Arktos Announces Evola Publishing Campaign

Arktos is proud to be one of the forefront publishers of the seminal Traditionalist philosopher, Julius Evola. Despite Evola’s key importance to Traditionalism, many of his books still remain untranslated. We are excited to announce our campaign to publish English editions of four of these previously untranslated works in the coming six month period.

The books we plan to publish are:

Recognitions — Julius Evola’s final book, this collection of forty brief but trenchant and uncompromising essays encapsulates the author’s rich and varied career. Evola here touches on most of the major themes to which he dedicated his life’s work, presenting his final formulations on some of the key figures and problems of our times. The result is a masterful survey of past, present, and future, indispensable as a reference for those familiar with Evola, and ideal as an introduction for those new to him.

The Bow and the Club — This rich collection of essays from Evola’s final period covers wide and fertile ground in the fields of culture and politics. From spiritual initiation to the questions of race and homosexuality, from modernity to the Tradition, from a ruthless critique of contemporary vulgarity to the investigation of the glory of the past, the topics treated are both exceptionally relevant to our times and of transcendent value in themselves.

The Myth of the Blood — A magisterial overview of the problem of human races, The Myth of the Blood follows the development of the concept of race from antiquity to modern times. Working from historical, mythical, scientific, and philosophical perspectives, the author confronts a notoriously difficult issue with a most uncommon mixture of fearlessness, fairness, and erudition.

The Mask and Face of Contemporary Spiritualism — A survey of the present currents in esoteric studies—and an unmasking of their true relation to Traditional spiritualism—this is a guidebook for the spiritual seeker through the bewildering array of disciplines, paths, and dead-ends of contemporary spirituality. At once metaphysical and practical, this book offers the priceless perspective of an author who dedicated decades to his own investigations into the “supersensible.”

Julius Evola (1898–1974) was born in Rome and experienced firsthand the great upheavals of the twentieth century. His piercing analyses of the National Socialist and Fascist regimes, as well as the liberal democracy which supplanted them, remain to this day among the most thought-provoking and insightful ever penned. As one of the principal figures in the Traditionalist school, Evola drew from his profound knowledge of antiquity to produce an uncompromising critique of modernity. Few thinkers of the past century match the breadth and depth of his exceptional oeuvre. It is imperative that the works of this philosopher receive the international study which they deserve.

With your help, we intend to raise 70 000 SEK to offset the cost of translation and editing of these essential Traditionalist texts, so that in the next six months we can make them available, for the first time, to the English-speaking world. Together we can bring these neglected works of one of the most important philosophers of the past century to the shelves of a new generation of readers and thinkers.

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  • Billy Brown

    friggin awesome. thanks goys

  • craicher

    Follower of Evola and the Perrenialists here. We click on donate to above to help? I was not sure.

  • Johnny Fascismo

    Looking forward to reading these books and I’ll definently toss a few dollars at the project.

    Friberg, have you guys considered publishing any of Gabriele D’Annunzios books in English. Most of them have never been translated in English and he’s kind of an important figure.

    • Nice to hear. Yes, we have definitely considered translating him, as well as numerous other important thinkers from the past century like Vilfredo Pareto and all the prominent authors from the German Conservative Revolution. We currently have a list of over 150 titles that we are planning to translate and publish in the future. It is only a matter of time and money.

  • Clark Kent

    For any newbs out there

  • I often meet people even so called Right, Conservative with PHDs in Political Sciences BUT they NEVER heard of George Lincoln Rockwell, Willis Carlton. Often these people buy the official established narrative about American politics, and History (War of 1812, JMcCarthy, etc.) BUT American Constitutionalists Nationalists (ALT Right) seem to de developing an alternative ALT Right Matrix that we in this country so urgently need to break the enslavement impose by the ZIO dominated cultural oppression.

    • MBNM

      Most people who call themselves conservatives today are neo-liberals. They don’t mean to conserve anything, they just want less government and a laissez-faire economy. Which makes Trump a yuge contradiction.

  • Spengerlite

    The books mentioned are definitely needing an English translation, definitely a worthwhile project, especially Il Mito Del Sangue.
    You mentioned that various writers of the Conservative revolution were being considered, are you considering Von-Salomon at all. The only English translation of Answers for Allies went out of print ages ago.

    • Absolutely. We’ve already released “The Outlaws” and “It Cannot be Stormed” by Ernst von Salomon, available here, and will surely release more titles by him in the future:

      • Spengerlite

        I know about those two(excellent books, thanks for publishing), glad to hear more is coming.

      • Carthusian

        Great news.

        Any plans for bringing us the work of Edgar Julius Jung? Is Alexander Jacob’s translation of Jung’s Rule of the Inferior forever locked in at Edwin Mellen Press at totally absurd prices (although now it looks like they’re not even offering it)?

    • Hagarqim

      and I hope the full meaning of Traditional doesn’t get lost in translation!

  • Briacula

    This is great news, and I will be supporting the Kickstarter campaign. Will we see these books released on Kindle?

    • Thanks! Yes, we will release them on Kindle as well, although somewhat later than the softcover and hardback editions.

      • Briacula

        Thank you (shipping is expensive where I live)! Any plans for ebooks of Global Coup (Faye) and Path of Cinnabar? Also I don’t know if you all have the publishing rights, but I’d like to see ebooks of Men Among the Ruins, Ride the Tiger, and Revolt Against the Modern World. The ebooks floating around the internet of these books are so low quality and ruin the “experience” of Evola.

        • Global Coup: Yes, absolutely. We always publish e-book editions of our new titles some month or two after the paperback editions have been made available.
          Path of Cinnabar: Yes, most likely. This will however take a bit longer.

          • Briacula

            Thanks for the response! Bummer let Kickstarter suspended the funding :/

  • Carthusian

    I’m so, so excited, and appreciative, about this. So please, do not take this the wrong way, but why is Sintesi di Dottrina della Razza, Evola’s statement of his own racial doctrine, after his history of racial theories in The Myth of Blood, not on the list?

    Again, thank you so much for this project.

    • Quick answer: We can’t publish all remaining Evola titles at once. 🙂 If (or when) this kickstarter succeeds however, and we’ve gotten these four titles out, you can be certain we will follow up with additional Evola translations.

  • Joseph Curwen

    I have read “The Mask and Face of Contemporary Spiritualism” in its spanish translation. It is a very important work that will open the eyes of many WN’s out there who are immersed in the so-called “esoteric”.

  • Frank Puskas

    Some Evolawave for you fashy goys. The title’s from another Evola book.

  • WP

    Why was the campaign suspended by Kickstarter?
    The message that they are putting out is that …
    “Funding Suspended
    Funding for this project was suspended by Kickstarter about 10 hours ago. ”
    Have they admitted to you that they succumb to (((blackmail))). Please post their email so that we can publicize their commitment to free speech and free expression.
    If you have to use another fundraising platform that has the balls and backbone to defy (((The Pressure))), we will back you there as well.