The Case For Cultural Protectionism

Submitted by John K. Press, Ph.D.


Just this month, the 38-page, ‘The Quick Guide to Culturist Policy,’ was published. Via actual policy proposals, it explains how we can save Western civilization.  Multiculturalists and globalists deny that the West has a core culture to protect.  They think of the West as a culturally-neutral space where various random cultures reside.  Culturist law is based on the acknowledgment that the West has a unique, specific culture; that all other nations and civilizations have culturist policies; and that we too have a right to legally protect and promote our culture – to be culturist.

Using the concept of ‘Western rights’ to combat the concept of ‘human rights,’ is discussed in the booklet’s first chapter. So-called ‘Human rights’ are not valued outside of the West. If the West falls, who else would promote such an idea?  Iran?  China?  Furthermore, as the ‘refugee’ invasion illustrates, the ‘human rights’ concept is constantly used to undermine the West’s (and only the West’s) sovereignty.  We must call so-called ‘human rights’ what they are, ‘Western Rights,’ and protect them by legally protecting the West.

Having established the merits of Western sovereignty, two types of culturist repatriation policies get considered.  ‘Absolute’ culturists, would immediately send all Muslims back home. ‘Pragmatic’ culturists would only target Muslims associated with anti-Western mosques and practices while working to assimilate the remainder.   Both types of culturists, would immediately institute a plainly-labeled ‘Muslim ban’ on immigration, on the basis of Islam not being part of our history, with no exception for asylum seekers.

Next, the ‘Quick Guide,’ advocates ‘culturist profiling.’  Crime statistics and culturist common sense tell us that suspecting thuggish looking blacks of crime is reasonable. Furthermore, ‘culturist profiling’ recommends singling out Muslims for airport screening and keeping them away from potentially dangerous employment.  Calling it ‘culturist profiling’ instead of ‘racist profiling,’ points directly to culture and thus, inoffensively, to the common sense nature of such policies. This undermines the Left’s bugaboo wherein noticing diversity’s negatives is always deemed irrational ‘racism’ based on naught but skin color.

Education is a culturist mechanism by which you fit the young into your traditional majority culture.  Only Western civilization has abandoned its traditional culturist curriculum for multiculturalism. This chapter explains that multiculturalism is worse than it seems: It doesn’t only want to ‘celebrate diversity;’ Multiculturalism seeks revenge on whites in the name of ‘social justice’.  We must ditch multiculturalism’s lie that all cultures are equal and great.  Non-Western cultures largely create nothing, and lead to financial disaster and violence.  By reinstituting our traditional culturist curriculum, we can again promote assimilation and Western pride.

The next chapter presents wider government culturist policies aimed at testing immigrant’s loyalty.  We must end dual citizenship and remittances.  Western nation’s governance and voting must happen in the traditional majority language of said nations. The FCC must revoke foreign language station’s licenses.  The government must never fund or facilitate celebrations of non-Western or cultures. We need to take our citizenship oaths so seriously that people who violate them can be charged with perjury and deported. Each of these culturist policies forces immigrants to decide whether they want to be Americans or go back to the nation of their culture.

After this, the ‘Quick Guide’ considers non-immigrant focused culturist law.  Our keeping Sharia courts illegal implies that we already have a culture and that it has legal standing.  Polygamy may make an otherwise virtuous individual happy, but it undermines our culture.  Rights to gay marriage and family law must also consider the solvency of the family and family’s importance to a thriving nation. We must end welfare for the ‘non-deserving’ poor, (as we used to call them), in order to reinforce morals.  Individual rights usually protect anti-social behavior.  In our laws, culturist rights must counterbalance individual rights or we will fall in a burst of depravity.

Finally, the ‘Quick Guide to Culturist Policy,’ discusses foreign policy.  Culturism respects other nations’ (already assumed) right to be culturist much more than it respects ‘international human rights.’  Cultural diversity is real.  Cultural propensities explain why Iraq had a dictatorship.  That’s not our business and it is their (already assumed) right.  That is not to say we don’t bomb those who harm us into oblivion.  But, afterwards, we must leave them to their own misery.  We should only trade with other nations when the deal is favorable to us.  ‘America First,’ (as Trump promised), is a good summary of culturist foreign policy.

Memes spread rapidly.  Rightly or wrongly, people are still afraid of being called ‘racist.’  The memes ‘culturist’ and ‘culturism’ can help average people freely discuss America not being Mexico, the evils of Islam, black pathology and the dangers of immorality and perversion. The Left will have difficulty dismissing culturism as pure racism because their slogan is ‘cultural diversity is real.’ Ultimately we must get our political leaders to answer two questions: ‘Does the West have a traditional majority culture?’ and ‘Are we allowed to protect it?’  If the answers are, ‘Yes’, all culturist laws are justified. You can do your part by spreading the memes ‘culturist’ and ‘culturism’ today.


John K. Press, Ph.D. teaches at a university in South Korea.  He has written a biography of the first ‘culturist’, Matthew Arnold (1822-1888) and a full-length book on culturism.  His newest book is,  ‘The Quick Guide to Culturist Policy.’ has more information.

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  • How is this different from civic nationalism? It’s not just our culture that’s worth defending! It’s also our people!

  • The biggest issue is that at the core, different races produce different cultures. Culturalist arguments ignore this reality entirely.

  • Some say Confederate and other White Monuments are being removed or desecrated because of demographic changes. As US becomes less white, white monuments are targeted. To an extent, maybe.

    But consider the following.

    Mao’s army and radicals united China and kicked out all foreigners. So, under Mao, China once again became China for Chinese. And yet, these very Chinese went about destroying so much of Chinese art, architecture, monuments, and etc.

    Also, consider the Anglo-American eradication of Indian Cultures. Indians were killed off by disease or guns and pushed westward and then into Reservations. And yet, Anglo-Americans went about building monuments to these vanquished peoples when the dust settled. There are memorials to Indians erected not by Indians but by white folks who replaced them.

    So, it’s not just about demographics but a state of mind.

    Anglo-Americans could be ruthless buggers but they also had an element of magnanimity, a respect for a worthy foe. David Yeagley expounded on this side of the White Man.

    But such mindset seems to be missing among most non-white groups. Too many Jews feel contempt for gentile cultures and want them utterly defiled. Blacks only respect ugabuga gangsta thug show of powuh and have no appreciation for culture beyond ‘muh dic*’ or ‘muh booty’. Muslims are iconoclastic asses(even though, to their credit, they didn’t destroy all the pagan stuff… until US let loose the ISIS on secular Arab regimes). And Asians are yellow dog teachers pets who can easily go into red guard mode.

    As for whites.. they are not deracinated cucks. The lack of resistance on the part of whites(even in the South) to the toppling of Southern Monuments is downright shocking. Such craven cowardice or, worse, total apathy and indifference to eradication of their own heritage.
    Also, the globalized ‘muh burger and fries’ culture of the new US has severed the roots of most Americans from their history. Their only culture is videogames and Negro-dominated sports and rap music.

  • White people would do better to have their own Covenant. Jews believe in the one and only Universal God but also believe that they have a special Covenant with Him. That way, Jews both uphold universal truth and preserve their own uniqueness.

    Problem with Christianity is that it bunches ALL gentiles into one mass of devotees. So, whites, blacks, yellows, browns, reds, and etc are all supposed to become interchangeable as Christians. After all, the core of Christianity is faith in Jesus, not one’s identity or culture.

    Wouldn’t it be better for each people to have their own unique covenant with God? Why should Jews be the only exception in this? Let Europeans have their own special covenant. Let Asians have theirs. Africans theirs. Let each people seek and discover their own Ark or Grail with God. What we need is Covenantism for each peoples. As it now stands, Jews have a special Covenant with God while all gentiles must share the same generic all-purpose ‘covenant’ through Jesus or Muhammad.

    It’s like the division of the organic world into Humans and Animals. So, while human uniqueness is recognized, all other species are bunched together as ‘animals’, implying that chimps have more in common with worms and fish than with humans, their close relatives. Wouldn’t it make more sense to see humans as part of the organic world and recognize the uniqueness of each species? ‘Jews and gentiles’ is as problematic as ‘Humans and animals’.
    One advantage of Judaism is the indifference to the promise of Heaven. Therefore, the Jewish Race is more attuned to the responsibilities of ancestors and descendants. Jews feel they can survive only through bloodline flowing from distant past to distant future. So, a Jew who reneges on his responsibility to blood(and soil) is seen as a traitor, a renegade. A Jew who cares nothing for his own people’s history and neglects family and children is no better than an outcast.

    In contrast, a Christian will be honored and praised for rejecting his own identity and tribe. And it doesn’t matter if he decides to forget his parents & ancestors and to not have family and children. If a German Christian decided to reject wholesale his German identity, culture, and ancestry, it doesn’t matter to Jesus or God. Pagan cultures and histories never meant anything to Jesus. And if the renegade German decides to reject his parents and not get married and have kids, and instead devotes his life to prayer so as to enter Heaven, he is a wonderful person in the eyes of Christianity.

    Christianity is a great religion, and there is much to learn from it. But it cannot be the core of identity as it dissolves the centrality of blood and soil that is crucial to the survival of race and culture.
    Also, if Christianity served an important role in the West, it was because Christian influences were tempered and balanced by countervailing forces and factors. It’s like Buddhism was held in check in Japan. It was not allowed to turn Japan into a Pacifist society. That would have meant the dissolution of the samurai, leaving it defenseless to be conquered by others.

    Religions have lasting power. Mormonism is a rather silly spinoff of Christianity but still going strong and expanding whereas Marxism and Communism faded.

    Christianity had a great 1400 yr run. But all things grow old. Now is the time for a new spiritual concept. A time for a new vision and religion. If Alt Right succeed as a spiritual movement with its own gods and sacraments, it will have the power of Islam in the 7th century. And the reason why the Taiping Rebellion almost succeeded was because of its religious element.

    A white patriot who conceives of a White Covenant with the Cosmic will own the future. White people need their own covenant.

  • Culture should be an afterthought. Race is the foundation, meaning you do need to build up (a culture) on it to achieve anything, but you can’t build up without it.

  • Race is the root and culture is the flower and without the root the flower withers and dies. Our enemies know this just as well as we do. We can’t afford to pretend otherwise.

  • “We must call so-called ‘human rights’ what they are, ‘Western Rights,’ and protect them by legally protecting the West”. I agree and am now going to call “Human rights” “Western Rights” . The writer gave a good explanation why this should be so.

    the biggest enemy to Western culture is ‘The Frankfurt school of Cultural Marxism” and Communist goals promoted deliberately to undermine and eventually destroy Western culture.
    We also must fight “political correct” policing. The left uses politically correct jargon to effectively silence those who defend the Western world.

  • You can’t have a Democracy, Open borders including free trade, and Western Civilization. You would even have to roll back a lot just to have a hope of return. Will the civic nationalists purge the heretics that hate the proposition with a brutality beyond anything the white nationalists would consider? For that is what it will take.

  • Regarding the author of this article, any white man who uses his education to teach non-whites in South Korea is a race traitor.

    • Totally retarded. He needs a job. Whites have worked around this world for millennia. I work in Asia too and am definitely not a race traitor. Maybe get yourself a passport and travel a little bit. That would be like saying an Asian who goes to the West for work has betrayed his race. Pure retard.

      • I agree, your remark was indeed retarded. Whites working in the far parts of the world when the British Empire was in power was one thing, but today it is not the same. Someone who has to go to Asia in order to teach because they’re not good enough to secure a teaching job in a white European country or a Western Country is telling in itself. I have traveled and lived in Europe and in the South Pacific and visited Asia. So you have nothing on me there. Indeed, you sound like a cuck and a race traitor yourself. You’re obviously a member of the alt-lite.

        • Staying and working in Zogland isn’t doing anything to benefit your race. Your paying into a system that is literally trying to destroy you.

          • we may all end up exiled in outer mongolia only to have some fag then call us a race traitor on the internets, smh

          • Judging by his travels I suspect that Mr. McKaskell traveled with the USA military, literally sucking ZOG’s co.k.

        • Good you recognize that you are retarded. I happen to have three children and am no race traitor. How do you think Western Co. X can do business with foreign countries without having their people there on the ground?

          You must be a child. I have taught in 5 countries (only one if Asia) and did not have to come here to get a job.

          Maybe learn to read and get yourself educated about the world.

      • Is it because white women aren’t very attracted to you that you make such a slavish homage to the European “race”? Doesn’t this sort of tenacity reek of a lack of self-esteem, as you’re filling in your own worth with the legacy of others?

        • Very funny. How would you know anything about me and my luck with the ladies? Anyway, I have three children in Europe and so yes, European women are very much attracted to me and I have had more than my fair share of them.

          • I just read that you call non-whites “muds”, is that what you would have called Europeans like Beethoven, who was described with contemporary quotes like these: “Negroid traits, dark skin, flat, thick nose.”,“ His face reveals no trace of the German… He was so dark that people dubbed him ‘The Spagnol’ [dark-skinned]”? What about men like Caravaggio or Ferdinand Magellan?

            (1)Bekker, Paul, and M. M. Bozman. Beethoven. London: J.M. Dent & Sons, 1925. Print.

            (2)Blackmore, Josiah. Moorings Portuguese Expansion and the Writing of Africa. Minneapolis: U of Minnesota, 2009. Print

          • Really? So I guess there goes one of Spencer’s arguments, he always employs Beethoven as the apotheosis of European culture…

          • And on that farm he had some Muds; with a gimmedat here and a gimmedat there, here a gimme there a gimme everywhere a gimme gimme.

          • Lol, thanks for the carbon copy proof – I guess we don’t have to wonder why you don’t have a teaching position in the U.S.!

  • Look at Woody Allen’s defense of Harvey Wein-and-Dine.

    Allen is trying to spin this to make Hollywood Jewish bigshots the victims. Poor poor victims of a WITCHHUNT.

    Sounds familiar? Lots of Jews were implicated in spying for the USSR in the 40s and 50s. It got so bad that Stalin acquired the Bomb thanks to this Jewish network of Treason. The facts are so shocking that Jews spun the narrative into story about “anti-commnist witchhunt” to deflect blame away from radical Jews(who then worked even in Hollywood) and to distract Americans from the real big story of radical Jewish perfidy. Instead, it was turned into a story of poor saintly victims of evil McCarthy.

    But now, these same people howl and bitch about how Russia-Russia-Russia, though no longer a superpower, has infiltrated every inch of American institutions and industries. These people are utterly shameless. Anything to serve Jewish globalist tribal power.

    Btw, did Jews like Allen worry about sexual witch-hunt when Lacrosse players at Duke and a fraternity at UVA were defamed with total lies by a black whore and a Jewish journalist? No, defaming and smearing white males is a favorite sport of ‘punching nazis’. It’s a witch-hunt ONLY WHEN it affects Jews and their allies the homos.




  • (((John K. Press))) claims to be a Christian. He’s a cuck living in South Korea. He is a Marrano, not to be trusted. He would side with blacks/Asians/Jews first.

  • Th “Declaration of Human Rights,” so-called, hideously omits that most important of individual rights, the Right to Arms. To make that explicit, I am talking about lawful access for common citizens to handguns, as the personal handgun is the lawful person’s first line of defense against interpersonal criminal aggression.

  • Not all Muslims? Don’t believe it, they are 1st class liars and all of them need to be removed from the white realm of the west! i don’t care how culturally white they appear they have their own lands same as all other non whites! they got their own lands keep em out of ours!

  • Promotion of new language will do nothing if the base using it keeps shrinking. Why would Abdullah ibn Muhammed worry about this if he`s already entrenched inside?

  • Jack Buckby was peddling this “cultural nationalism” nonsense several years ago here in Britain. I didn’t like it then, and I don’t tend to like it now.

    The problem I have with it, amongst others, is that it is weak. I think it undermines the whole thrust behind the Alt-Right.

    The time is to be bold, to be not giving a damn, to be forcing people to make uncomfortable choices and shake people up to face the future directly – not once again obfuscating it all around ‘culture’, which is hard to pin down, abstract, vague, pliable and ever changing…..and all the periphery arguments around it, such as ‘integration’, speaking English’, what can and cannot be identified as our culture or not.

    Whilst all these arguments go on, giving power to our opponents by handing them the moral arguments and upholding their taboos and rules, our actual race slides into the abyss.

    ….”Calling it ‘culturist profiling’ instead of ‘racist profiling,’ points directly to culture and thus, inoffensively, to the common sense nature of such policies. This undermines the Left’s bugaboo wherein noticing
    diversity’s negatives is always deemed irrational ‘racism’ based on naught but skin color….”

    I think it is astonishing that somebody with a PhD can write such a paragraph. Has the author no appreciation of just who and what we are up against? Is it really to be believed that if we coin things as “cultural profiling” {to, effectively keep blacks and Muslims out}, that our enemies will just sit back and allow it to pass? That it won’t be pressed into people that it is about race?

    The only way to “undermine the Left”, in my opinion, is to cease giving them the power over language, words, discourse, morality. To cut them out, cut them off, make them and their positions irrelevant or at the least, less potent.

    ………”The next chapter presents wider government culturist policies aimed at testing immigrant’s loyalty…..” “….Each of these culturist policies forces immigrants to decide whether they want to be Americans or go back to the nation of their culture”…

    All those non-white immigrants who agitate against our interests should be deported. For incomers, they need to be white as a default, then vetted for being antagonistic to our survival. No non-whites should be admitted, ever.

    • “The only way to “undermine the Left”, in my opinion, is to cease giving them the power over language, words, discourse, morality. To cut them out, cut them off, make them and their positions irrelevant or at the least, less potent.”

      In what way? How? Obviously there’s been a big push back lately, and anybody with a spine calls out their lunacy and bullshit for what it is (often getting silent nods from spectators who are worried about being labeled) when they’re confronted by it, but how exactly would we suddenly cut them out? Lefty lunacy is so heavily ingrained across our entire society now, and I can’t think of how I’d shoo out teachers, or other folks in positions of power without first having it myself. The odds I ever have power like that are slim, so for me the best course of a rejection is to reject what they push on me, and support others who reject it the same – especially politicians or those who have the authority to clean house, so to speak. Is that what you were getting at?

      • Yes, that is along the lines of what I was getting at. We have to robustly reject the values and morals that our opponents apply over us and, more widely, our societies.

        By constantly trying to play by their frameworks in order to be seen as acceptable, we are always in their pocket. They are in the driving seat and we keep being passengers. We have to build our own car, drive it ourselves and head to our own choice of destination.

        They cannot be ‘suddenly’ cut out, it will take a long time. Things are shifting already, where I now see comments on newspaper sites of the nature and veracity that might only have been found on Stormfront 15 to 20 years ago.

        We are creating our own words, our own thoughts, memes, dialect, by which we can change the discourse and re-frame what our opponents are doing to us and what it ultimately means.

        If we are held to use our opponents thought basis, use their dialects, abide by their discourse boundaries, I cannot see how we can ever win.

        I am a believer in community building and non-establishment methods of creating change for ourselves as a race. As you allude to – how can we get power and influence in a political and media system that is so heavily a “closed shop” of liberals? Everything is stacked against us, all the time, in all directions.

        How do we get shut of rafts of liberal, poisonous, university faculty, teachers and create a generation that has the capacity to think about our issues objectively?

        I don’t think we can. This is why I’d suggest we start covertly putting effort in to start our own. To be pro-active. To join together in this ‘rejection’ within all sorts of life’s aspects, until we have our own institutions, own organisations, own solid communities to network within.

        By dithering around with “culture” (endlessly defining what it is and isn’t), talking about headscarves, integration, speaking English, evading that race (and our survival) is important to us, to the world’s well being, etc, because liberals make it hard for us to put forward the real nuts and bolts of what matters…….well, I just think it is a slow and painful death.

        • You’re spot on.

          I speak openly with those around me regarding politics, to challenge the thoughts and opinions they parrot, albeit carefully. Ask specific questions, provide details and thoughts that may have been neglected, and gently suggest alternatives to them. Often times, I’ve gotten a good response. Some have come back later in agreement. Definitely about a subtle push to undermine the bullshit people have been fed for generations.

          • Good for you. It is hard to, for want of a better word, ‘convert’ people to the cause or get them to shake off a lifetime of simplistic thinking or dogmas.

            I think there are perhaps different layers to all of this. There’s only so far I can go with my close circle of friends and family. In fact, with some of them I have had to relax and keep off these subjects.

            I can make my positions known, and why, but I try and avoid forcing it upon people and saying they should think that way too. Often it is small, principled stances that can influence and impress upon others.

            When it comes to people I don’t know, I am less cautious and more ferocious. I am more prepared to shake these people out of their tree, leave them with a few things ringing in their ears which, although they may reject it, will bug them and give them cause to think because it has annoyed them or startled them so much.

            Many people are happy to sail along in the middle lane, middle of the road life. You can only do so much. There’s little point battling away with those who are doggedly against everything we stand for. It is those who are “somewhere near” or not-too-bothered either way who I think are the key.

            So yeah, with people you know, play it safe, keep it tidy and subtle, take your small principled stands and show people that you have knowledge, alternative views, convictions, so that you can be respected and not just a guy that “bangs on” about stuff to them. (I have once been the latter!)

            With those you don’t know – on comment sections, at events, etc, feel free to go in hard and explain yourself. What you say could ring in peoples ears, plus, if you are good at making a point, those in the vicinity or those reading the comments may also have something sink in.

            For wider societal structures….I think there’s only so much can be done within them now. I think they are pretty much all corrupted or poisoned in some way.

            This is why I think moves should perhaps be made to reconstruct our own everything, to the point we have a parallel structure in our interests, power, influence and something to carry forward into the future. Elections and flash-in-the-pan things leave little in their wake.

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