We’re Not In Weimar Yet

Submitted by J. Evola

In pre-war Europe, brawls, fights, and murders were constantly exchanged between leftists and fascists or similar right-wing groups. And in the circumstances where the fascists were particularly organized they leveraged this success on the street and in other conflicts to gain support and political power. This was most famously the case in Mussolini’s march on Rome but also was indispensable in the rise of the National Socialists in Germany, the Iron Guard of Romania and the Falange in Spain. But the key element to note in these cases is that the enemy of these groups was the left as their ideas already held resonance with the conservative and nationalist segments of the population.

In the present day and age, it is easy to see the parallels between the modern day situation in the U.S. and Weimar Germany and other post-war countries. Public events quickly turn into brawls between those who perceive themselves as right wing, and Antifa. The Alt-Right has led the charge in defending against the Antifa onslaught, as shown in Charlottesville and elsewhere, as well as demonstrated by a number of Alt-Righters currently in prison or who have faced charges for self-defense against Antifa, such as Christopher Cantwell.

The Alt-Right will always be at the forefront of these fights with Antifa because we are what the Antifa truly fears. The group’s fights with old-school conservatives like Ben Shapiro on Milo Yiannopoulos are based on the idea that these figures are “fascists”, and racists, which to them doesn’t mean someone who is racial realist, opposes racial pluralism, is critical of democracy, and is aware of leftist Jewish influence. No, for them, anyone slightly to the right of them is a Fascist. In other words, they oppose mainstream “conservatives” because they think they are Alt-Right.

However, while the battles with the left are definitely important and essential in the growth of the Alt-Right, we must recognize that we are a movement in its infancy with no institutions, politicians, little funds, and a small (although not insignificant) amount of support. We thus must focus our efforts on spreading our message and red-pilling people to then grow into something that can rival the power of the conservative establishment. According to an ABC/Washington Post Poll, 10% of Americans support the Alt-Right[1] (although the term is still unclear to many, which makes these figures possibly unreliable as many view Alt-Lite people as Alt-Right).

If those numbers are true, it is clear that while it is enough to possibly sway an election, it is far from rivaling the “conservative” establishment or having broad popular support. This is far from the Alt-Right’s fault, as the Alt-Right goes against decades of the conditioning  which is why it uses the term Red Pill so often.

Battling the left will never yield effective results without a base to build influence and political capital. The right-wing groups of the pre-war Europe could rely on a large base which already cherished blood and soil, and would oppose the degeneracy of the present. Ideas like non-white immigration and gay-marriage were not even brought forward by leftists at the time, and religious faith was far more prevalent, along with traditional attitudes and social norms.

Times have changed though.

The battles with the left are nonetheless essential and should not be disregarded (in fact it aids in the growth of the movement), yet when we engage we must remember our ultimate goals, and keep our sights on the imperative of growing our movement beyond our current base to gain and achieve power.

We should start co-opting the symbols that appeal to normal Americans and using the language that they understand without cucking on any of our key principles. All we need is a new paint-job, that’s about it. The Left has provided us with an opening we would be stupid to not take.


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  • With this excellent article I will take opportunity to post some thoughts that extend in a wider picture of problem we are facing nowadays.

    Nationalism stripped of Socialist component is DEFINITELY POSITIVE stance, and in the wider context same goes with White-Nationalism or Euro-Nationalism, which logically extends in the Race Realism. These VALUES are GREAT because Globalists and Cultural Marxists hate them … and are afraid off too.

    Although many will disagree, IMO strictly, infamous ex National Socialism or Nationalsozialismus, substantially differs from Communist-INTERNATIONAL Socialism. After all, Nazis and Communists vigorously fought each other, and the greatest and the fiercest of all wars had been exactly between Nazi Germany and Communist USSR.

    To make this clearer – before WW1 Germany had Capitalist economy, it went on after WW1 and remained during WW2. Hitler just had to go with his program of “Nationalsozialismus”, to fend off consequences of German defeat and Versailles treaty. To reanimate Germans from apathy, there was no alternative to that, and it proved extremely successful, which of course made International (((Banksters))) going bananas, so they instigated International Boycott of German products, and launched a major comedy-act where Jewish part of Palestine even declared war on Germany.

    Communism, Socialism and Globalism with Multiculturalism are scoundrel variations of more or less same (((crap))), where the last one is just a better sophisticated version from the previous two. AshkeNAZIm (((Long-Nose Rats))) INVENTED Communism, and as we ALL HERE know, the ONLY REAL Nazis of nowadays are “our dear” Ashke-Nazis themselves. Somehow “surprisingly” and “accidentally” it happened that they are also behind this latest nightmare of MANDATORY Multi-Racial Diversity, which is flowery, almost casually-fashionably introduced as Globalism or New World Order.

    Separate and very intrigue question is HOW it was possible that US and EU, where Corporations reign and rule, became Socialist versions of Soviet Union. As a paradox and major parody to this, EU even introduced institution of COMMISSARIAT with COMMISSARS … a reincarnation of the late USSR. That something like this could have happen to WASP’s US is unprecedented, but eloquently elaborated here – – Must read!


    As of AntiFa in general, particularly in the good ole USA, it’s quite hard to understand that they could flourish as the most obstinate weed. Here – – are presented names of ULTRA LEFT COMMUNIST-ANARCHISTS that openly conspire against TRADITIONAL USA. If we can see those thugs shown in this video, imagine how many more are known to Police, Security and Intelligence Agencies … and … NOTHING …

    CONCLUSION – USA became CRYPTO-COMMUNIST SYSTEM, because Globalism is just more sophisticated version of Soviet’s Socialism, as both rests on the INTERNATIONALISM, which is why Diversity and EXCESSIVE Immigration from Third World are so hastily executed 24/7/365

    AntiFa are NOT fighting Globalists, as GENUINE COMMUNISTS they are just dumb GLOBALISTS poltroons.

    Traditional Conservative Euro-America is CONFRONTED by LEFT ALLIANCE of Cultural Marxists, LGBTQ deviants, Clintonites, Anti-White Anti-Racists, AntiFa and Globalists (Banksters + Corporations), ALL under control of AshkeNAZI Mafia, THE REAL MASTERS of America.

    Americans, I mean Traditional Conservative Euro-Americans will have to REPEAT TWO wars at once, the CIVIL WAR and THE INDEPENDENCE WAR.

    The Civil War should ANNIHILATE Left, whereas the Independence War should release America from the claws of the most powerful CRIMINAL CARTEL in Humans history ever – AshkeNAZI Mafia that penetrated American system on all possible levels and literally HIGH-JACKED it from Euro-Americans.

    As of Lefturd’s hysteria about Putin, it simply doesn’t holds water … if Putin is AGAINST Globalists, than by the simplest logic Putin is ALLY of Traditional Conservative Euro-America and Europe, where we on the Right see him as such, and respect him for that reason.

    The only MEGA question is – where Trump stands, actually???

    Also next is important that EVERYBODY should UNDERSTAND, advertised by Lefturds – UNITY is ILLUSION, and this goes for the US and for the EU, there could be NO UNITY between Left and Right, this two are PRIMORDIAL GENETIC ADVERSARIES, and they should be SEPARATED by ALL MEANS, where territorial separation would be optimal. If territorial separation is not possible, alternative might be some sort of PARALLEL STATES (on temporary bases of course), something proposed to solve Israel-Palestinian conflict, which Israel logically repudiates.

    If Dual State “solution” cannot be accepted by Israel, than same can’t be acceptable for Liberated USA, hence Lefturds and their (((masters))) have to be ANNIHILATED. As of diversity … well, to solve this nonsense it doesn’t require scientific approach … as every utopia it can be simply discarded

    As of (((Long-Nose-Rats))) dominance … well, that question is still pending since WW2 … and solution could be MODERATE FINAL SOLUTION, which means no need for new HoHoHoax, just deportations in their loving Israel, bestowed to them thanks to the their cunning fraud with HoHoHoax. Those few remaining and eventually innocent, if something like that exists, should be BANNED from governmental and other administration services … and never again allowed to enter financial systems.

  • So true. Talk about patriotism, use American flag and anthem. Lay off third reich, use Europeand culture to your benefit. all 3000 years of it. Also, mark it as white, and mark it as yours.

  • Here is my list of top 10 things you need to join one of these Alt-Right groups begging for members on the popular YouTube channels you enjoy.

    1.Look good.
    At least go to JoS A Bank and buy a suit and tie. You won’t need the pants, the interview is via Skype, so be naked under, that’ll keep you looking relaxed
    and interesting.

    2. Have a good look.
    Skip Sports Clips for once and ask a Mexican barber “me da un corte de pelo
    como la Alt Right”. Bring a photo of Richard Spencer as a model.

    3. Don’t be middle aged
    Because your life experience and your story about how you’ve been around the
    block a couple times don’t matter. What, you’ve been red pilled before it was in fashion? Cool story, grandpa.

    4. Prepare some cool red pilling story.
    We don’t care about your weird uncle and his black helicopters. Say something like “I listened to Red Ice by accident while porn surfing and you guys were on and wow, just wow my life like pfffrt! YOU redpilled me.”

    5. Explain that you have the best techniques to get girls to join the movement.
    Don’t even bother saying “hot girls in age of procreation”, just “girls”. They’re that desperate.

    6. Come up with a good excuse as to why you were not at UTR.
    Seriously. Memorize it and make it believable. Because they were there. And you weren’t.

    7. Explain why you could be a good recruit.
    Fighting Antifa is not going to cut it. Everybody hates Antifa. Talk about your twittering skills and how fast you can generate a meme when arguing on Facebook. And that you look good.

    8. Don’t mention the J.Q.
    Or communism, or globalism or even corruption in general. You’re going to look like a
    trouble maker.

    9. Make a big deal about Moldy Lock.
    Laugh about it. It’s probably the only highlight in the existence of their group.

    10. Look good. Seriously. Look good.

  • Yes…..

    This Kinda makes me Mad…….

    But, not so much……..

    Why is a 19yr. old White Cheerleader having sex with a 29yr. old Homicidal Black Man??….

    One White Future……….NOW GONE……..

    Too be Honest…….(and don’t ban me from the Alt-Right)……

    I’ve had Sex with Black Women……..

    I do find some Non-White Women Attractive……

    I’m only Human……..Urban Conditioned for Decades……

    But, since becoming Alt-Right………I realize the Necessity of Changing………

    And the Transformation is Occurring………..

    As a White Man in Urban Areas, I’ve been in a LOT of Danger………

    But, having Sex with Non-White Women never worried me much……..

    I’m Strong…….

    White Women who play this Race-Mixing Game with Non-White Men??

    Different Story……

    Russian Roulette……

    I guess I shouldn’t preach……..

    It makes me more Sad than anything……..

    White Men need to Step up to the Plate………..

    There are PLENTY of Lost and Horny White Women who need attended to……….

    And if they don’t find Gratification in their Fellow White Male??

    They’ll go Non-White…….

    And sometimes get Raped/Murdered……..

  • Why not use a new symbol in tandem with each nationalities own flag? For example, in the US, when you next do a public event, march with both the Stars and stripes and the new flag with it? This way, it starts to associate nationalism (the country’s flag) with White (whatever symbol we fly above it). You would then eventually see other Alt-Righters in say Britain or France, flying the new symbol with the Union Flag or the tricolour respectively.

    This does two things. It galvanises us worldwide when we see the new symbol (Europeans) whilst also appealing to our own nationalistic tendencies, when we see our own national flags.

    I would recommend we use a star for the symbol. Stars are optimistic; they are the ultimate aspiration. Who does not feel awe-inspired when looking at distant suns? Stars are also a reminder to the world that we are off track and instead of trying to conquer space (which will be OUR children’s destiny), we are instead discussing pointless crap like gender studies.

  • we are at the beginning of the beginning.
    each one teach one, start with:

  • martyrs. the alt-right needs martyrs. charlottesville would not have been nearly as effective optically for the anti-fags without heather heyer. the media’s coverage of the beached whale’s demise is what justifled expunging numerous right leaning websites from the internet. said curtailment of constitutional protections would not have been possible without a martyr.

  • The American flag is ambiguous, it most prominently stands for the worst evil the world has ever seen, it can’t primarily stand for us.

    The way to do tactical Americanism without cucking is to come up with a symbol that represents THE WHITE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

  • I don’t agree with the “new paint job” theory that promotes using the same old paint. The American flag has become the symbol of cucks and multiculturalism and represents the past, which is a massive failure. It’s time for a new symbol. I’m sure people could make the argument that the Nazis should have used the old German flag because that’s what the normies were used to, or maybe the Communists should have used the old Russian flag. But no, neither did because both were something new and fresh, not latched on to the symbols and errors of the past but a new beginning.

    • Totally agree with you. The editors added that in (not dissing them, I gave them permission to edit whatever they wanted when I submitted). The struggle is coming up with a new coherent vision, that can work in the modern age.

    • Outstanding points friend!, we also need a global symbol uniting us as Europeans, not Americans not Poles not Germans..

      only without the shackles of petty flag nationalism can we succeed in our fight

      We must come together as ONE race therefore we must embrace the call of ORION, this is the last chance we have to make it

      “Our Race Is Our Nation”

      • Well said, our purpose should be a grand idea for the future of all Europeans, although unfortunately I do believe we will require one last brother war against the cucks in order to realize our goal.

    • Not if we use the American flag with the circle of thirteen stars. That has no association with multicultural America. I myself love the American flag, which NEVER stood for a melting pot. It’s a symbol they have stolen and tried to desecrate it’s meaning, but I am not willing to hand it over to them.

      • Whether you’re willing to hand it over or not, it’s already theirs. In addition, it’s a symbol of the past. A symbol of a system that failed to protect Europeans and in fact was a huge detriment to Europeans. If we want to be something new and grand and not just promote simple American nationalism then we need a new symbol for this new idea and era. Leave the past for the museums.

        • Yes and this idea about “American Nationalism” that really is nothing but “Patriotism” is very easy to co-opt by the Gov and the media and it will also bring on a huge backlash from the Normies and the 1776ers, and i think we will have a huge problem winning that fight

          No Sir we need our own,new symbol for global unity

  • “We should start co-opting the symbols that appeal to normal Americans and using the language that they understand without cucking on any of our key principles.”

    I for one am opposed to this. I don’t condone in battered wife nationalism. People are attracted to strength, not ‘grin and bear it.’ Also I’m not sure normies would appreciate us using their symbols to spread our message. I could see the result being one of anger, rather than taking the time to hear us out. We’re better off using our own symbols.

    • I understand what you mean, but if the alt right marches with american flags and say, the national anthem playing on mega phones, and we get attacked by people carrying communist flags, the optics would be beautiful and would burn into the brains of true americans watching it.

      • But are we really American patriots? Or are we Secessionists? If we’re the latter then thats just dishonest. I’m Canadian so I’m neither, but I wouldn’t fly the Maple Leaf at a rally in Canada either.

        • Our founding fathers in America were undeniably white nationalists. The stars on the flag today represent every state that signed up with that. It’s only been the past 70 years that we’ve turned so far away from the constitution. We need to regain our principles and morals, not invent new ones.

          • While it may be true that the founders were white nationalists (depending on how you want to define white) they are all dead, and since then the country has been sold to Jews. It was a legal transaction in keeping with the values that America was founded on. What does the flag still mean today to people with our values, except historical nostalgia?

    • We need both our own symbolism AND traditional American symbolism. There is no reason why we can’t have both.

      • I suppose. I don’t care for the idea of just American flags though, as many people have been suggesting since Charlottesville. The Confederate flag is cool if your in the South, but I’m against using the American flag proper at all. We’re not patriotards.

        • Don’t ridicule your brethren who respect that flag. That flag was originally the symbol of a great White nation. It’s still ours. Have some respect for your White brothers and their love of their country.

        • As for you, being Canadian, you could use the old Canadian flag, the pre-multiculti flag. We in America could use the pre-multiculti American flag, with a circle of thirteen stars. I mean I think we should keep some of the aesthetic symbolism to show continuity (think of how the double-headed eagle was used by both the Byzantine and Holy Roman Empire and Russia to show continuity with Imperial Rome) while at the same time blending it with our new symbolism.

          • I dunno. Canada doesn’t really have any identity of its own except as a satellite of the British Empire. The current flag has only existed since 1965. A new identity has to be made for Euro-Canadians.

            As for the US, anything new should be respectful of the established culture and something that people can relate to. Still, both countries are founded on liberal values, and thats what both flags represent. It’s what got us to the point we’re at now and wat we’re pushing against. Using the pre-existing flags just sends out mixed messages to me, I guess.

          • Respectfully!! you in Canada also need a new symbol that are neither of the Rotshild empire or the new “State of Trudeau”
            It must unite us with the Europeans and our ancestral homelands!

          • Yeah. A lot of Canadian “Nationalists” talk about going back to calling ourselves “British North America.” That is the most bizarre form of Nationalism I have ever heard of. It’s even stranger than Scotland leaving the UK only to re-join the EU. There are legit regional cultural identities, but no National identity, exept the rootless multiculturalism you find with Trudeau and his ilk. Personally I think the country needs to be broken up and balkanized. The only thing people in Newfoundland have in common with people in British Columbia is a federal government.

  • 10% or 30 million is three times what AH had and we haven’t even started yet. plus they didn’t have an infrastructure already set up for them nor could they equip the troops with 350 super duty pick ups that can go 100 mph hauling 12k lbs. wtf are we waiting for? you want to make sure they can perfect their drones and train more operators? more people that hate us to be imported to our land? more of us to get locked up 1×1? every ally in Europe to be in jail? more internet censorship that makes it harder for us to mass coordinate? more minorities to buy guns because even they know what time it is now? if we don’t do something soon, someone else will fill that void and who knows where they will lead us. anyone willing to listen to just words has already heard. our enemies are soft and yet we are too soft to make a move

    • Right now we need more money. I’m staying low-key, working my ass off and donating to every alt-right/white-nat cause or group I can find.

      • 10 of them have more money than all 30 million of us. we are going to have to borrow what we need. competing financial is a dead end imo. I don’t have anything but I know where what I need is if I had an objective

        • We need more guys who can dedicate all of their time to activistism. If you don’t wanna get doxxed and have a good job, DONATE!

          • i can’t get a job where i am allowed to speak so it doesn’t matter what my political opinions are

          • of course my current employer is an immigrant leftist, and my previous one a white gun carrying liberal, those are scary ones, but I never talked with either of them, the supervisors I suspect voted for Trump but they never mention politics, but neither job involved any conversation time…

            if i was in a work place where politics were talked i wouldn’t last long before i said something insulting and reprehensible in the Leftists eyes

      • I’m doing the same. Donating. The symbol or flag is great but if all the orgs are not on the same page or have a totally different idea of what alt-right or nationalism or identitarianism or race realism means it might make the symbol diluted. Just my opinion.

    • @Billy Brown – Brother, you pointed on absolute FACTS; however, there is another unavoidable FACT that such action NEEDS LEADER … ONE leader and of course some DETERMINED followers. The problem with Leader is that (((they))) would remove him immediately; hence, we can’t count on that.

      There is a way, but it requires cunning strategy and tactics – forming ARMED CELLS, where each cell is AWARE of COMMON strategy and tactics, and is capable operating on her own and coordinating actions with others, particularly with own Intelligence segment. Attracting and recruiting active Military and Law Enforcements personnel would be an imperative.

      Cells have to be ready to join in forming the MAIN FORCE when time comes. Once the Main Force is established, ruling (((Schnozzle’s))) Cartel and the rest of Deep State with MSM, AntiFa and other prominent Lefturds can be attacked in a style of the Night of Long Knives … mercilessly, no prisoners!

      • Attracting and recruiting active Military and Law Enforcements personnel would be an imperative”

        nope those three million people are the only thing that stand in the way of justice. they are welcome to join but we have the number. they are far from our best. most true warriors would never serve those organizations

        Night of Long Knives”
        exactly. a plan could be delivered to all our guys right now. wouldn’t need patton to plan it. its rather obvious what we would need to do. all that has to happen is for one of our leader, who are not declared but we know who they are, to say it. non far right people will join, even some of the quiet antifa guys who don’t know where else to turn, when they know the goal is simply to take down the deep state and liberate out people

        • QUOTE – “nope those three million people are the only thing that stand in the way of justice” – No doubts, many of them are dirty rotten scoundrels, but among their ranks have to be also our guys, and those are essential INSIDERS, instrumental for successful takeover.

          Don’t forget that Deep State, aside of regular Armed Forces, in addition has secret well paid and loyal Private Armies which are without any doubts equipped like regular Military and led by professional ex-Military sell-outs. Disregarding courage and dedication of potential Alt-Right Warriors, they/we are not the match to regular US Armed Forces, Government Agencies and those Private Forces … here we have to be realists.

          Retired Officers from Colonels down to Sergeants and other ex-Military personnel and Veterans that are disgusted with current situation have to become ONE force with Patriots. It has to be that way or (((they))) will eat us alive. If you guys in good ole USA can manage this, Europe will follow … and together we can solve the pending problem of AshkeNAZI dominance and consequently uproot Communism and retarded Ultra-Left liberalism, for good.

          • if they were badarses they would go make millions in the ufc when they got done with army. not to mention many are not that smart and no general alive is prepared for the type of guerilla war that will happen when people finally say enough.

            I admit it will be tough in Europe because you would have to rob the police to get decent weapons when here we will start the fight with insane loadouts

          • how many are even going to want to fight us when it really comes down to it? first we aren’t the bad guys, second who wants their arms and legs cut off trying to fight people that are just trying to prevent their own genocide

          • Civil wars are the ugliest wars, which has some logic, because opponents see each other also as traitors … whereas in this case, Lefturds are the ACTUAL traitors, a garbage that should be thoroughly cleaned out.

            As of diversity …well, no dilemma here, separation, segregation, repatriation … all three at once

          • Those are not ours … just cannon fodder for our guns … and thanks God, clearly visible and easy identifiable.

            What a shame that such diverse organisms are (probably forcefully) accepted in Marines.

  • Ideas like non-white immigration and gay-marriage were not even brought forward by leftists at the time

    Leftists a century ago saw the inadequacies of the working-class white people they championed, and they fantasized that their revolution would transform man’s body and mind in ways which resemble modern transhumanist visions. Refer to the last chapter of Leon Trotsky’s ” Literature and Revolution:

    Man at last will begin to harmonize himself in earnest. He will make it his business to achieve beauty by giving the movement of his own limbs the utmost precision, purposefulness and economy in his work, his walk and his play. He will try to master first the semiconscious and then the subconscious processes in his own organism, such as breathing, the circulation of the blood, digestion, reproduction, and, within necessary limits, he will try to subordinate them to the control of reason and will. Even purely physiologic life will become subject to collective experiments. The human species, the coagulated Homo sapiens, will once more enter into a state of radical transformation, and, in his own hands, will become an object of the most complicated methods of artificial selection and psycho-physical training. . .

    Man will make it his purpose to master his own feelings, to raise his instincts to the heights of consciousness, to make them transparent, to extend the wires of his will into hidden recesses, and thereby to raise himself to a new plane, to create a higher social biologic type, or, if you please, a superman.

    It is difficult to predict the extent of self-government which the man of the future may reach or the heights to which he may carry his technique. Social construction and psycho-physical self-education will become two aspects of one and the same process. All the arts – literature, drama, painting, music and architecture will lend this process beautiful form. More correctly, the shell in which the cultural construction and self-education of Communist man will be enclosed, will develop all the vital elements of contemporary art to the highest point. Man will become immeasurably stronger, wiser and subtler; his body will become more harmonized, his movements more rhythmic, his voice more musical. The forms of life will become dynamically dramatic. The average human type will rise to the heights of an Aristotle, a Goethe, or a Marx. And above this ridge new peaks will rise.

    Yet look at what today’s leftists celebrate as their model of the New Man: Sluts, randomly bred mixed-race people, ugly and hateful feminists, gays, transgenders and the dumbest POC’s on the planet.

    And instead of Trotsky’s high-minded vision of how the arts can improve man’s life, the left has given us Hollywood.

    • This is not “high-minded,” it’s typical leftist utopian blabber about the perfectability of man. Similar to the attitude they have toward society. Perfection is not only attainable, but a reasonable goal– so destroying anything less than “perfect” seems reasonable.

      Not that deliberately aiming for ugliness, lies, and stupidity is any kind of improvement, of course.

    • It’s a good start, but the “multi kult” heritage (wot?) gets more approval than european heritage is revolting. Even if we assume its entirely white agreeing with that number, it’s still too low.

      However, the 16% agreeing that interracial marrriage is bad is a sharp jump from other numbers I’ve seen, and a good sign.

  • I doubt the altright will ever fare well in democratic elections, especially in America. It just doesn’t pander and lie enough. Small, driven groups seize power through coups or rule from behind the scenes.

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