Honoring our History Episode 12 – Roman Republic Part III

Barbute and Lauritz finally finish the three part tale of the Roman Republic, these are the topics covered:

1. First Triumvirate
2. Pompey
3. Caesar in Gaul, ariovistas, Prefidious Albion, Avaricum, Gergovia, Alesia, Vercingetorix
4. Return to Rome
5. Caesar’s civil wars (Rubicon, Italy, Hispania, Greece, Egypt, Pharnakes, North Africa, Cato, Sons of Pompey)
6. Gaius Julius Caesar triumphant, Cesarian reforms
7. Conspiracy, Idles of March
8. Marcus Tullius Cicero
9. War of the Liberators, Battle of Philippi
10. Final War of the Republic
11. The debauched rat Mark Antony and Egypt
12. Caesar Augustus, Imperator, end of the Republic, Pax Romana begins

We apologize for the “tapping” noise in the first half hour of the show, we realize its annoying. : /

Honoring Our History
A Fenno-Norwegian attempt at giving a non-Marxist view on world history.


  • ROME = RŪMO = RŪHUMO = THE ORIGIN it´s a word derived and borrowed from the Egyptian word
    KMT – KIHUMO-THI which mean created or formed from the Earth . To Creat a mythology of the Romans = ROMULUS = RUMERŌ =THE ORIGIN

    KĪHUMO ( HŪMO ) = HOME = place of Origin .

    CAESAR= KAI ZAR = KA I ZAA = He who gave birth to = Father of / Patron of a Dynasty

    PEUPE ( open place )= PUBLICLY = PEOPLE from which the Term Public is coined
    = RĪ PEUPE / LI PEUPE ( that which is in the open ) That which is Public = RE PUBLIC


    THERE MORE BANTU LANGUAGE iN LATIN / GREEK, ENGLISH / GERMAN / SLAVIC LANGUAGES than one can imagine . and it´s a fact in History that can´t not be reversed or changed.

  • With all gratefulness for the lecture, and the effort…. but listening to Barbute is… very politely said… not a pleasure… benevolently you would assume that these are problems of the recording, as if it´s not (and it isn´t), there arise questions as to the condition of the guy.

  • Speculative but why did Julius Caesar appoint Antipater to be king of Judea? Debt? Is this where it all starts?

        • Of course, he gave the Jews many exclusive rights, including the right to lend money in Rome, serve as bureaucrats without citizenship, trade directly with the legions in their camps, buy slaves directly from the state, buy property seized by the state, exemption from most taxes and state mandated worship, let Palestine remain a technically independent state ruled by their sanhedrin, etc. Basically everything the U.S. has given them and then some, and it all started with Gaius Julius Caesar.

  • Great show, nice to see people discussing our ancestors! Perhaps one day you could do a show on the Spanish and Frankish war against Jewish tyranny in the Iberian peninsula? It would be a really good subject to touch on.

    • A greatly missed opportunity to talk about the Roman siege of Judea. The Roman legions under Titus, and Pompeii grew tired of the Judean subversions that Rome sieged Jesuralem destroyed the temple, massacre the most rebeliuous, and disperse the jews…Rome went on to rule and prospered for another 3K years…Rome did not believe and Jewish mythological religions, JEWS had no mind/intellectual power over Roman Intellectual civic/religious institutions and traditions…America however is under Jewish ZIO rule.

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