Christopher Cantwell Update

Christopher Cantwell is a radio show host who was wrongly accused of causing violence by two Far-Left activists during the events in Charlottesville on August 12th, 2017.

Despite ample video evidence that shows he only acted legally in self-defence, the anti-White Judge denied bail, and Cantwell is still being held prisoner in Charlottesville, a shitlib-run city. He faces 20 years for defending himself with mace and use of explosives or something ridiculous like that.

Yeah, that sounds reasonable, right?

No, this is a targetted and deliberate “isolate and apply pressure” move by the anti-White coalition on a pro-White activist. It is intended to put a damper on our efforts and it is a gross perversion of the Justice System. It must be fought tooth and nail.

We’ve already talked about the events leading up to and around Cantwell’s arrest before, so please brush up if you are unaware of what happened.

Meanwhile, Christopher Cantwell has a rescue fund, with a $25,000 goal. If you can help, please do.  And for more information on how to help Chris go to his website.

Cantwell has access to a phone and he’s been making calls.

Picking Woke’s channel on Youtube keeps up with the latest recordings from Chris.

And Xurious has released a track dedicated to Chris.

He has become a rallying point for the Alt-Right. Chris’s case is so blatantly a political hit job that it is hard not to sympathize and want to rally behind the guy.

This is the latest:

Let’s not let them make an example of Chris.

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  • No way. Cantwell is guilty, he obviously wants to harm anyone who doesn’t agree with him. He needs to rot in jail, no good to society.

  • Chris faces 60 years in prison, up to 20 years for each of the 3 felony counts.
    Chris acted only in self defense.
    he is a political prisoner. he is being held hostage without bail.
    props to vadhajtaska for stating not 20 but 60 years.

  • Despite Cantwells foolishness, legal defeat for him is a legal defeat for all of us. We are all Cantwell’s now.

  • From what I’ve experienced in LIFE…….

    After so many DECADES…….

    Whites destroy themselves mostly because of their own ACTIONS…….

    Yes…..Jews….Blacks…..Latinos…..Open Borders………

    But, here in America………..Capitalistic CLASSISM Social Prejudice/Bigotry…………runs so DEEP………

    How do you Solve this MESS??

    Whites in the Same Place with Non-Whites……if MONEY/STATUS is a Factor……….

    ……..will WAR against other Whites………

    With a GLEE in their Eye…….

    How do you Solve this MESS??

    Is it even SOLVABLE??


    The Solution is to REJECT White Privilege and to Summon the White WARRIOR Within………

    This is My PAIN…….My SUFFERING……….

    I don’t represent all White People………….

    I ask the Infinite Forces/Energies/Wisdom/Structure WITHIN……..

    …….to keep FIGHTING…..

    And NEVER Give Up……..


  • Just a couple of hours ago, before the article was published, Cantwell had 10,000-something dollars raised. Now it’s above 12,000, but it’s still barely 200 people who have contributed. The Daily Stormer and, together have MILLIONS of regular readers! 200 people is not even the core, hardcore followers alone!


    Donate 10 bucks, 15, 20 (or more, if you can). DONATE NOW!


    • Cantwell is a career criminal, and that background legally forbade him from carrying arms and engaging in violence. What is violence? Well. For starters, it’s SEEKING OUT A CROWD THAT OPENLY HATES >50% OF AMERICA, with the full knowledge that they’d be met by a raucous opposition. REAL protesters do not need guns!!! This year’s women’s marches were massive, and NOBODY “packed” at any of them. So, Cantwell is right where he belongs.

      And “millions of readers”? Ha! Your biggest blog was the Daily Stormer, which got deplatformmed, thanks to their vile rants against Heather Heyer. Face it – you won’t mount a strong defense for Cantwell, any more than you’ll exterminate large swaths of the American citizenry. Society is done with your presence in its real space, and almost done with your presence in its cyber space. It has restricted this “movement” to its alt-cyber ghettos. And if you want to hold onto them, I suggest you NOT “storm” into anymore real spaces.

      • “deplatformmed” .. there is another word for that : “abridging”

        1.A: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or
        prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or ABRIDGING the freedom of
        speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to
        assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

        • John, you DO NOT have a “1st Amendment right” to kill an unarmed woman in a park you WEREN’T permitted to access, and then call her a “slutty, barren, landwhale”. Aside from being THE most #deplorable perversion of free speech, the owners of tech companies have *their* 1st Amendment rights, too. And their speech rights include the TOTAL discretion to set limits on your use of their servers, domains, etc. So, Professor Google, you “muh speech” argument is sunk!

          • She was a slutty, barren land whale though. It’s our right to say that and it happens to also be the truth. What part of the First Amendment don’t you understand? You sound like a cretin living at a homeless shelter, to be honest.

          • It’s barely your right to say that at all, and it’s NOT your right on a speech platform that is owned and operated by *someone else*. Nor is it the “truth”. Truthfully, YOU are a cretin, who’s living in a fantasy of some grand resurrection for your “movement”. But, that’s NEVER going to happen. Trolls began your “movement”, and trolls are all you have left of it.

          • You defend the right of monopolistic internet corporations to pick and choose whom they deem worthy to use their services.

            Similarly, you defend the right of a business, municipality, social club, or organization to deny access to blacks, hispanics, jews, homosexuals, leftists, or any other human flotsam it deems unworthy.


          • Wrong. Blacks, Hispanics, Jews, etc. are NOT “human flotsam”. They’re human beings, who have a Constitutional right of access to any business that serves the public. No matter who you are, you MUST obey the RULES of use for the goods and services you purchase. For twenty years, the Daily Stormer had repeatedly violated their platform’s terms of service. Its platforms had given them numerous chances to reform, and DS blew them all. Most CEOs won’t let you use them to unleash hate on the bulk of their customers. Skin color is not grossly offensive and mendacious. Vulgar, libelous memes ARE. That’s why you’ve been blacklisted by Big Tech.

          • Did you just say blacks, Hispanics and Jews are human beings??? Lolololololo. Shows what you know!! Everyone knows Jews are an alien reptile race who literally drink human blood. Do your research.

          • Denying service is illegal. By your logic I should make TOS in my restaurant that no Democrat/Black/whoever should be allowed to use my service.
            There is difference between companies and private clubs .. and for a reason.

          • Yeah, I bore you . . . so much that you’ll respond, just to sock me with your bogus insults. Name one word I’ve misspelled. Or one shred of evidence that I’m “uneducated”. Go ahead, I dare you.

          • You sound scared. Denial isn’t going to help you survive. You should see the situation clearly for what it is then return home to Shitcockistan before the Right Wing Death Squads find you.

          • They did have a permit to hold that rally. You do know that right. And the driver had every right to hit the gas. He was getting swarmed by a lynch mob of disgruntled subhumanoids who were assaulting his car with baseball bats. What would YOU do in a situation like that? And if Heather Heyer didn’t valuntarily take part in said lynch mob, she would still be alive. If she ate a little healthier and didn’t smoke so much, she probably wouldn’t have had a heart attack either. The driver is probably guilty of something, reckless driving perhaps, but you WILL be dissappointed with the light sentence that he gets. Time served and a fine would be my guess.

          • They had a permit to hold the rally AT MCINTIRE PARK! Not at Emancipation Park. The city of Charlottesville never wanted them at Emancipation. That park was unable to be secured for an armed mob of thousands. Unfortunately, you sold your “event” as a “protest” to “tell the public why Lee should remain standing”, and the judge granted you an injunction to mob, er, “march” at Emancipation Park. The judge is largely to blame for Heather Heyer’s death. If they’d been focused more on safety, and less on “bad optics”, they would have restricted your “event” to Charlottesville’s chosen location. We can only hope the judge had gambled on you, based on an assumption that you had some modicum of civic duty. Woe to us if their ruling was motivated by any other reason. To repeat, an injunction – NOT a permit – was your ticket to mob.

          • It is truly frightening the ability of the left to make up their own version of reality and run with it, convinced of its legitimacy.

          • As for the “reckless driving” plea, get real! Fields drove down a narrow alley into a crowd of pedestrians during a protest he drove hundreds of miles to attend. He wasn’t some fool who drove up on the curb to beat the traffic! He’ll get caged, for sure!!!

          • And the odds are nil that Heyer would have died that day from smoking and junk food. You let the coroner determine what caused her death, and donate another $27 to Cantwell’s defense fund. Heaven knows, he’ll need it!

          • But not only was she slutty, barren, and a land whale, she was also ugly, vapid and boorish. LOL. She’s indefensible. Why are you defending this fat blob? She probably would have eaten you alive and then clogged your toilet trying to crap you out.

          • LOL! You really believe this deluded (((mainstream narrative)))… Reading your comments could make me feel sorry for you, but strangly there is no feeling at all. You got simply heavy brainwashed. Have you EVER considered thinking FOR YOURSELF?

      • Heather Heyer makes the case for morbidly obese women to get their lives back in order by taking care of their bodies, not for avoiding Alt Right demonstrations.

      • “REAL protesters do not need guns!!!”

        How many Nationalists with baseball bats threw feces and urine at the Womens march? Cantwell has a permit for all of his guns. He’s not in prison on gun charges. You are wrong about pretty much everything. Go away.

    • I’d like to add to my initial post – what matters is that you DONATE! This Movement will NOT succeed if it keeps getting its income from a very tiny minority of barely a few hundred people who donate regularly, many of whom in VERY LARGE amounts… No. We shall achieve victory when we start receiving small donations but tens of thousands of people, for starters. Eventually from hundreds of thousands of people.

  • there has to be dozens of alt right people from Charlottesville that did the same thing Chris cantwell did… he was targeted and arrested because of his show, radical agenda.

  • Should you not be ringing your senators and whatever politicians you have in the U.S.?

    A case like this calls for political pressure because he is incarcerated for political reasons.

    If you are concerned about calling your politician and supporting someone on the alt-right then I’d say you should not be. All politicians need to hear from us. We need to normalise it.

  • Free Cantwell. Tommorow it could be you. We have a right to defend ourselves against violent communist lynch mobs!

    • Cantwell did nothing wrong! This is why we need professional security teams with licensing, training, and proper equipment.

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    • Well, no. It couldn’t be most of us. He isn’t held just for defending himself against Anti-fa, if he wasn’t so moronic as to brag about his guns to fucking Elle Reeve of all people he probably wouldn’t be in nearly as much trouble.

      I mean for Christ’s sakes did everybody just forget that that poor excuse for a journalist got the Daily Shoah off soundcloud? Any half serious movement would of just stopped interacting with her at that point, but this attention seeking clown not only lets himself get filmed by her crew, but also gives her the exact talking points she requires. I’ve done some stupid, miscalculated shit in my life but every time I need to feel a little better about myself I consider Cantwell and think my judgment isn’t all that bad.

      That being said, he’s *our* blundering liability, so yeah donate to the poor sod, at least to put up an united front. I’m sure that footage of him and Striker feverishly denouncing the Jews on a rube from west Virginia tone will make all the right people just flock to our side. Very relatable!

      • The interview was a dumb move on his part, no doubt, but he is not in jail for giving a dumb interview. He’s in jail for pepper spraying a commie, even though he himself was pepper sprayed twice that weekend. And he’s being held without bail for wrongthink.

        The “right” people you speak of will only come to our side when you convince them why they should go back to paying Bill top dollar for landscaping, when Hernandez does just as good a job for half the price. I don’t envy you that task. They roll their eyes at your pathetic “White GeNOcide” memes.

        You seem like a fag dude. With “allies” like you, who needs enemies.

        • One of their main points against him is that he declared a willingness to use violence the night before, when Vice was filming.

          You have no fucking clue what people I’m talking about and you seem to have no fucking clue outside of regurgitating zingers in general. Assuming I was referring to sweeples when a majority of white America voted for Trump is pretty retarded. Stop jumping to conclusions, especially if you’re too dumb for any insight.

          • I feel very comfortable in jumping to conclusions when all of you Optics Fags have been singing the same song for 2 months now. Frankly I’m sick of all of you.

          • >Frankly I’m sick of all of you.

            Then piss off back to identifying yourself as a libertarian or a wigger like you probably were until a year ago. I bet you still got all your old buttons and HHH quotes from back then so old buddies will still recognize you as the “real deal” and not some “faker”. Here’s an identity for you! Although honestly, I think you’ll be better served by centering yourself around your taste in music rather than any “political views”, Johnny Fascismo.

          • I’ve been Alt-Right for three years now and before that I was an Anarchist and had been since I was 14. I saw this system as irrepairably broken and corrupted and wanted to see it destroyed, and I still do. My positions really haven’t changed all that much over the years, I’m just arriving at the same conclusions with a more complete worldview, which I would have arrived at regardless of whether the Alt-Right existed or not.

            Honestly, I don’t even really call myself ‘Alt-Right’ anymore. I don’t want to be part of the same movement that would let one of their own rot in jail because the optics are bad and it might become incovenient for them. What your espousing is the position of a coward and a true piece of shit. And if this culture war ever goes truly hot, you optics fags are the last people I want in my corner. The future belongs to those who are willing to get their hands dirty. Not those who are terrified of what the normies will think.

            This comment isn’t meant to denigrate the Alt-Right as whole, just a large and very vocal portion of it.

          • I agree and well said! The Führer had a saying that we must always remember – “Wherever liberty is desecrated the best men will meet in prison!” – and this is very true! There will come a time when the Jews will take off their masks, like they did in Russia, and no amount of publicity or ‘optics’ will save you from a pistol pointed at the back of your head while kneeling in front a grave you were forced to dig or a cold dark cell in a gulag.

            The future belongs to those who are strong enough and brave enough to determine it’s course, not to the weak and cowardly. We must be willing to defend ourselves and our ideals and to defend our Aryan brothers and sisters who are persecuted while fighting for this movement.

            P.S. – Optics fags are holding us back. People bet on the strong horse, not the pretty one.

          • > I was an Anarchist and had been since I was 14

            Stopped reading there. Anyone who is so shallow minded as to believe that you can “be” anything politically at 14 only sees ideology as a sub-culture and a clique to join like you would the goths. It’s so great being right!

          • LOL well I’m 30 now and don’t identify as an Anarchist anymore. I did for a good long while though. Most people start developing their political worldview at about that age. The left spends a lot of time reaching out to the youth. Maybe if Conservatives did the same instead of having this “14 year olds can’t be anything” mentality, there would be less shitlibs in high school and colleges now. Whatever though, you don’t have any interesting points to make except “duuuh you’re stupid” so I’m done with you.

          • Blah blah blah blah. More ‘gotta be nice to niggers and faggots and communists’ fuckwittery. No value. KYS.

      • Well idk why Cantwell didn’t get the “don’t talk to the media” message.

        It painted a target on his back and made him america’s #1 nazi overnight.

        That being said, we all make mistakes, and we gotta back him to the hilt. Not only that, but he’s not the only one being held under arrest for Charlottesville. And this sets a precedent.

  • We need to all help. Most of us can’t even imagine what a day is like incarcerated, much less months of it. Want a hint of it? Go sit in a waiting room to see a Dr. for an hour. Seems like 3.

    Not only to help him from this suffrage, which he is doing for all of us, not like leftist activist that are proactive for individual, mostly social perverse reasons, but also so the police state doesn’t turn him into a tool against us in exchange for his freedom. The jewdicial systems are master manipulators in this sense. They could very well turn him.

    We’re obligated to take a stand and help. Many of us sit around and bitch and moan about Jewish power. Well, this is how they became to be a collective power with so few. Jews didn’t let proactive jews rot in jails. They built organizations around them. Perhaps not even the most favorable of characters among their tribe’s, even. They however adopted the “no man left behind” position that accelerated loyalty among their identity.

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