Bike-Sharing Leads Directly To Complete Societal Collapse

Anatoly Karlin has some very good takes on the situation in Russia. We see eye to eye on many things. One little post highlights the harsh and true reality of social life in Russia.

From the blog:

Regular readers will know I live in the prole area of Moscow. As it turns out, my flat is ghetto as fuck. Drug overdose a few months ago. A murder a couple of days ago. 14/88 graffiti on the walls.

Meanwhile, on the same day, the Higher School of Economics – Russia’s top economics institution, located within walking distance of the Kremlin, and one of the few academic institutions in Russia that pays academics internationally respectable salaries – opened a Higher School of Equality. Yes, it’s exactly what you’re expecting: “Our organization does scientific and educational work in the spheres of gender and feminism, sexuality, queer culture, and other investigations.”

There is no escape from the poz anywhere on the face of the planet, and the alternatives aren’t exactly appetizing either.

Anatoly is getting at something here that I hope to help you conceptualize and incorporate into your understanding of the world because I find it particularly illuminating to understand society. But first, let me say that I live in an area where people put clothes on their little dogs. So I see a different side of life because I live in a SWPLier city, and in a SWPLy part of town where there are little cafes everywhere and the fashionable men look like this:

As opposed to this:

So you could say that ours is a tale of two cities.

That being said, I’ve lived in several commie blocks in my time here though as well. (Hell, I was born in one.) And I’ve lived in the more upscale Stalin-style ones and the more basic Khrushchev-style ones as well. Being a bit of a SWPL myself, I prefer to live in an Imperial-era building though, with bike-sharing stations nearby, of course.

In general, you notice things about the way society is structured here because of the striking differences of Russian society compared to American society. It gets you thinking, gets you noticing things because you’re not used to the novelty and it really activates your almonds, so to speak.

My observations have coalesced into a general theory, and not even a very original one at that. I think that you can basically divide any society into three parts based on a three-part gradient of different soul types.

In other words, you have Bronze types, Silver types, and Gold types – that’s me lifting a little bit from Plato by the way.

You can take Plato’s characterization and then use it to explain things in terms of class theory- in other words, apply a materialist reduction to the concept (blasphemy, I know, I know), just like Marx did with Engels’ theories about Geist.

In other words, you take soul types and see if they line up with modern class distinctions. Surprisingly, they do in fact line up quite well. And the correlation isn’t confined to money, but IQ and voting patterns as well.

This sounds complicated, but it’s really not. Let me show you what I mean. Let’s take American society since most of you guys are quite familiar with who’s who in Pax Americana.

Let’s start with the “bible-thumping, corn-fed rednecks” that the Liberals hate so much. In our understanding of them, they are the Bronzes. In terms of wealth and even IQ, these guys are at the bottom of White society. They don’t really think things through, and this translates into their voting habits as well.

It’s a swig of Bud and a burp followed by “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” from these people.

Their richer and higher IQ ethnic cousins hate them (IQ and wealth tend to be correlated). They are smart enough to understand that pointing to a passage in an old book isn’t enough to condemn “misunderstood persecuted sexual minorities.”

Bleh. But you know exactly what I mean.

Voting patterns resemble this divide. Slightly richer and more intelligent people vote Liberal, and this is not just in the United States. Anatoly has pointed out that Moscow and St. Petersburg are both several IQ points higher on average than the rest of Russia and overwhelmingly vote Liberal. He provides hard data for my profanity-laced rants after the fact that I can point at to shore up my points, which is why I value his work so much.

Anyways, this phenomenon is near universal, you could say.

The Green color represents Liberal party wins in Moscow. Look at that correlation between bike-sharing stations and liberal victories. Is this any different from the SWPLtopia that you live in, dear reader?

Now, is IQ and riches really the main cause for this? Maybe. But there is also an element of class counter-signaling that is also at work here. If the Bronze class is about patriotism and Jesus, then the Silver class is about hating their country and atheism. Even the Marxists understood that the Bourgeoisie was always at odds with the Proletariat.

Same concept, really.

The Silvers will do anything to spite their less well-off rube cousins so as not be mistaken for them. Silvers are a bit too close for comfort to the proles themselves. They’re just rich, mind you, not wealthy. But more on that in another post.

Silvers become the principal driver of societal degradation because they counter-signal the basic building block values of a healthy nation. They do it out of spite and their slightly higher IQ and resources help them to lord it over the proles that they claim to be for, but actually hate with a passion. They will even actively salt the earth and make things worse for everybody in absolute terms, so long as they can rise relative to others.

And these are the main community options that you have to choose from in just about any country.

You either live with the oppressed proles in their commie blocks and are surrounded by basic bitch patriotism, 14/88 graffiti and “adam and eve, not adam and steve,” level intellectual discourse, or you live with the SWPLs.

If you choose the second route, then you have to pretend to hate your country, hate the “White trash” and tolerate homosexuals in just about every cafe, party, workplace you find yourself in day in and day out.

Decisions, decisions.

With the proles, it’s not as safe, and you actually have to deal with diversity more because the proles always get hit the hardest by it, because they are unable to afford to move away. But it really isn’t all that bad, I have to admit.

With the SWPLs, you get to be away from the Diversity (so long as you pretend to like Indian food) and you get better, thinner looking girls and refined numales that want to talk about IPAs and Bitcoin with you.

To each his own I suppose.

The real capstone to this theory is the Gold Soul-types. Amusingly, because the Golds are above the Silvers in terms of IQ, they tend to be conservative…again. The reason for this is because they have the necessary intelligence-level to understand why “adam and eve, not adam and steve” was written into that old dusty book to begin with. They understand STD stats, the slippery slope, the pedophilia correlation, the gay mafia phenomenon and they understand that the Bronzes will not understand all of this, but are capable of following dogma set down in a holy book.

Golds understand that you need a big sky daddy sitting on clouds and firing thunderbolts at sinners to get teen girls to not be sluts and teen boys to stop masturbating all the time.

Stop watching porn. t. God

They also understand why the nation-state is essential for stability and the well-being of a people.

And of course, they want to counter-signal the Silvers, because they hate them as much as the Silvers hate the Bronzes. So, paradoxically, they end up adopting many Bronze positions. By the way, this isn’t just abstract musing on my part, this political synergy happens all the time in history.

Occasionally, some Gold will rally the masses behind them to fight the corrupt, entrenched and treacherous Silver aristocrats employing slave labor to enrich themselves and undermine poor soldier-farmer citizens.

If you’ve got Silver-level IQ, you’d know that I’m talking about Caesar. And if you’ve got Gold-level IQ, you’d know I’m talking about Trump as well.

I kid, I kid.

But Golds are few and far between. They don’t have a section of the city dedicated to them nowadays. So if you’re an extremely intelligent goy like Anatoly or (and I don’t want to flatter you guys too much) just about anyone who has joined the Alt-Right in general, you’re kind of stuck. 9 times out of 10 you’re in SWPL land because you’re clever enough to go to their schools, get the white collar jobs and earn enough to live away from the blighted areas of your country.

But you’re completely socially isolated because you hate the pretentious, credentialed, big brain nibbas that surround you.

And because Russia has such a large Bronze class and such a small Silver (upper-middle) class, the country is in much better shape culturally than, say, Sweden. In other words, I just gave you a theory that allows you to measure POZ in a country by directly corellating it to density and distribution of bike-sharing stations.

Not bad, eh?

Still, where does that leave you?

Well, chances are you end up joining a revolutionary online movement hell-bent on overthrowing the corrupt Silver class and ensuring that a Bismarkian-type leader ascends to the throne and ensures humanity’s destiny among the stars, of course!

Doing anything else would just be too boring anyways.

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