Antifa Is Just A Tool To Discredit Any Radical Ideology

Special thanks to Alexander Zusammenbau for his collaboration on this piece



As many people may know, coming up this November 4th, our favorite anarchists are planning on kicking off the civil war against the evil Empire of dirty racist bigot homophobic islamophobe Donald Drumpf!

Now for all of us whose favorite pastime isn’t huffing paint or worse, you probably know this is likely to only turn more people against ANTIFA and many lulz will be had at their retarded action.

So that’s fine.

The problem though is that I believe this left-wing sperg-out may have serious implications and unforeseen consequences.

As it stands, in less than 40 years (much less in some countries) there will be no western nation which is majority White. Arguments can be made that the Eastern European countries could be the only majority white nations left soon and that there is where we will make our stand. However, if we are honest with ourselves, it seems that the Liberal mind virus is spreading East and that the Soviet dinosaur boomers in charge there are too retarded to do anything but dip into the public trough, send their kids to study abroad and get infected, and bleat feebly about how they’re not the Nazis that the libshit media portrays them as.

With this rather disturbing status quo, it is evident that if there are no radical changes in policy the West and then the rest of the White world will be lost. Now you may be wondering, why would the left want a civil war? Why would they risk everything when victory is assured even if they do nothing?

The answer I believe is they do not expect to kick off an actual war.

Civil war or balkanization of America would never happen in our late stage of consumerism. So why are they acting like they want to take the debate to the streets?

The only answer I believe that makes sense, (assuming this is not just another case of the low IQ cattle rampaging out of control of their paymasters) is that the grand plan is to create a backlash against radical views on either side. If the average everyday man is watching television and seeing what the media portrays to be crazy people running around and burning things, what becomes distasteful is not the group burning the trashcans, but the thought of radical action altogether- if framed correctly. The most prevalent topic around the water cooler at work quickly becomes:

Have you seen those crazy radicals, they are so stupid, I happen to be a moderate, why can’t they become an enlightened do-nothing radical centrist pudgy dough-boy like me?


Getting high off their own supply of “moderatism” is something appeals to the Homer Simpsons of America who don’t know anything, but want to take the moral high ground without any substantial knowledge of anything or going through the effort of researching anything.

The moderate stands for comfort and wishes to stamp out anything that is anti-comfort.

The average person has a debilitating fear of being labeled a social pariah for committing thought crime, and so the only purpose the Antifa goons have is to stoke that fear.  The moderate has no problem adding the labels  ‘communist’ and ‘anarchist’ to their internal compendium of no-no ideology right next to ‘racist’ and ‘white supremacist’.

Whether one is Left wing or a moderate, both ideologies will result in the same outcome.

White countries will turn brown and humanity’s destiny of colonizing the stars will be denied if only because of destructive anti-White interia at this point. And the brown inhabitants of the world are doomed to spend eternity attempting to force East Asians to give them their free stuff instead.

It is very easy to feel hatred for the boomers and other generations which get lumped in with them, but the fact of the matter is that these are the people whom we claim we are fighting for. They never had the choice to vote if the country should remain majority white or not, the decision was made by their representatives. Not following politics carefully is not a crime, nor is it even a problem. The problem is that for many boomers, the persisting “intellectual” view is that the country is on fire and we need to put out the fire, unify and return to the status quo.

Meanwhile, I personally know many people in our movement who believe that chaos in any form helps us, so I will take a moment to address their concerns. As I have said in this article many times, the status quo is currently no different from the most despicable left-wing policy that could be implemented when we look at the final outcome. I agree that something must be done, and I am not sure what the way forward is, but the idea that civil war is just one trash fire away is a fever dream. It doesn’t take into account that desire for normalcy at any costs among a significant swath of the population.

Going forward then, what can we do?

Though I am not too familiar with his work, in the many videos of his available on YouTube, William Luther Pierce made a point which I would like to bring up.  He believed that the first step was establishing communication on the subject; whether this means sharing on social media easy redpills on race or the science behind the differences of sub-species, or just talking to your father about the browning of America over a morning cup of covfefe.

I agree with him, and even though the civil war seems emminent, we are still not ready for it. So let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Let’s start seriously recruiting now, first and foremost.

We are currently in a position where we must grow our numbers; and we have a golden opportunity to do so. Most people have a very hard time believing the insane Leftist dogma but are too scared to speak or even really think about it and are left without the right words to articulate their disquiet.

That’s where we come in. Have you red-pilled your family? Your friends? Your girlfriend?

Or are you too afraid, still, of being labeled a Nazi? Have you really tried to bring people into the fold, or have you caved and turtled up? Do you really still thinking hiding your power level is some sort of higher art to be mastered?

Time to start talking. Seriously, we have a golden opportunity. With so much doubt, fear and confusion, only you can provide answers when no one else can. Don’t let them wallow in their enlightened centrist bullshit ideology.

Get to work.

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  • The advent of the internet has aided in destroying the Zionist façade, and put a near end to ‘Manufactured Consent’

    The Alt Right – is the Counter Revolution, for the New European Struggle.

    The Alt Right – is a white/European, movement that has dominated the political discourse of both parties by pushing the Overton window farther to the right, which in turn forced the old guard Republicans further to the right, and the Democrats further to the left.

    The Alt Right – is identity politics at its finest; provocative, outrageous, subtle, thought-provoking, humorous & energetic.

    The Alt Right – is nearly a religious experience, effectively winning the hearts & minds of white/Europeans far and wide, Trump is filling football stadiums with ‘Alt Righters’ soon we will have the power to shape the 21st century in ways consistent with the common interests of our people, white/European people.

    The Alt Right – works, because it’s not ‘just’ about changing the Government, it’s about changing ourselves.

    The Alt Right – is fighting for our lives, livelihoods, and way of life; (((Globalism))) can only be countered with White Nationalism.

    The Alt Right – has been waging our ‘War’ on the (((Establishment))) by way of the internet, we have been ignored, ridiculed, attacked on all fronts yet we persevere; when Presidents & statesmen alike acknowledge our memes, lament our effect & popularity in shaping both public opinion & discourse, we know we are doing something right.

    If we stay on course, we will propel the candidates of our choosing into office.

  • My largest issue hasn’t been convincing boomer relatives: they already agree with me. The biggest issue I have is one I think shared by many other people here – it’s getting them to CARE.

    What do racial questions matter to the boomer, if the boomer is happy in his all white neighborhood he seldom leaves?

    However, they all voted for Trump, and if a Richard Spencer-esque fellow (or even Spencer himself) ran for office, I doubt I’d have a hard time convincing them to ignore the ‘dass racisss’ media barrage and vote for him. So at least there’s that.

  • My mother who is a christian boomer has sympathy with the alt-rights cause, and has even donated to a few of our various organizations. All it took was asking her stance on things like illegal immigration, showing her the stats on how white people won’t exist soon, and videos of various government officials saying that this is a “good thing.” How islam ,is spreading into all the christian countries, and places like britain, where she lived in the 70s, arresting people for exposing the rapefugee epidemic. Now she’s caught up to TGSNT, and Hitler did nothing wrong.

    • Alt-righters need to be seen in public carrying american flags, and even if you don’t mean it, there needs to be christian elements involved. There’s only one thing more powerful to the normies than persecution of jews, and that’s persecution of christians. Christianity has a strong case against immigration into the west, but the (((popes))) of this world aren’t going to lead it.

  • IRL, I like to touch on the JQ whenever possible, and specifically, point to anti-White rhetoric that might otherwise go unnoticed. Given Jewish control over media and academia, I can nearly always tie anti-White messaging back to the Jew.

    I also make clear Whites built this country, and our values are White, through and through.

    Drop some red pills, let people think it over, come to their own conclusions. That’s the way I was red-pilled. People nearly always come around, the facts are on our side.

    The big one is the JQ, it’s central to everything. I never get called a Nazi IRL, only online, and I think it best to ‘own’ it, don’t cuck on the NSDAP.

    • It should be the (((jew))) and the [[[traitor]]], thought.

      If all jews dropped dead tomorrow, the System would receive a major blow but it wouldn´t be taken out, you would still have mass immigration and you would still have cucks, traitors defending it.

    • I think race realism/ the true intentions of America is the easiest redpill for a normie to swallow. The JQ is very difficult, and requires a more nuanced argument, rather than race realism which can be summed up to, “Explain to me why you think natural laws do not apply to humans.”

      Once they begin to see the light of truth, they will continue down the rabbit hole on their own accord. Less risk and higher chance of success from what I’ve seen. You don’t want the message to become seen as who you are, “Oh that Phil, he never stops ranting about jews, we just ignore it and let him talk for a while before he finally shuts up.”

      You need to be self aware, and not let the message consume you. If the topic comes up, which it will if you are talking to this person regularly, you can make some common sense points about equality and race realism. Don’t allow yourself to be ignored by explaining quantum theory to a guy who never took basic chemistry.

  • I suspect I am not alone in this, but red-pilling people around me has gone NOWHERE. People above a certain age (~30-35 years old) are beyond reach, ESPECIALLY if they have some tiny sliver of financial and material comfort and enjoy sportsball, wine and Netflix/Hollywood.
    These people will never get it. Never. A black gang could be raping them and their daughters and they would still NAXALT it and likely even insist that the cause is systemic racism or something.

    • Yes, some people get to a certain comfortable time in their lives and don’t like to think they might have been lied to for so long.

  • Does communism have a future? But then, it was never communism per se but Marxism or Marxism-Leninism. Ultimately, Maoism was too anti-intellectual to win and keep many converts. It was more about hysteria(and in that sense, PC may have more to do with Maoist strain than Marxism or Leninism or Trotskyitism that were more intellectual, cerebral, and even bourgeois in style).

    If it wasn’t for Marxism/Leninism, would communism have appealed to so many people? After all, communism predated Marxism. And yet, it was the Marxist take on communism that really changed the world. Similarly, psychology and psychiatry predated Freud, but it was Freudianism that really created a Movement or a cult(as some denigrated it). And it was this strain of Freudianism that had a huge impact on arts and entertainment, from high art to low mass culture. And among libertarianism, it was Rand’s particular take on capitalism and individualism that won so many adherents.

    In all these intellectual phenomenon, we see several factors. We see the appeal of something big, epic, and/or universal. World Revolution, Discovery of the Mind, and Human Freedom. Another appeal is the unification of seemingly disparate ideas. Marx explained how economic forces aren’t just an element of society but THE underlying factor in EVERYTHING. So, religion, arts, culture, history, and etc are all manifestations of economic struggle. Freud explained that the mind isn’t independent of body and base drives but always shaped by animal drives like sexuality though these energies become repressed and often turn into complexes. And Rand argued that every progress in human history was linked to individual liberty and heroism. The best way to do good is not to be ‘good’ but to be great as individual. For example, if a man has the genius to invent fire, should he do that or should he take care of the poor? Helping the poor might do some good, but he will not invent fire that can change mankind. Would it have been better for Newton or Einstein to feed the poor than follow their passion in science? (Granted, most people aren’t great and their idea of liberty is more video games or fooling around.)

    Another great appeal of such movements was the cult of personality. It’s part of human nature to want a human face on something. Development of religion owed to humans personifying the world around them. So, maybe a manlike god created thunder. Maybe manlike god controlled the seas. It’s like Greeks had bunch of gods. And in war narratives, we wanna focus on big personalities. Even though victory in war relies much on soldiers and the entire chain of command — and industry providing armaments and logistics — , we’d rather focus on personalities like Patton, MacArthur, Rommel, General Lee, General Grant, Napoleon, and etc. Same thing goes for ideas. Basic ideas of communism existed before Marx. But Marx became the human face of the movement. He came to be admired as its Moses, its law-giver, its great prophet.
    Likewise, Freud became the center of adulation. The ideas weren’t merely generic or academic but personal and human, the work of a ‘genius’.
    And of course, Ayn Rand cultists see her as bigger-than-life godlike figure. She made the basic and generic ideas of freedom and individuality into something powerfully personal and heroic.

    So, people want to believe in a big idea, but big ideas tend to be generic and bland. So, it has to revolve around some ‘genius’ or ‘prophet’ who gives it a human face and stamps it with personality and vision. And this is what made communism such a powerful movement. It had Marx as its prophet. And this is why Freudianism, despite its flaws and frauds, came to captivate so many people. And this is why Rand made American freedom so exciting and heroic.

    Also, there was something bold and radical about such figures, and that too is intoxicating. Even though probity and caution are generally wiser, they don’t excite. We love the thrill of clash of the titans. If Marx had been a social-democrat, he would have been a better thinker. But then, he would have been one of the many sane theorists and writers, which is boring. For him to gain fame and notoriety, he had to think BIGGER and make big claims about history.
    It’s like cultural controversies arise from bold pronouncements. It’s like Auteur Theory became such a major issue in the film world because Truffaut’s declaration was so confident and assertive. It wasn’t announced as a ‘maybe’ but a certainty.
    And Freud was also a Big Thinker as was Rand. Their delusional derangement syndrome was part of the appeal. It’s like Rockers get more respect than crooners or balladeers. When Led Zeppelin plays hard, there is nothing but the music’s power. Thunder stirs us more than breezes. A storm is more impressive than a drizzle.

    And Marxism was a truly bold and epic prophecy.
    Imagine if Moses came down with some laws and explained to Hebrews that he got some good ideas. Hebrews would have been bored. Moses got respect because he spoke big and loud like Charlton Heston and claimed God gave him the tablets with fire and brimstone like in DeMille’s movie.

    The reason why Christianity and Islam became such huge religions was the fusion of universality and personality: Universonality. The ideas expounded by Jesus weren’t really new. There had been ideas of pacifism before. So, why did Christianity become so powerful? Because those ideas became poeticized through Jesus’ words and sacralized by His sacrifice. It was the combination of ideas, story, and personality that made it a great religion. Likewise, the ideas of Islam cannot be fully appreciated without the personality cult of Muhammad as the great prophet-seer-warrior-servant-of-Allah.

    There is also the appeal of the champion. In boxing, there may be several leagues. So, there can be 4 or 5 heavyweight champions at the same time. This is dissatisfying. We want to see who is the real ONE champion. So, we want all the champs to fight it out to see who’s the real champion. This is why pagan mythology has hierarchy among the gods. There is Zeus as top god among Greeks, and Odin as top god among Germanics. But Jews went even further. They decided to unify all gods into just one. So, there is only one God and only one truth. All else are false gods.

    And such was the appeal of Marxism, Freudianism, and Randism. They were attempts to offer an explanation for everything. It had all the answers for all humanity and for the single individual’s place in the world. There were many theories of communism before Marx, but under Marxism, a single theory came to dominate. Other ideas were either subsumed or rejected. And Freud insisted his theory of the mind-body-connection explained all of human psychological experience. And Rand insisted that her theory was about the triumph of reason and objective truth above all else. There was no need for any other theory. They claimed championship.

    And yet, Marxism had a greater impact than Freudianism or Randism. As influential as Freud was, the direction of capitalism was bound to end up the same way due to its catering to hedonism. As for Randism, she was not the founder of capitalism or individualism. Just its most fervent and fanatical proponent. In contrast, even though Marx didn’t invent communism, his theory of communism came to found a great new movement and a great new order that would shake the world in the 20th century(though the rise and spread of communism had more to do with tragic mistakes of imperialists who fought each other to exhaustion and created a gaping hole to be filled by radicals).
    As important as psychology is, it’s about the individual mind. Even though everyone has psychology, it’s impossible to unify all minds(unless a super-collective mind machine is created in the future). To be sure, electronica has created something like proto-unification of the mind. In a way, TV-Radio-internet are like a Cloud-Mind. As our senses are hooked to TV screens and radios beaming the same images, sounds, and ideas to 100s of millions of people around the world, all our minds are being molded by the same handful of Big Media corporations. If I had a machine that created certain ideas and images and if I could beam those ideas/images to a billion people around the world, I would be colonizing their minds with what I want them to think, see, and feel. And in a sense, TV is a mind-control tool that unifies minds. Prior to electronica, people would have been reading different books, different newspapers, hearing different conversations, and etc. But with everyone having a TV, they came to see the same images and their minds came to be molded by same stories, news, ideas, and advertising. Tropers are more dangerous than troopers. It’s chilling that Freud’s nephew Bernays was a pioneer in mass advertising, a force that, in some way, became more powerful than any ideology. Electronica favored idology to ideology.

    Still, as exciting as idology is, it is not fulfilling in the long run. It’s about thrills. It’s like fireworks are fun but can’t warm your body in winter. Warmth is provided by Marxism. It has the element of high intellect that won it much respect from intelligent erudite people. But its themes are about justice and the poor folks and toiling workers. Thus, it has an ennobling element, something found in great religions like Christianity and Islam. So, Marxism brought together elite intellect and with moral concern for the masses. And because it envisioned a better future, a heaven on earth, it has a spiritual element for modern people who’d lost faith in God. It united the mind, the body, and the soul. And also the senses. As Marxism tied EVERYTHING to economics, a Marxist was expected to become an expert in the arts and criticism. Marxist must use arts and entertainment to win over the masses and serve the revolution. And Marxist must be a keen reader and critic of bourgeois art and capitalist entertainment to critique them and expose their true message. So, there was a place for artists and critics in Marxosphere.

    Also, Marxism came with a handful of canonical works such as THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO, DAS KAPITAL, and works of Lenin and others. The Communist Manifesto had the appeal of the New Testament Gospels. It was easy to understand and digest. It was for everyman, like op-ed in newspaper. Das Kapital was a much more daunting work, but that was its appeal for the intellectuals. Like Heidegger’s BEING AND TIME, its difficulty was appreciated for challenging the intellect. For a revolutionary to have read Das Kapital and understood was akin to someone reading the whole Torah(and Talmud) and thinking about it. After all, even as universalist intellectuals want to feel a moral connection to the masses, they also want to feel special as serious thinkers. So, Marxism’s appeal to both semi-literate masses and ultra-literate intellectuals was seen as the promise of unity of mind and body of whole human history. It’s like what Barton Fink explains.

    What is the appeal of the Bible? It is a unity. Its truths can be found in lots of other books, but who wants to carry a 1000 books around? Bible’s appeal is that it combines theology, history, genealogy, poetry, philosophy, prophecy, chronology, legalism, ethics, and etc. Greeks and Romans produced many great works but there are here, there, everywhere. There is no single Greek book that brings it all together. Bible, in contrast, brought together the essence of all the Jewish themes, culture, and ideas. So, just by carrying that one book, there is a great sense of carrying truth, meaning, history, spirituality, and etc.

    And this was the appeal of communism. Just by having a few collected works of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and maybe Trotsky, one felt the Truth was in one’s hands.

    I was never a communist, but I had a collection of commie sacred texts from mid 80s to late 80s. The capitalist world of US seemed colorful and lively but meaningless. So, reading the commie works like the Bible offered some kind of meaning though I was too skeptical to really believe in that stuff. But then, I still read the Bible even though I never believed in religion. The sense of Unity of Meanings in them is assuring on some level even to a non-believer.

    There is a very good piece by Tony Judt in NEW YORK REVIEW OF BOOKS on the death of Marxism.

    It tries to understand why Marxism/Leninism had such spell on so many people — from most distinguished intellectuals in the West to the crudest warriors in the Third World — in the 20th century. The thing is it offered a unity with a simple but profound idea collected in a few sacred texts. It offered an intersection of history, philosophy, quasi-spirituality, theory of justice, prophecy, cult of science and reason(as Marx claimed to be totally rational and objective, just like Freud and Ayn Rand later), manual on manhood(as revolution would require warriors), love(as equal justice would mean happiness for all men and women in sex and love), and arts & culture(as revolutionaries must decode and expose bourgeois propaganda and create new culture for the new man). Via Marxism, people working in very different fields and departments could feel related and connected since, as fellow Marxists, they were all working for Justice and the Future. Christianity had once played such a role in the West. It spiritually and morally united everyone from king to the lowest peasant. But with the fading of religions, what could serve as the new ideological and quasi-theological unity of all men? Many looked to Marxism. In post-war European cinema, why do so many bourgeois capitalist film-makers claim to be ‘Marxist’? They didn’t want to go live in communist Russia. When they made money, they vacationed like rich bourgeoisie and drove around in sports cars. They ate at fancy restaurants. They adopted ‘Marxism’ as the new-christianity. In a society that seemed increasingly uprooted, alienated, and fragmented, they held onto Marxism that would serve as a thread for all mankind.

    So, the key is not whether communism will come back. The question is why Marxism-Leninism still has a hold on people. It is because the human mind is essentially religious in the sense that we want some unity of truth and authority. When the West worshiped religion, this sense of totality and unity was offered by God and Jesus through the Sacred Texts and the Church. But religion is long dead. And we were told by Francis Fukuyama that End of History is here and the Final Idea is this bland thing called ‘liberal democracy’ which can mean just about anything. Some have tried to find meaning through Homomania and Negromania. But for how long can humanity find meaning in worshiping butt-banging? And how long can we worship the Magic Negro, as mythical as the unicorn? And whatever fun that people might get from pop culture saturation of Negro dongs and Black booties, is that meaningful? The iconography of homos and Negroes have a powerful hold on globalist culture, but they offer shallow thrills.

    For a while, there was an attempt to turn Shoah into a new religion, and this holds for some Jews. And it’s true enough that Europeans have been raised with Shoah-guilt as their neo-christianity with Anne Frank as Virgin Mary and with Jewish victims as the new christ figures. But how long can this hold as EU fills up with Muslims and Africans? And with people becoming more cynical about Jewish power and West Bank mess — and with negative news about the likes of Weinstein and Weiner — , the Shoah-as-new-religion is becoming more problematic. As horrible as Shoah was, the problem with Shoah-worship is as problematic as Magic-Negro-worship and Homo-angel-worship. It ultimately comes down to worship of man, and mankind is a sinful animal. So, even though blacks were once slaves, they act like louts. And even though Jews suffered Shoah, they can gain power and do awful things. Unlike God who can be said to be great eternally, all groups of people are good and bad depending on times. Germans were once good, then terrible during Nazism, and then good again. Jews can be good or bad at different times. So, the idea of worshiping Shoah as religion wont’ work in the long run because it says we have to look at all Jews through the prism of Shoah for all eternity. So, even if Zionists decide to wipe out the Palestinians, we have to see Jews as ‘the eternal victim’. It’s ridiculous.

    There is no longer any unity of truths and meanings. In some ways, this is a good thing as no single ideology or worldview can explain everything. And yet, there is a craving for such unity of values and vision. In the absence of such, some are returning to Marxism/Leninism, esp as capitalism has grown so corrupt and disgusting. Some on the true left must be wondering what the hell happened to them. I mean, how did Leftism become the arm of Wall Street, Hollywood, and Silicon Valley, taking huge sums from money-changers like Soros who promote whores and homos? Given what has become of progressivism, it is now de rigeur to support homos and all that. But in doing so, leftism lost its true meaning and connection to the people. Also, this embrace of Diversity has turned leftism into a ideological cesspool of incoherence. Is leftism for feminism or for Islam? Is it for women or for trannies? Is it for essentialism or fantasism of 50 genders? Is it for capitalist pop culture or against it? If leftism is about ‘more immigrants’, how can it ever address the problems of the natives when it’s too busy attacking natives as ‘xenophobes’ for not taking in MORE foreigners.

    Given this mess, some may be hankering for Classic Marxism that was universal but also demanding and disciplined as theory and practice.

    BUT, Marxism is really a spent force, and you can’t go home again. It’s like Christianity is also a spent force. It had a great 1600 yr run, but it’s now faded as a faith and culture. Esp its failure to resist homomania made it a sick decadent faith. And Marxism failed too big and too tragically in the 20th century to make a comeback.

    But the current malaise opens up new opportunities for new great ideas, visions, and even religions. A state-of-the-art religion may not even require faith but a vision, like in sci-fi stories. Maybe L. Ron Hubbard was on to something even though what came of his movement turned into a cultish joke.

    This is the time to create new visions and religions, new ideologies and movements. And that is why there is such fear of the Alt Right and other such movements. They sense that something is terribly wrong and out of balance in the world. Old Rules and Old ideas no longer speak to our times. And yet, something big and powerful must happen for the world to be saved and set right again.

    It is the time to write the Book, a new book that will unify the disparate ideas yet waiting to be gathered and made into one. It’s like what Bob Dylan did with BLONDE ON BLONDE. He took everything from country, rock n roll, blues, folk, and poetry and brought it all back home and made something that was both everything but unique and special. This is why Dylan’s status as the prophet of rock stuck.

    • Dylan’s status stuck because he was really good at writing metaphors, but the only reason he got raised up in the first place was because he is part of the tribe.

  • At all costs, present the Alt-Right as matter-of-factly and normal as possible. Don’t spend time tearing down other races. Let the evidence speak for itself without and hominem attacks on other races. The Alt-Right is the new norm, and will be the new norm, because it is natural and evidence-based. IQ stats, crime stats, genetic research… These shouldn’t be controversial, they have only been made controversial by the Left because, for leftists, THE TRUTH HURTS.

  • The key is actually to convert the Antifa.

    How? In your podcasts, bring up stuff that Antifa like but which you also couch as only happening in an ethnostate like…Sweden. The Left constantly talks about how great the European countries are in their social programs. Make it clear that you also are for these things but that they only happen because of lack of diversity.

    And yes, I know Sweden too is rapidly “diversifying”. But take a holistic look, cite the Sweden from the 50’s-90’s. Really bring up comparisons in the social safety net, really hammering it down how much more generous and decent a society that homogeneity allows.

  • I agree, to a point, but this is exactly the climate that brought about the N.S.D.A.P.. We want the left to shoot themselves in the foot while we all advocate a return to our roots and recruit and that basis. Best way to move forward at this point.

      • Of course not, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be working towards our own ends. We need to be using this time right now to be doing things like starting pro-Aryan charities, pro-Aryan food banks, pro-Aryan health clinics, etc. with an eye towards winning hearts and minds.

    • I’ve touched on it briefly in my previous articles how important I think it is to bring up the fact that America was founded by “racists” for their own people. Most people think “all men are created equal” was in the Constitution and not the Declaration of Independence, and believe falsely that it had anything to do with race. “Scientific racism” was just called Science back then, and the natural laws which govern all animals have not changed since then, only our social taboos.

      Anyway, I think it is pretty difficult to compare Weimar Germany to modern America in anything other than terms of cultural degradation.

      In 1933 Germany, in the last 15 years the following things had happened:
      Loss of the worst war that had happened to that date
      Complete destruction of the Government
      Complete destruction of the Economy
      Demoralization of the country
      War in the streets against an attempted communist revolution

      And this is just off the top of my head.

      In America right now we have a stable government and and economy which is doing pretty good. People have a lot to lose, and why would they want to risk all they have for this abstract concept of race? People don’t know the first thing about race realism, they don’t care about politics because even though the dam may be about to burst, their house is still dry. This is why I made the point that we need to establish communication. Force people to read the tenants of our ideology, do not allow them to sit back and watch blacks throw balls around or blacks rapping about how they fuck white women.

      The Alt-Right is definitely growing in this climate. But bringing race realism and other ideological pillars to the American consciousness is a top priority.

  • I guess that’s the point but I wouldn’t use words like radical to describe the altright because normies are conditioned to think of radicals as confused, violent and aimless. We should make our position the new normal and describe others as radicals, including establishment politics. And it would work because liberals and cuckservatives ARE confused, violent and aimless.

  • Antifa and other identity groups are termites intentionally released into a building to destroy it . They are meant to eat away at the foundations on which our western societies are built. They are used to deconstruct ethnic identity, race, gender, the family, religion and everything else that society was built on. They’re too dumb to realize they’re just tool for the people with power. After they serve their purpose, they will be discarded.

  • Be the solution to the antifa problem: “the current government is near entirely illegitimate and has no interest in protecting the American people, but instead protects those who would destroy this nation. The citizens must defend themselves, and we will lead you”

  • Based on aesthetics I always had thought antifa types were pro-white, they wore leather boots, they were in all white gangs usually. I think many former punks make up the alt right and there will be more antifa that will switch to being pro-white because they are radical and just looking for a radical position.

    • Antifa are foaming at the mouth rabid lefties who hate their own people and would never admit they were wrong or ever join the Alt right who love their own people, country and way of life. You must be off your Med’s if you think the cowards of Antifa could ever stand on their own and leave the safety of mob rule.

      • thus get together a pro white mob and the antifa will feel instinctively drawn to it, as the alt right stands now it is for loosers and outcasts, antifa want to be cool, it is the only thing that moves them, their politicts are weak.

        I am for bringing as many into the fold as possible, whites dont fight whites is a better slogan than don’t punch right

        • The Alt-Right isn’t punk. It’s mostly middle-class folks who finally feel the squeeze and are reacting to it.

        • You stay sitting on the fence , if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything……….and the correct spelling is ‘Loser’ not Looser.

      • They’re the expendable shocktroops of the insane left. I highly doubt most antifa are motivated by ideology. They just want a feeling of ‘belonging’ (which is completely natural – and being taken advantage of by anti-white leftists) and an excuse to be violent.

    • You give them too much credit. They are brainless and incoherent. 90% of them are probably irredeemable, and don’t deserve to be redeemed anyway.

  • “the grand plan is to create a backlash against radical views on either side. ”


    In a parlementary system that’s in place in most of Europe – nationalists, populist parties that win ~ 20% can have strong influence, sometimes be included in government which might not happen in Austria. In this system that was created by the brain child, free mason, Black slave owner Thomas Jefferson “All men are created equal” (then why were thou a slave owner TJ?) everything is bent on getting, keeping 50.1% and marginalizing all opposition as “radical extremists”.

    Anybody calling for any restrictions on immigration, including just Islamic extremist terrorist restrictions, restrictions on people infected with Ebola, AIDS and other STD diseases – these people, us are marginalized as “Evil White Racists that want to gas 6 million more Jews and also include some Muslims”.

    This tactic of smearing all immigration patriots as Evil Nazis works well when trolls, plants and more common idiot dumb arses on our boards repeating things like “gas the Kikes”.

    The system can still trot out fake opposition Conservatives like George Will, country and music folk stars like Hank Williams Jr. and Tobey Keith to “Denounce Racism and extremism on all sides” and then call on Amurikuns to restore the Conservative, patriotic, anti Communism world view of President Ronald Reagan and then restart the Cold War with Russia, bomb Syria and then go watch NFL football.

    It’s very difficult to see some break to this. The Trump surprise victory was in large part that he was an extremely wealthy celebrity that didn’t have to suck up to the system. He is most like Italy’s Berlusconi.

    I guess we should look for similar celebrities, easily recognized folk heroes that could somehow magically be on our side.

    In the South some SEC football coach who’s the highest paid, and most respected man in states like Alabama and Georgia. Still hard to see how some football coach is going to get us to break with Black slave football.

    Some Southerners are OK with just treating football as a Black gladiator sport – just don’t let their daughters date Black gladiatorial slaves.

    We live in interesting times.

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