Alt-Right Politics – October 11, 2017 – Pulp Friction

From Washington, Alt-Right Politics, America’s most NOT GAY weekday news program. The sharpest minds, realest sources, the most HETEROSEXUAL positions.

## Panel
Richard Spencer
Hannibal Bateman
Don Camillo
Greg Ritter

## 1. MILO is actually awesome!
As it turns out, the Alt-Lite leading icon sees his career implode BEFORE his immune system. The panel looks back at the career and impact of the “Dangerous Faggot.”

## 2. Pulp Friction
Harvey Weinstein proves, once again, that physiognomy is destiny. Is this par for the course in Hollywood, just another example of the “casting couch”? Or does the scandal hint at something much darker in the heart of Hollywood?

## 3. Dissecting Vegas
It has been 10 days since the Las Vegas shooting, which resulted in 59 WHITE PEOPLE killed and another 489 wounded. The press and the government still not providing answers. What the fuck.

## Contraception
On Friday, Attorney General Jeff Session issued guidelines to government agencies and prosecutors, advising them to grant exemptions to organizations in which sincere religious belief conflicted with anti-discrimiantion legislation. The panel discusses the contradictions of “religious freedom.”

  • Savitri Devi

    Lol. You have to admit though, weev had a valid point. Both infighting and furfags are bad news, lets try to eliminate both.

    • Cat Ruby

      I’m disappointed in Weev, who attempts to lead this infighting, of which you speak, as if he can direct the course of the Alt Right by larp & threat. Furfags remind me of a Greg Johnson the pitiful. Actually, both Weev & Greg have eliminated themselves from serious consideration.

      • Savitri Devi

        That isn’t the consensus among the rank and file. We are fine with Spencer, many of us really like Spencer, but we don’t want things like this to keep happening, for everyone’s good frankly.

        • Tragic Comedy

          Spencer reeks of “merit through fame”, and its not a lovely smell, I tell you hwat.

          • Savitri Devi

            Its a character flaw for certain. Nobody is perfect though.

      • Tragic Comedy

        The hilarity is that you let faggots and Jews into your ranks, and then think your disappointment means anything to them.

  • Katie Barber

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  • Captain John Charity Spring MA

    Hitler Witnesses Harvey Weinstein in the shower. Utterly Degenerate.

  • MBNM

    Apparently about a third of the victims in LV were non-whites. At least among the dead.

  • “Harvey ‘My Prick’s for the Shiksa’ (((Weinstein)))”

  • craicher

    Hey, you don’t need to pay for netflix and give (((them))) your money. Everything is free on file sharing or streaming sites. Don’t give them the rope to hang us with. Boycott!

  • (((Shill)))

    Christians in the South are pretty cucked. They’re more opposed to “muh racism” than the average normie. The only ones who are racially aware and pro-white are the older people; they just don’t talk about it much.

    • craicher

      Real Southerners don’t believe in institutions and always put their family and people before any institution such as religion or government. Though these foreign poisons have seeped in.

      • (((Shill)))

        You do realize I’m saying this as a Christian myself, right?

        • craicher

          Just talking about the mentality of the South. It’s how I grew up. It’s how most people I know grew up. It’s how my family is. We also put family and kin before any institution and that goes for religion too.

          • (((Shill)))

            Ok I can see where you’re coming from now. I personally think anyone who claims that a real Southerner shouldn’t be a Christian is kidding themselves. Good luck proving Robert E Lee and Stonewall Jackson weren’t Christians. Also, the primary pro-South sect in the altright is the Southern Nationalist/League of the South/Occidental Dissent which is largely Christian.

          • craicher

            I never said or implied that a real Southerner wasn’t a Christian just to clear that up.

          • (((Shill)))

            I’m not saying that YOU specifically say that; I’m just saying that I’ve come across people like that.

          • craicher

            Ok. I see.

      • Tragic Comedy

        Yeah, like all those Southern Evangelicals and their love for Israel, eh?
        lel. inb4 NO TRUE CONFEDERATE!

        • craicher

          Not how I grew up. Just thinking of my extended family and I don’t know one person who has “love for Israel”.

          Now is that Evangelical “love for Israel” something native to the South or was it, like the Great Awakening” and all the other poisons of the spirit exported from the North?

          Not trying to make this a North v. South thing but just letting people know what it is like for those who grew up embedded in true Southern culture. I suppose a lot depends on your family, your locality, your class and so on.

    • MBNM

      Yep, I’ve seen more liberal rednecks than the stereotypical kind. They’re fat, lousy in every sense possible, shop at wal-mart and vote democrat.

      • (((Shill)))

        What pisses me off the most is the fact that these people are more worried about sending mission trips to the poor Latin American countries than the poor white trash down the street.

    • Tragic Comedy

      Christians everywhere are cucked. Christianity is a faith of treason, its adoption of the faith of some foreign people, Jews no less.
      You literally cannot be a Christian and not be a cuckold, because you worship a subversive rabbi who preached universalist proto-Gommunism.

      • hj

        once you understand that Jesus Christ was not a jew, but the direct blood line (DNA) descendant from Adam and that Adam is the creation of the white race, whom had the Spirit of God residing in their soul, then you will see that Jesus Christ came only for the lost sheep of the lost 10 tribes of Israel… Mat 15:24 But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.
        These people are also the ancient descendants of Israel whom are not and never were jews. Churches today in America are universalist. not Christian .. How ever please note: Jew hate Jesus and killed him,…. Jews in 1, Th 2:15 Who both killed the Lord Jesus, and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men:

  • Greg Epps

    Ritter. PLEASE boost the audio. Its SO low. Use Audacity. Effect > Amplify. Takes 5 seconds

  • Charley Howard

    In regards to the Harvey Weinstein debacle.

    I’m afraid I’m just a natural born cynic and I don’t believe that anything will come out of this regarding any meaningful change in Jewish Hollywood. Everyone is, ringing their hands and saying how bad this guy is but the fact is that these actors and actresses prostitute themselves out there for any chance they can take to secure a place in a movie. Hollywood has always been a buy and sell proposition for those who work there and those who are willing to play the game, and the Jewish liberal head honchos know all this. I would predict within a year or two at most that Weinstein will be quietly “reinstated” into the business that he started with his brother, they’ll come up with some story about him being rehabilitated or something, and business will go on as usual.

     This came across the newswires and shows the dilemma that ordinary Americans see and face every day with regards to the actions of those who are rich and powerful.

    “The New York Times article chronicled allegations against Weinstein from movie star Ashley Judd and former employees at both the Weinstein Company and Weinstein’s former company, Miramax, over several decades. “Saturday Night Live,” meanwhile, true criticism from its uncharacteristic lack of attention to the scandal about Weinstein.

    The admission did not go unnoticed by people on social media. Many accused “SNL” of having a double standard when it came to criticizing those who have been accused of sexual assault. Last October, after a leaked 2005 “Access Hollywood” video showed Donald Trump bragging on a hot mic about being able to kiss and touch women freely because he was “a star,” “SNL” parodied the then-Republican presidential candidate relentlessly. “

  • MJK

    Greg is wrong under an employee based healthcare model Camillo is absolutely spot on! Buy your own BC period not muh problem….

  • depekas

    music credits plz

  • drakegod84

    Richards feeling on Christianity is correct. Evangelicals are entirely encaptured by the idea of having Jewish overlords as their refuge for higher moralities and not looking into internal or cultural inspirations. I couldn’t recommend reading a late 19th century book called Might Is Right, The Survival of the Fittest, by Ragnar Redbeard. We are a revolution we are being thrown forward by the very laws of nature itself.

  • shibby dibby



  • Charlie Maurras

    Great podcast this week !
    Who knows how the synthwave piece at 59:14 is called ?

  • David Ashton

    A “trope” (the latest buzz-word) is not always tripe.

    But people cannot help being born ugly like HW or handsome like RS.

  • 169pct

    The other thing about Milo is, Breitbart was using him as an edgy way to make mainstream Republican politics appealing to younger audiences. Milo was edgy, flirting with the far right but still a flamboyant homosexual, he was trolling on the Intenet, etc. All this made him a way to get young people who still had not developed a political sense to find the GOP attractive.

  • 169pct

    So Spencer says Milo will kill himself in 5 years and you think the gays are the dramatic ones? Milo won’t be dead in a physical sense, but he will be increasingly irrelevant in the public eye. Milo will remain a force behind the scenes in establishment Republican circles, looking for ways to bring elements of the increasingly fragmented demographics in America to vote Republican.