Honoring our History Episode 12 – Roman Republic Part III

Barbute and Lauritz finally finish the three part tale of the Roman Republic, these are the topics covered:

1. First Triumvirate
2. Pompey
3. Caesar in Gaul, ariovistas, Prefidious Albion, Avaricum, Gergovia, Alesia, Vercingetorix
4. Return to Rome
5. Caesar’s civil wars (Rubicon, Italy, Hispania, Greece, Egypt, Pharnakes, North Africa, Cato, Sons of Pompey)
6. Gaius Julius Caesar triumphant, Cesarian reforms
7. Conspiracy, Idles of March
8. Marcus Tullius Cicero
9. War of the Liberators, Battle of Philippi
10. Final War of the Republic
11. The debauched rat Mark Antony and Egypt
12. Caesar Augustus, Imperator, end of the Republic, Pax Romana begins

We apologize for the “tapping” noise in the first half hour of the show, we realize its annoying. : /

Honoring Our History
A Fenno-Norwegian attempt at giving a non-Marxist view on world history.