Richard Triggers Cat 5 Emergency In Florida

Let me give it you straight, people are freaking out over Richard’s upcoming speaking event.


When Hurricane Irma was bearing down on Florida last month, Gov. Rick Scott declared a state of emergency. On Monday, he did the same thing in Alachua County, ahead of a speech by white nationalist Richard Spencer at the University of Florida in Gainesville.

“We live in a country where everyone has the right to voice their opinion, however, we have zero tolerance for violence and public safety is always our number one priority,” Scott said in a statement. “This executive order is an additional step to ensure that the University of Florida and the entire community is prepared so everyone can stay safe.”

“I find that the threat of a potential emergency is imminent,” Scott declared in his executive order, noting that Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell had requested the state’s assistance. The order will make it easier for various agencies to coordinate a security plan for Thursday’s speech at the university.

The University president was really salty that Federal law required him to allow Richard to speak:

But state’s flagship university had to let Spencer speak on campus eventually. As a state entity, the administration explains in an extensive Q&A, “UF must allow the free expression of speech. We cannot prohibit groups or individuals from speaking in our public forums except for limited exceptions, which include safety and security.”

The university’s president, W. Kent Fuchs, urged students and staff to avoid the event.

“[D]o not provide Mr. Spencer and his followers the spotlight they are seeking,” he wrote. “By shunning him and his followers, we will block his attempt for further visibility.”

Unable to literally shut it down, he made an impassioned plea for people to cover their ears and avert their eyes.

I don’t know about you, but I think we need to thank Mr. Fuchs for his viral advertising campaign on our behalf. Nothing gets young teenagers into something than when warning label, “dangerous and forbidden” is slapped on it.

And it’s true.

Our ideas are so dangerous, they are comparing our speeches to Cat 5 hurricanes. That’s some serious praise right there.

But the officials aren’t the only ones who are freaking out over this.

Check out what this Left-wing vlogger had to say:

Oh wait, that’s Thernovitch, a prominent figure in the Alt-Lite. Sorry, I got him confused because of all the threats of violence he made towards Alt-Right members.

Oh, here’s another video of him telling young kids not to associate with us because they won’t get laid as a result…

Many of you might know that Mike used to be a bit of a PUA master back in the day. He seems to have forgotten what Bad Boy allure does for a man. Ah well, guess he was full of shit back then too. Poor form, old boy, poor form. He seems to literally be going mentally insane because Richard is making the news and he isn’t.

And the Alt-Lite seems to be in its death throes. Rebel Media is gone, Gavin is gone, Milo is gone and the gorilla man is all that’s left.

Meanwhile, we are en route to the event.

There’s going to be a lot of protestors there that will start gathering around noon Thursday probably. And the national guard will be there forming a perimeter, as will the local cops and the campus cops. So hopefully, Antifa will have their hands full fighting with them.

There’s going to be a press conference with Mike Enoch, Richard Spencer, and Eli Mosley. There will be about a hundred presstitutes there.

Richard’s speech will explain the basic premise of the Alt-Right. Eli’s speech will shame the White college professors who peddle anti-White garbage and we’ll have to see what Mike will say.

This is shaping up to be a huge event, even though it will be nowhere near as large as what we brought to Charlottesville. Tomorrow might go off without a hitch…or the situation might escalate, so stay tuned.


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  • As expected, the headlines of most the press today seem to be crowing how Richard – the “White SUPREMACIST” was “shouted down” and “Heckled into silence” or “drowned out with boo’s”.

    This only further proves that the media does not report on the truth and has no care for it, even when they are actually present there and hear from the horses mouth what the positions actually are. They are, in their own way, celebrating how he was ‘shouted down’ and therefore supporting the actions of the protestors. This, the “free press”.

    Only he wasn’t shouted down. He did not turn and flee. He carried on as best as can be done in such circumstances. He was sharp, he was on the ball, he spoke the truth of his convictions and beliefs, he was articulate, intelligent, well dressed and well presented.

    With the force of the Alt-Right, he steamed through it. This is not “‘your fathers'” ‘fascism’, this is not some kind of wet, half baked, cuckservatism. Richard was bold, quite forceful, entirely unapologetic and giving ‘zero fucks’ about how people feel about that. That is great. I cannot imagine many of the older-guard representatives of this cause being able to do this.

    His support speakers were also of this nature and well versed in pointing out the tricks of the questioners and ‘journalists’, including the “pizza” guy, who I suspect must have been Jewish. He was skewered and exposed for his attempt at setting traps.

    It wasn’t a pleasant venue. The coverage was (purposefully?) awkward with volumes, microphones, lighting (to make it look like some ‘kindergarten’ / home made event). The topics and intended speech was, I suspect, altered to the circumstances.

    I wouldn’t say it was a massive success on that basis….but the actions, hysteria, nature of all this really did give me hope for the future. White people can kick-ass and prove themselves to be ‘superior’ just by being their natural selves. The opposition had baby-like understandings of almost everything, to go along with their baby-like actions, including many doing the ‘black power’ salute, somewhat ironically!

    First we are ignored, then we are laughed at, then we are fought, then we win. I see nothing in the opposition that could stop something, or stop this movement growing. They have nothing. I could feel revolution in the air, in that, they are tired, stale, riddled with cliches and shrill knee-jerk opinions based on hysteria and their own stupidity.

    They are the establishment. We are the revolution. Their time is over. Ours is just beginning.

  • Antifa won’t be fighting police and the National Guard. I was at Charlottesville myself, and I’ll never forget it. Laws don’t apply to us the way they apply to the common couch-American.

    I won’t be able to attend this event, but if you or someone you know is, go in a group. There is power in numbers. Charge your phone. Bring a portable, external charger (you can get these at any Target, Walmart, or whatever global-homosexual cancer infects your town for about $5) and open up as much free space on your phone as you can. Plan your route home. Secure your hotel early if you’re traveling in; Antifa has been known to flood hotel bookings to prevent people from getting in. Make sure your car is reliable. Bring water and keep non-perishable food in your car, along with a change of clothes, extra sunglasses, and hats. Your brothers are your brothers. Keep an eye out for anyone suspicious. If things get bad, do not say anything to the police – odds are, it will be used against you. “No comment” is all they need to know – saying “I didn’t see anything” is a claim that has been used against people in the past. If they get pushy, tell them you want a lawyer and keep your camera on.

    Call me paranoid, but that is a paragraph of almost everything that proved literally life-saving in C’ville.
    And for the love of the Gods it’s a campus: no weapons, and nothing that can be ‘mistaken’ for a weapon. Water. Keys. Wallet. Phone. Clothes.

    Let Hurricane Spencer deal the damage.

  • For a guy who never thought he’d be thrown into the spotlight so quickly and so prominently, Richard rose to the occasion gloriously this past year. Great presentation from what I’ve watched thus far. And he looked real nice, too.

  • Accelerationism. Good job Spencer, Enoch, Mosley. Do this and the flash mobs all the time.

    The leftist pols like Mike Signer and the smelly protesters are our useful idiots.

  • you cunts delated my messages — faggots that you are — preach free speech but nothing but cowards — twats

  • The Ruptly stream is very clear, but kind of gives a misleading representation of the event because the crowd is so quiet.

    The reactions of the speakers seem more natural on the streams where the audience is louder.

      • That’s not whining, that’s explaining that the stream doesn’t reflect how noisy it was, because it picks up the microphone audio so clearly

        • This was a Very Successful Event for the Alt-Right…….

          I watched the entire Ruptly Stream…….

          I watched other more Noisy Streams………

          The Alt-Right was presented with an Obstacle…….

          A Big Obstacle…….

          And Richard, Mike, and Eli PREVAILED……..

          They worked together and used their Strength, Intellect, Resolve, Conviction, and WILL…….

          And OVERCAME…….

          They were Battled Tested before………..

          And this only Strengthens the Alt-Right……….

          And that Indian Guy who was appalled by the Hecklers and stopped hating Richard Spencer IRL…….

          Is Proof Positive………

          • It was fine, good work, but when watching the Ruptly stream people should keep in mind that the room was much noisier than what you’re hearing

            that’s all

          • I prefer the Ruptly Stream because I’m Alt-Right and I want to hear what our Leaders have to say…….

            The Low IQ Idiocratic Hecklers were Heckling a Phantom…….

            ……derived from Memes Imbibed from whatever Media Source………

            ……..Pollutes their Weak Brainwashed/Conditioned Minds……..

            Rational and Honest People who might have hated the Alt-Right beforehand……

            …….due to Misinformation from the Lugenpresse……

            Thought to themselves……..

            “Maybe I’ve been lied to…….something isn’t right here”…………

            And maybe they’ll come check the Alt-Right out………

            And maybe in Time…….

            They’ll be Transformed…………

  • Richard, Mike, Eli, Evan, and all the Alt-Right gathered in Gainesville…….

    This was a 100% SUCCESS……..

    The Alt-Right came across as Completely RATIONAL, PEACEFUL, HUMANE, MATURE, SYMPATHETIC….

    Richard and Mike GENIUSLY used the Hecklers with Aikido-Like Skills to DEFEAT them………

    Amazing to Watch…….

    PROUD to be Alt-Right……….

    • Great news!!! Btw, you prob all know, but I don’t remember this being mentioned in the comments, W. Kent Fucks is a Jew, so no wonder he’s a little whiny bitch.

  • Richard did a good Q&A. I’m just listening, or trying to listen, to the actual event at the moment – yet all I can here are shrieking mobs of buffoons whose only retort is to shout and chant. This is why we are going to win this fight, against all the odds. The spectacle shown by the protestors there so far is actually quite hopeful of this.

  • Mods who about getting rid of the White-hating trolls on here? Let them go spew their anti-White hatred someplace else.

  • Richard and the boys did a great job. I look forward to seeing more such campus events around the country. Great publicity.

  • I was disappointed that you didn’t even try to give your speech. You should have been the better people and just gone ahead and done what you came to do. I was listening, and I was interested in some of your historical perspectives. Maybe next time.

  • I thought Richard did great! Mr. Cernovich, please. I think my brother has some of your books. Lets stick together.

    • Weird Mike is a Con Artist who’s jelly that Richard Spencer is more famous and important than he is.


  • European standard of beauty? hahahahaha — what a homo! are you kidding me– I got this guy figured out after 5 minutes — he’s a vain homo who likes attention —

  • this is a joke – people take this seriously? we are doomed — This guy doesn’t have the power to keep a bathroom white — let alone ethnically cleanse America —

    • The Alt-Right isn’t a Joke……

      And that’s why you’ve searched out this Site and posted about 15 Comments in a Manic Episode……..


  • doesn’t this moron realize he is from Boston — sorry dude your on the wrong side — we don’t need some racist deep shit from Boston to speak up for us — we are fine without you — idiot

  • “How will you create this white-only country?”

    When pro-whites have free speech, when we can get our message out with out being fired, deplatformed, attacked by anti-white terror squads, or deliberately shut down by the government, I’ll be glad to talk about solutions to white genocide.

    • Obviously these darkies won’t let the whites go. So it’s probably bloodshed. Blade Runner 2049 here we come.

  • The liberal overreaction to people expressing contrary views is driving more people to our side. It’s only a matter of time now before we are the dominant ideology.

  • Richard is doing exactly the right thing and in the right way.

    The ((( ))) head of the university is stupid and whines that it is not right that the government (in this case the university) must pay for the protection to ensure Richard’s free speech rights.

    No doubt this ((( ))) head of the university would have been demanding the government protect the free speech rights of the White-haters who wanted to force Blacks into every nook and cranny where Whites wanted to be left alone back in the ’60’s.

    White-haters always have double standards, but most of us here already know this.

  • Seriously, are you fucking proud that you are making my state spend millions of dollars to accommodate this shit?!?!?!?!?!?!!? You are disgusting! Take your hateful, white pride ideas to hell. This country is a fucking melting pot and you need to recognize! Ignorant Fools

    • To think that back in the day I could have written this comment myself! I’m thoroughly ashamed.

    • Stupid comment. The government must protect the rights of citizens from haters like you. Whites have rights and we are starting to assert them. Stay tuned White-hater, there will be much more as we come out of the closet and declare that we are White and happy to be as we are.

      • It’s NOT a “stupid comment”! A $500,000 tax burden is enormous, and it’s ALL because Gainesville has to prevent the alt-right from turning them into Charlottesville 2. Lisa doesn’t hate Whites. Like most people, she hates White *supremacy* and the exorbitant cost of subsidizing their barbaric “speech”.

        • Maybe you forgot, or chose to forget, or never were aware, but it wasn’t “dem evil nazees” who initiated or even sustained the violence.

          • The Nazis ended the violence by killing someone. You’ve just lost your game of “whataboutism”.

          • Did we though? Firstly I thought you guys didn’t believe in collectivism. Surely the driver of the challenger can’t represent ALL of us, right? If he does I got a few things to tell you about liberals. Secondly, according to her own mother Heather ‘Landwhale’ Heyer died of a heart attack and wasn’t even hit by the car. Which is a shame isn’t it, you just lost a possible martyr.

          • The coroner disagrees with you, fool. Forgive me, but I’m going to trust a doctor and not a Nazi-sympathizing #moron.

          • Mom said heart attack.

            Given her conditioning I’d say she had heat stroke and dehydration.

          • White people in aggregate abhor violence and disorder in their living space. The National Socialist Party of Germany came to power precisely to end such conditions of economic, social and physical anarchy in Germany and to restore the order necessary for the propagation of the white race. White revolutions are made by a political conjunction of the white working and middle classes. They seek not to overthrow government systems but groups of corrupt rulers. This was true both of the First American Revolution and the National Socialist Revolution in Germany.

          • A lefty killed someone in C-ville, her own self by going there and seeking out violence. Your narrative is weak.

        • This only happens because Antifa can’t just ignore Spencer and let this AR movement die from underexposure.

        • The $500,000 was necessary to Protect the Sane and Rational Civic Public from the Idiocracy of the Left……

          You can’t DEFEAT Us……..

          And you know it…….

          • You call Nazis “sane and rational”? I’m sorry, but NOPE! You got heckled up the wazoo today, and it’s all on video. That failure won’t be “replaced” by “alt-ing” your lame comment with more capitalizations. In fact, the money shot of the day is yet another Nazi punch. As social media continues to drive the conversation about Spencer’s speech, your “movement” will look increasingly rejected and loony – optics which doom an alt-coup of America. Just watch. Time will prove just how “bigly” you’ve lost today.

        • By your logic, I guess Trump and Obama should not get Secret Service protection since “the tax burden is enormous.”

          • You don’t have to listen to the Alt Right, but you are here and continue to sperg out like an Autistic moron. I don’t read or listen to Bill Kristol or World Star Hip Hop, so I don’t know what bullshit blacks and Jews are spreading today. See how that works?

            We’re also not interested in violently shutting down black rappers and Jewish war mongers, so there is no need for the state to protect Jews and blacks from the Alt Right. Because we’re not violent.

          • You know what? The alt-right has invaded mainstream American life. It trends on Facebook. It gets prime-time coverage on our local and national TV networks. And, now, it’s militarizing and degrading our college campuses. If you can’t take the public’s pushback on those stressful and frightening intrusions, then WITHDRAW from the society you claim to loathe. Go back to “shitposting” on your alt-right cyber ghettos, and you’ll never have to read comments like mine again. I promise!

          • We’re not withdrawing from shit, our progress will only continue and we will force our way into the public sphere as we have over the past two years. The fact that you acknowledge that the Alt Right is part of Mainstream America testifies to our success. We will keep speaking in public, and local governments will continue to be bled dry to enforce our free speech rights contra braying Third World hordes intent on violence.

    • “Seriously, are you fucking proud that you are making my state spend millions of dollars to accommodate this shit?!?!?!?!?!?!!? ”


      • Of course you are. You’re clearly NOT ashamed to support (Or belong to? Maybe you were at UF today?) a group of selfish, aggressive, bigoted moochers!

        • Making the state bleed money to pay for his security in quite an accomplishment of subversion by Spencer.

  • Very best wishes Richard… And to Mike, from a loyal TRS listener.

    Stay safe, stay strong – and may God be with you. You carry the hopes of millions.

  • Notice how the alt-lite is most passionate not about antifa or the left in general but about us. You mentioned Gavin. He spends half of his new show praising Israel and denouncing the ‘nazis’. Best of luck at the event.

  • How many times will the Chosen People demonstrate that they believe in the 1st Amendment for the Chosen People, but not for pro-Whites? You bring this on yourselves every time.

    “Norman Goda, a professor of Holocaust studies, dismissed the university’s argument that it had to host Spencer due to free speech.

    ‘I think it’s been posed as a free speech issue as if he is just another right-wing speaker,’ said Goda, naming figures such as ‘alt-right’ provocateur Milo Yiannopolous and conservative political commentator Ann Coulter. ‘I think Spencer is a very different animal. He is the leader of a movement who it seems to me from everything he says is working for the violent overthrow of our constitutional system.'”

  • We ought to have a contest on this site for aesthetics, including what banners and what flag we could use and what symbolism, maybe even what motto (besides the 14 Words, of course.) And these aesthetics should not be tied to any one Alt-Right organization but something all of us could use and unite behind. We already have great aesthetics like online vaporwave art, etc., But I’m talking more so about flags, banners, labarium (yeah, labaria are awesome, btw).

  • If the masked cowards of Antifa were forced to unmask then there wouldn’t be any violence at all. The AR is not violent – yes there was the incident at Charlottesville, but aside from that any violence on the part of the AR was strictly defensive. Antifa is thee definition of a terrorist organization, and it’s high time they start being prosecuted as such.

  • I thought it was amusing that despite Gavin’s cucking and signaling to his Jewish master, he still ended up being fired. Alt Light people are losers. Pick a side.

  • Cernovich is a narcissistic sociopath who cons people for a living. Initially he had some contributions to make, but for a long time now he’s been too negative and counterproductive. Now he’s openly threatening Spencer and others.

    I don’t recall Spencer ever getting in people’s faces. To the contrary he’s actually quite passive when he should be aggressive. He allows dumb niggers to talk total nonsense and he just concedes the point to move the conversation forward, which I don’t agree with. Spencer is not a tough guy. Where Cerno gets this idea is bizarre. He admits later that Spencer runs away so he contradicts himself.

    In many cases you can’t simply throw down with Antifa because cops are setting Alt Right people up. They allow Alt Right people to be attacked, then when they defend themselves the cops jump in and arrest the Alt Right people while Antifa have lawyers on speed dial with Soros money bailing them out.

      • Soros and Gates give 10s of billions to push Third World conquest of white countries forward. Imagine if the Alt Right had billions in donations. We’re doing well for a shoestring budget.

    • Nogs should be completely ignored, like there is an empty spot and nobody said anything, and when they’re done talking, Richard should just move on to the next question. That would be hilarious.

    • Vox Day is an insufferable dickhead who deletes all comments that disagree with him. His stock argument is that his IQ is higher than whoever disagrees with him.

      The butthurt envy over Spencer’s coverage and notoriety from the Alt Lite is hilarious.

      • The negative characteristics of Vox are a shame because he does produce some good alt-right content, IMO.

        Just a moment ago I was, once again, trying to understand the minds of Alt Liters who somehow rationalize half-seeing reality. I think I realized part of it. It’s self-interest, weakness, fetish, or something related to the fact that *every single* alt liter who clashes with the alt-right is married to a non-White.

        Gavin- Indian
        PJW- East Asian
        Milo- Black guy
        Therno- Persian
        Vox- American Indian himself

  • This is kind of a weak comeback to Thernovich’s statement that being doxxed as a Nazi will prevent u from getting laid

    Many of you might know that Mike used to be a bit of a PUA master back in the day. He seems to have forgotten what Bad Boy allure does for a man

    This isn’t quite the same as being a badboy ..some things intrinsically lower your social status, such as being a Nazi (at least in the current year). Badboy game is more specific .. like being a violent tough guy, especially if you’re famous (which starts heading into Status territory).. just being transgressive and breaking societal norms doesn’t automatically qualify you as a pussy wetting rogue. that’s like saying that if a girl Googles you and finds out you’re a convicted pedophile she’s only gonna wanna fuck you more lol

    • I disagree. Nazi terror game works okay. Although you have to look the part. A Shlubby guy won’t get anything good.

  • I’ve often thought for a very, very long time that wouldn’t it be nice if people could have an open view toward OUR POINT OF VIEW ?

    I just don’t understand how the Jewish establishment has been so effective in brainwashing our people into hating themselves and having our people wish for their own self-destruction.

    The fact of the matter is that white people are no more guilty of what they consider pass criminal actions than any other group of people’s that have been on this planet. If you look at what the Jewish commissars did to the white Ukrainian Christians BEFORE the second world war and the actions against the Jews that presumably occurred at that time, you will discover that Jews have done a great deal more to harm people’s everywhere, then anything we are presumably guilty of.

    When will people see the truth and learn from it that their destruction will not make the world a better place?

    • I’ve never understood this, my whole life.

      Mass insanity is all I can come up with, like the witch burnings of the 1600s, that left some villages with all male populations because they had killed every last woman.

      White history shows we periodically just lose our friggin minds.

  • I have the Capacity to try to understand a lot of Viewpoints…….


    Even Jewish Cultural Marxists after Centuries of Pogroms………

    I can empathize a lot more with the Former than the Latter………..

    But, Antifa??

    The only Empathy that I can Secrete from my Self………

    Is to realize how LOST and DAMAGED these people are in our Current Societal/Cultural Meltdown……

    The Alt-Right represents a Hated Intervention for a Heroin/Meth Addict…….

    Which is Antifa………fighting this Poison/Remedy……….

    Maybe or maybe not…….

    But, that’s all I can Muster………

    But, in Real Life…….if Violence is brought to you for WrongThink/Speak…….

    You push Violence Back………100%…….

    Because, there’s ZERO Reasons to feel Guilty for being Alt-Right……….

    And 1,000,000 Reasons to keep Fighting ON…….

  • Time for a new meme:

    Explicit Alt-Right Content

    Will drive the college kids to Richard Spencer like to Guns n’ Roses then.

  • Why does the Jew Cernovich want to kick Richard Spencer”s ass? Whites created freedom of speech as a way to avoid physical violence. The reasoning being if people were allowed to express their frustrations and grievances they would be less likely to resort to violence. So why and for what reason does the Jews want to harm?? Is it a blind irrational hatred? If so then for who and why?? In the future the argument needs to be made and people must come to know, the root of Jewish instigation and subversion of prosperous white Christian society is a hatred of Christ and a hatred of Christ’s children.

    • I don’t get it either. Spencer is not going to be president. He’s not charismatic enough to be some Fuhrer.

      • It is Christ. Jews hate Christ and his followers white Christians. For Jews, Christianity must be destroyed in preparation for the arrival of the Jew messiah. But you see Jews can not come out and say we hate Christ and his followers and we want to destroy Christianity. Synonyms must be used to express their hatred. Synonyms like racist, fascist, Nazi, and white supremacist. But remember the target is always Christ and the Jews want to destroy Christianity for ever.

  • Are the dates announced for the Campus tour in its entirety? If not, please try and come to UC Irvine or UCLA, Richard!

  • If Richard Spencer is reading this, please I want to give some suggestions regarding the speech. Don’t just make this about race, make this also about free speech. Talk about how the university and liberals in general are trying to shut down speech by using the hecklers veto and antifa violent threats thus causing high security costs. Talk about those snarky late night comedians and the mainstream media that are defending the status quo and the growing climate of free speech suppression and how they completely ignore Israel running US foreign policy as opposed to Russia. Finally, I don’t know how possible it is to do this, but obviously you will have a baying mob there that will be shouting very loudly, is it possible to procure equipment that is loud enough to drown out their shouting?

  • Cernovich is a headcase with clear physical and mental problems.

    As for Richard’s speech, I honestly hope he’s wearing kevlar, considering what happened to GLR. Also you just know that if someone were to take a shot at him, the judenpresse would champion it.

  • Kent Fuchs and UF administration are going out of their way to decry the event and hype the fears in order to grossly inflate the assessed value of the security charge. Officially, they are assessing more than half a million dollars, but unofficially they are writing off almost 2 million dollars from UF assets and funds for security and police personnel. There is no clarity on how they assessed such a huge amount, and UF officials are clearly siphoning off huge amounts of money in the name of anti-racism.

  • We don’t want to supremacize anybody, so calling us supremacists is pure slander. How can you be a separatist and a supremacist at the same time? How can you supremacize people who AREN’T THERE?

    The anti-whites, on the other hand, want to turn whites into powerless minorities worldwide. They demand that whites be lorded over by people who hate them. They won’t even let white people SPEAK on their own behalf. They are ANTI-WHITE supremacists.

    Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.

      • Of course. Whites should be led by people who have their best interests at heart not by people who hate them and want them drowned away in a sea of diversity. But that’s not what anti-whites are talking about when they slander us as supremacists. They are falsely accusing us of wanting to lord over non-whites.

        • That’s projection. They call us White Supremacists to psycho-pathologize us into accepting non-White supremacy. They want us subjugated under non-White rule.

          I wouldn’t counter-signal White Supremacy, I’d redefine it on the spot. White Supremacy means us having self-determination and freedom.

  • This could be really bad but it could also be really good. Lots of attention, an air of taboo, and perhaps they actually mean to use the state of emergency to keep the peace.

  • If the alt-right wanted to hurt people why didn’t they do so at Charlottesville 3.0 when there were no anti-white terror squads (antifa) to stop them?

  • Not too sound like a fearful old woman, but please, please be careful! I hope declaring a state of emergency which is akin to declaring martial law is not just an excuse to shut you all down or arrest everyone involved.

  • Cernovich is totally unhinged! He thinks he is the “future of media!” I am starting to think that he is not a real person, but some sort of machine that is winded up every day to spew absolute nonsense!

  • “Nothing gets young teenagers into something than when warning label, ‘dangerous and forbidden’ is slapped on it.”

    10 years ago I was 16 and all the kids I knew, including myself, cared more about counter-signaling the religious right. Shit’s changed, probably’s gotten worse since then. Muh controversy can only get you so far, guys.

    • That works only if the kids are curious. Today’s bubble-wrapped apathetic bunch retreat to their safe spaces at the first sign of ‘danger’. They’re puritans for jewish degeneracy.

      • Pretty much. If you’re young and interested in politics, history, culture, and religion everyone else your age thinks you’re weird because they’re only interested in having fun.

    • Religious obsessives often display good insight into human psychology, even if they give the wrong reasons for their moral intuitions. White evangelicals and fundamentalists in this country can profess some absurd beliefs, like dispenationalism; but they oppose many of the things damaging our society, and I don’t feel hostile towards them.

      • You often wonder if the Jewish blind spot and the resulting dissonance doesn’t make them go mental.

    • Yeah the whole rebellion/question everything meme from the 60s was tactical Judaism. They never encouraged young Whites to rebel against liberalism and they certainly never encouraged Whites to question the holocaust.

      Most people do exactly as they’re told. The reason why most Whites aren’t nationalistic is because jews tell them not to be.

      • Exactly. Young people are NOT naturally rebellious, in societies where deference and respect towards authority are drilled into their heads from day one none of this is an issue.

      • White men in the 1960’s didn’t rebel against the tyranny of civil rights legislation because they had jobs to go to and families to support. It takes a horde of idlers to hit the streets to protest for damaging social and political agendas.

        • The Greatest Generation were the ones in power in the 60s and they didnn’t rebel against civil rights because they bought into it hook, line, and sinker. They could easily have stopped it by using their positions at their cushy jobs. They didn’t because they were cowards.

          • Yeah, and….
            “I want to sing like Bing Crosby and dance like Fred Astaire, let’s go to war! Yay!” And, as is today, who owned the corrupt movie industry/media? And are Freud, and Edward Bernays, his what son-in-law and father of propaganda, Jews as well? Media brainwashing literally began w/ the ‘Greatest Generation’.

  • I’d like to see a Richard Spencer speech in person – Texas speech when? Preferably in the Dallas area, come back home, Richard!

    • We haven’t found our great orator yet, but in the meantime Spencer looks like the best available placeholder until someone better comes along.

      I find Enoch listenable as well, but he needs to set a better personal example by losing weight.

      BTW, so what if Enoch suffered from asthma and ill health as a child, as a recent hit piece on him claims? So did Theodore Roosevelt, but he pushed himself to overcome his weaknesses and become a real badass as a man.

      • Turn Jonathan Bowden into a hologram. You could probably even bend his speeches into what you’d need.

      • I have had asthma. It’s more treatable if you are fitter. it also comes and goes in long 7 year cycles. Avoiding tobacco, cats and dogs largely means I’m fine. One has to wonder if it’s not a disorder at all but your immune system trying to warn you.

        • Somehow the subject of film versions of Lord of the Flies came up on a recent episode of “The Daily Shoah,” and one of the guys jokingly compared Enoch to Piggy. Enoch didn’t find that amusing.

          • No he said his skin was thick (words to that effect) because he’s gotten it all his life. I have to wonder why whatsisname did it though – as Sven said, it wasn’t bantzy, it was a straight out attack. #208 if anyone cares.

          • So should many of these antifa goofs. If antifa wants normies to take them seriously, don’t bring out the porkers like Heather Heyer.

          • Well he gets treated as low man on the totem pole a lot. He is of course, but they should show him some respect. When you zing people, they tend to zing you back.

      • Are you serious? Have you seen a photo of Theodore Roosevelt? He was a freaking tank!!! And the alt-right’s ableism is just as despicable as its MANY other prejudices. How would YOU feel if you got sick, and a troll wrote a hit piece about how “weak” it made you? Empathy IS strength, Albionic. Try developing some.

        • Cisheternormativity and pedophobia, too. Don’t forget those. Critical to the anti-White party line in the current year, you know. What do you think this is, 2015 or something?

  • So, a lone White dude and a few of his friends are going to a university to have a political discussion and that’s enough to declare a State of Emergency, which is a step below Martial Law? Oh, and this time it’s declared by a Republican governor who heartily supported Trump in the elections?

    This nation is far worse off than most people realize. The tactics the governors of VA and FL are using against the Right are indeed authoritarian. I say that, mainly, because the tactics are only being used against one side. I seriously doubt we’re going to be able to talk our way through all this.

    • Hopefully the students aren’t dumb enough to get scared off and/or agitated by those authority figures. They’re effectively creating mass hysteria out of thin air to paint their own image of the alt right. “They cry out in pain as they strike you.”

  • Richard and these men are literally on the leading edge of free speech rights in the country and in the West at this moment in time.

    May God watch over and protect you all!

  • Not in the habit of quoting Gandhi but he did lead a successful semi-ethnic movement against an empire so:

    “First they ignore you; then they abuse you; then they crack down on you and then you win.”

    Seems the altright is at the 3rd stage.

  • I hope you’re aware that Spencer’s speech is going to flop. The student who plan on graduating won’t dare attend his speech, after this:

      • In other contexts our culture tells us to live authentically and express our feelings. We see this all over the effort to try to normalize the stupid drama generated by transgender kooks and misfits, who don’t have real grievances.

        But when white men try to live authentically by saying that we oppose our dispossession, and that we prefer to keep our own homelands, the culture shouts down that expression of our feelings as “hate.”

        • We all have the right to be accepted in the bodies we choose to inhabit. And you AREN’T being dispossessed. America is the homeland of Native Americans, and we’ve all been squatting on it for 500 years. Your ancestors may have driven a Native American off his property, but you are safe and sound in your home today. People view your “dispossession” rhetoric as hate, because it’s melodramatic and, probably, a huge hypocrisy.

          • No tribe has any divine right to land. Not Native Americans, not Whites, not negros, and not Jews. Land belongs to whichever tribe is strong enough to take it or defend it. The conquered are at the mercy of the conqueror. Some tribes get enslaved, some wiped out, some exiled, and some are assimilated. So it has always been, so it will always be. You are laughably naive with a delusional view of human nature and history.

          • Always interesting (and comical) to hear the radical anti-White perspective. Getting kind of… formulaic, though.

          • Well, you know, there ARE only so many ways to say “NO” to alt-facts. You can call them a “perspective”, but history will keep calling them lies. You weren’t here first. I wasn’t here first. To quote #44 “We didn’t build this.”. But, since we’re here, we need to *share* America. It’s the least we can do.

          • Who did the native americans drive out of the land? Unless you know the answer to that question, you shouldn’t make such an argument.

    • (((Thernovitch))) is a yid and is married to an Iranian Muslim woman. Nothing Western about this degenerate.

      • Yeah, I don’t get how Persians and their offspring like Jason Jorjani, Laci Green and Roosh Valizadeh have wormed their way into the culture.

        • Laci Green’s mother is white. Roosh is Armenian and Persian. I think it’s because Iran means land of the Aryans. But most Iranians today are Asiatic and dark. This was caused when Islam took over and through polygamy, slavery introduced the darker races to Iran. There is a upper caste that would be classified as Caucasian. The late mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani is an example of this high-caste Iranian. But if they are Muslims they are not kosher.

          • I slightly knew the Iranian futurist and transhumanist FM-2030, who went into cryo in 2000; he had more of the kebab look.

            And what a crackpot. He promoted the whole globalist, Kalergist project.

  • I never know before these events whether to wish our good goiym to stay safe or to kick some ass. Either way, these events are essential in spreading the message. Godspeed, Richard and everyone.

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