New Numbahs Show Black Crime To Be Even Worse Than Expected

Many of you know about Colin Flaherty on Youtube. The man is a one-man redpilling factory that stubbornly refuses to get redpilled on anything except black crime. I don’t know whether this is related to his age or the fact that he doesn’t want to get kicked off the internet. Regardless, he does good work in his narrow sphere, so let’s give credit where credit is due.

The FBI recently released new stats on black crime. Colin breaks it all down and explains why the numbers are even worse than they seem:

Now, Liberals don’t know much about Blacks. The simple reason for this is because they tend to live far away from blacks. Whites that DO live near blacks, voted overwhelmingly for Trump. Why, oh WHY do you think that is?

This NPR blowhard can’t wrap his head around the fact that Whites get redpilled from having to live with Blacks and that in fact its the insulated SWPLs that vote Liberal.

Shocking stuff, I know.

Anyways, I’m a big fan of Colin’s style. He doesn’t just present numbers in dry statistical tables. He provides video and commentary so that you can visualize what those numbers represent in all its stomach-churning 240p Liveleak glory.

People respond to that.

They don’t respond to the academic approach as much as they respond to the emotional approach. This is not a trick on our part to present this information in a way to emotionally trigger viewers by the way, it is simply an effective tactic. The facts are there to support the main thrust of the argument, and triggering emotion is a way to get past the firewall that most respectable people have around their cognitive defenses in regards to any and all RealTalk.

Even an impassioned rant works quite well.

Lots of folks seem to have had enough of da brothas.

Hell, you don’t even need Whitey to tell it you straight. You can just listen to a black prostitute in the street telling it like it is:

Literally everyone knows deep down that Blacks are bad news, even other Blacks.

I believe that BLM and the whole black crime wave is the greatest chink in the Leftists’ armor. Even regular people know that somethings up, even if they try to rationalize it away.

It may seem crass and pedantic to constantly hammer home on the black issue, but it is the issue that pays the biggest dividends. Whether it is them rioting in the streets, killing cops, killing Whitey, kneeling for the anthem, demanding more and more gibs, getting up in everybody’s face with their hostility, they are just too good a target to pass up on.

No one likes them.

But we can prod them and then step back to witness them completely lose it and alienate White society further. Hell, we don’t even have to do much these days, they’re so wound up, they do all the heavy-lifting for us.

Funny enough, they have been in America the longest and they have integrated the least. Push hard on that point, and people start asking questions about whether “economic nationalism” or “civic nationalism” really works when you have incompatible races living together.

It’s not hard to put two and two together logically, but the shitlib needs an emotional kick in the hindbrain to really make it come together.

So I am not suprised about the numbahs, but I am stoked about the kneelers and I am looking forward to the next Chimpout. Please, oh please, let’s hope they keep on prodding Whitey.

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  • Colin Flaherty is strategically smart, staying on one message.
    He focus his sonic vibration on one focal point, Black Violent Crime Against Whites.
    A focused tactic with an aggregating effect towards eroding a central talking point in the Anti-White Narrative.

  • Soooo . . . when Blacks commit crimes, it’s a “chimpout”, but when Whites commit crimes, it’s “muh Big Tech”. Don’t think so. Unless you’re going to start calling White crime a “waspout”, you need to quit using Black crime as a crutch for your racism.

  • I’m reminded of a quote from David Duke’s campaign manager back when he ran for governor, that’s still pertinent today.

    “The Jews just aren’t a big issue in Louisiana. We keep telling David, stick to attacking the blacks. There’s no point in going after the Jews, you just piss them off and nobody here cares about them anyway.”

    Vincent is right that this is a nail we can hammer on near perpetually. The average white person HAS met a black, and HAS, even if he won’t even admit it to himself – found them lacking. The same cannot be said for jews, even though you could argue that the influential anti-white jewish cohort are the much larger problem overall.

  • I miss the Colin Flaherty for a few years back…….

    When ever he would have videos featuring a large group of negroes fighting in public OR a couple of dindus’ trashing an unmanned police car……..

    He would play African bongo music in the background; it was pretty good!

  • Colin Flaherty’s channel is hard to watch but is essential for red-pilling. I truly detest the n@@@rs.

  • I believe the main stream media and progressives want to see black on white crime. Their utter failure to report on it combined with their freaking out anytime you see white on black crime can logically lead only to one conclusion. The liberals want to see it. That is why the reporter in the video lied.

    • I know a real-life autist, a young White man in his late teens with social skills of a 10-year-old, who was transferred from his old school because of psychological distress due constant fights, yoofs abusing teachers and throwing chairs at each other to another school just like the previous one with the metal detectors and all — all because his parents didn’t have the guts to tell the dept of ed that they didn’t want their son to go to any schools that had n@@@rs. He is now being evaluated for home instruction. If he is not approved, they will end up sending the poor chap back to the zoo. Forgive me, but the majority of us Whites are cucked out of our minds and are willing to sacrifice our own offspring to the altar of tolerance and liberalism.

  • These stats are concealed and obscured. Black IQ and crime states red pilled me straight away.

    Regular White people have a gut fear of black.

    BTW, the single best troll technique with Goodhwites in comments section is to say, “then why do you live in a place that’s all Whites?”

    Of course this is only true 99% of the time. But it reliably makes them nuts and demonstrates their “reveiled preference” and hypocracy.

      • It is highly unlikely that he has shot, stabbed, raped, murdered, robbed, threatened, molested, eaten someone or otherwise made a beast of himself. I believe that sets him above the majority at the very least.

        • Oh that’s your metric wonderful. With all the white depraved crime i see on crime channels everyday, I guess that means I’m better than them too. Thanks for that affirmation.

        • 1) I don’t know what your iq is. Neither do you know mine.

          2) how a person acts is almost entirely dependent on their environment and upbringing. Not inherent qualities.

          • 1) You appear to be African. If you are African it’s a virtual certainty that my IQ is higher. But you’re right we can’t know for sure unless we want to take public tests and post them.
            2) This is just an error in your model of the world. There are many high quality studies that demonstrate that not only IQ but large portions of personality are heritable. It’s just a fact.

          • There’s a number of reasons I’m skeptical of the “iq test” but I wont get into that right now. Secondly, on an individual level, there’s absolutely Nothing that makes you better than me. No matter how many idiots have confirmed your biased beliefs.

            2) yeah maybe some traits (skeptically). But I’ve seen countless research that suggests by and large, we are products of our environments. Rich kids act differently from poor kids.

          • You’re right. There is no way to know if I’m better or worse than you. You may be awesome … I hope that’s the case.

            But it’s better to know facts. Even if they are offensive.

            There is NOTHING better supported than IQ in the social sciences. Nothing. The data is enormous and within the field of psychometrics it’s not controversial.

            It’s a thing. People with higher IQ scores flourish ON AVERAGE in countless ways. Lower death rates. Higher income. Happier marriages. Better health.

            If a “measure” of a human trait means ANYTHING related to a score that reflects how you can model the word and understand it (intelligence) … it should cash out to things mentioned above.

            If you believe the science Leonard, you will understand the world in ways that other do not. It’s not the only way to understand how the world works but it’s enormously powerful, makes predictions and makes a lot more sense than the man trying to keep you down.

          • Absolutely. I don’t believe in the oft-repeated trope “the whites are keeping us down till this day”. I simply believe that a kid who grows up in an auspicious environment that encourages progress and academic excellence, is more likely to do better in life.

          • Which is cause, and which is effect? Consider two hypotheses:

            a) Rich children are raised in a good environment, and therefore have advantages and grow up smart.

            b) Smart, responsible people are likely to become wealthy. These people pass on their genes to smart, responsible children. They also create a good environment for their children, because they have money, and because that’s what smart responsible parents do.

            Both of these hypotheses predict that rich kids will behave differently, but the reasons why are different. Hypothesis (a) predicts that any child will do much better with a rich parent, whereas (b) predicts that a child of rich parent will do better than his peers regardless of his environment. While both undoubtedly contribute, the evidence I have seen suggests that (b) is the more important contributor.

            Unfortunately, it is not considered acceptable to even discuss hypothesis (b).

            Instead, we get increasingly elaborate environmental explanations like stereotype threat, or implicit bias, to explain performance discrepancies.

            If you view the world through a genetic lens, things become, IMO, much simpler and easier to explain. Occam’s razor.

            If you have a high IQ, your parents are probably smart, also. And thus they probably do things that smart people do, like encourage achievement and learning. But their are always outliers.

          • The statement “you are a product of your environment” has never been more accurate. By and large, the most successful people come from favorable environments surrounded by people who continually encourage them.

            Yes your right that there are outliers in every situation. In the most unfortunate of circumstances, there wil be a few who regardless, choose to strive for better. Likewise in favorable conditions, some just won’t put in any effort for unknown reasons.

            I’m not downplaying intelligence by any means, I just simply believe one’s environment plays a bigger role in determining your future.

          • But what I’m saying is that smart people make a good environment, not the other way around.

            Pretend we took 1000 smart people and 1000 dumb people, and we put each group on its own island. Within a year, the smart island has houses, plumbing, and schools. The dumb people have shacks. Each group has kids, which then go back to the mainland after their schooling on the island.

            The kids from the smart island do way better in life. Is it because of the great environment they had? It’s tempting to think so. But maybe it’s just that they got smart genes from their smart parents.

            For example, adopted kids, even those raised by wealthy adoptive parents, tend to have IQs in adulthood that match their biological parents. Nature over nurture.

          • Depends what you mean by “smart people”. If they’re more educated, then obviously yes– they’d make a Better island.

            Do you honestly believe if the children of those “smart people” were all of a sudden, picked up and transported to the “dumb people” island and are raised around dumb people — you think the majority would grow up to be successful just because they were born to “smart people” ? Or do you think after years and years of associating with lowlifes and no-hopers that maybe it’ll start to rub off on them. Their attitude, their culture, their disposition, and their outlook on life will be altered.

  • More idiots pushing this pseudo-science and half truths around. Only morons gobble this up. Most white people never look at the historical context of anything.

    • The historical context of a specific criminal incident? How foolish do you have to be to think that context leads to justification?

      • Eldridge Cleaver on the historical context that justifies rape:

        “[W]hen I considered myself ready enough, I crossed the tracks and
        sought out white prey. I did this consciously, deliberately, willfully,
        methodically — though looking back I see that I was in a frantic, wild
        and completely abandoned frame of mind. Rape was an insurrectionary act.
        It delighted me that I was defying and

        trampling upon the white man’s law, upon his system of values, and
        that I was defiling his women…I felt I was getting revenge. From the
        site of the act of rape, consternation spread outwardly in concentric
        I wanted to send waves of consternation throughout the white race.”

        Eldridge Cleaver, 1968[2]

        • Then I feel quite comfortable giving the label of nignoramus to Mr. Eldridge “Beaver” Cleaver. I will have to research that beast to see if he died properly for his insurrection.

      • Context does not lead to justification. That’s not even what I’m saying, stop straw manning.

        My point is, crime and poverty and heavily correlated. And blacks are disproportionately poor in America. You would have to be remarkably stupid or willfully ignorant to not know the history of this country and why they most of them are currently in that situation.

        • That is because the same traits that lead one to be a violent offender are the same traits that lead one to be unable to hold a job, advance a career, or build a successful business. Correlation is not causation.

          • That’s the dumbest thing I’ve heard. There’s a historical reason why blacks are disproportionately poorer in the U.S. you’re being intentionally ignorant of that.

          • Yes, God made them with an average IQ of 65. Take it up with Him. Giving trillions of dollars to a low IQ beast will not make it a man.

          • Your response evinces your historical ignorance. You’re going to ignore centuries of mistreatment in America as if that doesn’t have an effect on future generations when it comes to generational wealth.

        • No that’s not true….. blacks have a higher crime rate, in some cases much higher, than any other racial/ethnic group……… when taking income into account.

          Nationally, average hispanic income is just a little higher than that of blacks; according to your narrative….. this would mean that hispanics must have a crime rate nearly as high as blacks. But this is not the case, hispanics have a much lower crime rate than blacks, but still 2 to 3 times the white average.

          Have a look at this link….

          • Blacks are disproportionately poorer. When you factor that in, that tends to cause an over representation on crime stats.

          • Yes and they have a much HIGHER crime rate than OTHER groups of people who are just as poor.

          • what a moronic statement. Pull up data that shows you crime in relation to specific income levels, then we’ll talk.

          • My previous comment on this thread, a comment that I posted in response to you……… contains a link to the data.

          • It attributes the phenomenon to family structure. So while the hispanic poverty rates are similar to blacks on average, they do not have as many single motherhood homes as blacks do.

            The single-parenthood rates are a result of policies that reward women and lower income groups for divorce and single-parenthood. Given blacks had a disproportionately low income at the time policies of no-fault divorce, child-tied welfare benefits, and child-tied spousal support were put into place, it makes sense these policies disproportionately impacted the black community, thus causing all the social malefactors related to it.

        • Because you’re poor you do crime…because you poor you don’t get a job…. Because you’re poor you have sexual emergency… Because you’re low iq, low impulse control , white guy made me do it…building stawmen one slave at a time.

          • There you go pulling a straw-man yourself. Go educate yourself on the historical context behind black poverty in America so you don’t sound stupid.

          • Make another excuse… Your poverty is on you today.., that and you’re of bastard seed.

            Building strawmen one feral at a time.

          • I’ve read so much historical truth, your hysterical rantings will not devide me from the facts

        • The link the poverty and crime has been discredited so thoroughly, you may as well be arguing for flat earth theory.

          • Hmmm are you sure about that? Because I’ve seen studies that prove exactly that.

            Unless of course you can point me in The direction of your own research.

          • It’s not poverty that causes Blacks to commit murder at 10x the rate that Whites do. It’s pretty comical that you’re able to convince yourself that it is.

          • Seeing as blacks are disproportionately poorer than whites, and there’s a strong correlation between crime and poverty, yes that’s exactly why.

            Telling me “it’s comical” that I’ve convinced myself that it is, is not an argument.

  • Vincent,

    I recently ran across some fake news that I thought that you might be interested in, here’s a quote from the article, “Funny enough, they have been in America the longest and they have integrated the least.”

    #1, I’m curious if the author of the quote has heard of the Bering Land Bridge. I also wonder if he has any idea when the Jamestown Settlement was established (1607) vs. when the first slaves arrived (1619)?

    #2, Do you think that he knows anything about America’s history of chattel slavery, peonage, vagrancy laws, convict leasing, or Jim Crow laws? By my measure, blacks didn’t get off to a proper start until 1964 at the earliest. If the shmuck that wrote the article had spent even a few minutes doing basic research or recalling his elementary school education he would know that us white folks got something in excess of a 300 year head start in the New World.

    I can’t help but thinking that only an ignoramous and complete amateur would base his entire argument on such a easily disproven foundation. He practically built the straw man that some opportunistic troll is going to destroy to make all of us in the alt-right look like idiots. Knowing how dogmatists are, I doubt that he’s the type that would allow something as trifling as facts to get in the way of his opinions.

    Free Agent

      • They have had 200 years without whitey in Haiti.

        The Russian Serfs have only had 130 years and the post Communist Homo Sovieticus has only had since 1990 to be really free. Nogs have thrived in terms of life expectancy around American whites even during slavery as well as calorific intake and birth rate. Oppressed people don’t have a high birth rate.

        That’s how you respond to that particular shibboleth.

    • But I thought nigs were the first humans. All those thousands of years in Africa and not even a wheel of basic written language. So, fuck you (((shylock))). We know who you are. Your time will come. Once again.

      • Valid point. The Out of Africa Theory says that we all are descendants of Africans so I guess black blood was the first on American shores whether it hailed from an intermediate stop in Hampton or Guyana. We all have a little black in us, even you and I.

          • There’s African blood flowing through your veins as well Vincent. I’ve noticed that you hate Jews – why? Have you ever met any, do your friends or family hate them as well?

          • The premise of your “article” was BS Vincent. If you want to substantively debate the points of your “article” I’d love to own your a$$, otherwise go crawl back under your rock so that I can finish making you look like a chump.

        • You do realize you’re referring to what may or may not have happened 5-7 million years ago and there was no such place called Africa. So, to say White people today have ‘Black African blood’ is a crude and inaccurate.

          OoA is still just a theory, other hypothesis are still in play; Multi-Region Hypothesis as well as recent genetic archaeological research suggests that hominids may well have traveled ‘into’ Africa and ‘before’ some hominids traveled back out.

          • Not only are all humans descended from black africans but caucasian waters are muddied even further with Neanderthal DNA. You, my friend, are not only a multi race but also multi species mulatto.

            P.S.: I suggest you read about the difference between a hypothesis and a theory in the scientific process. Your writing indicates that you don’t know the difference.

          • That you flaunt inconclusive, politically motivated, Anti-White Promotions on an AltRight website is Anti-White. At best you’re position is AltLite at worst you’re not Pro-White.

            That being said, Homo sapiens originated some 150,000 years ago and OaA, took place 60,000 years ago, even if conclusive which it isn’t. To call Homo sapiens “Black Africans” is unscientific and politically motivated. Your using 4rth grade Anti-White terminology and reasoning to explain are far more nuanced and complex subject, for instance using the terms ‘muddied’ and ‘mulatto’. You can’t be taken seriously.

            What you don’t understand is that OoA is still a theory. Generally agreed upon propositions are often not definitive as newer research disproves previous theories and as I stated, newer archaeological findings show what we’ve been told previously is not conclusive.

            You need to get up to speed…. Friendo.

            “Out of Africa” Theory Officially Debunked – Red Ice

            Scientists find 7.2-million-year-old pre-human remains in the Balkans

            Potential hominin affinities of Graecopithecus from the Late Miocene of Europe

            PLOS One | Published: May 22, 2017

            Messinian age and savannah environment of the possible hominin Graecopithecus from EuropePLOS One | Published: May 22, 2017

            7.2 million-Year-Old Pre-Human Fossil Suggests Mankind Arose in Europe NOT Africa

            New research reveals back-to-Africa gene flow from Eurasia to southern African populations

            Established story about how humans came from Africa may be wrong, claims controversial new study

            It’s not whether or not we have Neanderthal DNA, it’s also about whether we got it before the split or after the split. Also, Neanderthal, in proportion, has been instrumental in the success of White Europeans yet with a higher percentage has let to possible overly aggressive tribalism in Semites.

            New Neanderthal Mitochondrial Genome Suggests Earlier Encounter With Modern Human Lineage

            GenomeWeb | Jul 05, 2017

          • I haven’t heard anyone try and connect Neanderthal DNA with Jews before, is that a common alt-right belief or your own invention? IRT the articles that you posted, you’re cherry picking and in the case of the Red Ice TV link, using BS references. Scientific knowledge is determined by scientific consensus, and as I’m sure that you’re aware, the overwhelming consensus is in favour of Out of Africa. This is Research Methods 101.

            One more bit of Research Methods 101…”theory” and “hypothesis” have specific meanings that are not what you seem to think that they are.

          • It’s now completely obvious you have no idea what you’re talking about. To begin, you claim that “scientific research is determined by scientific consensus.” This statement makes absolutely no sense. A more sensible statement would be, it’s possible to reach a scientific consensus through rigorous scientific research. But, even if stated correctly, this doesn’t deter from the fact that a scientific consensus of today could be and are commonly replaced with a new scientific consensus tomorrow. Further, in the field of science today, ‘scientific consensus’ are often politically and ideologically driven, with funding and grant money going to to research that supports the Anti-White status quo, whilst funding for research that erodes the status quo go ignored and underfunded.

            I provided you with numerous, recent articles from a wide variety of sources. You claim I have a confirmation bias while failing to recognize that PLOS ONE is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal published by the Public Library of Science… Hardly a White Supremist website within my narrow, ideologically driven information sourcing. Then again, if you knew anything about published scientific research, you’d know what PLOS ONE is.

            You claim my research is old, yet all of the recent scientific discoveries have been made in the last few years, your Out of Africa theory is dated to 2007. I’m sure science hasn’t discovered anything in the last decade.

            You’re not AltRight or Pro-White. With your weakly defended position destroyed, you’ve been exposed as simply being Anti-White.

      • I couldn’t have said it better myself, Cap’n. Who ever penned that line about blacks being the first ones here needs to lay off of the peyote.

  • The liberal plan seems to be to promote mediocrity in every aspect of society to get rid of European civilization (and Europeans). Degeneracy, miscegenation, immigration etc. It appeals to losers in our race because it’s easy and it makes things simpler, it’s social laissez-faire, it’s letting go. The african is the poster child of that plan and losers will never disown them as they represent an easier, dumber future. Take mudsharks for example, always fat, always have low-self esteem and always have very little education. They’re emblematic of our peasantry, little people with no brain power or backbone. Make no mistake we do have subversive (((elements))) in our societies, but I’m convinced this would be the end result of democracy even without them. We need strong leadership with standards to get us back on track.

    • Yes, blacks would always be a burden and never an asset, but (((these elements))) instill them with deep hatred and envy to bite the hand that feeds it.

  • Managing Change ironically means understanding that almost nothing ever really changes at all.

  • The Jew Peter Novick had some interesting things to say about the chimp-jew alliance in the 60’s, which he could get away with only because he’s himself a chosenite.

    “”Most members of the generation of young white historians who wrote the history of blacks in the seventies had left-wing backgrounds or involvement in the civil rights movement. Insofar as they were disproportionately Jews, they were products of the years when Jews were, in O’Brien’s terms, brooders rather than gloaters.”

    “those who wrote of blacks as subjects, were overwhelmingly Jewish – Ira Berlin, Herbert Gutman, Lawrence Levine, Leon Litwack, George Rawrick…what is important for our purposes is the profound identification of all members of this latter group of historians, Jewish and gentile, with blacks.’ Though white, they prided themselves on ‘thinking black,’ of being the reverse of ‘oreos,’ — vanilla wafers with chocolate filling.”

    “The black historian Nell Painter, arguing that black and white historians had quite different sensibilities, acknowledged that ‘not all whites hold what I’m calling ‘white’ views; Lawrence Levine and Herbert Gutman, for instance, are able to think about history in what I’d call ‘black’ ways.'”

    The Jew historian Stanley Elkins came up with something called the “sambo theory,” which claimed that blacks were apparently stupid in the modern age, and docile during slavery, because evil goyim slave owners beat the sense out of them and infantilized them. The Jew Lucy Davidowicz thought this wasn’t subversive enough, so she came up with “magic negro agency” to explain how brilliant, courageous blacks stood up to slavery in the same way that brilliant, courageous Jews fought against the Holocaust.

    The groids turned on their masters, of course, but setting wild negroids loose in academia was ultimately doing exactly what the yids wanted.

    “Kenneth Stamp was told that militants that, as a white man, he had no right to write “The Peculiar Institution.” Herbert Gutman, presenting a paper to the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History, was shouted down. A white colleague who was present reported that Gutman was ‘shattered.’ Gutman pleaded to no avail that he was ‘extremely supportive of the black liberation movement–if people would just forget that I am white and hear what I am saying…it would lend support to the movement.'”

    “Among the most dramatic incidents of this sort was the treatment accorded Robert Starobin, a young leftist supporter of the Black Panthers, who delivered a paper on slavery at a Wayne State University conference in 1969, an incident which devastated Starobin at the time, and was rendered the more poignant by his suicide the following year.”

    You can see the obvious crypsis with this talk of “White allies” and “Whites who think black.” They don’t “think black,” they think of how to use blacks to shout and cause distractions while they rob the country from the back door.

  • The bigger question than the blacks themselves is why such a horrific race not only goes unpunished for its crimes, but is specifically treated like royalty and shoved in our faces as a seeming reward for its malfeasance. The answer, of course, is largely that Jews saw a potential weapon to offset the male, Anglo-Saxon power base they encountered when they arrived here after having sucked various Central and Eastern European countries dry. Same as with democratizing and then controlling women, they instantly outnumbered White men by manipulating the dreams of gullible and easily manipulated blacks and women.

    Case in point: Yesterday, the Baltimore Sun had an editorial from an absurd negrophile Heeb who pals around with uppity negroids like D. Watkins, who has made an entire career of “I was a crack dealer but now I’m a wise negro who writes 15 unintelligible Anti-White screeds per day and is given MacArthur genius grants of 650,000 dollars for it.”

    – Baltimore, squeegee boys and a robbery — in perspective –

    got robbed. I was driving home.

    My route includes the corner of Bloomingdale Road and N. Hilton Street. Squeegee boys hang out there.

    My windows were down. As I reached the stoplight, the boys approached, asking if I wanted a wash. One boy didn’t have a squeegee and was clearly upset about something. He kicked my bumper.

    He was maybe 14, his shirt wrapped around his head…

    The kid with the shirt on his head poked his face in my passenger window and demanded the half-eaten fries beside me. I didn’t want the fries, but I hesitated. His eyes danced wildly in a way I knew. Though poor white communities currently get the lion’s share of attention surrounding addiction, the drug epidemic in the black areas of Baltimore has raged for decades.

    I told the short kid the washing wasn’t necessary, but he insisted. While I was talking, the shirt-headed kid reached in, snatched my messenger bag from the seat and vanished.

    Four or five kids were standing around, but they just watched. “Go get him!” I yelled. They shrugged.

    I shifted into park.

    I didn’t know what to do.

    I couldn’t call the cops. I’ve seen what the Baltimore police and juvenile detention system can do to black boys.

    It was late June, and I was returning from a protest. Minutes earlier, I’d been alongside others demanding justice for those who bore the wrath of our Baltimore police…

    There was no vendetta. The conditions that bring a young man to perpetual desperation stretched into the distance, mocking my ego as it attempted to make his actions personal.

    Did it matter my stuff was taken? Not really. Everything was replaceable.

    These kids were worth more.

    Eventually, the kid who took my bag came back out, and began kicking my car. “Why don’t you get the F*** out of here?” he screamed.

    I eventually shifted into gear and rolled home.

    Angry though I was, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I was driving to an air-conditioned house, at almost 10 p.m. Where was he going? Once he came down from his high, who would be with him? I’d rolled with crowds like that, out on the street at night. Before bed, I posted the story on social media.

    My friend Devin Allen says it best: “Stop looking at the ghetto as something you want to have tucked away in the corner. I feel it’s a beautiful place. I want to show people how to love it. Once you love it, people will treat it better.”

    Benjamin Jancewicz is a Baltimore-based graphic artist.”

    I guess you have got to give the Jews credit on one thing: they are god damned disciplined in their endless determination to pretend to like blacks because it serves as a useful tool in destabilizing the goyim. A society which can’t even name the chimp in the room sure as shit won’t be naming and removing the nose in the room which controls it and shoves it in everyone’s faces, saying it’s great.

  • It’s funny when white people say stuff like, “Those BLM activists are bad, but blacks in general aren’t like that.” The question you feel compelled to ask these white people is, “where do you find those good blacks you’re talking about? Heroic TV characters with no correspondence in real life?” Fact is that there are few things more problematic to a civilized society than a black population. With a black minority, you get ghettos like in America. With a black majority, you get the typical broke and despotic African state. And if a special kind of black makes up the majority population – the Somali – you get Somalia, with its never-ending wars and piracy, with a people that don’t contribute anything at all to mankind.

    • “Those BLM activists are bad, but blacks in general aren’t like that”

      I think that both you and they are right. Nobody can deny the blunt facts that wherever there are big black population numbers that things are not generally good. When it comes to the “not all blacks are like that” it usually implies that they are not all criminals and that they are do not consist of just feral thug types.

    • Blacks are cool…I know this really based Black guy, he has a MAGA hat. Me and my really based Jew and based Mexican friends drink latte’s with him every Thursday.

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