What The Hell Happened Last Week?

Today was a rainy, contemplative day for me.

Shits going crazy. And I’m not the only one who has noticed it. We live in clown world where none of the narratives presented to us make sense. Being officially “sane” and not a looney conspiracy theorist requires greater and greater mental gymnastics on the part of the subject to not notice the glaring inconsistencies in the official narrative.

Everything from the “Russia hacking the elections” story to the official always-changing story about the Vegas shooter to the Weinstein scandal…it’s all crazy and full of holes.

The cognitive dissonance that the smarter normies feel is forcing them to turtle up and stick their heads in the sand. Only the fringes are energized by the events of the last couple of weeks. The blacks who want to stick it to Whitey and their Persons Without Color allies love the NFL scandal and so do we. The feminists love the Weinstein scandal and so do we. Albeit for different reasons.

And then there was Las Vegas…which no one still seems to fully understand.

I’m not sure which in particular, but there were many societal turning points in my own life that sailed past without me noticing them, but which were actually major turning points in the collective psyche of our people. It occurred to me that we might have passed by another one of these turning points recently, but that I noticed it this time.

And this isn’t some New Age mumbo-jumbo I’m spouting by the way.

I mean we can go the Jungian direction and talk about how these events affected people on a shared unconscious level, but really all we have to reference is how people began talking about the world, thinking about the future and what direction public discourse took as well.

But I’ve noticed the changes on a personal level.

My mother recently called me up and told me to “be careful” over the phone. I say it was random because I wasn’t planning on doing anything dangerous at the time, but I also knew why she said it. Las Vegas had happened. Now, my mother isn’t really that politically involved, and she’s definitely no Trump supporter, and she has also firmly kept her head in the sand about many things…

But for some reason, this one rattled her. She seemed to acknowledge on some subconscious and conscious level that something had changed. I was surprised to hear it from her to be quite honest- this admission that things weren’t 100% hunky-dory.

Earlier in the week, I was sitting at the cafe with a friend of mine from school. She’s apolitical as well. I ask her how things are going and she told me that she had canceled her plans to go to Germany and then Switzerland like she had mentioned a month ago. She chuckled nervously when I asked why.

She just shrugged and said that she had a bad feeling about the trip.

Again, I was floored. Mind you, this chick is a basic bitch normie Russian liberal who has been pining her whole life to leave her god-forsaken country and go to the promised land of Europe. And now she’s squirming opposite me talking about how there actually might be career opportunities in Russia, so why risk it and all that.

Did Las Vegas do all this?

Looking back, 9/11 exposed us to a level of violence and Satanic death worship that destroyed whatever optimism and innocence the post-Soviet period had. Then Occupy Wall Street happened and we saw the first harbinger of the SJW hordes come to light. They began pouring out of the aftermath of the failed movement and soon their language was everywhere. The hipster culture that followed just told us to suck up the nihilism and lose ourselves in eclectic pop culture nonsense, safe hobbies collecting bizarre old miscellanea and pretentious artisanal food hedonism.

So what will Las Vegas do?

The truth surrounding the event has yet to see the light of day and a significant swath of the population does not trust the authorities to be truthful in their assessment of what happened. And this comes from both Right and the Left. Just like the Right didn’t trust the 9/11 explanations and the Left accused the media of cover-up of the armed shutdown of OWS, everyone now feels that something is up.

Should we include Charlottesville as a game-changing event in our analysis? I certainly think so. Even a random Bulgarian girl I met in Budapest knew about what happened there.

Thousands of KKK members and Nazis fought in the streets.

Well, that’s what the media probably told her happened. Still, even people in Russia have heard of Charlottesville. It has literally sent shockwaves across the globe.

But that’s not all.

Mainstream American society has been plagued with powerful cultural scandals. Following hot on the heels of the NFL controversy, the Weinstein scandal has started to engulf Hollywood. We are still in its early days. Idols are speaking and moving about.

And everywhere people are starting to worry. Something’s up and they can feel it. Most of the masses will just nervously fidget as these great changes roll on by. They won’t do much, but they’ll just sit there, uneasy and hope that it all passes. And I can only speak for myself here, but my attempts to red pill in my daily life have started to go much much better.

You can see the cracks of doubt in the worldview of many people and they are huge, gaping almost. They don’t fight back when you slip your HateFacts in anymore. They mostly just shudder a little and don’t put up resistance. Besides, the official narrative is all over the place and not so convincing anymore.

I was talking to this German kid in Hungary at a bar. He was about my age, maybe a couple of years younger. He worked with his father on documentaries, who was there at the bar as well. I grinned at the kid and started asking him what he thought about the events happening around him, about mass immigration and all that. He shrugged and said that he didn’t know.

That didn’t deter me.

I just told him what I thought was coming. To my surprise, he just started nodding and agreeing with my assessment of the situation. His dad has been silently drinking and looking more and more alarmed as the conversation progresses. I lean in and tell the kid:

Only our generation gets it. We’re going to have to fight this fight.

I jerked my thumb at the old man.

Their generation just doesn’t get it.

And again, the kid nods and starts downing his beer. It was priceless to see the old man swoop in and suddenly announce that they had to leave. The kid and I shook hands. We parted on good terms.

Oftentimes, while we have our noses to the grindstone, it is easy to miss the subtle seismic shifts in public consciousness that are happening all around us. I sometimes think about all my ex-normie friends and wonder what they are thinking, doing and where they stand now.

Shifts in political and cultural conscience don’t just happen like that. They are frozen for the most part under layers of ice. People need to be shaken up before a shift one way or another can occur. The ice has to crack so that the river can flow…one way or the other.

That’s the whole point of terror attacks, although they can backfire and push the public one way or the other.

Otherwise, people just sit there, living their little lives. But people are getting really shaken up now, that’s for sure. They don’t know the what and the why of what’s happening, but they’re worried and feel that somethings up.

Take a moment to contemplate that. This is an astonishing development, and what comes next will be even more interesting I wager.

Vincent Law
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  • And on wednesday night Hannity Trump says he prefers total vote counts over the electoral college, but is afraid if repealed candidates wont visit small states.

  • Interesting analogy given the ice in Antarctica is opening up a huge hole.

    Information about UFOs is coming into the public in a big way through Tom DeLonge’s To the Stars project.

    Big things are happening.

  • Progs say they are about moving forward away from the past, but they keep on revisiting the past because that is so much easier than dealing with current problems. Since there is no cure for black problems and rising tensions due to Diversity, they hark back to the past for easy sentimentality or passion about KKK and Jim Crow. That simplifies things.

    Indeed, it is telling that when Hollywood makes movies about Civ Rights, they’d rather focus on 50s and early 60s prior to the massive riots. A time when blacks behaved better. Notice there aren’t many Civ Rights moves about late 60s or 70s when things just got dire. Bigelow made a movie about Detroit problems in latter half of 60s, and progs preferred to ignore it.

    Instead, they want stuff like HELP, HIDDEN FIGURES, DRIVING MISS CRAZY, BUTLER(a well-behaved Negro stuck in 50s attitude even as the world changes), and etc.

    If we all went amnesiac and looked at current problems, the Right would have the advantage since it is less PC and more willing to call a spade a spade.
    So, the ONLY way the Progs can maintain moral status is by invoking the Bad Old Days when it seemed like Bull Connors and goons attacking peaceloving Negro followers of MLK.
    That is supposed to intimidate free speech about racial problems. We must pretend we are living in the world of MOCKINGBIRD in a world where rap thuggery is the real culture.

    In a way, the relentless hysteria of PC is understandable.

    The current status quo is not natural, normal, or balanced. It is highly unusual, even abhorrent.

    It’s like nature has its own rules and ways. Unless we work over and over to mow the lawn, trim the bushes, clean the gutters, and etc, nature will take over. Weeds will grow all over. Grass will grow tall. Wooden structures will rot. Nice suburban homes are not natural. They have to be maintained.

    So, any system has to be maintained against the forces of human nature. And a system that is more at odds with nature has to do even more work.

    Now, all human systems are at war with nature. Nature nature and human nature. If we all just followed our natural instincts, social order will break down. So, we need institutions of education, police, and etc.

    But some orders are more balanced than others. Generally, a society is normal IF the people are alike in race and culture and if they’re ruled by people like themselves.
    In contrast, a society that is ruled by a people who look or think differently is harder to maintain. There is the possibility of mass revolt against the elites, like happened in India and Kenya against the Brits. In the US, most whites have seen Jews as fellow whites and part of Judeo-Christian tradition. But many Jews don’t see things that way and always fret about whites in the way that Spartans fretted about the majority helots or like Zionists fret about majority Palestinians in West Bank.

    So, Jewish elites feel this need to charge up PC 24/7 so that whites will be reminded over and over, “You don’t deserve identity, pride, and prestige. Whatever power or wealth you accumulate must be used to serve globalism than nationalism.” Jews feel that unless whites are constantly reminded of their ‘guilt’ and unworthiness, whites will revert to their own nature of wanting to serve their own identity and interests. After all, it is NATURAL for a people to serve their own kind over others.
    This was also why White Southern slave-owners had to constantly remind blacks in ways subtle and blatant of their inferiority. Otherwise, blacks might go with their natural inclinations and say, ‘we wanna free too, bro’ or get uppity and say ‘where the white women at?’

    In Europe, Jews could use the Shoah Narrative to browbeat whites. But that isn’t very effective in the US, a nation that beat the Nazis. So, the magic whip for controlling whites in the US is ‘white guilt’ associated with slavery and Jimmy Crow. So, unless white Americans submit to this STOCKING, they are demeaned as ‘white supremacists’ who want to bring back slavery and etc.

    And yet, the fears of blacks are not entirely illegit. While whites will never bring back slavery or something that extreme, the NATURAL inclination of many whites in relation to blacks is separation. After all, blacks tend to be tougher, rougher, and more aggressive. More likely to commit crime and etc. So, if human nature among whites was allowed to exert itself, there would be a kind of re-segregation. Indeed, this is evident even among White/Jewish Libs who created their own enclaves with relatively fewer blacks.

    Now, some Progs scream ‘racism, racism’ to prevent re-segregation as they are deluded with racial utopianism. But other Progs, being cynical and cunning, publicly denounce ‘racism’ precisely because they want to carry out their re-segregation… or the buffering project(esp with ‘immigrants’ or diversity as buffers between whites and blacks). By loudly denouncing ‘racism’, blacks don’t target them, and this means they can carry out gentric cleansing and heavier policing under the PC radar.
    Just like there’s a stealth bomber, there is stealth ‘racism’. It’s like Harvey Weinstein and Donald Sterling could get away with so much bad or un-PC behavior precisely because they made the right noises and gave money to the proper causes.

  • The use of ‘white supremacists’ explains why the article is the way it is.

    Whites with identity and pride are ‘white supremacists’, or Nazis or KKK. Therefore, they have NO rights and protections. They are subhuman scum and should be attacked or shot like rabid animals.
    After all, if Animal Control personnel are ordered to eradicate vermin and if the ‘vermin’ fight back and harms a human, the human is seen as the victim even though the ‘vermin’ was fighting back against human aggression.

    White Identitarians are seen as vermin. They are not human. ‘White Supremacists’ means white people don’t deserve any pride or dignity. The ONLY good white people are those who sheepishly nod their head to PC.

    Once you label a people as ‘white supremacists’, they are not human. So, Deandre Harris had every right to attack and hit them. Since ‘white supremacists’ are vermin, any act of counter-violence or self-defense on their part is intolerable. They deserve a beating, and that’s that.

    That’s how the GLOB thinks. Dehumanize White National Liberationists with the not-so-subtle message that anyone can attack them and that they have no recourse to self-defense.

    But then, this is the way US operates in foreign policy. Russia is the BAD GUY, so US can do ANYTHING to provoke it. If Russia retaliates and takes defensive measures, how dare it?!?
    Same with Iran. How dare Iran have a missile program? It is a ‘rogue nation’. So, while Israel can have 200 nukes, Iran better not even think of getting one.
    And Iraq? In 2003, it was labeled as a rogue nation, one of the Axis of Evil nations. So, none of its protestations about WMD accusations mattered. US had a right to attack and invade, and Iraq better not defend itself. It has no right to.

    American Exceptionalism and Proggy Exceptionalism. Total BS.

    American Exceptionalism labels certain nations as ‘rogue’ and declares they have no right to defend themselves.
    Proggy Exceptionalism sees certain groups as Rogue Races. As such, those roguers can be beaten and set upon by anyone, and they better not fight back. They have no right to.

    So, who is the real supremacist? Alt Right wanted free speech and free assembly under protection of law at Charlottesville. The Jewish mayor and the Police violated those American constitutional rights to the Alt Right who were there not to declare white supremacy but white independence from Globalist Terror and Imperialism and anti-white PC vitriol in the US.

    Zionists in West Bank and Spartans in ancient world used violence to send a message to Palestinians or Helots to know their place. Don’t be uppity.

    Globalists cannot tolerate White Uppitists.

  • I red pulled, to an extent, some German exchange students. I first asked them about the Syrian migrants. They gave the party/state line. Then I talked about how I was reading about wwii germany. One was like, there’s more to German history than Nazism. By the end he was extolling Bismarck.

  • We’re full on heading for the day white people and white countries will be stories like Atlantis … there may be mass starvation and death but the negroes will get to have built the pyramids and Hoover dam.

    • Who will get time to tell the stories about the pyramids and Hoover dam ? Everything will have slipped into a degeneracy once we have disappeared. Don’t expect any of the nonwhite races to keep things going; the Jews will have inherited a dung heap once we vanished, it’ll serve them right.

  • I do get it. But I’ve always been the odd one out. That has been my destiny. To be the third wheel, to be the freak, the loner. But being like that I have often been left with my own thoughts. I’m an observer. Maybe not as good as Sherlock but still. I’m intuitive. I feel things. What will come is not a storm. It’s a storm, tsunami, earthquake, volcano eruption, the asteroid hit, WWWIII, pandemies all rolled into one.

  • I’ve been predicting what the narratives would be to people for quite some time and they are shocked by how accurate I am, but once one understands the Jew and his ultimate goal, which is the total annihilation of the Aryan race, the enslavement of humanity, and the entirety of the world subjected to the Synagogue of Satan, it is easy to see through their lies and predict what they will do. I used to get attacked for doing this, now people ask me what I think.

  • There is definitely something stirring………


    “and what comes next will be even more interesting I wager…….”

    Probability Check: LIKELY

  • “You can see the cracks of doubt in the worldview of many people and they
    are huge, gaping almost. They don’t fight back when you slip your
    HateFacts in anymore. They mostly just shudder a little and don’t put up
    resistance. Besides, the official narrative is all over the place and
    not so convincing anymore.”

    Fact Check: TRUE

  • And you asked why a 59 year old woman would end up at the Alt-Right. This pierce is the answer. My friends are like your mother. Let me guess . . . she voted for Hillary because we need a woman in the White House. That was the mantra back in the 1970s. Not re4levant anymore. When a good female candidate comes along, she’ll get elected into office, I have no doubt. In my opinion, we needed the Alt-Right 30 years ago before America became a Latin American cesspool. Tell your mother that a woman who wrote for MS. magazine in the 1970s now posts comments on your website. She won’t get that either.
    Great piece.

          • Wow. I’ll be thinking about it. I like Styxhemmer and Richard Spencer. Their speech is eloquent but sometimes their knowledge falls a little short only because they are young and weren’t alive when certain things have happened. For instance, I was on a thread somewhere and the topic was racism and of course, how whites are at fault for treating blacks badly. All blacks are saints, you know. So I said that reporters were called racists when Dr. Martin Luther King was shot. Blacks said there was hardly any coverage and it was due to racism. Finally, the reporters spoke out and said that King was in the motel room with a woman who wasn’t his wife. He stepped out on the balcony and was shot. They didn’t want to expose that so they didn’t say much. But now that the public demanded it . . .
            The younger comment posters were aghast.

          • That’s awesome. I get comments of disbelief from younger people when I discuss working in an Atlanta ghetto in the ’80s. I can only imagine what it’s like now.

            I did contribute a couple of articles to Amren a few years back, one explicitly about my time teaching in the ghetto. It’s archived under Nancy Jennings.

    • This makes me happy. I’m almost 10 years your junior, raised by a mother who idolized Gloria Steinem and Billie Jean King. It’s never too late to be red-pilled.

    • I just turned 58 and I’ve been a member of the Alt-Right before there was an Alt-Right, thanks to Pat Buchanan, Peter Brimelow, Chronicles magazine and, most of all, the late great Dr. Samuel Francis.

  • “And everywhere people are starting to worry. Something’s up and they can feel it. Most of the masses will just nervously fidget as these great changes roll on by. They won’t do much, but they’ll just sit there, uneasy and hope that it all passes. And I can only speak for myself here, but my attempts to red pill in my daily life have started to go much much better.”

    This is what they say that people felt before the outbreak of the Great War in 1913; everyone stated that there seem to be a current in the air that they couldn’t explain. Now we have an unstable piece in the world, and people feel uneasy because they don’t know what’s behind it all…

  • Is Mitt Romney still backing antifa? Of course he is.

    Does antifa know they’re on the same side as the CIA? Do they care?

  • The “left” are running out of answers to prop up their failures. There are many examples of this, but even short twitter retorts from “liberals” show how weak their arguments are. One nationalist had written that there were now terrorist attacks every day in Europe. Liberals were chiming in to “prove that it is every day!” and that “It is not every day!”.

    Before 2001, there were hardly any. Ever since, it has ramped up to a regular occurrence. Our security services here are overwhelmed with over 200,000 “extremists” and have thwarted dozens of would-be attacks. What sort of retort is “prove it is every day!”?! How many attacks a year is acceptable? Does it change anything if it is fortnightly, instead of every day?

    They increasingly have little – and thus have ever little room to manoeuvre.

  • Well written. I tell everyone I meet Britain and Europe are heading for a civil and race war, they accept it as though I were mentioning the weather. But in their minds they feel it has nothing to do with them and they forget what I said the moment they turn the corner. They don’t show any fear though you can see they are aware something has changed. Maybe the same in the USA.

  • Similar experience here.
    The same people who were criticizing me a year ago for being “paranoid”, “cynical”, and “thinking too much”, are now the same people asking for my opinion on “ebil white supremacist nazis”.
    I think what scares them the most is how plainly sincere I am about my views and predictions on these things. I don’t need to exaggerate, the facts speak for themselves.

      • normies aren’t coming to me full 14/88 or even altright, but some can just sorta tell that something ain’t right. That things are more tense than they used to be.

        • Same here. What I find interesting, though, is that some are no longer offended when I speak out against the Jews. Before I would get attacked, now I get listened to.

          • I’ve noticed more and more negative observations made about the Jews over the past year or so, even on sites that didn’t allow it, such as American Renaissance. Also, comments people make. It’s remarkable.

          • I’m seeing it in more and more places as well, in places where I least expect it like yahoo articles and seemingly unrelated youtube videos. It used to be I had to seek those sites out; now j-wise comments just seem to pop up out of nowhere.

            Is it possible some massive goyim-knowing event is about to occur?

          • It’s like a dam broke and the water is spewing out. The more people criticize, the more others are emboldened to criticize, as well. Similar to what’s happening right now regarding (((Harvey Weinstein))), which has spread to other Hollyweird degenerates.

            I think that the Jews will get it from both sides: the nationalists and conservatives who are fed up with the aggressive leftism of many Jews and the leftists who hate them because they see them as rich, privileged superwhites.

            As the great Steven Sailer would say, political correctness is the war on noticing.

          • Religious groups like the Christian Identity Movement, which reveals among other things that whites are the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel, and that today’s “Jews” are actually mostly of Khazar and Edomite origin and NOT the “chosen ones” at all, are gaining momentum online. I take it as a positive sign that when you Google the CIM, the first entries are strident denunciation pages over at the SPLC and ADL, screeching about how the CIM is a hateful, racist, white supremacist false doctrine.

            IMO, if the SPLC or the ADL are trying to suppress it, that means they’re onto something…

          • @Freedom_lover14:disqus I’ve had a different experience. I am quite vocal about the JQ. But leftists have just been sitting back and accepting it. Meanwhile I have been banned from several conservative facebook pages. It feels like conservatives have become the new liberals.

          • That is because you have to appeal to conservatives through religion. You must show them that their scriptures out the Jews as Satanic enemies of God who murdered Jesus and want to annihilate Christians. They won’t respond to racial arguments as well because they are very big on individualism and see all Jews as individuals and not part of a tribe of evil and insane semitic supremacists.

          • I used to be one of those, until I figured out who the “Jews” really are, and how we Caucasians are the descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel.

            Man, the normie Christians do NOT want to hear that…

          • There is no scientific evidence for the Aryans being a lost tribe of Israhell, although the scriptures prove beyond any doubt that Christ chose the Aryans over the Jewish scum.

    • Heh, I’m constantly being told that: ‘You are blunt to the point of being insensitive about other people’s feelings on the matter.. ‘ , but I don’t get the backlash anymore, just this statement that what I say and how I say it makes them uneasy.

    • I have pushed far enough this week, that my coworkers are even starting to believe Hitler did nothing wrong, and how evil and manipulative the jews really are. I’m being completely serious. A coal burner i work with was excited today when i came in, and showed me a video of her 3/4 black 6 month old grandchild sieg heiling.

  • Its about to get really real. Join Patriot Front, or Identity Europa, or TWP, or Vanguard America, or a TRS Pool Party, or a Daily Stormer Book Club. Dank Pepes will not save your people.

    • So how does this money laundering in a casino work? Do you show up at the cashier with a suitcase full of cash, claim you won it from gambling, and then fill out a W-2G form?

    • I have been concerned with the fact that it appears they expect not to even have to try to convince the masses of asses anymore. They seem just a bit too smug this time, which makes me think End Run.

  • The irony about Charlottesville is that while Meyers’s death now appears to be almost coincidental, the idea that the alt-right ran her over seems to have given it a huge amount of credibility. It’s like people are waiting for leaders who are both violent yet non-violent at the same time. They seem to crave sugar-coated punishment. Actually, if islam is anything to go by, a mix of violence and denunciation of violence is what gets you ahead in the sick sadistic societies of the West. I’d even wager that what those antifa types protesting the alt-right really, perhaps subconsciously, want, is to be dominated and punished by fascists.

  • I had a recent experience dropping some subtle red pills on a young white intern I had at my job. We were getting breakfast and I was asking him about his feeling on going to college soon and what school had been like for him. He brought up the books they were required to read for English 110 and most of them were books about slaves/slavery, etc. I could sense in him that he was somewhat conflicted, wanting to be a kind and compassionate citizen, but also confused as to what the point of it all was (the point of having to read the books on those topics primarily). He said “I don’t know how I’m suppose to feel when I read books like that…” It was actually a powerful moment for me to see the gears turning in the mind of a bright young white man, almost asking for guidance, seeming conflicted. I had to be tactful in the work place setting about what exactly I said but it was liberating to give little pushes on various topics of white identity, immigration, affirmative action, etc. I hope to have more experiences in the future such as this. It gave me great pride but more importantly, hope.

    • polish guy from work took citizen test. one of questions was who were the first slaves brought to America. I said first? I think irish. he was flabbergasted that I considered anyone not brown to have ever been in a tough spot despite fleeing his country because he didn’t want to work for 3/hr

    • Ironically the progressive utopians have done us a favor by making all of the propaganda about slavery and the Holocaust so readily available, even pushing it into our faces, whether we want it or not.

      I just say thanks, we can use these media as how-to guides when we restore a healthy white ethnostate.

      • I’m grateful that the (((Jews))) overplayed their hand by making ANY inquiry into the Holohoax a crime. Like I’ve said to my kids (and some of my students):

        “If an event happened just the way the current narrative describes, why the need for all the extreme laws to prevent honest inquiry? The Truth can always withstand public scrutiny.”

    • The eastern institutions are occupied territory, what with the great migration of blacks to the North.

      They really ignore Native American history, while emphasizing to a ridiculous degree black history.

      • …great migration of blacks to the North.

        Unfortunately, they didn’t STAY there, causing our family to have to be uprooted from friends and family, in order to flee the unfortunate demographics of the South. Thank God the blacks don’t like snow sports (or Mormons).

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