Bike-Sharing Leads Directly To Complete Societal Collapse

Anatoly Karlin has some very good takes on the situation in Russia. We see eye to eye on many things. One little post highlights the harsh and true reality of social life in Russia.

From the blog:

Regular readers will know I live in the prole area of Moscow. As it turns out, my flat is ghetto as fuck. Drug overdose a few months ago. A murder a couple of days ago. 14/88 graffiti on the walls.

Meanwhile, on the same day, the Higher School of Economics – Russia’s top economics institution, located within walking distance of the Kremlin, and one of the few academic institutions in Russia that pays academics internationally respectable salaries – opened a Higher School of Equality. Yes, it’s exactly what you’re expecting: “Our organization does scientific and educational work in the spheres of gender and feminism, sexuality, queer culture, and other investigations.”

There is no escape from the poz anywhere on the face of the planet, and the alternatives aren’t exactly appetizing either.

Anatoly is getting at something here that I hope to help you conceptualize and incorporate into your understanding of the world because I find it particularly illuminating to understand society. But first, let me say that I live in an area where people put clothes on their little dogs. So I see a different side of life because I live in a SWPLier city, and in a SWPLy part of town where there are little cafes everywhere and the fashionable men look like this:

As opposed to this:

So you could say that ours is a tale of two cities.

That being said, I’ve lived in several commie blocks in my time here though as well. (Hell, I was born in one.) And I’ve lived in the more upscale Stalin-style ones and the more basic Khrushchev-style ones as well. Being a bit of a SWPL myself, I prefer to live in an Imperial-era building though, with bike-sharing stations nearby, of course.

In general, you notice things about the way society is structured here because of the striking differences of Russian society compared to American society. It gets you thinking, gets you noticing things because you’re not used to the novelty and it really activates your almonds, so to speak.

My observations have coalesced into a general theory, and not even a very original one at that. I think that you can basically divide any society into three parts based on a three-part gradient of different soul types.

In other words, you have Bronze types, Silver types, and Gold types – that’s me lifting a little bit from Plato by the way.

You can take Plato’s characterization and then use it to explain things in terms of class theory- in other words, apply a materialist reduction to the concept (blasphemy, I know, I know), just like Marx did with Engels’ theories about Geist.

In other words, you take soul types and see if they line up with modern class distinctions. Surprisingly, they do in fact line up quite well. And the correlation isn’t confined to money, but IQ and voting patterns as well.

This sounds complicated, but it’s really not. Let me show you what I mean. Let’s take American society since most of you guys are quite familiar with who’s who in Pax Americana.

Let’s start with the “bible-thumping, corn-fed rednecks” that the Liberals hate so much. In our understanding of them, they are the Bronzes. In terms of wealth and even IQ, these guys are at the bottom of White society. They don’t really think things through, and this translates into their voting habits as well.

It’s a swig of Bud and a burp followed by “Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve,” from these people.

Their richer and higher IQ ethnic cousins hate them (IQ and wealth tend to be correlated). They are smart enough to understand that pointing to a passage in an old book isn’t enough to condemn “misunderstood persecuted sexual minorities.”

Bleh. But you know exactly what I mean.

Voting patterns resemble this divide. Slightly richer and more intelligent people vote Liberal, and this is not just in the United States. Anatoly has pointed out that Moscow and St. Petersburg are both several IQ points higher on average than the rest of Russia and overwhelmingly vote Liberal. He provides hard data for my profanity-laced rants after the fact that I can point at to shore up my points, which is why I value his work so much.

Anyways, this phenomenon is near universal, you could say.

The Green color represents Liberal party wins in Moscow. Look at that correlation between bike-sharing stations and liberal victories. Is this any different from the SWPLtopia that you live in, dear reader?

Now, is IQ and riches really the main cause for this? Maybe. But there is also an element of class counter-signaling that is also at work here. If the Bronze class is about patriotism and Jesus, then the Silver class is about hating their country and atheism. Even the Marxists understood that the Bourgeoisie was always at odds with the Proletariat.

Same concept, really.

The Silvers will do anything to spite their less well-off rube cousins so as not be mistaken for them. Silvers are a bit too close for comfort to the proles themselves. They’re just rich, mind you, not wealthy. But more on that in another post.

Silvers become the principal driver of societal degradation because they counter-signal the basic building block values of a healthy nation. They do it out of spite and their slightly higher IQ and resources help them to lord it over the proles that they claim to be for, but actually hate with a passion. They will even actively salt the earth and make things worse for everybody in absolute terms, so long as they can rise relative to others.

And these are the main community options that you have to choose from in just about any country.

You either live with the oppressed proles in their commie blocks and are surrounded by basic bitch patriotism, 14/88 graffiti and “adam and eve, not adam and steve,” level intellectual discourse, or you live with the SWPLs.

If you choose the second route, then you have to pretend to hate your country, hate the “White trash” and tolerate homosexuals in just about every cafe, party, workplace you find yourself in day in and day out.

Decisions, decisions.

With the proles, it’s not as safe, and you actually have to deal with diversity more because the proles always get hit the hardest by it, because they are unable to afford to move away. But it really isn’t all that bad, I have to admit.

With the SWPLs, you get to be away from the Diversity (so long as you pretend to like Indian food) and you get better, thinner looking girls and refined numales that want to talk about IPAs and Bitcoin with you.

To each his own I suppose.

The real capstone to this theory is the Gold Soul-types. Amusingly, because the Golds are above the Silvers in terms of IQ, they tend to be conservative…again. The reason for this is because they have the necessary intelligence-level to understand why “adam and eve, not adam and steve” was written into that old dusty book to begin with. They understand STD stats, the slippery slope, the pedophilia correlation, the gay mafia phenomenon and they understand that the Bronzes will not understand all of this, but are capable of following dogma set down in a holy book.

Golds understand that you need a big sky daddy sitting on clouds and firing thunderbolts at sinners to get teen girls to not be sluts and teen boys to stop masturbating all the time.

Stop watching porn. t. God

They also understand why the nation-state is essential for stability and the well-being of a people.

And of course, they want to counter-signal the Silvers, because they hate them as much as the Silvers hate the Bronzes. So, paradoxically, they end up adopting many Bronze positions. By the way, this isn’t just abstract musing on my part, this political synergy happens all the time in history.

Occasionally, some Gold will rally the masses behind them to fight the corrupt, entrenched and treacherous Silver aristocrats employing slave labor to enrich themselves and undermine poor soldier-farmer citizens.

If you’ve got Silver-level IQ, you’d know that I’m talking about Caesar. And if you’ve got Gold-level IQ, you’d know I’m talking about Trump as well.

I kid, I kid.

But Golds are few and far between. They don’t have a section of the city dedicated to them nowadays. So if you’re an extremely intelligent goy like Anatoly or (and I don’t want to flatter you guys too much) just about anyone who has joined the Alt-Right in general, you’re kind of stuck. 9 times out of 10 you’re in SWPL land because you’re clever enough to go to their schools, get the white collar jobs and earn enough to live away from the blighted areas of your country.

But you’re completely socially isolated because you hate the pretentious, credentialed, big brain nibbas that surround you.

And because Russia has such a large Bronze class and such a small Silver (upper-middle) class, the country is in much better shape culturally than, say, Sweden. In other words, I just gave you a theory that allows you to measure POZ in a country by directly corellating it to density and distribution of bike-sharing stations.

Not bad, eh?

Still, where does that leave you?

Well, chances are you end up joining a revolutionary online movement hell-bent on overthrowing the corrupt Silver class and ensuring that a Bismarkian-type leader ascends to the throne and ensures humanity’s destiny among the stars, of course!

Doing anything else would just be too boring anyways.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • “Silvers become the principal driver of societal degradation because they
    counter-signal the basic building block values of a healthy nation.
    They do it out of spite”

    Vincent, nothing is more commie than hating on the bourgeoisie – the “shopkeepers”.

  • Well written interesting points. I’ve always wondered why higher IQ types voted left, it made no sense what so ever. I live among the proles in a rural aria , ya they suck but the totalitarian middle class neighborhoods suck way worse they tell you when to mow your lawn , what color to paint your house, fuck that.

  • Bronzes are very instinctual, rather than intellectual, unfortunately many of them are very easily misled by silvers, but only because silvers outnumber golds. That is the problem we have, because golds are higher IQ in general, they are less numerous than silvers. But one should never look down on Bronzes. In the past I have been tempted to do so, but more and more I realize that these people are our brothers, and they have suffered the most at the hands of the silvers, like you said. They may be rubes, but they are still instinctual, knowing intuitively that something is suspicious about all the leftist propaganda simply because they can see it’s an attack on them and their values. While golds lean on the philosophical side of religion, like Aquinas, Aristotle, Plato, Augustine, Boethius, etc., Bronzes follow the same path in a low-minded way, by popular devotion, tradition, and rootedness. Silvers dabble in philosophy, but are not high-minded enough to see the big picture, so in general they cling to half-baked materialist philosophies like Marxism, atheism, cultural relativism, class struggle, etc.

  • >They do it out of spite and their slightly higher IQ and resources help
    them to lord it over the proles that they claim to be for, but actually
    hate with a passion.

    Great insight!

    This article would deserve a lot of praise if it weren’t for the fact that what Vincent said had already been amply articulated by anyone from Jeff Costello to Bill Whittle and freakin’ Carl Schmidt, the last of which even bothering to come up with a solution.

    Silvers got an upper hand because the increase in societal complexity of the last 200 years or so made them vital for its functioning. Since our society isn’t going to adopt pastoralism anytime soon, the only way to deal with the slivers is to make them afraid that the status quo will eventually end up as threatening to their socio-economic position, which is the only thing they seem to care about, and ironically, the reason why they invariably support anything with a whiff of “the spirit of the times” about it.

  • I’m organizing a rebellion to take STEM back from the bugmen, via hours a day self study of math and Newtonian mechanics, until we can show up at University already knowing our shit cold. The bugmen cheat on their exams using their smart phones. Whites aren’t even trying to compete at all in STEM. If we do we can drive out the mediocre bugmen.

  • This economical middle class which you call silver is already fast disappearing. When debt ponzi, retirement ponzi, wall street ponzi collapse they will be bronze in blink of an eye. What golds really are planning for at the moment ism when all those ponzies go down, the mother of all ponzies – the population ponzi – will go down as well. And it aint taking me and my family.

  • Very thought provoking. I’m not a gold. I’m probably a solid silver, B-average person but I think that another big factor in this whole puzzle beyond IQ is whether or not an individual’s parents have been successful in sheltering them from natural consequences and the harshness of reality. They live in a world of pugs in sweaters rather than the dog eat dog world outside their social bubble/suburb. I’ve met plenty of ridiculous hipster people who had solid gold hardworking talented intelligent parents but are basic bitch shitlibs.

  • Nothing kills these bike sharing schemes faster than black people (and I talking about both the very literal act of stealing the bikes and the metaphorical destruction of trust within society). The trick for us is to try get this absolute fact into the heads of those have been so heavily indoctrinated to think this is not the reality of things.

  • you touch on some important things but it’s kind of overly convoluted yet doesn’t touch on the specific idiosyncrasies of Eastern Europe or most societies in general

    at a basic level there are major differences between your “bronzes” and “silvers” .. saying that the silvers counter-signal bronzes because they feel “a bit too close to the proles” is a bit of a cop out, you might as well say that major genetic and class differences within a homogeneous society don’t really exist..

    to use an analogy, in the same southern US state you can have a Racism 1.0, blue collar/unemployed, high testosterone, low inhibition bruiser … and an alt-right, middle class, internet loving, virgin or near virgin who’s never been in a fight or been in the back of a police car in his life (and would be terrified at the thought). Both are white, both have roughly similar pro-white, anti-minority beliefs but they might as well be from different planets. And the former certainly wouldn’t think twice about punching that little dweeb the fuck out and taking that fancy smartphone he plays his fashy podcasts on – should the opportunity arise.

    • Yea because those of us who grew up around those Bronze whites really noticed how they mugged the Silvers. I think you meant Black not Bronze. But no, because we know you are a of the tribe of Ruby and cannot help yourself. We see you. Fool.

      • Are you actually retarded? Go into an apartment block in the outskirts of Moscow at 2am and report back. I’m sure the local boys will totally show you respect once you explain that you don’t like Jews either rofl

        • Have you been to Russia? I’ve walked down the street, more like stumbled, at 3am countless times in cities much rougher than Moscow in Ukraine, as well as Russia. I never got harassed one time. I think you meant New Orleans Yidboy.

          • then you don’t remember, or got lucky. your anecdote doesn’t really matter – pull up the violent crime stats for Ukraine/Russia/the Baltics etc and they will be easily 2x or 3x the rate of majority white/Asian cities in the US like in the Pacific Northwest. saying that all whites in the world are peaceful and high trust reveals that you lack life experience and/or you’re capable of letting ideology displace facts in your mind. Hey, kind of like shitlibs … lol. Horshoe theory confirmed again

          • And have you been there to see for yourself? From experience I can tell you that Paris, London, Stockholm all are way more dangerous than any city in Eastern Europe except in Ziggany areas. Not to mention any large city in the USA and most small one. Americans are safely ensconced in their cars. Make them walk home they will realize that they live amongst savagery.

            I’ve hitchhiked across Ukraine. Try that in the USA and see how long you live.

          • yes I have
            What did I just say about anecdotes? Compare the rates of ie assault in a majority huwhyte or East Asian city like Portland, Washington, Seattle, and so forth vs Kiev, Talinn, Minsk… The latter are 3 times higher – and probably underreported

            You’re acting like violent white proles don’t exist, which is retarded. Sure, if you want trouble you’ll find it anywhere but if you’re saying you’d feel equally safe walking into an alley with a group of gopniks vs some hipsters then you’re just full of shit

          • Not saying I never had a run in with anybody. That happens everywhere. But still. My god you really are a measly little Yid peeing in your pants when you see Aryan men. Tallinn, Estonia? What a frightening place!!!! Minsk is one of the safest cities in Europe! Kiev and Ukraine in general is where you are most likely to find trouble. Lots of squatting goons. Still any Western city is more dangerous especially for women.

          • 1) slavs aren’t Aryan 2) I’m not talking about non white crime here. Portland and Talinn have the same population yet Talinn’s murder rate is twice as high – and they probably have like 3 black dudes in the whole city

            I’m glad you at least admit that there’s “squatting goons”. The whole point of this article was to shit on SWPL eastern europeans and say that they’re just signalling about multiculturalism to feel superior to prole eastern europeans because they’re “too close to them for comfort”, right? I’m arguing that it’s not that simple, there are significant differences in behavior between these class groups

          • The old Eastern Europeans aren’t White trick. Just like the old the Irish aren’t White trick. You yids are so full of shit your eyes are brown. We already know all your tricks.

            I don’t need to prove what I already know to you and since everyone on here already knows you are here to try and tear us down; then no one will believe you anyway. You have no credibility.

            Hope they pay you lots of shekels for your trolling because you are wasting your time on this site.

          • this guy came over during our anti-fag purge and he likes to pick quibbles and d & c. He’s banned now though.

          • Are you implying Christian poles weren’t slaughtered in WWII beyond Germany’s efforts of conquest? Why are you so convinced that anybody who believes in human merit beyond ethnic origin is a “yid”, a “black”, or a “mud”? Are you aware of all the non-whites involved in the technology you’re likely reading these comments on? From touch-screens to lithium-ion batteries?

          • You don’t live in Russia and you just don’t know. Moscow is safest city in Europe even in proliest areas, any given time right now. But I do remember closer to Soivets collapse/early 90s. There was everything you talk about. We even regulary fought 20-vs-20 in late 80s just for fun between appartment blocks. Walking into other neighbourhood was unthinkable.

            Right now nobody care about you. You can stumble into sidewalk bushes in drunken stupor, sleep all night and walk away with wallet intact next morning. All violence usually happens between acquaintances, usually alcohol involved

  • Man, put a little more work into it. You can probably find the same correlation with Starbucks locations, yoga studios, Thai restaurants, etc.

  • Hurrah for SWPL Nationalism! What can I say? I like my nature parks and I know alot about wine. It’s a lonely way to be, but I suspect there are more of us than meets the eye. We are atomized even further than most, just the way they like it.

  • Now this is a good piece of work. We can probably use google maps to track bike sharing stations and plan our war strategy :).

  • In order for the CIA to protect itself against the American people
    discovering the truth about these ritualistic murders (like Las Vegas),
    and as the true facts about the “King Sacrifice” murder of President
    John F. Kennedy were beginning to flood into public view, this report
    explains, in
    April 1967 they released a secret memo on how to combat the truth from ever
    being known—and that for the first time in history introduced the terms “conspiracy
    theory” and “conspiracy theorists” the CIA instructed the US mainstream
    propaganda media to use in labeling anyone who came close to discovering the
    truth—and whose other
    orders included:

    ♢Claim that it would be impossible for so
    many people would keep quiet about such a big conspiracy
    ♢Have people friendly to the CIA attack the claims, and point back to “official” reports
    ♢Claim that eyewitness testimony is
    ♢Claim that this is all old news, as “no
    significant new evidence has emerged”
    ♢Ignore conspiracy claims unless discussion
    about them is already too active
    ♢Claim that it’s irresponsible to speculate
    ♢Accuse theorists of being wedded to and
    infatuated with their theories
    ♢Accuse theorists of being politically
    ♢Accuse theorists of having financial
    interests in promoting conspiracy theories

    Remember, don’t play the useful idiot.

  • In order for the CIA to protect itself against the American people discovering the truth about these ritualistic murders (like Las Vegas), and as the true facts about the “King Sacrifice” murder of President John F. Kennedy were beginning to flood into public view, this report explains, in
    April 1967 they released a secret memo on how to combat the truth from ever
    being known—and that for the first time in history introduced the terms “conspiracy
    theory” and “conspiracy theorists” the CIA instructed the US mainstream
    propaganda media to use in labeling anyone who came close to discovering the
    truth—and whose other
    orders included:

    ♢Claim that it would be impossible for so
    many people would keep quiet about such a big conspiracy

    ♢Have people friendly to the CIA attack the claims, and point back to “official” reports

    ♢Claim that eyewitness testimony is

    ♢Claim that this is all old news, as “no
    significant new evidence has emerged”

    ♢Ignore conspiracy claims unless discussion
    about them is already too active

    ♢Claim that it’s irresponsible to speculate

    ♢Accuse theorists of being wedded to and
    infatuated with their theories

    ♢Accuse theorists of being politically

    ♢Accuse theorists of having financial
    interests in promoting conspiracy theories


    Remember, don’t play the useful idiot.

  • Bike sharing is awesome, and should not be ridiculed. First, it allows a middle-aged person to get into shape without having to join a gym or, worse, spend substantial money on his own bicycle only to have it stolen by black criminals. Second, bicycle riding constitutes a kind of “white flight” from the subway, especially the late night subway, wherein you will often find that you are the only white person in the car, surrounded by ill-behaved minorities of every dark hue and culture. Further, why would you want to take a yellow cab or uber, and have to tip the driver?

  • And finally there’s the “participation medal” for the negroids in Baltimore, who stole and destroyed so many of the free bikes that liberal idjits tried to share, they had to shut the program down.

    “He said he reached out to the Baltimore Bike Share Facebook site and was told it was a “rebalancing issue” — that the missing bikes must be at another station.

    So Seel, a 31-year-old software developer and bicyclist who lives in Upper Fells Point, spent two and a half hours on Labor Day riding around to count the bikes himself. He took a picture of each station and wrote about the project on his blog, Baltimore Around the World.

    The Baltimore Bike Share app at the time reported 45 available bicycles, Seel wrote. The total in his count? Four.

    “I was quite surprised it was that low,” he said in an interview. “I knew it’d be low, but four was quite shocking.”

    Seel said he understands the need for a shutdown to add the new locks and work out the kinks in the system. What troubled him more than the theft problem, he said, was the attempt by Bike Share officials to explain it away. He called their communication “absolutely horrific.”

    Seel: “Excuse me, this app records 45 bicycles available, but I’m only seeing 4. Can you explain this?”

    Government worker: “Mup da doo didda po mo gub muhfugga.”

  • Good post.

    However, it’s worth trying to figure out whether the the current relationship between Bronzes and Silvers is natural and immutable or whether it merely represents a potential weakness that has been exacerbated by Jewish cultural influence.

    Obv there are real underlying reasons for the rivalry between these groups, however it’s not clear if it has to be this bad or not.

    Jews hate /fear peasants, SWPL silvers marinate in Jewish cultural influence, strive to conform to Jewish status hierarchies, learn to hate peasants more?

    • That’s an interesting one. Jews can at the very least be credited for noticing and trying to exploit this fissure.

      Some of their clever ones seem to know us better than we know ourselves lol

    • They’re most likely using and complementing each other in equal measure. Take their rise to power as an example. Jews essentially got rich by funding and entertaining European ‘silver’ classes. Every time a lazy pseudo-aristocratic degenerate class popped up jews were there to prop them up with money-lending and international connections. All the while despising/abusing the peasants and fearing the Caesars.

    • I’d also point out that the inteligentsia of Russia (its upper middle class, essentially) and the equivalent in Greece, as both countries are orthodox in their civilization, have a more extreme version of enmity between them and the bronze. This happens because in general there is a dislike for anything from the homecountry. In Greece this has already culminated to a dangerous point in which the bronzes are apathetic to societal changes (homo-marriage and trans-o-philia were passed with nearly no resistance at all) and the silvers bring only foreign disastrous ideas only because they are the opposite of the ones that are produced in the country…

      I agree completely on the fact that skypes exacerbate this differences, but in my idea for Orthodox countries they do not really need to as every equivalent inteligentsia will become disastrously liberal outside of the country and then try to bring the new idea back home. Skypes here do other things that hurt us.

  • This still doesn’t let the Jews off the hook. Silvers didn’t start all the wars in the Middle East. Silvers don’t run our media POZ machines. Silvers are the clone warriors of the their Jewish masters. We need a Gold leader who is one of us and will take the reins from the Jews and put the Silvers in their place.

      • What? Japan not fighting mad wars in the Middle East at behest of Israel. Japan not importing millions of third-worlders. Japanese film industry doesn’t produce millions of hours of anti-Japanese propoganda.

        • Was this article not talking about social/cultural problems? They have an even worse problem with men dropping out of society than we do.

  • Great write up. One thing though, the Bronze’s conservatism is not immutable. Adam and Steve can be made to be norm for the Bronzes too. Case in point, Sweden and much of modern America. The point is Bronzes being governed by the genital region are not good at thinking and so can easily be molded.

    Silvers are fake as fu.k and will catch whatever new wave they can ride to increase their wealth or status. That is why a caste society is ideal because it takes away the Silver’s tendency to want to kick at the lower trier Bronzes. In today’s world that has manifest itself as virtue signaling. In other ages as Puritanism and Victorian hypocrisy.

    Only Tradition will bring us back from the abyss.

    • Wondering what Tradition means by your definition?

      I think rule by military class would probably be the closest thing to true Tradition for White people.

      • Evola and the Perinnialists. Yes the Ksytrias or modern equivalent of a warrior aristocracy. Rule by intellectuals is rule by weak men and often Jews and rule by merchants is also rule by jew and judaized men; greedy money men with no allegiance to anything but profit. . Intellectuals have their place for sure. And an exalted place. But not as rulers. And religious men should shake in their boots when the true rulers are in their presence.

        • Interesting. Where do you think the priesthood fits into your system? (If anywhere.)

          Of course I mean a Priesthood that is in harmony with the survival of the folk and faith like in Russia not the lunatic Protestants that are inexplicably left to watch over most American congregations.

          • Russia seems to be going in the right direction in that the Church and the Economy are subservient to the State. Ideally there would never be elections and a God Deity Czar would rule with his warrior caste. Just as in most all of our history the economy would be at the bottom of the power pyramid.

            It is simply our nature. Like a bee hive, it appears naturally, with a queen, drones and workers. Right now our natural tendencies are involuted and we live under the reign of quantity.

            I’m just repeating what the Traditionalist scholars have written.

    • The formula has been flipped at times too. You could argue it is flipped now. Christianity has been at times a mark of education and class.

  • Great piece. Many European gold lines died as a result of the 2 great wars. This left a lot of silver people thinking they are the smartest people to walk the Earth.

    • >progressivists don’t have simpletons in their ranks
      >muh reduction to IQ

      The divide is not based on capacity to reason, the divide is based on those who hold there is objective reality, knowable rules in the fabric of existence (these are the spiritual sons of Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas) and on those to whom everything is a ‘dialectic’ changeable, malleable, in flux, they think they’re fit to write the rules of existence, they actually THINK they can change these eternal laws and they rationalize incessantly their hatred for all humanity.

      The so-called Gold types may not be geniuses but their first impulse is to distrust their own appraisal of their ability, uphold a continual struggle not to become disdainful of the poor and the downtrodden and maintain that the simple and traditional ways are superior because they were preserved by Providence.

      There was such a time when you didn’t exist except as a desire of God. You are nothing, from dust you came there you will return to be weighed in the balance by the Judge.

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  • There’s some overlap, it’s extremely common today for petty people to feign sophistication by picking up liberal talking points put forward by the ‘silver intelligentsia’ so to speak. The communist manifesto and liberal TV are like bibles to some. Otherwise all good points, this categorization needs to become a new meme.

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