America Became 1984 In 1964

Submitted by Emmanual Sprager


The United States of America was transformed into a Cultural Marxist, soft totalitarian state a long time ago, back in the Civil Rights era in fact. People like to think of America as possessing a kind of continuous, uninterrupted history and identity. In truth, America has been 3 or 4 distinct civilizations/societies from its founding to the present. There is no real meaningful relationship between the America of today and the America of the founding era, not culturally, morally, ethically, spiritually or ideologically anyway. There are some loose, attenuated governmental and legal connections, but the real defining characteristics of the nation today are not just different, they are fundamentally at odds with the defining characteristics of American society 200 years ago.

It was not just the legal changes of the 1960’s that transformed the nation into a Cultural Marxist, soft totalitarian state (getting harder by the day), it was the spiritual/ideological changes. America went from a nation defined by a single socio-racial and religious heritage into a diversity worshiping dystopia hell-bent on joining the Third World. Those spiritual changes loom large over America to this very day. Indeed, arguably the first bona fide challenge to the spiritual hegemony of the Civil Rights era was Donald Trump’s election, and the Cultural Marxist oligarchy is still having none of it. Power structures do not cede power without a fight. What’s more, Trump’s challenge to the hegemony of that value system is woefully incomplete and insufficient. Yet this has not stopped that power structure from reacting maniacally and frenetically to the threat Trump poses. Trump Derangement Syndrome is a kind of nervous breakdown by oligarchs and power players, the visible symptoms of the US power structure’s intense anxiety about the threat Trump and those like him pose to its hegemony over the nation and its spirit.

It is true that Civil Rights legislation came about in part to address a real dilemma afflicting American society, but that legislation was also, on a fundamental level, the legislation of morality. For the most part, the left doesn’t deny this either. It is quite amusing how the political left has no problem legislating morality as long it’s their morality! And the Civil Rights Act was a far-reaching morality regulating law, which altered the basic social and moral structures of American life. Not only that, civil rights laws and like laws have only metastasized in recent decades, into new and different domains, domains probably unimaginable at the time (protecting sexual preference for example). They are the primary means by which the Cultural Marxist power structure marginalizes and oppresses the ordinary people of America. America will never be delivered, it could never be delivered without the repeal of those diabolical laws and without the repudiation of the values those laws embody. And that does not look likely to occur or occur in time. If anything resembling the America of old is to be restored, it will likely have to be restored in the context of a new and separate nation-state.

The moment Americans passively sat back and allowed hostile, left-wing elites to pass a law that could effectively bankrupt harmless little cafes in backwoods Tennessee because they held and their patrons held personal racial preferences that the US power structure didn’t approve of, that made the effective persecution of “racists” a moral and legal mandate, it was all over for the America that had existed prior to the Civil Rights era, its Western heritage and its genetic profile. When whites ceded control of their own communities and the demographic profile of those communities to the Federal Government, all the Federal Government had to do at that point to effectively genocide them was to stop enforcing immigration law and defending the borders (which it promptly did, and in conjunction with changes in immigration policy itself, i.e. Hart-Celler, the demographic transformation of America would be both rapid and radical). Now Americans were being invaded on multiple levels and besieged daily from every direction. We couldn’t keep Third World peoples out of our communities or our country! So much for there being any choice in the matter. Between cultural proximity that leads to intimidation by more primitive populations, the cultural decline that naturally accompanies the emulation of less intellectually gifted peoples, the temptation that leads to miscegenation and a hundred like attendant forces, white America was finished and so too was America itself, at least the White/Euro-dominated versions of it.

Furthermore, with the media and academia in the hands of our Cultural Marxist enemies, we weren’t free to associate freely or date freely or choose much of anything freely in our personal lives, without the potential for harassment or public shaming on account of possessing the wrong values, nor could we speak our consciences openly or vote for a government that might secure the border or protect white interests, because we feared being labeled racist and so did those we were voting for. After all, the great defining moral event of our age, the Civil Rights Movement, taught whites definitively that [white] racism was the ultimate wrong, the ultimate evil. And well, that just isn’t true. They who are educated by their enemies are not so much educated as primed for ruin.

It is through this systemic process that Whites were and are being dispossessed and now being outright slated for replacement. Moreover, while it is true that the legal changes which came about in the 1960s created a number of incentives for corporate and business entities to extend and enforce the fundamentally totalitarian, supposedly moral principles of the Civil Rights Movement, the truth is that the business community, by and large, did and still does this on its own accord. The US power structure overwhelmingly agrees with both the objective fictions and moral fictions of Cultural Marxism. Nobody is forcing Google to become a “Goolag”, or making Mozilla oust its CEO for participating in democracy or compelling Twitter to shadow-ban dissidents. For the most part, it is the fervor of anti-racism and anti-sexism and an unwholesome obsession with absolute equality which drives these businesses to do evil in the name of good. And until we realize that policing racism and sexism and other related equality-oriented -isms, no matter how trivial a particular transgression or inequality be, is not a moral pursuit but an immoral one, we will continue down the road to harder forms of totalitarianism.

And it should be said that there is no inherent value in equality besides. Equality is a false god. Madly pursuing gender equality or racial equality or any equality for that matter is a road to nowhere except misery and serfdom.

Aspiring to enforce any moral system, including but not limited to the Cultural Marxist moral system currently being enforced in the Western World, down to trivial and minor and private activities, down to the level of personal preference, words, free association, customer choice, political values, etc. is itself the root of totalitarianism. The Alt-Right only exists because the actual right doesn’t seem capable of addressing this mother of all issues, and because of that, it cannot possibly save America or anything in America worth saving, including but not limited to the race that founded and forged it.


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