The Case For Cultural Protectionism

Submitted by John K. Press, Ph.D.


Just this month, the 38-page, ‘The Quick Guide to Culturist Policy,’ was published. Via actual policy proposals, it explains how we can save Western civilization.  Multiculturalists and globalists deny that the West has a core culture to protect.  They think of the West as a culturally-neutral space where various random cultures reside.  Culturist law is based on the acknowledgment that the West has a unique, specific culture; that all other nations and civilizations have culturist policies; and that we too have a right to legally protect and promote our culture – to be culturist.

Using the concept of ‘Western rights’ to combat the concept of ‘human rights,’ is discussed in the booklet’s first chapter. So-called ‘Human rights’ are not valued outside of the West. If the West falls, who else would promote such an idea?  Iran?  China?  Furthermore, as the ‘refugee’ invasion illustrates, the ‘human rights’ concept is constantly used to undermine the West’s (and only the West’s) sovereignty.  We must call so-called ‘human rights’ what they are, ‘Western Rights,’ and protect them by legally protecting the West.

Having established the merits of Western sovereignty, two types of culturist repatriation policies get considered.  ‘Absolute’ culturists, would immediately send all Muslims back home. ‘Pragmatic’ culturists would only target Muslims associated with anti-Western mosques and practices while working to assimilate the remainder.   Both types of culturists, would immediately institute a plainly-labeled ‘Muslim ban’ on immigration, on the basis of Islam not being part of our history, with no exception for asylum seekers.

Next, the ‘Quick Guide,’ advocates ‘culturist profiling.’  Crime statistics and culturist common sense tell us that suspecting thuggish looking blacks of crime is reasonable. Furthermore, ‘culturist profiling’ recommends singling out Muslims for airport screening and keeping them away from potentially dangerous employment.  Calling it ‘culturist profiling’ instead of ‘racist profiling,’ points directly to culture and thus, inoffensively, to the common sense nature of such policies. This undermines the Left’s bugaboo wherein noticing diversity’s negatives is always deemed irrational ‘racism’ based on naught but skin color.

Education is a culturist mechanism by which you fit the young into your traditional majority culture.  Only Western civilization has abandoned its traditional culturist curriculum for multiculturalism. This chapter explains that multiculturalism is worse than it seems: It doesn’t only want to ‘celebrate diversity;’ Multiculturalism seeks revenge on whites in the name of ‘social justice’.  We must ditch multiculturalism’s lie that all cultures are equal and great.  Non-Western cultures largely create nothing, and lead to financial disaster and violence.  By reinstituting our traditional culturist curriculum, we can again promote assimilation and Western pride.

The next chapter presents wider government culturist policies aimed at testing immigrant’s loyalty.  We must end dual citizenship and remittances.  Western nation’s governance and voting must happen in the traditional majority language of said nations. The FCC must revoke foreign language station’s licenses.  The government must never fund or facilitate celebrations of non-Western or cultures. We need to take our citizenship oaths so seriously that people who violate them can be charged with perjury and deported. Each of these culturist policies forces immigrants to decide whether they want to be Americans or go back to the nation of their culture.

After this, the ‘Quick Guide’ considers non-immigrant focused culturist law.  Our keeping Sharia courts illegal implies that we already have a culture and that it has legal standing.  Polygamy may make an otherwise virtuous individual happy, but it undermines our culture.  Rights to gay marriage and family law must also consider the solvency of the family and family’s importance to a thriving nation. We must end welfare for the ‘non-deserving’ poor, (as we used to call them), in order to reinforce morals.  Individual rights usually protect anti-social behavior.  In our laws, culturist rights must counterbalance individual rights or we will fall in a burst of depravity.

Finally, the ‘Quick Guide to Culturist Policy,’ discusses foreign policy.  Culturism respects other nations’ (already assumed) right to be culturist much more than it respects ‘international human rights.’  Cultural diversity is real.  Cultural propensities explain why Iraq had a dictatorship.  That’s not our business and it is their (already assumed) right.  That is not to say we don’t bomb those who harm us into oblivion.  But, afterwards, we must leave them to their own misery.  We should only trade with other nations when the deal is favorable to us.  ‘America First,’ (as Trump promised), is a good summary of culturist foreign policy.

Memes spread rapidly.  Rightly or wrongly, people are still afraid of being called ‘racist.’  The memes ‘culturist’ and ‘culturism’ can help average people freely discuss America not being Mexico, the evils of Islam, black pathology and the dangers of immorality and perversion. The Left will have difficulty dismissing culturism as pure racism because their slogan is ‘cultural diversity is real.’ Ultimately we must get our political leaders to answer two questions: ‘Does the West have a traditional majority culture?’ and ‘Are we allowed to protect it?’  If the answers are, ‘Yes’, all culturist laws are justified. You can do your part by spreading the memes ‘culturist’ and ‘culturism’ today.


John K. Press, Ph.D. teaches at a university in South Korea.  He has written a biography of the first ‘culturist’, Matthew Arnold (1822-1888) and a full-length book on culturism.  His newest book is,  ‘The Quick Guide to Culturist Policy.’ has more information.

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