Feeding Men Sandwiches Makes Women Happy

“I’m the happiest Great-Grandma in the world.”

That’s what my my boyfriend’s grandmother said over a big family lunch this weekend at a restaurant in Hungary. She sat at one end of a wide table and looked lovingly at her two great-granddaughters, one seven and the other nine, as they dug into big plates of Hungarian beef stew. She asked them questions about their schoolwork, joked about the incomprehensibility of the smartphones they were glued to, and helped them keep their food from spilling onto their clothes. And the girls loved her back, treated her like she was one of them, a child separated only by a distance in time.

The next day we went to a wedding, and Great-Grandma was one of the stars of the party. One of her grandsons handed her glass after glass of cognac, which she downed in large professional gulps, leading to outbursts of laughter across the table. Everyone wanted to dance with Great-Grandma, and even though she visibly moved with some difficulty, she swung and swayed to the live band’s entire repertoire of English and Hungarian classic dance hits until one in the morning.

The day after the wedding, we shook off our hangovers and visited Great-Grandma at her apartment where she offered us everything from pretzels to chicken soup . When she asked her youngest grand-daughter if she’d like some fried pork with mushrooms, the little girl responded by sticking her tongue out: “Bleeeh!”

“Well, fuck,” Great-Grandma sighed, with a sort of stunned innocence on her face that had me rolling in laughter.

These memories stayed in my thoughts — they held a great meaning which I was unable to put into words until this morning when I sat before my laptop and scrolled through the news. Amid the top pieces detailing the latest terror incidents and celebrity scandals, there’s a steady undercurrent of stories on feminist butthurt over minuscule things. It never goes away. Every day, a team of hysteria-prone and entitled women lie in wait, ready to rant about the day’s great Triggering, whether it be improper emoji usage or offenses against the We Wuz Kangz crowd. There’s always another excuse to rage against husbands and the vaguely-defined patriarchy.

Feminist whining on social media usually leaves me cold, but this morning’s batch of bitching really struck me, especially since I was still high on the wonderful quality time I experienced this weekend with a lot of hot-blooded and drunk Hungarians.

Take this piece about sandwiches. Yes, sandwiches. In a Facebook group, a young woman asked for new sandwich recipes that she could make for her husband. Seems innocent enough, right? Not a chance; within hours, the topic was hijacked by a flock of bitter harpies, denouncing the good-natured wife for daring to prepare meals for someone other than herself. “I make my husband the same thing he makes me. Nothing!” typed one of the harpies, while many others told the woman to stop behaving “like a mother.”

The bitching was led by Polly Dunning, an Australian feminist who gained internet fame for her article in the Australian Morning Herald expressing revulsion over her pregnancy with her son (later tempering her hatred by editing the most controversial parts of the article and vowing to raise her boy as a feminist who would champion minority and women’s rights). Ms. Dunning also suggested making husbands nothing for lunch.

“There were dark moments in the middle of the night, when I felt sick at the thought of something male growing inside me.”

Unsurprisingly, this lady is the daughter of an even more vocal feminist, Jane Caro, who is an author of feminist literature and writes for The Guardian, like this article pushing open borders in Australia.

Ms. Caro also got my attention by an article of hers complaining about various unfair issues older women face like loneliness, poverty, and the inevitable drop in sexual market value.

“But for too many Australian women, growing older brings a confronting set of challenges that have nothing to do with how they look or feel. Many are struggling with underemployment, financial stress and homelessness — the legacy of a lifetime of sexism, and one that bites particularly hard for women who ironically did what they were told.”

It’s a “legacy of sexism,” naturally, that’s to blame. She concludes that women who choose to have families and spend decades caring for their children will fare much worse in life than women who focus on careers and themselves.

“The lifetime cost of being expected to do the lion’s share of caring for others is too high for all of us.”

The lifetime cost of what is too high? Keeping your house not overflowing with trash and speaking to your husband in a pleasant tone of voice? Going to aerobics class a few times a week and dressing in appealing clothing with some nice perfume? Loving your children and watching them carry forward your legacy? Is that really too difficult, ladies? Is wandering the world alone for the perfect Instagram travel photos and spending most of your life working as an easily replaceable cog in a corporation really the ideal? I wonder if Jane Caro realizes that the type of nasty self-centered “advice” her daughter gives to young wives in Facebook groups is the precise reason many women end up miserable, poor, and lonely in two decades’ time.

When did women caring for their family become the source of evil? Nonsense. It is the opposite that causes misery. After a while, materialism and casual sex loses its appeal. Aging women tricked into a selfish and sterile lifestyle by feminists like Polly Dunning and Jane Caro will eventually try to substitute their disappointment by searching for other things to take care of, usually cats or third world migrants, but nothing compares to the love of a family by blood. Although materialism offers happiness for a short time, the way to everlasting satisfaction beyond your own life is to care for your descendants.

In the end, what is a greater sight than Great-Grandma sitting back in her chair with a glass of cognac, laughing herself silly as the lively family she helped bring into the world dances around her? Is that worth the cost of making your husband a sandwich and caring for him? If not, let me know how amazing and empowered your life is when you’re alone and fifty.

Melissa Meszaros
Melissa is a Hungarian-American writer, editor, and translator who spent the first half of her life in Central New Jersey before relocating to Hungary. Today, from Hungary, she pursues a career in thought crime and Youtubing, and with her significant other is working towards building a loving home full of children and cats.


  • The insult “cuck” is probably supposed to make me feel something other than a vague urge to laugh at you, but sadly for you, it does not.

  • The insult “cuck” may supposed to make me feel something other than the urge to laugh at you, but sadly for you, I just find it ridiculous and sad.

  • I’ve gathered that until recently, Australian food resembled English food, which has a bad reputation. Wouldn’t Australian women have to learn how to prepare appetizing food first?

  • Unbelievable. These people are like clown world with AIDS. There is nothing wrong with making food for your significant other ever. You help each other out because that’s what a family is… people who are related to each other by blood or marriage who take care of each other. It’s that simple. Seriously, scary to think what home life is like for children of these creepy feminist psychos.

  • You know I think this whole feminism thing is being blown way out of proportion. In the average American city most young women still plan on getting married and having kids. Really the only real difference between most of the women now and the ones that were housewives during the 1950s is that women now are expected to hold down a full time job and still do 80-90% of the housework and child rearing. Most of the women I know want to stay home but are being harassed by the men in their lives to help bring home the bacon. This includes myself, both of my daughters, one with a toddler, and pretty much every married woman I know.

    Is it maybe that feminism is being blamed when guys who are losers cant get girlfriends?

    • Great post Annabelle Lee. Feminism has brought longer days, more misery and more burdens to shoulder for women who simply want to stay home and take care of their home and family. Feminist women: do you really want to work 60 hours a week, shop, cook, clean, do laundry, care for kids, give your husband sex, find time to sleep and shower, just because you want to show you can take care of yourself? That you are a modern woman? I call bullshit on that, because thanks to women like you, women like me, who are anti-feminist and traditional, are expected to follow your lead. And I DO NOT want it. But it’s been forced upon me. Thanks a lot.

      And men today- they won’t ever take a second job to help bring in extra income. God forbid…they’re too spoiled, knowing their wife will pick up the slack. This has created a world filled with tired, burned out women, who have little time to properly raise their kids and who eventually wind up divorced. And this pattern will not change anytime soon. If Feminists had their way, men would be phased out of humanity entirely, and we’d have a world filled with rainbows, unicorns, and lesbians.

      • Hello, Dawn!
        I know I am late with writing this, but I found this article just today. I am from Europe, so sorry if my English dictionary seems poor, but it’s not my native language. Although I love philosophy and literature, I was denied my greatest passion – writing, even if I was and still am excellent in it (alas, not so in English).
        The reason I am so miserable is the social pressure coming from mass stupidity – that I was supposed to “graduate in a money-making field”, to “be independent”, to “earn a living”… Why earn it? I never asked to be born. I never said it was worth earning it…
        I have 2 degrees, worked for 6 years total and it was HELL. I worked 6 days-a-week and has blue circles under my eyes. I engaged in shopping sprees, because I had money, yes, much more than the average salary here, but mostly because I had to make myself happy again, right? I have 4 fully condensed with clothes wardrobes, over a hundred pairs of shoes, bags I can’t remember, earrings, make-up, 12 fur coats, other miron bullshits that made me anything but happy, because I had nowhere to wear them. Everyone I know told me I was to be envied, because I had all it takes – beautiful, smart, sexy, unique, etc. I always argued saying I was miserable (few people know I had suicidal ideation, even planned the date and all). They called me lazy…
        I managed to escape the employment prison thanks to my boyfriend and husband-to-be. We both hate money, but he is more than willing to give me financial stability if that would make me happy. At least secure so I can sink into my passions. His father doesn’t seem to think like that. Last week he called me to talk me into getting a job to earn my bread. I was too nice to him. I am putting a big effort at home, because I don’t want to be a working half-housewife half-mother like his wife. I do pretty much all the housework and I’m happy to do it, alrhough my boyfriend engages in helping me. I am reading child psychology in order not to fuck-up my children like they did. I am taking care of my health because thanks to being a working corporal slave for years I now have a chronical physical illness and so on…
        I struggled for 2 years fighting with my mom about what was best for me.
        Everyone is still stunned about me not being employed for almost a year now. I can feel them waiting for me to fail so they don’t have to put an effort and change their lifestyle (“everyone is a slave, there is no other way, why should I challenge the status quo?”).
        The things you’ve written… I could’ve written them, millions of other women could’ve written them if they were brave enouph to admit it to themselves at first. Don’t ever bend under the social pressure! Don’t ever change your fundamental value because of angry, envious and nosey people’s bitter remarks! Dear girl, don’t ever let them force their lives on you, just to justify their pittiful existence, because your life awaits YOU to live it and YOU owe to yourself to live to YOUR ideal, not theirs.
        Best wishes!

  • If she is so dumb she has to ask for sandwich recipes no wonder everyone was making fun of her, seriously.

    • How is that “dumb”? Women trade cooking tips all the time. The problem seems to have been one of venue – she had asked that question to women who had chosen to care for their families in other ways. It was a simple mistake, but cyber space is NOT as flexible as real space, and it has NO tolerance for miscommunication. Live and learn.

  • These Jewified people are sick and need to be locked up and kept away from society so they can’t fling filth at the rest of us.

  • Women are biologically designed to be the family caretaker, anything else leads to misery for everyone.

  • Excellent article. Another example of how women of the Alt Right are so intelligent, lovely, and sweet.

    • Thank you for this! Unfortunately, men in this movement sometimes have a tendency to take out their frustrations with normie women on us normal women.

      • Yep, we’re looked at as dumb, undesirable, golddiggers by these men. All because we simply want to say home and care for our family.

  • Just remember not to blame them, some are a lost cause but it’s up to us to ‘out-sell’ our image of paradise as pictured at top over the misery that society has in store for them.

    • This is true, but some situations are still better or worse than others.
      For some women (I assume most) having a big loving family will be much more rewarding than feeding cats and sitting in a cubicle for decades.

  • I hope these “women”‘s names are being put on a list. When the time comes, the Caros and Dunnings of the world will have to be dealt with in a manner so harsh, that they’ll regret every word they have ever written

  • If fifty years of feminism has truly liberated the modern woman from the oppression of (white) men, why are these aging boomer shrew’s so angry and bitter after a lifetime of “freedom”.

    Is it possible, that as the years have gone by, they have become aware that they dedicated their lives to a false ideology. Perhaps they are now reaping the consequences of foolish decisions they made in their youth, but they realize it is to late to change.

    Paradoxically, these feminists are angry and bitter because they are old and alone, but they are old and alone because they are angry and bitter.

    • Actually, their oppression preceded their bitterness. As late as the 1980’s, most women were still expected to put their educations and careers on hold – or abandon them altogether – for their husbands. Regrettably, many of those women did exactly that. But, unlike their mothers and grandmothers, they DID NOT resign themselves to heartbreaking lives of “serving” their loveless families. Though their new paths were uncharted, these women courageously strode into them. Before they made this journey, the world had assumed that families were inescapable, indispensable, and inexhaustible. Needless to say, they, obviously, weren’t. That’s the truth, and these women did us a favor, by showing it to us. It’s ironic, that they sacrificed from their refusal to sacrifice, but everyone’s freedom comes at a cost. And these renegade women knew that. They were NOT surprised to get punished for belatedly building their independent lives. Rarely do they complain about the high costs of exiting wife/mother roles. Instead, they tally the costs they would have incurred from a further 20, 30, or 40 years of their previous lives. Then, they go feed their cats, cash their paycheck, and watch their tv *without* begging their kids and husbands for the remote.

      • And so, unlike their mothers and grandmothers before them, these “courageous” women exit the role of wife and mother to their “loveless families” to pursue their own self-serving materialistic desires.

        After 20, 30, or 40 years have passed from their previous lives, they find that the children they left behind despise them for their lifetime of selfishness. They see their ex-husbands happily remarried to traditional women who understand the absolute value in their roles of wife and step-mother.

        In the end, our independent feminist heroes finish out their final days watching television with their cats. This is all they have left in their lives to spend their paychecks on.

          • What’s funny is how desperately she tries to sell herself as ‘special’.
            “I’m different! I’m an artist! I don’t fit! I’m not part of THE SYSTEM! I’m an outsider! Muh patriarchy!”

            She’s not special at all – there are gaggles of these old hags who’ve accomplished nothing of lasting import, who’ve drowned themselves in media and pop culture and think that their meager contributions to either will validate their existence (instead of being forgotten within a decade).
            And then you find her Instagram and it all becomes clear: She’s nothing but an old twat whose had her head up her own ass so long, she no longer recognizes the stink.

            Here’s my favorite picture on there:
            No one will ever say the same of her…. Know why? I’ll tell you.

            Here’s my least favorite:

            Wondering what she’s on about?

            Here’s why:

            “The bodies of Robert Wells, 36, from Sunderland, and his wife, Imogen Goldie, 28, from Camberwell, south London, were found in the seaside resort of Sihanoukville on New Year’s Day. The couple are believed to have killed themselves on Goldie’s birthday, which was the day before.”

            This feminist retard’s daughter killed herself beside a blue-haired numale, on Christmas. The feminist retard’s response?
            “It has been reported that an alleged suicide note was found in the
            guesthouse that referred to mental health struggles and to a feeling
            that they had both been let down by the NHS. … Goldie’s mother, Diane, set up a crowdfunding page to enable her to go out to Cambodia to cremate her daughter. On it she wrote: “This cruel system failed both my daughter and her husband,
            Robert, leaving them to find solutions to their mental health issues by
            their own hands. Will you help me bring my baby back home please?” By
            Tuesday, she had already exceeded her target of £5,000.”

            If that doesn’t speak for itself, I don’t know what does.

          • She seems fun but the best part for me was finding out she is also 51. Im at that point now too where the love I get from my children and now especially my granddaughter is really the best love ever. Also had this happen post menopause I always feared the crone phase of the Maiden Mother Crone thing and now I find out its the best part.

        • In the end, our independent feminist heroes finish out their final days watching television with their cats.

          I know a number of women in the cryonics movement who fit that description.

        • Im not sure why you guys are so upset about women who dont want to have children. There are still many of us who had them or want to have them. My sister didnt have any and instead raised her step children while working full time. Why would you call women who dont get pregnant and have a child selfish? Arent they actually the ones who are being unselfish because they decide they wont be good moms and thus dont bring unwanted kids into the world? What is the solution? Some sort of Handmaiden forced procreation thing?

          • Because it is indicative of a trend, my dear.
            You justly would call a woman who doesn’t get pregnant, for entirely selfish reasons, selfish.
            The very notion of ‘not being a good mom’ is one of the many anxieties imparted upon women in the modern age, all this ‘planning’, all this ‘waiting’, all this bullshit – 99% of women could be good mothers – but they don’t WANT to be. They want to be poor excuses for men, and that, my dear dear lady, is a blatant sign of societal degeneration.

            The solution is to continue to fight against the rising darkness, to hope against hope that we can bring this thing back from the brink – and above all, those very women should be hoping to the Gods that we succeed in such efforts.

            For, in the wake of our failure, in the shadow of our crumbled society, these women will be dragged lower than the prostitutes they have become, and the willingness of men to acquiesce to their whims will dry up and vanish into the aether.
            Should the society which became so soft and weak that it allowed women to rule the men finally fall, in the wake of our failures, then these women will become little more than war brides or comfort girls.
            Or, perhaps even darker a fate, should the society continue to limp on into some Neuromancer-tier cyberpunk nightmare, well… Then women won’t merely be reduced to prostitutes, they will legitimately face extinction, for if the feminine aspect wishes to reject all that is feminine in favor of selfish debauchery and faux-masculinity, they will cease to have any function, and they will be replaced by technology which can fill that role better than they at their best.

            Perhaps that is inevitable. In any case, you will be mothers and wives, or mere things to be used and discarded – or perhaps, you will be nothing at all.

      • @disqus_IyqN2dHVaB:disqus Well I think that is alright. Look, at the end of the day I don’t really want all these shitlibs to have offspring. We don’t need their genes. I consider this a kind of natural selection within human society. All these progressive liberals will off themselves and their genetic lines by default. If a woman or a man does not want to have a family and falls for the brainwashing even after being flooded with counter-arguments, well … good riddance. Same goes for people with seemingly hardwired out-group preference. Let the borg assimilate them. I repeat again, we do not need their shitty genes. Quality before quantity, natural selection at it’s finest.

      • What the H are you talking about? I told a teacher in the 80s that I wanted to be a wife when I grew up and she almost ripped my head off. She went ballistic and told me I had to write that I wanted to be a doctor on my assignment. This feminist crap isn’t freedom from anything, it’s marxist dog shit force fed to most women against their will from childhood.

  • Only one solution: WHITE SHARIA NOW

    Feminists need to be flogged and flayed like the traitorous whores they are.

      • Our women are going to be getting Sharia one way or another. If things continue the way they are going, they are going to get Brown Sharia. The only other alternative is Huwhyte Sharia. Restraining women is the natural order, the only question will be who does the restraining.
        Rapefugees or decent White men. Those are your options.

  • To quote an anon from one those Fashthetic threads on 4chan, we need a motivated and well funded artist to recreate a 21st century, post modern lonely feminist, Little Match Girl. But instead of the match in an empty alley, use a smartphone in a lonely apartment.

    As the aging lonely feminist settled in for another hollow night of Netflix and box wine alone, she scrolls through some old friends on her Normiebook to find them settling down and raising happy families. The scene cuts to a flashback of an old boyfriend of hers that wanted to marry her, but she was too convinced of the dedicated career woman meme to take him seriously, so she left him.

    Using her smartphone light, she drifts into a fantasy timeline where she chose to be a traditional woman and settle down with the man of her youth. They raise children together who eventual give them grandchildren and great grandchildren, she sees her ultimate fulfillment and satisfaction at the head of the family table during a holiday surrounded by the love and hopeful future of her descendants.

    The smartphone light clicks off, the dull silence of her lonely reality sets back in to a circling loading screen of the Netflix app on a big screen in a dark living room. Her soul aches and see begins to weep as the short movie fades to the credits. (Perhaps add in an opioid addiction to darken the mood and more accurately depicte the plight of modern loneliness.)

    • Yeah they realize their sexual value is close to zero so they try to play the wise old matron to get attention and resources and corrupt younger women at the same time. We tend to think of feminism as a modern phenomenon but I think they were just called witches in the past. We’re past due a good witch hunt at this point.

      • It isn’t just that. It is like she was ruined by the university, by her own naivety, and how they took her compassion and goodness and twisted it into something that ultimately was awful for her.

        • And the cycle continues, chances are she’ll do the same to younger women or encourage them to go to university.

          • Yeah, she does. Though I sometimes get the hint that she regrets it all and doesn’t really believe in the ideology. But it is her paid position in this society.

      • Do women become “wise” with age, though? I can’t think of any examples.

        Not that men consistently turn into sages with the passing of the years, either. Look at how Hugh Hefner turned out, for instance. But I can think of some examples.

  • Keep up the good work Melissa. I think many women nowadays are waiting and waiting to find a man to marry and procreate with. Certainly not all but most are. I think they go out on dates and nit pick at the men they do date. If he is anything less than a millionaire, model, superstar athlete he is not good enough (of course this is an slight exaggeration). This is unfortunate as there are men out there who would make a good husband. Maybe not perfect but they’d provide a good income, be there for their kids, and provide stability.

    We somehow need to make getting married and having kids cool again.

    • I think men go out on dates and nit pick at the women they date. If she is anything less than a model, if she has a few extra lbs or isnt made up to the hilt then she is not good enough. The truth is that because of the media industry and the constant shoving of perfect looking people into our faces both sexes have their expectations set way too high. And most people think they deserve someone who is way above their pay grade.

      • The data doesn’t support this claim.
        Its not men who nit pick – its women. Men will accept far, FAR less than they deserve, they will date, even marry, downward – women will not. You want to talk about thinking one deserves someone above their pay grade? Look in the mirror sweetheart.
        There’s a reason the bottom 80% of men on shit like Tindr is competing for the bottom 20% of women, while the top 80% of women compete for the top 20% of men.

  • Melissa, happiness and security are basic, inalienable rights for EVERYONE. They AREN’T prizes that *anyone* should “have to” “win” by “caring” more and “accepting” less reciprocity. Even if that game were winnable, – and it’s NOT – it would force women to suffer, regardless of its outcome. We both know women who give and never receive, who sacrifice in vain, who never get thanked for serving with love, and who never enjoy a meaningful moment to serve THEMSELVES. And women like your grandma and mine are worthy of UNCONDITIONAL love and support. They do matter, when their dreams lead them away from us. They do matter, when they’re not able to care for us. They would matter, even if they’d never started families. It’s abusive for men/families to “love” women ONLY when they’re putting themselves last. Our familial relationships *need not* and *should not* “replace” our most vital relationship – the one that each of us has with ourselves. Men, of course, have NEVER been forced to participate in their own self-estrangement. That “exemption” has greatly benefited men, and, now, society must also grant it to women. You are just as significant as your husband or any other man.

      • Maybe his grandmother is one of those tattoed hippy dropouts from the 60,s ,that deserves UNCONDITIONAL love for a lifetime of selfish acts.

        • But from our perspective so are we. We think traditional values and gender roles are both a collective blessing for society as a whole and ways of life that bring more personal satisfaction than the lives most moderns want women to lead.

          It’s clear — nearly all the evidence shows this — that female ’emancipation’ has increased female misery. I’m sure you’re aware of that. So we seek to treat women as we would like to be treated. We want them to be happy and fulfilled unlike the ideological fanatics and capitalists who have convinced them that service to family is slavery but service to Mammon is freedom.

        • honey, you can go and be a feminist all you want nowadays. go be free, liberated and independent. literally no one is stopping you. and here you are instead, crusading against us on

          not something a happy person does.

          • You don’t know what gender I am. It’s pretty nuts that so many of you think I’m a woman. There’s just no logical way for you to be so certain of that. And people speak their mind as often as possible. You guys are responding to my comments, so what does that say about YOU?

          • you’re either a fag or a chick, that much is clear.

            it says i’m a mod on this site and publish articles, duh.

        • Apparently you’re not smart enough to realize the ridiculousness of your statement. Do you treat kids as you would like to be treated? How about the mentally disabled? These are of course extreme examples but it shows that 2 unequal people are not treated the same way, and sorry to tell you, but equality doesn’t exist. There are differences in both gender and race, the solution is not to pretend we’re equal, but to use the strengths of each group to build a harmonious society with the best outcomes, not “equal” outcomes.

    • Ah precious, feeble mindedness is part of your biology. I know you can’t help it. It’s best you write about baking, sewing, gardening and so on and leave the thinking to us men. I guess it is good you are a femicommie because you would make a terrible wife and mother. You can always get sterilized just to be sure not to do harm to any children or men that may have the misfortune of being blighted by the like of you.

      • You realize that by telling her to sterilize herself and that she’d make a terrible wife and mother: You are thereby admitting that not all women are cut out for traditionalist lifestyles. This is exactly why the option for women to work must always be there. There are a great deal of men that can hardly afford to feed themselves, much less a family as well and need their wives to supplement the family income.

        • Do you realize that virtually everyone on the “right” knows perfectly well that there are plenty of women (and men) not cut out for breeding – and that no one is trying to “deny” women the “right” to work?

          You do realize that is all in the feminist’s fantasy, right? As if ANYONE in the Alt Right is EVER going to marry a feminist and allow her into their kitchen and support her.

          Believe me – there are a LOT of women that are going to be working until the day their start collecting Social Security – or die alone – whichever comes first.

          The right is perfectly aware of that – it’s the left that wants to pretend that isn’t going to happen to a LOT of them.

          • I’m glad you’re glad. Now can you please explain to the feminists that there are essentially ZERO men who are interested in providing them with a kitchen and a “traditional lifestyle?”

            The constant fantasy that all sorts of sexist men are going to *force* them into being traditional wives is simply their own erotic fantasy that no one on the right shares, at all.

            All men on the right want is for feminists to stop shaming normal women.

          • Shaming normal women? Well, why should men care? That doesn’t seem like it’s your fight. After all… that’s a lot like the “white allies” of “PoC”. Are you some type of “penile ally” or something? I wonder if this is why MGTOW think the Alt Right are “tradcuck betas”… Just wondering.

            It’s certainly not normal in society for men to care about the happiness of random women and whether they are being socially ostracized by other females.

          • Well just the fact that you actually think we might not shows how moronic your conception of us is. Like so many you make the mistake of thinking that those who talk in generalities believe in universalities. Is there anyone in the world that actually says ‘Mostly x is like this’ when they believe ‘x is always and at all times this without exception’?

            Where are these people?

        • True some women are too hysterical and have bad genetics and thus should not reproduce.

          On work, women have always worked but it was mostly at home and with other women: milking the family cow, gardening, cooking, washing, weaving, knitting, sewing, keeping hens, and all the while raising the wee ones.

          With this knowledge we can put women to work where they belong and where we all do well; man, woman, child, young and elderly. It’s about putting things back into their natural balance.

        • Kind of irrelevant. When women have been indoctrinated into this lifestyle of course they won’t make great parents, when they’re indoctrinated into the traditional lifestyle then the vast majority will. It’s as simple as that. When in a traditional society, the tiny amount of women who will not be cut out for a traditional lifestyle will be negligible and thus I say “who cares?”

      • No dice, craicher. I’ll write whatever I want to. And I doubt you can “think” of a way to oppress a spouse, yet still keep them. Unless you can, the “feeble” one is YOU!

        And, you don’t know what gender I am, if I have kids or want kids, or if I have a spouse. Quit making assumptions!

    • Then it’s abusive for women to love men only for providing for them. Men pay the most taxes and women consume the most resources, where’s the equality in that? It’s easy to nag when you’ve been pampered by a male-fueled society your whole life without having to give anything in return.

      • I doubt you have any stats for that, and I doubt you’re correct. But, even if you are, you still aren’t telling the whole truth. Women still get paid less than men. They are still saddled with 80-90% of the household duties, *even if they work*. They do most of the shopping for household items, toys, children’s clothes, groceries, and health necessities. They do the vast majority of the elder care. And many of their hobbies are centered around domestic tasks – sewing, gardening, cooking, party/vacation planning, etc. So, trust me, men get reimbursed for every dollar they claim to “spend” on women.

        • I doubt you’ve been to a ‘modern’ household lately. You typically find a nagging feminist such as yourself insisting the man do the equal amount of chores despite working more. Which brings us to the wage gap myth. Women are not paid less (often the opposite), they work less.

        • Blacks also get paid less than Whites. This is because Blacks do a shit job at work, in the same way that women are inevitably the least helpful, most indolent, least creative, and most demanding workers. Of the 1000 times I can think of in my life where something at work needed a little initiative and risk, 1000 of those times it was a man that stepped up. Maybe, just maybe, there’s a reason that White men created the modern world while women bitched and nigs nigged.

          As any idiot could figure out, if there were women actually doing as good a job as men and getting paid less, any dummy could monopolize any industry by hiring only women and paying them 72% or 77% or whatever the nonsense, decontextualized number presently is. There’s also a pay gap between janitors and chemical engineers, what kind of dope is easily manipulated enough to think this is a genuine issue? Only janitors, when agitated by an alien parasite race using them for its own ends.

          • Lothar, nobody gets a “break” from racism and sexism at work. Those ideologies take a backseat to NOTHING, not even the esteemed ethos of professionalism. As we’ve seen recently in the news, women and people of color work, achieve, and get wounded by employers that “pay” them to “stay in their place”. Their good ideas are “crummy”, until a White man proposes them 10 minutes later. To have any hope of advancing, they have to gut out years of underpaid, degrading work. Whenever they wish to take even the smallest and most calculated of risks, they’re “sternly cautioned” about “failing everyone” with their “recklessness”. For women and people of color, ambition is recast as ruthlessness and initiative is recast as hyperactivity. And, in many fields, women are, quite frankly, viewed – and treated – as “pieces of ass”, to use a Cheetoism. Yet, despite bearing so much hostility, women and people of color are passionate about their work, and passionate about their clients and customers. In fact, the workplace abuse must usually reach a high tipping-point, before it’s even noticed by the victimized worker. Women and people of color have – and absolutely need – a thick skin at work. They DO NOT quit or disengage from their jobs, at the first act of abuse. If they did, believe me, the workforce would be White males-only.

        • Women don’t get ‘paid less than men’ you silly goose. Over a life time they earn less because of different lifestyle, education and vocational choices. This can be confirmed with five minutes of honest research.

          “They do most of the shopping for household items, toys, children’s clothes, groceries, and health necessities.”

          Yeah they also do most of the shopping for clothes, make up and sex toys. Cry me a river.

          “They do the vast majority of the elder care.”

          It’s funny because I’d wager that a vast majority of that care would have previously been performed by the in tact family not by the massive state that many women seem desperate to vote into existence and serve.

        • Happy women co-operate with their men, that is they complement each other, not copy each other.

          Your statement might be true for some, and false for others. At the end of the day it should be a matter of free choice. I don’t see any institutional enforcement making women spend their time on washing and shopping food and toys, not since decades. I do see a lot of institutional enforcement to make men do that, since decades. But as a consequence of a supposed oppression other women experienced in other times. Not as an expression of good life.

          Ironically its the modern mid-age woman, who went to college, spends their spare time on work outs, dining with other chicks, travelling and working the urban jungle who drives their male generation into the craziness of equality with the argument of female discrimination. They end up with guys who are either taking off again or cuck in a way making these chicks feeling bored by them.

    • >And women like your grandma and mine are worthy of UNCONDITIONAL love and support.
      >They would matter, even if they’d never started families.

      You do understand, that had women like your grandmother never started families you wouldn’t exist, right? Therefore, women like this do have CONDITIONAL terms of love and support, which involve being an actual Mother in the first place! Otherwise there would be no one here left to support them, why do you feel above the tens of thousands of years of evolution and family structure that gave you and the rest of us life to begin with?

    • Nonsense. We can not guarantee happiness or even security to anyone. They are not rights. Your rights are spelled out in the first 10 amendments of the Constitution. Neither security nor happiness are among them.

      • Wrong, realist. We give those rights to ourselves, and we do that by making choices that make US a high priority. Single or not, childless or not, we all deserve more than an empty, subservient existence.

        • “by making choices that make US a high priority.”

          Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for admiration and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of ultraconfidence lies a fragile self-esteem that’s vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

          A narcissistic personality disorder causes problems in many areas of life, such as relationships, work, school or financial affairs. You may be generally unhappy and disappointed when you’re not given the special favors or admiration you believe you deserve. Others may not enjoy being around you, and you may find your relationships unfulfilling.

          “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.” — Paul

        • Given that the traditional roles of women are keeping the house, playing around with kids and making mediocre food, while men slave away as coal miners and steel smelters and soldiers, among other thankless, underpaid, and sometimes deadly positions, only to return to a heckling wife, the question of who was subservient all along is worthy of being raised.

          Children who do chores are not subservient, they are merely doing their small part while the man of the household does, by far, the lion’s share.

          I understand that the modern move is to feign competence and great life plans, and to marry the government and thus align with Mohametans, Hindoos, and other useless elements in order to benefit from the White man’s exploration, invention, ingenuity, industriousness, and decency while paying nothing back, but that is the way of the useless hookworm which desiccates and sucks its host dry. If you want to be part of an organic society, for which no one has surpassed Kongzi in describing the basic and necessary elements, the key is to put your head down, shut the fuck up, and accept that you are nothing special. You have responsibilities and, if those are fulfilled, your delayed gratification will play a part in making a decent society, because you were not a niggery child who demanded this, demanded that, and contributed nothing of value in return, as you have done in your life. You are not interesting, you are not unique, your goals are flimsy nonsense, you contribute immeasurably more to the world by making a ham sandwich than you do being a fulfilled, independent woman who don’t need no man and is climbing that Mazlow hiearchy of needs.

          • Hey wait just a minute. Taking care of kids is not just “playing around.” Little children are a hazard to themselves, because they don’t know how to assess risks. Mom has to keep them safe, but still give them freedom to play and learn. Keeping children safe is a primally harrowing task that can leave a woman totally spent at the end of the day. As they get older, it gets easier.

            On the other hand, if a Mom finds that motherhood is not meeting her higher order needs, she probably isn’t doing it right.

            Still, your point is well-taken. A sandwich is really not all that much to ask.

          • You’re right. Not to mention the fact that “playing around” with kids is a years-long strain on women’s physical health and cognitive/emotional maturity. Mothers catch their children’s constant colds, are constantly exposed to their children’s bodily waste, their intellect suffers from their “duties” to play with toys and communicate at a child’s level, and their children’s emotional underdevelopment WILL rub off on them. If Lothar has a wife, he needs to show her a LOT more respect for the work she does and the sacrifices she makes for HIS kids.

        • Suppose you are clinically depressed. No drug works. By what means is the government going to guarantee your so-called right to happiness?

        • I have a right to all your money. (And your car, if you have one.) There, I just gave that right to myself. Fork it over.

          • What you don’t seem to understand is that both traditional gender roles are defined by their _sacrifices._ What you feminists think is so great about the traditional male sacrifice of busting ones hump all day long at some lame/exhausting job to put food on the table is astounding to me. That’s not putting yourself last? That’s not sacrificing your time and energy all for your family? Men and women both traditionally made sacrifices for their families because ultimately it was the most fulfilling thing they would ever do.

            You, on the other hand, would prefer to be a giant fucking slut or something, I guess. And then take offense at being called out as the self centered hedonist you are. Pathetic.

          • Jones, women do understand that men sacrifice for their families. Men’s unique contributions enrich family life and cannot be “replaced”. In that way, people of both genders enjoy *the same* honor and influence. Unfortunately, that’s the first and last similarity between men’s and women’s domestic lives. “Traditionally”, men have NOT been exploited when, they’ve sacrificed for other people. Overall, their sacrifices have been acknowledged, rewarded, and voluntary. Women’s sacrifices have not. I am NOT a “giant fucking slut” or a “self-centered hedonist” for asserting my right to sacrifice *within self-imposed limits*, just like men do.

          • Thanks for making sandwiches Grandma!; Oh you are welcome dear!

            Thanks Grandfather for giving your life to stop that random guy that broke into the house that night to rape our sister.; *Silence*

            We men demand certain things because we drew the short straw when we were born and it was determined that we would die for the people who were born into the weaker bodies.

            Predetermined Death / Sandwiches and Sex

            Which would you rather provide?

          • Another thing you feminists do is just say things as fact that have no basis, like, “Overall, their (men’s) sacrifices have been acknowledged, rewarded, and voluntary. Women’s sacrifices have not.” So much is senseless in that statement, but for the sake of brevity, you feminists have been the leading force in devaluing the role of mother. I’m not religious, but the Virgin Mary is a saint…. simply for farting out a kid. Girls instinctively gravitate toward playing “house” and acting the mother to dolls, then you feminists will tell them that’s really lame, and they should become a lawyer.

            Go ahead and just make shit up. Women have always been put on pedestals… oh, wait I forgot, that’s sexist too. Ridiculous.

          • This horrible comment is my basis for my thoughts on women’s taken-for-granted sacrifices. Childbirth is NOT “farting out a kid”, you #deplorable. It’s an arduous, life-threatening, and ESSENTIAL start of human life!!! And we HAVE encouraged men to make *only* the most humane and high-profile sacrifices. Unlike women’s sacrifices, men’s have always been prominent on national monuments, town seals, and family photo albums. Those forms of valorization DO reflect the value we’ve placed on their lives. Society only hides its citizens’ sacrifices, when they’re meaningless, or when it forces our citizens to “donate” their time, money, skills, and lives.

    • “They would matter, even if they never started families”
      No they wouldn’t.
      We all have roles in society and those who abandon their roles to take care of cats instead of their own children are a complete waste of resources.

    • “happiness and security are basic, inalienable rights for EVERYONE”
      First of all, happiness is subjective so it cannot be achieved for everyone.
      Second, basic and inalienable rights do not exist. Rights exist only within the system of institutions (like military, police, judicial) created by humans that sustain this virtual reality called “inalienable rights”.

    • Love is never unconditional either. I don’t know why would you belive that. It is very very conditional. Your mom for example loves you “unconditionally” because your her daughter. Quite a condition already. Same with marrige and romantic relationships. Let me know if you want more specific examples.

    • If I take your words to heart, I will have to kill everyone I don’t like and rape everyone I do like. If I am the most important thing in my world then everyone else is a slave. Do not trust your own morality. Do not make yourself your own god. You will let you down.

  • I know a woman in her mid thirties who has no kids and never even had a boyfriend. Sadly, she smells like cat piss all the time. I don’t think it’s because of feminism though, at least not directly, which is why I feel sorry for her. She’s just a female incel (yes they do exist.) She’s obese, not attractive at all, a social introvert and lacks good hygiene which makes it difficult for her to find a mate even though she has spoken of wanting kids someday but says she’s still a virgin. She does speak of her nephews and nieces a lot so I think she treats them as her own. But I find it a sad situation that some people are in not by choice but because of the social alienation modern society breeds. And feminist think this is “ideal.”

    • Assuming she has cats, she has to rid herself of them.
      Beyond that, you have to drop your hook where fish are.
      It is hard – I don’t think there is any such true “incel” of either sex.
      You can find some creepy person of the other sex to copulate with.
      What it usually means is some polar problem. If you do NOT want to be a slut or PUA but find something deeper, you can’t find it in most cities or even college towns these days. But if you’ve rejected church and God, you aren’t going to find someone easily. Atheism and secularism have adopted the strange feminism “respect me but I want casual sex” contradiction.

      • I would be more concerned with a single woman who had no pets. If pets are honestly substitutes for children then why wouldnt you see that as a positive that she likes to care for something smaller than herself that she can cuddle and feed?

        • Because pets aren’t human beings. There is a tendency to anthropomorphize the pets INSTEAD of dealing with real babies that you also have to diaper and feed in the wee hours, not just dump food into a bowl and clean the litterbox or let them out in the yard.

          It is the mirror of men playing video games and trying to call that social interaction. The CGI rendered images may represent fellow team members and you may actually talk to them via a headset.

          • I was raised on a ranch/farm and feel that my early years learning that the comfort/safety/ feeding etc of the animals ahead of my own wants was a great experience to get me ready for the selflessness needed when I had children. also you dont seem like you know much about animals if you think that is all there is to having them.

          • Woman, I’ve done wildlife rehab since I was a babe myself.
            I’ve raised wild beasts from mewling handfuls to growling monsters of yore.
            And I can assure you, without doubt: None of the above was even remotely equivocal to raising a human child, your own child.

            The issue at hand is that women are redirecting their instinctual drives, to comfort and love something small and dependent upon them, from the product of their own wombs, unto the hide of some sub-human beast which is incapable of knowing human love. It is horror made manifest, and a glass is half full approach only makes you seem insane.

          • You didn’t give that context. Anyone who comes from a farm/ranch background will be good and sane. But they are few. Most “city girls” are … irresponsible.

            A pampered pet is very different from livestock. I’m from a rural area of the country where they are rarely if ever confused. It is one of the reasons I moved here in that women are smart and sane. Livestock must be nurtured and respected – but not anthromorphized. If one is endangering the group, you get rid of it.

            The extension of cat ladies are the collectors that have 100 cats in filthy houses. They get to 40 and barren and end up treating pets as babies from a warped maternal instinct.

    • She doesnt sound like she should be reproducing anyway. There is a reason that fat ugly people have a hard time getting mates, it is Natures way of preventing losers from creating more losers.

    • Feminism is a factor of contribution to the social alienation of our modern society.

      Nature does make losers, but you can’t necessarily blame solely Nature for the state of our people – when you lay your eggs in poison, there will be consequences, and our society has become little more than a sea of venom.

  • Even crazier, women’s breasts aren’t just for looking at – they are used to feed babies! It’s almost as if creating and nurturing life is in the very definition of the word “female!”

    Biology – it’s craaaazy!

  • These childless cat ladies will end up living a miserable life. I know so many who have gone down that road.

    • We will need many new insane asylums to house the crazy, childless, tattooed, debauched middles aged women of the near future.

      • They will all probably die in their mid-50s to mid-60s. Being 30+ pounds overweight, excess drinking, copious amounts of risky sex, tattoos, piercings, smoking, drug use, late nights, long hours of sitting at a desk, cleaning cat boxes for decades, unhealthy personal relationships, chronic anger, etc. all add up and will take their toll.

      • No, we just need to start having yearly witch burnings where each township or city just eliminates the women that are batshit crazy. Men go criminal and can be dealt with. Women spoil on a spiritual level and become haunting spirits for all eternity.

        • May I ask why you are constantly on this site if you hate ‘evil nazis’ so much? I mean I hate feminists yet it never ever occurs to me to spend my days commenting on Jezebel.

          • When fringe movements try and fail to mainstream, they get the worst of both worlds – persistent marginalization and intense public opprobrium. That’s where the alt-right is today. Until it reverts back to a “dark web” “movement”, people will oppose you, directly and vociferously.

          • You are both terrified of us as well as intensely curious. It’s sort of a fatal attraction isn’t it? You’ve said you wouldn’t want to be our “kitchen” yet you now spend a lot of time verbally sparring with all these “misogynists.” You know, hoping to find one that can handle you.

            Who knows? Maybe you really do have some femininity deep down inside, but in only comes out in your darkest fantasies you’re still really ashamed to admit. Barefoot, pregnant, maybe even a little spanking too? A husband that loves the child you two made together, but nevertheless expects you to change the diapers – he’ll be out bringing home the bacon.

            Or you know, maybe after all day at the office dressed up in your masculine pantsuits, you could come home to a man who will take charge – you won’t have to make decisions – he’ll just grab you and treat you like a woman. You’ll feel positively feminine – at least for a while …

            It’s fun to fantasize, isn’t it? This is the only place you can actually get the attention of a “real man” – a masculine man, one who is even a bit … sexist.


          • I get the impression that you have some serious psychological issues after reading this comment, and I hope you get help before you consider interacting with women in real life.

          • If his comment is so off base then why is 50 Shades the highest selling novel in human history?

          • His shocking misogny is indicative of his porn addiction and chronic masterbation. He’s a sad, pathetic, little man.

          • Taking a look at your posting history, I am quite confident you are either severely psychologically disturbed, or a sock-account managed by this site’s administrators to drive conversation and traffic.
            Neither is especially endearing.

          • Ah, you’ve caught me. I’m a leftist interloper on this hellhole of a website. But I’m sure you support the rights granted by our lovely first amendment, so why don’t you just lay off?

          • Woooh! Racist, thanks to you, at least 17 guys have had to wipe down their keyboards! You must be so proud! #itjustgotnasty

          • Given your name, I think you do.
            I don’t even think said faggot is legit – its a libshit progressive sock account, probably maintained by someone from, whose purpose is to stimulate conversation (and thus traffic) via playing the role of the faux-intellectual opposition.

          • Does she? Really? Ive already been accused of being a leftist here already though I can guarantee that if you google my name literally EVERY post and article would have the words, neo Nazi, white supremacist or White Nationalist in it. Just because we all dont abide by your definition doesnt mean we are not also working for the 14 words.

          • You’re a grandmother who defends female rejection of femininity in favor of faux-masculinity as motivated by semitic ideology imposed upon your kin. For you to be accused of leftist tendencies seems quite apropos.

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