Boomer Bannon Strikes Again

Steve Bannon recently gave a speech at some boomer summit which is generating a lot of fearsome headlines in the media:

“Steve Bannon is orchestrating a ‘bloody civil war’ in the GOP in 2018.”

“’This is Our War.’ Steve Bannon Tears Into GOP Agenda.” 

“Bannon promises ‘season of war’ against McConnell, GOP establishment.”

Yawn.  I wanted to get all excited and believe the headlines.  I wanted to believe that Bannon still was the populist-nationalist secret-champion-of-the-Alt-Right that the leftist press has made him out to be.  I couldn’t even muster the effort to get excited.  I knew what this speech would sound like before I even watched it.

And sure enough, I was right.

There was the old Bush-era puffed up righteous indignation about “criticizing the president while our troops are in harm’s way.”  Question:  when are our troops not in harm’s way?  When have they not been in harm’s way at any point in the last 16 years?

Since you’re so concerned about the troops, why not take them out of harm’s way instead of continuing to allow them to be bombed, killed and maimed for pointless wars launched by fat-cat neocons who have been out of power for almost a decade?

Oh, that’s right!  Without those boys getting bombed and maimed, fat old boomer insiders wouldn’t have something to huff and puff about when they want to play up the righteous indignation about defending the president.

Of course, there was the heroic defense of our “Judeo-Christian values.”  That got a big cheer.  Didn’t Orwell define doublethink as the ability “to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them”?

Right, Boomer Steve, let’s all defend our Judeo-Christian values!   While we’re at it, let’s not stop with the terrestrial realm.  Let’s also make sure we defend our Satanic-Holy values at the same time. Those Muslims will never defeat our shared civilizational commitment to Christ/the anti-Christ!

Then, of course, there was the obligatory line disavowing ethno-nationalism.


Boomer Steve should make a YouTube video where he says that line about race with tears streaming down his cheeks, like that poor gay girl who made that viral “Leave Britney Alone!” crying video of old.

We’re about economic nationalism, not racial nationalism!  Of course, that makes sense.  It’s way more logical to define yourself and your identity by arbitrary, temporary imaginary political lines drawn on a map, than tens of thousands of years of evolving shared blood and culture.

He then goes on to steal the Alt Right line that “you are not just an economic unit!”  Boomer Steve, didn’t you just say the only kind of legitimate nationalism is economic nationalism?  You literally just said we are nothing more than economic units.  That we should be proud of defending ourselves as the U.S.A. economic unit, especially against bad guy economic units like the Chinese economic unit.

You stupid, fat fool.

My favorite part is the way he worked in little folksy affectations in his speech.




Oh, wait.  That last one isn’t so folksy.  But in the mind of the eternal bourgeois boomer, grasping, greedy and jealous, ignoble and arrogant, that is the best kind of folksiness.  The kind that pretends to be all common sense and down to Earth, as it brags about its wealth and connections.

At the end he talked about moving our embassy back to Jerusalem.  That got one of the biggest cheers.  I legitimately wonder why?  Is it because these cucks feel such a wave of redemption flood over them as they confirm that they are not, in spite of all risqué talk about “nationalism,” actual anti-Semites?

Or is it because these psychopathic evangelical cultists are so looking forward to Armageddon that they are cheering the Jews coming back to Jerusalem so they can usher in the end of the world?  And to think, we millennials thought the college debt crisis worst thing the boomers left us with.  Boy, were we wrong!

Before Boomer Steve finished his faux-faux-faux populist diatribe, he managed to squeeze in another line about “You are gonna be the folks that save the Judeo-Christian West!”  Hail Money, Hail the Jews, Hail Armageddon!

What a disgusting, vile group of people.  But it’s all good.  This cynical opportunist would not be harping on these things if he wasn’t trying to ride the wave.  Let Boomer Steve have his Judeo-Christian capitalist insurgency.  We’re just going to be over here quietly building our movement.

And soon we’re going to sweep all these cucks aside like pencil shavings.


  • I’ve been banned from Breitbart comment section enough times for milk toast criticism of “our greatest ally” to know that everything to do with Breitbart is just a distraction and controlled opposition,

  • “When Austria’s far-right Freedom Party entered government in the year 2000, there was an international backlash and harsh warnings from the country’s closest allies. The European Union imposed several months of sanctions on Austria, and Israel recalled its ambassador in protest.

    At the time, European governments believed an openly xenophobic party that was founded in the 1950s by a former Nazi SS officer and embraced nationalist views needed to be collectively isolated and contained. But in the years since, Europe has radically changed how it sees the far right.

    The anti-immigrant and anti-Islam Freedom Party is once again about to be part of Austria’s ruling government, after placing second in the country’s elections on Sunday. Yet there are none of the same warnings from the EU today.

    “It indicates how Europe and the world have changed in their views of the inevitability of these parties and perhaps in the viability of their programs,” said Sheri Berman, a professor of politics at Barnard College. “It’s a concrete example of how big and influential these parties have become and how much they’ve succeeded in agenda-setting over the last 10 or 15 years.”The Freedom Party, or FPO, captured around 27 percent of the vote on Sunday in Austria’s election. It’s the party’s best result in nearly two decades, and makes it the favorite to join the traditionally center-right Austrian People’s Party in a coalition government.

    Much of the campaign centered around themes of immigration and Austrian identity. The country has experienced significant backlash against its decision at the height of the refugee crisis in 2015 to let in tens of thousands of asylum-seekers, whose numbers made up a little over 1 percent of its population.

    As in other European elections this year, the far right capitalized on growing concern over immigration and anti-refugee sentiment to rise in the polls and dominate the political narrative. The FPO also joined other far-right movements in trying to shed an anti-Semitic public image through outreach to Israel. This has been complicated by the fact that the party’s current leader, Heinz-Christian Strache, was once a neo-Nazi youth activist.

    Contributing to the FPO’s success was that the far right has long had a presence in Austrian politics. The country also has less of a social taboo against such parties than does neighboring Germany, which had rejected far-right parties since World War II until recently.

    The FPO grew in prominence throughout the 1990s under its outspoken former leader Jorg Haider and was part of a coalition government between 2000 and 2005. Although support for the party dropped off after that stint in power resulted in scandals and internal rifts, the party remained a presence at the local and regional level.

    “Over time this kind of absorption of this party into regular political dynamics has made it able to mainstream itself and mainstream its own views,” Berman said.

    In the recent election campaign, not only did the FPO increase in popularity as it railed against immigration and the so-called “Islamization” of Austria, but other parties also changed their own policies in attempts to appease far-right sentiment. The conservative Austrian People’s Party and its 31-year-old leader Sebastian Kurz visibly shifted their platform right for the election, a tactic common among established conservative parties feeling pressure from insurgent populist movements.

    During elections this year in the Netherlands, France and Germany, mainstream conservative parties all tried and failed to win back votes from the far right by adopting some of their policies and rhetoric. Meanwhile, established parties on the left have suffered defeats as they failed to offer convincing alternatives to the status quo.

    In Austria, Kurz’s campaign promises that he would take a hard line on immigration and limit the role of Islam mimicked FPO rhetoric to the point that the far-right party complained he was copying their platform. He vowed to put restrictions on what he called the “parallel community” of Muslims living in Austria and clamp down on refugee routes. Kurz’s party ended up winning the election, and he is set to become the world’s youngest leader as soon as he decides on a coalition partner.If the Austrian People’s Party and FPO form a coalition, it would likely push the country closer to nationalist governments as have the Law and Justice party in Poland or Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party in Hungary, both of which have prompted condemnations from the EU for their illiberal polices and anti-refugee stances.

    The EU has struggled to find ways to pressure these central European nations to fall in line with the bloc’s policymakers in Brussels, as threats of sanctions or even removing of voting rights have failed to coerce them to change their tack. Instead, many of these leaders have enjoyed casting themselves as valiant defenders of the national interest against a meddlesome EU.

    At the national level, experts say establishment parties are still confused about how to address the growth of the far right and its presence in a number of governments and parliaments across Europe. One answer, which appears to be the likely outcome in Austria’s election, has been integrating these parties into government or incorporating their ideas ― but the long-term effects of that inclusion is uncertain.

    “We’re not 100 percent clear as to what the integration of these parties means. Does it mean somewhat stricter limits on immigrants, somewhat more careful consideration of the benefits given to them?” said Berman.

    “Or does it mean a fundamental retreat into xenophobia and a much more exclusive view of what being part of the national community really means?”

  • He was never one of you and I am getting tired of this seemingly official policy of blaming boomers for everything.Every generation has different pressures placed on them and react to the times. Are you aware one policy of the 60s was to push drugs on the teenagers and make it cool? Until you quit believing Jew lies in the media you are going to be a product of whatever their agenda is at that formative stage. But go ahead and act out and add us to your growing list of scapegoats that blames everyone but yourselves Di your handlers tell you to push that crap?

  • Breitbart is a huge vehicle and cul de sac for right wing thought that we need to destroy.

    Breitbart comment activity is off the charts, articles get over 20K comments.

    National Review was obliterated by us during the 2016 Primaries. In response, NRO shut down Disqus comments, switched to Faceberg comments, and activity at NRO plummeted. We need to actively comment at Breitbart so Bannon and and the other editors make the decision to shut down Disqus comments and switch to Faceberg comments. This will kill Breitbart’s traffic and reputation online amongst the American right and redirect commenters away from Bannon’s Boomer Cuck dead end.

    • Breitbart isn’t alt right. We all know that. But unlike National Review, Breitbart is against illegal immigration. There are far better targets for our wrath. I dream of the day when our only opponent is Breitbart.

  • Yeah I went to church a few weeks ago and it was all about the ancient Israelites. The hooks run deep in the Boomer generation.

  • Hmm…interesting…Aside from the stupid-ass and obligatory “judeo/christian” comment, we at the DailyStormer think he did just fine.

  • apologize, guys, I’m french and use google translate to put my comment here :
    I stille like Bannon, but I had here the rare pleasure, reading this article, of seeing EVERYTHING I felt when I saw Bannon’s video in front of the Value Voters Summit.
    Notably the disgusting moment about Jerusalem. OK, I too am for Jerusalem (outside Christian holy places) as the capital of Israel, but that this law passage is the most applauded shows how much carpetitude are reduced these fundamentalist Protestants. It was literally obscene.

    • I totally agree wich those talk about tea party 2.0 Disgusting. I don’t know what exactly is this “voter value summit”, but what amaze me was than the most interesting speech was not bannon, not gorak but…ingraham. (maybe her extended arm last year was intentionnal :v )

  • 2024, it’s our show. 2018-2020 is the Boomers’ last go at anything, and luckily Bannon is at least in the ballpark for us. I don’t really believe Trump understands Bannon’s positions more than Bannon, and we understand the real necessary positions more than either of them. It’s common for Boomers to still not even understand how to work e-mail. We’re just the inevitable New Wave and, ironically, because Trump won, this may have set us back, in terms of getting ‘our guys’ in office. Look at Austria’s political “whizz-kid” Sebastian Kurz. He probably won mostly because the public was fed up and the spectacle of a 30-something far-right winning was cathartic. With Trump and Bannon here, the public, especially most of the Boomers who voted him in, have hope. Otherwise, we’ll have to run insurgent candidates against both the GOP and the Trump/Bannon coalition, when we are at least getting some kind of agenda representation than none. I don’t blame you for blaming Boomers or Bannon though, and it’s definitely good to acknowledge the reality of their ineptitude so we can prepare. Maybe the way to go is for Alt-Right candidates to stealth into Bannon/Mercer good graces to expedite our elections now. “I don’t see color, I only see economic nationalism, derp derp derp, let me help you set up your e-mail grandpa.” Etc…

  • I have no doubt in my mind that Bannon speaks for the Jewish mindset. It’s been said that he is pushing for entry into Iran and now Trump is also pushing for Iranian intervention. This is extremely bad !! Bannon works for Breitbart, which shills for the Jew every chance it gets; and it simply is untrustworthy.

    If the Iranians fall to the Jews. Then all hell will break loose, for the Iranians simply cannot allow themselves to live under Jewish rule.

      • Started by *a* Jew wasn’t it? A pretty damn good one in fact, then BB fell into the hands of the tribe after they wacked him.

        But BB’s a lot more pro-White under Bannon than it ever was under Shapiro.

      • Andrew Breitbart was adopted into the tribe, but he was not racially Jewish. To many Orthodox Jews he could never be considered Jewish because to them you can only be Jewish if your mother was a Jew. His adoptive mother wasn’t born into it either. She converted after marrying his adoptive father.

  • That’s basically what I took away from watching Bannon act since 2016 too. He’s a shit-stirrer, an old selfish obese liberal jingo on the verge of a heart attack yearning to bring the whole world down with him. He’s a weaponized boomer like Stephen Paddock.

  • It’s possible Bannon actually is a nationalist in its proper sense, as he’s specifically going after the anti-populist, cuckservative wing of the GOP. He of course has to say certain things (muh race blindness, muh Jerusalem) to give himself plausible deniability, but his actions point to him being more redpilled than the stuff he says. I’m not saying he’s not a shill, I’m just saying that if I were in his position I’d probably be doing something similar: publicly speaking on behalf of civnat while acting in favor of nationalism.

  • Bannon left the white house complaining there was not enough action against Iran going on.

    His israeli outfit Breitbart and Trump is performing a vital function for Likud jews. The strategy for jewry is coopt, mold and or split, burn out, trash “nationalism” for their ends. They are building up kosher civic nationalists everywhere.
    And their ends are:
    – inducing sympathy for Israel and jews into Whites by highlighting islamist threat, terror. See gatestone institute, Trump, Wiilders, politically incorrect blog in german, posobiec etc. run by jewry and John Bolton.

    – herd angry Whites into civic/economic nationalism, combat ethnic and race loyal ideas by this. They’re snuffing out all ethnic and race loyal outlets on the net, Breitbart and civ nat left standing. All kosher civ nat parties combat “antisemitism” and “racism”, ally with Israel.

    – could be goal: after redefining and molding nationalism into jewry’s demands, they might also do away with it. Maybe they will waste Trump for their Iran war and then Whites voting for Trump will be the “stupid warmongers” again, just like with Bush.

    – they could use issues like Iran and philosemtism to deform, split and make nationalists insight over these. Then they may throw it into the trash after humiliating them in a war for Israel again.

    Should be clear: The jews do not invest into nationalism without strategic reasons. They want to use it. They have the money. FPÖ, Wiilders, Sweden Dems etc. all ally with Israel and traveled there to speak with the rabbis. They all push the “jews are on the forefront of our fight against Islam” lines. It’s easy. Whites will be pushed to ally with them and in the process they will be used to fight some more for Israel.

    Why? Because the base of the left parties like Corbyn and Dems in USA goes more and more antiwhite coupled with anti-israel, pro-palestinian. The base of these parties more and more see Israel as a “white colonialist” project and side with palestinians. So why not whip up Whites once again, by giving them a few big words about walls, islam, beaners and make them ally and fight for Israel some more? They can snuff out real ethnic and racial ideas by pushing Whites into kosher civ nat philosemitism. That’s why we have all these israeli sponsored “right wing” outlets, parties etc.

    • Exactly right

      They will also try and control / shape / influence our movement, even as they prune the nodes they can from the net.

      Controlling both kosher nationalism and the opposition to kosher nationalism

      • That is why jews like Dershovitz work with Cernovich and feed him infos, so he can build up his brand and catch Whites into worshipping jews, same as Posobiec. This german politically incorrect blog is very popular:
        They are financed from jewish money. Push hard against Islam and for Israel
        This formula is applied everywhere. From FPÖ to Wiilders, to Trump. It is their big strategy and I wish MacDonald and associates would discuss this more.

        • Yes, it’s all out in the open, we need to be thinking about this a lot more

          And stop fooling ourselves about the relationship of racial nationalism and kosher nationalism (as some on other Alt-Right websites have been known to do)

          • We need to at least all realise it is their game. It may well be that hugging them could be a good strategy (as with Trump, I was not a fan of this, but do not think it was unreasonable either) to win as many Whites as possible from their well-financed platforms. But we should expect them to lash out against us anytime, if they think it’s time, also Trump. It’s not easy to agree on a strategy, but they’re built to combat us, that much should be clear.

        • Yeah, it’s as if there’s a rule that their goy golems have to look like cartoons.

          But we’re so far behind due to Judeo-Christianity that we still have to use Judaized people like Bannon/Milo to push the Left to hysterics. There’s space for “It’s THE JEWS!” mixed in with all the rest of it wherever possible. Keeps them busy and drains their time and resources in the background, if nothing else. Amazing how far a little money and fame for a charlatan like Scofield and his Bible went…

  • Bannon is a conservative Catholic. His speech generally reflects that. I would not have expected him to advocate anything more radical than civic nationalism.

    What I found curious was his repeated misuse of the word corporatist. He used the word corporatist as a smear-word, the way Marxists use it, apparently meaning the same as plutocratic, and as a way to avoid saying Jewish.

    As a conservative Catholic, Bannon ought to know the proper meaning of corporatism, because it was advocated by Pope Leo XIII. Corporatism is a system that is supposed to prevent any particular set of interests from dominating a national economy. It is an expression of economic populism. There is even a fine article on Wikipedia that explains this, if it hasn’t yet been vandalized by editors.

    Marxists have inverted the meanings of words like corporatism that represent alternatives to Leninism in order, I believe, to remove those concepts from public discourse. As a conservative Catholic, Bannon should know better.

    • He’s not anti-globalist in a meaningful sense, he wants to maintain and expand the American empire

      It’s too bad journalists aren’t willing to do anything but point and shriek, I would love to see someone try to pin Bannon down on these terms that he’s throwing around

      Nationalism: bog standard conservatism + rejiggering the economy so that the mixed American masses make enough money not to fight each other?

      Anti-globalism: Making the American empire profitable again?

      Bizarre and he’ll probably get away with it

      • “American empire”? What manner of code-language is this?

        You mean the Jews and their Zionist wars that are destructive to American interests?

        • The American empire is far broader than just the Zionist wars. It does echo though.

          The reasons that we’ve still got military bases in the Korea peninsula may well echo, but it’s more of diaspora than Zionist echo.

          Recall an earlier episode of Alt-Right Politics where they discussed a Bannon quote:

          “We have to reassert ourselves as the real Asian power: economically,
          militarily, culturally, politically,” he told the New York Times.”

          (((America))) as the predominant cultural power in Asia; that’s globalism.

          We should hope that Bannon’s thinking is not identical to Trump’s.

          • Bannon declares himself for “economic nationalism.” The sine qua non of this is guarding the jobs of American workers. That is a meaningful sense of anti-globalism.

            Of course Bannon is not as thoroughly nationalist as one would like. If he thought and talked like William Pierce he could not have worked for Breitbart and he would have much less funding. Bannon nonetheless represents an improvement compared to the likes of Mitch McConnell, whom he is determined to unseat.

          • The American Empire is an old and commonly used term in anti-interventionist circles. It never occurred to me that it would be confusing.

            Continuing our existing relationship with China but “getting a better deal” for American workers is not inherently “anti-globalist”.

            “Globalization (or globalisation; see spelling differences)
            is the increasing interaction of people through the growth of the
            international flow of money, ideas and culture. Globalization is
            primarily an economic process of integration which has social and
            cultural aspects as well. ”

            Getting a better deal for the middle class out of trade with China might be positive, it might not, but it if it is simply a matter of adjusting the current arrangement to create different winners and losers…. then it is not “anti-globalist”.

            I appreciate the recent critique of Bannon that the Alt-Right politics crew has offered. It is far better to try and analyze him, try to really understand who he is and what he wants, rather than just to just assume he’s /ourguy/ like some on the Alt-Right have been doing.

    • An AltRight critique of corporatism would be a good thing. Corporations have become in many cases Jewish golem. A case in point, the Jews recently tried to take over Proctor & Gamble and were defeated by the thinnest of margins.

    • Catholics are just Jews wearing different costumes. They have literally been infiltrating the clergy at a continuous pace since the beginning.

  • I am going with the “no enemies on the right” (even if its the mushy Breitbart type) philosophy here. He may not be seen as some kind of alt right leader, but he makes our worst enemies angry, which is more than enough for me to say that he should not to seen as an enemy.

  • Richard has this weird hatred for Bannon. I’m not sure why. Might be because he wants him to be who the media claims he is. Or, perhaps, Richard is simply jealous Bannon and half-cucked conservatism are accomplishing the things he would like to accomplish.

    • Even if you read Trump as /ourguy/ in some way, Bannon kind of looks like a cynical opportunist who has latched onto Trump and is using him to promote Tea Party 2.0 bullshit.

      He won’t even talk about civic nationalism, he only talks economic nationalism, whatever that means.

      He is in no way willing to talk about or do the stuff that would preserve the US as a majority white nation.

      His plan is to make lots of money, turn the corn syrup cornucopia back on and win the brown vote through that “we’ll get 60 percent of the white vote, and 40 percent of the black and Hispanic vote and we’ll govern for 50 years.”

      He never talks about preserving the historic American nation, nor does he plan to do so.

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  • Weird article.
    Purging GOP out of neocons is all that matters right now, because they are the ones backstabbing Trump and sabotaging Trump agenda 24/7

    • Bannon is openly acknowledging that his “Nationalism” is just the tea party 2.0.

      He doesn’t even do many decent civic nationalist talking points anymore.

      Remember what happened with the first Tea Party? Many of the candidates they elected turned out to be horrible RINOs, like the ones they are trying to replace.

      He’s not going to be electing nationalists, he’s just going to be electing another crop of Republicans who talk about money instead of real issues.

  • Jewish Fascists! The Truth about Fascism in Italy

    More than 10.000 Jews were Members of the Italian Fascist Party:

    (Link to the book “A History of Fascism”, at page 240, by American historian Stanley Payne)

    Wow, 10.215 Jews in the Fascist Party of Italy. How many Jews did the “Fascist” Hitler had in his party? ZERO!

    A strong supporter of Fascism was the Jewish Banker Ettore Ovazza who was later executed by the Nazis:

    “Ettore Ovazza was an Italian Fascist Jewish banker. Believing that his privileged position would be restored after the war, Ovazza stayed on after the Germans marched into Italy. Together with his wife and children, he was killed near the Swiss border by SS troops in 1943, shortly after the collapse of Mussolini’s government during World War II”

    Understand this: A Fascist Jew got shot to Death by Nazis, because he was a Jew. Even that he was a Fascist himself didn’t matter.

    Also Ovazza founded in 1935 the Jewish Fascist paper “La Nostra Bandiera” (“Our Flag”) in an effort to show that the Jews were among the fascist regime’s most loyal followers. (Peter Egill Brownfeld, Fall 2003, “The Italian Holocaust: The Story of an Assimilated Jewish Community”, The American Council for Judaism, Retrieved 23 March 2011)

    Jewish Media admits that Fascism supported JEWS:

    “When Mussolini came into power, he at once realized the great asset the Jews constituted in the realms of culture, finance and politics and he exerted every effort not to antagonize the Jews. In the course of the interview between Mussolini and the Chief Rabbi of Rome, Professor Sacherdatti, which took place at that time, Mussolini declared, “Fascism has to contend with too many problems to desire to create more. For us Fascists there can be no antagonism to Jews.”

    Of course the friendly attitude of the government to the Jews is due to some extent to the fact that a number of leading Jewish figures are close to Mussolini as his adherents and advisers. Among these must be mentioned especially a woman named Sarfatti, who founded the Fascist periodical “Jerarchia”; Olivetti, the president of the Society of Italian Industrialists, and Prof. Arcas, the economic theoretician and adviser of the Fascist government.

    There has been no such thing as official anti-Semitism in Italy.”

    Mussolini had a Jewish Mistress who helped him crafting Fascism:

    Israeli Media admits the Jewish Role in Fascism:

    Anti-Semitism and Fascism – Jews in Fascist Italy under Mussolini:

    “Under Hitler’s prodding, Mussolini did eventually put antisemitism on his agenda and did in 1938 pass generally unpopular antisemitic laws but it was no part of his own original program. He had never expressed any antisemitism prior to his alliance with Hitler. In fact, Italian Jews had been prominent as leaders in some of the early Fasci di combattimento (Fascist bands) and the antisemitic laws were largely ignored by Italians — so much so that one of the safest places in Europe for Jews to be during the second world war was undoubtedly Fascist Italy. Jews were in fact routinely protected by both Fascist and non-Fascist Italians (including the clergy) and many Jews to this day have grateful memories of wartime Italy. At a time when Jews had very few friends anywhere in the world, they had friends in Fascist Italy (Steinberg, 1990; Herzer, 1989). Contrast this with the way in which Eastern Europeans and even the French actively co-operated with Hitler’s round-up of Jews. It should also be noted that, unlike Hitler, Mussolini did not set up any concentration camps for the Jews.”

    It is clear that anti-Semitism was not a defining feature of Fascism. It was more a defining feature of Northern European culture. Both Mussolini in Italy and Mosley in Britain were Fascist leaders but neither was initially anti-Semitic. It is true that Mussolini was eventually pushed into largely unenforced antisemitic decrees by Hitler and it is true that Mosley was eventually pushed into doubts about Jews because of attacks on his meetings by Jewish Communists (Skidelsky, 1975 Ch. 20) but in the early 1930s Mosley actually expelled from his party Fascist speakers who made anti-Semitic remarks and one of the few places in Europe during the second world war where Jews were largely protected from persecution was in fact Fascist Italy (Herzer, 1989; Steinberg, 1990). Many Jews to this day owe their lives to Fascist Italians.

    Mussolini considered Italian Jews to be Italians. Mussolini’s antisemitic remarks in the late 1910s and early 1920s were more suited to the moment rather than a sincere belief in them. Mussolini blamed the Russian Revolution of 1917 on “Jewish vengeance” against Christianity with the remark “Race does not betray race… Bolshevism is being defended by the international plutocracy. That is the real truth.” Yet within a few weeks he did a u-turn with the remark “Bolshevism is not, as people believe, a Jewish phenomenon. The truth is that Bolshevism is leading to the utter ruin of the Jews of Eastern Europe.” (Joshua D. Zimmerman, 27 June 2005, Jews in Italy Under Fascist and Nazi Rule, 1922-1945. Cambridge University Press. p. 62)

    In the early 1920s, Mussolini stated that Fascism would never raise a “Jewish Question” and in an article he wrote he stated “Italy knows no antisemitism and we believe that it will never know it.” and then elaborated “let us hope that Italian Jews will continue to be sensible enough so as not to give rise to antisemitism in the only country where it has never existed.” (Zimmerman, p.62)

    In 1932, Mussolini during a conversation with Emil Ludwig described antisemitism as a “German vice” and stated that “There was ‘no Jewish Question’ in Italy and could not be one in a country with a healthy system of government.” (Christopher Hibbert, Benito Mussolini (1975), p. 99)

    On several occasions, Mussolini spoke positively about Jews and the Zionist movement. Until 1938 Mussolini had denied any antisemitism within the Fascist Party (Zimmerman, p.160).

    Though Italian Fascism varied its official positions on race from the 1920s to 1934, ideologically Italian fascism did not originally discriminate against the Italian-Jewish community: Mussolini recognised that a small contingent had lived there “since the days of the Kings of Rome” and should “remain undisturbed”. (Hollander, Ethan J (1997), Italian Fascism and the Jews, University of California)

    After the introduction of the unpopular race laws in Fascist Italy, many high government officials told Jewish representatives that the antisemitism in Fascist Italy would soon be over (Zimmerman, p. 160). Antisemitism was unpopular within the Fascist party; once when a Fascist scholar protested to Mussolini about the treatment of his Jewish friends, Mussolini is reported to have said “I agree with you entirely. I don’t believe a bit in the stupid anti-Semitic theory. I am carrying out my policy entirely for political reasons.” (Hibbert, p. 110).

    Adolf Hitler felt disappointed with Mussolini’s lack of antisemitism (Hibbert, p. 87).

    Mussolini and the Italian Army in occupied regions openly opposed German efforts to deport Italian Jews to Nazi concentration camps. Italy’s refusal to comply with German demands of Jewish persecution influenced other countries (Kroener, Muller, Umbreit, p. 273).

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