Alt-Right Hits Up DC And Charlottesville Again With A RWDS Flashmob

Want to know what the Alt-Right street action division was up to last weekend?’s very own Trey Knickerbocker shot some nice footage of the two actions we had. As per the new norm, these were guerrilla, flash-mob style actions.

You want to get involved? Gotta join up through TRS, through Identity Evropa or through NPI. Make connections and figure out a way to get vetted. This is for high-agency goys only, sorry. No one’s going to hold your hand through the process or spoon-feed you. It’s your race, your country, and your future. Up to you whether you want to sit this one out playing vidya and watching porn, brah.

Anyways, PSA over.

/Ourguys/ rallied and took a stroll down the mall to the Jefferson Memorial. Eli Mosley gave the starting speech that set the tone. He was followed by Mike Enoch. Both were high-energy and implicitly explicitly pro-White. Mike’s speech in particular raised several crucial points about the alliance of the Looney Left with Globo-Corporatism.

A couple of Boomers started whining immediately like air raid sirens, “shaaaame, shaaaame, shaaaame.”

They got shut up quickly though as our aces honed in on them and immediately put them in their place. We’re itching for someone to start something every time because we are totally ready to meet them head-on. It also helps that we’ve come up with a perfect shutdown chant.

“You’re anti-White!”

That’s all it takes. This chant does wonders everytime we use it. They’ve never heard the Right use leftist-style Id-penetrating street chants. They can’t deny the truth in the chant, and they can’t believe that they are hearing it.

“Ohmahgerd, I can’t even.”

They are powerless in the face of the naked truth thrown at them with all the force of a high-T loaded knuckle to the Id-gut. They lose their air and deflate immediately. For many, it is the first time that they have been challenged to their face about their anti-White beliefs.

A bunch of the resident DC numale apparatchiks, some huwhite tourists from the Midwest and their POC allies spontaneously organized opposite our demonstration and raised the black power fist in defiance to White Identity. By giggling amongst themselves and smirking at us, the geldings think that they really showed us who was boss.

But this isn’t Mean Girls, and they’re going to find out that high school girl tactics only work on shitlibs, women, and gays, not officers of the future RWDS battalions.

Charlottesville was a far more difficult operation.

Still, we came and we conquered.

Around 6 minutes in, Spencer’s speech triggers a Leftist she-banshee who starts screeching like a pterodactyl. Her inane and unintelligible gibberings sent a chill down our men’s spines. Everyone came away from that event convinced of the necessity for annual community witch-burnings in the future White Ethnostate.

After singing Dixie and chanting “the South Will Rise Again,” we wrapped it up and left. No man left behind, just in and out, smooth, efficient and triggering.

The shitlib residents of Charlottesville who are possessed with that unbelievable smarmy self-righteousness of Liberals the world over were shaken up again that night and the next day when the news was shared over gossipy brunch.

They thought that they were isolated in their SWPL cocoon, safe from HateThought and CrimeSpeech.

But after Charlottesville 1.0, Cville 2.0 and then last weekend’s nighttime raid, they have been reduced to nervous wrecks, all of them triggered and “omg, like omg” left to quiver in their overpriced Sperrys.

That is simply the cherry on top for events like this. We bring the fight to those that thought they could virtue-preen and sit it out while destroying monuments to greater men that all proud White men feel pride in.

That is why we care about the South, why we chant, “the South Will Rise Again.” Simply put, we are all Southerners now. We are all rebels, all part of a nation within a nation that wants to escape the clutches of tyranny and oppression.

There are only two sides going forward, Pro-White or Anti-White. Time to decide.

Vincent Law
the authorVincent Law
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  • “Everyone came away from that event convinced of the necessity for annual
    community witch-burnings in the future White Ethnostate.” <– This literally made me LOL.

  • “You’re anti-White!”

    …They can’t deny the truth in the chant, and they can’t believe that they are hearing it.


    They also wouldn’t believe they were hearing “White self-hatred is SICK!!!

  • as refreshing as it is to see physical initiation, this isn’t really doing the cause any good. it’s just giving the left more ground to be victimized

  • Anyone else here about Kessler and Spencer getting served papers today by accusers in Charlottesville, claiming damages from violence?

  • If only two guys had stood near to Spencer with their torches it would have vastly improved the video of Spencer speaking, making it more usable video in more places. Four guys would have helped even more. Even a candle 5 feet from Spencer would have greatly helped. Better yet, a small flashlight trained on him. We need to get more savvy about making video. (And audio.)

  • This is the right way to do public demonstrations. If you make a public announcement ahead of time antifa will be bused in, there will be violence, and it will be blamed on us. The main problem with flash mobs is that of preventing infiltrators from tipping the violent leftists off.

  • Good on you guys. Just be careful who you include, and don’t let the Stormers come, or they will fuck it up with their autism.

  • A peaceful demonstration against the iniquities of cultural Marxism intending to destroy history and instate their own new society. This is protected by the First Amendment, is peaceful, and noone else amongst Conservatives did anything against this iconoclasm. First they came for statues…

  • I happen to be Gay and I am pro White. Don’t hate non Whites, but I have been red pilled. Many other Gays feel as I do. But the thought police in the Gay community are pretty vicious.

    • I know gays in the pro-white movement. And I don’t hate non-whites.

      As the great Sam Dickson says, there will be room in the ethno-state for all whites. Christian, pagan, atheist, socialist, libertarian, traditionalist, hetero, gay, whatever.

      The only kind of white who won’t be allowed is the race-traitor.

  • I emailed the Charlottesville Chamber of Commerce, suggesting two new nicknames for their fair community.

    “Drama-queen City of the South”

    “America’s white nationalist gulag”

      • Well, you know what they say, “The revolution always eats its children.”

        And you are right. It’s quite possible both will be kicked out of office, one way or another.

        Charlottesville also reminds me of what Andrew Jackson said about South Carolina,

        “Too small for a nation. Too large for an insane asylum.”

    • Just tell that, by the time this thing is through, it will be renamed the Michael Signer Memorial Gas Chamber of Commerce.

  • This is an improvement of sorts, in that it was definitely smarter than what happened in August. But at the same time you have to resort to these tactics because the deck is still so stacked against you.

    What you need to do is run someone for office. Especially if you can get on a debate stage with established politicians.

    • If you openly run for public office as an alt righter you’ll be facing impossible odds. Of course you can’t run as a Democrat. If you run as a Republican the entire party will rise up as one against you, and of course will provide no support, even if you win the primary and are running against a Democrat. You will have to run as an independent. Good luck getting on the ballot. Nobody will agree to debate you, as you’ll be deemed a non-candidate. The mass media will call you Hitler every day and make their treatment of Trump look like a love fest. You will get regular death threats. If you are in a district that is, say, 65% white or less, you will lose because every non-white will vote against you as will at least a third of the whites. If you are in a district that is 80% white or more, you will lose because inexperience with diversity means most of those whites believe what they hear on NPR and see on network news, and will vote against you.

      The only way for an alt righter to win is by stealth. You must have no public record of dissenting from correct racial views. You must pretend to be a standard issue tax cutting, flag waving Republican.

      • At first.

        But then the next round you gain a little ground. And then some more.

        Look at how Bernie spread his cause by running for president.

        • Left wing socialists have had a niche in our politics continuously since the early 20th century. Not so with pro-white politicians.

          • Then how does this all work if you aren’t running in elections? Just these stunts perpetually? They’re entertaining but are nipping around the edges.

          • First, there’s no guarantee that this will ever work. Failure may be unacceptable but it is entirely possible. That said, more people will have to agree with us before a political solution is possible. I’d like to see some alt righters create a successful movie studio. Not creating obvious beat-the-audience-over-the-head-with-white-nationalism movies, which will convince no one, but making healthy non-degenerate movies where an upright white male hero defeats the bad guy and gets the white female heroine. In, short, make “white person” a positive term again.

    • He’s Jewish. Thus, he is not my kind. I don’t care what he thinks.

      Torch light events go way back into European history and should continue as we Whites take back our right to identify ourselves for ourselves by ourselves. We don’t need Jews or any other non-Whites to define us or to tell us how to act, or what we should or should not think, say, write or do.

  • So. Just a random idea. How does a group of folks start their own town? Provided the land is avaliable. If we could 100% populate a town, have our own sheriff, and own business, the rest of the nation would have a living example of what an ethnostate would be like. But everyone would need to be on board.

      • You are right. We need communication to organize such things. Before we need communication we need organizations to communicate between. Maybe we should approach this the same way the MCs recruit new full patched members. Those groups have the tribal identity and structure that we seek.

    • It’s not difficult. Find a small town with a small population and cheap home prices and quietly start buying up homes and moving in. Come election, vote the new pro-White residents into office.

      As you move in, you start small businesses.

      No need to publicly announce what you’re doing. It’s all perfectly legal and easily doable. There are small towns like this all over the country.

      • We could choose large cities. Just so long as we have a core group of a few hundred people we could move in as a community and then lobby the city council for tax money to cover our demands. So long as we use their magic words we’ll be able to pass unnoticed:
        diversity, inner city, inclusive, culture.

  • I thought the best part (besides “Harry Potter isn’t real!”) was your marching (oops, walking peacefully) through the SWPL restaurant zone, bantering with diners on the patios and watching the open-mouthed stares of some…wanted to see some young liberal moms clutching their children in fright.

    For your Halloween fun, go back to Charlottesville in skeleton suits, Richard Spencer masks, w/tiki torches.
    Except for Enoch. He goes as himself.

    They’ll probably call out the National Guard.

    • That’s a really good idea. The National Guard will take at least 4 hours to mobilize. By that time we’d be long gone. The Jews and cucks will ruin Halloween.

  • Smooth! Way to go! Just keep it unpredictable so you don’t go in to a trap. Also maybe do something humorous. The Alt Right has a big advantage with it superior humor. Or master humor if you like. 😀 Stay basic on the red pilling, smile and look good. And don’t be tempted to LARP. Save that for the twitter memes.

      • You wish you saw my tits. You know what’s funny though. You risk your life at these events and I get to reap the rewards. So, get your ass out there, I need my white identity preserved.

        • Just doing my part for the 14 words babe 😉 Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the Earth…

          Get yourself a Fashy goy and make love babies for the coming White RaHoWa.

  • You magnificent bastards.

    Re: Charlottesville’s reaction to Spencer. Haven’t seen a city so terrified of one man since Washington, D.C.’s Stonewall Jackson panic in July, 1862.

    And he had guns!

    But in 2017, I guess tiki-torches are at least as terrifying.

  • Spontaneous commando night time torch rally’s at dismantled Civil war monument locations would be very powerful and inspiring. Blue Ice TV would probably cover it.

  • all nations outside your US bubble view the Jewish governed USA the greatest threat to world peace. Its a blood thirsty war-mongering nation and since WW2 the USA has invaded over 30+ nations and murdered upto 20,000,000 million so far. It is the US that has been bombing the shit out of nations everywhere. After Korea, the US wants war with Iran and Cuba also.

    • Perhaps you are right, but the (((US Empire))) does not represent the American people. Feel free to condemn them, but always remember that the vast majority of true Americans are not to blame for all the current ills of this Earth.

    • Unfortunately, most of them think it is because the U.S. is ruled by “dumb cowboys” like Bush. Goy frontmen like Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld (and hopefully not Trump) did just as good a job of fooling most of them as they did liberals, i.e. the notion that the 2nd Iraq War and further warmongering was the result of “gun totin’ Cowboy Christians” rather than J Street, WINEP, JINSA, AIPAC, Foreign Policy Initiative, etc.

  • My two cents:

    Start rallying with the Israeli flag, with the Star of David replaced with a Swastika.

    Demand via loudspeaker or megaphone our desire for a “white zion” modeled on Israeli ethnic segregation of Palestinians.

    Talk about how “GREAT GOD’S (((CHOSEN PEOPLE))) ARE ” – echoes/voice modulation should actually be used in the speeches – and cite with glowing admiration all the methods of ethnic cleansing they use on Palestinians.

    Point out that, like the Palestinians, non-white American’s have no historical claim to the land due to our “Religious Beliefs” (Here we will cite Manifest Destiny as a Doctrine of White Zionism) and how we poor Goy just want to live up to the noble example of our “Elder Brothers”.

    Be as ridiculously sincere about it as we can.

    Opine in flowery speech about what a tremendous impact the Jew has had on white man, what a “Model State” Israel is, and that the only thing left for us to do is admit the superiority of the Jew and emulate them in every way possible.


    The Israeli Model for America

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  • I agree, they have absolutely nothing after we call them what they are, ‘anti-White’. Every White Nationalist should get well aquainted with the ‘anti-White’ slogan. It’s works everytime, just try it. Jews use ‘anti-Semitic’ to attack Whites, and Blacks use ‘racist’ to attack Whites. Up until recently, we were the only group not tot use such tactics, not anymore, it’s war.

      • After 50 years of neo liberal programming and the anti white results it yields, you still believe in egalitarianism from the boomer age. lol

      • You should look inside to find out where that deep-seated, unnatural self-loathing comes from. Hint: you’ve been mentally programmed and haven’t broken free yet.

      • What is the big deal? It is a peaceful demonstration. The issue of cultural Marxism trying to destory history and values is a serious issue that noone else has dared to take up and I admire Richard Spencer for his courage on this issue

      • There will come a day when fine fellows like Richard will be removed to go live with the dark hordes as he desires. Helicopter trip will be complimentary.

      • Now that is a ten head pat comment. Well done! I can’t understand how feeling that you are a self-regarding prig is worth anything in real terms. Your enemies will eat you up no matter how hard you cuck. And I am not sure if your fellow whites will stop them.

  • This Laughable Jew tries to Shame Mike Enoch with Freudian Emotional Manipulations……..

    …..and Phenomonological IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY………

    Question for this Jew: “What should Mike Enoch actually BE?”

    “What is the Default/Standard/Normal Mode from which you think he’s been Diverted from?”


    We are what we are and we are what we become……..

    How/Why did you become a Democrat?

    How/Why did you become a Republican?

    How/Why did you become a Christian?

    How/Why did you become an Atheist?

    How/Why did you become a Communist?

    How/Why did you become Homosexual?

    How/Why did you become a Prostitute?

    How/Why did you become a Atheistic Pedophile Jewish Pornographer?

    How/Why did you become a Hollywood Star?

    How/Why did you become President?

    How/Why did you become a Murderer?

    How/Why did you become a Philanthropist?

    How/Why did you become a Doctor?

    How/Why did you become a Navy SEAL?

    How/Why did you become a Cultural Marxist SJW?

    How/Why did you become a Race Mixer?

    How/Why did you become a Jewish Antifa Anarchist?

    How/Why did you become a Black Power BLM Radical?

    How/Why did you become a White Identitarian/Nationalist?

    It’s called LIFE……….

    And we hope that LIFE brings MANY more into the Folds of the Alt-Right……..


    • This Pathological Jew writes off Kevin MacDonald’s ‘Culture of Critique’ Book……

      ….with One Sentence……

      “yeah……uh…….it’s been rejected by all ‘respected’ social scientists as an Anti-Semitic Screed’…….


      Very convincing, Schlomo……

    • Very interesting article.

      Mike must have suffered a lot with that bitch of a mother and Cuck of a father.

      • I read that thinking how fucked up Mike’s parents are to slander their son to the media like that.

        Contrast it with Richard Spencer’s parents, who usually say something like “We love our son. We disagree with him. End comments.”

      • Mike is not the only White to go 1488 after being tortured by Virtue Signaling parents. Tara McCarthy explained she was forced the Red Pill by her parents, in particular her mother. She was intentionally placed into a “diverse” London school, being one of the only White girls in her class. When she went to her mother to defend her from abuse she was accused of “racism.”

    • It really angers me how many people shit on Mike. He is a man of tremendous character, fortitude, and integrity. He has sacrificed so much for our cause and people. Mike is a consummate champion for our movement and does more behind the scenes than most could ever imagine. I am very honored to know him and call him a friend.

  • idk why that hasn’t been brought up. witch burning are definitely essential and seemingly have been involved in most societies I would want to be involved with as a whole

  • So you’re whooping up the SECOND time you’ve terrorized a peaceful, successful community? Smh! It’s no wonder that you didn’t attempt to organize in large numbers, resorting instead to a “protest” of just thirty #basementdwellers .

      • On Saturday, you were NOT a loud, menacing, swastika-waving mob. And that’s why none of your killed anyone this time. But, it’s, nonetheless, a disgrace that you “bigly” struggled to meet that baseline of safety. Viewed from the perspective of Charlottesville residents, you went from killing them to terrifying and retraumatizing them. So, your “progress” is still terrorism, but without a pile-up of crushed bodies. Congratulations. #sarcasm Unless you make more progress – and fast – your “movement” is never going to mainstream.

        • Whites have a right to exist. Whites have a right to free speech. Whites have a right to peacefully assemble and demonstrate. The hate is coming from some anti-White pols who use hateful and incorrect characterizations to foment violence.

          If you are White, you might want to think a little deeper. Haters of Whites are trying to exterminate us. The destruction of statues, of portraits, of their very names on streets and buildings are part of the genocide against Whites that is going on.

          • Nobody’s trying to dismantle John Brown or Gen. Sherman. We’re only working to remove the statues of tyrants and criminals. So, relax, “WAY”. Nobody’s trying to “replace” you.

          • You need to re-think Sherman. His attitudes towards blacks and Indians varied from hostile to ferocious. And he made sure his troops in the Civil and Indian wars understood and acted on his attitude – if you knew any history you would not have brought him up.

            Which leaves you Brown, a homicidal maniac.

          • Actually, they are trying not only to replace Whites but to exterminate us.

            One of their modern ways of genocide is to swamp White lands with non-Whites and soon miscegenation takes place and the population turns from White to non-White as White families starts miscegenating.

            JEB Bush and his family is just one example of the process.

        • OMG. This guy believes what he sees on CNN and MSNBC and what he reads in the New York Times and the Washington Post.

          • Fields was a single lone guy, unattached to any of the groups at the rally. If Unite the Right is responsible for him, then the Democrats are responsible for every Democrat voting gangsta shooting up his neighborhood. And if the cops had controlled antifa and BLM, it’s unlikely that Fields would ever have gotten into the panic situation where he stomped on the gas.

        • By the end of this the university there is going to crippled the same way Mizzou was destroyed.

          The chancellor there (Sullivan) is about to find his Alumni are not going to support a shill for a Jewish mayor and his pet monkey.

    • So a peaceful gathering with some speeches amounts to “terrorizing” a community? Then your hero Martin Luther King did a great deal of terrorizing.

  • I really like Richards idea of a League Of Gentlemen. The gentlemanly approach is found only in the white race and it signals to the regime that they cannot dismiss us as Hollywood stereotype ‘red-necks.’ I like that as an aristocrat (from the same tribe that produced the royal Spencer family in England) Richard can look down his nose on soyboy congressmen and senators and scum like the carpet-bagging Jew mayor of Charlottesville and his porch monkey. Gentlemen must be taken seriously in the pecking order of white society.

  • You know, you guys would most likely get more support, if you didn’t do a bunch of nazi shit a chant your “blood and soil” shit with torches in the night… Oh, and your clear hatred of jews… Trolling is one thing, but it is clear you push a message of hate. And I agree, the left is anti white…. But while hateful groups like antifa and blm fuel white people to say ” I am white, and I am not sorry”, groups like the alt right fuel the left with their “scare tactics” and clear hate..

    • You are very confused, but it sounds as you may be awakening a little. Think a little deeper.

      Whites fighting for White survival have the moral high ground.

    • “Blood and soil” isn’t Nazi shit. What is your conception of patriotism that it doesn’t encompass the land that your ancestors toiled on and their blood that flows through your veins?

      As for the Jew hatred, do you really think it is irrational? Have you heard about the Weinstein scandal? Can you see patterns at all in Jewish behavior to Whites that might put up red flags?

    • “Oh, and your clear hatred of jews…”

      “And I agree, the left is anti white…. ” excuse me, but don’t you realize how jews are behind everything anti-White? Communism was jewish, all these “progressives” are the result of indoctrination form the Frankfurt School etc… you focus on the sympthom but ignore the cause.

    • (first two minutes)

      (start from 2:25)

      (first 30 seconds)

      (watch from 6:00 till 7:40)

      (Watch till 2:40)

      (start from 2:00)

      (Watch till 4:08)

      (Best chess player ever and part Jew himself)

      • Actually, we Whites might survive because of the hate of our kind. If they hate us enough they may not want to mix with us or mate with us. If they love us, they may want to mix with us and mate with us.

        As you may be aware, many Jews are afraid that Jews will go extinct, now that they are more acceptable in many nations. Jews refer to miscegenation as “marrying out.” Jews remained Jews when they were more widely hated. Now they fear they are being loved to extinction.

    • Upvoted by “form”, the anti-racist anti-White feminist.

      Once again, we have a pretty clear case of anti-White leftists and basic bitch pro-israel contards teaming up against the interests of White America.


  • Good job! These demonstrations are very effective but still I would like to see a family friendly event. Why not go to some small town in America that’s 90% white and that voted for Donald? Hitler started in the countryside as far as I remember…

  • At this point white/Europeans heard enough of this Anti-white/anti-European nonsense.

    White/Europeans are becoming ‘anxious’ as we witnessed milquetoast Republicans doing little to nothing about the darkening of all European Nations.

    At this point it should be obvious immigration is being used as a weapon against our Nations.

    We have 90 million unemployed Americans looking for work.

    Yet we are supposed to believe that bringing in more people of color will help.

    We need a moratorium on all immigration into our Nations.

    Europeans comprise an estimated 7 to 8% of the entire world population.

    Only 2 to 3% of White/European Women are of child bearing age.

    Massive immigration and forced assimilation is called genocide when it’s done in Tibet.

    When it’s done in White countries it’s called “diversity.”

    Diversity is a code word for White Genocide.

    This makes “Diversity” a crime.

  • Tiki torch march:

    Cue the autistic screeching…“You’re White men!!!” whhaaaaa!

    Richard… “There’s going to be a lot more crying sweetheart!”


  • As a UV graduate are you trying to do to this university what the BLM did to Mizzou?

    I don’t see how UV enrollment will ever recover.

        • Too many trolls try to keep Whites fragmented. Some of us have adopted the personal policy of not criticizing those on our side even if we may not agree with everything they say or do. That way, we build unity and at the same time it becomes easy to spot trolls.

          • When a taxonomy of the Alt-Right street protest is made in 20 years it’s not going to positively depend on foot soldiers showing up in white shirts and khaki pants.

          • You misuse the word taxonomy, but even if you had used the correct term, your point doesn’t make sense as you seem to be saying it is important what is said 20 years from now about what is being done today.

            If we win the war we are in for our survival and self-determination, we’ll have plenty of praise in 20 years—because we’ll be the ones writing the history of today.

          • What pray tell did you think I meant when I wrote the word taxonomy?

          • I’m not a troll. The rally was a good look. Just offering a little criticism. Do with it what you will.

  • Cool White Dudes:
    “That is why we care about the South, why we chant, “the South Will Rise Again.” Simply put, we are all Southerners now. We are all rebels, all part of a nation within a nation that wants to escape the clutches of tyranny and oppression.”

    “After singing Dixie and chanting “the South Will Rise Again,” we wrapped it up and left. No man left behind, just in and out, smooth, efficient and triggering.”

    and I love this the best:
    “You’re anti-White!”

  • a rolling demonstration through charlottesville would also make a stunning visual impression upon our adversaries, the media, and the nation: much the same as does a mile-long procession of the hell’s angels.

    in addition to being impressive, the ability to retain close possession of the means of self-defense is afforded to all participants.

    • Roll up in dozens of Dodge Challengers. Rental and insured too and drive through town.


      • Are you just trying to alienate good, decent Whites or are you trying to educate them and win them to our cause? It sounds as you are doing the former.

        • You are advocating a uniform very dogmatically that is most associated with James Fields.

          Where would those Challengers come from anyway?

  • Optics are important and these two demonstrations had great optics. It’s hard for the haters of Whites to portray these demonstrators as trying to start fights when they show up looking like an army of Chads with white shirts, khaki pants and sports coats.

    I’m very, very impressed. Keep up the great work.

    • Mathew 17:15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits.”

      • Vetting is definitely an issue. It seems anyone can just start a podcast/youtube channel and claim to be pro-Aryan and suddenly all ulterior motives disappear and nothing they do can ever be questioned or held up to scrutiny, no matter how shady their background is or previous associations are or how nefarious past actions were. This needs to change, especially in regards to guys who aspire to leadership roles.

        People who want to lead the various pro-Aryan organizations need to be of the highest moral character. We can’t have guys who a year or 2 earlier were doing things like sleeping with non-Aryans and using drugs suddenly showing up and trying to lead. We also can’t have people freaking out when these issues are brought up and leaders questioned about such things. They are legitimate concerns.

      • Speaking of extreme vetting. TRS and DS were or are (I lost track) technically managed by A. Auernheimer. Auernheimer is at least part jewish and part native. Today he denies it though. Auernheimer calls for terrorism, “killing of children” and “mass killings” regularly. Why would people trust enterprises that are managed by a known part jew like Auernheimer, who calls for terrorism? That is where extreme vetting needs to take place and the guy needs to go. Auernheimer is associated with chased tech jew Alex Pilosov, who runs a company specialized in spying and data gathering. It’s insane to invest trust in such a circle.

  • Nice to see the AR up their street game!

    I just have a critique.

    When doing these flash rally events the Alt-Right may want to first clarify what they are about as there are a lot of public misconceptions. Secondly, they must justify their existence morally as this is the premise anti-White normies are operating on.

    Three main talking points:

    • Alt-Right just believes all ethnic groups deserve self-determination and a homeland, and that goes for people of European descent (I know this is not the extent of it, but keep it simple and appealing). It is more effective for pre-programed normies to conceptualize and moralize WN through the existence of others.

    • All other racial groups have engaged in slavery, conquest, colonialism etc…(Whitey isn’t uniquely evil you ignorant bigots).

    • If you think the concept of European nationalism (“White” is a trigger word with negative connotation) is somehow evil “white supremacy” then that obviously just reflects your prejudice and racism. End the immoral double standard.

    I think its rally important to make the moral argument for your existence right out of the gates rather than talking about other concepts like globalism or what the founders thought of race etc. Fist things first, destroy the premises by which these anti-White’s are operating and expose the immoral racial double standard i.e. all racial groups have the basic human right to preserve their national heritage, culture and racial identity…all people share this belief yet those of European descent are not allowed this basic right? That “diversity”, “multiculturalism” and mass migration are only ever enforced upon White countries and would be considered immoral if it were the other way around.

    Of course than you have the predictable response; well, Whites deserve demographic and cultural eradication because of past injustices. This is easily argued against as all other ethnic groups have engaged in slavery, conquest, colonialism, etc in some form or another. So no Whites are not uniquely and inherently evil, yet its only them that have some sort of original sin to live with? And of course collective guilt is immoral on its face, while holding present generations accountable for actions they never engaged in or would ever condone is a scandal!

    The argument usually ends with these basic points and the person is only left with their lingering irrational hatred and indefensible prejudices. Ultimately their deep-seated beliefs are exposed as morally and “intellectually” bankrupt. Shame! Shame! Shame!

    • Quite the reverse. Establish common ground first.

      Anti-crony capitalism.


      Anti-Imperial war.

      Then start bitching about Israeli genocide of the Palestinians…

      Then say, we whites have a right to our own nation states. That stuff converts or confounds leftists.

      • That makes sense. Usually when I tell people the AR is pro- environmental conservation, anti war, anti crony-capitalism they are pretty surprised and much more receptive. Maybe these approaches are not mutually exclusive?

        • Yeah but the pro-White thing is where the rubber really meets the road. And a major sticking point. For normie young whites, Whiteness is associated with all the ills of the world. Browness is associated with nature, living in peace, and socialism.

          • I avoid “the issues” altogether. No one gives a shit about issues. Its about feels. I dont try to logic, only to make them feel. “Dont you want your kids to look like you? oh you want a cat? Cats eat your brain 20 minutes after you die. But seriously race war now.”

            Kind of funny, with elements of post-irony absurd mixed in.

            Best success rate with my generation, idk about older people.

          • But if they do care about an issue you’ve generally covered them

            Energy Exploitation

          • they really don’t. they just rattle that shit off like a resume. you can kind of wink at them knowingly and get them to admit thats “its whatever”.

            The stuff that sticks is the emotional stuff. Crude and loud and with force of personality behind it.

          • Do you have any idea how to reach NPI these days? My emails to this site have gone unanswered thus far.

            Great demonstration and great films and article. I really love you guys!

        • I’d start with unarguable common ground then go for the kill. Also customize for audience.

    • Jen for CEO
      Agree completely Jen, i am so tired of normies calling the Alt-Right Nazi’s and thinking we want genocide for all non-white races. If we can enlighten them to the FACT we are not, than i think our numbers will grow in leaps and bounds.
      And as we further become the minority and assaults against us continue to rise simply because we are white, the so called colored blind white folks will no longer dismiss what we have been saying all along.

  • Ballsy. Even a few women in the group.

    I’m afraid there will be doxxing, firing, and harassment to follow. The SPLC is especially adroit at figuring out RL identities.

  • Guys, I recommend you to do small meetings where you share flyers abut the Rotschilds and Soros, without mentioning WN.

    • Been done for years. Can still be done by those who want or need to hide their free speech and thoughts. Perhaps you can do it, Micene.

      Street demos are important and effective when well done as was the case in these two.

      • I’m not in America, but I would like to be there just to stand up with you guys, mine was just a recommendation, because people are still too triggered by WN while talking about all the powerful and super rich families who control America will be much more effective. This should be seen as a side activity, by people who are not too famous like Spencer.

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