There Is No Left Wing Anymore

At this point, race is the underlying factor behind just about every policy or political position in the West. You can’t not notice it. Maybe you could have gotten away with being color-blind in the 90s or the 00s, but it is so glaring now that you cannot escape the discussion on race whether you like it or not.

I recently discovered an Alt-Right Youtuber that had some interesting things to say on the topic. Check him out, he does good work:

The world is tribal and enlightened individualism only works in a homogenous society. Otherwise, it leads directly to the destruction of said society and its hostile takeover by a people that hasn’t forgotten their group identity. This applies to the realm of business (where ethnic cartels dominate) as well as politics (where ethnic voting blocs dominate as well) and to war (where ethnic warbands dominate too).

Besides, even “enlightened individuals” glob together with other “enlightened individuals” and parrot the same talking points to one another. Belief in “enlightened individualism” just becomes the credo of yet another implicit tribe anyway.


Tribalism is everywhere. You can’t escape it. It’s in the air you breath, the water you drink, and it was in the elementary school cafeteria, the church you attended on Sundays and the carpools your mom would participate in. Now it’s even in the shows you watch – Rick and Morty for them, World Peace (probably) for you. Things have gotten more tribalized and politicized over the years, not less as organic communities have faded and people have to glob onto elective identities because tribalism based on innate identity is either outlawed or out of fashion.

Funny enough, denial of tribalism has become the price of admission into all the best tribes nowadays. So many of us became tribeless and rendered outcasts for our beliefs.

I guess at some point the lie was too much for us to cope with, especially if we had a truth-oriented character.

In a stroke of irony, the ones arguing that groups and group interests exist were thrown out by groups that denied that they even existed.

Yeah, that’s a tough circle to square. But its true, in many cases we triggered cognitive dissonance in our peers and were relegated to the wilds of radical individualism…until we found the Alt-Right.

And now we have our tribe and it’s our tribe vs their tribe. The Bad Whites vs the Good Whites and their POC auxiliaries.

Our tribe has grown, despite all the obstacles we had to face and overcome. We’ve gotten so notorious that we can’t even give small speeches at public universities without Governors declaring states of emergencies. Our tribe is so dangerous that the National Guard has to be called in to keep the peace. We will be surrounded by a hostile tribe of radical individualists and “freedom-fighters” that see us as Fascists and Totalitarians.

They will chant in unison, they will completely outnumber us and they will have the full and overwhelming support of the media and the state on their side.

And I would bet you literally any sum of money that these “rebels” and radical individualists will never see the irony in any of this. The thought won’t even cross their mind. Because it feels good to be part of a tribe, to be surrounded by people that think like you, have the same interests as you, that have your back against the enemy. The minute they start asking questions is the minute that they lose that warm feeling in their stomach that everyone feels when they are surrounded by friends, clustered together like all life wants to.

Cells next to cells next to cells becoming interlinked cells and then an organism.

It’s healthy and its the very basis of life. But they worship an ideology that hates life, that hates nature and that makes them hate their race.

Which is why we will have to destroy their sick, twisted tribe eventually.

Also, get hype for /ourguys/ taking Florida University today by storm!

Vincent Law
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  • >there’s no left wing
    >liberals are right wing
    >he can’t define his terms

    That is some deconstructivist insanity you’re peddling. Sounds like you’re leftist-in-denial, leftist-in-hiding.
    The altright clique must be prepping their audience for some underhanded leftist-revolutionary doctrine, this is how you go about to mask that.

    Supporting roguestateIsrael because muh tribe principles? White-bolshevism? Sodomy enabler? Eugenics/Population reductionalarmist? Time to come out clear Spencergang, you commie?

  • The old left is long dead. 40 years ago I would have been a liberal — I am anti-war, pro-labor, and pro-environment. But now I’m stuck in the alt right because the left today is simply anti-white.

  • I’ve got 4 kids with my second wife and my ex wife just had twins with her new husband. I’m actually happy for my ex. I don’t talk to her, but we’re still the same tribe, she brought two more white people of good Northern European stock into the world. Why be bitter about that? I’m swimming in my own family right now. I’m glad to see more white women bearing children. Get down to your local playground and check out all the ladies knocked up. Dang thing of beauty. We need to stop infighting and find the tribal values again. No vasectomies fellas. Don’t do it!

  • “But its true, in many cases we triggered cognitive dissonance in our peers and were relegated to the wilds of radical individualism…until we found the Alt-Right.”

    So true.

  • The speaker doesn’t have a clue about liberals and what they think,. His ideas of them are based on his own beliefs and he assumes liberals think the opposite. Basically a man who thinks he is smart but is so dumb cannot realize how wrong and dumb his thoughts are

  • Fox is showing Bush talk right now, just before Spencer’s speech, and he mentions the rise of ethno-nationalism while brandishing old tired concepts and words to condemn it (muh cold war and democracy, the free market, white identity is blasphemous etc.). Maybe we’re underestimating the effect Spencer and other ethnonationalists are having, hence the state of emergency in Florida.

    • If anything, by airing things in this specific order, Fox is actually helping Richard deliver the message. I wonder if AR has actual quiet allies there.

  • Where are some good places in the lower 48 that White people could form racially aware communities? My thought has always been Appalachia, the Midwest outside of cities like Detroit, Chicago, and Milwaukee, and parts of the Mountain/Plains West like Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, etc. One state that I especially think will become a pro-White haven is West Virginia in the future.

    • Fox is showing Bush talk right now and he mentioned the rise of ethno-nationalism while brandishing old tired concepts and words to condemn it (muh cold war and democracy, the free market). Maybe we’re underestimating the effect Spencer is having, hence the state of emergency.

  • I’m here to learn, though I’m opposed to the Alt-right and, though my DNA is all northern European, I cherish the diversity of America and see that as a strength. Have you all had your DNA checked and found, as I did, that you’re 92% northern European? Or is being Alt Right like Harry Potter or Halloween where you believe you’re White Supremacists because you’ve got the costume and mom bought you a wand? And do you restrict yourselves from all Melting Pot creations that benefitted from cultural diversity–Jazz, tacos, barbecue, thai food, Rock and Roll, Hip Hop, or do you just listen to Finnish folk songs since that’s about the only 100% white music on the planet? As I say, I’m here to learn–though I believe suppressing you is best for all–like suppressing rapists and child molesters–but I’m interested in the source of Fear and Hate that’s misguided you so completely.

    • Hey, at least you’re trying to stay impartial. Whenever I write comments here, I just de-“alt” their facts and un-“fake” their news. I’m praying for safety today, with all my might.

      • Safety from what? Being shipped back to Israel and kept away from normal, sane, and moral human beings?

    • It’s worth remembering that Stalin was the “minority rights”, “nationality rights” leader in the Bolshevik and then Communist Party. He even wrote about it, at Lenin’s insistence.

    • Here, here, listen up my people; I would like to introduce you to a deranged individual. He/she/it is most likely a yid. Or possibly a freak of nature; a hermaphrodite or sodomite or both.

      Come and see, and marvel at the freak. The freak always screams out to God the creator for his misfortune as the foil to man. Give him/her/it no sympathy. It is as a cancer that must be cut out.

    • Jazz? You mean:

      Henry Cowell wrote in the Melos journal that jazz interpreted a mixture of African-American and Jewish elements, stating that:

      “The fundamentals of jazz are the syncopation and rhythmic accents of the Negro. Their modernization is the work of New York Jews […] So Jazz is Negro music seen through the eyes of the Jews.” [4]

      Such views were readily picked up by the Nazis. Their criticisms have included “gratuitous use of syncopation” and “orgies of drums”.[5] More statements from the Nazis included such things as “artistic licentiousness” and “corruption seed in the musical expression” with “indecent dance forms”.[6] They went on to scrutinize all modern music of the 1930s as a “political weapon of the Jews”.[7]

    • Do you hate white people and want them to disappear? If your answer to that is “no”, you’re already 75% of the way to the alt right, whether you realize it or not. To be progressive today you must hate white people. And no, I don’t care for rap at all and I’m not really a jazz fan either. I like classical music. That’s about 99% white. We can have Thai food, barbecue, and even tacos without bringing in the entire third world. Believe it or not, white people are capable of learning how to cook all those things. Look at the Japanese. They adopted lots of science and technology, and some culture, that was created by whites. But they didn’t import tens of millions of white people. They taught themselves what they wanted to know.

    • Are you really here to learn? Or are you here to attempt to insult people and make ignorant jabs? It would seem like the latter.
      If you were acting in good faith, you would onow that there is endless material BY the alt.right averywhere on the web, so much it’s difficult to keep up with it. You would have done some homework instead of parroting the bull narrative.
      If you’d like to learn, nothing is stopping you.

  • Much respect for all other altrighters out there. We all have similar backgrounds, experiences and most importantly a shared vision. It takes real rebels with real courage to take on the hordes of twisted degenerates arrayed against us.

  • White Tribalism is a good thing. We need much more of it. We must ask of everything: Is this good for White people?

    And, we must ask that of ourselves when we vote for political candidates: Is this candidate good for White people? Of course, we are not likely to find completely good candidates for Whites, but that’s life and we must get the best we can.

    • I’m struck by how much like some Jewish friends I have, who do make choices based on their faith. I am here to mock somewhat, but also to learn, because I see your forces as destructive to America, but I have to ask you: Show me five major things created in America which are 100% Caucasian and made better because they have no influence from any other races or tribes. I’m a child of Mother Nature and see your cause as the weak and limited whinings of boys who see female empowerment and diversity taking over: which is good. What things are all white in America? Huh?

      • As a ‘child of mother nature’ you should see the inevitable conflicts between the diverse groups of humankind created by the unnatural situation we call multiculturalism and pluralism in general. Different societies are structured environments tailored for different groups. You wouldn’t put wolves and dogs together. And precious few people on the altright ‘hate’ other races, they just recognize and embrace the natural tendency for humans to stick to their own. I can guarantee I have more appreciation for traditional african or asian cultures than ‘melting pot’ proponents. The real destructive force in the world and the one that’s assaulting diversity is melting pot globalism and liberalism.

      • My views are only my own, and not very popular around these parts, but I would say that America has always been a bastardized, mongrel nation, and it will have to be destroyed if European culture is to survive.

        I’m not “racist,” I’m an ethno-pluralist. If we are to preserve cultural diversity then the races and ethnicities must be seperated. I don’t have a problem with non-white cultures, and enjoy many aspects of other cultures, but when my group is threatened with demographic replacement I don’t have any confusion as to whose side I am on.

      • “[C]hild of Mother Nature”? Good. I sometimes consider myself a naturalist as did Charles Darwin. Many of my beliefs (not White Supremacist, but rather, perhaps White Separatist) as being in accord with nature and evolution. I was born and live on the piece of ground that we call America, but my nation is within me. I am a White person. No matter where I live, that is who and what I am. And, I like it.

        White areas are usually more peaceful and crime free and are thus more just and righteous even if many of the White people as individuals in such places do not all share the same spiritual or religious views. They are as they are largely because of their White genes.

      • 2nd reply: And, I’m all for female empowerment. I love White women and consider them as my equal.

        Diversity? If you mean racial diversity, it is terrible. I want to live in a completely White country. If others want to live in a mixed race country, then that’s their right. But, it is not for me.

        Assuming you are fully White and not Jewish, please tell us how YOU, meaning you personally, are somehow better off by living in a mixed race culture. Do you make more money as a result? Are your streets safer as a result? What benefits do you have other than different types of restaurants?

      • How about the Ford automotive assembly line….. 😉 Your question claiming “all white” is too open to be valid, however there are multiple “all white” as you would say inventions you benefit from daily if you think about it, and yeah learn how to research instead of being spoon fed garbage.

  • I wish we had an alt-right city. Something like an anti-Charlottesville where we make the rules and decide what goes. A white man’s utopia.

    One day.

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