Elle Reeve Is A Poster Child For The Absolute State Of Western Journalism

I can’t think of any news outlet more symbolic of the decline of objective Western journalism than Vice News. Let’s take a look at what their star investigative reporter, Elle Reeve, put out last week for HBO.

It starts about 3 minutes in.

This “report” is so all over the place that the mind rebels at the idea of having to dissect and provide perspective on it. Let’s ease into it then, shall we. We got some more choice screenshots out of the latest video. Enjoy:

Elle literally looks like an unfortunate mix of Downs and fetal alcohol syndrome. I mean…

I know that in the Current Year, the pickings for mockery on the Left are abundant, but this one really takes the cake. She sits there, drooling and barely able to get a coherent thought across, pretending that some crazy old Boomer lady harrasing her Republican congressman on Facebook, mailing bricks into his office and driving 2.5 hours to post sticky notes on his door is a sane and embattled defender of the First Amendment.

The entire segment was a piss-poor takedown of a Congressman who had enough of the rantings of the crazy old bitch and blocked her on HIS facebook wall.

As mentioned above, Elle frames this as a violation of the First Amendment. She goes to see the ACLU about it.

This is an actual screenshot.

Naturally, crazy cat lady #2 props us the stort of crazy cat lady #1 and soon-to-be crazy cat lady #3 (Elle) nods along at her inane ramblings.

We learn that apparently a bunch of people are suing Trump for blocking them on Twitter and crazy cat lady #1 will also sue Paul Gosar.

Now, of course, Elle had no problem with the First Amendment rights of the Charlottesville protestors being violated. She gloated about it actually. And she got Christopher Cantwell put in the crosshairs of Charlottesville’s insane lefty city government with her hit job on him for Vice. Cantwell was arrested and he is still being held in jail awaiting his court date. This is the second guy that Elle has gotten arrested to further her career. She got her boyfriend to lie about committing war crimes in Iraq and got him arrested too. 

Anything for the story.

Speaking of which, it occurs to me that Elle literally looks like a mix of Sid the Sloth and Napolean from Napoleon Dynamite.

A sexy look, to be sure.

But actually, the comparison is still a bit off. It doesn’t account for her retard cleverness.

She’s a schemer too, don’t forget. Nathan from South Park matches her personality more closely.

No, but really. That segment for Vice she just did was so pants-on-head retarded that I literally can’t even. That Paul Gosar interview was clearly deceptively edited as well to make him look unhinged, but the fact of the matter is that Paul is your basic-bitch “can’t we all just get along” Republican.

He blames Soros for funding our rally, because “Soros was a Jew from Hungary that sold his own people to Hitler”.

That statement made sense in his mind because “Dems R da Real Racists,” is the underlying belief at the core of his worldview.

Elle takes offense and defends Soros’ good name, claiming that this is Alex Jonestein tier nonsense (which it is) and she corrects the record on Soros funding White Identitarian movements.

Thanks, I guess?

Baffling stuff to be quite honest. It is like two blind people trying to duel each other with sticks over a pair of glasses. What is there to analyze really in their stumbling, jerky, blind swinging at one another? And more baffling, what do they hope to gain?

Anyways, let the retards play in their sandbox, I say.

The “I’m a serious journalist” face.

Let’s just enjoy all the nice memes and reaction images that Elle leaves us with.

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