Hotep Mon Amour

Submitted by Norman Burgundy

Something frightening, terrible, and amazing has recently emerged from the black community. It is splendidly reactionary and exudes 4Chan levels of acerbic wit, wrecking havoc on social media.

It is called Hotep, and it is glorious.

After years of imbibing the degeneracy of the left, during the 2016 election, a small but vocal  and bravado segment of the black community came to the sober realization that while Bill Clinton is still much blacker than Barack Obama ever could be, the Clintons and all pantsuit hysterically grinning white liberals for that matter, don’t really care about black people. The sexual revolution trumpeted and funded by whites leftists and their Semitic cousins has left the black family in ruins as the “Uncle Tom” neocon Thomas Sowell famously documented, and instead of setting cars on fire or booing the National Anthem, members of the Hotep community got the crazy idea that the black community can only be built from the ground up—by a bunch shitposting, reactionary black men.

Hotep was recently profiled in The Root, a “black” magazine that unsurprisingly features black people constantly saying the things that white people want them to say. The author of the article, Damon Young, who looks like a White hipster in his avatar photo (maybe he didn’t get the memo that the hipster fad has passed) and seems to get paid a lot of money to tell white liberals what they want to hear, makes the very incoherent case that despite the fact that they are the perpetual victims of white racism, straight black men should give up whatever self respect they have and defer to newly empowered (i.e. single and lonely) black women and the black LGBTQQP (I think the “P” is for “pedophile”) community, thus destroying whatever remnants of traditional patriarchal authority have remained in the black community.

Hotep responded in kind, wryly pointing out that the black liberals who write for The Root “want to be White people and are jealous of White people. And they hate straight black men – which is why gay black men were excluded from their divisive blog post. Probably, because they were abandoned or abused by one.”

One can just picture the spastic rage of Damon Young and other faux black people who write for The Root upon reading this post. This brief bit of masterful black Hotep wit viciously digs right to the core of the insecurity of blacks who orbit around degenerate left-wing White people culture, begging for approval and money.

It also shows the core of the Hotep’s formula for renewal of the black community.

Shoving off the poisonous and degenerate bad people and ideas of the New Left, the men (and some women) of Hotep have decided that, instead of watching graining VHS tape versions of Roots dressed in faux African clothing, they could rebuild the black community by watering the actual roots of black people forging in a strong and stable black family—and mercilessly skewering black liberals on social media.

Instead of burning down their own neighborhoods, having gun battles with Roof Koreans, Hotep has come to the shocking revelation that human culture is built by high testosterone, aggressive men like Alexander the Great as opposed to low-T losers like the very Arab-looking Colin Kaepernick who think that by throwing temper tantrums and demanding money from White people, they can reclaim the stable childhood their black fathers should have given them.

Unlike previous black nationalist movements, Hotep is not built upon hatred of white folks. It is about strengthening black culture by strengthening black families and is too angry at the degeneracy in the black community to worry about the fact that somewhere in Alabama there is a statue of Stonewall Jackson next to which an illegal immigrant is being arrested for urinating in public.

Rather than just playing it safe and hating white people, like their Alt-Right allies, Hotep has more intelligently diversified and directed its hatred toward things that hurt the black community: sexual degeneracy, feminism, the Jews (it seems that pissed off, working-class Jews get a pass), illegal immigrants, drug dealers (especially Caribbean drug dealers), homosexuals, Arabs, fast food, Evangelical Christianity, any and every famous black athlete who played after the 1990s, Kanye West, Boomers, and communists (nota bene: this is not an inclusive list of everything Hotep hates).

Unlike other generations of black nationalists who fantasized about racing UFOs around the negroid face of the ancient Egyptian sphinx, Hotep remains rooted in a black American identity.

Hotep also is oddly supportive of white American identity and actually doesn’t care who White people make statues of as long as they are not of Kanye West or Lebron James (see above).

Hotep, more than anything shows, both how stupid and how right ethnocentrism is. White and black people who argue over the internet about how wide King Tut’s nose is in between video game and pornography binges are losers.

However, White and Black Americans who get up in the morning and go to work every day trying to build families and strong communities in the face of a sea of degeneracy that hasn’t been seen since that time God destroyed a bunch cities in the Bible, are, to use a Hotep expression, lit.

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  • This author has a flaccid definition of “acerbic wit.” Either that, or he’s seen something I haven’t– Hoteps are fine and well, if defined as the author has done, but trying to present them as a “black alt-right” is misleading at best.

  • The truth to the average dindu is just a lie they got away with.

    Remember kids, blacks are called SUB-SAHARAN Africans for a reason. Look at a
    map of Africa. You’ll notice a giant desert running across it
    which is a natural barrier. Negroes historically never ventured into
    North Africa in significant numbers until Muslims took them as slaves
    and later Europeans.

    Egypt was one of many Caucasoid Mediterranean civilizations.

    Sub-Saharan Africans never had a civilization of their own. They never even had a written language until whites helped them create one.

    • This may be true but we aren’t living in 2000 b.c., they are here amongst us now, are a big problem to whites and a bigger problem to themselves. They have a written language to communicate with, and they are speaking truth to their own people. Knowing the importance of cultural myth, they have attached themselves to the spiritual history of an ancient kingdom, that they at least participated in, to greater or lesser degree.

  • There is already a nation for them, Liberia. We need as many Blacks as possible to go to Liberia and start building themselves up. As for the Mestizos, give them California and let’s keep everything else to ourselves, since it is ours to begin with. But getting rid of California and encouraging Blacks to go to Liberia, which was created for them anyway, would solve a lot of our problems (except the White liberal/Jewish liberal problem, which can only be solved with Physical Removal™).

  • The “great negro awakening” isn’t going to happen. An average IQ of 85 won’t allow it.

    They, “Hotep” or otherwise are not our friends or allies.

    • They don’t need the dumb nig-nogs, they need leaders and thinkers, and they have plenty of those despite the low median IQ. The problem is that the smart ones get consumed into the system and fed leftist liberal pablum.

  • Blacks of south eastern,Niggerian decent ,are not egyptians. These fools must realize that the Mandingo was a cannibal that is hated by the red fezzed tribes of the area that were superior to them.

    • Friends do not destroy each other or push each other down. We are friends. The problem is the brainwashing media and the loss of freedom.

  • Good for them, now go back where you belong. Nigeria the Congo whatever. Do what you do best. Burn kill rape destroy.then starve.

      • Nothing wrong with being proud of your race, the destruction of a race is a big problem. We are losing our identity. That is the agenda.

        • Yup. We’re opposed to diviersity, globalism, international Jewry, and the Hoteps are opposed to all of those things as well. We don’t have to be friends and go bowling with each other on Sundays, but we should be able to set our differences aside and work together when and where it makes sense. I respect the Hoteps. One of them did a good interview on Red Ice a few months back that is worth listening to.

          • The Hoteps aren’t asking us to build a nation with them, they aren’t asking us to marry their daughters or to marry ours.

  • For God’s sake, Egyptians have never been black. The Alt-right must reject any additional cultural-marxist lie from its root.

  • What? You can go pal up with that one in twenty or thirty that are ” normal” but I’ll pass on risking life and limb for that.

  • This is such a pathetically kosher article.

    “White and black people who argue over the internet about how wide King
    Tut’s nose is in between video game and pornography binges are losers.”
    Yes, the people who are real WINNERS are those who decry people for suggesting emotionally-driven historical revisionism is dangerous and not beneficial.

    • Egyptian history is contentious, but Greek and Roman, and Northern European history isn’t. I don’t see too much problem here.

  • I personally don’t care if they claim Egypt but once they get their foothold on that then they try to claim European culture as theirs which is a blatant lie.

    In the end the Aryan is a product of the truth and all these claims are outright lies in the end and nothing more. It’s just like pretending they’re actually equal and have the brains for it, it’s a lie.

    • Hoteps will never try and claim European history for themselves, they want to uplift their people to build history anew instead of appropriating the achievements of others. Even the Egyptian connection is spiritual, not material, that is, the guiding light of the wisdom of a past golden age.

  • Our history must remain truthful. They can teach their own group whatever they want.

    Separate nations will teach their history in separate ways. Our nature demands that our history be truthful, others may be more comfortable with fibs.

  • The United States of America was forged out of the wilderness by our forefathers…

    The United States of America is a White/European Nation.

    The preamble of our Constitution states ‘to secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and your posterity.’

    Forced assimilation is called genocide when it’s done in Tibet.

    When it’s done in White countries it’s called “diversity.”

    “Diversity” is a code-word for White Genocide.

    “Diversity” is a crime against humanity.

  • Few words are needed: Whites must separate from all non-Whites, avoid all gene transfer, and breed to our maximum.

    • The words are only needed to get others to reach the same conclusion. Unless you’re the supreme dictator, in which case, Salut!

  • I rather align with our guys that have lost family and have had sisters raped/knocked. they are unlikely to be ok with it at all and it will sow discord. cant call it an alliance but obviously they are the ones we would support when push comes to shove

    • Very true, and if pretending that egyptians were black helps this along, why not? It is a white lie and if it gives blacks a positive sense of heritage that isn’t focused on being in opposition to whitey (The whole slave-narrative) and demanding stuff from him, very good. If american blacks are not focused on getting stuff from whites racial separation becomes easier.

      • Why not? Because its a lie.
        Because its a slippery slope, and ignores that these people are trying to effectively steal a portion of European history for themselves, to make themselves feel better about their own rather-meager historical accomplishments. What next?

        You accept the Hoteps, you can no longer complain when BBC makes King Arthur a Black guy.
        You can no longer complain about Doctor Who showing Dickens-era London as being heavily multicultural.
        You can no longer complain about a traditionally White character – like Heimdall in the Thor films – being made into a Black man.

        IOW: If you’re going to accept one instance of historical revisionism, that lessens your kind in order to uplift another (arguably your enemies, at least opposition), you cannot decry the others without being a hypocritical semitic douche.

        • There is no Law of the Slippery Slope, and the examples you give would be laughable to the Hoteps. They would be the first ones to decry the racial appropriation. Whether the Nubians created the Egyptian nation is not relevant. They participated in it, and for its last hundred years it was heavily Nubian. It’s totally different than King Arthur being presented as black, which has no historical underpinnings at all.

        • It is the same problem that was created by the Communists. White guilt. You see a black person and somehow you feel sorry for them. They also cause the blacks to hate the whites because of slavery. It is so stupid that even some gullible white women will intermix with them because they think they are being discriminated against as well. All part of the plan. Destroy the white man. And of course the white women.

  • Ain’t nuttin but a Kang,
    Swangin’ my thang,

    Sorry, but this won’t go anyway. Like my childhood friend’s grandfather always said,
    “Naggar be naggar be, naggar till he die”

  • While I think this could be viewed as a somewhat positive development that we can use to our advantage in so much as they can be used against the Jews, I still think they shouldn’t be allowed to mix freely with Aryans and have no desire to ally myself with them. I have had negroes try to murder me for petty cash twice as well as rob my home so I have absolutely no desire to go near them unarmed and, frankly, would rather be rid of them altogether.

    • I have witnessed their murder in cold blood myself. They are make believe humans. They have no real emotion or give a shit about one another. They will murder without any feeling of remorse or guilt. They are also a parasitic race. They live off what the white man builds. Then they destroy it.

      • A Hotep should go back to Africa and work on building an ethno-state no based on Judeo-Colonial pseudo-borders, or perhaps advocate for some form of black separation in North America.

  • While this organization may be a worthwhile ally our long-term stance towards africans as a whole shouldn’t change. Coexistence in the same state is impossible even if by some miracle all blacks became hotep material.

    • Exactly, it’s probably even healthy for them to create a ‘founding myth’ of past greatness that they can aspire to, but they should build their civilization separate from us. However I doubt the Hoteps will gain enough of a following for this, it’s just not in their genes. For example, I’ve always wondered how Mexico is around 80-90% Amerindian yet they have no significant Indian nationalist movement. If I were an Indian in Mexico I would be trying to remake the Mayan or Aztec Empire, however these sort of people just don’t think in the grand way that Europeans do. For the most of them, the extent of their ambition is getting more food stamps and welfare.

      • Mexicans don’t have a nationalist movement because they are mestizo not indian and it’s pretty hard to celebrate and promote the losing side of a conflict, especially when part of your genes comes from the winners.

        • That doesn’t stop American blacks from having an over-inflated sense of self worth. What are the genetic, and psychological reasons behind that phenomenon is up for debate.

          • Studies have shown that people with low IQs tend to have higher self esteem, usually to the point of delusion. They consistently over estimate their abilities, their looks, their level of intelligence, etc. High IQ people tend to be the exact opposite, they consistently underestimate themselves and are more realistic in their assessments. The phenomena you are talking about is 100% due to their inferior intellectual capabilities, they are too stupid to realize they are stupid.

          • And this is incredibly vexing. Leaving the only opportunity to counter their antics is to best them physically. And you can’t go through life getting into scraps with every annoying nog thats steps over your line.

          • The Bell Curve may state that there are ten times more white geniuses per capita, and ten times more black morons, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t millions of genius black men out there. There are. And they are dismayed at the state of their people. Because like whites, it is the degeneracy of character that is their downfall, not lack of intelligence. Egypt was originally an Aryan nation, but they did intermix with their Nubian neighbours, which for a time produced the most advanced partially black African spirituality the world has seen. Like the ancient Aryans in India, who mixed with dark skinned Dravidian natives, these empires were of Aryan origin but were heavily modified by the presence of the other races. So although it’s true to state that these empires wouldn’t have existed except for their Aryan roots, it is also true to say that the Dravidians and Africans each have a special historical claim to those spiritual and cultural heritages, at least as much as any present-day white man could claim to, and probably more so.

          • Lack of intelligence is what creates ‘degeneracy of character’, the two are inextricably linked. Low IQ is what causes anti-social behavior, so it is incredibly disingenuous to say one does not play a part in the other. It is better to accept this and realize that negroes must be ruled over with an iron fist, and thus have peace and prosperity (to an extent), than to persist in delusional narratives that have no basis in reality.

            As for the Egyptians, they were an Afro-Asiatic people, not Aryan, although they were genetically similar due to mutations in their DNA (R1B). They were closer to the semitic Copts and Berbers, who were genetically similar to pre-Indo-European ‘pelasgian’ peoples and closer to them than they are to modern Aryan Europeans, who originated from the steppes around the black sea, generally in southwestern Russian, southern Ukraine, and Moldova. Their language family’s ‘urheimat’ was in the horn of Africa, generally spread out between Eritrea, Ethiopia, Somalia, South Sedan, and Kenyan, and genetics studies have shown this to be quite credible. It is also true that they mixed with the Nubians, who spoke a similar, yet distinct, language, and probably had similar origins, although the Egyptians were more mixed with Nakh-speaking Caucasoid indigenous middle easterners (such as the Sumerians, who originated in the same region as the Aryans and were thus similar in appearance and physiology) and thus more ‘white’ in appearance.


            The above being the case I think it is far better to promote Egyptians and Nubians as native African cultures that can be used to promote an ‘ideal’ for American negroes. This idea of negroes playing a part in the formation of the Egypto-Nubian cultural area has a basis in reality and is far more practical for all intents and purposes.

          • I don’t disagree with your points, and I will defer to your superior knowledge of the material race of the ancient Egyptians. It is true to state that low IQ often breeds poor character, but high IQ often does too. There’s a sweet spot in the middle where a man is smart enough to see that moral norms are to his benefit to follow, but not excessively smart where he can construct elaborate rational justifications for sociopathic behavior.

      • The typical Mexican according to DNA studies is a mestizo, around 50% Amerindian with 5% African ancestry.

        Interesting factoid: despite genocide myths, the current population of actual indigenous Amerindian tribes in Mexico is about the same as when Latins found them.

        Also, during Latin conquest, many native tribes actually sided with the white man over their own people because they were treated so badly by their own.

        White supremacy isn’t so bad after all. I mean, when it comes down to it, most of them choose to live with white people over their own and for very rational reasons.

    • This organization is trash though, its a fact. These people are buying into lies, and what’s more, to think they are an ‘ally’ is a mistake – these are the same people who would argue that ‘Beethoven was actually mayne! Julius Caesar too!’

      The Egyptians were European derivatives. PERIOD. Being supportive of dim-witted Blacks trying to steal some portion of history to give themselves something to lean upon to feel better about the reality of their status is not something that ought be promoted by any White identarian organization.

      • So what if they have an afro centric view? If we can work together to achieve goals that’s all that matters. If They want to think everything good came out of Africa, let them if it helps the ethno-state come into existence what else matters?

      • What’s the evidence that Egyptians were European or “European-derived?”

        The Copts have got a beef with them, not sure why we should care.

      • Yes they were more Mediterranean and closer to the Indo-Aryan than to their brethren in Nubia further south of the Nile river..because of their geographical location, the land mass close to the Middle east and the Asia Minor to the North, human evolution was quicker than to the southern African negroid. Hence the sophisticated, hegemons societies.

    • They don’t believe in coexistence in the long term either. Except for the “Egyptians were Black” delusion and other historical delusions, which no one takes seriously anyway, I am fine with them. They don’t seem to be bad people, and at least they have woken up to the fact that we have a common enemy, White liberalism and Jewish multiculturalism. As long as we both believe separation is the end goal, I am fine if we work with them.

  • Hotep seems to be one of the first positive truly black movements for a long time. The liberalisation of society since the 60s has wreaked havoc on the black community, more so than on other races, probably because to be capable of handling freedom one has to have typical white or asian characteristics. Ironically, what liberals have done to society and our culture has been especially bad for blacks. Good to see that some black people have grown tired of being handed gibs from white liberals while being led by jews.

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