Fraternities Are Indian Reservations For Young White Men

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I recently stopped by my old fraternity while passing through town. The experience made me think critically about the fraternity system from an Alt-Right perspective.

First, a little background. My fraternity is different from the stereotypes that typically surround these institutions. Dispel all notions of Southern gentlemanliness. I’ll let someone else write that article. My fraternity was part of what I’ll call the “Northern Model”.

A Northern Model fraternity tends to be diverse (and proud of it), is not always centered around a house (usually a few in surrounding neighborhoods), and seldom maintains strong relations with its alumni. In sum, it’s more a Delta than an Omega. Northern Model fraternities do share some things with traditional fraternities. We haze, fight, get falsely accused of things, etc. etc.  These are all common, and not always negative.

The most obvious observation of fraternity life I can make post red-pill revolves around race. To be clear: I was totally unaware of race during my time in college; I noticed none of the following while there.

The fraternity was fractured along racial lines. There were always outliers, but generally, blacks and Hispanics stayed together, grouped around their drug of choice, marijuana. Whites grouped similarly, preferring alcohol and, later on, cocaine. Jews occupied a position somewhere between the two groups, and I don’t mean this in a negative way. These divisions have only deepened since leaving college. Whites stay in touch, minorities too, but seldom is there crossover.

Aside from slight behavioral issues, the biggest problem minority members brought was their racial identity. This was particularly true of black members. Oftentimes, they would reintegrate with the school’s black community shortly after crossing (gaining membership). Strangers began showing up to parties and black brothers would invariably vouch for them. After a year or two, black brothers tended to drop out altogether, maintaining an awkward distance for the remaining semesters. Absenteeism is a far more damaging thing to a fraternity than any amount of misbehavior. But, looking back, I don’t blame them for prioritizing their “real” identity over our imposed one. They already had a tribe. They didn’t need what we were selling.

And what were we selling? Primarily, the forbidden fruits of the modern age: Masculinity, and Tribal Identity. These values are absent from modern adolescents’ lives. It is no wonder young men like myself are in search of affirmation, nor that they find fraternities.

Fraternities offer group bonding through shared suffering, ritual, and pageantry. Bold letters emblazoned across the chest loudly proclaim “I have an identity”.  Many young men are hooked by their first hit. They become hedonists; fighting, womanizing and drinking endlessly in a rambunctious overexpression of long-repressed male energies.

Is this not to be expected? Aside from the locker room and the boiler room, Fraternities are perhaps the last remaining place where men act naturally. Fraternities act as a refuge from the prying eyes and wagging fingers of helicopter parents, administration busybodies, and feminist harpies. The appeal is very real and very powerful, particularly for white men who aren’t allowed to BE anything (the Alt-Right is similar to fraternities in this regard).

Fundamentally, the fraternity provides breathing room from political correctness; but therein lies the tragedy: the globalists have destroyed young white men’s sense of humanity in the world-at-large. It’s been repackaged, restricted to low, dirty places, and sold back in a stunted form. A poor facsimile of a proud past is all that remains, stripped of anything upright, edifying, or dangerous. After all, we wouldn’t want the old boys’ clubs getting back together like in the bad old days. Even still, the globalists can yank away the table scraps at any moment, often under false pretenses, proving how feeble this act of rebellion really is. Perhaps even rebellion is too charitable. Fraternity life is an Indian reservation for the white man’s masculinity. A place we go to hunker down, lash out, and self-medicate. It is ultimately just compliance and surrender only by another name.

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  • that case with the kid dying was bad, he fell or was pushed down a flight of stairs and left there until the next day

  • I wonder when they’ll start forcing fraternities to accept women. Force the guys to call a woman “brother” lol

  • Interesting that the black men eventually ended up dropping out. The official propaganda from the Greek movement is that all races become integrated into one happy family within frats and sororities.

  • Being more of a beta male myself (but quite the thinker), I’d say this expressed the thoughts I had but didn’t know how to and if to express them.

  • Yeah. Eveytime I see that triangular logo that the Altright group uses, I’m reminded of my college fraternity pledge pin. That’s been a long time ago. My old fraternity, of which I was an officer, was banned from campus because of some kind of incident a few years ago. The fraternity was founded by WWII vets in the late 1940’s, and I’m sure whatever the fellows did a few years ago to get banned was mild compared to the things the founding members did.

  • I would like to see a Frat focus on public speaking, boxing and jiu jitsu.

    Nothing wrong with cutting loose every now and then, but a theme of living up to our potential as leaders of Men would be a sight to see.

    All things considered, I suggest the formation of fraternities outside of college life.

  • Frats are essentially private clubs, which used to be common even outside the academic context back when civil society was still a thing. This article shows how these could come in handy again in 2017. Imagine a world in which every town has a classy white nationalist club. It’d do wonders for IRL activism.

  • So the nazis are bitching about the last proudly segregated all male organization that still exists- the southern fraternity. As a veteran of one they know not about what they bitch.

    • Is it still like that? If so, good on you. That is not what the article said. And if it is so maybe it is just a reflection of Southern ways in general and nothing specific to fraternities.

      • Well, probably because the author knows that the Southern model fraternity is “Gone With The Wind” so to speak. I belonged to one, it held on in some form, but, then was banned a few years ago.

        There was another Southern fraternity, and one that I hung around with their brothers because we had a lot in common, even though I wasn’t a member. A good bunch, I don’t know what happened to them either.

  • If frats are what define manliness then we are screwed. It’s a bunch of idiots getting drunk, watching football, and trying to screw random THOTs. Let’s not pretend that what is seen as “masculine” culture today isn’t a totally degenerate and meaningless existence.

    • Dude, he’s saying that frats are the hollowed out shell and all that remains, a cheap facsimile, a counterfeit version of white masculinity that ZOG reluctantly allows (and only sometimes).
      Sportsball has replaced this, as it’s even safer, more fake, and involves ample worship of criminally insane felonious niggers, along with cute white girls literally cheering them on in short skirts, while paying said niggers $$$$Millions of dollars to chase a ball and rape white women.

    • Paddling the newbs is the last stand of implicit masculinity. And doing borderline gay shit to the guy who passes out early.

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