Kickstarter Shuts Down Evola Bookfunding Campaign

So Kickstarter shut us down…again.

This time for raising money for an Evola translation campaign. This was too much for Kickstarter and apparently “in breach of their community guidelines.”

First of all, it is hard to make the case that it is in breach of any guidelines to fund translations for books on philosophy. Secondly, isn’t there something about guidelines being just that, guidelines and not actually rules that I heard somewhere?

Yeah, that’s more like it.

Regardless, Arktos raised 55% of the target amount in the first 24 hours. Seems that there is a market and people are interested in what the Italian philosopher had to say. So much for letting the free market decide. Worse, Kickstarter refused to let Arktos send a message to the backers of the campaign with a link to the new campaign over at GoyFundMe.

How did they find out about the Arktos campaign so fast though?

I hope they’re paying their army of Pajeets overtime for their prompt response to the HateThink fundraiser.

So we have a new crowdfunding campaign up, please check it out.

And if you wanted any more proof of the smothering campaign that literally every single globo-homo-corporation has announced on anything remotely resembling alternative right-wing thought, let this be yet another proof for you.

There is a concerted “shut it down” effort by a not so secret Liberati cabal against all right-wingers in the realm of business, tech, and politics now.

Seriously, at the rate all these shutdowns are going, we’re going to have to build another internet, another banking system, our own samizdats, maybe our own roads even sooner rather than later.


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