Political Violence Is Inevitable In America

Submitted by James Karlsson


The shooting in Las Vegas is part and parcel now of living in the West. Nowhere in the West is it more evident now than in America that the many racial and ethnic groups are fighting over a carcass. A dead bag of ideas and principles that has been festering since at least 1965.

The many ethnic and racial groups that comprise modern America are scavenging at this carcass in a desperate frenzy to grasp what resources from it that they can and as those resources begin to run out it will lead to confrontation and conflict.

The country is on the edge of a radical conflict that will change the very geopolitical and demographic makeup of the North American continent. The old America of 1965 is dead and it’s time her former peoples go their separate ways to forge a new existence apart from one another.

If the people who formerly used to call themselves Americans continue to fight over this carcass they will spark this aforementioned conflict and blood will be spilled. We see now that African Americans are ‘taking the knee’ to protest a country which they feel has treated them as second-class citizens throughout various points in history.

They have the right to feel this way.

According to nearly 43% of African Americans don’t believe America will make the changes necessary to give them equality. Meanwhile, affirmative action and massive welfare programs to re-distribute the nation’s wealth have remained in place for over half a century in an attempt to lift up Black America. Still, 66% of Blacks feel that they are treated less fairly when applying for a home loan and 75% are under the impression they are treated unfairly in the criminal justice system, a system which was purposely built to be the least biased in the world. Because of this perception of their situation, they have begun to demand change that not even they themselves believed  White Americans would give them.

They have demanded and received segregated black only forms at: California State University, University of Colorado Boulder. At The University of Chicago, they also demanded segregated housing. Harvard is now holding separate black only graduation ceremonies and blacks are increasingly returning to the South. This does not make up a population unified with the ideas of America. This is a population disillusioned with a nation they never felt they were truly a part of, to begin with.

If the people who formerly used to call themselves Americans continue to fight over the carcass blood will be spilled.

At her conception, America was a White, Anglo-Protestant nation with values reflected in that historic population. White Americans are resoundingly in opposition to the things Black America is currently standing for. 70% of them watch the NFL, 60% intend to watch less of the NFL now that players are disrespecting their dead country. This view on disrespect stems from the massively different political views Whites hold with the non-White population of the country. Nearly 42% of whites think that on-demand abortion in the United States should be outlawed, while 62% of Black Americans support it, and the Hispanic population is split almost 50/50 on the issue according to Politically they continue to buck the trend of the people of color in the United States.

If only White votes were counted, Trump would have gotten 369 electoral votes to Hillary’s 169 which is a huge departure from the 306 Trump to 232 Clinton which actually occurred as laid out by Brilliant Maps based on the electoral commission data.

White Americans hold different views from all other populations in the United States, and this wide difference in views among races is one of the primary reasons America withered and died. A custodial population who imports more mess and more violence, and persons with opposing views, can never maintain a healthy society.

The alien population of America: some 57,470,287 Hispanics, which constituted roughly 18% of the population in 2017 are yet another major driving force of future conflict.

The Hispanic population in the country highlights almost perfectly the balkanization of the physical geography of the United States. Hispanics do not live where Blacks live and Blacks do not live where Hispanics live. The Southwestern United States has a Hispanic population of over 35% in every state in the region, and less than a 4.8% Black population in the region as a whole. Conversely, the Southern States all have Hispanic populations of less than 10%, with Florida being the only notable exception to this at around 20%. In 2015 Hispanic Americans went from having a 29% negative attitude towards the United States to a sharp 65% in 2017 and 41% are concerned about their place in America. This is a problem that before 1960 hardly existed as their small population of 6.3 million represented only 3.48% of the population, now they occupy a staggering 18% and in the space of just 57 years, their population in raw numbers has increased nine-fold. This is compounded by the rather conservative estimate that they will represent over 30.2% of the population in 2040 or 132.8 million individuals.

A 128% increase in raw numbers.

These two groups, The Blacks and Hispanics will not treat Whites with kindness and generosity. They took what Whites from all around the planet had contributed to and created and they began to bleed it dry.  After the Las Vegas Massacre, it is obvious to most of us that the path to peaceful reconciliation is gone, if it existed at all before that, and we must be ready for a time when it is not only one man with a gun aiming a concert.

These attacks will continue with the silence of the media and political class effectively sanctioning these kinds of actions as long as they are directed at Whites who vote the wrong way.







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  • Whites need to wake up. Whites are the only group of people on earth who cannot assemble in solidarity without the entire world going apeshit. Look what happens when Whites gather… people figure that Whites have the same rights as anyone else, but when talk of a White homeland begin, the world goes insane. Why the fuck is that?!

  • Secession needs to happen. I am sick of this degenerate culture of a great mass of blacks endorsr. They would more than likely cease to exist under no government subsidies(welfare) of that such behavior. And most likely have to clean their acts or be removed from black ethno states to prevent thugs and leeches from draining the productive black class. Sadly, most blacks are liberal and not libertarian or conservative. So, I do not think this will happen anytime soon. Secession and self determination is tge answer for America

    • Well said. There are more of us than the liberal media will admit. ‘Secession & Self Determination is the answer’…, not just for America, but for the future and sanity of all concerned.

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  • Some context must be provided for the global backdrop to such a Civil War. In such a scenario global trade would come to a near halt. Without NATO power projection (aka the US armed forces) global flashpoints will ignite.

    India vs. China or Pakistan, Japan will quickly go nuclear, Israel could be wiped off the map, Russia will move into Alaska and into Eastern Europe, Turkey will push into Syria, Iran will invade Yemen and Saudi Arabia. Once the Gulf oil money dries up Europe would descend into chaos as Muslim populations are expelled .

    I’d expect a military coup before large scale conflict in the US breaks out.

  • Civil war is the only option. We must utilize guerilla tactics to collapse the federal gov. Then round up and kill the muds. Stop being weak cucks. You know there is no political solution so we must fight to secure an existence for our people. The key is the economy, bring it down and we win. Most of us are ready to fight and fight we will. We can do this we must do this. You know it’s the only way.

  • I think the discussion of current demographics by county is not terribly important. If/when a civil war breaks out in the US, there will be tens of millions of people displaced and scenes uglier than any this world has seen yet.

    The primary domestic players will be pro-White Whites, anti-White Whites, and Hispanics. EVERY World power will get involved, in fact, every world power has a responsibility to get involved and international Jewry will be scheming to maximize White casualties no matter what.

    It will be a shit show and pro-Whites need to focus on gaining defensible borders, oil, food, and coast line.

  • This article is very true about the coming breakup of America , and Civil War 2. I read the book Civil War 2 several years ago , the author Thomas W. Chittum wrote a very accurate assessment of the American future that would and will be divided along racial and ethnic and political lines. He wrote the book in 1996. I read the book in 1999 if I can remember correctly. I think I bought it from National Vanguard Books.

    This article is very correct that Blacks & Hispanics don’t live around each other , they don’t swim in the same waters , and they don’t really like to be around each other. They ( Blacks & Hispanics ) both mooch and need and feed off of Whites , but when they have strength in numbers , then they become powerful political voting blocks , and then they get the Political Left / Democrat Party and ethnic nationalist civil rights groups and Cultural Marxist Politicians to get them their slice of the pie.

    Asians pretend to like Whites, can relate to Whites more than Blacks & Hispanics, mainly due to their intelligence. Asians are much more intelligent than Blacks & Hispanics and they ( Asians ) think that blacks & browns are dumb criminals who are gang affiliated. Whites in my region have essentially in a nutshell “drunk the kool-aid” because the vast majority of the people in my region have put out the welcome mat to “Muslim Refugees”. The whites in my region are weak, soft, and spineless. I hate to admit this, but it’s true. Also, the whites in my area just simply voting Political Left / Democrat regardless of who the Politician is.

    To make matters worse the whites in my region did not support Ron Paul’s 2 Presidential Political Campaigns in 2008 and in 2012. I donated $ 65,000 to Ron Paul’s 2008 Presidential Campaign. Then I donated $ 100,000 to Ron Paul’s 2012 Presidential Campaign. The lack of enthusiastic support for a Libertarian Presidential Candidate showed that most Whites in the Pacific North-West are anti Libertarian , and are just simply, for the most part Left Wing Liberals and Progressives. Most of the Whites in my region voted for Obama in 2008 and again in 2012 just simply because he was Black , it would be historic , and to prove to the world that they weren’t racist. It is what it is. I tell it like I see it. Great article , very similar to how it was written out in the Book Civil War 2.

  • You have this map ALL WRONG… You’re not taking into account that the Mormons practically OWN Utah and many parts of Nevada, Idaho and Colorado… and they would NOT be on the side of a giant white ethnostate… Do you know what they have been planning (under prophecy) in the case of the SHTF? It’s not white nationalism, I’ll tell you that. Think more along the lines of the Alex Jones “1776” mindset. They have a prophesy that they will rise as the new leaders of America to restore order. You need to keep that in mind if you are thinking of just rolling into Mormon country during a racewar and declaring it part of your ethnostate. Pretty much all Mormons are preppers, heavily stocked with supplies and armed to the teeth. After all they have to be to protect their lifestyle (especially the more old-school types that still practice polygamy, you need lots of ammo in order to keep the government out and the sister-wives in). Fix your map.

    • I am sure that Mormons would do wonderfully well under a majority black or Mexican population…

      I am aware of the cuckservative types like Romney, but even the most dim witted Mormon would be aware of the raw racial realities should the SHTF.

      • No. You’d do better to just count on Mormons being their own state, in fact they already have a name for it. I just can’t remember it off of the top of my head. Between my spouse and I, 75% of our ancestry is Mormon. I’d be the reason it’s not 100% (only one of my parents was Mormon). Don’t underestimate them, and how cucked the church has become in recent years. That’s some mighty wishful thinking.

        • Look how compliant they are to the current regime, a regime that has been enabling one anti Christian law after another for decades now. Their loyalty is clearly not one of dogmatic Christian teachings, they are loyal because they are cowards, the US regime is strong and they are weak, true believers they are not in my eyes.

          So if the regime ends and new realities emerge (racial conflict), then I don’t think they would be some kind of theogolical bastion to the outside world, they are not right now, and thus I don’t see why they would be any different in the future.

          • Again, you don’t know Mormons. They aren’t what you’re thinking… this is something they been waiting for… for a long time.

          • You have it correct that the map is wildly incorrect…. but the Mormon’s don’t own jack shit anymore. Even Salt Lake City has their annual parade of homsexuals and degenerates.

          • That is only for the time being, you don’t understand that do you? Do you think that they will remain the same quiet little religion after this moment they have been waiting for (decades) finally arrives? You’re out of it.

        • But it wasn’t at one time and all it would take is one leader going back to the old line of thinking ..

    • The fact that Mormons are preparing for the SHTF is well known. They have YEARS of food supplies. But their cache of food and guns will do them little good if they don’t control the nuclear weapons. As Dr. Pierce said, when America falls, it is all about who controls the nukes.

      • Mormon-country has nukes… They may not officially be “in control” of them yet, but I’m pretty sure they are employed en masse in nuclear facilities all over their territory. It’s not like the US has only one.

  • Only Neo-fascism will work.

    Someone said, ‘nationalism is the socialism of fools’. He couldn’t be more wrong.

    Socialism can only work on the national-racial level since you are more likely to feel a blood-and-guts connection to your own kind in your own territory. Also, it’s doable for a people to take care of their own in their own borders. It’s impossible for a people to save the entire world. USSR ran out of money trying to prop up leech-states like Cuba, Angola, Mozambique, Ethiopia. Russia would do better to take care of Russians, not save humanity. Same with Sweden. Swedes had a good thing going with national social-democracy. But they got filled with self-righteous hubris and decided to be a moral superpower and welcome the entire world… and it’s destroying the very fabric of Swedish society.

    Neo-Fascism sees the value of every kind of -ism. Every -ism has some degree of validity and a useful limit. It’s like cooking requires several ingredients, not just ONE. This is why left vs right dichotomy is stupid. There are essential ideas on both the left and right. They need to be combined instead of confronted at all times.

    Israel is proof that nationalism is the best socialism. In Israel, the national covenant is that ALL Jews must care for one another. So, a Jew, no matter how rich, has to feel a sense of brotherhood with poor Jews. Jewish Covenant is the fusion of biology, history, and spirituality(and territory if possible). It’s about unity of Jewish blood, Jewish narrative, and Jewish sense of destiny in relation to the cosmic. Such mindset creates a strong bond so that even the richest Jews look upon poorest Jews as fellow kin and brother or sister.

    The reason why Jews hate blood-and-soil mentality among gentiles is not because they hate the idea per se. Paradoxically, Jews hate to see blood-and-soil conviction in others precisely because it’s such a powerful idea, the one that serves as the foundation of Israel(and even when Israel didn’t exist, Jewish sense of covenant had an ethno-state-mindset of blood and soil).

    Jews hate blood-and-soil in gentiles for the same reason that US and Israel hate the idea of nuclear weapons among other nations. If US and Israel hate nukes per se, why don’t they get rid of theirs? Of course, they LOVE their own nukes cuz it gives them super duper power. They hate nukes in other nations because nukes make the OTHER nations powerful in turn. Nukes are the great equalizer. A man with a gun doesn’t want others to have the gun.

    So, when Jews defame whites for being ‘supremacist’, what they really fear is gentile parity and equality with Jews. Jews want blood-and-soil mindset ONLY FOR THEMSELVES. If whites want equality of blood-and-soil self-determination, Jews(who steadfastly hold onto their own blood and soil) denounce them as ‘supremacist’. Jews deny blood-and-soil parity between Jews and gentiles. They know it is a great source of power.
    Modernity has led to all sorts of advances for all peoples, but it also has an uprooting, alienating, and diluting effect. So, even as modernity empowers us with science and technology, it weakens us in terms of identity, history, and solidarity(with own kin). This is why modernity has to be rooted in something of meaningful ethnic and cultural depth. And with Jews, it is the sense of Covenant that unifies spirituality, history, biology, and territory. It unites ALL Jews around the world to think about one another and it brings all their energies to support the Holy Land.

    For any people to survive as race and culture in our modernized world, they need their own sense of covenant that makes them feel a sacred bond with their blood, land, and history.
    That is Neo-Fascism. And once a people are instilled with it, it can co-exist with democracy… as in Israel and Ataturk’s Modern Turkey.

      • The arrangement used to be Christo-Fascist.

        As I’ve said earlier…

        Christianity is esp problematic because of its contradictions. Religion is about spirituality, about truth beyond flesh and materiality. Warriors are about power of blood and land. They’re about boots and steel. Warriors must win in THIS world, just like spiritualists must strive for the OTHER world. So, a symbiotic relation developed between them. Spiritualists, contemplating the higher meaning beyond physical reality, had no time to train to be warriors and killers. Warriors, being tough and hard, had little use for worship of the abstract.
        For that reason, spiritualists were defenseless unless protected by warriors. And since warriors lived a dangerous life where death is just around a corner, they wanted some kind of reassurance, and they got this from spiritualists who told them stuff like, “If you kick their butts and protect our butts, your soul will go to Valhalla and drink Mead forever.” Many cultures had such arrangement. The priest class and warrior class(later to become the aristocracy) scratched each other’s backs. Warriors protected the priests who, invoking the sacred, blessed the warriors. Jews had such an arrangement. King David fought well and protected the Jewish Rabbis who blessed him. And Islam is about warriors fighting the infidels and protecting the clerics who assured the warriors that 77 virgins were waiting for them in heaven.

        Christianity had this arrangement too. In a way, this was more crucial for Christianity because of its pacific nature. After all, even if the warriors fled and chickened out, rabbis and imans could theoretically pick up swords and learn to fight and bash heads. But Christianity taught its clergy to be saintly and not use violence. Turn the other cheek. So, in theory, Christian clergy aren’t supposed to fight. So, they relied totally on the toughness of Christian Warriors who did the bashing of the enemy and protected the Church. But here was the problem. The theory and practice so were at odds with each other. So, even as the Christian clergy blessed the Christian Warriors for bashing the enemies and protecting the Church, there was no getting around the fact that the Christian Warriors had acted un-Christian.
        This is where Judaism and Islam differ from Christianity. When Rabbis thank and bless the Jewish warriors, there’s consistency since Judaism isn’t a pacificist religion. Same with Islam. Muhammad told his men to go kick butt and use the sword to convert the Infidels.
        In contrast, Jesus sermonized about turning-the-other-cheek and loving-thy-enemy and dying at their hands than fighting back like a wounded bull. So, unlike the clergy of other faiths and belief systems who sincerely thanked and blessed the warriors, Christian clergy did so with a certain trepidation. This twisted emotions are on display in THE MISSION and EL CID, a tremendous movie.

        Christianity is damned-if-you-do; damned-if-you-don’t.

        We see this is the conflict between the two women in HIGH NOON. Jurado’s character represents Latin-Catholic worldview. Loyalty to kin, spouse, or lover is what matters most. The Catholic Church is sort of like that. Purity of faith matters less than fealty to tradition, institution, and clergy. She would have died for Cooper’s character if he were still her man. Then, she would go to hell and back for him. But since he is no longer her man, she won’t lift a finger.

        In contrast, Grace Kelly’s character represents an esp purist strain of Protestantism. She’s a Quaker and she won’t stick by her man EVEN WHEN justice and his honor are involved. She’s so devoted to Christian pacifism that she would rather reject her man for not being a Good Christian. She follows the Protestant ethics of personal individual conscience, the faith in the true teachings of Jesus unfiltered by institutional rationalizations or social necessities.

        Jurado’s way may be more realistic, but it’s hardly Christian in the moral sense. It’s closer to Greco-Latin modes of kinship and custom. Kelly’s way is more Christian but no way to survive as pacifisim and nice guys don’t win against boors. These days, the Kellys of the world have transferred their puritanism to OTHER causes, like homomania or Diversinoma. Protestantism is dead as religion but alive as attitude for other causes. Mainline churches are esp breeding grounds for PC lunatics whose purism is about worshiping Negroes, homos, and Diversity.
        As for Catholicism, it too is dead. It can’t make up its mind as to whether it’s a religion of individual conscience or institutionalized orthodoxy. It used to be more the latter, but after Vatican II, it’s gradually been turning into institutionalized frivolity. Just a fashion show. Current pope is especially ridiculous.

        • There’s a lot to what you said that’s interesting, and seems true, but there’s some that’s not because it substitutes Judeo-Christianity for Christianity.

          Mainly, King David protected no “Jewish” rabbis (only in Judeo – Christianity are Jews considered Israelites), and the whole turn-the-other-cheek is commonly taken way beyond its intent and meaning.

          The context of that advice only says that its usually a good idea to not take too much offense at the little things.

          Note the man who said that also instructed his followers to arm themselves even if they had to sell their clothes to do it. And when one of them used his sword to take off a soldier’s ear during the arrest of Jesus, that’s the one Jesus made His successor.

          And Jesus Himself pulled out His whip and flogged the Pharasees personally at one point. That wasn’t a failing it was what needed to be done.

          Its similar to how the guy fighting back in class was usually the one blamed for the fight cause the teacher never sees the beginning of it. So when you’re the victim of some small injustice you have to choose your battles wisely. That’s all Jesus said, there is absolutely nothing in the Bible that says He preached universal pacifism, His actions clearly show that He did not.

          So interpretations to the contrary are just that, interpretations. And they overlook a lot. As with any spiritual path, those not well grounded in reality are going to wander off into unwise directions. It doesn’t mean anything with regard to that particular path, it only speaks of the foolish nature of the one that went off path.

          Now, equating King David with a Jew… From their earliest mention in the Bible, Jews are described as a group that others not born a part of this group could become. That simply does not describe the Israelites, who were/are a family line. If you’re not born an Israelite you can’t ever become one, similar to how Rachel Dolezal can never become a Negro, its just not in her DNA and never will be. You can act like them and adopt their customs but you yourself will never become one of them. When the Bible suddenly begins speaking of this *previously never-mentioned group* and says “many people of the land all became Jews, because the fear of the Jews had fallen upon them” you’d have to overlook everything that’s true about genetics to believe that these newly-mentioned “Jews” refer to a genetic line like the Israelites.

          Plus the Bible always refers to Jews and Israelites as two separate groups whenever both are mentioned together. Jesus “would not walk in Judea for fear of the Jews” that does not refer to a group that He was a part of. Etc etc etc.

          Modern Bibles also don’t include the books that describe the Edomite takeover of Judea lol. They just took them out how’s that for chutzpah. These new Bibles then translate “Judean” for “Jew” and refer to the Edomites as “Jews,” while also translating the name “Judahite” for “Jew.” So now in the same book its referring to two completely different ethnic lines both as “Jews.” How’s that for chutzpah.

          Judeo-Christianity is very different from what was commonly understood through most of Christianity’s history. If you doubt that look at paintings of the Last Supper dating back 1500 years or more. You’ll note almost every artist depicted them with unmistakably White features.

          Once you understand that, you understand the Christianity is really about what is today called “White Supremacy.” It teaches that Whites, not Jews, were just made a little better than everybody else, and for this reason it was necessary that they don’t intermarry with other races. *You can’t remain God’s Chosen People if you mix with other races for the simple fact that this process leads to you becoming something else.*

          And God said that we would do well, as long as we followed His commandments. It worked pretty well, up until the mid-1800s or so when Judeo Christianity began to take root.

          Christo-fascist, I like that, that’s my new political identity thanks Gubbler!

  • Your “State Of Atzlan” shown in the map above is waaaaaaay too generous
    Actually it will include a sizeable chuck of Texas–and forget about most of the west coast being a hispanic state is just ridiculous…. actually when SHTF, most of these rats will scurry south over the border (the cowards that they are) back into Mexico.

    I reality, 80% of the land mass that comprised Califorinia is controlled by the 45% conservative minority which contols these areas… which also control all the major road choke points, oil producing area, water-shed, rail heads and major food producing.

    To think people in these areas are going to let a buch of illegal wetback roll over them with gun is completely ridiculous.

    III% of the people in California alone will stand up to this rabble–what is 3% of 39 million?
    Yeah–do the math in your heads and get with the program.

    In reality–when SHTF, only small portions of the entire west coast will remain leftist bastions, if for any lengh of time which is not possible.

    Yes the USA will not exist are you know it now–but the map shown above is completely ridiculous.
    The reality will not be anywhere close to what you see above.

      • Thank you–you are getting there.
        The left coast blue areas are still way too generous FYI.
        Whittle them down about 35% and you will have the correct area of leftist corruption…. which will be overrun and purged once SHTF.

        On the left coast you will only see small spot of blue when it all shakes out.

        • That’s about how I see it too. That West Coast culture has its charm but it’s not going to do well in the future. Aztlan is already eating them alive, while they s

    • Then you will end up just like it happened in South Africa, they wanted it all and then in the end they got nothing.

      • A lot of people here still in denial. A few more years after the Boomers have passed the reality will be undeniable.

        We will simply not have the numbers to hold onto the whole of the traditional mainland US.

        Houston is majority wetback and that means millions of browns right there, still breeding like roaches.

  • Are there any private clubs left in America that don’t allow minorities? I guess the PC way of asking that is whether there are any safe spaces for whites?

  • I initially clicked on this to make sure my county in North Carolina was still in the White Republic. Glad to see that it still is. My family has owned this land since the mid 1700s and I’d be hard pressed to move. I realize that this map is merely an idea and not an actual proposal but a man can dream.

    • My ancestors came from the exact same region and same time period (1740s on one side, 1760s on the other). Many of them are still there, however one brother who survived the Civil War (three others with his surname died in Gray at Cold Harbor) came West to fight indians after being forced to work on reconstruction for a year, and here we are (KS/CO/NM). We’re probably related somehow.

    • Can you believe our mayor, an immigrant from Lebanon, had the gall to go on television and say “Diversity is our strength?” I was going to complain at Wednesday’s city council meeting but I got sick from my dog’s flea protection. I may go next week or send him an email. His hispandering is truly sickening and he’s a Republican.

  • “Every miserable fool who has nothing at all of which he can be proud, adopts as a last resource pride in the nation to which he belongs; he is ready and happy to defend all its faults and follies tooth and nail, thus reimbursing himself for his own inferiority.” – Schopenhauer

  • I’m lazy and haven’t read the comments.

    Are there a bunch of children here yakking about how they won’t give up any territory to communists, blacks or Mexicans?

    You usually see this variety of patriotard when partition is brought up.

    • “Are there a bunch of children here yakking about how they won’t give up any territory to communists, blacks or Mexicans?”

      No, just a bunch of patriots. You don’t win a war by giving up territory. You win a war by driving out the enemy.

      • No its patriotardism, partition is the only realistic and the most peaceful of all options. If you want to keep places like California that are already massively non white, then you might as well talk about making Mexico part of the USA.

  • We should also be very, very wary of Trump. We seeing just on Friday that he announced that he was going to attack the Iran nuclear deal made in the last administration.

    Why is this important? Simply because the fact that Iran does not have a central bank (i.e. Federal Reserve), which is controlled by Jews, which is present in almost every country on the world except the very few; such as North Korea, Iran, and Cuba.

    Iran wants to keep itself out of the Jewish spiderweb if it’s at all humanly possible, and I wonder if Trump is aiding them by insisting that Iran submit on bended knee to United States (i.e., in this case, Israel) to all sorts of horrendous sanctions that they might not be able to meet.

    We should be very, very wary of anything that is being proposed in this administration, and we should look to see if behind it is the machinations of the Jew

    • Of course Jews are behind the Iran deal. Iran, even an Iran with nuclear weapons, poses no threat to the United States but is a game changer for Israel.

  • Political violence is inevitable in America for one reason only; our friendly neighborhood Spider Kite-man. Let’s be clear on one thing, the Kite is behind all the total breakdown here and in Europe and they’ve had a plan to destroy us, since almost the beginning of time.

    Take a look around you, we have a tyrannical government who doesn’t care anything about anything but enriching itself and evading the laws that sends lesser individuals to jail (i.e., Hillary Clinton as an example). A corporate world, which is only interested in greed and gouging the common man and making him his debt slave. And HollyJewwood whose entire cultural mission is to disparage white people and uplift and tout the alien notion of multiculturalism and miscenagation.

    Only the Jew could think of such insanity as what is occurring today; but I hasten to point out that it’s really not insanity. It’s a carefully calculated plot to ultimately eradicate and displace the one group which could effectively stand up to them: US !! That and that reason only is why there is going to ultimately be some kind of conflict in this country

  • “They have demanded and received segregated black only forms”
    I assume this is a typo and the correct word is “dorms”.
    Or, maybe not. Maybe the want their own forms now, too?

  • Just remember any split would be artificial. The Western soul craves totality and no matter how split the exterior becomes, whether it’s 5 regions or 50 states, they’ll all eventually be reincorporated into one. We can only hope that the right unit does the reintegrating carrying with it the right spiritual, mental, and physical well-being to allow for long-term growth and prosperity.

  • White flight is not an option. We will retake our nation. If we wanna give blacks their own autonomous territory that is fine, but we owe the hispanics nothing. “Aztlan” is ours. We will not only retake our nation, we will conquer the entirety of the Americas.

  • Segregation now and segregation always. You can’t force peoples of different races and cultures to live together in harmony, it doesn’t work. The 1964 civil rights act has failed and it’s time we split up and go our separate ways.

    • Yes it does, but those people have to assimilate to our ways. They can’t just stay in their own little communities as they call them.

  • By the mid-2020s nondiscretionary entitlements will exceed the entire Federal budget (including any QE in its current form). The DoD budget will be dramatically cut because no politician is going to choose Lockheed over AARP. Looking at the acceleration over the past 10 years, by that time inter-racial animosity will be off the charts.

    Lacking Federal funds to coerce states, we can expect power to devolve back to the states and local jurisdictions.

    It should not be ignored that the US is being destabilized by foreign interests. Money from the Chinese, Islam / Gulf oil states, Russian / Central American / Israeli mobs is pouring into US media and politics buying influence.

  • It’s tough this idea of giving up parts of the USA. I’m British and live in the liberal hellhole of London but sincerely want to live with other whites. I really don’t know where I should move to though; was considering Hungary. Part of me wants to stay and fight but even trying to convince my close friends is next to impossible. Whenever I try to tell these people what is really going on they just laugh and shake their heads. Try showing them some videos on youtube and they just act all pissy and irritable.

    If the US does split up, they will probably double down with their retarded multi culti crap just to try and prove a point. I’m gravely concerned for western Europe. IF war breaks out, I’m not sure Whites will win because our own governments will fight us and we don’t have guns.

  • The map took me by surprise since I would not concede the South to African Americans. the land is too strategic and rich with natural resources. I would come to deal with them and the Jews that living in homelands outside the northern American territory is what we want, not what they want.

    But that is just my version. the map also reminds me of the warring indeginous nations before a foreign force (Europeans) overtook them all and made a new nation called America that now is under similar pressures to break up into smaller nations.

    If going by history some of the problems include a stronger foreign power taking over when our internal divisions are the strongest. That means the dominant nation aka whites will have to be strong enough to push away a foreign force while dealing with opposing nations here and come at the top.

  • I reject Nevada as a part of cascadia. As for cascadia, where I live, we’re lucky insofar as there is a dearth of niggers. but we do have a lot of chinks and spics. Overall, however, I’ll take the chinks and spics over niggers anyday.

  • “Blacks do not live where Hispanics live and Hispanics don’t live where blacks live.” No, they live where whites live so they make our neighborhoods look like theirs. Blacks had the same old gripes back in the 1960s. It’s all a part of the grievance industry that gets them more free stuff. If we could just get rid of the sixty million illegal aliens here, our country would be much closer to what it used to be, but even Trump is screwing us over so far on that.

  • Add Mercer County, Ohio to WAR in that map (it’s currently right at the edge of WAR/Atlantic). We’ll make sure of it.

  • Why give these groups anything. Are we not tough enough , do we not have the guts to put these people back in their original habitat? Send blacks to Africa in exchange for white South Africans and send Hispanics back to Mexico and Central America and make us a new country purely for ourselves the white race. All we need is the will to do it!

  • Don’t agree with the map. Like we will give up East Texas, Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and upstate New York. We need more than that garbage coastline, and these areas are mostly controlled by Whites anyway.

  • I think braziliation is more likely than balkanization. America is a golden calf, they won’t let it split itself apart. Jews would most likely hold the secular government together and play the various ethnic groups against each other. Whatever group that wants to assert itself in America will also have to seize the reins of the federal government, there’s no way they’d let anyone secede. And it’s now or never for whites.

    • A lot depends on what happens with the CalExit movement. I know people laugh at the idea but these shitlibs seem to always get what they want. IF it actually happens (still unlikely) then a precedent is set and that of course works in our favor.

      It’s hard to be pragmatic when current events are so unpredictable. If Trump had lost I would agree with you 100% but I’m not so sure now. We def have a chance.

  • Have you seen Liberia lately? Haiti? Sudan? What about Detroit? Those are the kinds of places that Blacks create on their own. There is no Black Belgium. There never has been, there isn’t even a single stable, peaceful, prosperous, black nation in the world. We have to go back to 3,000 years to supposedly* get some semblance of civilization in Egypt which they insist was black in spite of evidence to the contrary.

    It’s not like the only reason the Congolese government doesn’t have a space program is because European explorers landed in West Africa some 500 years ago. American blacks fare only slightly better than their kin in Africa because they are on average a quarter white.

    The point is: what will happen when their “states” are failed states?

  • This is pretty much what is going on right now.
    Can it be anymore obvious? We need to start preparing for what comes next. I keep saying it, we need to be working on building the foundations of a future Aryan nation, preferably in the midwest, and the best way to achieve that is to start building Orania type communities that are totally self-sufficient and ready for anything.

    • Now that my last relative in Iowa is 95, I want to move there. Sad. I supposed there is something to be learned from the Mormons in creating the future Aryan nation..

  • Please do not allow the Jews into the White American Rebulic or we will be doomed to fail again. They are a race who operate under the disguise of religion.

  • We have two choices. Physically take the country back or move to white enclaves until the collapse happens. We are not going to vote our way out of this mess and we are not going to vote to secede, as grand as that sounds. Network with those of like mind, train and prep. I moved my family from the Peoples Republic of Illinois to the lily white Ozarks 16 years ago. One of the best decisions I ever made. I encourage you all to take similar steps.

    • I wish more people would come out against keeping Dreamers here. If we scared the hell out of our so-called leaders, they might not be so quick to put them first.

    • It may be much worse. Other than the Bosniaks, there was not much cultural difference between Slovenes, Croats, Serbs, Montenegrins, and Macedonians.

      • Eh only Bosniak difference they had in 90s that they’re circumcised ( thus bit more aggressive on average) and that they thought that Arabs are their bros. And well they’re also got inbred a lot during Turkish occupation, because they copied theirs superman and his marriage with cousin.
        Now actually differences are widening, but it’s weird combination where one group wants to copy Saudis/or Erdogan policies in Turkey and other finds idols in western leftists.

      • That is a gross generalization. Those are distinct nations with distinct culture. Different religion, different food, different music.

        • The comparison is still valid. You honestly think there is as much difference between a Slovene from Ljubljana and a Croat from Zagreb as there is between a White American from West Virginia and a black from Detroit and a Chinaman from San Francisco and a New York Jew and on and on…

          Yugoslavia was a functional confederation for sixty years because it was composed of White Christian Slavs. The point is that American difference are much greater than South Slavic ethnic groups, so our breakup will be much worse than the 90s Yugoslav wars.

          • Differences are a smaller of course, but they still exist. And they are actually much bigger than you lead on. Even the religion was not homogeneous Cristian, because beside Muslims in Bosnia half of country was Roman Catholic and the other half was Orthodox. They speak distinct languages, Serbs use Cyrillic letters. Folk music from Slovenia or Serbia is like from two different planets.

            Yugoslavia was functional federation (not confederation) because of strong leader who held it together. But it had same migration pattern as any other place in the world. Slovenia had 97% ethnic Slovenians after WW2 and the 3 percent were Italians and Hungarians whose population remained stable. But despite still being over 99.5% white, Slovenians are set to become minority in their country sooner than Germans or French or Swedes will. Thanks to invasion from ex. federation.

            Your final assessment is correct. We have seen results of this “white multiculturalism”. If it wasnt stopped from outside these quite similar nations would do full ethnic cleansing in their territories. End result of western multiculturalism isnt going to be any prettier.

          • The jews would already have us at that point, but white America is armed. This has always been the drive behind “gun control” (you think they actually care when njgs shoot each other?), it’s “scary rural goyim” control.

  • Which of the countries on the map gets the nuclear weapons (and the facilities to maintain and replace them°? Or is unilateral nuclear disarmament necessary to a partitioned United States (my personal preference).

  • I will cede no clay to the invaders.
    Should it come to violence, the US will be systematically cleansed of mud.

    • Future generations can take back lost territory. We have to make sure those future generations exist. The blood is more important than the clay.

      • This.

        There is a very real risk of us not existing in the future.

        While this map is utterly retarded as something to shoot for… it would represent an incredible long odds victory to actually get that as a white ethnostate

        • I’m not American so don’t feel qualified to comment on how America should properly be broken up.

          We’re not strong enough to take on the system head on and don’t have the popular support that the Left has yet though. Building up our own communities that would become more attractive to normies as the America surrounding them gets worse and worse for whites is the best path forward that i see though. In Canada we should be doing the same thing. Though demographics here are still way whiter outside of the major cities.

    • Yup, once violence breaks out all bets are off. Complete chaos ensues after which our nations will be reordered.

  • One problem whites have faced is most of them really did believe in equality and morality, whereas most blacks, hispanics, and Jews do not. Many whites are now learning those values will get them nowhere except beaten, raped, stolen from, imprisoned, or dead. It will be the destruction of morality that will lead to the violence.

  • Why would anyone cede California to Mestizo peasants?

    Blacks like Farrakhan are already on board with peaceful separation. Logically, that means you grant much of the South to blacks, since that is where blacks are concentrated.

    Someone else already said it, all Jews to Israel.

    That leaves the Mestizos in the Southwest. They can just be expelled across the Mexican border. Germans were expelled across Eastern and Central Europe to the Oder-Neisse line, so too can Hispanic illegal aliens be sent over the Rio Grande from whence they came.

    We just absorb the Asians and assimilated Hispanics who speak no Spanish that are already here. That is the easiest way forward. All of America and Canada save the Black Belt South should be one giant White ethno-state.

    • Cal-exit gets rid of white shitlibs, hordes of mestizos AND tons and tons of mystery meat that might otherwise “assimilate” with whites

      Seems like a no brainer… red areas can simply counter-secede

      • California was right wing and pro white through the 90s. It can be again. California was the first place to sound the alarm bells about illegal immigration. Many of the shitlibs you describe are Jews or non-white. It would also be dumb to give up California’s ports, tech industry, and ag land.

        • “California was right wing and pro white through the 90s. It can be again.”

          Only if the demographics change.

          • Easy. Expel all illegals and recent non white immigrants. Whites will then start returning to California.

          • One way or the other

            I kind of prefer the idea of forcing white shitlibs to live in lands ruled by their pets for a while

            They might learn something

        • I voted for Prop. 187 after having worked my way through college by working at the welfare department. In 1982, the border patrol van would park in the parking lot to take away illegals when they applied for benefits for their anchor babies. By 1984, you could no longer work there without speaking Spanish. Women would tell the Spanish-speaking workers that they snuck across the border, had their babies in the hospital across the street, come over to apply for welfare for their babies who were U.S. citizens, and then go back to Mexico. Once a month, I was taken to a room in the back to stuff envelopes with welfare checks bound for Mexico. Management hid me because if other workers saw it, they’d get irate. Now, there is a binational program which began this year in San Diego. Fifty four thousand U.S. citizens from Baja are brought across the border during the week to be educated at taxpayer expense.

          • I use to visit Southern California back in the 70’s. It was staring to look like that back then.

    • Nobody in Canada considers “huwhyte” their ethnicity. I don’t want to open up this can of worms again, but we’re a cultural mosaic, not a melting pot, and we don’t want an American identity. Sorry bud.

      • I’d be fine to leave Canada alone but they are so fucked up that our hand may be forced if Trudeau stays in power. He’s only 40 and could be in Ottawa for the next 20 years, easily. Look at Germany and Merkel as an example of what could happen.

        • Yeah, things aren’t good. And I wouldn’t be surprised if he get’s re-elected as the Conservative party leader isn’t anything to write home about.

          I’d like to see the country broken up into smaller European sized countries based on regional identities though. Not latch onto a larger entity. Thats not to say that friendly alliances can not be maintained. We need American money, and America needs Canadian natural resources. There are a lot of aspects of American culture that I really don’t relate to though.

  • Balkanization won’t be nice big chunks on a map. It’ll be at the county level, sometimes districts. That means a lot of the fighting will be basically door to door

  • i don’t see whites putting up resistence, there needs to be an economic collapse first.

    Americans worship money, whites and blacks, no one is a radical when shekels are on the table.

    Even the working white man today cannot afford a house or kids but he won’t complain he will just go on watching Jewish media glorifying the rich and imagining himself to be rich too one day.

    so much of the profits of corporate America in the last few decades has come by reducing the amount of pay workers take in, and reducing the numbers of workers.

    capitalism is as much a problem as the race problem, you do not care about white workers if you cannot admit it. the right is being run by closet queer trust fund babies who are larping as traditionalists while promoting gay marriage and never addressing the destruction of the working class, in my mind having men that work with their hands is pretty traditional.

    as much as communism is a Jewish plot capitalism is even more so, American Jewish capitalists have been promoting the far left outside America for a century now while within America they control the rich white conservatives

    • collapse is a mathematical certainty. i can’t imagine this debt to infinity economy lasting another 10 years.

      • we, Americans, have always run on debt, ever since colonial times. Back then they were able to pay off enough of it that it made sense for the banks to keep lending. Today is a different story, the dollar is worth a hundred times less than it was a hundred years ago, the Jewish run banks print monopoly money to keep themselves floating, and the largest American export is soy.

        Our economy is dead the only reason we have any leverage over other countries is open borders, the rich third worlders get to come here and screw white women. So they are pro America, as it stands today a multi cultural freak show.

        We are ruled from the outside. If a white ethnostate was created it would be blockaded by the whole world, like north Korea, and even with the USA gone the rest of the world would be pretty unaffected, China would be the most impacted but they have markets as big as the usa now that they control in Africa and south America.

  • I’m not against the concept of a Black ethnostate somewhere, but it won’t be in the region you’ve highlighted.

    The Black Belt Nation theory was dreamed up by the Comintern in the 20s and has been haunting us ever since. While the Black population there has increased as far as raw numbers are concerned, migration to major urban centers continues steadily.

    Resulting in lower and lower percentages of Blacks to Whites overall.

    The migration trend is driven by gibs, they don’t get the same ‘oppurtunities’ in largely rural areas that they do in urban centers. If it’s that easy to motivate Blacks to migrate…we could put them anywhere.

    We have absolutely no reason to cede large swathes of my ethnic homeland (Dixie) to a Black ethnostate.

    We should fund migration to a defined Black area, and continue support them there alotted time. Those that don’t want to migrate will have option of gibs in exchange of sterilization.

  • I love obsessing over maps, but I highly doubt there will be a peaceful agreement to set borders. A violent fight to set borders likely won’t lead to a stable system. Worst case scenario could even lead to a Mad Max style collapse.

    Populations would have to self-segregate a lot more before such things could have a chance of happening. Only 4 states supported HRC by more than 60%, and only 10 supported Trump by more than 60%. The split isn’t so much regional as it is rural vs. urban.

  • The ONLY part of the country we should even consider giving up are Southern Florida, Southern California, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. The rest of the country is OURS by every historical right.

    The US should invade northern Mexico as the “country” deteriorates and just dump off the Hispanics (whether Mexican or Squatemlan) there. Asians can go back to their homes. Blacks and half-castes will be difficult to deal with.

    • Where are you at in Ohio? I’m down here in South-Central Ohio along the Ohio River, overlooking the beautiful hills of Kentucky. Damn good to see the upper third of the Buckeye State turned into what it is, a liberal clusterfuck. The people up north & in Columbus have always looked down upon this part of the state with contempt. Hope it materializes, because I’m staying put & their staying out!

      • I’m a Clevelander. There are the ignorant shitlibs who do view southern Ohioans as “inbred hicks” (though not the clearly inbred jackals that are Somalis) most are coming around and becoming more “woke” on blacks, with a special animosity growing for Muslims.

        • Keep in mind these “inbred hicks” like myself are good people. Many have endured poverty even when Ohio itself was the world’s 10 largest economy back in the 50’s & early 60’s. If you’re ever down this way, you’ll see some folks flying the Stars & Bars or a decal version pasted on their pick-up truck. That should give you some idea about our contempt for the rest of the state & “outsiders” both domestic & foreign!

    • Why would you consider giving any up? Can the hispanics not be pushed back south of the U.S. border? Liberia was set up to be the home to U.S. blacks. The program could be re-established.

      Also, nothing will be got without blood. So, I’m guessing people won’t be feeling very generous after the body count.

      I would say take it all back. If it is possible. Only give concessions where you are absolutely forced to.

      • There’ll be a lot of shrieking and AW LAWDY, AW LAWDY and fake fainting and a few of the bucks will have to be very publicly and dramatically put down, but yeah, I agree. The groids will immediately fold when faced with resolute, deaf-eared white men, as they always have.

        They just haven’t seen many of those for sixty years.

  • Negroes will never be given equality, it must be earned the old fashioned way by hard work.

    All are born equal, naked squalling ignorance, after that it’s dog-eat-dog competition. The Devil has taken the hindermost and marked them.

    • Even birth is not equal. One out of every seven newborns come into this world with some sort of defect. A few eventually die in infancy. The others will have a lifetime of misery. By the way, there is nothing in this world that is fair, free or equal. Examples of all the aforementioned are virtually infinite.

      • The programming of the religion of equality is the hardest for people to shake.

        It’s great to call out shitlibs for not believing in evolution… because they don’t.

    • people don’t understand that the border in Texas is just an imaginary idea from another era, there are no official numbers but i would guess more than 50% of Texas is Mexicano mestizo

      • I’ve seen statistics that say 76 percent but I don’t remember where I saw it. I am certain we are higher than 75 percent here in San Diego. The only white people in my town are over 50.

        • retirees, because we dont get wages that can support a family.

          the mexicans shift seasonally, the value of the dollar is easily 5 times higher in mexico than it is here, so you have a group of mexicans that work for a business and they go half the year or something and send money back and spend time with their families, they are able to support their foreign family on wages that I can not as a white american.

          It is not only Mexicans doing this, where I live it is somalis, they have two wives and twenty kids in somalia, and they drive taxis or something here, they have a wife here too, and they jet back and forth

          • Yeah, shame on Trump for not stopping remittances and the rest of this stuff. Where is America first? He seems to have forgotten about that.

    • I disagree with the borders on this map, but the fact remains that in a balkanization scenario people will have strong incentives to consolidate in areas where people from their group are in charge

      It won’t be a matter of some white nationalist saying “you white people have to leave your homes”, it will be a matter some white nationalist saying “white people are safe here”.. and having the power to keep them safe

      • Blakes will never summon the agency to maintain a territory. If the powers that be lost control to where balkanization was imminent, the insolent blakes would be physically removed and the rest would follow the leader lest they meet the same fate.

        • It might if it was ruled by white-presenting blacks & (((blacks))). Agreed that a 100% black nation would quickly break down into small scale gang/tribal warfare, leaving them open to conquest by races capable of large-scale organization.

          • Blacks will curse the day they no longer have YT. They are not even capable of feeding themselves. Neither the Asians not Hispanics will tolerate their ungrateful nature and monkey shines.

        • Sure, but look at the NAACP’s leadership; for a long time it was all Jewish, with blacks providing the muscle. A pattern that may be repeated.

          While Southern whites have better attitudes than most in some ways, the South’s position is also in some ways more precarious, because the demographics are so bad.

          Further immigration could make the position untenable relatively quickly.

        • Let’s send them to the borderless welfare states the northeast and west coast. Revoke welfare and give them bus money and wave them bye.

      • Which is why establishing our own communities, by us and for us, is the most worthwhile thing we can do right now. There are many ghost towns all over North America, waiting to be revived and developed. If we don’t do it, high agency immigrants from Hong Kong will.

        • well, IMHO the most important thing we can do is influence the opinions of the white population, to get them thinking in a way that is more conducive to survival.

          other than that, what you said. And we can do both.

          • Well, if you read what Vincent wrote yesterday about his mother, you will see that people just won’t wake up no matter what you say. If my parents’ generation had risen up thirty years ago, we wouldn’t have this mess.

          • They’ll wake up when ignoring reality is no longer an option. They’ve happily been ignoring well reasoned arguments and statistics for decades now and will continue to do so. As long as their comfortable they will go along with the status quo.

          • To be fair, the boomers didn’t have the access to information like we do now, and since the non-white population was smaller then, they didn’t have the overwhelming evidence of why it was a terrible idea to allow this kind of immigration. They were hippie hopefuls who ended up being completely wrong. We still hold a majority, all hope is not lost. Honestly if this map were to become true, the non-white sectors would immediately implode and we would still have the race war as they tried to force their way into our territories. Balkanization will just slow what i feel to be, sadly, inevitable.

          • My grandfather was a missionary’s son who settled in Santa Ana, California and said it was the best place in the world. By the early 1980s, the whole town was filled with Mexicans and Central Americans. He hated every one of them. His house was robbed twice, Mariachi music caused his walls to shake. His elderly neighbor had lived in her house for like forty years or so and woke up in the middle of the night with a Mexican on top of her. My grandfather was 88 when he started waving his pistol and saying, “I’m going down and I’m taking the Mexicans with me.” My uncle came and took his gun. He died right after that in 1991. Now We the people rising go to events there and are told that white people aren’t wanted in their town. I grew up there! The mayor is a radical Mexican lunatic who tells the Trump group that the city council chambers is his house. The United Nations has taken over California and we are no longer ruled by the will of the people. I have written a ton of letters and no one is interested in helping us, including Trump. We did not vote for these stupid Hispanics in office.

          • They’ll wake up when their is a machete mob moving methodically through their neighborhood murdering all the evil wipipo.

          • That sort of thing is starting to go on in my neck of the woods. They aren’t reporting it of course but attacks are increasing in frequency.

        • The thing about ghost towns, is they are usually ghost towns for GOOD REASONS… as in they will need more work than most people are willing to do… Practically be rebuilt from the sewage systems and basements, up.

          • Nobody said it was going to be easy. If it were easy it probably wouldn’t be worth doing.

          • A lot of ghost towns are also badly positioned on the map for reception and/or distribution of resources, poor or no highway access… Led paint, asbestos… or being destroyed economically from nearby cities. It might be a nice dream, but it’s more feasible to simply take over a currently functioning town by having a network to inform each-other when property is up for sale, rather than sink money into a place that has already fallen apart. I know of one ghost town that is possible to save… but at this point, decentralization is what is keeping us safe from attacks. Get every white nationalist in one ghost town… it won’t be hard for anti-whites to know which food supplies or water to poison, which places to strike either small or large-scale.

          • It’s not as simple as something like “if they won’t give us an ethnostate, we make one anyway.”

            There are ethnostates all over the USA called “reservations”… maybe white men need to see what can be done about getting whites the same “right to self-determination”. I guarantee the people in power right now, would not allow whites to have an entire town without forcing diversity there just like they’ve done everywhere else. This either needs to be done legally, or by force.. just “planting ass in the middle of nowhere” isn’t going to cut it.

          • Simple solution, every time a “diversity” gets moved in just “disappear them”

            The best thing about small towns & the country is the sheer amount of space.

          • How is this idea cowardice but begging for reservations (which you won’t be given) like the injuns any better? I’m not asking the Jews for self-determination. I’m suggesting white people create their own self-determination. I highly doubt that all WN would ever all unite under one project as there is very little unity in the movement. Numbers would be small at first, and as it gets built up more, more people would be attracted to it. I’m not saying we build military compounds, they should be healthy, family friendly communities that are implicitly white. Non-whites would have no interest in them for a good long while, because there would be nothing for them to parasite off of in them. Anyone who does go would have to be prepared to work hard.

      • And for us old folks, money will be an issue. I suspect we’re screwed if this should come in our lifetime.

    • Of course negroes wouldn’t take the south through some strategic maneuver, they’re incapable of that. What they will do is keep moving here in droves until they reach a certain % then the ensuing white flight would give them some territory.

      • If the premise is loss of federal power, I dont think people would be so polite as to engage in white flight.

          • I was raised in and love the Desert Southwest. The fucking Aztec savages can’t have it; they never “had” it to begin with. They were barefoot goatherd cowering behind adobe mission walls in Santa Fe and Tucson for four hundred years hiding from and appeasing the savage slavers of the Apache and Comanche…. then we came and cleaned shit up in a generation. My ancestors fought and bled for this region. I hate constant pissing rain and the PAC NW. I might be convinced to move to Utah, but sorry, keeping NM/AZ. Fuck this silliness.

            I imagine many who have “blood” connections to their “soil” feel the same way.

          • A better description would be of the Croats during that time. They had a large ethnic minority of Serbs living in Croatia. The Serbs had support from Yugoslavia/Serbia. Its a similar situation with Mexicans living in the Southwest, bordering a nation that would surely render aid and support to them if conflict broke out. Serbs rebelled against Croatia as the republics started to seperate…..they were successful, they took about a third of Croatian Territory from Croatia. I could see Mexicans with the help of Mexico achieving this in the begining as well….but it was short lived…it took a few years, but The Croats armed themselves, they built up thier military, they organized themselves, planned and then they waged a massive operation called storm….they never left thier territories…they only stayed in Croatia…but they drove all the Serbs out and retook the territory..where it firmly remains to this day.. I think that is a very similar situation that were facing. at least in the southwest portion of the United States. Im with Blank spot on this…I dont see giving up such a large piece of our land when we have the military capability to hold it…we might have to retreat and fall back untill we have strengthened ourselves as the Croats did..but we will indeed launch an operation storm of our own the reclaim the land that is rightfully ours. its the morally right thing to do. If or when this scenario would unfold…you can bet your last dollar that it will make the Balkans look like disneyland though…its a god damned shame its heading to that, it could have all been prevented

          • whites would fight each other before that happens for that exact reason. they will do great in south America once we get clear zog out of there as well

      • Whites flee when the federal government ties their hands behind their back. In a civil war situation, no one could stop them from fighting back.

        • No, it’s quite possible to imagine a situation where there is a low level defacto undeclared civil war… but the FEDGOV prevents whites from fighting back, while enabling black violence and criminality

          Study south Africa more… ITZ coming here

        • Yes and no. A lot of cucks in subdivisions…..happy wife happy life crowd. The type of people who start a sentence with ” I’m not racist but” The Republican party locally is really all rhinos or just small town corrupt Louisiana politicians.

          • I suppose I am a bit more optimistic than you. Those that preface their “racist” statement with “I’m not racist but..” only say that to deflect potential social ostracization rather than because they self censor wrong think.

            Where to go from here?

            1) Deconstruct the notion of these “racist” statements being “racist” rather than mere fact
            2) Normalize “racist” statements. Make it ok again to be a “racist”. These cuckservatives had fathers (and mothers perhaps) who thought like this without hesitation. We can bring the boomer cucks back from the brink.

          • I’d like to think cuck behavior will be self punished. Boomers are too far gone but the gen x ERs and millennials can be targeted.

            Remember they are still married to women. Women prefer real men who don’t censor themselves and walk on egg shells. The smarter ones will realize once their old lady runs off with Chad thundercock, the really blue pill ones will just be hopeless.

    • There are 30 million of them, and if we want to separate as peacefully as possible like black leaders such as Farrakhan have suggested, then the blacks have to have somewhere to live. They aren’t going back to Africa.

          • This map is retarded. Give blacks their own autonomous territory and retake “Aztlan” as it is ours. Then after that conquer the rest of the Americas.

          • Just open up boarding on boats with Free weed and chicken sandwiches with extra juicy fresh water melon. They’ll be gone in a week. Make sure the captain has an escape boat just in case they chimp out when all the weed disappears.

      • Yeah, Abraham Lincoln suggested that they go back after the war and they didn’t want to. Send that fact to the NFL players.

      • What makes you think blacks want to be as peaceful as possible? Where could you have gotten such an absurd notion? Certainly not there everyday conduct or their talk of white genocide and killing whites.

        They can go somewhere else, but when this gets violent it will be the hard cases who decide how it goes down. There will be nothing kind or gentle about it on either side and that will bring the radical elements to the foreground.

      • Give the American Negroes the island of Hispanola–Haiti and the Dominican Republic and several other large islands in the Carribean…perhaps portions of Cuba and Jamaica. It is best to separate them from Mainland America (though there would be clusters in Cascadia, Texas, Florida and the Cucked Northeast)…

    • We need to come up with a breeding/reproduction policy that aims to shrink their numbers dramatically. free abortion, free condoms+BC, vasectomies for convicts in exchange for lesser sentences, advertisements aimed at blacks to get them to have 1 or 0 kids

    • Correct, so I can only see that border as temporary. The game will be: Who can hold the negros in place long enough for them to eat each other then claim that land when blacks are extinguished.

      Way too much valuable coast to let it become New Liberia.

  • I’d be willing to sacrifice anything so that my son could grow up in a white ethnostate. I live in NC and I cringe at the idea of him growing up around a bunch of negroes like I did.

    • I moved my family and children for that very reason. Then they followed us there. Where ever we go they follow us, hat in hand. Fortunately they live in the country and don’t have to deal with the groids until they are adults.

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    • It would be nice to live in a country where people accept me and do not care that I am white. I have never had such a country.

      • How sad. It was lovely. I have no other interest in saving our country other than I believe the young people are entitled to live in the America I grew up in.

          • It was their parents that were the straw that broke the camels back. The “Greatest Generation” was actually the most degenerate in the nations history. That is why their kids were so fucked up and why their kids embraced the Civil Rights act that THEY pushed for.

            Its only useful to blame generations in the context of understanding what went wrong. What went wrong was WWI and II and those were triggered by the industrial revolution that triggered the mass immigration in the late 19th century and that was triggered by the civil war, etc etc.

          • Thanks for defending the boomers. They do have a lot to answer for but most of the dreadful public policy decisions were made by the “Greatest Generation.” You also recognize that the seeds of what went wrong go back a long way.

          • Let’s put it this way, the boomers didn’t start the Viet Nam War, 1959? -75, but somewhere around 53,000 (out 58,500) of them died in it when things really heated up after the Gulf of Tonkin incident in August, 1964. I remember it quite well.

          • Thanks for your comment. I was too young for the Vietnam War and had serious medical issues that prevented any military service, but I appreciate whatever sacrifice you made. One other observation by Steve Sailer concerning the Boomers is that the situation of the early and late Boomerx was dramatically different. Bommers born between 1946 and 1952 who entered the work force between 1964 and 1970 had it reasonably good. Things began deteriorating after 1970–a Boomer entering the work force in 1978 may have a lot more in common with Millenials, than early Boomers, let alone the Greatest Generation.

          • First of all, I didn’t serve in the military. Had a high number during the ’70 lottery & by that time, draftees were no longer being sent to ‘Nam. However, Nixon prolonged the conflict another three years by sending troops into Cambodia in April, 1970 & continued the bombing campaign of North Viet Nam well into late ’72 before the truce in January, 1973 which as we all know was a farce. Viet Nam fell to the commies in ’75.
            That said, you’re right about the economy. Things really starting going down the crapper after the 1969-71 recession which really marked the beginning of de-industrialization for the U.S. Thousands of good paying factory jobs left for both Mexico & the Far East. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll ever return. You’re also right about the 46-52 & 53-64 Boomers. However, I knew several

          • Military service is not required to earn credibility with me. You’re right that the loss of good paying, relatively secure factory (increasingly also office) jobs is an economic and social catastrophe. A statement that you’ll need to “reinvent yourself” several times during your life sounds exciting at graduation time, but it gets harder and harder as one ages. About eight or so years ago I remember reading an article about some men in their fifties in upstate New York who had been manual workers all their lives. They were trying to learn some computer skills and, surprise, surprise, it just wasn’t sticking in their brains. Tell me about it! I’m in my 60s and have been trying to learn Russian (circumstances too complicated to explain). I’m light years behind my 17-year old daughter. Putting men past 35-40 on the street is an incredible personal hardship, whether you’re a Boomer (late or early) or not, and a recipe for social instability.

          • I don’t know about this “Greatest Generation” that people talk about… I suppose my family skipped that one? My grandparents were born from 1890-1915… and I’m in my early 30’s. Is that people born from the 1920’s-1940’s or something?

          • Boomers voted for Ronald Reagan to get rid of illegals. They voted for Pete Wilson for governor and Prop.187 to keep illegals from getting benefits and education. They voted for Trump and the country has been overwhelmed with nonwhite immigrants and refugees and it doesn’t seem to be going away soon. What else could they have done? Their will was subverted at every turn.

    • And I’d be willing to sacrifice anything so that your son could grow up in a white ethnostate too. That’s why I’ve been fighting this for thirty years.

          • You realize without white people to pay taxes all you will be left with is Asians right ?
            Asians who make up less then 3% of the population & only put up with you because white people demand it.

            But it probably won’t get to that point, Genetic engineering is progressing so fast that Groids, muslims etc… could easily be wiped out in 15-20 years without a drop of white blood needing to be spilled thanks to designer viruses.

          • Dont want to talk about the welfare u demons got from the gov? Lol. Shut up clown, this country was built off the 400 years of free labor from blacks.

          • I understand how you believing that makes your angry. But the reality is you are very fortunate to live with us white folks. If it wasn’t for us you would still be squatting on your haunches in a mud hut in Africa somewhere drinking water with shit in it. Don’t be mad bro – be thankful.

          • If it wasnt for blacks working for free to build this country u would never enjoy your life of white privilege. Dont be arrogant and racist bro, be thankful.

          • Africa had slaves for thousands of years and they never built a fucking wheel. What happened ????

          • Like the black Moors who brought u illiterate Neanderthals out of the Dark Ages? Educate yourself u moron.

          • The invasion of Southern Europe by middleastern muslims was on obstacle to our ascension, not the reason for it. Fortunately, they were able to successfully drive the invaders out at the point of the sword.

          • I know I should stop replying to you but here we go: I did google it and the only thing that came up was a story from “Atlanta black star”. Now I’m loling.

          • Hey, TPR, it’s fun watching everyone make a fool of you. Lol! Wish jessica22 was here to watch.

          • More bullshit revisionist history.

            Muslim Moors burned down the Library of Alexandria, they burned ancient manuscripts and destroyed priceless artwork all the name of “Allah”.

            Muslims are still burning art and libraries just turn on the fucking news.

            You talk so much shit, you are a boy, a child with no education. You are a simple, ignorant and small person.

          • And this guy thinks that the Moors were black… LOL then again.. they think everyone in history was black. Even Mozart and Shakespeare. These WE WUZ KANGZ types are so off their rockers.

          • My privilege comes from the hard work and high morals of my parents that set me off to the right start. Jus cuz your mom is a slut and your dad is a no count doesn’t mean I have white privilege. It means your culture is sick and needs help. Go join the hotep folks I really think they may can help you.

          • I am grateful for my white skin. If I wasn’t white, then I may be black. If I was black my mom would probably be a lazy welfare dependent whore and my dad would probably be some type of unemployed convict. Then I would grow up angry thinking it is everybody else’s fault instead of it being my parents fault and the cycle would repeat itself with my own children. How sad. Oh and I would love rap music- which would suck the worst. I would blare it all day and my kids would grow up thinking being a gangsta was cool and we would all be real confused why white people (even liberals) don’t want to live by us, go to school with us, and just all around accept our criminal behavior.

          • Blacks didn’t build America. Whites did. If anything, Blacks commit the most crime and cost taxpayers trillions in welfare and public expenses. Blacks are the most racist people that exist, they are obsessed with color and everything is race to them. It must be awful for you guys living like that.

          • Didnt know whites brought in millions as enslaved people working for free for 300 years.

          • You mean the slave labor that less then 2% of americans ever owned ? The slave labor that was bought from other africans & muslims ?

            Face it, blacks own worst enemy are other blacks. If you don’t like us so much you can take you ungrateful ass back to the congo & be raped to death by you aid’s infected cousins.

          • Is your little brown mind too small to figure out that the government gets it’s money from white taxpayers?

          • How much money did the enslaved blacks pay and get in tax refunds to build this country for free? LOL..sit down and give your mind a rest, clown.

          • Haha, it’s almost sad that you actually believe that shit. Negro slaves did simple menial agricultural labor, nothing more. You people have cost us far more than you were ever worth! If you negroes are so great at building then why are all of your countries uncivilized wastelands?

          • LOL…and Columbus discovered America also, right? Stop listening to those jr high school drop outs at those klan meetings for your history.

          • Nice rebuttal there Tyrone.

            From 2014:

            On net, whites generate a $249.52 billion surplus, or $1,260 per person if you assign 100% of military spending to whites. If you just give whites a proportional share of military spending, their surplus goes up to $553.52 billion total and $2,795 per capita.

            Blacks, by contrast, run a budget deficit of $389.71 billion, or $10,016 per capita. If 100% of military spending is assigned to whites, blacks STILL run a $306.53 billion deficit, or $7,700 per capita.

            See, Whitey does pay for your gibs.

          • I should’ve known better than to try and debate you with facts and statistics. You’re not far enough up the evolutionary ladder to comprehend anything abstract.

          • Did i miss your stats for the 1600s? There is no debate between the two of us, i dont pick on the handicapped.

          • The states with no history of plantation slavery seem to be richer than the ones with plantation slavery. The labor that was forcibly extracted from your people doesn’t seem to have translated into present day economic gains. In other words, it was a complete waste.

          • Lol, u sound stupid. Which states were richer when blacks worked for free? Economic gains for who? I assure there are plenty of whites in the south who still benefit from the free labor of enslaved blacks.

          • Are we talking about in 1600 to the late 1800s when blacks were enslaved? If not please sit down with that stupid argument.

          • I agree that enslaved labor built the south. The question here is: Would the south had been richer if it had been built with wage labor? The states that were built with wage labor seem to be richer now, which suggests that the answer is yes. Just in case it isn’t obvious, I think that we would have been better off if we had picked our own God Damned cotton.

          • Where can I find those stats? Like a website name and phrase to search? I argue with people about how blacks are parasites all the time and I would love to be able to show them sources.

          • Lol at least as a racist white supremacist u admit u argue and cant find a source to validate your racist bs. I suggest u find a source to help wt your deflection when posting your bs.

          • Stop listening to your Jewish masters and to CNN and Hollywood, and to the crackheads and gang bangers in the shitty torn down, rat infested slum you’re from.

          • That’s a fact! He’s an idiot and is actually White, posing as a negro. He’s as crazy as a bedbug.

          • Watch the video, the sources are all there. Here are a couple more, negro. It is self-evident.
            Black African Culture without White Man’s Oppression-Youtube
            African culture for everyone. 18+-LiveLeak (youtube video pulled)

          • Did you read your own article? ‘
            THEORY DEBUNKED?
            Did you read the below paragraph in the article:
            “If accepted, this theory will indeed alter the very beginning of human history.”
            (If DEBUNKED, how do you explain the researcher saying…IF the theory is ACCEPTED) LOL. So much for that bs about DEBUNKED.

            However some experts were more skeptical about the findings.

            Retired anthropologist and author Dr Peter Andrews, formerly at the Natural History Museum in London, said: “It is possible that the human lineage originated in Europe, but very substantial fossil evidence places the origin in Africa, including several partial skeletons and skulls.

            “I would be hesitant about using a single character from an isolated fossil to set against the evidence from Africa.”
            I suggest you find another article to validate your bs. This article just proved you’re an idiot or cannot read. LOL…

          • Negroes are sub-humans. They are not even truly human. They are simply being (((used))) and once the (((users))) are done, the negroes will ALL be back in chains. There is no winning for the negroes, (((they))) will assuredly not allow it.

          • Did u read that in the article? Lol, deflection because i exposed u as a lying idiot? So much for that bs about DEBUNKED. LOL

          • The (((out of negroland))) theory has been summarily debunked. It is nothing more than a jewish concoction to embolden the negro sub-humans; we wuz kangz and sheeit, etc. The negroes that were discovered by the European explorers, never had a written language and never discovered the wheel. These are facts. The ancient Egyptians were also White. The miscegenation with the sub-sahara darkies is what has created the typical olive complexion of most modern middle-easterners. The Persians were also White, many still are. Watch negroes in negroland on youtube. Negroes are sub-humans. There are old dictionary/encyclopedia entries that classify them as an animal sub-species.

          • Lol. Still deflecting? Dont want to answer the questions about your article? So much for your bs about the theory being DEBUNKED. Lets hear some more of your deflection to hide your ignorance. Lol

          • Lol, i know it must kill u white supremacist to post bs, get exposed then have to deflect to hide your ignorance. I know its hard to be a white supremacist and trace your lineage back to a black woman. Lol

      • Hey asshole. If it weren’t for Whites you’d be sucking the shit out of a cow’s ass for nourishment, and not getting fat and happy on McDonalds. If motherfucking cunts like you think you’d be better off without “Whitey” then go and move to a country where blacks run the government? Sudan, Somalia, Congo, Zimbabwe. There’s lots of shitholes you can move to.

          • I already informed you, and others have as well, that “Out of Africa” was debunked years ago. Stop being willfully stupid.

          • Debunked how? Still waiting for one of you ignorant white supremacist to copy and paste where a study said there is scientific proof supported by scientist in the field. You’re not going to find it you moron. Until you find a source, stfu and accept the fact that you have black blood in your veins. LOL..

          • You’re a denying liar, TPR. I have no negro in my veins, but you do. Aren’t you proud, you idiot?

          • Deflected again. Debunked how? U r starting to turn into a troll wt all the deflection every time u cannot answer a que. Starting to not take u serious wt all the deflection.

          • It’s debunked because:

            Blacks BRED WITH ANOTHER SPECIES of AFRICAN HOMINID which whites and Asians do NOT possess the DNA of…

            In the same manner that Asians bred with the Denisovan that whites and blacks do not possess the DNA of…

            In the same way that Whites and Asians bred with the Neandertal that Blacks do not possess the DNA of.

            We cannot possibly be descended from Blacks, otherwise we would possess just as much DNA from African Hominid X as we posses of the Neandertal. We Europeans are roughly 4% Neandertal, the same amount as you are African Hominid X. That is a total of approximately 8% genetic difference at the very least. Humans in general are “said” to be less than 2% genetically different from Chimpanzees…

            Are you following?

            So if 2% genetic difference is enough to declare Chimps a separate species from us… then certainly, CERTAINLY… 8% genetic difference from your race is enough to declare us separate species as well.

          • Can you read???

            May 3, 2014 – Scientific evidence refuting the theory of modern humanity’s African … on the ‘Out of Africa’ thing but it’s been completely disproved by genetics.


  • Approx how many blacks would be happy to see abortion end? Around 40%? Never the less Balkanization would be good. Do not leave the port city of New Orleans to the blacks though, your map gives them too many good ports.

    • Agree on the lack of ports, but New Orleans is already a chocolate city. We should grant the blacks New Orleans and Savannah and keep the rest of the ports on the West and East Coast for ourselves.

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