An Exhaustive Debunking Of The False Doctrine Of “White Privilege”

“White privilege” is the new go-to charge of the anti-asperistic (anti-white) Western power class. Like the obscure and intangible yet omnipresent and omnipotent specter of white racism before it, which is always magically holding blacks, but no other group down, it can neither be measured nor falsified. It binds the universe together like a kind of invisible super glue, and like god, explains everything, without really explaining anything. Don’t take my word for it. Peggy McIntosh, well-known feminist crackpot, described white privilege as “an invisible package of unearned assets”. “Invisible” is right.

Of course, all individuals do benefit somewhat from the averages, norms, and successes of the groups they belong to. They benefit by self-segregative housing patterns, by popular perception of the group itself, by differential historical achievement by population, etc. In other words being a part of successful groups does have some marginal advantages. In this sense “white privilege” is real in a certain, very faint way. The problem, however, is that none of this is in any way unique to whites. Various non-white groups in America out-perform whites by virtually every measure of human success, various non-white groups are looked upon more favorably than are whites by society at large, various non-white groups are allowed to ethnically network with virtual legal and moral impunity, whereas whites are prohibited from doing so, etc. etc. etc. In other words, most if not all of the prime examples of “white privilege” are privileges possessed by Jews, East Asians, and Indian-Americans, but possessed by those populations to an even more pronounced degree. These groups outperform whites by every relevant metric of human success (wealth, health outcomes, etc) and the unearned, indirect fruit of that success is their respective privilege. Strange then that white privilege is fair game for academic inquiry, whereas Jewish privilege is not, despite Jews comprising 2% of the country and 30% of all the billionaires in it.

Oh, to be Jewish! Who possesses all that sweet, sweet privilege again? Pray, tell.

Furthermore, with the takeover of major Western institutions by largely non-white leftists of various ethnic stripes decades ago, and the general acceptability of spewing anti-asperstic invective, not to mention the frequency with which such invective emanates from most institutions of power in the West, we might even ask ourselves if whites are really viewed all that positively at all as a group, or are instead, now by and large loathed or reviled on account of their race and their alleged undue advantages, rendering them frequent targets of racial animus and abuse, vis a vis typically receiving preferable treatment. Indeed, I would submit to you that the age of any truly significant privilege due to whiteness alone, past decades ago in most of the West. Most of the privileges whites possess today are likely simply correlations embedded in the data, and have nothing whatsoever to do with whiteness. What’s more, many of the supposed markers of “whiteness”, like civility and articulacy, which are allegedly unjustly rewarded due to the existing, but not really existing, institutional and social structures of white supremacy all about us, are not really rewarded because they are white features at all, they are rewarded because people universally prefer these traits to their alternatives.

So why the singular and & selective focus on Whitey? Well, the answer is quite simple really: racial animus. “White privilege” propaganda is just a new front in the perennial war on white people being waged by the political left and the non-white ethnic groups that have come to dominate the political left and Western power structures more broadly. Bashing white people in the vilest ways imaginable can be a pretty effective way to get elected for example or to earn oneself a rather decent living in the Western World. Since white haters populate the Western power structure, there is a lot of money up for grabs for those who echo the values and interests of the anti-whites at the top. White hater, Shaun King was made the “Senior Justice Editor” (a somewhat comical title) for the New York Daily News despite having a degree from Morehouse College, a school where the average SAT score is roughly 1500 out of 2400. Yet Morehouse also seems to produce an inordinate number of Rhodes and Fulbright scholars. How is that even possible given the wanting credentials of its students, you may wonder? Well, look no further than black privilege. The most prestigious scholarship programs in the world fall all over themselves to hand scholarships out to blacks who don’t deserve them, at the expense of more qualified whites and Asians.

So much for muh white privilege!

Indeed, the Cultural Marxist oligarchy showers rewards on white haters regularly, as if there was any doubt where their loyalties lie. Consider universal genius Ta NeQuaker Oates, aspiring American Mugabe, who regularly fantasizes about barbaric forms of anti-white terrorism and violence in the name of social justice and wealth redistribution in his columns, or acclaimed author (((Susan Sontag))) who famously called the white race “the cancer of human history”.

Wherever all this “white privilege” is hiding in the universe, it doesn’t seem to be protecting whites from hatred or discrimination at the highest level.

White privilege propaganda is also a new weapon the enemies of white people wield to shame and silence us, another way to hurt us by having us hurt ourselves. Like the ultimate aim of Western oligarchs, to eradicate us, this goal isn’t exactly hidden anymore either. How often are whites told “no, you don’t get an opinion on that subject or this one because you’re white” or “you can’t understand discrimination because you’re privileged and haven’t experienced discrimination”? It seems to be lost on these folks that silencing or marginalizing people because of their skin tone and the supposed privilege that accompanies that skin tone, is itself a form of racial discrimination. It also seems to be lost on these folks that this manner of silencing members of other races is an extremely primitive and rather pure form of racism, akin to the most degrading and dehumanizing types of racism directed at blacks in 19th century America. Silencing people purely on account of their race? That’s pretty crude, shameful stuff irrespective of your supposedly noble goals or ideals, but political leftists are not particularly historically literate or introspective generally so they won’t likely wise up anytime soon to the racism, folly & injustice they are so flagrantly guilty of.

The agenda of the white privilege propagandists also fits perfectly into the broader Cultural Marxist agenda of ending inequalities, especially inequalities that exist among certain groups. And it must be noted, when it comes to the war on performance gaps, the orientation of that war is also decidedly and selectively anti-white. The discussion is always about bringing the worst performing minority groups up to the level of whites, or better yet, whites down to the level of the worst performing minority groups. Well, how convenient! Notice that white success is always the problem! Whites are somehow always keeping others down! At least that is the implication. More selective vilification it seems. There is no mention of course about the absurd overrepresentation of Asians (Sino-Asian & Indo-Asian) and Middle Easterners (Jews & Arabs) in many major sectors of the economy, the tech industry being but one in which these groups are drastically overrepresented even at the top level. Nor is there any discussion about how exactly that is possible in “white supremacist” America. So what about all their power and privilege?! Not worth addressing it seems. Merely pointing it out might even be racist! Don’t try to teach the Semites and the Africans how to be consistent ethically, it’d be a waste of time. And there is never any discussion of bringing whites up to the level of Asians or Jews! After all, who wants the great oppressor to succeed, right?!? Relative to their numbers in the American population these groups are more privileged and successful than whites, in some cases by orders of magnitude. But in America, “white privilege” is a wrong and non-white privilege is a right.

When some non-white group fails to find the ladder of opportunity it is naturally, almost implicitly Whitey’s fault. Whereas when non-white groups succeed in finding that ladder (Jews, East Asians, Indians) it could never be because they are behaving unethically (ethnically networking) or wronging others (say discriminating against hispanics or whites)! Of course not, how could it be? Only whites do that stuff, and only whites have power and privilege, despite being underrepresented in so many fields, industries, and power categories. As if the psychological processes that make racism by white people possible were unique to whites! But never mind logic or data, we’re committed to the position that whites are the all-powerful, malevolent oppressor class, the data be damned. It seems to always come back to these inane, utterly false premises, these cardinal Cultural Marxist articles of anti-white faith.

It is all so perfectly circular. Sort of a castle built on sand, don’t you think?

And what about the scientific basis, which is to say the empirical foundation for this incessant “white privilege” propaganda the Western media is so fond of peddling? Well, it’s thinner than a Muslim tween’s surgically reconstructed hymen. Basically, it doesn’t exist. 15 years ago a study was done by Bertrand & Mullainathan, which concluded that job-seekers with more “white-sounding” names were more likely to get call-backs than those with less “white-sounding” names. However, the study’s methodology suffered from a number of fatal flaws and a year or two ago a follow-up study was done which concluded that there was essentially zero advantage to having a “white sounding” name in the labor market, from the standpoint of call-backs and hiring prospects. Oops! One more “white privilege” myth debunked. You could probably fill a whole season of Mythbusters with episodes on nothing except pseudoscientific white privilege bullshit.

There was also another study from the same period which found East Asians to be underrepresented as CEOs of major corporations in America. The problem is, this underrepresentation was likely more a function of certain socio-economic asymmetries than racial ones. In other words, whites were indeed networking within their own communities to gain coveted positions, but that networking was really only available to upper crust, wealthy whites with friends in high places, not to whites as a whole, or as a race. Furthermore, since that study was done this disparity and many like disparities have narrowed, closed or completely reversed. Due to the nationwide drive to hire more “diversity” (i.e. to discriminate against whites) and other like initiatives, in many contexts, for example in school administration & other academic contexts, blacks are apparently far more likely to find themselves in leadership positions and to be elevated to such positions relative to their similarly situated white counterparts today. Moreover, white domination at the apex of the Western corporate world is a fast fading reality. So much for whites “monopolizing” power or status, or having some monopoly on “privilege”. Their numbers are in steady decline in the realm of corporate leadership.

Truth be told, there is such scant evidence to support the notion of “white privilege” that the torrent of white privilege propaganda flowing from the MSM and the US power class cannot be understood as anything but naked racist propaganda. The obsession with “white privilege” is completely out of proportion to the strength of the science and data behind it. This is because “white privilege” propaganda has never really been anything but racial/ethnic warfare by out-groups (blacks, Jews) hostile to whites and their interests. It is anti-white racial warfare masquerading as the noble pursuit of truth and always has been.

As for the literature on the subject? It is borderline postmodern mumbo-jumbo, infused with the oligarch-nectar of anti-white malice. Chomsky famously described postmodernism as “meaningless”, ultimately nothing but “truisms”, a “rot” that spread from Paris, and even as having a particular appeal to pseudo-intellectuals in need of a “lucrative career path”. “You get big professorships, run around to conferences, all that.” The same is no less true for white privilege propagandists, critical race theorists, and various other openly Marxist and crypto-Marxist scholars focused on slandering, enfeebling and ultimately subjugating white people. I’ll tell you, for all the white privilege floating around it seems awfully profitable to hate on white people in the modern West!

What is really going on is the political left is attempting to redefine words again, like it redefined “racism” so that only white people could be guilty of it and more importantly, so that really, really racist non-whites could never be guilty of it. There is a troubling trend emerging in academia whereby left-wing pseudo-academic sophists redefine terms with long-established definitions purely to render those words useful to the anti-white agenda of the Cultural Marxist elite. Which is to say they are redefining words for fundamentally racist (anti-white) reasons. Such definitions are purely ad hoc to be sure and the vast majority of intelligent people reject these new definitions, but they have some standing and some force amongst the Western power class and in certain political circles, despite their absurdity.

In truth, “privilege”, like “power”, is context specific, and by no means unique to any particular racial group. One may possess privilege on account of family wealth or on account of being sexually desirable, etc. There are many ways to acquire privilege and many, many different forms of it. Suggesting or pretending that “privilege” is unique to whites or that “white privilege” overpowers or overrides all other forms of privilege, is intellectually preposterous, demonstrably false, and frankly a pretty disturbing development in Western politics. It implies that the daughter of an illiterate, impoverished West Virginia coal miner is somehow more privileged than the half hispanic, half Asian son of a Goldman Sachs executive, merely on account of her race.

It’s just sheer stupidity, & it makes vilifying & dehumanizing a whole race of people that much easier. It is but another arrow in the quiver of the viciously anti-asperistic, Cultural Marxist overclass.

Furthermore, the fact that this concept of “white privilege” even exists is pretty strong indirect evidence that the myths of white power & privilege are nothing more than that, namely myths. The privilege to be maligned by everyone in society is no privilege. And no group so roundly vilified could be understood by sensible human beings to be “privileged” or to be in possession of some monopoly on power. Why would an all-powerful, all-privileged, racist group impugn itself so regularly, debase itself so thoroughly? The notion is so stupid only leftards could believe it. White-hating leftards at that. But is there any other kind at this point? Or are all leftists, even those who claim to be race-neutral or color-blind, white haters by implication, especially if they adopt the language & the propaganda of the political left, the ideological premises of which are anti-white to the extreme & rooted in anti-asperistic prejudice & the undeniable, selective vilification of one race?


  • White Privilege. That’s weaponized anti white language . White ppl everywhere are tired of commies and blacks bitch about it. Not just WN/NS/AltRighters. Regular white normies I speak with are sick of being accused of White Privilege.
    99% of blacks have felonies. Thus,the Black Voter thing is not really a thing, but an urban myth!

    In the job world, all these blacks with felonies, retard subsaharan IQs are shown mad, stupid love and given a leg up above competent, qualified Whites. All blacks need to do is show up, and will be given a promotion.

  • Why don’t whites take the opposite tack and acknowledge our privilege gained through our awesome genetic inheritance?

  • Anti-Racists aren’t fighting Mexican Privilege in Mexico.
    Anti-Racists aren’t fighting Black Privilege in Nigeria.
    Anti-Racists aren’t fighting Paki Privilege in Pakistan.
    Anti-Racists aren’t fighting Turk Privilege in Turkey.

  • needs to do an article on the Khazar origins of modern Judaism. The Khazars are the people from the land of Magog, and they indeed invaded Israel just as the scripture says. Essentially what I am saying is that Israelis are the real Anti-Semites, because they have no connection to semitic people except through their “religion.”

      • Dude, look it up. It completely delegitamizes Israel.
        And if you have read the bible you will see that yes, it is stated that people from the land of Magog will invade Palestine in the time of Revelation. Do you think im some how trying to defend Jews? No, if anything I am saying they are even worse than if they were actually semitic. They are one big fucking lie.

  • live your life in direct opposition to what THEM PEOPLE (liberals) want.

    The only good diversity is diverse thought by people sharing THE SAME values, and definitely not sharing different skin color necessarily. That is liberal ‘diversity’, and is complete garbage, and must be avoided at all costs.

    Quit voting for liberals. Quit supporting other than your own. Quit spending your money outside of your race (the Jews love that one). Keep your wealth amongst yourself (the Mexican and Asian immigrants love that one), and above all, if a politicians commands you to do what you don’t want, fling poop in his face.

  • TL; DR: anti-racist is just a code word for anti-White. All other groups (Jews, Negroes, Indians, hajis…) put their own people first. It’s time for us to do the same.

  • Forget about what it says, the writing is that of a high schooler.

    I am very disappointed. I was hoping for some true insight, instead I got some late night rambling of a kid.

    • Says person who doesn’t understand the difference between “may be” & “maybe”, who doesn’t understand demonyms are capitalized, who doesn’t understand that an ellipsis takes 3 dots, doesn’t know how to use an apostrophe to signify possession, doesn’t know that “judgment” is spelt
      with one “e”, & who employs the political verbiage of the Cultural Marxist overclass like a good, Weinstein fellating peon committed to her own serfdom. And this is just in 25 short Disqus comments, mind you!!! Somehow I don’t think the problem is that the writing level is too unsophisticated for you, I think the problem is it’s far too sophisticated. Also, given your politics nobody should believe for a second that you were actually seeking enlightenment on this website. Ignorance is of course forgivable, but dishonesty signifies a deeper flaw in your nature/character.

  • Who really operates under a Private Law, because white men have to operate under public law and an absurd level of scrutiny.

  • If we take for granted that all liberalism is the deconstruction of existing social structures and that socialism is an offshoot of that focused on the systematic plunder of ‘privileged’ classes (aka redistribution of wealth) to achieve that deconstruction, the concept of white privilege is just the logical conclusion to a destructive process that started with the enlightenment. They’ve run out of pseudo-martyr classes to liberate so they became antagonistic towards the most natural social orders: race and sex. Anti-white (male) socialist plunder has been in full gear for a while and it’s only a matter of time before they try to deconstruct whiteness in earnest à la french revolution. And make no mistake, that is what’s coming. Which is why we need to make a complete u-turn and reverse the liberal process.

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    • South Africa is the only country where blacks not only outnumber whites by 10 to 1, but where blacks also have COMPLETE political control, and yet, they have AFFIRMATIVE ACTION against whites because without whitey, they STILL can’t make anything of themselves.

  • Excellent article covering this illogical and nefarious concept of “White privilege.”
    However, I think we need to build pithier retorts to this nonsense ti fight back with, kind of like the Mantra. Here’s one I use, which is a point in this article. Maybe others can come up with others:

    “White privilege” is nonsense. Because


    A. White privilege exists (with “privilege” meaning some unjust advantage), but in that case, Jewish privilege is infinitely larger, given the metrics used to judge the status of Whites vs. Blacks (average income, wealth, education, per capita representation in prestigeous occupations, etc.) so we should be talking about Jewish, not White, privilege;


    B. Jewish privilege does not exist (because the supposedly unjust advantage is actually superior effort or IQ), but in that case, White privilege does not exist, a fortiori.


    “White privilege” is nonsense

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