience must not only be able to here what we are seeking, but they must also be able to see it. There needs to be a more dynamic approach that is currently lacking.

    4 – Too many non-whites were present, and every one of them was a troublemaker.

    Solution for future events: better “crowd control”, meaning no more than ten percent of the audience should be non-white. Figure out some way to exclude these troublemakers. Also, how in the hell did these same troublemakers smuggle in poster boards with anti-white slogans? That should not have happened. Security failed. Make certain no future stage events allows this to happen.

    In the end, I understand the desire to be upbeat, but we must not be delusional. The Florida event was not a “stunning” success and Richard Spencer would be making a fatal mistake in believing such hype. If he’s honest, he will admit (at least behind closed doors) that it faltered on many levels. So back to the strategy table. Like with the “punch that was heard ’round the world”, which prompted him to heed his supporters advice to rectify that problem, he needs to review this event’s video and realize what areas need to be improved.

    • “So back to the strategy table.”

      Maybe going into shitlib strongholds isn’t such a good idea? There are a million ways the administrators and students can fuck with speakers: protests, messing with the audio, trolling etc. The whole idea is a recipe for failure.

      • I don’t disagree. On the other hand, Richard Spencer cost the local government agency assigned to “provide security” for the UF event one-half million dollars. Ouch. In Charlottesville he indirectly cost that city the deaths of two police officers, a private citizen, and an expensive helicopter – along with the millions in lost equipment and the expensive litigation, lawsuits, and costly settlements they’re bound to pay. In short, Spencer is costing the corrupt governments of both Charlottesville and Gainsville millions of dollars. And that’s why he needs to keep doing that.

        • Those are not fair arguments!

          The reason why what happened in Charlottesville happened is because of the fact that the police and the mayor broke faith with the alt right and ALLOWED the radical communist to get access to the alt right group. Had the two groups been completely separated as they have in many, many other type of encounters there would have been probably no deaths and no lawsuits and therefore for more money would have been saved, then what they allowed to happen happen.

          The people in Virginia and Florida allowed the situation to escalate such that it got out-of-control THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE not the alt right for the breakdown in order, when the police do not do their job of crowd control, you’re going to get chaos.

      • Sorry, anti-White. We’re not taking the blame. Y’all say all Muslims can’t be denied their rights just because some of them chimp out and kill one or two or three thousand people. So why do you hold Whites to a higher standard? Are you a White supremacist or something?

    • There’s probably more to it, the article mentions them being attacked before they fired the shot. Either way we do have to rein in the few hot-blooded nazi larpers on the altright, if that’s what these guys actually are. We’re not skinheads.

    • I can’t believe you cited a Slate article! And what do you know, it was a sad attempt at a hit peace full of outlandish falsehoods.

    • Okay, you were right to bring this to light. The media is running with this like a hive mind trying to equate Richard and all WN as Hitler loving terrorists. This is a Good Morning America Headline: Police: Suspect shouted ‘Hail Hitler’ before shooting incident after Spencer event. The article stated Richard is a, “self-discribed White supremacist”. I don’t know why I am surprised by this, but its still going to have an impact.

        • Good God Almighty. Whoever is paying you to troll this site needs to find us a worthier opponent!

          I don’t know anything about this case, but how could anyone be stupid enough to think there can be no self-defense against an unarmed aggressor. I’d be willing to bet most forcible rapists are “unarmed”. Like that matters. Form, either you are a complete idiot, or you think we are complete idiots, or both.

        • hey asshole, twitter is full of antifa violence videos of this event. Are you too retarded to check twitter?

          Your mother, the rotten worthless whore, should have killed you!

    • Thought you cucks didn’t believe in collectivism. Unless Spencer ordered those guys to shoot at protesters (which he didn’t, obviously) you’re just being disingenuous.

  • As a general rule, when someone asks you a question, ask them if they would ask a non-white the same question in comparable circumstances.

  • OH MY GOD! that guy named “Seraj” was just great. He called the scum bag shouters “RUDE” and then told them that he used to be a BLM. Then that “Brown” woman ended up not only looking like a complete fool but gave a chance to explain the need for White Nationalists. Richard You were PHENOMENAL!!!!

  • Whites are being ethnically cleansed from their homelands right now. So these anti-whites are not against ethnic cleansing, they are just anti-white.

    • Funny they don’t shed a tear about Whites being driven out of their neighborhoods by black-on-White race war. Oops, I mean crime.

  • What is clear is that anti-whites are not interested in debate, they simply want to shout us down and not let us speak or be heard. They’re screamers. They’re the sheep in Animal Farm who were trained by Napoleon to drown out his opponents by shrieking “two legs bad, four legs good!” whenever he gave the signal.

    Forget Red Dawn, Communism has been in America a long time and we’re in a death struggle against it.

  • Further to one of my comments down below, this was a perfect example of having anti-Whites (in this case the college) pay to protect our civil rights.

    And, yes, Whites do have civil rights and, yes, it is the responsibility of the government and public universities to pay to protect our civil rights. That is what government is supposed to do and it doesn’t matter how much it costs.

  • You can’t chant “BLACK lives matter” one minute and the next minute ask “how do you distinguish race?” If you know what a black person is, obviously you can distinguish race.

    The best way to discredit anti-whites is with THEIR OWN WORDS.

    • I was thinking about this recently.
      If race doesn’t exist, then doesn’t that mean non-whites colonized themselves?

        • I don’t know if the Disqus shutdown on Altright is intentional or if it’s just technical issues.
          But Return of Kings Disqus system was officially shut down this past Friday for “hate speech blah blah blah”, so it’s quite possible Disqus just wants to stop supporting right-wing sites altogether.

  • How perfect!
    Richard Spenser was articulate and presented his points on White identity to the evils of Diversity while a good section of the Audience validated Richard by showing extreme intolerance and a mob mentality.

    When one person questioned that whites cannot claim a white identity in “America” since whites came from Europe. The contradiction is that the nation called “America ” came into being because of Europeans.
    America the nation is a European creation that encompasses all the previous “nations” of the indigenous people.

    • The same person who says whites can’t have America would NEVER say all non-whites should leave Europe to white people. They’re not pro-indigenous, they are anti-white.

      • Excellent point. I am going to copy your comment so I can access it through my “history”

        “The same person who says whites can’t have America would NEVER say all non-whites should leave Europe to white people. They’re not pro-indigenous, they are anti-white.”

  • The White haters who are now mistakenly claiming that they stopped Spencer from giving his “speech,” miss the salient fact that a “speech” is not the goal, but spreading a message with the truth is the goal.

    The White haters DID NOT stop Spencer from spreading the message and he did it in a way that makes all of us look good who are for White survival. He was intelligent. He was polite. He was well spoken. He came across as a normal person with legitimate concerns for our survival. He did a fantastic job. Millions of people got the message and some Whites will no doubt awaken as a result.

    And, don’t forget that had the White haters not come out, the facts of White survival and White genocide would not have gotten as much press.

    Remember, we all awaken at different times and because of different life and learning experiences. Spencer was certainly an Awakener yesterday and hopefully he’ll continue.

  • Spencer, Mosley and Enoch were glorious and smart. They were addressing the world while debating the shitlibs and without a doubt succeeded in promoting and advancing the interests of the movement.

  • Richard spent the entire time pointlessly trying to reason with the subhuman protestors and get “a dialogue” going. He defaulted to liberal/cuck talking points about muh free speech over and over. They were there to no-platform him and bait him, and he took the bait every time with his weak sauce “free speech” rhetoric. Of course they don’t believe in free speech, they’re communists.

    Richard didn’t look calm and collected, he looked flustered and frustrated. The mic was good, he could have given his speech over the roar of the crowd. Instead he paced around and answered all the accusations of the shrieking minions, which is exactly what they wanted him to do.

    No, this was not a victory for the alt right. Normies won’t watch the video, they’ll just read articles about how a Nazi was successfully shouted down by protestors. Richard came there to give a speech. He didn’t. He let the protestors derail him because he’s obsessed with appearing as the corporate adult, to use Ryan Faulk’s term. That doesn’t win arguments.

    MIke Enoch should be the main speaker at these events. He’s energetic and direct, something Spencer is not. You don’t beat the left by being clever or rational, you beat them by overpowering them and hammering them into submission. Richard doesn’t have the aggression or the will to do that. He’s too insecure and obsessed with appearing as the most clever man in the room.

    • He didn’t know that the TV feed was clear as a bell and the noise from the crowd was subdued.

      Same issue that Howard Dean had.

      • Yup. The TV feed was clear as a bell. Spencer and the guys were clearly heard over the silly nut muffled chants from the anti-Whites. In fact, I couldn’t make out what the anti-Whites were really chanting, it was just a muffled noise in the background.

        It was kind of like when you watch a Negro Felon League game on TV. The announcers are clear as a bell even though the fans in the stands are often yelling at the top of their lungs.

        Kudos to whoever did the sound work, it was A+ professional. Hopefully, at future such events the sound from Spencer and friends will be as good as this one was.

    • Dude! Who can bear to watch that 1hr and 40min video? It was painful to even read about! I also wrote about how amateur and counterproductive it was that Spencer didn’t use his “based” mic to *talk* down the audience. The alt-right was never going to “beat” the UF community, but those guys didn’t have to go down like chumps. Absolute fail.

    • Missing the point. Spencer was putting on a show for the normies watching on Fox and online streams. There was no one to give a speech to and the media wouldn’t report on its content anyway.

    • This wasn’t a show for the audience but rather for the public at large, and many of them will see it. Remember, many people have never heard of us or only heard lies from the media, so when they see us for themselves it is essential that we be the adults in the room.

      The anti-Whites managed to get a non-White in the room to publicly berate them; and doubtless there were others who felt the same but lacked the courage to say so. Normies watching at home will have seen it, too, and come to the same conclusion. The gap in quality between Spencer and his detractors was very plain to see.

      As for MIke Enoch, he’s a good foil and a good number 2 for Spencer. I don’t mean any disrespect by that: we all have our roles to play, and we should try to play them to the best of our ability as part of something greater than ourselves.

    • I agree with most of your comment but to call Richard “too insecure” and “obsessed” is taking the critique too far. Enoch just needs to coach Richard and do some hard core debate prep-style sparring with Richard ahead of time. Attempting to engage the mob was futile, they were trolling Richard and his responses were only egging them on.

      Every time we do one of these events we learn and adapt. Richard has gotten much better over the past couple of years and he will continue to improve. This wasn’t a great victory but it certainly wasn’t a disaster either. Overall I’d say a draw, and a net positive because it kept us in the headlines. But next time we need to have a plan to deal with this kind of heckling, target than improvising responses on the spot.

      • Richard is insecure, though. He confuses straightforwardness with simple-mindedness. He’s afraid of not being clever enough or not intellectual enough in his responses. He thinks being the honorable aristocrat will win the day, but this isn’t some battle of wits with rules of decorum, it’s a brawl. For some reason, WASPs like RIchard don’t get this.

        When he’s hit with hostility from non-Whites he gives them the benefit of the doubt and engages in dialectics instead of doing what he should do, which is throwing their aggression right back at them. He lost the debate with Roland Martin because Martin is a loud, aggressive negro who he kept pummeling Spencer while he sat there and grinned and tried to look like he was above it all. Richard is just not a fighter, and fighters are what we need, not babblers.

        And his speeches haven’t improved at all since at least 2014. He gives the same speech everywhere he goes, often with the exact same lines. He has a weak voice and when he starts yelling, he still sounds very fey. MIke has a way better voice and blue collar way about him that’s endearing, funny, and forceful. Richard should stick to giving interviews to shitlib journalists and let Mike handle the speeches.

        I’m not saying this to attack Richard, I’m saying it because I actually want Whites to win, not die trying to win while pretending we’re good because we’re non-aggressive.

        • I think you made good observations about Richard’s and Mike’s styles of presenting and the need to respond with brash force when debating a chimp like Martin. I just think it’s not Richard’s personality, and am unsure it can be coached into him. Given his rather soft manners, I think he rose to the occasion of being a leader of the AR quite well actually.

          • I don’t think Richard can be coached into it, either. That’s why I don’t think he should be debating non-Whites at all. He’s good when giving speeches to friendly crowds and being interviewed by effeminate liberal journalists, but he doesn’t know how to throw down and bring the fight.

        • Again, I agree with most of what you say, I just think you’re taking it a bit too far. I actually think Richard should play to his strengths and stick to character, and not even try to be a rhetorical “street fighter.” He should avoid shouting, and cursing, and name-calling, and really just stick to the enlightened aristocrat bearing and remain calm and above the fray. I personally enjoy Enoch’s rough and tumble approach, but the dignified Anglo can come off well also. You just can’t mix the two approaches at the same time, it cancels out the strengths of both.

          • I agree with you.
            Spencer’s strengths are that he is incredibly knowledgeable, can make sensible arguments, is likable when he isn’t being too arrogant, and has aristocratic facial features and image.
            I see Spencer as priest class rather than warrior class, which is an important and dignified position to be in. I think he is doing good work, but he comes across as a little awkward when he tries to act like a brawler, so that shouldn’t be his central focus. That he spent so much time onstage fighting with hecklers was the weaker part of his presentation, but I understand there were technical issues.
            At the end of the day, Spencer is the one taking the risks, getting media attention, and keeping up the momentum, so I respect him. I think he still has a lot of room for growth as he encounters more and more situations. He’s got so much pushing against him, and yet he continues to move forward as a self-made bootstrap activist.

    • The first ambassador is a Spencer as a ceremonial gesture of good will. When they reject him, they get people more like Enoch. One step at a time. Now if there is more fiery discourse, they can just point to this speech as justification. Just like c’ville justifies new tactics.

  • I thought that Richard performed well. I think at times he reacted a little too much, though. We shouldn’t stoop to their level. Let’s the animals play in mud while we take the high road (yes, yes). Easier said than done I know. In general, though, he handled himself very well and made some good points. The (((journalist))) who refused to respond to his analogy with Israel was pretty good. Unfortunately, most of the questioners, and thus the questions, were of a rather low calibre, but he managed to use them to present at least some of our talking points.

    I though Mike also had a good performance. He’s a decent foil for Richard and can put things in a way that appeals to a difference audience. The only thing I would say is that I wish he would tone down the shouting (I know that his voice is naturally like that, but at times it sounds he’s bellowing) and cut out the swearing. I think the chap at the end describing the protesters as ‘pieces of shit’ was gratuitous. Let’s keep it clean cut and polite, lads.

    The anti-Whites had nothing to say and just looked foolish. We knew that of course, but now many more White folks will have seen it as well. The contrast was striking. I hope that more such talks are in the pipeline, hopefully with actual speeches together with Q&A.

    • “actual speeches together with Q&A”

      Heh! What? Did you think UF was supposed to be some dress rehearsal for a REAL speech? LOL! You were supposed to see “actual speeches together with Q&A” *yesterday*, fool! Haha! Way to let everyone know that you really see UF as another alt-wipeout!

      • That’s an odd interpretation of what I said. I’m aware of why a speech wasn’t possible and merely expressed the hope that speeches will be possible at future events. Nevertheless, we looked far better than our opponents, and doubtless that is how it will be seen by most of the target audience.

  • On the question of the how to create the White Ethno-state.

    I guess the “how” would first involve
    Getting rid of affirmative action. Getting rid of welfare and associated programs that increase the numbers of darkies. A ban on migration by darkies. More vigorous deportation of darkies who commit crimes.

    Offering blacks the some enthnostate of their own too. That would help and set a date for separation.

    That would accomplish 80% of the Etno-state.

  • Speaking to twenty neo-Nazis while all of Florida insults you. What a big win! This is just sad.

  • The whole thing reminded me of the court scene in Idiocracy, when the main character explains very cogently and intelligently why he is not guilty, and the entire courtroom including the judge does nothing but makes retarded insults. In the end, he was found guilty anyway, because everyone was too stupid to understand anything he was saying.

    It’s kind of funny, but black-pilling at the same time. We are truly living in Idiocracy, and any argument to the masses, I fear, will fall on deaf ears.

    • >”The whole thing reminded me of the court scene in Idiocracy, when the main character explains very cogently and intelligently why he is not guilty, and the entire courtroom including the judge does nothing but makes retarded insults.”

      LOL!!! You totally nailed it! It was just like that!

    • To awaken Whites, we need the publicity and this was great for that and we we many more such events. We are good, decent, righteous people and we are trying to survive. We have the high moral ground. Speeches to “the masses” will work, because it will awaken some in the masses, and that is what is needed.

  • One thing this confirmed for me is how unbelievably stupid our opposition is. They brought up the “literally Hitler” argument and asserted he is responsible for any violence committed surrounding White Nationalism. Why don’t we blame leftist public figures for violence surrounding leftism?

  • Great job you guys! I just wish you could come back to Alabama soon so I can come to an event of yours.

  • One idea would be to advertise a security firm with little to no connection to the speaker that the chancellor hires out to steward the event. Really Jew them.

  • Spencer and the others on the stage did a fantastic job. We need many more such speeches at public colleges.

    I really like the fact that we can make the White haters who run many of the colleges pay to protect our civil rights. Eventually, they may stop fomenting hatred against Whites as a result.

  • Spencer gave them just enough “Rope to h…” and so they did, America saw grown people acting like thugs and apes!

    Hawhawhaw!!(Superior laugther in White) Well done Dickie (Raising glass)

  • Enoch was right to thank the mob…Their puerile performance was invaluable in showing working, tax-paying Americans what’s on the table.

  • This blog post sounds like it was planned to praise Spencer’s bungled speech, no matter how it turned out.

    First of all, 150 hecklers (about 150 less than a full turnout) are going to sound fierce. Plus, the hecklers FAR outnumbered the alt-righters, and their enthusiasm FAR exceeded the alt-right’s. On the video, you can see the alt-right trying desperately to keep a low profile, only so that they could dodge the cameras. Seated in the front rows, the alt-right had plenty of room to ask questions and make themselves fully present. Yet, they did not. Much of the public is openly wondering if they were paid to attend.

    Second of all, Spencer actually depended on the crowd’s heckling, as a way to run out the clock. He could have calmly spoken over his hecklers with UF’s superb sound system. But, instead, he wasted all his time on scolding them. And then he left 30 minutes early.

    Finally, as individuals, the audience was more focused, complex, and supportive of UF than were their “alt ‘guests’”. They condemned their “guests” as an irresponsible, hateful, culpable, and offensive “regime”. They asked them to describe how “peaceful ethnic cleansing” works and the means by which it could turn America into a “White ethnostate”. They held the alt-right accountable for Heather Heyer’s death. They challenged them to identify a White person, on sight. As expected, the alt-right met those criticisms with obscenities, snowflake accusations of “bad faith”, and frantic ploys to “shut down” the sensitive topics. By then, it didn’t seem so “rude” when the students told their intruders – er, “guests” – to “F*ck off!”.

    This UF meltdown has further cemented the alt-right’s status as a “movement” WITHOUT real-space utility. Ultimately, it has, once again, exposed itself as what it is: a selfish, thin-skinned, grandiose, and bitter gang of manboys. You’re in free-fall now.

    • Go back to reading Portnoy’s Complaint and masturbating about Shiksa.

      Spencer did very well there.

    • How can you “bungle” a speech if not allowed to speak?
      Why were the alt right attendees avoiding the camera? You are either crassly unreflective or like to revel in unfairness and political persecution.
      “UF’s superb sound system…” You recommend countering hecklers by just being louder and heckling them back? I don’t think you understand how a conversation works.
      “Spencer…depended on crowd’s heckling.”
      But he has a long history of public speaking.
      A heckling mob is not “condemning.” Howling and screaming to deliberately disrupt are more accurate.
      If the alright has no real space utility why are they persecuted and heckled? You would leave them alone if you believed that.
      What a shill. You should write for CNN.

      • What was unfair? You wanted free speech, and you got it! And the sound system was specifically designed to let Spencer *comfortably* speak above his audience. It’s not their fault that he used his mic for bickering and not orating. The alt-right’s MESSAGE and VIOLENCE are what disqualify it from public forums. Society doesn’t “prove” its “strength” by ignoring toxic influences, Giovanni. It banishes or rejects them.

        • LOL! Keep deluding yourself, retard!
          By destroying free speech you guys and what you call “society” doesn’t look good at all! And if some thugs don’t let a person speak FREELY(!) by screaming chants over his words-it is simply NOT FREE speech. It has nothing to do with it. And what violence are you talking about? The killings of BLM or the the violence of Antifa or maybe you mean the thousands of killings between blacks every year, I just can not follow your trash talk out of the left pink filterbubble…

    • LOL! The beta male snowflake that doesn’t know anything about being brave or being a man talks about a “thin-skinned gang of manboys”. Stop projecting, retard! The goys that was there were brave in front of a ton of autistic screeching apes. The Alt Right goes against the grain and is the only counter culture. So please tell us about being brave…

      • Counterculture? Ha! No REAL counterculture aims to alienate itself from the mainstream, like the alt-right did yesterday! If dissidents don’t quickly start CHANGING the status quo, they’re going to get sloughed off as malcontents! And after yesterday, you’re definitely there.

        • LOL! We got called death multiple times before by little beta males like you and (((the media))) and what happend? We only grew. And 0f course this time we are growing, too. I know, it scares you, but who cares about your fear?! And we do not care about (((the mainstream))), we care about whites. THAT is the true counter colunterculture. We are the only ones that do it, so you better be prepared for us. We won’t stop, no matter how loud you will cry and scream your pathetic chants!

  • Someone at the event asked Spencer, ‘what he was doing here???’

    I immediately thought of how I would answer that question…

    “I’m trying to live in a White Nation, Blacks, Browns and Yellows have their own Nations.”

    “Asia for the Asians, Africa for the Africans, White countries for EVERYBODY!”

  • Richard’s a hero. Just watching that obscene spectacle on my computer screen I was trembling with rage and outrage. What he had to endure up there; the viciousness, the cruelty, the mean-spiritedness and insane hatred, the bullying and intimidation of those animals were simply incredible. Are they even human? We know the blacks aren’t, but what about the Whites and the whitish? Shouldn’t they be ashamed of themselves? Jesus Christ.

    Big props to the guys who were present in front of the stage, too.

      • Bad times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. Weak men create bad times. Maybe it’s just a necessary circle and the sooner Civil War starts, the better? That it is needed, nobody can deny it at this point.

  • At this point white/Europeans heard enough of this Anti-white/anti-European nonsense.

    “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”

    White/Europeans are becoming ‘anxious’ as we witnessed milquetoast Politicians doing little to nothing about the darkening of all European Nations.

    White/Europeans are abandoning entire cities; Whites will continue to abandon areas like Detroit Michigan, Chicago, Gerry Indiana, and Los Angles California, and even London England.

    White/Europeans comprise an estimated 7 to 8% of the entire world population.

    Only 2 to 3% of White/European Women are of child bearing age.

    Massive immigration and forced assimilation is called genocide when it’s done in Tibet.

    When it’s done in White countries it’s called “diversity.”

    Diversity is a code-word for White Genocide.

    “Diversity” a crime against humanity.

      • Black guys are the least desired race in the world. Just because you watch blacked all day were they have to pay porn stars a lot extra doesn’t make that reality.

        • I bet black people could be better if same level of education wealth and routes to succeed are provided. White dudes still suffer and behave badly if poor. Every race has its own strengths, eg you could not beat a Korean Starcraft player. Does that lead to your conclusion?

          • ^^^Officially too stupid to be Asian.

            Do Oriental societies suffer from the inverse of the “talented 1/10th”?

          • I would never say any thing stupid like you do here. Never ever a region or race is downgraded. European rises only in recent years and that gives you so much arrogance. Check the fact who dominates the world the longer. Clearly, white-tards are not realizing we are all from Africa.

          • “Recent Years”

            We are dominant for a thousend years at least. Time to stop commenting Ching-Chong.

          • Dominant by speaking? I just cannot stop laughing at you near-sighted followers. If you could make a difference, make a movement, grab the army and establish a new “king-dome” then I can talk to you. Otherwise, don’t waste your time here(BTW, I will cease wasting time here too).

          • Besides that, whatever, dude. Yeah sure, we are inferior to the great black dick… this doesn’t means we should not want to live among our own people. You have your own ethnostate to go (if you are korean, thai, chinese, japanese, etc), we don’t. Our contries are constantly flooded by non whites that will attack us and leech us using welfare.

            You are a selfish.

          • Selfish is the right word for white-tards like you! You live in your cage, no one forces you to live in America. Go back to Europe if you could :).

          • Why would Europeans go back to Europe? Europeans built the Republic, the peaceful prosperous country that minority groups are now recently benefiting from with the passing of the 1965 immigration act.

          • Stick to this thought. Chinese and North Korean missiles will fall apart before it is launched. Don’t be surprised!

          • Good thing I don’t care what the “elite” leaders of the world think about anything.

          • “We are all from Africa”
            This was scientifically debunked this year funnily enough.
            To your horror it turns out that *GASP* humans actually originated in Eurasia.

            But even if humans did initially evolve in Africa hundreds of thousands of years ago, this is still not a meaningful argument. Technically humans and chimpanzees have a common ancestor, but this doesn’t mean I want to live with chimpanzees and learn how to live as part of their chimpanzee culture.

            Malcolm X > Martin Luther King

          • Clearly, retard like you doesn’t know what is science and how it works. One day, you will be submerged and hybridized. I wish you could live in your cage, so go back to your Europe if you know where you came from. LOL!

          • It’s a well established FACT that the Chinese cheat their way through their Math classes, pay people to write their papers for them, and are all around dishonest con artists. Their like the Jews of Asia. The Japs should have won the war.

          • Did your portable translator piece that gem of a sentence together? Shit doesn’t make any sense. I don’t care how “educated” you are if your cheating your way through school.

          • Already hysterical and spilling hate? Oh you libtards are so fragile and sensitive, just imagine when it gets to Civil War 2. You will be wiped out.

          • “We are all from Africa” aaand just like that you went full retard. I always thought Asians weren’t susceptible to the same ideological ills that Whites were, but I guess I was wrong.

          • There is emerging evidence that humanity didn’t all come from Africa. 9+ million year old human teeth have been found North of the Mediterranean. This is basic human knowledge.

          • All sorts of POCs usually look up only to whites. Whites are measure for everything for them, therefore they hate them most. In Orient they are usually more intelligent then nignogs, therefore they don’t measure themselves up to anybody, they are able to live by themselves, but even there, some SJW losers with sh.tty education tend to take on cultural marxism BS.

          • Whites have already gotten the best out of blacks. It’s called sports. White were able to turn low iq blacks into millionaire for running fast and catching balls. If they were in Africa they would be struggling to survive. That’s what they are good at sports and killing each other. They don’t want education they hate school.

          • What is IQ? In my narrow opinion, you are not any better than the Africans I know just based on what you said here. Whites exploited blacks for decades and still dream about it. Wake up, losers!

  • AMEN!

    The Leftist Hecklers reminded me of what I did when I was a Child…….

    ……and didn’t want to hear Something…….

    I put My Fingers in My Ears…….

    And repeatedly yelled…..


    That’s the Literally the Reality that occurred in that UF Auditorium……

    Leftist Mob Idiocracy on Full Display……..

    The Alt-Right is like a Virus which causes their Entire Cerebral System to Short-Circuit and Shut Down…….


  • if there is an edited version where the audible sections of Richard speaking are show, many people will watch. I cannot bring myself to go through the screaming.

  • That was really entertaining yesterday. Spencer has some balls and remains extremely calm under such pressure. I probably couldn’t do it with all those lunatics screaming at me. I was in a youtube chat with some normies and I could tell even they were kind of on your side even though they didn’t agree with everything.

          • Go where? I’m in my country and respect minorities. So go back to Europe if you have balls, dumb ass living in America.

          • What did the official Chinese Govt warning about UK travel say again…?

            Oh yeah. “Stay away from the Pakis -they like to rape people”

            Get outta here with your transparent “white knighting” (should I say “yellow knighting”)
            for “muh fellow brown people”

            Orientals pick up the Jewish tricks quite easily.

            (Still won’t get you into Harvard, Buddy)

          • What are you talking about? Where do you hear that or you just make it up? No logic at all, btw I work with people graduated from Harvard. So Harvard is your what symbol on your narrow minded brain?

        • Did you really expect to come to an English speaking site, drop some foreign scribblings and then call everybody out for being illiterate and an idiot for not knowing what you wrote?

          Do they have the term “pants-on-head retarded” in china?

          • I’m using my language to show I am an outsider. Only showing this to the ones could understand. The words mean nothing, it’s only my personal opinion, thanks.

          • Sorry you have poor understanding or deliberate misunderstanding. Not knowing another language is not stupid, unless you think so. No, idiots for the follower.

          • Dont you think this “chinaman” might be a provocateur? Any1 can copypaste chinese characters.

        • Neither Spencer, nor anyone of his ideology, has wielded any power in the USA. Rather, he is in opposition to the establishment. If indeed America is falling, would it not be more reasonable to blame the people and ideology that has ACTUALLY wielded power the last 70 years? Rather than someone who is in opposition to them?

          Or is it the act of being in opposition that is your complaint? Is it your opinion tht the very act of questioning the establishement and their ideology is illigitimate?

          • The US has rapidly declined since giving blacks equality and brown and yellow people equality. The Nog must be bashed into submission wherever you find him.

            Equality! So much so that China has now overhauled the US economically…

          • You focused on the wrong thing. Equality is the reason why China booms, except some corruption hampered. That way everyone could contribute in a unique way when one feels equal. Economically is not what we are seeking, USA will be surpassed in every aspect in half a century or so. Especially if the ideology like Richard represents continues to draw national attentions. Focus and direction is more important.

          • Communist China is Han-Supremacy
            Can you get any more hypocritical?
            Can you give me even more lulz?

          • Idiots think so. Learn how minorities are treated in China such that communication is feasible.

          • Spencer is somewhat like Socrates or Plato describing a republic that’s yet to be. Only a small number of listeners actually heard what he had to say even in the far-right.

          • Yes, we are doing it right now. Check how many Africans are in China now, if you get a chance. Learn what is up-to-date.

  • Yeah this was great, we haven’t had this much coverage since Hillary ranted about the “AltRight” and “Pepe” during her campaign.

    They trotted out 2 ex-presidents to counter-signal. Could we have asked for anything more?!

  • Richard Spencer was calm,cool,collected and unshakeable ,Bravo and well done.To the students who booed and hissed throughout ,you no longer have the moral highground.

    • More importantly, the behavior of the hyenas in the audience was captured on film. I just hope that Americans at least check out a few minutes of the performance and not rely on MSM reportage.

    • He chimped out like a lousy comedian getting told to get off the stage, went widely off-message.

      • You don’t use “chimped out” properly nor does it make any sense a comedian would do that. You are trying too hard at imitating something you don’t understand. Stop being a poser.

      • The message is the medium. Guy in a suit on a stage, addressing a baying mob of mystery meat.

        Blade Runner 2017

        • Oh please, almost any conservative speaker does the same thing whenever they go to university the difference is people actually care to show up to their events. Meanwhile when Richard Spencer was “exposing the left” his neo-Nazi buddies at the Daily Stormer were calling to harass random Jews in solidarity with him, making headline news.

  • After watching Richard’s speech and then listening to his defense of his ideas in the Q & A, I am convinced that the left are brain dead morons. I do not think the left is intellectually capable of debating the interest of the self determined white man.

  • Very happy to see how this turned out. This is what Charlottesville should have been like, but sadly, city authorities decided otherwise – and we also got the cookie monster spontaneously dying on us on our hands as well, making for bad media. But this was all good, delivered in an excellent manner. I felt Spencer was a bit presidential during the press conference and dialog – certainly more so than America’s last three (well, Clinton certainly wasn’t presidential in the “oral office”, but when he wanted to, I suppose he could put on a show for the cameras) presidents. Enoch and Mosley were very good as well, so it was an excellent event. A pity the audience could hardly field a single intellectual question, but I guess that’s what today’s left has come to.

    • I enjoyed much of what Spencer had to say, his usual, logical talking points, but much like with Trump, there were moments I wish he could restrain himself a bit more.

      Yes, I know, the hecklers were absurd, but when Richard stoops down from his intellectualism to call them immature children that can’t handle a new idea, he’s no longer being an intellectual, and unfortunately, giving them exactly what they want.

      The thing is, you have to treat a mob like that like an internet troll. You can’t win against them, you can’t use logic or reason. Anything you do to engage with that mob will just feed them. They just want attention, and they use the auspices of BLM or Antifa or if anyone remembers 2011, Occupy, in order to yell and get riled up and basically, in a sad way, have a good time because they’re just really bored.

      More than likely, heckling Richard was the highlight of their year. It was just “fun” for them. They don’t really care about what they’re saying, or really actually think Richard is a Nazi. They leave the thinking up to one or two people who begin the chants, and then they get to shout along merrily and shoot the bird to people because they wouldn’t get to do that normally in their day to day lives, but in this setting it’s fun and no one important will be offended because they’re in such a big group, and they’ve been told it’s alright to heckle Richard because he’s just some white supremacist! They can be as ridiculous and offensive as possible because, again, it’s fun, and no one is really getting hurt by it, so they rationalize.

      People troll because it’s fun. When you interact with them, it’s like tugging on the rope the dog has in its mouth. It just tugs harder, and thinks the game is really really fun.

      Yeah, it’s pretty damn tragic America has gotten to this level of stupidity and boredom, but that’s because things are so easy, and people don’t really have to struggle much these days. We need to really give people something to live for, something to strive towards. Then maybe they won’t be so… empty.

      But yeah, Spencer’s a good guy, he put up with a lot of nonsense. I wish he would have been allowed to actually speak, he has some very logical points.

      • Cyrus Magnus

        Oh, I disagree. I think most of them do actually think Spencer is a genuine Nazi who wants to enslave Blacks and kill Jews. As the article points out, there is no representation for pro-white or anti-egalitarian views in modern education, so these kids are woefully uninformed about Spencer and the alt-right.

  • Well done fellas. Those students looked liked a bunch of spoiled libshit children, which is what they are and millions of normies who see this footage will think the same.

    • Heh! Don’t count on it, Ike. The students gave no quarter to their “guest speakers”, who each got too “triggered” to remain on-point, when the going got rough. Public speaking freaks a lot of people out, but most of us can’t imagine how we’d dare to blame an audience for our anxieties and weaknesses. Alt-FAILURE is what the public saw and took away from yesterday’s disaster.

      • I thought that Spencer was relishing it.

        A baying mob of zombies is exactly what Spencer wanted

      • Only the liberal public will take that away. Normal people with actual intelligence will react like the Indian who asked to talk to Spencer privately because he realized how disgusting the crowd was. Anyone who actually wants to question the world as it is and is worth having as an ally will be favorable to the alt right after watching the video. Trust me, the goal wasn’t to get blue haired transgendered idiots to suddenly grow a brain.

        • For reasons still unknown, the Indian man felt that his fellow attendees were “too hard” on their “guest” speakers. But, whatever they were, they clearly betrayed his perceived invulnerability to your “movement”. And, those people quickly turn on you, once they realize you’ll devastate their lives too. Just look at Mike Enoch’s poor wife. Or Richard Spencer’s ex-wives and ex-girlfriends. Hopefully, that man will learn from the “normies”, “sh*tlibs”, and “flotsam” who’ve already been betrayed by the alt-right. You care no more for him than you do for anyone else, besides yourselves.

          • How’s it feel to be losing, Schlomo? You can’t even offer a response to the Alt-right’s debates! All you can offer is autistic screeching and ad hominem attacks. YOU LOSE! And the normie world is very quickly seeing that fact. You and your POC pets gave Spencer and the Alt-right exactly what they wanted! I thought you people were supposed to be smart? LOLZ

          • Don’t feed a shitlib troll. Just don’t. They get off of it. It’s like fungus, if you don’t feed it, it dies.

          • India is a caste society. They know the white nations are committing a
            suicidal act allowing darkies in.

          • Huh. What in particular is there about Enoch’s wife that makes her especially deserving of sympathy? Almost seems like some sort of… ethnic affiliation there. Some reflexive Jewish supremacism slipping through, it would appear.

            Hey, were you ever able to come up with a plausible-sounding rationalization for your weird, emotionally-based belief that the US somehow is suffering from a critical shortage of 68 IQ Somalian Muslims, and will benefit in some as-yet-undefined, but very important way from the importation of millions more of them? Surely there must be some way in which “diversity” is objectively a “strength?” Take your time.

          • Nothing that makes her deserving of sympathy? Not even the tragedy of sinking 10 years into a man who betrayed her in the worst possible way? Somehow, I think any decent person would open their heart to a woman who endured that, regardless of what religious beliefs they held. You don’t even know if I’m devout in any way. So, why not quit pretending that you’re safe around non-whites and non-Christians. On top of everything, the recent news about Gainesville, clearly, proves you wrong.

          • As if people aren’t having their lives “devastated” by that circle of animals. The forces represented by the leftist attendees in FU are an extremely destructive force to personal lives, nations, the very existence of humanity.

          • “Reasons still unknown?” You’re either an idiot or a liar. How exactly will we “devastate their lives?”
            Of course I don’t care for him. I don’t know him. Do I care about Indians as a whole? Not particularly, although that doesn’t mean that our policies would be bad for Indians. In fact, India would be much better off if their high IQ population remained in India to help their own country instead of leaving to live in white countries while screwing over the rest of the population.

      • The give away is always trying to use slang they don’t really understand. The delivery is just stilted and unnatural. I dunno, you try speaking over a howling mob. You can blame them when they literally prevent you from speaking.
        What was the failure? They had to spend 500,000 dollars on security because of violent antifas. He can just keep doing this until people listen.

      • The “students” acted like chimps. Most of the “students” that attended probably shouldn’t be in a university at all.

        • “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it” – Aristotle

          The entire public education system in the West deserves to be destroyed. Stay triggered libshits.

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