Alt-Right Politics – October 16, 2017 – Bannon Unleashed

Issue 1) Bannon is back at Breitbart, fomenting an anti-cuck revolution. Does he have any chance? Or is his worldview still stuck in 2010?

Issue 2) Florida is playing host to Richard Spencer and the Alt-Right hordes. What to expect from us this Thursday.

Issue 3) Charlottesville, America’s newest microstate. The mayor and his minions continue to flout the law. What will it take to restore order?

Issue 4) Macron, a French Trump? Macron is saying all the right things. What if he actually did them?

Join Richard Spencer, Hannibal Bateman, Don Camillo, Evan McLaren and Greg Ritter for this week’s news roundup.

AltRight Politics
AltRight Politics is America’s most triggering news program. Hosted by Richard Spencer and Greg Ritter.


  • Macron was introduced into (((Rothschild bank))) and into Hollande government, mentored by a certain jew named (((Jaques Attali))), who works for initiating a one world government from Jerusalem. He says it clearly and openly:

    (((Attali))) predicted Macron would become president in 2014:

    Macron served as minister of economy under Hollande and in that function was instrumental in giving state media conglomerate SFR into hands of private israeli triple passport oligarch (((Patrick Drahi))):

    These medias then wrote him into the presidency. There is a good video of a psychiatrist wherein he speaks about Macron as a narcissist and how screwed his marriage to a grandmother is. Most probably this guy is simply an ambitious gay, is my estimate.
    As for his lineage, I’d say look out for crypto signs. His eyes resemble (((Sarkozy))) very much. It’s the same ambitious, toxic stare.

  • Who’s the foreign policy expert on this panel? They keep interrupting him, but he should get his own podcast that just talks about foreign policy. I like listening to him. He provides the normie perspective along with other perspectives.

  • and state of emergency declared in Alachua Co in FL ahead of Spencer’s speech at the university…. OFCOURSE.wav

  • smarmy “judge” andrew napolitano attempted to belittle richard spencer by quoting voltaire (i disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.)

    it’s doubtful the few judge is unfamiliar with a few of voltaire’s more prescient quotes vis-a-vis the jews (“to know who rules over you, simply learn who you are not allowed to criticize”, and “they are, all of them, born with a raging fanaticism in their hearts, just like the bretons and germans are born with blond hair. i would not be in the least bit surprised if these people would not some day become dangerous to the human race.”) so his chosing voltaire as philosophical exemplar against antisemitism, and white nationalism, curious.

  • If Bannon can rid us of punks like McCain, McConnell, Graham, Corker, Ryan, et al. then he’s okay in my book.

  • “Changing the world” is a genetic game, not a political one. Right now Somalians is changing the world. Because they have a territory and a culture that is uninvadable and that is very uncomfortable to live in. Hence they can collonize the world from a secure base. They are the fremen of our generation. Spencers imperial ideas are childish and irrelevant, they change form, not essence. Its boxing against fog, totally pointless.

  • Why does Richard always smack down his equals? Milo, Greg Johnson, now Greg Ritter. You may pay him Richard, but imo you’re damaging his spirit.

  • Spencer is correct. Bannon is a Tea Party TruCon.

    So what the hell is the difference between Steve Bannon and Ted Cruz?

  • I have to disagree a bit on issue 1, regarding the possible usefulness or silver lining of Bannon. Bannon is the next paper devil for the mainstream/left, and it’s a succession that I think ultimately works in our favor.

    We had McCain, who was a ‘war hero’ but stupidly hawkish for the post-Bush era: evil Nazi who wants to bomb brown folks. Then there was Robber Baron Romney, who was class war incarnate, but otherwise had unimpeachable character (from a cucked perspective): racist capitalist the sky is falling. Then, like the third utterance of ‘beetlejuice,’ we get rabbit-duck gestalt image of racism, Trump. “Abort all white males” intensifies. I don’t think we can fully explain Trump’s victory without two cycles of leftist hyperbole and YT guilt mongering.

    Trump isn’t the worse thing ever, though. The left has identified the supreme-ist behind the curtain: Bannon. In their eyes, Trump is instinctively racist, but Bannon is the link to the alt-reich. Nothing, absolutely nothing, will disabuse them of that notion. That is good:

    Bannon denounces us. Left doesn’t buy it. Bannon talks to ‘values voter’ cucks about common sense (cucked, but yes, common sense) economic nationalist policy (sidebar). Bannon takes the GOP base back from the libertarian-muh-freedom big talk of the Obama-era GOP. Bannon might actually have the ability to take the base from the feckless vapidity known as Paul Ryan. Is Bannon fundamentally working towards ‘nationalist’ policy positions that do nothing positive for us [wypipo]? Yes. Of course. But those policies are popular, they are not harmful, and he advocates for them from the position of el Diablo blanco. “Abort all white males” intensifies further: ‘whiteness’ as brutality, masculinity as toxicity cannot but seep into the core of the left (yes, more than it already has), replacing the feckless vapidity known as Nancy Pelosi, and your average Joe “muh-family-values” Blow becomes a default white nationalist (sidebar 2, please).

    We had no illusions about whether or not Trump would wax poetic about the ethno-state from the Oval Office. (To be clear, I can’t include myself in the “we”, I actually voted Clinton. Red pill slid down my throat so fast it could be a prototype for Elon Musk’s Hyperloop.) It may have been Mr. Spencer who said in a previous podcast that Trump was never the goal full stop. Trump was a way to look ahead to something else. Trump was starting something, and not really finishing or accomplishing anything. My take is that this position of the conduit functions by sharpening the essential contradiction of the contemporary left and, more broadly, the trajectory of ethos throughout American culture: Whites and their whiteness have or are an incurable disease, but the thought of separation is unconscionably evil. This tumor that sits at the core of the American left cannot be excised. We have to let it become the body.

    One cucks on a spectrum. We know that a lot of whites will grovel before the idols of anti-racism and their own enlightened guilt until their limbs are worn to stubs, but in the face of a sharpening contradiction, others will get off their knees. Still others, who weren’t on their knees and didn’t know if they should be, as well as those on their feet but not knowing where to stand, will come in our direction. We should celebrate this movement, even if it is incremental, and even if it comes by way of Steve Bannon.

    Sidebar: “No borders, no wall, no USA at all” is a trap door. Nobody can mean it, not really mean it, which is why I love to hear it. Suppose you talk to a Californian about how totally unfair it is that California is underrepresented in the electoral college in terms of population size, and we can agree that California should succeed. Suppose that is done peacefully and successfully. What is to become of that already perfectly good wall on California’s southern border? And what of your welfare? We know that they can’t have it all. Serious communists even know that the social welfare state cannot exist without strict demographic controls, starting with a border. This isn’t complicated, but the left can’t see it from the moral pedestal. They will instead have to double down on identity politics. Identity politics, I cheerfully declare, is not going back in the box. The E Pluribus Unum lock that had sealed it is far beyond repair.

    Sidebar 2: This is not unlike my path. As a serious leftist, my only real breaks from orthodoxy were about immigration and unions. For years this didn’t really change. My line on the former was even as follows: “The typical leftist approach to talking about Latin American immigration assumes a statically poor Hispanic world. The underlying assumption that being pro-immigration is the only humanitarian opinion is thus fundamentally white supremacist and Euro-centric.” 2016: “No good,” xer says, “you must be alt-right.” Hmm, I think I’ll look into that…

  • Judge guys like Trump and Bannon by the effect they have on the country, not their political stances, if they have any. They’re both a net positive simply by being bomb-throwers.

    • Close, but you’ve missed the point in your own commentary.

      Democracy relies upon the concept of equality amongst the People… But the People are not equal.
      Anytime a system is reliant upon something which is not true, it is doomed.

      The False God of Equality must die.

    • You missed the point. Dictatorship is a tool to bring democracy back from leftist chaos, not a permanent alternative.

      • That isn’t the point at all and if you think it is you are delusional. Democracy has never worked half as well as authoritarian governance. This has been played out time and again.

        • The small-enough, identitarian republican system that the founding fathers created is ideal- authoritarianism is fine in Europe, but heavily at odds with what America is about.

          • The Jewnited Snakes was founded by Freemasons who had no intentions of America being some sort of ‘fashy republic’. Thomas Jefferson was a freemason and his offspring were all mulattoes. George Washington had a negro ‘bed slave’ and a negro ‘best friend’ that he took every where with him and, judging from his looks, was probably a crypto-Jew and was an open freemason. Alexander Hamilton was a freemason and certainly Jewish and alluded to it himself. John Adams was also more than likely a crypto-Jew. The only two that I can think of that are certifiably not Jewish are Jefferson and Franklin, and both were open freemasons and what would be by today’s standards free left radicals.

            America never had a ‘identitatian republican system’ and was never a ‘white nationalist’ state. What we are doing is trying to change the course of history and implement a new form of government and, quite possibly, build a new nation for ourselves, not redefine the past in some delusional fantasy about a bunch of crypto-Jewish freemasons beng secret shitlords.

  • Does anyone have access to the OLD podcasts (the ones that were deleted when SoundCloud shoah’d them)?? I’ve looked everywhere for them. I’d like to somehow make them freely available again whether it’s via torrent, a file-sharing site, etc. Thanks

    • All these guys are great and in my opinion this is by far the best and most worthwhile podcast in the AR, but for my money it doesn’t get any better than DC. Selite was right up there, too. I hope they bring him back.

  • ryan and McCain aren’t the problem, the sponsors are. campaign donations are legal bribes. if the police wont enforce these laws we need people that will

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